Saturday, June 30, 2018

Get The Door. It's Not Dominos. #BB20

Well, it turns out today is a new day.  And a little better than yesterday.  I still can't type if my live feeds are up, but  I do have good news about the live feeds.  They are fun to watch so far this season, even if the flashback feature isn't operational yet.

No, those are not advertisements for "food".  Be patient.  We'll get to it.

I have a few things to chat about, and only a few pictures, but that's better than nothing, and hopefully my cable situation will be better this time next week.  I can type almost faster than I can think, so having to wait every minute or so for my typed words to show up on screen is a big adjustment.

OK.  Tyler is still the HoH, and has been taking meetings in his HoH room as expected. He also talked to the live feeders yesterday, thinking out loud about who he trusts, who he thinks is playing him, and who he's trying to play.  He also asked America to hook him up with some advantages next week, because he might really need it.   I loved Tyler's little speech, but apparently many BB fans think Tyler is a cocky S.O.B. because of this.

But Tyler is putting in some WORK up there in the HoH this week.  He's using the position to speak with everyone, and more importantly, to listen while everyone else spills their guts.  Tyler has led people to believe he knows nothing about the game, but he might be the biggest fan of BB in that house.  Tyler is smart, too, and has good control over his emotions so far. That is a key skill in the game of Big Brother.

Yesterday I tuned into the live feeds and watched Kaitlyn wrap up a conversation with Tyler by saying she "loves him", leaning over to hug him repeatedly while he laid in his bed.  Kaitlyn really wanted Tyler to nominate Winston or Angela if the PoV is used, and she went on and on about it.

After she left the room, Kaycee appeared---I think she had been taking a shower.  She and Tyler already seem like very close friends who can communicate with facial gestures and and are clearly on the same page.  Tyler was kind of mocking Kaitlyn's attempt to get him to do what her alliance wants to do.  And Kaycee put her unitard costume back on piece-by-piece right in front of Tyler, clearly not concerned with the cameras.  You know, like a dude in a locker room.  She curses occasionally, too, but in a natural way.  She warned us about that. 

Kaycee is a calm person and clearly has her head in the game.  So far she seems to be the sort of person who thinks before she speaks, and comes off as very trustworthy.  These traits alone would make her a great person to align with in there.

At the time they spoke, Tyler seemed to think that Steve would be the one voted out if the nominations stay the same, but he wanted to talk to Sam at some point to see if she won the advantage.

New Trending Advantages

I'm not sure what we're calling these "trending" votes.  I haven't been able to see the polls yet on the CBS website, but apparently you answer a series of questions about who in the house makes you feel a certain way.  So the house guests creating the most impressions wins something (probably the good prizes) while the one who isn't creating any impressions at all wins the bad prizes.  At least, that is what it sounds like to me, after just hearing the chatter about it.

And I think each person chooses their prize or punishment, from a few choices that are not explained in full beforehand.

And Sam won the "good" prize.  Big shocker there.  This is probably the biggest irritant of the new season for me---the whole "Sam is our hero" narrative rippling through the atmosphere.  It's a CBS initiative, people! Production won't care about her after a few weeks go by, after the audience has a chance to latch on to new personalities that come forward in the game.  The whole "robot situation" ensures that even the biggest simpleton will want to tune in to the next CBS episode.  Sam can only win the prize once, so all of you Sam Stans better hope she doesn't need it later in the season.

What did Sam win?  That's a good question.  We won't know for sure until we see it on TV, but I think it's like the Halting Hex in that she can cancel an eviction after the vote, to be used once in the next four weeks.  So if she gets evicted, she'll stay, and so will whoever is sitting next to her.

I don't hate Sam, but the fact that everyone is blindly devoted to their idea of who she is makes me not like her and want her gone.  Sorry, not sorry.  You can blame the CBS episodes for that.  So corny.  Just like the Donny Thompson treatment on the CBS shows.  Caricatures of life down south, over yonder.

Fassie won the "bad" prize, choosing "Hamazon".  Apparently whenever the doorbell rings and there is a "Hamazon" delivery, Fassie must eat all of the vegan ham that is delivered, no matter how much there is.   

So it's interesting that the "bad" prize doesn't really hurt him in the game.  At least, I don't think so.  I never liked actual ham, so I don't eat the fake ham.  But I know it's all super high in protein, so Fassie's got to be happy about that.  I don't know if he's allowed to make a ham sandwich, but if the rules permit he should make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches,  maybe with some honey mustard.

I watched Swaggy C talk to Tyler yesterday in the hours leading up to the PoV, and Tyler totally acts like he's looking out for Swaggy, but he's not.  Tyler knows Swaggy has encouraged Haleigh and Kaitlyn to kiss up to him and badger him about putting Angela or Winston on the block.  I guess Tyler has been teasing that he was waiting to make his big move on Bayleigh, but appeared shocked to hear Swaggy tell him that he and Bayleigh are official now.

Swaggy told him that they were sleeping in the same bed, and woke up with their faces close to each other.  He said they started kissing, and kissed some more.  Swaggy wasn't being graphic, or trying to demean Bayleigh, but he did mention "taking their clothes off", so I think the frank implication was that some sort of sex was had.  Of course, I can't investigate that.  But Swaggy said they at least made out, and that they've been talking for days about dating each other after the show.

Swaggy said 30 minutes later, he went in the bathroom and was screaming at himself for getting involved with Bayleigh like that.  He says he knew it was a bad idea, but you're so close to someone you like, and you forget the cameras are there.

Tyler: forget......

But then Swaggy mentioned how everyone loved Jessica and Cody and how the fans are going to be on their side now, and he and Bayleigh have been talking about that.  Swaggy may have watched BB19, but I think he read the situation wrong.  Most of the fans hated Cody, and then he and Jessica fell on very hard times in the game, becoming true underdogs.  Plus America grew to hate Paul, a trend initially started by Cody.  And Jessica was very interactive with the fans after going home before Jury, and totally pushed for Cody's America's Favorite vote. 

It's not like America just fell in line with their showmance.  It's much more complicated than that but Swaggy C just thinks a showmance spells fame and glory.  I'm sure he likes Bayleigh anyway, but he'd like the relationship to bring other benefits.  You know, like how Elena feels about Mark.  

Yesterday Bayleigh apparently had some sort of major crying fit, that might be paranoia about getting nominated after the PoV.  But I didn't see it for myself so I can't really agree with that.  Bayleigh may have been really upset about possibly hooking up to some extent on camera with Swaggy.  I'd have to see that footage, to try and read her feelings.  We all know women are complicated beings.  

Anyway.  I still love Swaggy C but he's a train wreck, game-wise. He's ridiculous, but I love that.

I took a few pictures this morning before my keyboard started to seize up, so I had to shut the live feeds down.  I don't know who all of these people in the beds are, but there they were, sleeping.

Winston is making some huge mistakes in there.  I think he's trying so hard not to be like Matt that he's going the opposite direction.  (Winston hated Matt last season, as well as a few others.)  Winston is a Have Not now, along with his Top Bro Brett, and also Kaitlyn and Haleigh.

I heard Swaggy tell Tyler about how Angie "went black" and yelled at Winston yesterday. I think that is slang for "blacking out" and losing control over your actions, as opposed to color.  Swaggy said Winston and Brett were throwing something small back and forth and whatever it was whizzed right by Angie's head so she "blacked out" yelling at Winston, who reportedly sheepishly apologized profusely, nodding his head and just wanting it to stop.

I think Swaggy said he took Angie aside and told her to get a grip.  It sounds like Angie has gone off on Winston (or maybe others) a few times already in the game. So that's interesting.  I'd like to see that happen myself sometime.  No one expects someone like Angie to win HoH, so maybe that's why it should happen.

Guys like Winston and Swaggy C think they're going to be HoH every week.  Swaggy is talking big about how he's going to win the PoV (nope) and the HoH and that's just the way it is.  Maybe we'll have a crap shoot comp like the golf one where weird things happen when the pressure is on.  I love that.

This room.  I just can't.  I love the big Jenga game, but what the hell is this decor all about?  It just looks so cheap and uncomfortable.  I miss the Big Blue Wave of last year.  Where is that level of creativity in the decor this season?  I guess it left the network.  Or at least the lot.

Steve has developed a good rapport with Winston and his group.  They want to evict Sam and keep him.  Steve is also solid with Scottie and I've seen him have a few good conversations, building bonds with people.  Yesterday he was in the kitchen with JC and Scottie, and was talking about riding his motorcycle and how dangerous it is.  He was able to give solid facts from his police background while making them sound like reasonable stuff that a car mechanic would know.

He said people die from motorcycle accidents three ways:  from impact, from getting thrown and landing, and from the bike "coming back on you".  JC asked about that last one, and I'm glad because I wanted to know, too.  Steve gave an engaging explanation using body language that it means you may fly off the bike into the air, but that 800 pound piece of hot steel might fly right at you in the air, and then BAM you're spiked down on the ground and it's over.  JC flinched at the realness of Steve's portrayal of it, and I did, too.

Steve:  There's nothing you can do.  You're dead.  Motorcycles are so dangerous.

I think Steve gave a tip on how to avoid that happening if you do collide,  but I don't remember what it was and would not like to get readers killed by giving the wrong information. We should all just stay inside where it's safe.

In the picture above, Winston and Steve were talking, and Steve was giving some good conversation here, too.  He told Winston his full name, and they talked about how Italian his name was.

Winston:  Oh, I knew you were Italian.  (He didn't say "Eye-talian", thank god.)

Steve said his name was Stefano Mussalino (or something like that) Arienta.

Winston:  I knew I was in here with a Soprano!

(Pretty sure Steve's undercover work was with the mob.  How FRIGHTENING would that be?  I hope we get to see how Steve can do work on these kids for at least a few more weeks this summer.  It's fun to watch someone play a role when we know they are lying.  Like Derrick. Or Vanessa.)

They talked about how many years Steve has been married, and how hard it can be.  Steve said over a 17 year marriage, he's made lots of mistakes but they've been able to stay strong together.  Winston mentioned hearing about some bad divorces and Steve referenced a guy, perhaps a hypothetical guy, who cheated on his wife 10 times, but only got caught 3 times, so that is why his wife got the house and money.  Steve mentioned something about a conviction, and then hastily explained that away, maybe in case Winston got suspicious.

Steve:  Like, she may have enough evidence to indict you, but she doesn't know enough to convict, right?  It's a Jersey thing we say, like you might get indicted, you they can't convict you.

I don't think Winston noticed anything suspicious.  They talked about Steve's daughter who might be getting engaged soon.  He gestured towards his SUNY Westchester hoodie (that's where Steve teaches) and said they "have family" who works there, so his girls can go to school there for "like $500 a semester").

Steve:  Why wouldn't they go there, with a deal like that? 'Cause of family...

Winston:  Yeah, right.

I hope Steve tells them some good drug stories, but making it sound like his friends are the ones who got busted, or his cousins or something.  Maybe he'll make up a relative who is "connected" and tell some tales about that.  After all, Steve teaches a whole class on organized crime. 

I don't know about you, but I love to hear stories about drugs and crime.  Not the extra violent stuff, just your everyday petty street infractions going down in New Jersey.  Tell us Steve.  Please.

Oh, and apparently if you get some booze into JC, he goes Tasmanian Devil.  Until I see and hear it myself, I can't really tell you how it is. I did see JC pay a visit to Tyler and Swaggy in the HoH yesterday, just before the PoV break.  JC was going to host the PoV, so when he got called to the DR they knew it was starting.  But before that JC was making some easy conversation with them, telling them a story about something in his animated way, and the cameras shifted because I think he was talking about the Diary Room.

After he left to go into the DR to get ready to host, this exchange happened.

Tyler:  I'm glad that just happened.....good timing.

Swaggy:  Me too!  He's a good guy.....

But here is what a Redditor about JC's conduct, FYI.

Oh, and Rachel and Angela seem like they will be the best of friends.  They look to be the same size and body structure, and they have a few little dances and play-acts they do, instigated by Rachel who is a natural performer.  Their bodies are natural looking, which is nice to see after so many summers of implants.

I am looking forward to Scottie's DR sessions.  I hope he doesn't candy coat anything and is blunt as he can be.

ALSO:  I am hearing that Sam behaved poorly during the PoV comp, doing quite a bit of cursing at Production.  It may have been a tantrum.  She probably has a handler when she's in her "robot" phase and maybe she's had a buttload of being told what to do.

And the competition was apparently a rough one, somehow.  You know, during the pre-season people were saying Angie might self-evict to go home to her kids.  But I always thought Sam would be the one to bolt.  In my intro I saw her as someone getting pushed into doing something that didn't feel right. She's only seen YouTube videos of this show.

And now she's on the block, in the Robot situation, and stuck staring at a video screen?  I haven't seen her on the live feeds, but I sense trouble there.  I'll let you know if I still think that later on, when I can see the live feeds.  I think I'd actually love it if Sam did a sharp turn into being a total bitch on the show. I could get behind that, I think.

Friday, June 29, 2018

How Are Things Going? #BB20

Well, things are not going well at all.  Not at all.

Things aren't going well for Steve Arienta, either.  He's the only guy awake, and has been for some time, by the looks of it.  The backyard is probably locked down for the PoV, which I'm guessing will look like the inside of a video game, just like all of the other shitty competitions we've seen so far.

And Steve's on the block, but I have no idea if there is a backdoor plan in place at this time.  There might be one, but that doesn't mean Steve won't be miserable anyway.

Yes, Steve is laying on the floor.  He just noticed the cameras looking at him and said a few quick things, something about "HBC Group" I think, with hand motions.  Or gang signs.

I am going to bring you up to speed on how my Big Brother experience is going so far, so that you understand why things are going to be different around here for the next week or so.  If you're someone who visits me every summer, then you know that I generally focus on getting the job done without spewing a bunch of negativity about the show.  I try to stick to the topic, which is the game and the players.  

But I'm about to VENT, following my recent Big Brother timeline.

1. I was looking forward to the series premiere, but I hated the second hour of the first night.  I could barely get through watching it, I hated it so much.  I CAN'T STAND the look of the competitions now.  The computer motif with all of the flashing lights and infantile sound effects is a total turnoff to me.  I can't dumb down enough to pretend to be interested in any of them, to be honest.

(Didn't the Candy Crush show crash and burn last summer?  And doesn't CBS' new show with the same type of stroke-inducing  look appear to be horrible as well?  Why drag Big Brother down the tubes with these terrible programs?)

2.  Yesterday I tried to write up my recap of the episode and it took HOURS because my FUCKING INTERNET kept slowing to a crawl.  I would type a word and wait 30 seconds for the first letter to show up on screen.  I had to start and stop it at least 10 times in order to reboot my computer, or reboot the modem, or to just walk off the frustration.

3. I'm not even going try and recap the Thursday night episode.  Even just typing "episode" took  20 seconds just now. And I just can't with the whole "Sam is Lonely" story line.  Give me a break.  I think the story editors are laughing their asses off in there, at how easily entertained we all are.

4.  So I actually set my alarm to wakeup at 12:55 am today, so I could watch the kick off of the live feeds and maybe an hour or so of the action.  But I was unable to even pull up the CBS webpage on my newest computer.  According to "", my download speed was only 23.2.  I couldn't even get to the button to start the live feeds.

5.  And I've already whined about not having BBAD anymore.  So I just went to sleep, and didn't think about the live feed kickoff at all anymore.  And the world didn't end.  Life went on.

6.  I ripped a new one in my FUCKING CABLE COMPANY this morning, and they think someone needs to check the lines and do a scan of some sort because I have "USDS issues".  They won't come out until Monday afternoon, and if they have to dig up the lines it might be 2-3 days of work.  And we all know next week is a holiday week, so who knows what the real timeline may be.



WE'RE ALL IN BAD MOOD NOW.  The Triple Play I signed up for is really biting me in the butt now.

7.  So I thought, don't stress over not starting from the beginning of the live feeds.  Just start now.  So I finally was able to log on and this is the scene that awaits me.  Poor lonely Steve being sad and lonely.

And the decor of the living room looks like the garage of a halfway house.  All they need are cigarette butts flowing out of a Tupperware bowl on the table.  I mean, how fucking ugly is this house?  I understand the rock climbing deal, but why not make the living room look like a rainforest or something, or a ski lodge, to go with the wall?

Spoiler alert.  Steve is going to take a shower.  No baths today.  I hope the bath story line is fake news, too.  It lacks dignity, and is a poor excuse for character development.

This bathroom is really the only room I like, but it doesn't seem as big as it usually does.

NOTE:  THE FLASHBACK FEATURE OF THE LIVE FEEDS ISN'T WORKING AT ALL FOR ME.  I couldn't back up and watch anything else from the live feeds.  Nothing else at all.  Nada.

Only this.  This is what I see.

Did you see the "Lounge" room on the CBS show last night?  The decor was outright FUGLY!  There was nothing relaxing or inviting about it.  That room feels like a migraine to me.  And that pink bedroom is jarring, too.

What the hell is that tattoo.  I just don't understand why.

Every time I save a picture, I have to name it.  Usually "BB 1, BB 2, etc".  I couldn't even type "BB" because the screen would freeze.  I couldn't type anything.  I was taking pictures of various house guests sleeping while Steve showered, but couldn't save any pictures.  So I gave up.  But Fassie was in bed alone, sleeping on his back.  And from what I could tell, Steve showered the entire time facing the door of the shower, rather than the wall of the shower itself.  Not sure if that's the norm in there or not. 

I tried to start typing this post, knowing that I end up being energized and excited once I really get rolling.  But then I discovered that I was unable to type even one letter, or number, while the live feeds were on.  So now I'm typing, with no live feeds.  I might be able to watch the feeds later, but I can't type, save pictures, or do anything else at the same time.   I can't even take my notebook to the treadmill and watch the live feeds while I work out, because my wireless connection is so weak now that it's impossible.

I can't even watch Hulu on my treadmill.  I've been re-watching Season 10 of Project Runway while I climb hills and now I guess that little party is over. (Such a great season, with so many future All Star designers.)  But I like to watch the live feeds while I exercise, too.  

So basically, unless things change before my internet problem is fixed, I can't do much but just watch the live feeds, if at all.  I might try watching the feeds on one device, and typing on another.  What a pain in the ass.

I'll come back and post when I'm able, and have something decent to say.  I hope to be in a better mood then, as well.  


Let's have a little fun, though.  Can you imagine what the conversation was like in that car?  What a trip.

Kevin stayed with Glenn and his wife when he visited NYC for the premiere party.  That's where we needed a 24 hour live feed. I was trying to figure out who the guy on the left is, but I think he is a fan.  

And this is great.  Steve-ah escorting The Twins into the premiere taping last week.

Kevin and Mark McGrath are Twitter pals now.

I thought this was funny. 

 Apparently this is Kaitlin from BB15.  She's competing this summer, too.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Premiere Night Extravaganza - A Mixed Bag of Action #BB20

The Big Brother two-hour premiere episode last really gave us all something to talk about.  Some good things, and some not-so-good things.  But if you are new here, you should know that I am not one of those Big Brother haters that is always bitching and moaning about how much they hate the show, even though they spend a lot of precious time covering the show every season.  We already have enough of those in the community.

I can usually find something to talk about throughout the season, no matter how dismal the action is at certain low parts of the game.  (I'm looking at you BB19.)  And in the interest of full disclosure, I'm actually not a huge fan of the TV show.  My interest in Big Brother comes from the unique ability to watch the live feeds as the social experiment plays out among so many diverse strangers.  I probably enjoyed watching Big Brother After Dark more than the CBS episodes, because it's basically the live feeds presented with some creative flair, not heavy-handed editing.

However the live CBS shows are a different matter entirely.  When you're really invested in the action, and maybe a few of the house guests (for loving them or hating them) the suspense of the live votes and live competitions is like no other.

Last night's episode began with the "live" house guest move in, but of course it was filmed last week with a studio audience primarily composed of former BB house guests.  Julie told us there was someone in the audience to represent each of the previous seasons.

Let's get a better look at the studio audience, which we saw voraciously clapping as a bumper in between commercial breaks, and at certain parts of the show.  I'm pretty sure that they filmed a whole block of clapping and just spliced the footage in later, based on some of the clapping fatigue clearly visible on some of the distinguished clapper's faces.  Maybe we can figure out the truth when the live feeds crank up, because seeing all of the BB stars should definitely give them something to talk about.

There's Paul, of course, representing BB18 and BB19.  Not everyone got an onscreen label though.  I'm not happy with the watermark placement but it's too late for me to change it now.

Kaysar was in many of the shots and seemed happy to be there.  Next to him is Keesha, Jesse, and Michelle representing BB10, even though Jessie has probably appeared in more seasons than the Zingbot.

There's Bunky from BB2, who was sitting by Chicken George from BB1 (and BB7), both of them looking great.  And no gathering would be complete without the Nolan Twins from BB17.

Erika looks fantastic.  And check out Bridgette cheering like her life depends on it, sitting next to Brendon from BB12 (& BB13), with Enzo the Meow Meow thrown in for good measure.

And there is Alex and Josh from last summer, with Kail and Jen from BB9 behind them.  In the lower left corner, I think that is Lydia from BB11, sporting a shaved head, sitting next to Jason and The Twins from BB17.  I thought I had a picture of Steve sitting on the other side but I can't find it now.  At one point I saw him sitting next to Lisa from BB3, which must have been so exciting.

And Julie pranced through the empty house on her way out to the stage.  It's all clean and shiny, and probably still smells good in there.  Those orange bars are obviously made by the same outfit that constructed the fabulous "ribs" from BB18 and BBOTT, but I don't have the same feelings towards them.  It's just not the same for me.

But enough nostalgia for past decor, it's time to meet the first eight BB20 house guests.

Sam Bledsoe was the first house guest featured in the intro packages.  They are really going to push Sam hard on the CBS shows.  She has star quality, that's for sure, and has great comic timing and seems very self-aware.  I'm not sure we know everything we will eventually know about Sam, but I guess we can say that about all of the house guests.

I hope all of these little puns are her own creations, and not totally scripted by Production, such as calling her welder job a "Trady Lady" (ie. trade school).  If we see an archery competition this season, we'll know it was meant for Sam to win.

Here she is inside of her camper, parked in her mother's yard.  My grandparents used to have a motor home parked in their driveway.  When I used to visit them with my cousins, we'd take turns staying overnight in pairs in the motor home.  It was like having a little apartment, with air conditioning and one of those mini Sony TV sets.

We're meant to have a laugh at Sam, the cute, kindly country bumpkin with a heart of gold, wearing overalls.  Clearly a play on the Donny Thompson popularity of BB16.

And there's Tyler Crispen, having a real Baywatch moment jogging down the beach.  I think we'd all suck in our stomachs, too, Tyler, if were were going to be on TV moving on the sand like that.  Tyler says he'll have no problem acting stupid this summer, but I suspect Tyler is far from stupid.

I want to visit Hilton Head now, seeing how wide and unspoiled-looking the beach looks.   Like paradise.

Bayleigh Dayton was really chewing up the scenery in her intro package, rolling through Lambert Airport with her crisp delivery of all of the airline-based puns.  I think she's actually based out of Atlanta with Delta Airlines, but there is no way they could have found so many relatively serene spots to film in at Hartsfield.

Bayleigh says she is "nice nasty" with the passengers, and will only help them out if she really feels like it, so she expects to be that way in the house, too.  And she's used to "panicky, bratty passengers", so dealing with fifteen other house guests should be no big deal.

Maybe Bayleigh plans a different career after the show....not sure Delta would like her being so real about what it's like to deal with people in her job.  But she's correct, of course.  I think she came off really well tonight, and I'm proud of her.

Kaitlyn Herman was teaching a yoga class outdoors in Encino when she found her BB key rolled up in her yoga mat.  Kaitlyn described herself as 90% "love and light", and 10% "go screw yourself".  That's not a bad ratio, if she can keep it up all summer.

Production is obviously going to squeeze every last corny drop out of her hippy, dippy aura-seeing.  She said her auras were her spirit guides and she sees six of them every day.  In high school I had a friend whose dad was into all of  that, and we used to put our hands on top of a clean sheet of paper and stare at them during class, trying to see if we had a colorful glow.  But then we grew up, went to school and got real jobs.

Everyone is saying Katilyn looks like Nicole Richie, and everyone is right about that.

And now it's time for the TV audience to meet Steve Arienta, who says he's 40, but to be honest, I think he's probably closer to 50.  I'm not sure why he wouldn't just say that, though.  He's already going to lie about so much, it seems like he could have been more truthful about how old he is.  Typically you put in 20 years or so before retiring with a pension from the police force, so if he retired 10 years ago, the math on being 40 doesn't make sense.

He's cruising on that chopper, though.  I have a neighbor whose son recently retired from the police force, and he immediately went all out to be a biker, growing his hair and a beard and riding out to Sturgis.  Maybe it's a rebellion type of thing for the ex-cops.

(The EAR/ONS killer was an ex-cop who rode a motorcycle too.)

Yeah, I'm not into Steve's "bath every day" schtick.  It makes me uncomfortable.  And I'm not sure the current HoH likes him very much, based on what we saw on the first CBS episode.  So Steve might have to do some extra sweet-talking to get use of the HoH bathtub this week.

Steve's wife is apparently a live feeder, so this must be very exciting for her.  And nerve-wracking.  And panic attack-inducing.  And sleep depriving.  I could go on, but I won't.  The families usually contact each other and provide friendly support.  It's so tough to be one of the family sometimes.

And here's Winston Hines, decked out in scrubs from his medical device sales job.

And JC Mounduix had a pretty good showing last night, with lots of high-action footage of him working out and dancing.  He also said he has a bachelor's degree in "International Business", and wants us to know there is more to him than just muscles.  He says he's always the minority---the short one, the gay one, the Hispanic one---so he tries to be positive about it all.

This is HARD to do, no matter how big you are.  Go ahead, try it.  I dare you.

People are all hot and bothered that Winston owns a gun, and believes in the right to bear arms.  Here he is at a target range checking his accuracy.  People are all upset that this must mean that Winston is a Trump supporter.

Um....last year you people voted for Cody to win America's Favorite Player.  Cody appeared shooting more than a handgun in his intro package last year, and talked frequently on the live feeds of how he joined the military so he could "kill the Taliban".  That doesn't sound very liberal to me.  I'm not trying to be political here (I never want to make politics an issue on this website.) but I'm just pointing out we should get to know Winston first, before we assume the worst.

Do you think it was his idea to shoot in his intro package? No, it wasn't.  Production decides what image they want to present on the first show, in order to entice as many viewers as possible and show there is something to see on BB this summer for everybody.  I mean, after all there is another house guest who has made very politically charged comments on social media in the past, but that house guest's politics wasn't dragged into their intro package.  But I'm not planning on bringing that up on this website unless the circumstances really call for it.

So let's all calm down and see what Winston has to offer.  You can't just hate someone because you guess they may feel a certain way.  And even if someone's views directly oppose yours, you shouldn't hate them anyway.  You're going to mix with a lot of different people before your life is over, if you're lucky, so you might as well learn to coexist and learn from each other.

Plus, Winston is so handsome.  Here he is kissing his dog Dixie with a big heart shaped aura of his own. Is that Winston's house?  Because he sure did have a huge backyard.  I guess you can get a lot for your money in Kentucky.

Winston sometimes packs a lunch for Dixie when she goes to doggy day care.  When my dog was a puppy, she used to go to Doggy Day Care on Wednesdays and I packed her lunch, too, even putting the snacks in a separate little Ziploc bag.  I found out later that they just dumped the snacks in her bowl with her lunch.  It's the thought that counts, I guess.

Up next is Angela Rummans in a variety of action poses and environments.  Angela's body is SICK.  She talked quite a bit about being a Super Fan of the show, even saying that this has created difficulties in her relationships in the past.

We saw Angela modeling, pole vaulting, and hanging out with her friends.

And playing beach volley ball, of course.  Angela will clearly be a force to be reckoned with in the competitions this summer.

And JC says he holds four world champion titles in power lifting.  Or something like that.

And here are the first eight on stage, nervously waiting to see what happens next.

Julie tells them that the first four to go in the house will be Tyler, Bayleigh, Sam and Winston.  Immediately we saw Tyler's shocked face, and he was clearly fumbling with his BB bag and looked at the audience before heading towards the door.

Clearly Tyler knows about the "First In" curse.  No one who has ever walked in the door first has ever won Big Brother.  I think it was Alex last year, but I could be wrong about that.  Once Tyler saw someone else move towards the door, he slowly made his way over.  But he could have been the one to hold the door open for the ladies to enter, sealing their fate in the game.

But as you can see, it was Bayleigh bursting in first this season, perhaps already having lost the game.  Sam was second in the door, so Tyler has an extra layer of protection from losing on night one.  He already knows he's got the Surfer Boy First Out curse hanging over him, so at least he avoided another curse.

I think Tyler came off well last night, based on what we saw already, but also with a few witty statements in the Diary Room, such as telling us that Bayleigh asked to touch his hair.

Tyler:  I told her please do.  That's what it's there for.

Now let's meet the next set of eight house guests.  Rachel Swindler's intro package was a feast of color and movement.  She really grabbed our attention and knows how to command the stage.

Here she is rehearsing a little number.  And Rachel has a SICK body as well.

Here is Rachel trying on a sassy outfit  in some sort of costume shop. She says she is a great flirt and will use that to get her way in the house this summer.

And here is Rachel strutting down the Strip, giving us a new look and mood, looking a little touristy.

And here is Rachel in full Vegas Showgirl regalia.  I have a friend who wore a costume like this for Halloween and had to see her chiropractor the next day.  That headdress is no joke.

I liked Rachel on the show last night and think she will bring a great energy to the house.

And guess whose coming up's Swaggy C, who already seems to have garnered a lot of hate for his nickname and variety of T-shirts.  Well I love Swaggy C and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I think he's going to be a lot of fun and a constant source of excitement.  Maybe the haters just don't get him.

Here he is heading for the hoop.  I wonder if he lives with his family, or has roommates and an apartment.  Big Brother used to show the house guests packing their suitcases, so we would see their bedrooms and usually their pets and families. But we didn't see much of that this year.

I was already super-suspicious of the whole "day trader" situation that he claimed to be in his preseason interviews.  When he introduced himself to the other house guests, he said he was a former college basketball player.  But he tells us now that between day trades, he picks up "babysitting shifts in the suburbs".

That's a nice suburb, by the way.  I'd love to hear what those two kids are talking about today, after being on Prime Time TV like that.

LOOK:  You can't pigeonhole Swaggy C into just one profession.  He's a Renaissance man, with lots of various side hustles. He's just got to do his thing.  There's no need to hate on him.  Yet.

And here's Angie Lantry, who put on quite a show for us in her intro package.  We learned some new things about her, too.  For example, she's not really a "nightclub manager". It sounds more like she organizes raves and music festivals.  We saw her doing all sorts of groovy dancing and spinning and it was far out, man.

If this is Angie in the picture below, it must be from her wedding.  Because she said there were unicorns at her wedding.  So it's true.  Unicorns must be real.

Next up is Kaycee Clark, who is quite athletic in her San Diego Surge uniform.  We saw her run around and catch the ball several times, once with only one hand, and looking surprised about it. She said she is often compared to Odell Beckham Jr, and has better hands in the sport than some men.

We also saw her eating with her family, who seem very supportive.  She watches Big Brother with her father so I know he must be pumped up and ready for the live feeds to start tonight.  I thought Kaycee had a very strong first half on premiere night, before the competitions sucked all the momentum out of the show.  But we'll get to that in a minute.

And who is this disrobing and making quite a show of it?

It was Brett Robinson, who seems to have changed his strategy tonight.  Previously, he said he planned to tell everyone that he's "just a dumb surfer".  But maybe he got in the house and saw there was already a dumb surfer in attendance. He introduced himself to the cast as someone in "technical sales" and indicated in the DR that he didn't really know what that meant himself, and hoped no one ever asked about it.

Supposedly he's been doing some strategizing with Winston, but I don't know if they are aligned with anyone else.  He told us that he's a "bro, doing bro stuff".  I regret to inform you that during last night's premiere, Brett was the #2 house guest searched for by the CBS casual fans.  That's only from my little website's data, but the results held firm through the West Coast premiere as well.  JC was the top house guest searched, continuing through today, but I predicted that since JC seems so unusual.

I'm not sure how I feel about Brett yet.  I think he'll still seem like a douche a few days from now, too, but I'm willing to wait and see.

I think Scottie Salton had a great night on the show, even garnering some graphic dragons floating across his intro screen.  I'm not sure how he will fit in with the guys, but the girls seemed to be charmed by his nerdy personality, and he's definitely not as backwards as he claims to be.

Here's The Thing:  What if Haleigh told the cast that she was a virgin and had never been kissed?  Would it be okay for the guys to chase her around the house in order to kiss her?  I know Scottie is a bit older than Haleigh, and was yucking it up about the situation, but it didn't seem right to me.  If it is true that Scottie hasn't even been kissed (I actually doubt that.) then that would not be the right way to experience your first time.

He played Frisbee Golf and was frustrated by his efforts.  Cue the DoDo music.  And he played some sort of board game where he spun a weird cube and talked about "regenerating".  He may as well have been speaking Dutch for all I know.

Haleigh seems to look different every time I see her.  She had on A TON of makeup on premiere night, much more than needed in my opinion.  But for someone still in college she displayed a lot of poise and seemed comfortable with so many different types of people.

And it looks like her family has a real farm.  Or ranch.  Whatever.  Those farm kids have to get up very early to help feed the animals before school sometimes.  If that is the case with Haleigh, hopefully she won't be very prissy and will try to make some things happen in there. She could probably just get carried by someone in a showmance, if we're being honest.  And realistic.  Unfortunate, but true.

I'm kind of scared of horses.  And I think they know that.  So whenever I've tried to ride one, it's been a bad experience.  This seems like a nice horse though, ready for her close-up.

How fun would it be to drive a big tractor like this around?  I'd rather try that than the horse, but I'm sure it's harder than it looks.  And it looks pretty hard, to tell the truth.

Haleigh might surprise us, after all.  I'd love to be surprised, but it's hard to do that.  This Haleigh-Bayleigh situation is already killing me, though, spelling-wise.  So one of them has to go soon.

And now let's meet Faysal Shafaat, who tells us his team won two college championships while he played football at University of Tennessee, and that he "shattered every receiving record they had".  I'll try to just call him Fassie from now on, since that is how he introduced himself to everyone.

Fassie has done some modeling.  And why wouldn't he, if he looks like this?  I mean, sure he's a little full of himself, but we already have an "Aw Shucks" good looking kind of guy on the cast.  We need what Fassie has, right?  I'm pretty sure he'll just jump into a lame showmance like everybody else.   Just being realistic.

He told us last night that he's a coach in addition to being a substitute teacher.  That makes more sense to me.  I think CBS makes the website intros hold back on things to keep them for the TV show the first week, so we all have a few surprises.

You know, like Angie Rockstar casually telling us that she's a "pagan witch".  There was no mention of coaching or casting spells in either Fassie's or Angie's CBS bios, that I recall.

Fassie is Muslim, and prays, so that should be interesting.

But he's still going to take his clothes off and flex and stuff, so don't worry about that.  I mean, he told Ross that he's versatile.  Right?

And here they all are, waiting to step inside.  The last four to enter were Rachel, Angie, Brett and Swaggy C.

Scottie somehow detached the strap on Haleigh's top when he hugged her.  Have we had a wardrobe malfunction on premiere night before?  This might be the first.

I took this picture so you could see all that food laid out for them.  Do you think it's real?  Did you see anyone eat any of it?  Did you see any ants crawling on it?  I mean, that seems like an EXCESSIVE amount of sliced tomatoes.

These are things I feel we need to know.  In a past season (BB17, maybe?) I heard them say on the live feeds that when they took the Saran Wrap off the platters a few minutes after going in the house, ants were already all over the food.

When Winston introduced himself, he said "ya'll" and the girls pounced on that word.  Rachel wanted to know how old he was, and she approved.

And look at Haleigh's makeup......she doesn't need to wear even half of that.

And when Hayleigh introduced herself, Fassie and Scottie were digging her too.

I hate all the showownces, personally.  But CBS obviously is going to push it nonstop in order to drive viewership.  Because the CBS casuals just love a tender romance between total strangers trying to win money.

But damn. Fassie is hot.  I'm not sure if I'm into his personality, but he looks like a damn movie star  here.

And Steve's just not having it.  He din't like Kaitlyn's whole chakra storyline, and feels Angie would be someone an undercover cop would cozy right up to to bust the whole Music Festival drug scene wide open.

Are you telling me Steve doesn't  LOOK JUST LIKE COP?  No, I don't think you are.

Tyler sure sniffed it out.  He knows the 5-0 when he sees them.  I know Derrick was much younger, and had a different, more versatile look than Steve has, but he was able to blend in so much better, and become one of the crowd.  I don't think there is a Cody in there for Steve.  Things don't look good for Steve right now, I'm sorry to say.

Kaitlyn was the one to make the big toast, which kind of surprised me.  I liked the silver champagne glasses, and how Bayleigh stepped right up, telling everybody she "popped bottles for a living".

The first time I got to fly to Europe for my job, I got upgraded to Business Class, which is pretty darned nice on international flights.  As I found my seat and situated myself, I heard one champagne cork after another going pop, pop, pop.  And the flight attendants were passing out glasses as quickly as we could drink them.  It was all very lavish back then.  I remember that during the dinner service, there was a cheese course before dessert, and the stews were pouring glasses of port.

Me:  I don't know...I've never had port before.

Flight Attendant, leaning over and whispering:  You should try is VERY GOOD port.

And it was. And I liked it.

Why is Steve wearing a blazer?  Is that appropriate for a car mechanic?  He should be the one wearing the overalls, or at least a more casual look.

The second half of the premiere really dragged for me.  I didn't like the competition sets or all of the complicated rules and lame attempts at special effects.

I don't have time to watch it again and take's been a busy work week for my real job.  It might be a few days before I can catch my breath and get into a live feed schedule that works.  But I'm looking forward to watching the live feeds so I can draw my own conclusions, rather than letting Production try to make up story lines for me.

Here's basically what happened in the second half of the show:

1.  The eight folks standing on the left side "fell" and had to search for stuff in the Black Box, which is always my least favorite competition.  I can never tell what is going on, and had NO IDEA tonight since all of the cast is new to me.

2.  Angela won that comp.

3.  Kaycee lost that comp, and got a punishment costume.

4.  The eight folks on the right side "fell" and were hanging by harnesses and had to stack up some blocks.

5.  Swaggy C won that comp.

6.  Sam lost that comp and got a punishment of "being a robot".

7.  I lost interest in the Robot Situation about 2 minutes after it started. Sorry....just being honest.

8.  Swaggy C and Angela faced off on surfboards with a bunch of graphics swirling around them, and some other stuff that I didn't understand.  Swaggy C won.

9.  Some drama ensued, with Swaggy able to save two of the four groups of house guests pre-selected by Production as the groups that entered the house together.  Swaggy had to save his own group, and finally chose the group that contains Kaycee and Fassie, pissing off many others.

This Reddit poster gave a summary that many agree with.

And this is the "Sam the Robot" that everyone thinks is so great and entertaining.

She's obviously sitting in an office or hotel room on a computer while her computer self is rolling around.

Onward and upward.  I am having A TON of internet issues that have made trying to type all of this a real nightmare.  Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.