Thursday, February 8, 2018

How Long Until the Claws Come Out? #CBBUS Kicks Off With a Few Surprises.

This has to be a quickie.....I got over 200 emails today with tax information and I am struggling to get things done.

Last night's premiere episode was much better than expected.  I can't believe they kept the whole Paul & Rachel situation a secret.  I can't even begin to describe it, because every time I watch it I feel like I'm hallucinating.  A fan taped this off their TV set---watch this janky bootleg footage while you can, if you haven't seen it yet.

Rachel looks like Jessica Rabbit here.....drop dead gorgeous.  And Paul still looks like Paul.  And I guess he still has a sense of humor, so that's good.

If you're a good-looking person, with a good bone structure, you don't need to make a lot of drastic changes as you age, particularly if you have a full head of lustrous hair.  I realize that the entertainment industry might not agree with that statement, but I have to say I'm disturbed about Mark's look.

I was thinking he's just had too much Botox, but his forehead does move as you can see below.  During the PoV Mark accused one of the girls of cheating, so there has been negative chatter about that.  Mark may find himself on the block when Shannon uses her PoV to save Chuck, but I don't think he's at risk for eviction just yet.

Metta World Peace is having a horrible time in there and apparently tried to leave last night.  From the sound of the conversation, he also wanted to leave earlier in the week, too, requiring a lot of Intervention by Production to coax him into staying.  Everyone seems to be treating him with kid gloves now.  Personally, I think he may be stoned in there.  No judgments, but I watched him play charades with the group on BBAD, and then afterwards he asked for clarification on the most basic part of the game.  You know, the part where you indicate if it's a TV show or a movie, and how many words in the name.

If he wants to leave, let him leave.  Let's swap him out for another athlete with some pep and personality.

All the girls like Chuck and think he's a sweetheart.  But there was a minor issue about the Nestle cookie dough.  Apparently Chuck has a cookie dough problem and has been sneaking into storage and eating one raw chunk of dough at a time.

Ariadne ("Ari") asked him nicely to please let them know if he eats it all, so they can request more.  I guess he left the empty wrapper in the fridge, which is entirely possible because Chuck is a man.  No offense to all of you men, of course, but at least 83% of you do things like that on the reg.

Not a fan of Chuck's look, mostly due to the hair style, but he does seem like a considerate house guest, if you don't have a cookie dough jones.

Brandi got really drunk last night and made an ass out of herself.  She's trying to say she doesn't remember anything, but I don't believe her.  She has a whole book about drunk tweeting, so I think she just decided to put on a show when the feeds went live.

I heard the guys this morning saying that things were so calm all week, and then the cameras went live and the shit hit the fan.  Brandi is known for being trashy and rude, so I'm not shocked.  I heard her talk about her DR sessions, and apparently they asked her why she was so calm and she told them they needed to give her alcohol if they wanted her to put on a show.

So she did.  It's not cute to be such a drunken mess at your age, Brandi.  But I guess it's going to get you a lot of camera time, so mission accomplished.

Brandi started yelling at Mark last night, but I haven't seen that footage yet. But since she was wasted, I don't think it matters why she did that.  Apparently she also said some shit about Shannon, and this morning said "they all hate her, so it doesn't matter what I said".

Ross has been apologizing for Brandi to everyone, because I guess he wanted to be able to work with her, but something tells me that won't be the case for very long.

Keisha appears to be having a great time.  Not.

Brandi also was INCREDIBLY INAPPROPRIATE when playing Charades.  It wasn't shown on BBAD, but apparently her movie was "Jumanji", and she illustrated this by making a gesture for a big nose and then pointing at Marissa (ie. a "jew").  Yes, she did that.

Marissa later said it's going to be Brandi's fault if they don't get more booze this season.  I heard someone mention the "Jumanji" situation to Keisha but she kept right on talking and then circled back and said she wouldn't be talking about that.

HOW GREAT WOULD IT BE IF KEISHA DOESN'T NOMINATE MARK, BUT INSTEAD PUTS BRANDI'S ASS ON THE BLOCK?  I don't think that's going to happen, but you can tell Keisha is not happy with the scene right now.  (She's the HoH, you know.)

Ross has a baby face but he still shaves.  He's working hard in there.....very crafty so he's a good SuperFan.  Shannon, however, is playing WAY TOO HARD and is the subject of way too much chatter.

I'm not really a Shannon fan, but I do like that she is a vegan and works to rescue animals.  I remember that after BB11, she taught both Jeff and Jordan how to use Twitter after meeting them at one of the finale parties.  She's been a BB fan for a long, long time.  Upon reflection, maybe that's why I have not been a Shannon fan.  I think I was very jealous of how she cozied up to Big Jeff and shoved Jordan to the side in all of the pictures.  Just being honest.

(By the way, Jeff is on TV every afternoon for an hour here in Atlanta.  The Daily Blast Live show is apparently a big hit, so good for him.)

Here she is with Janelle after BB7, I think.  I found this on Reddit but I think it's from her Instagram account.

James is the target this week, or at least James was the target this week.  He's trying to get votes and told Ross that he doesn't trust a word that comes out of Shannon's mouth.  And then Ross went right to Shannon and told her that.  He might get a few votes from the guys, but Ross doesn't think any of the girls would vote to save him.

I don't think it's personal, but he has over 3 million followers on Twitter and made the mistake of telling everybody that.  Since he's the only person under 30, that makes him a real threat in the event of a public vote.  Today they got a computer in the lounge area where they can write social media posts that (if approved by Production) will be sent to their social media "people" so they can be posted.  James helped set up the computer, and they all cheered about being able to tweet.  Or whatever.  They were cautioned that as long as they pressed "send", no other house guest would see the social media posts they write.

Marissa is cheery and fun.  I like her.  And all of those curls are fake. Her real hair is usually pulled back on top of her can see it here.  She was carrying around the curls earlier, but I couldn't get a good picture of that.  I guess that hair is her signature look.  She's very open about wearing it, so that's cool, too.

Omarosa was giving Brandi this look here.  There was a fair amount of chatter about all of the girls getting their period at the same time, so maybe that's part of Omarosa's discomfort.  She's doing a good job of getting other people to say things, but then keeping her reactions quiet.  That's a skill every BB player needs to have, but few can pull it off.

That is Omarosa changing under her caftan, which is flowy and fabulous.  She asked Brandi if she remembers anything from last night, and didn't say anything when Brandi claimed she didn't.

She didn't have to.  No one's buying that and I'm sure Omarosa knows that.  Marissa later said "that's why she's a reality TV star".  Meaning Brandi, of course.

By now you've probably seen that clip of Omarosa "tearfully" telling Ross about how hard it was for her in the White House.  CBS couldn't wait to get that footage over to CNN, who has been running it today.  I'm sure she was upset to be fired by the White House, but let's all remember that she's trying to generate interest for a book and maybe a TV show.  Everything she does is carefully calculated.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she's in there, but I am well aware of her ability to manipulate.

Oh, and today when Keisha was scrambling around to get ready for the little ceremony regarding the computer in the lounge, Omarosa told her to take her time getting her makeup on, because as the HoH, they couldn't start the ceremony without her.  Then when Keisha was ready, Omarosa wasn't there, because she was off doing her own makeup.

Touche, Omarosa. Touche.

These are Ari's under eye patches that Ross is re-using after she took them off.  I find it hard to sleep in these, but they provide all night moisturizing benefits if you can get comfortable wearing them.

We had an HoH lockdown, and saw the animal shelter while we waited.  There is a super-cute batch of puppies that are all precious, and this little guy who is just adorable.

Then the claws came out with this little kitty.  All of the cats I saw were very energetic and playful, so perhaps they had a bit of catnip.

Someone needs to clean the rabbit cage. 

Oh, and OF COURSE the #5 envelope was rigged.  Duh.  That competition wasn't live, you know.  It was filmed about a week ago, so we don't know where Julie got that envelope from, and how many others were available to her.

It's just business, people.  CBS paid a reported MILLION to get Omarosa, and they at least needed this CNN bump to make it pay off.  Les Moonves needs a good return on his investment and no one understands that better than Omarosa.


  1. Very good analysis as usual, Feedwatcher. I pretty much agree with everything you wrote, particularly about Omarosa and Keisha. And i didn't like Ross in the beginning, but he's playing now so he's grown on me. I'm glad you are taking the time to do this for CBB even though you don't have to. You're by far my favorite BB blogger, and I'm looking forward to your coverage this summer.

  2. I completely forgot to bring up your site, Feed Watcher, until now. Regarding the overabundance of what is available on the internet on a subject like Big Brother, your blog is the only thing I HAVE searched out for this 3 week extravaganza. I guess it is a case of "I know what I like and I like what I know." I was so glad to see that you are writing and reacting to CBBUSA. Also a big fan of Ross here, and though the vibe of the show is slightly an altered state of the usual Big Brother fare, I am enjoying it. My burning question, which I have not researched very deeply, is this:
    Is there an outdoor set at all for this? I just initially struck me as odd that we never see outdoor/backyard scenes. Indoor studio scenes that look like they are approximating outside, but that seems to be it. Will gladly be corrected on this. So, thanks in advance. And if I am accurate about no outdoor aspect of the Big Brother house, is there a reason?


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