Tuesday, October 2, 2018

More Post Season Action: Let The New Games Begin. #BB20

As far as post-season action, it's starting to wind down now as most of the house guests have made their way home.  With a few exceptions, you can easily keep up with your favorites on their social media accounts, where I'm sure they will be staying in touch with the fans and sharing their latest news.  I just spent another hour or so finding a bunch of pictures and watching a bunch of videos, so this is a pretty good selection of pictures and info, but if you don't see what you are looking for I'm sure you can find it with just a few quick searches.

At one of the Las Vegas pool parties, JC got down on one knee and proposed to Winston.  The Reddit poster thought that might be a "subtle shot" at the couple who got engaged during the Finale.  Um.....what is subtle about this?    "Subtle" is not a word that I'd ever put next to JC's name.

I just watched an Instagram live broadcast that JC recorded yesterday while he waited for Kaitlyn to get ready to meet Winston in the lobby.  JC had a lot to say and some great perspective on the experience of being on the show and dealing with all of the aftermath.  He said that everyone on the Jury had the chance to decompress and put things in focus after they were evicted, but he was absolutely shell shocked after the Finale with finding out what people were saying about him, being evicted, and being released back into the world.  As one of the Final Three, JC was still sequestered that night in a hotel (I already discussed that process here) and couldn't sleep until 5:00 AM or so.  On Thursday night he missed the LA cast party because he just wanted to sleep and eat, but rejoined the cast for the Vegas trip the next day.

I actually watched some footage of JC in the car riding to Las Vegas, with Kaitlyn, Josh Martinez, and Tyler's friend Foster.  They sang the "Real Tyler" song and it was funny.  JC said they all had bad hangovers today, and he ate crackers and salami slices with his iced coffee while he chatted with fans and answered questions.

JC:  Look people, I know Yatus was funny, but it wasn't THAT funny.

(AMEN JC.  The Big Brother fans love to run a funny moment right into the ground.)

He said that with the exception of maybe one person, the entire cast is pretty happy and have been having fun together.  Most of the negativity rumors are all people talking shit on Twitter, he says.  He even danced with Scottie and Kaycee last night and Scottie admitted that he hated JC the whole summer, but everything is cool now.  JC did say that Scottie was one of the smartest people in the house, but he also said he hasn't watched the show or many live feed clips, so he's not sure.  JC also said that despite what we heard him say in his DR sessions, he was well aware that he wasn't running Tyler's game.  He knows he saved Tyler's game a few times and thinks Tyler probably did the same for him as well.  He also knows everyone was worried to take him to the end and seems flattered by that.

(Who is the one cast member who is not happy?  I can guess, but if you know, please share.)

JC didn't know how the live feeds worked, and probably still doesn't.  He thought there were only one or two cameras that showed the live feeds and they weren't always on.  He knows that Tyler is moving to Los Angeles and says he and Angela won't be able to get rid of him since they will be neighbors now and he will see them soon.  He knows they "went to CBS studios today" (see below) and joked about Tangela getting married soon.  He isn't sure how the relationship was portrayed on TV, but everyone in the house knew about Tangela, and JC is sure that the TV show did a beautiful job of editing everything to make a good show.

JC: I know I've been depressed before, and whatever, but I never felt like going on to people's social media accounts to talk shit about them, or to say bad stuff to hurt them.  I just don't understand why someone would do that, but maybe it makes some people happy to do that.  I don't know.

Angela and Tyler left Las Vegas a day earlier than most of the cast, and apparently stopped by the CBS studio on their way home.  This is causing A LOT of speculation.  I think Tyler posted the pictures but then deleted them.  Or maybe his friend Foster took these pictures and he posted them, but I doubt they hurt their chances of booking other gigs because of it.

Most of the chatter involves The Amazing Race, which has a new season that kicks off filming sometime in early November, I think.  I also watched an Instagram live that Tyler and Angela filmed (more on that later) and they said TAR wasn't "set in stone".  If that is true, they should shut up about it immediately, but apparently Jessica contacted them during their live broadcast and said she sent Angela a DM.  You might know that last year Jessica reached out to Rachel Reilly for some advice about being on TAR and that advice apparently helped Jessica and Cody's chances of winning.  I think part of the advice involved carrying only one bag between the two of them, so they could move more quickly, letting Cody do most of the heavy lifting.

On the live chat someone asked them if they got their favorite pillows from the house yet, and Tyler said no, but they told him that day that the boxes of stuff that each house guest will receive are getting shipped out soon.  This happens every year, and basically includes costumes, competition tchotchkes and other stuff that might have special meaning.  I'm pretty sure that the house is getting stripped right now to prepare for the Celebrity Big Brother, because I read an interview with Allison Grodner where she said she was taking a few days off, then jumping back in to prepare for that season which was coming up soon.

(I am hoping beyond hope they air it over the holidays, and not my tax season again.  Because that was a rough experience for me and made it impossible to both cover the season here and do my job at the same time.  Both suffered, but I can't let that happen again to my job.  I love Big Brother but it doesn't pay my dog's sky high vet bills.)

So Tyler may have been visiting the offices to pick up his check with his prize money.  I'm not sure how they pay that money out now, but ten years ago when Evel Dick and Daniele won 1st and 2nd place, he said they sent both checks in the same Federal Express package to his mother's house and left the package on the front porch.  Since Tyler's location is in flux right now, maybe this is what he needed to do to get access to the cash now.  Or maybe they started doing whatever paperwork they have to do to get all of the international clearances you need on TAR.  You can't just fly into a country and start running around with a camera crew, I'm guessing.  Someone has to do a lot of work behind the scenes to set stuff up so that it all looks easy on TV.

I guess @TVPartyApp sponsored Kevin's trip to Las Vegas.  I know that some of the reality people get paid for the nights that they live tweet on the App, and I think Kevin is one of their new featured tweeters.   Supposedly it is a fun way to watch the shows.

I wonder if Kevin did any sports betting while he was in Vegas.  I doubt it, and think it is more likely that he discouraged other reality people from betting too much.  I still remember him telling Mark some cautionary tales on the BB19 live feeds about not betting unless you have the money to lose, because if you can't pay up quickly, there is going to be trouble.  But the sports betting is legal in Las Vegas, so maybe they just take your house and firstborn instead of breaking your legs or leaving your family floating in the pool. Allegedly, I mean.

Tyler and Angela said they didn't know how Peanut was able to stay in Vegas, because they were exhausted from all of the partying and lack of sleep.  I think Kaycee was staying over a few days at Rachel's house, and I think Kaitlyn and JC may have had the same plan.

Tyler said he and Kaycee had a bet during the season about who would get into a relationship first after the show was over, and Tyler admitted to her during a commercial break on the Finale that he was already in a relationship with Angela.  It was after the Jury Q&A took place, but I heard Tyler tell Kaycee about liking Angela way before that, on the live feeds.  I even heard Kaycee ask him if they made it official yet and Tyler avoided the question in a very guilty fashion.

I look forward to hearing Kaycee give her thoughts on everything at some point.

I did see her have a laugh with Fessy, asking him "who flipped" and Fessy says he flipped, and voted for Kaycee to win the game.

Kaycee:  I love this guy (now).

Derrick convened with The Bros and someone's mom.  The mom said she made eye contact with Winston from a few feet away and mouthed the name "Winston" so he called her over for this photo.  From all accounts, Winston is truly a class act and is always decent to the fans and fellow cast mates.

Which is probably why Kevin Martin from BBCAN had this to say before the season was even over.

By the way, the ATF podcast did a live broadcast from Las Vegas, and said the reality poker tournament was actually held in a school gym with no alcohol available.  I'm guessing the casinos can't rope off a special area for a tournament unless the gambling dollars are guaranteed to be a certain amount, and let's face it, most of the reality stars probably can't afford to lose thousands of dollars.  Hopefully next year they can at least hold the tournament in a place that has concessions, because other than that there was a lot of good feedback about the event.  One of the ATF patrons played at a table with Kevin Martin and knocked him out of the tournament, so that's kind of a big deal.  Kevin is a professional gambler, you know, but everybody needs a little luck sometimes.

And speaking of Kevin Martin, here he is with Pili and Tangela out by the pool.  They are two BB Canada players that I definitely know.  I wrote occasional live feed updates for the last season that Kevin played on and remember tweeting that Karen compared Kevin to Ted Bundy or something.  Whoever was running Kevin's Twitter account accused me of making that up so I blocked his account.  But as of today you are unblocked, Kevin.  And by now you and your friend surely know that Karen said that about you DOZENS of times.  And Kevin's "friend" was likely Pili, right?

Pili is very into fitness now and can display her abs next to Angela's any day.  Tyler must feel like he's living in FantasyLand right now.  I'm glad he didn't win Big Brother, because it would have been too much good fortune for one person.  What would he have to look forward to in life?

Love all of he colorful dresses here.  Still no smile from Zakiyah, so that must be her new thing.  I am still trying to keep up with The Challenge this season even though I don't understand what is going on most of the time with the "burning" of the votes and all of the anger.  I suspect most of that is showmanship to ensure being invited on future seasons.  But I have to say I am quite impressed with The Messiah's comportment.  He is a totally different guy than he was on Big Brother, which is happy news.  And he and Da'Vonne work very well together.   There is a HUGE cash prize on The Challenge this season so maybe they will get a piece of that  and change both of their lives.

That is Kaycee and her brother Kenny, and Tyler and his pseudo-brother Foster.  Foster is cute and from all accounts a very nice guy, so if he has some game in him he should slip his info to Robyn Kass to get hooked up with some TV opportunities.  Kenny too, for that matter.

If you don't know "Murtz" is from Canada and was an early Big Brother broadcaster of some sort.  He tried out for BBCAN in one of the early seasons but the friend he went with is the one who was cast. I think that was "A.J.", but I could be wrong.  The poker player at the ATF podcast said AJ was also sitting at his table and is "human garbage" who talked shit to everyone the entire time.

Murtz has always looked rather creepy to me, but this is his standard pose.  I think he makes a living covering reality TV though, so good for him.

I thought this was funny, but it's kind of strange that Fessy is wearing the bandanna now.

A lot of the fans who met Brett commented on how short he is, but I think he's of average height, around 5'10" or so.  Winston posted yesterday that The Bros were going to split up for a little while, with Brett headed off to Boston and/or Florida, while Winston will go home to Kentucky, but they will be reunited "sooner than we think".

Another TAR couple, maybe? Could be....who knows.

The episode of Bold and the Beautiful that Brett and Tyler filmed will air on October 23rd, I think.  We can certainly expect some cheesy references to "Level 6" during that appearance.  They might be parking valets referring to the floor the car is parked on, or something basic like that.  Daytime TV isn't designed for quantum physicists, you know.

(FYI on Better Call Saul last night someone was burning rubber in a parking garage and sped by a huge "Level 6" sign.  Did anybody else catch that?)

I posted this picture in my last post-season post, but am including it again to show that that Rihanna "liked" Kaycee's post.  Rihanna started following Kaycee at some point during Big Brother so that is pretty damn cool.

Kaycee should follow up on that, right?

I tried to find this for my last post but didn't see it again until now.  There was a video that someone took of Sam in the little conference room backstage just after the Finale. I think that is where you go to get debriefed on various controversies and other things the house guests need to know about, and maybe to sign some paperwork or something.

Anyway, somebody who was with Sam started filming her, and she gave a bunch of those basic pleasantries about enjoying the sunshine every day, etc.  But I wanted you to see the bottle of booze she is carrying around.  Apparently she bought that to take into the house with her, not knowing that it wasn't allowed.  They returned it to her during the meeting.  You will note they DID NOT give it to her on her way to the Jury house, likely because Production is still responsible for her well-being while she's still technically in the game.

So this kind of explains why Sam didn't go to the parties, and just went back to her room and then home.  It's kind of sad, but we all know Sam has a different way of doing things.

This is fun.  But I distinctly remember Sam talking about how she liked to go to the Maryland Faerie Festival and made plans with Angie and Bayleigh to attend together.  I wonder why Angie Rockstar didn't mention that she's performed at that festival before?

This is Chris, Angie's boyfriend who held down the fort all summer long.  He was fun on Twitter, too, and didn't seem to let negative fans get him down.  She tweeted a few days ago that no one can drag her like he does, so trolls on Twitter shouldn't even try.

Brett looks so small and young in this picture, doesn't he?  Where did all of his muscles go?

I am very glad that this sort of technology didn't exist back in my party days.  This is Brett drunkenly shouting over a pounding disco beat while JC smirks and holds the phone.  As best I can tell, it went a little something like this.


JC:  Did you hear that?

Yes, we heard that.

In the early days of the live feeds, I remember watching a conversation between the Bros where they discussed how much fun they were having with JC.  Apparently right after meeting them, JC announced that he wasn't the type of gay "who shopped", because he liked to work out instead.  Winston wasn't sure he would get along with JC at first, but was pleasantly surprised about how funny and relatable he was.  Brett told a story about how JC said Brett was even more of a little bitch than he is and they cracked up over that.  Winston said the funniest thing he had seen so far in the house was JC taking two pizzas out of the oven, putting them on the counter, and then just walking away.  I thought Brett was going to throw up he started laughing so hard.  Apparently JC thought he might be one of the most ripped guys in the house and was dismayed to find so many guys with hot bodies, so even then he wanted to fatten everybody up.

Kaitlyn had fun with her phone.

Brett had a hard time keeping his head up.  You can only stay in Vegas for so long before you are so ready to leave.  At least, that's my experience.  

I'm not even sure Brett wasn't blacked out when he was saying goodbye to Winston here.  Hopefully it's not the final goodbye.  Maybe it's just goodbye for now.

I think Fessy had this hat made at one of those stores that whips up custom shirts and hats instantly.

And here he is with his dog Cooper after getting home to Orlando safely.  I had some trouble deciphering this picture at first, but then I saw the paw in the air, and the doggie ears.   On one of the early CBS episodes Fessy invited JC to snuggle with him in bed and then said JC was about the size of Fessy's dog, so now it all makes sense.

I never thought these three guys would take a picture together and Glenn would take the best shot.  I'm not sure what is wrong with Kevin here, or why Fessy is dressed like a background dancer in a Culture Club video.

The cast seems to agree that Josh is a lot of fun to be around.  I've heard several of them say that Josh has great energy, and Tyler thinks Josh will end up being one of his closest friends.  I know Jessica was lamenting that the BB19 cast isn't very close, and she wishes they had as much fun together as the BB20 cast, so maybe Josh feels the same way and is enjoying interacting with a more cohesive cast.

This is random.  Here is Mike Boogie and his son Brady running into Julie Chen randomly in Los Angeles.  At first I thought this was a pet store, and those were aquariums in the background, but now I think they are TV monitors.  Wherever they are, Julie looks great dressed down in her workout clothes, and I hope Brady can walk and stand up and everything without assistance.  Just saying.

I won't be posting any pictures or info about the newly-engaged couple today.  I was going to, but then I saw that Braggy C retweeted this, and I found it extremely disrespectful to his cast mates.  Bitter people do bitter things.

You can easily find more of this and other pictures and info on Christopher's Twitter account.  I did see one video he shot in Las Vegas where he spoke to Bayleigh and she fucking SNAPPED at him until she saw she was being filmed.  Then her whole mood turned around for the cameras. Forever is a long time, kids.

If you're one of those people who don't want to hear about Tangela, then you might want to dip out now and spend your time doing something else.  I knew Angela had a nice apartment when I saw Rachel being filmed there by Angela last Thursday.  It looks so spacious and airy.  And I love Rachel's jumpsuit.

I don't blame Tyler for wanting to move in with her.  The nice loft-style apartment near the beach is just icing on Angela's cake.  I think CBS hooked both Tyler and Angela up with a public relations firm to handle all of the post show inquiries and press for them.  (Or, that public relations firm reached out to them, which is also likely.) It's a smart move, actually, to let someone with experience help you make the most of things.  That's how you get magazine articles like this one.  It's easy to get negative articles, but a little harder to get celebratory pieces written about you.

Angela's brother approves of Tyler, after spending so much time around him this week.  In their live chat I think she said the plan is for them to fly to Hilton Head next week to see her dad, and also for Tyler to arrange shipment of his car and belongings.  Hopefully the hurricane damage to Hilton Head isn't as bad as it was in other places in the Carolinas.  Then they are off to that annual BB event in Canada, in Edmonton I think.

And Tyler's mom seems to approve of the relationship, too.  From what Tyler has said, I don't think he's had a serious girlfriend since high school, so this is new for her, too.

They rode to Las Vegas with Angela's brother and one of Tyler's friends, I think.

I wonder if the publicity people they are working with now will try to get them some joint modeling jobs or gigs.  I know Angela's dream is to be in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  Maybe this exposure can help make that happen.

This is the part of the post-season where I usually step away and out of everything, because the fan stuff can get really weird (Remember the whole "Zankie" mess?) as some of them try to insert themselves into the former house guests' lives.  There always seem to be a group of really loud admirers who know NOTHING about the BB players but like to elbow in and make a big scene.  For example, one of the first questions on their first live chat is if both of them are from Hilton Head.  I mean, DUH.  If you were even just a CBS casual you'd know that, right?

At this point Tyler seems to have learned quite a bit about the coverage of the season, but says he's only watched bits and pieces of certain episodes and video clips.  Since he's been a fan for so long, I'm sure he has his favorite sources for that info.  They watched part of the first episode together during this broadcast but were just kind of superficially keeping an eye on it while they answered fan questions.

They said they haven't been able to spend too much time alone since the Finale, because they had family and friends in the house with them, but now they can settle down a little and make plans together.  They made time to go to the gym this morning and they both loved the experience.  Oh, and Tyler was wearing a Fessy Fitness bracelet that was clearly visible during most of this broadcast.

Angela laughed at this "Baywatch" footage of Tyler and seemed to recognize which beach he was running on.  There were some scenes with Tyler's friends and he showed her his friend David that he talked about setting her up earlier in the season.

Tyler: There he is. I basically wanted to tell you how perfect you were by saying I wanted you to meet my friend.

Angela:  That's him?  No.  He's not my type.

Tyler also said that Julie called his name first to enter the house, but he was aware of the curse that the first one in never wins the game, so "he opened the door and let Bayleigh walk in first".  (He also let Sam walk in before him, giving him an extra buffer against the curse.)  Some of the fans are saying that Tyler should have been aware of the "OTEV curse", too, but if Tyler didn't win that competition, he or Angela would have been evicted, most likely.  (Supposedly the winner of the OTEV PoV has never won the season.)

And they watched Angela's intro footage as well, including shots of her playing volleyball and doing some pole vaulting.  You can see her business logo in the background on the wall, and as they watched footage of her preparing items to ship to customers during her intro footage, Tyler said, "we're right there now....this happened here!"

Fans didn't ask too many game questions, but to be honest I couldn't see their questions.  Angela did say she "spiraled out" during the week after she was evicted and started thinking Tyler was just using her, and Tyler said he was spiraling out without her, too.  Angela made a special point to say that they feel like all is good with the cast, and neither of them have any hard feelings about anyone. (That's some good PR right there.....)

Angela:  Even Rockstar. I love her, even after what she just said about me. It's okay. I love her.

(Angie Rockstar recently saw what Julie Chen said about Angela's nasty goodbye message to Rockstar and she tweeted about loving Julie, then later tweeted she knows it happened weeks ago, but she was just seeing it now.)

They both said it was weird to not be with Kaycee and they missed her, but know she will be back in California soon.

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They Escaped and Went Out on the Town. #BB20

In the old days, before social media, it was extremely difficult to find pictures of the house guests enjoying themselves after the season was over, but in today's world all you need is an internet connection to get all of the post season scoop.

But its fun to post about this topic, so I just spent about an hour gathering up a pretty good variety of stuff, some fun, some that you might find sad, and some that you might find shocking.  In all cases I tried to give credit for the photo or the post.

First of all, if you were on another planet last week and you missed it, Kaycee Clark won Big Brother 20, and the BB Subreddit celebrated her success with a new banner image.  You really are famous now Kaycee!

One of the Reddit posters captured that split second where Julie Chen Moonves realized her winner pick lost.  In the beginning of the season, Ross Mathews and Marissa Winokur from Off the Block had a number of high-profile guests on their show write down their pick to win and place it in a sealed envelope.

Here are those who chose Tyler:  Julie, Lance Bass, Rachel Reilly, Frankie Grande

Here is one who chose Kaycee:  Mark McGrath

I'm sure there are many others, but these are just the names I jotted down while watching some of the post season Off the Block interviews.

The next three pictures are from Kaitlyn's Instagram live (or whatever), filmed live from the Air BnB that she rented for a month with Winston and Rachel out in L.A.  Ross was telling people that Winston and Kaitlyn moved in together, but that is what happens when you let your staff give you information without confirming it yourself.  

Kaitlyn intended this house to be the party house and I think Tyler's friend Foster has been staying there, too, likely along with other friends of the house guests who came out to California to enjoy the post season festivities.

Kaitlyn started this broadcast by yelling for Brett to "come over here", but he didn't even seem to hear her.  Winston was showing him some stuff on social media and he was cracking up.  I got a hit and could feel Kaitlyn's energy as she realized that she can't tell The Bros what to do anymore.  Well, she can tell them, but they won't listen.  You will note The Bros are wearing their matching shirts tonight, a tribute to "Brad and Chad".

Kaitlyn had to go over to them to get in the shot.  I'm not sure who that guy is behind them, but I think he might be a friend of Brett's.  Brett was clearly already liquored up and rowdy.

And Kaitlyn is a blonde, as you can see.  The biggest change she made since we saw her last on the show is that she corrected her eyebrow situation.  She had those real skinny Long Island brows before, but I think she got a microblade procedure to create a more modern, flattering shape.

You might have heard that Kaitlyn's Instagram account got hacked, probably shortly after this was taken, and she was panicking about that.

There were two main formally-organized parties for fans to celebrate the end of the season with the cast.  This is the first one, which was held on Thursday night.  I'm sure most of the cast partied on Wednesday night, too (see pictures above) but the Final Three were still in sequester that night, staying in a hotel until they were formally released into the world the following day.

That happens with each evictee during the season.  After they are evicted they stay in a hotel with a room adjoining some sort of security personnel.  The door between the rooms stays open, from what I've heard, giving them some privacy, but still putting them where they can be monitored and somehow evaluated. The reason is in part to make sure they complete all of their official interview duties the next day, but I think there is a psychological review component as well, due to the nature of the show and how difficult it can be to re-enter society.

Someone on Reddit wrote a very long post about their experience going to this party.  She or he learned that this party is a special one for a certain type of BB "fan", because the cast who was in Jury hasn't had time to watch any episodes, or to do any big deep dives on the season, so it is possible to blindside them with information about who said what about them. Probably mean stuff.   It's a shame what people will do for attention, really.

And this party in Las Vegas is happening right now, this weekend, and is the first such party that was organized at least partly by Peter Brown from BB Canada. There is a big poker tournament and lots of party action that has a HUGE attendance roster from Survivor and Big Brother fans.

The event is timed perfectly to coincide with the end of Big Brother, and the beginning of the new Survivor season.  In the early years, before social media, there was a lady who threw a big party in Vegas every year under the guise of a charity benefit, but she was later exposed as a fraud.  But this party is a new initiative and could end up being a full time job for Peter if it is successful.


Apparently the reason why the baby announcement wasn't made is that Bayleigh lost the baby while she was in the Jury House.  I did not (and WILL NOT) watch any of their videos, but this Redditor did and provided the information you see below.

This would explain why when Ross Mathews asked them about it, Bayleigh looked so uncomfortable and Swaggy said they wouldn't be discussing it.  Swaggy apparently said something about how she would have won if she wasn't pregnant because that made her go off on Tyler like she did, but Bayleigh disputed that.  Swaggy needs to shut up and let Bayleigh speak.  This is one reason why people don't like to announce they are expecting until the riskiest weeks are over, because people will keep asking about it again and again, dredging up the pain each time.

And this is what Bayleigh said on her Instagram.  She seems to have the good sense to know that the way they handled their relationship in the house was not ideal.  I think she's lucky she was in the Jury House and not the Big Brother house when this happened, for obvious reasons.  And in retrospect she was also lucky that Angie Rockstar was in the Jury House with her, because as a mom she could relate and support in a way no one else could.

If it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be, so that can be a blessing, too, one day when she has perspective on the experience.  This certainly doesn't change how I feel about Swaggy's extremely selfish move at the Finale.  If anything, I am even more disgusted by it, because he was clearly doubling-down to get his camera time since he knew they wouldn't be getting the "bump" on their video business that they might have gotten from having a baby.



Dr. Will had a nice interview with Ika Wong, who was doing interviews in the backyard for ET Canada and has gotten very good at that job.  No need to show your tits like that, Ika.  That dress isn't designed for someone with your body type who is on camera trying to be taken seriously.

Dr. Will says he loves Big Brother and is proud of the season.  He also says he is a big fan of Ika, and is just as excited to meet her as she is to meet him.  Ika mentioned how glamorous and beautiful Will's wife Erin Brodie is, and Will told us that she won two million dollars on For Love or Money.  (I just discussed that in my Finale post, so the timing of Will finally mentioning that to the BB fans is serendipitous.)

One of the handlers brought Angie Rockstar over to Ika for her interview and you could see the joy on Angie's face as she saw Dr. Will was standing there.  He had the good sense to get out of the way so as not to steal her post-season thunder.

I watched Angela curl her hair dozens of times this summer, but not when she was a free citizen.  Rachel was saying that they've let what happened in the house go, and will be great friends now.

Rachel: What happened was meant to be.

Angela:  As Bebe Rexha says, if it's meant to be it'll be.

Then Rachel started singing that song and totally KNOCKED me out.  Rachel is so talented it's scary.  I was watching some old live feeds from the first week and someone in the HoH room said Rachel was dressed "urban" that day, or something like that.  She promptly started dancing in a Michael Jackson-type way, where her feet just seemed to glide across the floor as her body moved.  It was sick.  Seriously.

In the background Angela complained that her curling iron wasn't even plugged in.

This is a video of Rachel doing a different type of dancing on her Instagram account.  This was the dress she was wearing at the Finale, but the post says she's at a club in Vegas, so I'm not sure about that.

In Las Vegas, the Bros had a big time out by the pool, where a bunch of ladies surrounded them, with one who looked a lot like Christmas Abbot leaning her hand on Brett's abs.  (It's not Christmas, but it sure looks like her.)

That is Bronte from BB18 on the far left, and Christine from BB16 standing next to "Christmas".  I think the other ladies might be from BB Canada, but I'm not sure.  This year I didn't watch one second of BB Canada, and never even saw a picture of the cast.  I have to draw the line somewhere and the Celebrity season nearly ruined my tax season.  Sorry Canadians.

Supposedly the Bros are here with two guys who were the Bros from this year's Canadian season.

Pretty sure people pee in those pools all day, right?  I think that's a bar in the back under the waterfall. 

Kaycee and her best friend posted a funny video where they pulled Kaycee's mom into the shot where she called out "LET'S GO" and did some hand motions.  It was funny, but Kaycee wasn't in the frame of the shot when her mother was.  I think Kaycee's friend is the same one who used to post YouTube videos with her back when they were teenagers.

This girl....isn't that her?  I posted about Kaycee's videos around the middle of this post, if you need more information.

The Reddit party-goer said Kaycee rolled into the club with a team of people who all wore headbands as a sort of Kaycee Tribute.

Here is Kaycee with former Survivor player Peih-Gee Law.  It's so exciting to see them wear different clothes, isn't it?  Kaycee was so sick of her BB house clothes that she said she wanted to throw them all out and start over.

And here is Kaycee with Bayleigh, Zakiyah (BB18), Dominique (BB19) and Haleigh.

If you had told me this group of six people would be one of the best alliances of all time in Big Brother, containing at least four genuine long time watchers of the show and at least one live feeder who has watched more Big Brother than me, I would not have believed you.

The fact that they are all good-looking and smart is just icing on the Level 6 cake.  And I'm glad that the ones who felt wronged in the game were able to let it go and move on.  Feeling so victorious and popular after the fact probably doesn't hurt, though.  A positive reaction from the fan community can also help, too.  (Unlike last year's post season fiasco.)

Somehow they pried Angela and Tyler apart for this picture.  I mean, if you were on the cast of Big Brother 20, you were either in Level 6, or you wanted to be.  Or more likely, you somehow had NO IDEA that these players were working together.

Is the "four" that Tyler is holding up there his four Final Two alliances?  Or is he counting something else?  Kaitlyn managed to squeeze into this picture, and that is Kaycee's friend in the middle, of course.

This picture should have probably been at the top of the post.  Because Kevin.

Brett this should be your pinned tweet indefinitely.  You made it, Brett.

And now for the Tangela section of the post.  Rachel had an Instagram video where she did a stealthy close up of the lovebirds holding hands.

And Tyler shot this little video, I think.  Angela can't stop smiling now.  I did see someone tell Tyler in the BB Backyard about "Ikea" and he laughed and said he would start calling her that.

I know that is Tyler's friend Foster (@frostysloan) over there on the far right, but I'm assuming the other two are also their friends.

And here they are with their son JC.  This is JC's facial expression he earns a living with, the scowl.  I wonder if JC is going to stay at Angela's Halfway House.  He said he gave up his apartment before he came on the show and would need to find a new place.

I appreciate this poster letting us know this guy is Merron from BB Canada.

There is Merron again in the center of this post.  I don't know who the guy on the far left is, but I think he's a BB Canada guy, too.  From there it is Parker from BB9, DaVonne, Merron, Bayleigh and Swaggy, of course, with Zakiyah from BB18 in the center.  Lawon is behind DaVonne, trying to peek over her head.

Tyler is a super-geniuine, super-great guy. I couldn't be happier for him.  Even though he didn't win, knowing that Angela was out there waiting for him surely took the sting out of the loss for him.  And winning the popularity prize was an unexpected bonus for Tyler.

Dan is one of Tyler's BB idols.

This is Tyler's friend Foster.  Some fans were trying to start some rumors about Haleigh hooking up with him, but I have no idea if that is true.  I do know that people love to look at a picture and start all sorts of rumors. 

This is Angela's brother Chase.  I don't know what caption the poster is talking about.  I tried to read the plaque on the machine but can only see that it says something about the score.

This post has a linked video that was apparently recorded backstage after the Finale.  Tyler thanked everyone who voted for him, and said that the America's Favorite prize was the most important thing to win.  I knew he would feel that way.  I mean, he'd like the money, too, but Tyler has already been enriched beyond belief.

Angela will get him a modeling agent soon, I predict.  Tyler has a look.  I can't imagine how good that look would be once they style and fluff him up a little.  Go get that endorsement money, Tyler.

You will recall that Brett was irritated, and then pretended to be very mad about Tyler swiping his Hawaii trip during the Space Pecs PoV competition.

There have been quite a few posts making the comparison between the glam Level 6 group shots compared to this one.  This is Foutte + Scottie. Or The Hive + Swaggy C.    Angie Rockstar went straight home to her family though.  I have some pictures of her coming up shortly.

Haleigh apparently decided to save her cleavage for the Finale and afterwards.  She looks comfortable in this dress, but the one she wore on Finale night was a problem for her. She was constantly trying to make sure her posture prevented the dress from gaping open, and when she was standing onstage at the end of the show, waiting for Julie to award the America's Favorite prize, she was clearly flexing.  I mean, duh.

Whose dress is that though?  And what did Zakiyah do to her face?  Did she plump up her lips, maybe?  In every picture she had this same face, with no smile.  What the hell is going on with her?

This is one of those fans who likes to portray themselves as a house guest in their profile picture and name, which I don't get the point of. At all.  But Fessy thought this person was really Haleigh, which is funny.

It's also funny that they all went to Denny's.

And some other creeper filmed Fessy dancing with Haleigh to My Pony.  These people are just getting a taste of being famous.  Can you imagine what it would be like to be super famous all over the world?  I'd hate having to worry about stuff like this.

Angie Rockstar got home safely and posted a little video for the haters who apparently have called her names.

Spoiler Alert:  She's not bothered at all.

And here she is with her beautiful children. Her daughter had a birthday this summer, you know.

Everyone has different levels of talent in life.

And JC wants us to know that of course he knew about Level 6.  I know it's painful for JC, because on the last night of the live feeds he was crowing to Tyler and Kaycee about the fact that they never felt the need to have a name for their alliance.

This girl and her mom stalked the cast and got some good pictures for her scrapbook.

I think this girl was on BB Canada, too.  Supposedly Winston was spending time with one of Haleigh's Texas friends who was visiting, but I couldn't find a picture of that. I think Winston can smooch it up with anyone he wants, obviously.  It's a free country.  Isn't it?  Still?

Double date.

Apparently Sam went right back to her hotel room after the Finale and went home as soon as possible.  This was the only picture I could easily find of her, apparently with someone from Production.

IS THIS THE CAMERA GUY WHO WAS "IN LOVE" WITH SAM?  If you know this man, please check in on him today to make sure he's okay.  You know, like a Wellness Check.


I don't know the details behind this interaction, but it does look like Kaitlyn and Brett slept in the same bed in the Air BnB and Brett was startled when he realized she was filming them waking up together.  Maybe a glass of water would help.

The CBS Spoiler is not ready for the season to be over, posting that they were indeed part of the action in Las Vegas.

Well, McCrae wasn't buying it, and was determined to find that person.  He's not fucking around.  But maybe he ended up just fucking around, because he didn't post a follow up to this.  Shocker, right?  That McCrae Olson lacks the initiative to follow through on plans?

Glenn is out in Vegas, no doubt rooming with Kevin.  Glenn lost a bunch of weight from eating salad every day, apparently, and it shows.  And if you don't know, Christine got a divorce a few years ago and has a new, happier life now.  (Not with McCrae though!)

(Part Deux is located here.)