Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meet Faysal Shafaat - Accept No Substitutes. Except Maybe This One. #BB20

Let's all say hello to our new friend Faysal Shafaat, who joins Ross in the Diary Room to introduce himself to us.  And let me just go ahead and state the obvious:  Faysal is big tall hunk of a human being with a nice head of hair.  Faysal was blessed by fate to look down upon us all from where he stands every day.

Ross is stoked, too, inviting this big dude to tell us what his name is.  He tells Ross to call him "Fassie", but I wish Ross had asked him about the spelling of this apparently-preferred nickname.  Because some of us are going to have to type it over and over and over, and I'd like to get it right.

(I already misspelled Ross' last name dozens of times during CBBUS, and I'm already agonizing over the whole Haleigh - Bayleigh situation.  I don't like to abbreviate the names because there are lots of international readers and let's face it, I'm persnickety about that sort of thing.)

By the way, during the interviews Ross asked us to tweet him feedback, because he was checking his accounts during the breaks.  We could see a blurry overhead camera shot of someone coming in to powder Ross' nose while he scrolled through his iPad.  Here is a funny exchange.

OK.  Back to "Fassie".  He is obviously a charmer, hailing from Orlando Florida.  Fassie has a quiet way of speaking with just a hint of some sort of accent.  He correctly guessed they were in the Diary Room and I could see Ross' relief at that.  Fassie says that he is indeed a fan of the show, and has "probably watched the last four or five seasons religiously".

That would take him back to BB14, right?  That's not a bad starter season, but if that's all he's seen, he missed watching some of the biggest players in the franchise.  I noticed Ross hasn't mentioned the live feeds at all in these interviews.  Shouldn't he be pushing the sales of the live feeds?  Personally,  I'd like to know if any of these "BB fans" are even aware of the live feeds at this point.  Or the fact that they will be on PoP TV live for three hours every single night, in addition to the three hours each week on CBS prime time.  So that's 24 hours of TV coverage every week this summer, plus the live feeds which are on much of the day, every day.


Since I posted Fassie's intro post, I've watched a few of his other interview and learned that he initially applied to be on Survivor.  He was contacted by casting and told that for some reason he's not right for Survivor at the moment, but they asked him if he'd like to be an "alternate" cast member for BB20. 

Fassie said "no", but they invited him to attend an open casting call in Florida.  He did, and apparently didn't hear anything back.  And then June rolled around, and he was called and and invited out to California to attend the BB20 "Finals" casting process.


Ross wondered if Fassie is going to win this game.

Fassie:  I believe so.  I believe I have what it takes.

Ross:  And what does it take to win?

Fassie:  Versatility.

Ross, surprised:  Interesting.  That's an interesting answer.  What do you mean by that?

Some of you might know the gay man's interpretation of the word "versatility".  I know Ross knows, and I know Ross had a flash of special interest in what Fassie just said.  Maybe he wanted to snicker at Fassie's answer, or make a lewd comment.  But he didn't.  Ross is a pro, ya'll.

Fassie explains that you have to be able to win competitions, but you also have to be social, strategize, and make alliances.

Fassie:  I think I have enough of those traits to be able to go far in the game.

(So Fassie is prepared to give and take this summer in the BB house.  ***snicker***)

Ross:  So what is your personality like?  You say you're straight...uh, you have those traits, but what is your greatest strength coming into the house?

(Ha ha ha.  Nice save Ross.  I read Ross' damn mind just now.  We see each other, Ross Mathews.  Ha ha ha.)

Fassie:  I think being able to relate to a lot of different people.  I know there's going to be a lot of different personalities and you've got to approach them different ways. And I think with my background and what I've been through......uh, thus far in my life will give me an advantage.

Ross:  What is that? What is your background and what have you been through?

Fassie:  So, obviously I played college football....

Ross, brightening:  I didn't know that! It wasn't obvious to me.

(Well it sure was obvious to me.  I can spot those talents anywhere, after my background and what I've been through.)

Fassie:  So I played college football but I'm also a substitute teacher.  So I deal with all types of kids ---elementary, middle school, high school---I get a new bunch to deal with every day.  So I've got to go in there and take over, while they try to manipulate me every day.

Ross:  Interesting.

(It sure is.  It sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it?  I went to public school.....I remember those poor substitute teachers.  All of ours were older women wearing knit separates with lipstick slightly outside the lines. I don't remember any Fassies roaming around our hallways.  I wonder what subject he teaches?  P.E.?)

Ross: So that's your unique skill set coming into this game.

Fassie:  That's one of 'em.

Ross:  What is another one?

Fassie says he developed "an app" and had to deal with everything associated with that, so that shows he "has knowledge upstairs" that helps him "get the job done".  Fassie took a moment to think about what his biggest weakness might be, and seemed genuine about this process.

Fassie:  Um...probably my pride.  Because I'm emotional at times, especially in competitions.  I do like to compete....not trying to put a target on my back for coming on too strong.

Ross nods.  He's been staring intently at Fassie as he speaks, kind of fiddling his fingers around as you see in the picture below.  He's ready to ask the question about who Fassie is leaving behind at home, specifically if Fassie is single.

Fassie laughs and tells us the only one he's leaving behind is his dog Cooper.

(Love it.  But why didn't Ross ask what type of dog Cooper is, or who is taking care of him this summer?  As a dog lover, these are things I'd like to know.  But that is what the live feeds are for, learning stuff like that.  I can assure you I will be reporting on how much food Fassie shreds every day.  That might be a part-time job, actually.)

Fassie is "not opposed" to being in a showmance, if the situation presents itself.

Fassie:  I've just got to go in there, you know, feel the vibe. hear what all of the ladies are talking about first before I dive in there.

Ross:  It's a game.  So you may fall in love with someone but then you have to evict them.

Fassie:  I know.  At the end of the day the $500,000 comes first.

Ross pops the Big Question, about whether Fassie would rather win and be hated by America, or lose and be loved by everyone.  He considers this carefully, and says that he doesn't know what we're all thinking, anyway, so winning the money would be more important to him.

Fassie: Just got to play the game and everything will work out.

Fassie says we should root for him because he's a loyal guy.  He's going to play hard and leave it all in the house....all on the court....or all in the house.  Whatever he's got, he's leaving it there.

Ross was just gazing adoringly at Fassie as he speaks these words.  It's what we all want to hear.  I hope he can go in there and play without distractions.  It was a great ending to the interview, for all of us.


This was a very genuine conversation.  It certainly felt like Fassie was listening to the questions, and wasn't spitting out some memorized lines in response.  It's hard to describe, but immediately recognizable, when someone is being real with you.

So Fassie is real.  Real dreamy. Let's just admit it and stop pretending.  I would climb him like a tree.  And you probably would too, whoever you are out there.

He played football in Tennessee, which is a fun school, from what I hear.  He majored in Psychology....that sounds familiar.  That is what Haleigh Broucher is studying.  Haleigh, the house guest with the thoroughbred good looks.

Look, I hate the showmances as much or more than anyone.  But I'm accepting of the fact that today's younger house guests are used to putting their lives out there on social media, of documenting every part of their lives for all to see.  They don't mind having a romance we can all see and follow along with.  Or maybe they don't know any better. 

Well, we all know that there is NO WAY Fassie isn't getting some action in the house this summer, from at least one person.  There are a couple of girls who may qualify for the job.  I'd love it if instead of a showmance, he had something going with each one of them.  Now THAT would be fun to watch.  Personally I think there's plenty of Fassie to go around, but I wouldn't feel that way if he was my boyfriend.

Plus, Fassie is versatile.  He doesn't need to tie himself down to one situation. A big guy like that needs lot of eggs in his basket, right?

And this is already all over the internet, so I may as well report it here.  Drunken and disorderly conduct in college could happen to anyone.  And I'm guessing the indecent exposure charge relates to Fassie peeing on a tree after the bar closed, or something like that.  Or maybe the football team mooned the wrong car on the way home.  I'm sure it was all good clean fun.

Let's not get all twisted about this.  It can't be too bad, or he wouldn't qualify to be a substitute teacher.  Although, I guess it would depend if he works for a public or private school system.

Let's take a look at Fassie's CBS bio to learn more information out our new boyfriend  house guest.

I don't see any embarrassing typos or misspellings here, so that's good.  He's concise and to-the-point.  I'm not surprised he's a fan of Victor, due to Victor's competition skills on BB18.  Victor was voted America's Favorite, for chrissakes.

I love his life motto.  It's a good one.  And Cooper is a blue-nose pitbull.  Here is what a blue-nosed pitbull puppy looks like, apparently.  Adorable.

I'm not crazy about the bed-wetting information, nor the Taylor Swift reference, but I can live with it.  And if I was Fassie's size I wouldn't be able to even speak, I'd be so busy chewing on stuffed crust pizza.

I think Fassie would have to turn out to be a total dick in order for him to miss out on Jury.  He's going to have guy friends and girl friends, and if he's smart, he'll act a little dumb.

I think it's important to remember what happened just under a year ago.....we all thought a certain house guest on BB19 "could get it", and "was hot", but those feelings turned to utter disgust before the first week of live feeds was over.  So let's pace ourselves here.  Take it slow.  The old "wait and see" approach.

Here's the Good News:  We won't have to wait long now before we see it.


  1. So excited and happy you are back! I've missed my daily laughs with you! Thanks beforehand for great summer reading!

  2. Wasn't there another guy you refereed to as your boyfriend then changed your mind later? I didn't hate this guy so it's a step in the right direction.

  3. He certainly is good looking and a great personality. I though want the little guy to win. He keeps me laughing at his accent. Good luck to all the contestants though. One more thing, I wish the women other than Sam would STOP CRYING.


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