Monday, September 11, 2017

Sometimes Bad News is Fun to Watch. #BB19

Yesterday afternoon, Paul took a meeting with Alex where he told her that he would not be using the PoV on her, leaving her on the block for eviction.  It was a rather tense conversation, but Alex was mostly calm and kept her face down.

Paul:  I really think I can win this year, but I can't win against you.  It sucks, but I have to do this.

Alex:  It just kills me that I put you in front of Jason.  You should have saved him with the PoV, not me.

At one point Paul compared losing Alex this week to losing Victor last year at this same time.  Alex nods, understanding the comparison.  And as they began to wrap up, Paul told Alex that she could still try and swing the votes with Josh and Christmas, once again trying to make sure an evictee blames anyone else but him.

Later on BBAD, the same thing that we've seen for the past few nights continued, with Christmas, Josh and Paul gathering together to congratulate themselves over all they've accomplished.

(Or all of PAUL'S accomplishments, actually.)

The three of them started cursing every time it looked like Alex or Kevin might be approaching the spiral staircase upstairs, to join them.  (AS IF.)

(And check out this BBAD news crawl...)

Paul is very dramatic about how he lost Victor last year at this time.  Josh asked if Paul ever sees Victor now, but the camera wasn't focused on Paul's face, only Josh's face.  I did not hear Paul say "yes", but he did say that Josh "will see Victor.....and he's crazy".

Christmas: No one will remember Kevin.  They will remember Alex, and Jason, but they won't remember Kevin.  Because he DID NOTHING!

Well, I can't wait for Christmas to learn that we don't think she did ANYTHING but bend over and take it from Paul all season, including him GIVING her the HoH title twice.  And Paul has also been planting seeds with Josh about Christmas, trying to be sure Josh will cut her at the end, instead of him.  Which is actually what Christmas told Josh to do, as well.  We'll remember you Christmas, don't worry about that.

And note the BBAD Poll....the voters got to choose between Unicorn Milkshakes and Disco Fries. BBAD is so hip and trendy with those choices, right?

Christmas was very interested to learn what happens to the person who is evicted in the #3 spot.

Christmas:  So #3 goes right to the table, right?

Paul:  The table?  No, you just go out and sit with the Jury.  And then you vote, that's it.

NOTE TO BB20 Contestants:  Make sure you watch the finale of a season before you play, if you can't be bothered to sit through all of the CBS episodes.  Watch a few finale episodes, actually, so you can get a feel for what type of speech works, and which doesn't.  (i.e. BB14, BB16)

And Paul has been telling everyone about how the Final Two or Three don't get to have as much fun as everyone else, because they will have a full slate of interviews to do the following day.

Paul:  They won't give you your phone until the next day.

Josh, alarmed:  WHAT?  WHY?

Paul, so smug:  You'll see.

(BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU TO DO THE INTERVIEWS WITHOUT KNOWING HOW THE FANS FEEL ABOUT YOU. Because if you did, you might not even do any interviews.)

I didn't hear Paul discuss it, but every house guest has to sleep in a hotel room the night of their eviction with a minder in the adjoining room, with the door between the hotel rooms left open.  They have to be sure the player doesn't bolt and will make their commitments the following day.  I've also heard it's a sort of suicide watch, probably designed to meet some basic criteria to absolve Production of responsibility for an act like that.

Kevin sat alone in the backyard, and we saw this for a quick flash.

Then Paul and Josh went outside to deal with their laundry.  Josh did not like the scent of the "natural" dryer sheets.

Josh: Oh, that's your cologne, Kevin.

Kevin:  You sound like my wife.  She always says that in the car.  And then she rolls down the window and pretends to cough.  Give me a break, so dramatic.

Paul stuck his dirty hands in a package of lunch meat, probably turkey, which he then placed in his Potty Mouth.  Paul is very bitter about his BB Comic, and mentions it from time-to-time, surely wondering what we're seeing to lead BB in that direction.

I wish they would have depicted Paul as some sort of Predator, saying he "wants to go get boys".  In fact, someone should put together a SuperCut of Paul saying he wants to "get boys".  I think that needs to be out there in the universe to document this very special season of BB.  Every single time Paul said that, it made me cringe.  So many douchey moments this season.


Kevin wondered how Alex was taking the news.

Paul:  She's okay.  She doesn't want to talk to us now, but she's okay.

Josh invited Alex to join them outside but she declined. He offered to bring her some Coca-Cola, and she also declined that offer, as well.

Josh:  Can I have a hug though, at least?

Alex:  No.  I don't want to hug any of you.  Sorry.

Josh, giving up and leaving:  I love you Ninja.

Alex later stood up and recited a list of times where she tried to do the right thing by people, but got slapped in the face in return.  For example, Elena saying she wouldn't curse Alex, but only seconds later doing that very thing, giving Alex the Camp Counselor curse.  Alex went through a list of competitions she could have won, if she hadn't tried to be such a team player.

Check out that BBAD news crawl, too.  The crew HATES Christmas, which makes me LOVE the crew.

Kevin was excited to see Paul in the backyard ("backyahd") and eagerly proposed games of pool with both Paul and Josh to continue their ongoing tournament.  He also showed Paul how he has learned to throw the hula hoop like a boomerang, so it turns in the air and comes back to him.

I thought it was an exciting development, but Paul didn't seem very impressed.  Paul is so over everything, so above-it-all.

Then the message from POP TV arrived, and Josh gathered everyone into the living room so he could read the card.  Then they all had to wait for Christmas Joy to arrive, even Alex who came to sit on the couch as required by Production.

While they waited for Christmas, Paul asked Josh if "it was at least something they could eat".  Josh must have made a face at Paul, and Production didn't like it.


Then it was finally go time, with Josh reading the announcement about the god damned Unicorn Milkshakes.

They went in Storage to pick up two bags of stuff, including another stuffed Orwell, unicorn party hats and numerous milkshake ingredients and special toppings.  I don't know if you can tell, but Paul gave us a really shitty look here, trying to make sure we know that Paul is above all of this silliness, and that Orwell will have to work much harder to gain respect from him.

I'm sure Kevin would have preferred a bottle of booze, or even some wine.  But he tried to be excited about it, saying several times that they got a bottle of "jimmies" which is an old-fashioned term for sprinkles.

Everyone put on their Unicorn hat at one point or another.  Josh invited Alex to join them, but she wasn't interested.

Christmas deep-throated the Reddi Whip.  Kevin did, too, but I didn't get a picture of that sight.

Even Orwell is disgusted by this increasingly toxic season. Supposedly one of the ways they will "torture" Kevin is by reminding him about "his plan to bang Christmas in the Jury house".

I saw this conversation months ago...Kevin was clearly joking as he asked about the camera coverage in Jury.  But even if he wasn't, Paul is a real PIECE OF SHIT if he plans to use this throwaway joke to be cruel.  But we already knew Paul is a WHOLE CROCK OF SHIT.  The question is, will Josh and Christmas stoop that low?

Kevin told Paul about the damn "jimmies" one time too many, as Paul asked Kevin to read the label out lout for them, where it clearly says "sprinkles".

Kevin:  Here's what it says, right here.

YES, Kevin, YES.  That's what I call it, too.

They started eating the toppings, like the gummi bears, and some little cookies, which both Josh and Paul dipped into the ice cream.

But Christmas is all about the milkshakes, after commandeering the blender and saying several times that she could make some real smoothies for them all now.

But....this is one reason why it makes sense to buy yourself a Vitamix.  I know some of you will swear by your much cheaper Ninja, or even the Bullet.  Believe me, I have a friend who needs to throw shade at my Vitamix every chance she gets.  But only a Vitamix can handle frozen strawberries (not to mention kale stems), and this cheap blender isn't up to the task.  Maybe she put to many of the frozen strawberries in there, but the sound the blender made was not a good sound at all.

Paul:  Christmas Joy broke the blender.

Christmas added more milk, but she didn't try to stir up the frozen sludge in the bottom of the canister, so when she pushed the "Blend" button again the same situation happened.  And all of the guys turned their backs on her and walked away, with Paul even throwing up his arms to make it clear it wasn't his fault the blender got ruined.

I actually don't think she ruined it, but they should keep the frozen strawberries out of it.  You can pulverize frozen bananas, or blueberries or peach slices in a cheap blender, but not whole frozen strawberries.  Nope.

Paul did crush cookies on top of his shake, but I don't know how the blender situation played out.  I'm only watching part of the BBAD action right now since I might not have electricity all day.

Later, Christmas, Josh and Paul sat in the hammock and talked smugly about how wonderful they are to have made it so far in the game.  The cameras showed us Kevin and Alex in the house a few times, laying in separate rooms, undergoing different types of anxiety, I'm sure.  At one point Alex delivered the Bible to Kevin for his reading pleasure, saying to let her know when he's ready to return it.

I wonder if Kevin had to restrain himself from throwing this in her face, that she was so intent on evicting him, and now they are sitting on the block together, and she's the one whose game is in jeopardy.

After the smug trio went in the house to go to bed, Alex got up and came outside to talk to the cameras while hula-hooping across the yard.

And it was kind of amazing, because she did a whole loop of the yard without dropping the hoop, keeping up a steady stream of one-sided conversation and even taking off her hat and putting it back on several times without skipping a beat.  It might look easy, but it's not.

Alex:  I should have listened to Jason.  Jason said Christmas hated him and was out to get him, and he was right.

Alex:  Jason said Josh would turn on me, and he was right.  And Jason said Paul was two-faced, and he's right about that too.  He's gonna go crazy when I walk into the Jury house.  I should have listened to Jillian, too. She said we needed to get Paul out fast.

Alex:  Paul is a total boner.  I got played, dude.  And Christmas is a total liar, too.  Mr. Friendship is afraid to compete against me.....but I kept my Friendship Card clean though.  I've never seen a bigger bunch of pussies in my whole life.  And Josh keeps crying all the time.


Alex:  And I think Paul knew that Jason was the target last week.  I think he was in on that.

Alex: But I will keep an open mind about the vote.  I'll probably vote for Paul because I don't think anybody else deserves it.

Alex:  Is Paul a skeezebag?  Is Paul a douche?  Yes, he is.  And you're going to see me not running during the competition, because I wanted Paul to win.  He said he'd save me, but I got played.

(So Alex THREW the PoV?  Wow.  What a DUMBASS.)

Alex:  And I'll try to get Jason to vote for Paul, too.  But I don't think he will.


And now the looting begins in the areas where the storm has passed. And if you left your pet behind to fend for themselves during the storm, then you are the LOWEST FORM OF LIFE that exists. And even if you are prosecuted for it, you are BEYOND REHABILITATION.  You should just KILL YOURSELF so that society can benefit somehow.

The Atlanta Humane Society just set up huge temporary shelter in the Roswell area, and they need your cash donations and/or supplies so they can care for all of the new pets being delivered.

And once again I'm impressed by the brave storm coverage on all of the news channels.  This girl has on waders in the middle of downtown Jacksonville, which wasn't even in the path of the storm.  Ever partied at The Landing?  Well, it's all underwater now.

And this is a senior living neighborhood in Bradenton Florida.  You can see some of the furniture still neatly arranged inside, while the walls have crumbled.

One thing that I can clearly remember about the day after a big storm is that the sky is often as blue as this, making it seem so unlikely, like a nightmare that can't be real.

The storm is moving up the coast, with Charleston getting smacked at the moment.

The Mayor hasn't been home in days, he says, but he has heard that he lost his home.  I saw another guy in Tampa make the point that situations like this show America why we need government.  They are putting together resources to help, and they're going to be there for you when you're ready.

And he's right.  No matter how bitter or angry you might be about politics at any given time, everyone comes together at a time like this.  Except the looters.  They've been planning to take advantage of this situation for a few days now.  There was a SWAT standoff in Orlando this morning as a bunch of hoodlums were caught trying to rob a GUN STORE.  They should just kill themselves, too, while the weapons are handy.

I guess this FSU grad can kiss that BMW goodbye.

So now the storm has been downgraded, but we're just beginning to feel it in Atlanta.  A bunch of things are blowing off buildings downtown but nobody has been killed yet.

One good thing about these type of storms as you can get some advance notice.  I've done laundry, just ran the dishwasher, and am cooking up black-eyed peas in the Crockpot today, kind of preparing myself for a power outage at any minute.

There is a big maple tree that I can see through my office is bending over in a manner that I've never seen....not sure how this is going to go today, but when I see what else has happened out there, I can't complain.

I might volunteer at the new animal shelter later this week, if I can get my Sept 15th tax returns filed.  I'm kind of at the mercy of my clients at this point, waiting for them to respond and follow up.  But what else is new.....I'm just thankful to have a job that I can do at home.  I haven't set my alarm in YEARS now.  But that's what the dog is for, I guess.

Other than the water, this is one of the biggest problems associated with a big storm.  And the trees falling can happen days after the storm ends, as the waterlogged roots just give out.  Georgia is a state full of tall pines, so that is sure to be a problem in the weeks to come.

Stay safe, everybody.  Stay home if you can.  And no looting, please.

Oh, and one more shallow thing....I've been ogling and thirsting over Chris Cuomo for YEARS.  When there is a breaking news event, I know Chris will be there, so I'm there too, taking it all in.