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Meet JC Mounduix - Despicable Wee House Guest #BB20

There is a time and place for everything, and apparently now we need to meet JC Mounduix, who is 28 and lives in West Hollywood, grew up in Miami, but was born somewhere in Spain.

He has a very heavy accent and I'm having trouble understanding what he says. I do understand Ross Mathews, so that's good.

Ross:  So are you gonna win Big Brother?

JC: I think so.

Ross:  Why?

JC:  Because I'm sociable, and I know how to do goofy ______________________, so I think if I can combine both of those, I'll be able to like........probably make it?

Ross:  Like, win the whole thing?

JC: Probably. I mean, you have to go into it with a positive attitude, right?

JC isn't sure if he's allowed to discuss his strategy, but Ross tells him that this conversation is just between them (and us), so it's okay.

JC:  OK.  My strategy is to be chill, and like, be the "ell" (?) and just agree with everybody..

Ross:  Be the ell?

JC:, not do anything extra or nothing, just to like, play the game and be very like, quiet...

Ross, helping out:  Under the radar.

JC:  Basically.  Thank you for helping.

JC wants to just get in there and see who he is playing with...he's getting nervous just talking about it.

Ross: Are you?  The game will test every part of your personality.

JC:  Yes, I know.  When I stop talking about it, I'm okay, but when I talk about it, I'm nervous.  But I'm usually very sociable, so I just want to be quiet, observe, try to do my best in competitions, and see what I can get from that, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Ross says we all want to know what JC does for a living.

JC:  Well, I'm a professional dancer, and I also do event production.  You know, we throw parties, entertainment, anything in the world of entertainment...that's pretty much it.  We do A LOT around the whole world, so it's kind of crazy.

Ross asked him the showmance question, and JC was indeed familiar with that.  He said everyone on Big Brother said they didn't want to do that, and then they did.  It's not his plan to have a showmance, because he really wants to be in there and play the game.

JC: No showmances!  No showmances!  No showmances!  That's what I tell myself every morning.

Ross: OK.  But you're single, right?

JC:  Yes, I'm single.  And I'm gay, too.

Ross:  Oh, you're gay too? Well it worked out for me.

They high-fived over that, a true bonding moment.  I will say that unlike most of the other house guests, JC showed a natural understanding of where the camera was, and treated it as if we were part of the conversation. For example, he would look over at the camera and nod about being single before looking back at Ross to continue the conversation, almost like breaking the fourth wall on a sitcom or something.

Ross asked JC to look at the camera and tell America why we should root for him this summer.

JC promised America that he's going to give us an amazing summer with a lot of entertainment and by the end of the summer we're all going to understand everything he's saying.

Ross got a chuckle out of that part. It was very self-aware, I must say.

JC:  Big Brother 20!  Whoo!


Yes, yes I know.  This is the most boring recap I've ever written.  I'll take that.  But I ask you, did you see what I had to work with?

Here's the Thing:  When I watched the live stream of this interview last Monday, I thought I was going to die before it was over.  It just went on and on and on, and I remember JC struggling to find the words, and lots of dead air.  It really was a total buzzkill and killed the momentum for me.  I was DREADING having to watch it again to write this recap.

But as I started watching, I saw several of those sort of smeary transition shots that indicated that material had been removed before posting the interview on the CBS website.  For example, they cut out a Unabomber comment Ross made to Winston Hines, and cut out comments Swaggy C made about CBS cutting Paul from The Amazing Race.

But in this case, there was nothing inflammatory or even interesting cut out.  I found a streamable version of the interview that was apparently recorded by someone as it played out live, and it was well over five minutes long.  The version of the interview that is archived on the CBS site is about three and a half minutes long.

So THANK YOU CBS for making my day better today.  CBS knows this casting decision was a HUGE mistake and probably shit bricks worrying about whether he would win the first HoH or not.  Because that HoH reign is nearly two weeks long and involves the HoH in many administrative functions that require them to make announcements, host meetings, and of course to kick off the summer's nominations.  That first HoH is always instrumental in the creation of alliances that never seem to pan out, but are often explosively entertaining, in a disastrous way.

Maybe JC did win the first HoH last night, but I don't think any of us can accept that happening until we see it with our own eyes.

Full Disclosure:  I am not a JC fan and the sooner he is evicted, the better it will be for me, and for this website.  So I'm not going to pretend otherwise.

If you're still reading this, you want the dirt, so I will be happy to provide that. I think my distaste for JC began before I even laid eyes on him, due to the following tweet.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of The Messiah, and I still consider Jozea's interview with Big Jeff to be the worst ever conducted in the Diary Room.  Even before he started walking around the house in his undies and being delusional, so I was a trendsetter with the Anti-Jozea movement.

And here is JC's twitter, which is protected for the summer.  Probably a good idea.  I've seen the fans describe him as a gay porn star, but I don't think he does porn.  He just dances at parties and is part of organizing various party events, which I know are quite popular with the targeted audience.

Here is a party promotional flyer----it's quite a scene as you can see.  If you've been to one of JC's parties please tell us all about it.  The scene kind of reminds me of the Club Kid scene of the 80's, with the costumes and very specific party vibe.

JC is a headliner, obviously.

And here is someone pointing out that a bunch of Drag Race stars follow him on Instagram.  I like Adore Delano.  This is kind of a big deal, I think, having all these famous drag queens as followers.

And now is the part that starts to get really cringey for me.  I'm guessing these are Halloween costumes, or maybe he was dressing for one of their theme parties or something, because he obviously had professional help putting his looks together.

I hope these people are paying JC decent money, and not totally taking advantage of him.

Does he have a family?  Do they know where he is and what he is doing? It's pretty bad when doing Big Brother is a turn towards wholesome entertainment for you.  And I mean, a sharp right turn.

And this is the filth that I know you've already heard about.  JC may have locked up his Twitter and Instagram accounts, but someone got this from his Vine account.  I don't even think Vine exists anymore, but you know what they say, what goes on the internet, stays on the internet.

Yeah, okay, so this is why I say that CBS is going to want JC off the show as soon as possible.  The fine folks who created the Minions are probably sitting with a team of attorneys right now drafting a scathing letter to Les Moonves or something.

(Any trademark or entertainment attorneys who can chime in on how this might impact CBS?  Or if it might?  Other than the obvious total lack of scruples and lack of thorough background checks.)

Last night the premiere episode was taped with a ton of former BB US contestants in the audience, about 50, if you believe the estimates.  They were in attendance up until the time that the 16 newbies walked into the house and were ushered out after that to keep the HoH competition results a secret, as well as the first Twist.  (Because you know there has got to be a twist.)

Anyway, I heard through the grapevine that when JC went out onstage carrying his Big Brother duffle bag, some of the BB people in the audience yelled out "MINION" quite a few times.  Pretty sure we will NOT be hearing that on next Wednesday night's show.  If I were Julie, I would try to get him ejected without ceremony, like maybe announcing on an upcoming episode that he had some sort of "family emergency" and had to leave suddenly.

No way would I want to sit onstage and conduct an exit interview with a stuffed "animal" fucker.  I'm not sure what a Minion is supposed to be, but it looks like an animal to me.

(Surely you know about Metta World Peace proudly fornicating with Orwell the Stuffed Owl during Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, right?  Big Brother is on quite a roll with the dubious casting choices, it seems.)

Do you give a shit about JC's CBS bio?  Well, I don't, but here it is.

Well, there is one interesting thing there.....JC seems very comfortable with himself to me, which is actually quite admirable, but he says he has a short fuse when it comes to his height.  I wonder what he means by that, exactly?  I don't think anyone should mock anyone for things like physical aspects out of their control, so I hope we don't see ugly stuff like that on the show this season.

Just get him out of there, please.  I'm sure he can book a ton of parties this summer after a few episodes of CBS coverage on Big Brother.  Really, it's best for everyone.


  1. Instead of "goofy", I hear him say "I know how to do good physical work".

  2. You're probably right, but unfortunately I can't make myself go back and listen to it again. CBS will give us subtitles for JC's DR sessions and taped packages.

    Each house guests has someone from Production responsible for logging their activities in the house for story-tracking purposes. I'm sure the (poor) person assigned to JC has some Latin language skills, because they will certainly need them.


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