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Meet Kaitlyn Herman - The Long Island Tedium. #BB20

This young lady is Kaitlyn Herman, who is 24 and hails from Plainview NY.  Plainview is on Long Island, a little town that is fairly upscale, near Old Bethpage, a PGA National Golf Course.

As the interview begins, it's obvious that Kaitlyn is quite familiar with Ross, and has already been fangirling out at the sight of him.

Ross:  OK...this is going to be fun.

Kaitlyn introduces herself and as she shakes his hand, tells him this is "a pleasure, an's just too much" and then Ross is able to extract his right hand from her two-handed grip.  Ross brings up a little tale she must have told him as she entered the room...he wants her to tell us about it.  Apparently Kaitlyn just moved to Los Angeles and was at The Grove, going down the escalator near Zara, and saw Marissa Winokur and her son Zev traveling up the escalator directly toward her.

Kaitlyn:  I thought, oh, I'm not Marissa-worthy!

Ross:  So you LOVE Big Brother?

Kaitlyn:  I LOVE LOVE Big Brother.  And especially guys did a great job.

Ross, clearly loving this: You're not wrong.

Kaitlyn announces that she is a "life coach and meditation instructor".  Ross is shook by this and wants to know if this is the sort of information Kaitlyn plans to share with the other house guests.

Kaitlyn:  Well, I will tell them about being a life coach, and that I do guided meditation, because there is no threat in that. But what I won't tell them is that I read people's auras....

Ross:  YOU DO?

Kaitlyn:  Yeah.  I'm like VERY VERY intuitive, so that is like, something I won't share with people.

Ross:  So that's your Super Hero skill...

Kaitlyn:  Yeah.  I'm just like super, super intuitive.

It's not something she was born with, she says.  She's from a "super conservative Jewish family" on Long Island, but she went through "this transformation".  She thinks most people aren't tuned into it but this is going to be her strategy in the house.

Kaitlyn:  I've never seen it done before in the house.  I could say I'm going after the showmances or something, but really I've just got to sit down with each person and feel their energy before I know what I'm going to do.

Katilyn is really into mindset and knows that other people are going to want to vent about the conditions in the house, like the slop, or not being HoH, and it's her nature to want to help people look at things in a more positive manner.  She's not sure it's a negative aspect for her game, but she knows it can be annoying to others (to be so positive, I guess).

Ross:  Yes it can be annoying, but sometimes you've got to let people dig their own graves in there.

Kaitlyn agrees, saying she'll try to just get used to it and let people "do what they've gotta do."

Ross wondered what she's scared of, going into the house, because it's so isolated and can be a real pressure cooker in there.

Kaitlyn is very invested in the news and knowing what is going on in the world, and also how the cast will be perceived by the outside world.  She's not only worried about the CBS show, but also how their conduct will be perceived on the 24-7 viewings.

(This is the first time I've heard a BB20 house guest mention the live feeds.)

Kaitlyn:  I know not everyone is as self-assured as I am so I just hope everyone is able to not take everything personally.

Kaitlyn has a boyfriend of five years and is leaving him behind as well as her family and her dog.

Ross says it's obvious that she wants everyone to be in a good place, and then launches into the Big Question, would she want to win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved by everyone.  And her answer is somewhat surprising.

Kaitlyn:  I think I'd rather win and be hated, because honestly they might only hate me for like, five seconds and that means they probably misunderstood me, and I believe in redemption too, so I hope I could redeem myself and honestly I'm not going on here for any reason other than to win.   I want to start speaking and going on tours and  building my business and I like, need the money!

(That sounds like more than one reason why she wants to be on the show, actually.  It sounds to me that she also wants to build a name for herself---how else would she "go on tours" and "speak" in front of an audience?)

Kaitlyn, still answering Ross' question:  And honestly, if I just wanted to be famous I would answer the other way and want everyone to love me, but I don't.  I could care less.  (laughing)

Ross:  Okay.  So are you gonna win?

Kaitlyn:  I already know I'm going to win, Look...I've manifested this for months, if anything years.  And it wasn't just me sitting there saying, I'm manifesting me being on the show.  I've actually manifested myself WINNING, like walking out of the door and winning the show.  And I'm excited to do that because a lot of people have the idea that to win you have to backstab, and be dirty to win this game, and I think it would be so awesome for someone in 2018 to like, win the game and be like, we won as a country.

(I wonder if Ross was manifesting anything, listening to that, fresh from his loss due to a Jury bitter about his perceived backstabbing and dirty play. None of which I had any problem with, by the way.  Ross deserved to win Celebrity Big Brother, in my opinion.)

"Oh yeah", Ross chuckles as she wraps up that meandering statement and says "we'll see how that works out" in a tone that I am sensing means he has heard enough out of this girl.

Kaitlyn, STILL droning on about it:  It has to work out.  It will.

Ross, exhaling:  Yep. It has to. Okay. (looks at us) Big Brother can get dirty.  Be prepared.

Now Ross tells Kaitlyn to tell America why we should root for her, and I am sensing a tone in his voice, and his aura, that wants to get the hell out of there to have a few martinis in Palm Springs tonight.

Can Kaitlyn see that she has annoyed Ross?  Is she tuned into that?

Kaitlyn speaks to us now:  You should root for me because like,  this would be a really awesome time for us to build a relationship and it would be really exciting for us to see like, a different person in this house.  You guys have never seen an intuitive person in there, like picking up on energy, and let's make this a successful time, like a new age way of thinking, and let's not root for a bully.  Let's like, make this a good story and root for the nice gal.

Ross:  It would be beautiful. I really think your vision is beautiful.

Kaitlyn:  But you don't believe in it though.

Ross:  I absolutely wholeheartedly believe in it, but this game is tough. And it will challenge everything you just said.

Kaitlyn insists that she knows, but this will work.  Once again, I think Ross' facial expressions tell us everything we need to know about what he is manifesting right now.


OK.  Hmmm.  Where to start with this one...

Here is Kaitlyn's Twitter, where it becomes clear that she is at the beginning of this journey with only 317 followers.  I don't think she's earning anything from it yet, but the looks of things.

And here is her website, which is very nicely-organized, with beautiful photographs.  No doubt the BB Casting Team used this as a tool in learning about Kaitlyn and evaluating her as a potential house guests.

I don't want to link to her website from here, but the web address is right there on her Twitter.  She tells quite a story on there about having a debilitating panic attack, and then some serious problems with mucus (yes, mucus) which led her to this new path in life to be certified as a life coach.  She did some events last fall, apparently, but the event section of her website has not been updated since then.

She seems like the type who would apply for a hostess job at Sur, doesn't she?  Or as a contestant on The Bachelor.  She's got to pay the bills somehow out in California.  I will be listening on the live feeds for some clues as to how she is making ends meet right now.  Assuming she is still in the house when the feeds go live.

I mean, SOMEONE is going home before then.  She does have a good energy and a calm sort of vibe that should help her get through the introductory period in the house.  And she's cute and has an infectious sort of laugh.

Kaitlyn apparently taped a podcast or some other appearance that you can access as described in this tweet.  "Healthy and Hustling".  Hmmmm.

And this girl is apparently thrilled to have met Kaitlyn, whom she refers to as a "celebrity".

And Jessica Graf is that girl who feels she must respond whenever anyone says anything slightly negative about her or Cody.  Apparently they met Kaitlyn's dad at Stagecoach and I guess he mentioned that his daughter was applying for the show.  She wouldn't have known she made the cut back then, would she?  Or did the dad manifest her appearance on BB20 as well?

And how would Jessica even remember taking a picture with him?  I feel like she's going to be exhausted if she keeps up this defense-offense Tweet process all summer long.  At some point ignoring someone is a bigger Boss move than clapping back at them.

Here is Kaitlyn's CBS bio, which is completed very thoughtfully, and just happens to mention the name of her blog.  I find it interesting that as a hobby, watching reality TV is right up there with meditation and "Pure Barre" classes.

I'm sure that the first BB fan who gets a picture of Kaitlyn sleeping with her eyes open will be quite proud of themselves.  And I would like to call your attention to the 2nd "Fun Fact" listed in Kaitlyn's bio.  Apparently Kaitlyn herself went to a psychic who told her she would soon be "one of the most influential self-help women in the world".

I'll let you marinate in that bullshit while I continue.

Kaitlyn can't keep up this act for 99 days.  The real Kaitlyn is going to have to come out at some point, and I certainly hope it is more interesting than this manufactured version who claims she is going to change all of our lives.


  1. I grew up in Plainview, but didn't know Kaitln (we're a decade apart age-wise). I was kind of excited to see someone from the hometown but after reading your summary of her I'm thinking she'll be out long before jury.

    1. I'd be excited if someone from my hometown payed on BB, too!

      The good news is that the other house guests won't get to see any of Kaitlyn's interviews. She might even act totally different once she's in the house.

      For example, Dan said he adopted a staunch Republican-type persona to get cast on the show, but then once safely in the house he didn't have to exaggerate his views anymore.


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