Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Orwell the Stuffed Owl: #MeToo #CBBUS

I have a zillion pictures and I had a zillion things to say about each one, but of course time has passed me by so I will do the best I can here.  I will post for one hour and see what happens.

This was the exciting PoV competition we saw on the CBS show live on Monday night.  And the whole thing was RUINED by a so called "World Champion" announcing out loud on LIVE TV before it even began that he did not give a shit.

Metta World Peace:  Julie, if we win can we nominate ourselves?

Yeah, good bye and good riddance.  And before you bark back at me that mental illness is a real thing blah blah blah, trust me I know that.  MWP should NOT have been cast for this show and his apparently very fragile mental state is only one of the LONG LIST of reasons why.

Be ACCOUNTABLE for your actions, people.  Otherwise you are just fooling yourselves.

I am so glad that Ross won the PoV, of course, but I am even happier that he wasn't just given a prize by the fans like we've seen in so many recent BB seasons.  I realize that three months is a long time for a show to lose a popular player, so that is one reason why they have so many popularity votes during the summer.

But we can all agree it is much more exciting if the house guests really have to EARN it.

But it sure looked like Omarosa was going to win that PoV, because the camera shot only showed her as she finished her puzzle and raced to the finish line.  Only then did we see that Ross was already standing there with his buzzer lit up, gasping for breath.  And we never even saw his completed puzzle.

The directors need to be on their toes for a live comp like that.  I was eating nachos in my living room and stood up to run to the TV when I thought Omarosa won.  The loaded  nacho I was holding fell on the carpet and my dog ran over to investigate.  So I was in a race of my own to address the situation and had to go back and rewind the show once my own personal crisis was averted.

(Note to all vegans:  This "cheese" sauce is too liquidy to pour on a crispy chip.  It's better as a dipping sauce but I don't think I will make it again.  It wasn't "cheesy" enough for me and I should have used the Follow Your Heart cheddar shreds that I had in the fridge.)

You all know I love a picture of a BB house guest unintentionally standing in front of their memory wall photo.

And here's another one of Marissa stress eating next to her own picture immediately after the HoH competition ended.  You all know by now that Mark won.  Marissa should be very glad that Omarosa didn't win that PoV, because I think she would have saved Brandi and put Marissa on the block to be sure Ross went home.  Or maybe Marissa would have been evicted.

I think these players need to ALIGN with the strong comp beasts, because you need them to win so you can be protected.

James actually got to the end of the HoH course first, but waited for Mark to finish so he could be the HoH.  James said of course he knew Mark has a family and wanted to see his kids's pictures and get a family letter, but his main objective is to be able to play for the next HoH comp.

And Mark should want that, too, and he does.  James is a BEAST in these comps and he is well-aware that a double-eviction is coming up.  Marissa has been saying since the beginning that this is a 13-episode season so they did the math and realized they have to have at least one double eviction coming up.

There may be a "clip show" added for this Saturday night.  All the "fans" bitch about that, but they shouldn't watch any of it if they don't want to.  Get over yourselves.  Personally I am well aware there have been many fun things on the feeds that haven't been shown on CBS, so I expect that to be the case on Saturday.  As well as more TIRED footage of MWP stumbling around playing with stuffed animals.  Did you see the allegation that Shannon made on The Talk that  MWP was fucking the owl through a hole in the back of it?

Yeah.  Google it.  No wonder Shannon has trouble getting booked for good jobs.  No one needed to hear that, particularly on DAYTIME TV.

Ross immediately started making the case to James that Omarosa needs to go, with Marissa chiming in about it.  But James is positive that Brandi should be the one to go.  Brandi has been very mean and nasty to both James and Mark, so those chickens may come home to roost for her this week.

James sees the camera seeing him and nervously looks over while he grabs a quick shower.

We kept watching him though, live on POP TV.  I always imagine some poor grandma flipping the channels and coming across the worst parts of BBAD. that James' undies?  Is that what they look like inside out?

This camera crew is persistent.  I'll say that.  I know some of you have already clued in to James' toes over there on the far left.

And a close up for your scrapbook, if you're into that sort of thing.  Not that there's anything wrong with it.

It's better than fucking a stuffed owl.  (No wonder Shannon hid that fowl owl.  He's probably been incinerated by a CBS haz mat team.)

James's grooming kit got a few close-ups, too.  He uses moisturizer on his face, obviously.

I took this picture because Mark made a good quote at the time, but I have no idea what it was now.  Trust that Ross is closely monitoring every little thing post-HoH, to be sure that he's not in the cross hairs for the next eviction.

He's not.  Don't worry Ross fans.  But anything can happen, I guess.

Mark was very excited to be HoH, of course.  And he acknowledged that James gave him a big assist to win, too. Everyone out there saw what James did, so it's not a big secret.

The girls think only a man could have won that HoH because they had to crawl on the ground on their stomachs and the girls had trouble doing that quickly.

Brandi:  How should I say this....we have tits.

Ross: Well, have you SEEN me?

And the cameras zoom in on the hero of the season.  And James, too.  Just kidding.  I think.

Apparently Omarosa has an undergraduate and a masters in Communication, and also did doctorate work in that area, too.  I'm not sure if she completed the PhD course work, though.  She started working in Gore's office during the Clinton administration but says the press just likes to portray her as a reality star in order to make it seem like all members of the Trump Administration are unqualified.

Even though this statement makes sense, no matter where your political feelings lie, Marissa was seething and had to leave the area to whisper-shout about how angry she is about America right now.

Did you know Brandi has been calling Mark the Towel Boy this whole season because he does the house laundry every day?  Well, maybe she should have kept the insults to herself.  She also constantly talks about how grumpy Mark is in the morning.  Apparently he likes to go to sleep at a decent hour at night, too, and says "Settle" to the other people in his bedroom and she doesn't like that either.

They asked Mark on Saturday night what he would be doing at home.

Mark:  Tonight?  Uh....probably in bed with my dog watching Dateline.

Someone: Would the kids be in bed?  Would they settle?

Mark: Oh, in my house when I say "fucking settle", they do it.  Trust me.

Mark's HoH CD is a Bob Marley one and yesterday he was jamming out and singing "Is This Love" while he made the bed and arranged the room.  BB told him to turn the music down but he didn't hear it.  Omarosa mentioned it later and Mark had no idea.

He's not the type of house guest to willfully ignore BB's orders.  Mark is always very polite and appreciative and this does not appear to be an act.  He is a gracious, grateful man and this is probably a reason why TMZ isn't always covering his exploits like certain other artists of his generation.

In his HoH basket Mark got Coke Zero in glass bottles, which he said is his favorite thing  to drink.  He also got canned Sloppy Joe mix and a box of standard Mac and Cheese.  Mark has simple tastes in cuisine, apparently.  The girls took those items and promised to do some cooking for him.  He also got Angry Orchard (YUM), lots of other snacks and socks.

His letter from Carin was a good one and Mark's voice broke a few times as he read it aloud. Basically his wife misses him being around and Mark's dad was in the living room watching The History Channel with the volume on 100.  "Something happened" with the kids at school but she took care of it.  Also their trip to Hawaii for Mark's 50th birthday is booked, but one of his friends hasn't committed to the trip yet.

James says he wants to go and Mark will give him the details later.

BB told Brandi to clean the bathroom mirror so she did, getting it squeaky clean.

Last night Brandi & Ari gave the window over the kitchen sink the same treatment, but they wrote dirty words in the bubbles and BB had to get mouthy with them to clean it off.  And Ari got into cleaning and of course always talks about her Rainbow Vacuum, which apparently costs around $3,000 but will change your life.

Marissa said they should produce a new Maid in Manhattan movie with Ari as the star so they improvised a scene where Marissa and Brandi were the snobby homeowners while Ari was the poor maid trying to clean their house.  It was funny.  At one point someone said Ari would play a "Young J-Lo", but then they remembered they were on TV and immediately said J-Lo always looks young.

Take a note, Shannon.  What you say counts.

This is James listening to Mark read his letter.  Mark's daughter's name is Hartley Grace, which the girls said sounds like a country music star.  I forget his son's name, but it might be Wyatt---it was another creative name that wasn't a weird name his kids would need to live down.

A few days ago Mark was talking about his music and he must be the songwriter on the Sugar Ray songs, because he said he gets like, a quarter, every time the songs are played and he is able to assign those royalties to his children for their future.  This came about after Metta sang "Every Morning" using different lyrics to describe how cold it is in the house.  Long time live feeders will be interested to know that even though that is Mark's damn song, the feeds had to be cut for it.

Also James was tweeting yesterday about how his new song "Falling" was played as a wake up song in the house, but I heard him say on the feeds that they didn't play the song in the bedrooms so they could hear it.

Good job, Sound Guys!  They crush it every season!

Mark's son was making a face in one of the pictures that everyone says is a face Mark makes, too.  A grumpy face, I think.  Mark was a proud man in the wee hours of Tuesday morning when this scene took place.

This picture was taken YEARS ago, when Ross, Mark and Metta were still on the slop.  Ross made a "Slizza" and kept checking it to see if it was crispy yet.

Mark topped a piece of Slizza with the olive tapenade Ross also made and was effusive in his praise of Ross's inventive ways with the slop diet.

I'm sure I had a comment about Ari's food at the time I took this, but I can't think of it now.  The house guests have a good laugh when they are together and Ari is eating, because they see the cameras focus on her and point out how sensual it is and how the audience wants to see it.

Ari is a good sport.  I can say that someone who learns English as an alternative language and who also has a good sense of humor in that 2nd language is impressive.  I used to work with a guy who came to the US for a stint in Atlanta from Belgium.  He was one of the funniest people even though his English was limited.  He told me that he grew up watching The Simpsons with subtitles, so he and his buddies learned the basics early.

We used to call each other at the office and make the taunting "HA HA" sound that one of Bart's friends always said.  It wasn't Millhouse, but it was one of the semi-regular Simpson characters.

When I visited Paris & Belgium for my job one time that guy drove me around in his car and it was great to be able to see Europe like that since I had only been there as a tourist up until that point. We went out drinking with his friends and it was a real SimpsonsFest that I wish I had prepared for.  They knew EVERY episode by heart.

The backyard is beautiful with the lights, which always look great on camera.

I can't decide whether I like the banquette in the kitchen or not.  The edges function as a counter to sit and eat at, while the interior allows people to sit and eat there, too.  Ross and Marissa have both said that they want something similar in their own homes because it so functional.

I just remembered that Mark's wife said in the letter that she went ahead and started the kitchen renovation without him and it will be finished by the time he gets home.

Mark: I'm not even mad about that....

Mark's wife knows how to work him, I'm thinking.

He had something to say here but I don't remember.  What I do remember is Omarosa talking to someone about him when she was HoH and saying that she had a moment talking to Metta when he was "sober and clear" and then they realized the camera was watching.  Omarosa clarified that they had an eye-to-eye conversation and she used the Vee fingers motioning to their eyes to demonstrate.

So.....I think Metta was on some edibles much of the time in there, which led to him being able to sleep all day and also the confusion. No judgments about that part.  Just saying.


Omarosa was the HoH and got called to the DR so everyone knew something was coming.  She came back out and announced that PoP TV was throwing a margarita party for the house guests and she'd be right back with some goodies.

Then she appeared with chips and guacamole, saying POP said even the Slop-eaters could have a reprieve for the night.

Metta: Can we have some though?  What does reprieve mean?

They all did the Conga to the storage room to gather all the treats.  That's a show biz move and the feeders appreciate it.

Marissa:  I'm going to get SO DRUNK!

Later Omarosa said that the drinks were watered down so Brandi acting like she was drunk in order to have excuses to make rude comments was a load of horse crap.  Mark quickly said that the gesture of the drinks and food was much appreciated, though, and it was that thought that counted.

The drinks were fruity and appeared to be in two flavors, red and yellow.  Or whatever.  I had tequila once when I was 16 and have never been able to drink it again.  I ruined it for myself.


Apparently Metta loved Ross' Slizza so much that he used it to scoop up the queso dip.  Ross said the crispiness was key to the Slizza recipe.

The next set of pictures is from the next night, I think.  POP TV has said they want Orwell the Owl to appear in the scenes with the house guests on BBAD, but probably not in a pornographic manner.  Ariadna cuddled with this clean fresh owl and the BBAD producers were likely thrilled with this.

And now I know why Omarosa said last week that "Really, does anybody want to touch that owl now?  Can we get a fresh clean one POP?"

They were out of graham crackers but they improvised with cookies and everyone said these were a big success.

They cookies might be those Keebler elf cookies that are rectangles of shortbread with chocolate on top.  But maybe the celebrities have a fancy Pepperidge Farm version.  I am SALIVATING over this.  I love the savory-sweet combo of a good S'more.

TASTY TIP:  A little schmear of peanut butter under the chocolate is life-changing.

Whatever, Owl Fucker.

That looks like someone's big bald spot, but I think it is Omarosa wearing Marissa's fuzzy pink head piece.  I had a moment of shock just now, but that is what that spot on the left is.

This time those marshmallows got nice and crispy, so they are learning.

Marissa talks to her son on the show, because she knows they watch it on the DVR the next day.

Hi Zev.  I know I called you "Zeb" on an earlier post, but I know better now.


That is Marissa's wolf head that James is wearing.  She brought lots of head gear, apparently.

Everyone made the "Bow chika bow wow" sounds as the cameras closed on on Ari eating her S'more.

She tried to hide behind Ross, but it didn't work.

Ari wants to have her own makeup line, with mostly organic ingredients.  She said it is very difficult to make it 100% organic, and she wants it to be priced at a level to get into Target.

These two were cutting up on the bed with Ari and she fell off because she was laughing so hard.  This is the kind of thing that has been SO funny on the live feeds and will likely show up on the Saturday clip show so you can bitch and complain about it then.

I wanted to buy one of these, once, but then I wondered what would happen to the floor or carpet underneath so of course I didn't buy it. It looks fun, though, but not if you own your home and also the floor under it.

And James took another shower on POP TV, too.  They don't miss one minute of James performing his ablutions.

(I learned that term from Howard Stern's mom!)

I have A TON more pictures but will have to cut this post off here, because my email has 57 new messages since I started typing.