Thursday, June 21, 2018

Meet Angie Lantry - From a Galaxy Far Out There. #BB20

Let's all watch Ross Mathews as he conducts his interview with Angie Lantry, who is 35 and is from Columbia, Maryland.  (She says she's 34, though, so maybe it's a timing issue.)

(I know.  Ross can't believe this is happening, either.  Just look at his face.)

Oh, and before we begin, you should know that "Far Out" was an expression used in the 70's by lots of Far Out characters.  Plus Greg Brady of course.


I've actually spent considerable time in Columbia Maryland for my job a few years back, and I don't recall seeing anyone there who looks like Angie.  Columbia was rather experimental back in the day for being a"planned community" with the whole "Live Work Play" concept as it's base.  I remember reading Oprah's cookbook that she wrote with a chef named Rosie after she lost all of that weight (the first time...when she came out on stage with the wagon full of lard) and there were a few chapters in the book where Oprah told stories about her prior eating habits.  Apparently one of Oprah's first on-camera jobs was a newscaster and she lived in Columbia Maryland.  Oprah used to go to the Columbia Mall on her day off, or at the start of a weekend, and buy something at EVERY food stand in the food court, and then take it all home to binge.  I went to that mall with a co-worker after I read that and I can remember walking around the food court and pondering what a crazy world we all live in.  Then we went to a fancy restaurant a few miles away because there is no way in hell I'm blowing an expense account dinner on some shit like Panda Express or the Great American Cookie Company.  I think Oprah ate one of those huge birthday cake-replacement type cookies all by herself, though.

Just goes to show you.  Everybody has their own problems to deal with, no matter who you are.  Which leads us back to Angie Lantry, I suppose.


Ross tells Angie that she's cute, and she introduces herself as "Angie Rockstar" and then has to explain that she was "given that name" way back in high school, probably because her mother told her and her friends that they 'partied like rock stars".

(Pretty sure Ross expected her to provide a much more interesting backstory about the name....such as that Angie followed Our Lady Peace's tour bus around as a groupie for four years or something.)

Ross wondered if Angie will be a Rockstar in the BB house, and she has an answer for him.

Angie:  Of course!  I come from a family of Rockstars....

Ross knows better than to ask about that now...

Angie: kids are Rockstars....

She tells Ross she has three children and is a stay-at-home mom now, but in the past she managed nightclubs.  Ross wondered if she's a fan of the show and she says "I am NOW", which tells us pretty much what we need to know about that.  Angie says her parents were the "original Super Fans" of  the show, and her mom has been encouraging her to apply for the show for years, but she was just too busy "managing nightclubs" to do that.

Angie is very expressive and uses her hands and arms to illustrate her point and to show emphasis. This feels natural, like she would be this way at home, too.

Angie just had a baby last December named Isaac and she shoehorned in a corny joke about that which implied that Isaac's birth was unplanned.

Angie:  Isaac is such a funny baby...he saw that IUD and said IU Don't.

So while she wasn't working outside of the house she put a tape together to apply for the show, and watched a bunch of the seasons to prepare herself.  She listed the following seasons as those she watched:  BB6, BB7, BB8, BB9, BB10, BB12, BB14 and BB16.

(Why don't any of these house guests ever mention BB17?  Or say they admire strong female players like BB17's Vanessa and Shelli?  I was thinking about it yesterday, and BB17 was GREAT to watch as a fan.  We had the whole Twin Twist saga, all of Austen's drama, the hilarious duo of Jason and Da'Vonne, Vanessa's secret poker career, Audrey's blanketing, Clay's heel turn, the incredible weirdness of Johnny Mac, etc etc etc. There really was something for everyone that season.)

Angie thinks her nightclub experience will help her in the game, because she has experience dealing with all sorts of people, she has learned how to delegate, and how to know when to say or not say something.

Angie:  Most of this game is about how you interact with people, and like....where you can trust, or where you should hold back.  And it you get really far, if your're too cool people don't want to take you with them, because other people like you too much.  So I guess every so often you've got to cuss someone out in the kitchen.

Ross, nodding:  Or, you've got to win a competition. You've got your social game, but are you ready to get dirty and win some competitions?

Angie:  Absolutely.  Especially the endurance competitions, because I'm just gonna trance out and repeat my kids names.  I've given birth naturally three times, so I can tolerate some pain!  You just have to do some breathing and just get through it.  I mean, I didn't do the epidural, so I'm sure I can get through a Big Brother competition.

Ross is loving Angie's thought process here, and it's certainly not something we hear every year, if ever, from the new house guests.

Ross:  We're going to see you hanging off of something doing Lamaze out there.

Angie, laughing:  Yes!  You got it!

Angie thinks tasks that require great physical strength, like lifting or maybe speed may be a weakness for her.

Angie:  I haven't worked out in a long time, but I can tolerate pain, and I have determination.

Ross points other aspects of the game that might be hard for her, such as being away from her family for 90+ days if she makes it far enough, having to eat Angie ready for such a prolonged game?

Angie:  Absolutely.  This is my 34th year, and I've always said that 34 is my favorite number, so I think I'm either gonna die, or have the best year of my life.  I've been saying that forever, and I haven't died yet.

Ross: Well then, we're going to have the best year of your life then!

Ross:  There are some tough choices in this game.  It's not all sunshine and puppies.

Angie, waving her hands around: Oh, I KNOW.

Ross asks her the Big Question, at the end of the season would Angie rather win and be hated by America, or lose and have everybody love her?  It only took a few seconds for Angie to react.

Angie:  Well, some of America is gonna drag you no matter what!  (Ross nods.)  So ultimately I'm in it to win that 500K for my family, so we can buy a house, so I can take them to Disney World, so I can buy my man a boat because he's tolerating me leaving for this amount of time, with all these kids.  I mean, ultimately I'm doing this for my tribe, my family and I love America, and I hope they enjoy me, but really, you participate in this game for the end prize.

Ross:  Buy your man a boat, that's one way to keep your love afloat!

Angie:  OH, I LOVE THAT!

Now, as Ross prepares to wrap it up, he asks Angie to look right in the camera and tell America why we should root for her.

Angie:  I think America should love me because I love all types of people.  I'm also a mother, and I'm a hard worker.  I'm every woman, as they say, and there's not one person that I can't find some commonality with, and I actually believe that if we focus on our commonalities and not our differences, there would be a lot more peace in this world.

Before they closed Ross asked her if she know where they were, and Angie turned around to look at everything and guessed correctly that they are in the Diary Room. 

Ross: You're in a room in the Big Brother house RIGHT NOW.

Angie:  That is so EXCITING!

Let me point out that previous house guests have said that on interview day, they are led around inside by their handlers, wearing blindfolds to prevent them from seeing the other contestants as they shuffle to and fro, taking turns for each interview.  They have no idea where they are or how they got there, because the day is so long and confusing.  And during BB8, before the twist was revealed, the "surprise twist" house guests were sequestered in the HoH room before being released in the house to surprise the other house guests who were already there.  Evel Dick said he didn't have any idea that the room they sat in for quite some time was the HoH Room, so it is true that they are off kilter after being led around by the arm and such.

Also, once the game starts there are makeup kits behind the couch, one for each house guest so they can powder their nose or do other touch ups before their DR session.  Just an FYI since I am typing after two huge cups of cold brew coffee.


I watched all of these interviews as they streamed live on the CBS website, and I remember having a hard time watching this the first time around.  I'm just not into the house guests who try to be too gimmiky and create "characters" for the show.  I know some of you will point out that I liked Swaggy C, so yes, I guess I am a hypocrite about this.

But Angie's interview was much better on a second viewing.  She had some interesting and fresh things to say, and seemed to be a natural conversationalist, working easily with Ross, totally in the moment.

The look is still WAY too much for me. Angie is 34, but I would have believed 44, or maybe even 54 if you showed me the last picture.  It's just too much for one person to handle.  I get that she's a free spirit and a hippie-type person, but I always think people can try to express their individuality in a manner that is flattering to them.  But maybe that's why Angie is on Big Brother and I'm not.  All of the "hot girl" slots for this season are taken, and Angie seems content to stay in her lane.  I will try to let this topic go this summer as far as Angie goes and accept what she puts out there.  Unless I just can't contain myself, of course.

If the first person evicted on Premiere Night (I'm guessing that will happen) is based on a competition, such as Jodi in BB14, then Angie might be in trouble, particularly if it's a physical strength situation.  But if it's more of a judgement call on someone else's part, hopefully there are one or two others who will make themselves a bigger target.

Angie seems smart, and I think she will fill the mother role in the house as far as comforting people and giving non-judgmental advice.  I hope she is ready to tell us all some grungy tales from the Nightclub World, because stuff like that will make the other house guests seek her out during the long stretches of downtime and boredom.  I'm guessing she'll cook, too, but there are so many healthy fitness buffs in that house that her cooking will likely be cause for scorn.

(Like in BB14 everyone was whispering about all of the fat and calories in Chef Joe Arvin's dinners.)

Angie is not getting much love from the Jokers Updates crowd, but some other BB notables are tweeting about her.  Such as Miss Cleo.  I haven't seen any Harry Potter movies (but I've had a few great naps while trying to watch the first one), but even I get the Hogwarts reference here.

And this guy covers Big Brother for The Hollywood Reporter, so if he liked Angie, then there must be something there, because he has interviewed dozens  hundreds of contestants over the years.  She looks much different without the glasses, doesn't she?

And this lighting is much better for her look --this is from her ET interview.  I just watched this interview, conducted by Ika Wong and Angie was even better with Ika, totally at ease and honest, which is refreshing.  She said she's always been a bit of a weirdo and even as a youth when she tried to fit in by wearing socially accepted clothes and shoes, she was still considered strange, so she just decided to go all out and dye her hair and "go George Clinton" about it.  She also said she would shave her head in a competition this summer if necessary.  She's ready to play, she says.

She also said she was in labor last Christmas with her son and "tried to hold it" so that he wouldn't be born on the holiday.  She didn't want her other two kids to think she ruined Christmas for them.  So Issac was born on 3:26 AM on December 26th.  So that does show incredible determination, doesn't it?  Particularly without an epidural.....

When I first saw this I thought it was a photoshop, but those are Angie's tattoos on her left arm, and also that upper arm bracelet on her right arm.  I don't know where you kids found this, but you found it.

Let's take a glance at Angie's CBS bio to see if we learn anything new.

Well, Angie is crunchy, but we already knew that.  She talked about saging with Ika, and also admitted to "wearing a few crystals that would help her", but we can confirm the crunchiness with a few points from her bio.

*  Eclectic and magical are two of her three self-descriptive words.
*  Drum circle action.
*  Ganesh, the Elephant God reference.
*  More talk of sage and bad juju.
*  And crystals, too.
*  Unicorns at her wedding.

Well, I feel like we need to get a look at that husband, right?  Hopefully she can make it through the first week because I think she deserves that.  I'm not even going to crack on her for liking Frankie and Joey, because what's she gonna say, Derrick Levasseur? Derrick is way too vanilla for the likes of Angie Rockstar Lantry.

This is an example of how just going off first impressions might give you an incorrect or quite incomplete view of someone.  I feel differently about her in the game now than I did after quickly watching her first interview with Ross.'s also an example for you kids about the importance of first impressions in general.  Like for a job interview, or just being out in the world meeting people.  You never know who you're going to see, or who is going to see you, so you should try to be your authentic best self every time you put yourself out there.

So, Angie probably won't win BB, but if she stays she will entertain us and add to her her story collection, which is probably a few books long already.


Earlier in this post I pulled a reference to Our Lady Peace out of thin air and just realized many of you may not be familiar with that band.  I was thinking about Canada today, and how they were the first nation in history to legalize the sale of cannabis for recreational use....that became official today, and retail sales will begin this October 17th.  Anyway, I was thinking about how happy all the Canadians must be, and thought about Canadian bands, etc etc.  This is one of them, back from the 90's.

Enjoy Canadients!


  1. I didn't love Joey and Frankie, we'll, ugh. I hope she's better.

  2. Can anyone tell me what the figure is inside her upper arm moon goddess tattoo? Thnx!

  3. Yes Rockstar! Loved her on the show! Don't get why she continues to get so much negativity even with the show being over with...leave her alone! She's just a unique individual & IS accepted even by newcomers, as shown during this season! She showed during the Tree Comp that she did just what she said, went into Trance & repeated her Kids' Names! (even if she didn't win, she foretold what she'd do!) :-))


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