Wednesday, September 13, 2017

And I Think It's Gonna Be a Long Long Time. #BB19

On Tuesday, the live feeds went down before the house guests were up and about for the day.  But it turns out that BBAD started filming the Tuesday night show at that time, which is actually customary, but has been handled in different ways over the years.  For example, during BB13, BB wanted them to wake for the occasion, giving Rachel a bottle of bubbly in an attempt to get every one up and at 'em.

But there was no champagne today.  Instead the house guests got the usual prodding from Production to get up, and the cameras kicked things off with several shots of inanimate objects, which are just as animate as the house guests at the present time, actually.

A snake.  Note the "Previously Recorded" label on each picture.

Orwell the Owl.

Alex Ow.  This is all we will see of her during this three-hour taping period.  The cameras flashed to her several times when her name came up in conversation, but that's about it.  It's the last time we'll see her on the live feeds though, so you can feel sad or happy about that, at your own discretion.

(I posted some spoilers in advance of tonight's CBS episode here.)

Christmas rolled out of the bed she's been sharing with Paul.  They called her first to the DR, but she was able to swap out her session with Paul, I think, so she could fix her hair and makeup for the occasion.

Christmas is trying to wean herself off the crutch now, in preparation for having the boot off for good, which she says will happen next week.  She had a doctor's appointment yesterday, so I guess she left for that after the BBAD taping concluded.

I've lost count of how many times Christmas has left the house, but it's too late to fret about that now.

Paul did a lot of beard-touching in the kitchen camera window before beginning coffee service for the house.

Then Paul started making the coffee, first having to remove yesterday's full container of coffee grounds.  But when he attempted to dump it in the garbage, most of it went over the side onto the floor.  Paul copped to it immediately, looking right at us.

Paul:  Well, I botched that one.  I botched it real good.

And then Paul turned around and put a new filter in the basket, and started scooping coffee into the filter.  I thought, maybe Paul is waiting to clean up the mess he just made until the coffee has started brewing.  That makes sense to me, as a caffeine-needy person.

But get this...Paul alternated scoops of ground coffee with SCOOPS OF SUGAR in the brewing basket.  Is that a thing?  WHO DOES THAT?  Is that the way they usually make the coffee in that house?  I've heard of putting a cinnamon stick in there, or even a vanilla bean, but SPOONFULS OF SUGAR?

So after Paul pushed the "ON" button and strolled off without cleaning up the mess he made, the cameras zoomed in on the mess he left by the trashcan.  I think we were all wondering if there was sugar or sugar residue mixed up with those wet coffee grounds.

Because, ants.  And wouldn't that sort of thing create a Super Duper Ant, with increased stamina and chewing energy?  And what about the rat?  They never caught that rat, but that doesn't mean he's not still lurking around or maybe his friends and family will come looking for him, and stay for the sugary coffee grounds.

With Alex gone, I don't think anyone will bother to clean this up at all.  Maybe Production sends in a cleaning crew when they are locked in the HoH room this week, because the press and other CBS dignitaries will be visiting the house next week when the season is over.

The cameras showed us Josh sleeping soundly in the HoH room, and then shifted suddenly to a close up of the trash can in the downstairs bathroom, where Paul was standing nearby.

So shady, that BBAD crew.

Paul went and sat in the Lounge, where it looked like he might talk to us, but that did not happen.

Paul just sat, and thought to himself for a change. I support that, actually, because it is hard for some people to chat without coffee.

Kevin got his cahner in order as he got ready for the day.  He doesn't think there will be an eviction today, because Production didn't give them their suitcases in the Storage room.

Paul:  Doesn't matter.  They want to keep you guessing.

Kevin:  But that's not polite, for them to do that.

Kevin added more sugar to his cup of coffee, but not as much as Paul put in the brewing basket.  Later, when Josh joined the group, he said "Who made this?" and it was clear that he was going to talk some shit until Paul took ownership of the pot of coffee.

Kevin was obsessing about his speech to Julie, but I think he's confused with the purpose of the speech in general, since he was planning to aim his comments at Julie, and the viewing audience.  Paul cautioned him against doing that, and advised him not to mention how hard it was to be so much older than everyone else.

Paul:  It's like Raven and her stuff...that's her problem, not our problem.

Kevin says he's going to state that he's always had to fight though, perhaps thinking about the America's Favorite House Guest vote.  (That's the actual name of the's who you enjoy the most as a person, not the best player.  That's what the Final Two is for.)

The wake up songs today were Space Odyssey by David Bowie, and an Eagles song.  Hotel California, I'm guessing, since I heard Paul say that all of the songs today seemed to be seven minutes long.  Kevin didn't know what the third song was, but he liked what he heard today.  Paul wondered what is up with the long songs, and why they played them today.

Kevin: Because it was beautiful....that's why.  You know Space Odyssey is the shit, right?

Paul nodded.  He knew.

Kevin: ...floating in a tin can.....Do you know Rocket Man by Elton John?  That used to be my nickname, the Rocket Man.

Kevin wanted to talk about music with Paul (and us, I'm sure), telling him about the song "Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye", which Kevin says you can go for a ride in the car to a place with a view, and listen to with a young lady. Kevin mentioned the lyrics to a particular song, "I only stopped so we can start all over again", telling Paul that he can say that to a girl who asks why he hasn't called her lately.

Kevin:  Can you imagine Josh running a line like that on a girl?

Kevin used to listen to old Motown hits on a radio show that was several hours long every Saturday night.  He would call in dedications to his friends in prison, like Spanky and Luther, and they would be listening too, and hear that Kevin sent a message to them.  It meant a lot, he said.  Paul tried to change the subject to the special, very expensive light bulbs in his room at home, but Kevin kept going with his memories.  The radio station was on Emory Street, in Cambridge, and Kevin knew the DJ from the neighborhood.  Cuba Gooding's dad was in a group that sang one of the songs, which Kevin says they used to call "baby making music".

Christmas joined them, and they continued talking and sharing stories.  Paul's neighborhood is near a street that is lined with palm trees, so he skates down the street every day, smoking on his way to get lunch.  He told a story about being with his friends, just skating by, when an older woman came running out of the MAC store with a young man chasing her.  She appealed to Paul's group to help her, but the MAC employee said she stole hundreds of dollars worth of makeup and he had to retrieve it or risk getting fired.  The woman sounded like a real piece of work, and she hit another car in her quest to get the hell out of there.

The MAC employee called the police and handed the phone to Paul, who told him that he was just skating by and got pulled into this mess, and handed the phone to the woman who's car was just damaged.

Then Paul started telling a story about shooting a music video on that same street and getting harassed by a lady who didn't know he lived there.  Josh joined them during the story, and Paul's demeanor changed from having a conversation with friends, to putting on a show.  But it was a good conversation up until that point, where Paul wanted to clarify that it was his street, too, and he lived on it for 24 years.

And Christmas told stories about how her Mother used to drunk text a lot, posting various crazy messages here and there online, until Christmas enlarged the font on her phone, and that helped.  Christmas also told a story about getting thrown out of a furniture store in Raleigh.  She claims that it was because of her tattoos, but after listening to the story, I'm thinking Christmas was being obnoxious, with a chip on her shoulder about people looking at her tattoos in public.  Paul could relate to that concept too, but if you don't want that type of attention, why put it out there in such a defensive manner?

Anyway, people are certainly opinionated on both sides of the tattoo argument. Christmas said she posted on Facebook that the store threw her out, and then drove by "in her Mercedes" and "waved" at the store owner from her car.  Then yadda yadda yadda her followers started raising hell at the store, so a police officer showed up at her house later to address the issue.

Sounds like a "big misunderstanding", right?  The live feeds ended right about here, and Alex should be glad that the conversation was so good, because they let her sleep.  Or just lay there and stew, I guess.


The title today comes from the song "Rocket Man", of course.  It's one of my all time favorites, from the very best era of Elton John, the early years, before MTV began and Elton got cheesy.

Sorry Elton, but that's what we all thought, particularly when you licensed "Sad Songs Say So Much" to be used in a Sasson Jeans commercial.  But once I found the old stuff, I loved it.

And here's another old Elton classic that you don't hear much anymore.  Or maybe you've never heard it....then you definitely should listen, if you have the time.  There used to be a radio station in Orlando that would play one side of a classic album commercial free every day at a particular time. I was driving home from work one night and they played this album.  I don't think I ever heard it before, but I drove around the neighborhood, listening, and then drove to a record store (remember those?) and bought the CD.

Shout out to Elton.  He used to live in Atlanta, in a penthouse suite in Buckhead.

***UPDATE***  I just listened to that second song again, and damn it is a great tune.  But is a "Blue Canoe" some sort of pill? And Rocket Man is about getting high, too. The 1970's were no joke, people. They made it all seem so glamorous, because it was.   It's funny what you realize, listening to something with fresh ears....

A Few Quick Touch-Ups. #BB19

The live feeds are still down, and will return after the West Coast airing of the "special" Wednesday night CBS episode.   I have a few news items, and follow up from yesterday's post.


The same spoiler who announced Megan's departure, and also that Josh tried to self-evict has been providing accurate spoilers on Reddit all season.  And we're all grateful, so I don't want to shoot the messenger, but this person clearly enjoys the attention.  He or she was lurking on the BB subreddit all day, replying a few times to the posters who were thirsty for the information, begging for scraps of news and profusely thanking the The Spoiler, giddy with excitement if The Spoiler acknowledged them in a post.

It's not that serious, people.  It's not like the information spoiled is going to make us happy.  And the poster stans Christmas, so there's that.


If true (and I think it is), then the vote WAS split, and Josh COULD have evicted Kevin.  But let's face it, there is not even a 50/50 chance that Alex would work with Josh to target Paul.  In fact, it seems nearly certain that Paul would get to Alex first, joining forces with her as they stumble to the finish line.

Remember when Mark tried to get Jason to help him target Paul?  Remember what happened to Mark during the first Double Eviction?  So I can't really blame Josh for not keeping Alex, because his odds of going to the Final Three with Paul and Christmas are much higher, and he knows that.  We can still hope that Josh evicts Paul in the #3 spot, but I think we should try to look forward to the audience reaction to the Finale Events.  Like cheers if Josh wins a competition, or boos if (or WHEN) Paul does.   (Jordan Lloyd said the BB11 finalists clearly heard the audience cheer when she beat Natalie Martinez in a finale competition, live in the backyard.)

I did cut off the bottom part of the spoiler's message, where they were saying that their phone battery was only at 4% so they didn't know if they could come back with more info. And everyone begged, and pleaded, of course.  Whatever.


Yes yes, Paul won the HoH.  And he apparently won this same competition last year in this same spot.  But no one said this would be fair, now did they?  I haven't seen the PoV spoiler yet, so I'm not sure if that will be coming before the episode or not.  If I see it, I'll tweet it out.

And I cut off the bottom part of this spoiler message, too, as it was a rather dramatic paragraph about how he or she was criticized and attacked all season, but did make a few "friends" in the process.

Yeah, okay.  Whatever.


I inadvertently omitted Elena's comic in yesterday's post.  A thousand apologies, Elena.  She's Hellena, and she Hath No Fury.  Well, I understand the "Hell Hath No Fury" saying, because it's as old as time, but isn't the point of this BB Comic that Hellena DOES have some pent up anger?  And deathly flame-throwing potential?

The artist certainly depicted Elena in a flattering manner, using their imagination to give Elena some impressive muscle tone, as well as a top providing adequate support for a change.  I think Elena will love this BB Comic.  I guess we'll find out tonight if she's turned Mark into a torched, crispy mess yet in the Jury house.

The Final Five BB Comics were released yesterday, but not officially, so the picture quality is rather substandard.  It's a disservice to the artists, really, because these smeary pictures are the ones being documented now on all of the BB blogs, because some girl who worked on the competitions this season tweeted out  a picture of all of the BB Comics, and everyone is chopping that up to present the information.

And here are the smeary close-ups.  Let's just get to the worst ones first, okay?  Because clearly two of the BB Comics were scathing, bubbling with hatred and scorn.


Yeah.  Paul is The Potty Mouth, after a Toxic Toilet Turned the MotorMouth in a direction none of us saw coming.  Because Paul's "Motormouth" comic last season was quite flattering to him.  But this one, not so much.

 Paul has been STEWING over this.  It's worse than Austin's BB Comic in BB17, which showed waves of stink coming off him.  Is it Paul's breath?  Is it the scaly mouth syndrome that he was so anxious about a few weeks ago, showing everyone the skin inside his mouth that was worrying him?

I guess Paul could spin it that he's plunging the crap out of the toilet, but why would you want to?   The downside to this, from my perspective, is that Paul is now well-aware that his public reception is probably "gumpy".   Is that a pack of hot dogs strapped to his right shoulder?


And this one is BAD, too.  Christmas Joy is The Fa La La Lunatic, and She'll Make You Feliz NaviDead.  Sure her abs look tight and all, but being called a Fa La La Lunatic is never a flattering moment.

I haven't heard the house guests talk much about this, so that kind of told me it wasn't something positive. I did hear Christmas say to Josh that she thought her comic made her look like "kind of a bad ass", but surely she's tossing and turning, thinking about this one.

The reindeer looks sad, too.  Is he drooling a little, too?  Is that normal for a reindeer?


Alex is the Weiner Woman, and she's Serving up Justice One Wiener at a Time.  I guess this is okay, but I would have preferred some sort of Camp Counselor from Hell, or something like that.  But she did cook up a lot of wieners, so I get the connection.  I think they could have depicted Alex as someone who tortures senior citizens, too.  Just saying.  But she looks cute in the picture, so I'm sure that is Alex's biggest concern.


Josh is The Meatball, Leaving Destruction and Marinara in His Wake.  Josh was not happy about this, because apparently his mission was to brand Mark as the meatball, not himself.  So we all misunderstood what he was saying.  Because Josh said a lot, and then he said a lot again, and again, and again.  He can't blame us for not analyzing every word.  But they got his face right, and they gave his arms some muscle tone.  And they let Mark be the crier in his cartoon, rather than Josh.  So Josh should just zip it and be happy for a change.

Right.  Like THAT will happen.


Kevin is The Mer-Man, and He's a Little Fishy.  Of course this refers to Kevin having to dress as a mermaid for an early season PoV competition.  Is this all they could come up with?  Why not make his comic a play on walking and talking in the (prison) yard?  Maybe he'll talk your ear off or something, with a bunch of guys writhing in pain after their ears fly off their skulls.

But they made Kevin a very handsome Mer-Man, at least.  I'm not sure that saying he's "a little fishy" is good for his game right now, but it is what it is, I guess.  It's certainly better than being a potty mouth or a lunatic, that's for sure.


Supposedly there were six different artists this season, working on these comics.