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Meet Sam Bledsoe - She Catches Critters With Her Bare Hands. #BB20

The next house guest up to bat is Sam Bledsoe who is 27 and from Stuarts Draft Virginia.

Sam:  Hey ya'll.

Sam tells Ross that she is a full-time welder and Ross did not expect this from her at all.  She has a pretty heavy Southern accent but a sweet-sounding voice as she says she was a hairdresser before that.  Ross wonders how in the world she went from being a hairdresser to a welder.

Sam:  Well, I became a hair dresser when I was fresh out of high school, rather than going to a university or a four-year college.  Where I come from, it's a little tiny place and there are a bunch of churches so you can be a preacher or a hair dresser and the hair dressers have more fun.

Ross says that would have been his choice, too, but doesn't pursue the reason why she went from one job to another.  I'm guessing she switched to welding for higher pay.  Depending on who she works for, she might be in a union as a welder which would provide typically higher hourly rates and also benefits.  In addition to having to pay union dues, of course.

Ross wondered if she is a Big Brother fan and she says she's never really watched the show, although she's watched a lot of YouTube clips of "Top 25" moments and such.

Sam:  I watched season 13 and I kinda hopped around.  My favorite stuff is the old stuff like Dr. Will and that 74 year old man.

Ross: You mean Jerry?

Sam:  Yeah.  It's from season 3 or's early on.

Old Jerry was on season 10.  I don't know who she is talking about and I'm not sure she does either.  Ross is confused, too, mentioning Chicken George who was probably in his 30's or 40's when he appeared on BB1


In the middle of that sentence she said about Dr. Will, there was an obvious deletion on the part of the editors.  I just watched an unedited version, and this is what they cut out.... 

Sam:  ...........My favorite stuff is the old stuff, when it was fresh, and diverse, and still more of a social experiment, like Dr. Will and that 74 year old man.

Can you believe how sensitive Production is?  To cut out something as innocuous as that?  I mean, it's not like she said "before they started rigging the show with twists for the veteran players" or something.  Good grief. 


Ross:  So you've seen this show since the beginning....or at least bits and pieces.  What do you think you have that will help you win this game?

Sam:  I think my greatest strength is also my biggest weakness.  I'm a genuine person and a good judge of character..I guess intuitive.  I always see the good in people and in the real world, that's a good thing.  I always give people the benefit of the doubt.  In this particular case I'm gonna have to shut that off.

Ross agrees and says she's going to need to be ruthless.  Does she know if she can do that?

Sam shows Ross the tattoo on her shoulder that says "ruthless", saying "I am ruthless".  Ross wonders why in the world someone as sweet as her would have that word tattooed on her arm.  Sam's "Grammy" was named Ruth and was very close to her.  Sam always called her "Ruthless" and Ruth said Sam was her "bluebird of happiness".

Sam got that huge bluebird tattoo on her arm with the word "Ruthess" right under it in her honor.

Sam: And I did it when she was still alive so it would piss her off.  But to be general I am an altruistic and magnanimous person....

Ross:  Who knows large words.

Sam: Again, I see the good in everybody and I follow the Golden Rule.  But I'm also an avenger in that sense because I won't put up with a bully, and I always stands up for the underdog and anybody who needs a helping hand.

Ross says that is great in the outside world, but in the house she is going to have to do things that may not feel right to her and things she may not do in the outside world.

Ross:  Can you do that?

Sam: Of course!

(I've seen no evidence of that being an adequate answer to Ross' question.  In fact, I don't think Ross has gotten a straight answer to any of his questions yet.)

She says again that she won't tolerate a bully, and if there is someone in there who tries to boss everybody around and be a bully, then she is going to tear that BLEEP apart.  (She said "mother humper".)

(What in god's name is going on here?  Who is censoring this?)

Ross goes ahead and asks the Big Question, which seems to me like he's giving up since he hasn't been getting the information that he needs from her.  Does Sam want to win the game and be hated, or lose and be loved by everyone?

Sam:  That is a tough question.  I've had to keep the mentality that I'm doing this for the experience so that is going to be on a case-by-case basis.  But I keep thinking that little girls are gonna see me on this show.  I guess it depends on if they hate me for what...because I won't do anything against my morals.  But if I do something against a particular house guest that everybody loves, I guess I'd want to win and be hated for that.

(Once again, another unanswered question.)

Other than the tattoo story, I feel we've learned nothing here, but Ross is ready to pull the plug, so he tells Sam that we're going to spend a lot of time with her, so she needs to tell everyone watching why we should root for her.

Sam:  Why?  America, you should root for me because I'm just like all of ya'll.  Except I'm in this really crazy situation in this house, and I'm just gonna do the best I can do, and basically for ya'll.  For you.  I'm here for you, so you should root for me.  Right?

Ross:  It's going to be really interesting watching you in this house.


Um...let's review.  We didn't get what I feel is a satisfactory answer to any of these pretty standard interview questions.

1.  Question - how did you go from hairdresser to welder?

2.  Question - what do you have that will help you win this game?

3.  Question - can you be ruthless in this game?

4. Question:  would you rather win and be hated or lose and be loved?

I mean, c'mon.  Sam is cute as a button and very charming, but she obviously applied for some other reality show and got pulled into BB20 that way.  After they called her about it, she watched some YouTube clips and yadda yadda yadda here she is.  I know plenty of players have been recruited for the show the same way, even Jordan Lloyd, who won BB11, but Sam just seems so far out of her element and has no clue of what she's getting into.

I just watched Sam's interview with Ika Wong and the first thing she said when asked "why Big Brother?" is that the opportunity "just kinda found her" and she's been full speed ahead on that crazy train and here she is with Ika.  She knows that after 20 years the motto for the show is "Expect the Unexpected" so she doesn't see the point in getting all worked up about it.  She's just going to show up and be herself. 

Ika asked her if she could nominate someone if she won HoH, and she said she HONESTLY DOESN'T KNOW.  And that it was a CREATIVE GOOD QUESTION.   And then she went into her spiel about how she sees the good in everybody and blah blah blah.

Look, I know they cast plenty of recruits who are clueless and some of them make it pretty far in the game, like last year's Kevin Schlehuber and Jason Dent, or even BB11's Jordan Lloyd, who won her damn season.  But were any of those people at the top of the Jokers Updates house guest poll EVERY DAY before the show even starts airing?

I don't vote in that poll, so maybe I don't understand it.  Is for who you like the best, like who would you like to have blueberry pie and coffee with?  Or is it for who you think is the best player?  Maybe that's the part I don't understand.  Because I would certainly like to shoot the breeze with Sam, and would tell her all of my juiciest stories while she highlighted my hair or something.  But as of right now there is absolutely no indication at all that she's even sure what a good BB player is.  So I guess the daily Joker's poll is more of a fan favorite type of deal.

I first really learned about this poll after hearing Jason Roy describe it to someone while he smoked cigarettes during BB17.  He was saying that the people who ride the middle are the people who get overlooked by the fans.  The voters are mostly focused on the best and the worst, so people who don't fit into either of those end up in the middle.

I just found the BB17 post where Jason talked about the Jokers is a piece of it for old times' sake..  And from reading the entire post, it's now clear that the poll's purpose is to pick who you like personally the most.  So the results make sense.  I seem to recall a few times last season where the top-rated players were all out of the game, which is hilarious.  But last year was a tough, tough season for the live feeders.  There were so few really likable people for weeks at a time that it was hard to watch for all of us.

But so far this year most of the house guests seem very pleasant, with kind tendencies.  Maybe that was the casting goal this season, after last year's ugly mess of hate.

I'm going to try and remember to chat about the poll results every week this summer, because it's fun to see the various house guests' fortunes change, sometimes overnight.  You can vote every day...I think all you need to do is have a Jokers account logon.  I know it's a pretty good indicator of who will win America's Favorite, but I think the BB Facebook group has a lot of AFP voters, too.

Who does Facebook like right now?  Is Sam at the top of their list, too?

I know I went way off track here, but I really don't have much else to say about Sam.  I don't feel like  I know very much.  I don't know if she has kids, or has ever been married, or if she lives alone.  It looks like she's been off the grid as far as social media goes.  So I guess we'll just have to be surprised with everything we learn about her on the live feeds.  I think she'll have some interesting conversations in there.  At least, I hope she will.

I hope she doesn't walk out for some reason.  That's what I kept thinking when I watched her interviews.....she's in for a huge culture shock, that's for sure.

Here is Sam's CBS bio for our review.

OK well there is some good stuff here.  She likes Dani Donato, which is promising.  I wonder if she knows Dani is married to Dominic now and that she is going to have a baby soon?   Dani sure knows about her.  Probably not much though....not much to know yet.

She has a rooster named Pooch.  And she raises honeybees.  And she catches critters with her bare hands.  Those are definitely Fun Facts.

I just spent a few minutes trying to find out which reality shows did casting in Virginia this year, and found a fascinating website that lists a bunch of reality shows casting notices.  I'm guessing they found Sam on Facebook or something.  Or maybe she's on Farmer's Only trolling for dates?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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