Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sometimes It's Okay to Blame the Victim. #BB19

Wednesday night's finale of Big Brother 19 already feels like a week ago.  I can't remember a time that I felt so satisfied after a finale----I've only been truly happy with the winner a handful of times, but that's not really the case now.  Out of the three finalists, Josh was indeed the one I was pulling for, but what felt satisfying is the unity much of the fan base felt once everything was said and done.

It wasn't what we feared, and it was never what we expected, but at least the results felt like a cleansing of sorts, and maybe a map to locate the road to recovery.

Julie looked fine for the Finale.  Her hair and makeup were on point, and she looked comfortable in what appeared to be a jumpsuit.  Yes, that comment is a little shady, but this was an action-packed two hours for Julie, so I'm sure mobility was a key feature.  Now, that doesn't explain the choker, though, which may remain a mystery forever.

It's the last CBS episode of the season, but we still have unfinished business to clear up first, such as who won the first stage of the three-part battle to claim the HoH title one last time.  We saw that competition kick off at the end of the last CBS episode, and the set looked other-worldly and elaborate.

But when Josh fell off his cloud, the scene looked so fake, like the set of a television reality show.  I mean, of course it's fake---there are no such things as unicorns, and even if there were I don't think they would run in place on top of a fake cloud.

It looks better from far off.  I do love the way the floor covering looks so far away, giving the unicorns a sense of height, even though they do not appear to have wings.  How can a unicorn fly without wings?

The crew was ready to wrap things up after that.  You can see that Josh was just managing to get on his feet, when the clouds suddenly tilted way back and the unicorn tails magically grew longer, making it much, much harder to hang on.

I think it actually took another 45 minutes or so for Christmas to drop, utilizing the instructions she received beforehand.  She was told exactly how she was supposed to land on her cloud to avoid further damage to her shattered foot.

And this ANNOYING crawl worked it's way across my screen several times during the BB finale.  I don't have Direct TV, so I don't give a crap about Direct TV dropping the local CBS affiliate.

When we returned from the commercial break, we saw Christmas' family in the audience.  The finale tends to display various BB dignitaries as the show returns from a commercial break, so I was waiting every time to see who was in the audience.

Christmas' parents are attractive.  I'm not sure they are still married to each other, though.  I do know that the mother is 5'10", but Christmas herself is on the short side.

This was the second stage of the final HoH competition, with Christmas and Josh battling it out to see who would be facing off against Paul on the live Finale.  The backyard has been transformed into a medieval land with a castle and moat.

And a motley assortment of marauding cardboard standups sporting oversized faces, apparently posing a threat to the kingdom.  The objective was to answer three different questions by knocking down the correct house guests, using either a crossbow, a catapult, and also a gun of some sort.

From what they said later on the live feeds, it sounds like the real challenge was due to having only 10 pieces of ammunition, so once you used your ten pieces, you had to go back down the stairs to gather the ammunition from the yard before trying again.  So for Christmas, having to hop up and down the stairs, and all over the yard to then lean over to pick up objects so many times was extremely tiring.

Heath got the idea for this challenge by harking back to one of his favorite games as a child.  Some of the criticism that I've heard about this competition is that it was rather boring to watch on TV, and also that the set was too elaborate for such a simple concept.  Like perhaps they could have used that castle for some other purpose.

You know, I don't want to brag, but way back on June 21st, when I was discussing the sneak peek that Julie gave us of the house, I actually recommended basing some competitions on classic children's games.

Josh's costume for the competition wasn't bad.  But Christmas' look was really weird. It looked like she was wearing a tutu for a cape, with sequins on it and several layers of cloth.  I don't have a picture for you, but imagine dishwater feeling fancy enough to try to fly out of a dirty sink.

Of course Josh started crying several times in frustration out there.  I think we can add medieval times to the list of eras that Josh would not survive.

The good news for Josh is that Christmas wore a boot to play this.  Because with two good feet, Christmas could easily have shaved at least 10 minutes off her score.

But if we're going to throw "What If's" out there, I would have to acknowledge that if Christmas didn't have  to wear a boot, if she had never taken that fateful Horsey Ride last July, she would have had a much different path in the game. I think she might have been sent home before Jury, but we'll never know.  I hope she tries Survivor next, because it's more in keeping with her skill set.  And I don't have to watch Survivor live feeds, so there's that.  Call me a damn Scrooge, but I'm totally over Christmas.

And this is Paul's family.  I know that is his father, but is that his mother sitting next to him?  If so, she looks so young....I know we saw them on a CBS segment last year filmed at their gargantuan home, but I'm sure I was too busy hawkeyeing the furniture and landscaping to focus on his parents' facial features.

It was time for the Jury segment, and I encourage you to watch a You Tube video of it, at least, if you can't watch the actual finale episode.  It was quite dramatic and tense and met my expectations, I can assure you.

Dr. Will introduced himself as someone who has won Big Brother, and also sat on a Jury, to ensure that all present knew exactly who he is, and what he brings to the table.  He asked the group who they thought would join the Jury next.

Cody:  Probably Kevin, because he's the most likable of any of them.

Jason:  I hope it's not Kevin.

Raven and Matt were positive it would be Christmas.  But it was Kevin, of course, immediately stepping over to meet Dr. Will and telling him "nice suit".  In their backyard interview hours later, Dr. Will remembered Kevin's compliment and talked a little fashion with Kevin.

Jason gave Kevin a warm hug, and then Raven stood up to hug Kevin, making sure to get every second of camera time she could, telling him "I knew you would be next".  Across the semi-circle, Mark lashed out in frustration.

Mark: You just said Christmas!  You just said it!

And this led to a rollicking volley of words between them, including Matt's signature moves such as the "Lego hands in the air" and his high-pitched squealing.  Matt's chief plan of attack was to call Mark "The Incredible Sulk" over and over.

Mark: Tell me three things besides cereal that you've done in this game. YOU'VE DONE NOTHING!

Matt:  Yeah, that works for me, bro.

Then Raven's role as the Puppet Master came up again, and Mark continued to get heated and yell about the nerve of Raven to call herself that name.

Matt:  You need to sit down, Mark.


Dr. Will:  Kevin, welcome to the Jury.

The big topic of discussion was Paul, of course.  Kevin supported Paul, saying he was a crafty little guy who did what he had to do in there, and Kevin thinks he's the best player left in the house.

There were a lot of salty opinions about Paul, with everyone who had aligned with Paul raising thier hands.  Only Cody did not raise his hand, since he opposed Paul the entire time he was in the house.

The group generally acknowledged the skills of Paul in playing the game, but are bitter about how personal things got this summer. Mark and Elena claimed they were the only ones in there after Cody left who saw what Paul was up to, and they knew Paul would target them because of it.

They also discussed Josh's game, and how emotional and volatile his actions were this summer.  Cody gave Josh some props though, saying that although he doesn't respect Josh "as a man", at least he did shit to people's faces this season, instead of hiding in another room like Paul.

Elena admitted that if you are accusing her of being a bitter Jury member, then you're right, because she is.  Elena looks like a blow-up doll here, right?  A 'Real Doll"?  I think she would take that as a compliment, actually.

Dr. Will accused them of being a bunch of cry babies.  I later heard him tell someone that the Jury seemed angry at him from the start, thinking he was there to talk them out of their feelings about Paul.  But Will said he wears an earpiece during the session, so his questions and comments are not all up to him.

Will asked anybody who told a lie this summer to raise their hands, and Alex was the only one to keep her hand down.  After prodding from Will, Alex did raise her hand a little, before being confronted by Will for her fake crying.

Alex admitted that she only lied once, by fake crying to Josh last week to see if he was playing her, and it turned out he was.  Jason was actually the voice of reason several times during this Jury discussion, as he was the first one to admit that he was bitter about what happened to his game.  He also made a comment about Paul crossing boundries with his lies, involving too many people and overdoing the deceptions.  Later, Dr. Will thanked Jason for helping him out during the discussion by being so candid.

Alex wanted to get in a little more of what she sees as her signature moves on camera.

At the beginning of the next segment we swee Josh's family.  I believe these are mother and sister, and they are beautiful, of course. Josh has said that his sister is a model, based out of Miami but flying around the country to work.

And now it is time for the final HoH competition to start, and as usual the competition is conducted while they stand on the "Scales of Just Us".  They start out evenly balanced, but as a player takes the lead the scale tips down, sending the losing player higher in the air, dangling in the balance.  The player who has the most points after seven questions wins.

It sounds simple, but the questions are very tricky and nearly impossible to prepare for.

Each question is focused on how a particular house guest completes a sentence, using one or two outcomes.  The questions are taped in the Jury house, usually in a tropical setting by the pool, but this time it appears the Jury was in witness protection or something, trapped in a dark basement.

I've heard Paul discuss this competition frequently in the past week, telling the house guests that sometimes the Jurors give responses designed to screw them over,  making the actual answer the opposite of what would be expected.  Was Paul trying to set Josh up for failure here?  Paul got the first point, and there was an audible groan from someone in the audience as Paul took an immediate lead.

But then things turned, and once Josh had the lead, it stayed that way.  As an example of the questions, Matt's question was which was the best thing about living in the house this summer, unlimited free cereal, or Raven's cooking?  Paul took the safe choice, choosing the cereal, but Josh took the choice that seemed preposterous, Raven's cooking.  And Josh won the point.

I don't remember Alex's specific question, but you can see Paul's body language here....his energy was changing by the second as he looked more defeated with each round.  Once Josh took a one-point lead they tied several times, with both of them answering correctly, and also incorrectly.

Josh looked over at Paul once in awhile.  Or should I say Josh "looked up" at Paul, because Josh's side of the scale was closer to the ground by several feet.

I was incredibly excited at this point, after Julie did the math and announced there was no way for Paul to catch up, so she named Josh the winner of the Final HoH title of the season.

And Josh is excited, of course.

As the three of them marched back into the house, we went to commercial thinking the impossible was about to happen.....Josh was going to send Paul bubbling out of the game, and we only had to wait about 3 minutes to see that happen.

When we returned Paul and Christmas had already assumed their positions in the nomination chairs.  Paul made a speech that included mentioning how he's saved Josh several times this summer, and he hopes Josh will return the favor and save him.  Christmas gave a cringe-inducing speech about how Josh is her "Meatball", and Paul is her "Friendship Paul", and she loves them both, blah blah blah.

Josh started his eviction statement by saying this was going to be hard, and then said he thought about the Jury, and all of the people who were mad at him there, and he felt he had a better chance with Paul.  And I almost screamed, standing up about 6 inches from my big TV screen, because I couldn't believe what I just heard.

I know Josh told us on the live feeds he would take Paul, but I didn't really believe him.  And Paul couldn't believe it, either, looking down and away as he sighed in relief.  Rob Cesternino watched the Finale backstage in a roomful of press and CBS people, and he said everyone was in shock when Josh evicted Christmas over Paul.

It seemed like most of the Big Brother online community was shattered by Josh's choice, where he was immediately branded "a Cody" (Califiore, who could have evicted Derrick in this spot during BB16), or "a Woo", who lost Survivor after choosing to take Tony Vlachos to the end with him.

But at least one casual CBS TV viewer had something positive to say.

Even CBS was angry at DirectTV and ruined Christmas' Big Exit with their damn scroll.  Christmas acted like she was going to toss her crutch but she didn't do it.  She did manage to walk fairly evenly over to Julie for her interview, where she either cried or tried not to cry the entire time.  Apparently Christmas is "proud of Josh", for "playing strategically for the first time" and not "letting emotions rule his decisions".

But we didn't really have time to focus on Christmas, because the world was reacting to what was seen as a stupid move by Josh.  I'm sure Paul wanted to laugh at him, but instead I'm sure he was preparing himself for the Jury Q & A that was coming up.  He even told Josh to get ready to get drilled with Jury questions.

In the studio audience, each member of the Jury came out on stage in the order they were evicted.  I didn't hear as much applause as we usually hear, but when Kevin came out last the crowd did seem to cheer a little louder, with Kevin waving as he made his way to his empty seat between Alex and Jason.

They all wondered who would be joining them onstage.  Julie said we'd be finding out in a few moments, but then seconds later the plan seemed to change as Christmas joined the group on stage, taking  a seat next to Cody.

When the Jury learned that it was Josh who won the Final HoH and evicted her, there were a few surprised gasps, because the Jurors were as surprised as we were that Josh didn't cut Paul when he had a chance.

I am going to cover the interview later this weekend, but I have to say Christmas was rather snippy to Rob in her interview with RHAP.  She didn't like one of his questions and told him so, and later she refused to answer another question entirely.  (Don't try to boss Rob, Christmas.)  One thing she did say is that she still needed to look over all of the paperwork to determine just how much she would owe from her medical bills.

Obviously she didn't remember some of the documents she already signed.  Because all of that should be crystal clear already to the players, who signed stacks of paperwork before even getting close to the front door of the house back in June.

Then it was time for the Jury questions, and Julie told us there would be three questions for each player, with the questions being determined by the entire Jury, plus another question to be asked by Christmas.

Only Raven and Kevin didn't ask a question, but I'm sure that was predetermined ahead of time.  I think they wrote these questions after the Jury round table.

Elena asked Paul his first question, and Paul was very smiley to her as she greeted him and started reading her question card.  Paul's smile quickly left his face, and he looked like a deer in the headlights as Elena clearly articulated her question about why Paul felt the need to make so many personal attacks against players on the outs, and why he felt the need to use bully tactics.

And when Paul answered this question, it was the beginning of the end for him.  He insisted that everybody in the house took part in the antics, and there was no way that he made 15 other people act a certain way.  Paul made it clear that he would not be owning up to his game, and I have to wonder if Paul even understands what happened this summer, and if he even knows his own game.

Matt asked Josh if he had a strategy, and Josh stood up and gave the information that he's wanted to give all summer, that he's been a SuperFan of BB since he was 14, and it was his dream to be here.  He said that he used his social and strategic skills to keep everybody from knowing how intelligent he was, and how much he knows this game.

Alex had scorn in her voice as she asked Paul about his "Friendship", and why he seemed to abandon that approach by befriending people this summer, only to turn his back on them to crush them when he got a chance.  Paul wasn't expecting this question, either, and was VERY defensive as he said he tried to "get friendship with everybody", and he "got people as far as he could".

Paul:  I'm not going to toss my game for anybody else, or stick my neck out for anyone.

You can see Alex's response to that.  To me that response really put the nail in Paul's coffin.  Anyone on the fence about voting for Josh must have climbed right off on the Josh side after this incredibly reactive, self-absorbed response.

Cody asked Josh if his goal was to just play Paul's game.  Josh said in business you want your partners to feel control, and to see you as an ally, not a threat, so Josh tried to approach the game that way.    Jason asked Paul why he was so intent on avoiding responsibility for his actions with the Jury, and why he lied in his good bye messages.

Jason:  Didn't you think that the Jury would compare notes?

Paul:  I couldn't help it if the whole house was against me.  (WHAT)

Mark asked Josh about his pattern of causing altercations, then crying and apologizing before doing it all over again.  Josh said part of his strategy was to expose and call out people, so if he saw something shady going on, he needed to get it out there, even if he was friends with that person.

You should note that Josh specifically mentioned Alex several times in his answers, pointing out that he respected her abilities and he had to remove her from the game if he wanted to win, even if they had been friends all summer.  (Josh knew Alex's vote could go either way, so he was giving her a gentle push in his direction.  It was smart.)

Then it was time for Christmas to ask her one question, and it was HUGE WASTE of 30 seconds of air time.  I want to point out that Christmas did that thing that sometimes happens with the house guests, where they use jargon or terms that have become popular in the house with Julie Chen, erroneously thinking Julie talks like that, too.  For example, in her eviction interview she said "Jess" instead of "Yes", and her question here is an utter disaster.

Christmas:  OK, this is for Josh.  Josh, would you like to evict Pepe or crutches?

Um.....Christmas is a total moron here.  "Pepe" is her name for the fucking scooter she rode around in the house, and no one gives a crap about Chirstmas' various medical devices right now.  I think Josh evicted "Pepe", but he could have been a hero and told her not to insult us and waste our time with such an absurd question.

Christmas didn't even vote for Josh to win, so he didn't need her stinking vote, anyway.

As we went to commercial, Paul showed more unsportsmanlike conduct as he scowled at Josh and moved away from Josh's friendly touch as you see below.  And the Jury was still watching, as was America.  No one wants to award money to a jackass, but Paul doesn't seem to realize this.

Behaving better tonight in general might have earned him one more vote, which is all he needed to win, of course.  He just needed to make one person feel better about awarding him the money.  He came all this way, worked his ass off all summer, monitoring the actions and thoughts of just about everyone in that house at all times, but he quit playing the game tonight, when he should have kept trying.

But this wasn't going the way Paul expected it to go.  Nope, not at all.   A little cloud of negativity hovered around Paul's head, while Josh was full of joy and happy energy.

This is the key box which would hold their fate.

Look, I don't know what CBS has planned for "The Revengers", but it's hard for me to keep wishing it would just go away when they keep throwing it in our faces all the time.  And I don't know why Nicole and Victor insist on groping each other on camera.  And of course Frankie is Frankie, mugging and showing off in his usual fashion.  He's on a kid's show on Nickelodeon, I think, so this prime time exposure is big for him, I guess.

And I found this on Reddit, regarding Paul learning about Nicole and Victor dating.  I'm a little offended about Victor supposedly running around and saying Nicole is "his girlfriend".  Why make such a big issue out of it?  And since Paul already knows Nicole, she's not just "Victor's girlfriend". It would have been better to say "we're in love", in my opinion.

Has Victor had  a girlfriend before?  I know young love is exciting, but damn.  Act like you've been there before, Victor.

Then the Pre-Jurors took the stage, and it looks like Production still insisted that Cameron wear the plaid shirt and glasses.  Only Jessica and Cameron were called on by Julie, so that shows you how the America's Favorite votes play into things.  (Cameron had a group trying to get votes for him as a special Fuck You to the situation he found himself in on Premiere night.)

I have to say I'm already over Jessica's post-season attitude, but I will cover that more in later posts, I think. Julie basically gave her the floor to make her own statement, and she berated the Jury for letting Paul run all over them all summer.  She tried to tell them when she was in the house, but they didn't want to listen.

(Meanwhile, Jessica tried to target JOSH during her HoH reign, but ended up evicting Ramses, her ALLY even though she won the PoV, so it's easy to know everything when you've been watching the live feeds for over a month, hon.)

Paul nodded his head vigorously at several of Jessica's points, agreeing with her overall assessment of his game.

But we have to discuss Jessica's Hair System, because what the hell was she trying to do here?  She wove in some white plastic hair, so that is one problem, but to me the bigger issue is how ragged and messed up that braid was to begin with. And look all of the bobby pins and unsightly arranging that is visible when she turns her head.  We saw the back of Jessica's head a lot tonight, both here and when she was hugging Cody with her back to the camera.

She knew the Finale was tonight, right?  She had time to plan an outfit after Production nixed her attempt to wear pink, and she remembered to wear Cody's dog tag.  Couldn't she make an appointment for someone to do a proper weave?  Or whatever?  This is one of the biggest nights in Prime Time television and I have to be honest here.  THIS LOOKS HORRENDOUS.

I expected more from Jessica.  She gave us Too Much here.

Then we saw a video montage of everyone reacting to Paul joining the cast, and we saw this view of Cody scowling as Jessica stated she was a HUGE FAN of Paul last season and JUST HAD to work with him this season.

But don't worry, Jessica Fans, everyone on the Jury (except for Cody) ended up feeling foolish after watching how much they all loved and trusted Paul, mostly from their comments in the Diary Room.  We saw Paul nodding along as his cult professed complete trust in him, as the Jury members squirmed in embarrassment as they realized their role in this charade.

I'm not a fan of showmances, but once again CBS has made it clear that they are in the showmance business, by making a big deal about Jessica and Cody sitting just steps away from each other, yet not being able to embrace yet.  You could just hear the violins play.

HOT TAKE:  I would not be surprised if BB20 is some kind of "duos" season, either current duos or failed duos from the past.  Look at what a big deal they're making of this relationship, and we just saw Victor and Nicole practically making out in the front row of the audience.  I think they could easily cast eight duos that contain lovers, ex-lovers, friends, or even TWINS just from BB16 through BB19.

If that happens, don't blame me.  I feel just as victimized as you do about all of this.

Then Julie had a little surprise for Paul, as she showed a montage of Josh's good bye messages to the Jury, explaining to them that he had a Final Three alliance with Paul and Christmas, even telling Jason that his eviction was "part of Paul's big plan".

Paul reacted strongly to all of this, shaking his head and seeming enraged at Josh.  And I'd like to point out that in the past week, Paul asked Josh several times about his good bye messages, probably just making sure Josh was the right person to take to the Final Two with him.  Josh assured Paul that his messages to the Jury were brutal.  And they were....brutally honest.

After the clip reel, Paul told Julie that Josh blaming everything on him was cowardly.

And why does Paul automatically think everything is always about him?  Josh was telling the Jury why HE made the choices he made.  He wasn't blaming anything on Paul.  But Paul clearly doesn't understand how the Jury works.  If he did, then his own choices might have been different.

Cameron got his chance to speak, saying that there were so many showmances this season.  I think CBS was trying to make it up to him here.  I'm sure if they knew that one of the house guests would quit the game before the feeds even went live, they might have pulled some different strings backstage to get him back on the show.

When Cameron was interviewed after being evicted, he said one of the people he wanted to work with was Cody, because Cameron's brother is a Marine, so they bonded over that.  But back then, Cody was Enemy #1 with the BB fans, so the fans criticized Cameron for saying that.  But now that fans have decided Cody is this year's Golden Boy, suddenly it's cool to like Cody.  Cameron said he was pro-Cody before Cody's time.

Then it was time to reveal the votes, and I have to say I've never noticed the little key holders with the finalist's names on them until this season.  Is that new?  Paul took an early lead in the count, with Kevin and Christmas voting for him.  Josh said later that when Christmas voted for Paul, he was surprised, and did not feel optimistic about this chances.

But the last three votes were the block of Elena, Mark and Cody.  Paul immediately sensed that it was over for him, as he started saying "NOT AGAIN" over and over as Julie read the votes.  No matter how you feel about Paul, it was heartbreaking to see someone's facade crumble on live television.

And Cody was the final vote for Josh.  CBS planned it that way, for Maximum Cody Coverage.   And it was shocking.  And once again, Hamsterwatch's tip they published was correct.  Hamsterwatch isn't going to just spew a bunch of shlock over there.....if they print a crazy rumor (such as Paul being cast on this season) then you have to take notice.

Paul collected himself enough to stand up and congratulate Josh.

And then something happened that I found very strange, and somewhat shocking.  Paul indicated that Josh should walk out onstage alone, so Josh did.  Paul didn't come out of the house for at least 15 seconds, which felt like an eternity.

The dramatic side of me thought that Paul would try to hurt himself or something, and I wondered if Production had to get on the intercom to tell him to leave.  I thought Paul might be trying to grab the spotlight away from Josh's win to make it all about himself.  AGAIN.

But after watching it again, Paul had the fucking pool floatie there next to him, obviously planning to put it on after winning BB19, before walking outside to the hail of confetti.  But when he lost he took the fucking pool floatie back to where his belongings were stored, I guess.  So even in his grief, Paul still cared about that stupid floatie.  Based on that, I'm not going to waste another second feeling badly for Paul.

When Paul finally skulked out of the house, he was able to hide by the door for the next few camera shots, letting the celebration for Josh obscure our view of him.

And then Julie herded everyone onstage for the final segment, and note how Raven made sure she was right there hanging on to Paul for it.  Also, Raven was the first person to run to Josh in all of the winner's confetti to hug him. She didn't even vote for him!  That Raven always knows where the camera is pointing, but I told you that months ago.

Julie called Paul the bridesmaid, and he told her he didn't know why he lost, and that the stats of his game are all out there.

Paul:  It's on them.

I have to say, I never expected Paul to be so salty and childish about a loss, particularly on live TV.  I thought Paul was more cerebral than this, and more conscious of his image.  But in the end he's just a spoiled rich kid, throwing his version of a tantrum on live TV.  He can learn and grow from this, or he can let the loss fester and ruin his outlook on life.  It's up to you Paul.

Julie:  Well, you're not walking away empty-handed Paul.  You won $50,000!

Paul:  Yeah.

Then Julie dropped the bomb about Celebrity Big Brother, coming in January.  I guess this is the suggested hashtag, but it's going to need to be shorter for the tweeters, right?

#BBCUS or #CBBUS, maybe.

And then Julie announced the Top Three for America's Favorite House Guest, which is actually a more coveted prize than 2nd place, in my opinion.  They might have arranged the house guests beforehand, so that the cameras could easily capture the Top Three, conveniently standing together on the far left.

TOP THREE:  Kevin, Cody and Jason.

And Cody won, of course.  I think Jessica should get at least half of the credit for his win.  She encouraged everyone to vote for him, and spent a lot of time online with the fans to make it happen.

I think at least half of the Cody voters were trying to stick it to Paul, but since Paul already got stuck tonight, it would have been nice to see Kevin win the prize. It just feels like a big prank to select Cody for this honor.  But I know Kevin and Jason were both thrilled to make the Top Three, particularly knowing that over 15 million votes were cast.

Being on that list is important in CBS's eyes.   They remember who the audience likes.

And you can see the Final Three's family members in this picture.  Christmas' mom on the far right, Josh hugging his mother or sister, and then on the left you see Paul's father, who made the trek to the back of the stage where Paul was probably trying to disappear.

I think following a few of the families around during a season of Big Brother would make an interesting documentary, particularly this season, to see the waves of excitement and dread, and also the various fan interactions.  Everyone says the Big Brother fans are insane, and in many cases they are correct.

Please leave the families alone if you have something negative to say.  Let everybody live their own damn life now, please.


Paul did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter and let's just say Paul did not break character at all during his responses.  Here are a few interesting snippets for you.

Apparently it never crossed Paul's mind that he was shit-talking other BB players all summer long.  That's their problem though, because Paul never cared.  He's a Potty Mouth, right?

And so much for letting Christmas down easy.  Paul should be nice to the reporters, instead of being snide, because they can keep milking this loss right up until Celebrity Big Brother.   And the reporter was trying to get Paul to acknowledge that Cody might have won America's Favorite specifically because Cody hated Paul, but Paul wasn't able to triangulate those concepts.  The reporter even asked a more pointed question about Cody after that but Paul refused to see the connection.

I think Paul's family should have sprung for a publicist.  I'm sure they expected him to win, but they could have asked CBS for a referral backstage, before these interviews took place.  Maybe Paul has gotten his way his whole life, though, and they didn't realize he would be unable to handle all of this negativity and criticism.

Few people could, don't get me wrong.  But one thing Your Boy Paul apparently DOESN'T know how to do is to pretend to lose gracefully.  Once Paul has met his publicity obligations, he should just retreat to his room with the galaxy lighting and assorted arrangements of skulls and take a few chill pills.

As they say, the only way out is through, Paul.  And I always say that the worst experiences you go through in life make the best stories later.  And most of the house guests this season will have a few good yarns chambered after the wounds have healed.

Maybe Paul should shave his face now, so he can try to blend back in with a crowd.  He can do it if he wears clothing that covers up the tattoos and gets a clean shave.  I heard him tell someone that last summer he went to get his hair cut, and some people in the mall started screaming out his name.  He got freaked out and left.

Imagine that same scene now?  Some people will say he was robbed, but others are sure to be critical. I wouldn't like being interrupted with either scenario, but that's why I'm not on Big Brother.

I don't even want to be recognized as the damn FeedWatcher, so you know I'd never be on Big Brother.  Next year if we're all wondering why another group of clueless newbies is in the house again, we need to remember the end of this season, because it sure makes the case for NOT being on the show.  The CBS episodes paint a bit of a different story, which is why merely binge watching a season can be so misleading about what actually happened in the game.

I found this summary of where Paul went wrong on Reddit. It's a little Mark-centric but I think the reasoning is sound and succinct, so I'll publish it here.

Paul made a long, rambling statement on Instagram, scolding the fans for thinking he is a bully.  Unfortunately, Paul seems to think this all stems from his "black face" comments about Dominique calling him a snake. 

NEWSFLASH:  No one gives a crap about that, Paul.  It's too bad you are using this to deflect from the actual truth about what you did this summer.

And I know some of you are going to go nuts about the lack of paragraph structure, but Paul wrote all this in a scrolling instagram post, so the person who excerpted it on Reddit was just trying to document it before Paul deleted it, which may have already happened.

ALSO:  I'm sorry it took me so long to post this.  I've started and stopped writing it at least six times---the end of a BB season is like getting out of school for the summer.  So much to do and so little time to do it!