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Meet Bayleigh Dayton - Please Note the Nearest Exit Might Be Behind You. #BB20

This lovely young lady is Bayleigh Dayton, who tells Ross that she is a yoga teacher and a flight attendant from Missouri.

Note to readers:  This was the second of sixteen interviews that Ross Mathews conducted live in the Diary Room on June 18th.  While being second is great from the standpoint that we were all alert and excited as we watched, it wasn't the best as far as Bayleigh's on-camera situation.  It took Ross a few interviews to learn to tell them to specifically look at the camera, to address US, the viewers, and the potential voters and king-or-queen-makers this summer.  We don't know yet how our social media involvement will impact the game, but we do know Julie threatened us with that information a few days ago.  I can't seem to find the video that discussed "Hackin' and Crackin'", but I fear that my Google search including those terms may have put me on some sort of watch list that I don't want to be a part of.  Thank goodness "Brett Robinson" is not in a position at the moment to investigate me. 

So anyway....Bayleigh.  She is a burst of energy in the Diary Room, and was stoked when she realized exactly where she was sitting.   She makes great eye contact with Ross and they seem to hit it off immediately.

Ross wants to get right to it....who is Bayleigh leaving at home this summer?  Which is code for "are you single and ready to mingle", we all know that.  Duh.  Bayleigh answers the question in a roundabout way, saying she's leaving all of her passengers, and missing a lot of "flying around the world", but then tells Ross what she knows he wants to know, and wants us all to know.

Bayleigh does not have a boyfriend at the moment.  But is she ready for a showmance?  That's what Ross wanted to know.  Bayleigh doesn't like that term, actually.

Bayleigh:  I'm not going to say I am, but I'm not going to say I'm not, either.

Ross:  You're leaving your options open....

Bayleigh's strategy is leave her sassy attitude in the Diary Room this summer, so she avoids potential problems with that, and wants to "be good, but not good enough that she's got a target on her back".

Bayleigh:  ....because I don't want someone to come for me unless I send for them.

(I know Ross recognized that quote, but we'll get to that later.  He smirked when she said it.)

Bayleigh: ....and I don't want to be a floater, but I want to lay low.  I want people to think 'she's strong, but we should save her as a secret weapon'....you know?

Ross:  Interesting.

Bayleigh feels her strengths are her social skills, and she does a hair flip with her left hand as she announces the following.

Bayleigh:....I'm a former Miss Missouri USA, and the first African American Miss Missouri USA.


Bayleigh:  And I won Miss Congeniality.  So when it comes to social game, I'm on point with that.

Bayleigh also says she's physical, contrary to what people may think from just looking at her.  People may think she doesn't want to get her hair wet, and she doesn't, but she "will if she has to".  Ross wondered if she's competitive (clearly the answer is YES) and then asked if she considers that a strength or a weakness.  Bayleigh thinks it's a strength, because people are going to want her on their team.

Bayleigh tells Ross her biggest weakness is "boys", and does yet another hair flip with her left hand.

Ross:  So, you think getting into a showmance might impact your game?

Bayleigh:  No, I mean in general.  I went to an all girl Catholic school and I do not know how to handle boys.  I'm the youngest of all girls so I literally do not know how to handle boys.  Like I don't know what they even are.

Um.....you're twenty-five, not twelve Bayleigh.  We may be internet nerds, but we're not imbeciles.  Ross was at a loss to deal with this information, too.

Ross:  Uh...do you want me to tell you?

Bayleigh:  No, I've like, had boyfriends.  But I literally don't know how to handle boys.  But you tell me!

Ross, clearly over this topic:  No, I'm getting to know you right now.

Bayleigh doesn't think boys will distract her this summer, but she thinks she may have misunderstandings with them.

Bayleigh:  Boys are like, let's fight and then get over it and don't hold grudges.  I don't do that....

Ross:  How will the version of you outside the house differ from the version of you inside the house?

(GREAT question.)

Bayleigh doesn't think there will be a big difference in the two versions, except that in the house she will be holding her tongue.

Bayleigh: Outside of the house I say WHAT I want, WHEN I want, and what I say is what I MEAN.  On the inside of the house I can't, because I'll lose.

Ross:  But you're going to be in the house for like, 90-something days.  Can you hold your tongue that long?

Bayleigh:  Absolutely.  Because, it's like....I can talk in the Diary Room all I want, right? 

She says she'll go as far as she needs to this summer to win this game.  She's already signed up to get her hair wet, she says.  Ross wished her luck and said he hopes she has fun this summer.  And that was it for Bayleigh's interview.


OK, well.  I have to be honest and say I think much of what we just saw is an act.  It's what Bayleigh planned to say, and probably part of her casting persona.

For one thing, Bayleigh quoted the great Kenya Moore's Real Housewives of Atlanta tagline from the opening credits a few years ago.  Kenya is famous for that line, and Ross knew it immediately.

Kenya changed her tagline up the next season, saying "Don't come for me unless I TWIRL for you", referencing her famous "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" moment on the show.  Even Beyonce watched that, and mentioned it on some TV show she appeared on.  So Bayleigh is in good company as a Kenya Moore Fan. 

In fact, Kenya is probably a big role model for Bayleigh, because she was the first black Miss USA in history.  And Kenya taught the RHOA audience that the "Miss USA" related pageants are much more prestigious than the "Miss America" pageants (I think the talent competition is the difference.), which is why you hear Bayleigh specifically point out that she won "Miss Missouri USA".

Here's Kenya with her Big Win.

And here is Bayleigh taking home the prize.

So that's something to be proud of for Bayleigh.  Big Brother has cast quite a number of pageant girls over the years, because they are telegenic, articulate, and poised under pressure.  A few examples off the top of my head are Britney Haynes (BB12 & BB14), Candice Stewart (BB15), Dominique Cooper (BB19), and I'm sure a few others I'm forgetting right now.


Do I think Bayleigh will hold her tongue in that house?  NO.

Do I think Bayleigh will restrict her trash-talking to the Diary Room?  NO.

Do I think Bayleigh will get along with everyone in that house?  NO.

Do I think Bayleigh has a decent chance to win this game?  NO.

Do I think Bayleigh will be good TV?  YES.

Do I think Bayleigh actually knows how to handle boys?  YES.

I think Bayleigh will be fun to watch, but she's going to need to keep it low in there and let someone else pop off and put the target on themselves first.  Because she might have won Miss Congeniality, but there is a definite sassy edge to her voice in this interview.  In the beginning stages of this game, people don't need much of an excuse to put you on the block.  In fact, sometimes they're looking for any small thing to justify evicting you, including little things that don't matter.

Here is another side of Bayleigh, which shows a softer side of her.  The quiet storm.  Here is the photographer's website with more pictures of her photo shoot, in hopes he doesn't sue me for printing it.  (Get a watermark, dude.  She's on Big Brother now!)

And the airline she flies with is Delta, and apparently she might still be based right here in The ATL.  She might even know Kenya Moore personally.  (If so, I think she should have given Kenya some credit for stealing her line, but whatever.  Once a meme is out there, it's out there.  I guess.)

Let's give Bayleigh's CBS bio a glance to see if anything there changes my mind about her chances in this game.

More Potential Bad News:

1.  One of the three words Bayleigh uses to describe herself is "engulfing"?  That's a new one.

2.  She loves Donny Thompson?  He's her favorite house guest?  Oh boy.

3.  She's bringing her Bible.

These may be good things for you, but not for me. 

However, I would like to hear her story about the engine blowing up mid-flight, and every last juicy detail about her getting hit on in her job at Delta.  Please tell us EVERYTHING Bayleigh, and spare no juicy detail.  Tell us how you handled those boys on the plane.  Because we all know you know how to handle THAT.

And please don't come for me because I'm not coming for you.  These are friendly skies right now, but I predict turbulence ahead.  Sorry to say it, but I do.

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