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Meet Kaycee Clark - She'll Do Anything to Win But Guys. #BB20

Say hello to Kaycee Clark, who is 30 and comes from sunny San Diego California.  Kaycee's interview with Ross gets off to a slow start when he excitedly asks her if she knows where she is right now.  She doesn't.  She has no idea.  But when Ross tells her it is the Diary Room, she indicates that she has certainly heard of the Diary Room.

I'm guessing Ross assumed that she was not a recruit, but a big fan of the show, because frankly she doesn't look like the typically recruited Mactor.

Kaycee:  Oh I thought the Diary Room was way smaller than this!

Ross: So you're a fan of Big Brother!

Kaycee says yes she is, way back from the very first season.

Kaycee:  Of course I don't remember every single detail since then, but this is my's my show.

Ross: So what made you want to get off your couch and play the game....'cause I did the same thing.  So what drove you to want to play?

Kaycee says she's always wanted to play Big Brother, because it's the ONLY show she watches.  She says she has ADD and can't sit still to watch a lot of TV, but for some reason watching Big Brother is different.  But she never applied or went to a casting call...."until this year".

(I later learned that Kaycee's dad was in the Navy, and watching Big Brother together was their annual tradition.)

Ross wondered if she has what it takes to win.

Kaycee:  I have great social skills.  I like people, I love being around people, I like to play games, and I feel like this is the year for me, so....

Kaycee has a rather quiet speaking voice, with just a tinge of some sort of accent around the edges. She smiles when she speaks to Ross and appears very comfortable on camera.

Ross then asked her if there was a speedbump in her potential game that would get in the way of winning.

Kaycee:  No.  There's no speedbump.

Ross:  Well, we gotta dig deeper then. There's gotta be something you're worried about.  Is there a trait of someone else that could trigger a reaction from you?

Kaycee:  Oh, yeah.  Someone who is really disrespectful, somebody who is really cocky.  But it takes a lot for someone to get under my skin.  It really does. If anything, it would be the mental competitions, like the puzzles or something.  But I don't want to shortchange myself because it's all a mindset.  But someone cocky or really controlling....that's one of my pet peeves and I will say something.  I'm pretty laid back though. It takes a lot to get under my skin.

NOTE:  Kaycee Clark is a repeater. A repeater.

Ross:  That's interesting.  Knowing that it takes a lot for you to come at somebody, if we do see that we'll know it did take a lot...

Kaycee:  Absolutely.  And I'm not scared, because I hold my ground.  If someone comes at me disrespectfully, or comes at one of my people disrespectfully, I'm gonna come out and say what I need to say.  But in a nice way.  I'm not like an angry person.  But if something needs to be said, I'll say it.  I'll say it.

Ross wondered what Kaycee does for a living in San Diego.

Kaycee:  I play women's football.  I play for the San Diego Surge.

Ross erupts with a HEEYY and a high five on that, saying "I love football".  Kaycee says she plays "full tackle" but she moved to Arizona last year and started serving on the side at a restaurant.  Ross is impressed.  I can tell.

Ross:  So you are competitive.  And you are physical.  But there's a social game as well.

Kaycee, nodding: Yes.  Yes.  In fact I think my social game is going to be my main asset.  For sure. For sure.  I can be a chameleon in there.  If someone is competitive, or if someone is nerdy or a girl wants to do nails...I can be all of that.  I just want to have fun with it.  I'm a people person, high energy..good vibes...that's all I'm looking for.

Ross wonders what scares her going into the house, pointing out that people on the internet are going to be watching her 24/7 (pointing at us) and that he'll be watching her too, and she'll be living in the house with 15 other people.

Kaycee ponders this question and then says probably trying to remember that she has a microphone on her at all times.  She says weird things sometimes, and she talks to herself and she might curse quite a bit, but it's all in good fun and it will be an adjustment.

Kaycee:  I can adapt to any situation, any environment, I'm chill.  But I'm really EXCITED!  I'm NERVOUS!  It's a WHOLE OTHER experience watching from the outside and then coming inside the house.

Ross, carefully:  So....are you single?

Kaycee, showing her dimples:  I am single!

Ross: And are you open to a showmance?

Kaycee:  I am open to it.  I'm not opposed to it.  That's not my main priority's not like I'm going in there for a showmance, but if it happens, it happens.  I'm not opposed to anything....except being with a guy.   

Kaycee and Ross both crack up over that as she says again that she's not opposed to it and she likes to have fun.

Ross:  If you gotta do what you've gotta do....I would have made out with Brandi to win!

Kaycee:  WHO?  (She clearly didn't watch Celebrity Big Brother.)

Ross:  Brandi Glanville....just kidding.  But you've got to do what you've got to do, but showmances worry me.  You have to have your eye on the prize.  And if something is in your way, they've got to go...that's what I think.

Kaycee:  Yep.  Yep.

Now it's time for the Big Question...would Kaycee want to win and have America hate her, or lose and they would love her.

Kaycee:  I would win.  And they can hate me.  I don't care what people think. I don't want to get too dirty in there and I want to stay loyal and be true to myself as a person.  It's Big Brother so there are going to be white lies here and there.  But I don't want to hurt people on a deeper level.  I don't want to really get in there and hurt people emotionally, like Paul did.

Kaycee says "Paul" in a lower tone, like she is trying to criticize him on the down low.  Or shit, he might be in the house already for all Kaycee knows. For all any of us knows....Paul may have a headset on in the Control Room.  Paul may be watching this right now...

Kayce:  You know I don't want to go in there and slice everybody up.  I have to stay true to myself.  It's a game! It's a game! I just have to remind myself that and stay focused.  And enjoy it, too.

Ross: And now it's time for you to look into that camera and tell America....

Kaycee: 'MERICA!

Ross:  ...why they should root for you.

Kaycee, with a burst of energy:  'MERICA!  AMERICA!  I think you should root for me, ROOT FOR ME because I'm taking this all the way to the end.  I'm super competitive and we're gonna have fun.  So let's DO THIS together and you're gonna see super high energy from me and I'm excited to be here.  So let's TAKE IT ALL THE WAY!.  LET'S GO!

Ross looks over at us with a new expression that I think means he can't think of anything to say.

Kaycee, punching the air in front of her: ALL IN!  ALL IN BABY!

Ross: I love getting to know these house guests.


I also watched Kaycee's interview with Ika Wong and she told Ika that she is half Filipino and half white. Now that I know that, it seems obvious, but five minutes ago I had no idea about that...I am not good at guessing ethnicity, apparently.

She said she liked Cody last year because he went against the grain.  She didn't like the way everyone followed Paul because he played before.  She liked that Cody was so focused, but thinks he could have worked on his social game a bit more.  She also liked how Frankie played due to his energy, and competitiveness, and he was a social butterfly.

When Ika asked her who she didn't want to see in the house, she immediately said PAUL, pointing out that she doesn't think he'd come back for a third time, and "wouldn't last". If Paul walks through those doors she's going to lead the house to get rid of him immediately.

She said she knows she looks athletic, so she's not going to deny that in the house. And I'd like to point out that Ika is asking everyone what their hashtag would be, but I don't see the fans criticizing her for that like they did Big Jeff.  Kaycee said "#champ", by the way.

Ika asked her if she had "a type" and Kaycee said she's only dated African American girls, and Ika reacted as only Ika can do (preening, acting extra) and they both had a good laugh.

This article has some great information about Kaycee, including that she moved to Scottsdale Arizona for love, but after breaking up with the girl after a few months she decided to stay and make a life there.  Here is Kaycee with her three younger brothers:

And here is a casual picture that shows more of her tats.  Kaycee is cute, and I'm sure she can be a charmer.

I think it's impossible not to like Kaycee.  She has such a calm persona but you can just tell she's a badass.  I hope we get to see her kick some ass in those competitions.  I wonder if she will gravitate towards the guys or the girls as far as alliances go...maybe she can be part of both? 

With at least two guys in there who played football, I'm sure she will have some common ground to build on.  I don't think there is any way Kaycee Clark is going home on Premiere night.  I think she's a great casting choice and I look forward to seeing what she can do in there.

Let's take a peek at Kaycee's CBS bio:

After reading her bio, it's clear that that article I linked to used that to "write" their article.  Particularly since they implied Kaycee was planning to smuggle pictures of her family in the house.  Clearly the "writer" didn't know the first thing about the Big Brother experience.

As I type this, the house guests have been playing Big Brother for about two days, and someone is the HoH right now.  When we tune into the premiere this Wednesday, it wouldn't shock me if Kaycee is the first HoH.  In fact, it feels like she's The Boss in there already.

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