Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's All Over But the Pouting. #BB19

I've only watched about an hour of live feeds this week, because most of the time they're sleeping at this point in the game.  And they all sleep in the same room, to keep an eye on each other, but for different reasons.

On Sunday night, POP TV gave the house guests some busy work by letting them know that the fans had questions for them.  For some reason, my DVR only recorded the last 8 minutes of BBAD, so I had to flash back to watch the "action".  And using the term "action" is sort of a stretch, unfortunately.

All of the questions are IN THIS BAG and it's SO EXCITING!  They were instructed to sit on the couch and take turns pulling out a card and reading the question aloud.  Some questions were directed at one of them, and others were directed at all of them.

The fans online were bitching up a storm about how the questions were lightweight and stupid.  But what do they think the questions are going to be about....POLITICS?  FOREIGN POLICY?  The damn FLAT TAX?  The questions certainly aren't going to be hard hitting questions about their games this summer.  Hell no.  That's what the Finale is all about.  I think some people just like to bitch and moan, no matter what happens, just like certain house guests..

For example, the first question was whether it is easier to gain or lose weight in the BB house.  So yeah, that's kind of a stupid question, but we all love to talk about food, right?  They all said keeping their weight down is a struggle in there, due to the stress, lack of sleep, and constant availability of junk food.

Christmas:  All I eat is carbs in here.  And I can't shop for myself.

Josh:  I lost 15 pounds in here and gained it all back.

(I think he lost a lot more than that, and only gained back part of it.)

Someone wanted to know who Paul was going to call first when the game is over.  He said he'd call his grandparents, since he expects to see his parents at the finale.

Someone asked what foods they miss most from home.

*  Josh: Chipotle and his mom's cooking, such as her rice and beans, marinated steak and "cold" salad.

*  Christmas:  Barbequeing in the backyard, grilling corn, jalapeno poppers and salmon.  She also misses eating breakfast at her kitchen table.

*  Paul:  In 'n' Out ("all day, errryday"), where he gets an animal-style burger and fries with a neopolitan shake.  He also craves his mother's salad with pomegranite, cucumber and mint, along with a seasoned rice and meat dish she makes for him.

Josh:  I think I want to have that, too.

This is the first year on the feeds where the house guests speak so openly about smoking weed.  That makes sense, I guess, since legal sales of cannabis in California will begin soon, and the medical market has been thriving for years.  Josh has been asking if Paul will go home before the party and bring back a blunt for them.  Paul had to explain that they won't be going anywhere until late Thursday.

Josh:  Can you get somebody to bring us some?

Um....I'm sure that can be arranged, probably backstage as the credits roll.  Pretty sure the staff at the wrap party will be blazing it up like crazy.  Or maybe Ramses can be a pal and bring some with him to the Finale.

One fan also asked Paul to "explain the socks" and Paul seemed charmed by the question, shouting out that person's social media handle numerous times afterwards.  Paul said some of the socks he wears were sent to him from fans, and of course he got a few pair in his HoH basket this season.  He also brought a hat that says "World's Best Dad", or something like that from a fan and he  hoped they saw him wear it on the live feeds for them.

Can you hear Josh screaming when you look at these two pictures?  I have to turn the sound down on my headphones much of the time Josh is onscreen.  He is so damn loud about everything.  But he does give the house some energy and enthusiasm.

Christmas told the cameras recently that she is going to tell both Josh and Paul to take each other to the end, but I didn't see that conversation take place.  And even if it did take place, that doesn't mean Josh will go that route.  But let's not get our hopes up, BB fans.   Because just like everything else in life:

Low Expectations = High Returns

The house guests enjoyed answering the questions and said they would be happy to do that every night.

Josh:  That was more fun than milkshakes.

Can you see Christmas throwing things around in that room?  She's tossing something over to Kevin's Cahner in this picture, but she was clearly throwing clothes in three different directions.  I'm sure there is a method to Christmas's madness, but I'm not positive about that.

She made a shake with Orange Fanta, which seems very weird to me.  Maybe it's like an Orange Julius.  I've never had one of those, but I know it used to be a famous mall treat.

This is what it looks like when you place something on the window ledge in the backyard.  It blocks the view of the hammock.  I was wondering if this was on the inside, but BB soon let me know it wasn't by asking Josh to clear the window ledge.

Paul was closest to it, so he happily knocked it off the ledge.  And right onto the ground, apparently, and he left it there.  I'm guessing Paul has maid service at home, doing his laundry and making his bed.  Just a guess.  It's a big house, so you can't expect his mother to do everything herself.

I've heard Paul say his family likes him living at home with them.  I've also heard him talk about taking an apartment in New Orleans because he travels there frequently, for some reason.  (And Christmas chimed in when he said that, saying she might split the cost with him, to save on hotel fees.) And I've also heard him talk about moving to New York this fall, so who knows where Paul will turn up next.

Last night (Monday) the situation in the kitchen was at a point that Josh couldn't ignore it anymore.  I don't think anyone has washed a dish since Alex, and she left last Tuesday.  They've had a catered dinner since then, and snacked constantly, but I haven't seen much kitchen action.

Josh wanted to make a steak dinner, but first he had to clean the dishes.  I didn't hear him ask for volunteers to help him, so maybe it was his turn to clean.  Josh complained about the ants, who have apparently had free access to crusty dishes for days now.

And apparently the Seventh Generation spray doesn't kill them, but I'm pretty sure Seventh Generation expects their customers to keep things much cleaner than this.  Josh kept hoping that POP TV would send them some dinner tonight, so he could procrastinate the cleaning for at least another day.

I think Production can afford a $500 dishwasher for the house, don't you?  Some of the dishwashers are whisper-quiet, too, so the sound would't disrupt the audio too much.   I worked hard to buy my house, and everything in it, so it's difficult for me to believe so many people have so little regard for cleanliness.  I have a friend who just throws her clothes on the floor when she undresses, and leaves them there for weeks, until some sort of crises causes her to pick everything up.  Like running out of clothes to wear, or a man coming over.  I try not to judge, but I'm always shocked to see what goes on out there sometimes.

When you see a doorknob on camera, you know something is about to go down.

And it did, with Paul coming out and gathering the others to the living room to hear the announcement, basically that POP TV would like to give them some games to play, as well as popcorn and candy.  The games were a deck of cards, dominoes, and also some "tower" game that sounds like they couldn't use the word "Jenga" on TV.

All three of them were thrilled and went to the storage room to scoop up their treats.

Alongside the tote bag filled with stuff, there was a pyramid of six cans of cold beer.

Josh:  What's this?

Christmas:  It's Budweiser.

Later Josh complained about the taste of the beer, since he's been exposed to better beers this summer (probably from various HoH baskets).  They all got buzzed a bit because they are such lightweights after this summer.

And obviously Josh's expectations are too damn high.  But how can he NOT know what Budwieiser is?

And there was A LOT of candy, that appeared to be scooped out of bulk candy bins.  There are Nerds, Kit Kats and other assorted treats.

Christmas:  I am going to be SO FAT when I leave here.

Josh:  We all are.

Josh put a headband on Orwell.  Looks like Orwell is a Blood, right?

Paul announced several times that he was taking the tote bag home with him, and Christmas wanted to take the cards home.  It was a strange-looking deck, with the cards themselves being different colors, and I don't think there were pictures on the "face cards" either, but I could be wrong.

Josh put a frozen pizza in the oven, so it looks like those dirty dishes will have to wait another day.   They ate their pizza slices off napkins, too, to avoid dealing with the dirty dish pile.  If they wait long enough, I'm sure Production will send a crew in to clean up on Wednesday morning while they are locked upstairs one final time in the HoH room.  They usually head up there around 10:00 AM on finale day, when the feeds go down for the season.

Paul started doing a bunch of impromptu card tricks, freaking both Josh and Christmas out and making Josh be VERY loud about it.  In this trick Paul was holding Christmas' hand and asking her about her card and she said Paul was making her nervous.   They really had no idea that he was using various distractions so they wouldn't realize that he knew their card immediately from the deck placement.  For example, in one trick Paul said he knew which card was Josh's pick because it was still warm from his hand.

Paul has told us before that he was a Junior Member at the Magic Castle and this display proves he was telling the truth.  Christmas wants to go there with him, and says that as a budding nerd growing up she always wanted to know how to do tricks like these.

Paul says he also distracts people with a card trick so he can remove their watch.  Then he asks them for the time, and people are shocked to learn their watch is gone.  I have a friend who is married to a professional magician, and there is NEVER a vibe that you can ask him to do a trick in his off hours.  I was tipsy at a table for ten in a restaurant one time and got him to take a quarter out of my ear, but that's about it. And every grandpa already knows that one.

At some point the house guests felt an earthquake, but it happened during a BBAD commercial break so when the program returned, the Final Three were standing in the middle of the backyard.  I also watched this on the live feeds, and Paul immediately told them that they just had an earthquake, and told them to go outside immediately.  As a Californian, he knew the drill.  They needed to wait for the aftershock, he said, but I don't know if that ever happened.

Paul:  Raven just shit her pants, where ever she is.

Josh:  I don't do earthquakes....I can do hurricanes, but not earthquakes.

(Such an ironic statement, with what just happened with Irma in Josh's home town, and what very well might be happening with Hurricane Maria, currently beating the crap out of Puerto Rico.)

Christmas: We just went through an earthquake together, you guys.

I'm actually more interested to know what happened in the Control Room during the tremor.  Where would they go, and what is their plan to protect all of that equipment?  Maybe those employees bolted and that is why there was no immediate BB announcement.

I just had deja vu, typing "...those employees bolted" so that's a good stopping place, I think.


We can rehash the bits of information we have about the bitter scene at the Jury roundtable all day long, but we'd still be reaching if we try to guess how the votes will go Wednesday night.  (I mentioned the Hamsterwatch comments here.)

Executive Producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan had a chat with The Hollywood Reporter in advance of the Finale, and dropped several tidbits about the situation.

So, this comment gives us a sweeping view of everything, yet tells us absolutely nothing.

And this comment teases us with the possibilities, but let's face it, Allison and Rich can't be sure of anything right now, either.  Only when they know exactly who the final two are, will they have a good idea of how the votes will go.  And it's important to note that even though we already saw the Jury all lit up, and we've all heard the rumors of how volatile last Friday night's Jury Roundtable was, last Friday was at least two months ago.  (When you're watching the live feeds right now, it feels like two years.)

Based on what has happened in the previous seasons, the Jury has been sequestered individually in a hotel until the Finale since that roundtable meeting, even the couples.  So no one has to be around Raven except her assigned handler.  No one is getting any camera time or promotional opportunities.  So they all have a chance to calm down significantly before Wednesday night.

All I'm saying is let's not get too excited about having a memorable moment during the Finale. Although, after the votes are cast, surely the cast (and us) will see a montage of Paul being devious and dastardly, perhaps even the countless personal attacks encouraged and sponsored by Paul.  And THAT should be a moment to remember for several of the house guests, right?

I've told you before that the house guests are pulled aside in a conference room to be informed of the various media scandals during the season, as well as their role in them.  I think they are given tools to help deal with the fallout, and maybe even some suggested soundbites to get through the backyard interviews without losing their minds.

I'm pretty sure they can't do that until after the finale, to prevent the sharing of information that might influence Jury votes.  But Julie Chen sure did drop a damn bomb on Aaryn Gries during her BB15 post-eviction interview, and she was headed off to the Jury, so who knows.

I haven't commented on the whole Celebrity Big Brother announcement yet.  I need to hear more details before I get too excited.  The casting announcement is going to tell us a lot about the overall mood of the special series.  CBS said they like the Dancing with the Stars concept ABC has going, so I'm sure they will invite some former CBS reality stars to play along in some fashion.  Obviously MTV's Mark Long has put it out there that he's interested.  I love looking at Mark Long, but secretly I hope the "celebrity" bar is going to be set a bit higher.

For some reason I keep thinking it will be an online series like BBOTT. I tried to find an early 2018 prime time scheduling guide to see if episodes will air on prime time CBS, but came up empty.  I will watch the series and probably provide some sort of coverage, but because that is tax season my coverage will be limited.  Maybe I'll tweet more, since that is less time-consuming.

Basically Allison and Rich said they're starting to work on Celebrity Big Brother Thursday morning, probably giddy to turn the page on BB19.