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Meet Angela Rummans - Proud of Her Time on the Pole. No, Not That Pole! #BB20

The next house guest we'll be discussing here is Angela Rummans, who is 26 and from Hilton Head, South Carolina.  Some of you with above-average short term memories will realize the following about Hilton Head.

1.  Bravo's Southern Charm just had an explosive multi-episode trip to Hilton Head, where they enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere when not tortured by Thomas Ravenel and his current paramour.  Southern Charm cast members Shep Rose (filthy rich trust fund kid) and Chelsea Meissner (former Survivor One World finalist) both grew up on Hilton Head island and proudly hosted the gang on their home turf.

2.  Tyler Crispen is currently a beach lifeguard on Hilton Head.  He's from Ohio, but somehow he's living on the South Carolina shore now.

None of this has anything to do with anything, other than to give you some context about Angela's home town. And it's not even her home anymore.  She lives in Los Angeles now.

It's been super-frustrating that these newbies don't look at the camera much during their interviews.  Ross was pointing out to Angela that she's in the Diary Room now and had to point in front of them to let her know that was the camera.  So I think the camera is behind some sort of screen, and these people must think they're just chilling on a little couch having a chat with Ross.

But any view of Angela is lovely, of course.  My watermark is covering it, but even sitting down, you can see the definition in Angela's ab muscles.

Angela tells Ross that she's a fitness model out in California, and also has a small home-based business selling home decor and gifts.

Angela: ....it's something you'd give as a housewarming or anniversary gift.  Something framed you'd hang on your wall.  It's basically art.

Ross asked Angela if she's a fan of Big Brother.  She immediately said she's a "huge fan" of the show and remembers "peeking around the corner when she was doing her homework, about this high, to see what was going on".

And here is Angela estimating her height at the time for Ross.  You know, how tall she was when she was sneaking peeks at Big Brother.  When she was such a huge fan of the show and all.

I don't think there's any need to elaborate on this topic.  I think we all know how Angela was cast for the show.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just something for us to keep in mind.

In case you're wondering though, Angela definitely has what it takes to win Big Brother.

Angela: It takes a physical game....it takes a mental game...a social game, and I'm not only strong physically, I'm strong mentally, I'm strong socially, and having all three is what I think it takes to win Big Brother.

Ross wonders what her strategy is for the game...how is she going to approach it.  Angela says she wants to lay low for the first two weeks, just fly under the radar and avoid ruffling feathers.

Angela:  I don't want to come off as a threat.  I think naturally girls are threatened by a big presence, and they kind of shy away from me.  So I want to get in with the girls, but naturally I get along better with the guys, so I think it's going to be easy for me to get into that all guys' alliance that always forms and I think I can just weasel my way in...maybe flirt my way in if I need to, and that way I'll know exactly what's going on here, and then I'll also get in good with the girls, and later on I'll start competing...I'm actually a professional pole vaulter......

Ross, who has been just nodding and um-hmming during Angela's monologue, snaps out of his fugue when he hears that surprise information.

Ross:  REALLY?

Angela:  Yeah...random!  I was a professional athlete, so I can win these competitions easy, but coming into the game I'm going to throw a bunch of them. I need to be not a target, not a threat....I need to be the ditzy dumb girl, but that's really not me at all.

Ross points out that Angela mentioned that she gets along better with guys, and might flirt a little bit, so he wonders if it will ever go farther than that.

Angela:  Yeah, I'll definitely bone someone the second night.

***JUST KIDDING***  I was just making sure you weren't zoning out during Angela's soliloquy, like Ross and I did.  Here's what Angela really said.

Angela:  I do not want to do a showmance.  I've been saying that for the longest time, because I think it's so dangerous.

She points out how Cody's showmance got him and Jessica kicked out of the house last summer (I think it was more a factor that he went against his entire majority alliance with his nomination of Paul, actually.)

Angela:  That's what happens....their ship goes down and you go down with it.

(Or sometimes you immediately get cast on another CBS reality show and each win $500,000 for doing that.)

Ross: Well, when you're playing for two, you've got to carry twice the weight.

Angela feels her biggest strength is being mentally strong, which she learned being a professional athlete, casually mentioning that she went to the Olympic trials.

Angela: You get in that house and after like, two months you get complacent and you've got to keep pushing, you've got to keep moving forward, and being a professional athlete that experience was crucial for me.

(I don't know if you know this, but Angela was a professional athlete!)

She thinks her biggest weakness will be the living circumstances.  She has had her own place for a long time now, and it's a big apartment, so she's used to having her own space and being in the house with so many other people is going to be difficult.

Ross, with the eyebrows:  You're right about that.

Now it's time for Angela to tell us what we can expect to see from her in the house this summer.  Ross tells her America is watching her live, right now.  And finally we get to see Angela's full face, looking right at us.

Can you guess what Angela said?  Ross could, too, and gave us quite a look as Angela launched into her list of bullet points.

Angela:  They can expect me to be not only a physically strong competitor, but mentally and socially as well.  I'm gonna be one of the last two standing, and I can guarantee that.

Ross, giddy now:  Well, we'll have to wait and see about that!  Good luck.  Have fun!


Well, clearly Angela is a gorgeous knockout.  And it's her job to be a gorgeous knockout.  Here are a few samples of her work.

And her former work as a professional athlete.  Pole vaulting is insane!  It must be an incredible feeling when you launch yourself over the top.  Like flying.

I don't have much to say about Angela.  I mean, she looks like Gisele Bundchen's younger, cuter cousin, and seems to have the confidence of everyone else combined.  I don't think she knows very much at all about the game, and maybe she won't need to.  But I think she thinks that every competition will be a test of physical strength, and of course it won't be like that.

If Angela can stay in the house until OTEV, surely she'd be a huge favorite to win that competition.  And probably most of the "hang on to an object" ones as well.  I just peeked at her CBS bio and I really like a lot of what she's saying here.

A few bio high points for me:

1.  Two of her words to describe herself are spontaneous and scheming. 

2.  Rachel Reilly is her favorite player.  Fiercely competitive, both of them. 

3.  She tried out for her high school football team. 

She's a little high on herself, calling herself "lovable", but I like that she owns using her sexuality to get ahead (in life, and in the game perhaps).

Angela might do really well in the BB house this summer.  She needs to try and fake it with the girls if she has to, because if she's never been a girl's girl, it's going to be hard to make that change now.  I like that she's a player, though.  She could really make a name for herself this summer in a way that Christmas never could last year.

You know, with the injury and the surgeries, and the pain killers and all.  Don't play horsey with anybody in there Angela, because Christmas never thought that wold be her downfall either.

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