Sunday, September 10, 2017

Countless Unnatural Disasters. #BB19

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know that the Southeast United States is under attack from Hurricane Irma, and CBS wants you to know that we will see "The Revengers" on the Sunday night show.

The occasion is the PoV competition with the "BB Comics" theme, an event that is highly anticipated every year.  I think the tradition started with BB16, and it's nice because every cast member gets their own BB Comic, whether they are still in the game when the PoV is played or not.

Except Megan.  She did not get a BB Comic since she quit the season.  But Cameron did get a BB Comic, so that is good news for him.  He tweeted out a picture of himself a few days ago and is still very, very cute in my opinion.  Anyway, each cast member will receive a poster-sized edition of their BB Comic in the goodie boxes that are mailed out in October.  So everyone except Megan can look forward to that.

And here's Cameron, if you don't believe me.

And this season BB Comics is expanding the BB Comics program by creating  the whole Revengers motif.  As best I can tell, the house guests watched the same video we will see on TV and then had to answer questions about it.  Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think they were actually in the backyard.  I didn't recognize Dan when I saw this, but that's him in the back of the frame.  And I know one thing....based on the excerpt that I saw circulated by CBS, we are going to see some BAD ACTING.  But maybe that's the point....

Dan never got a BB Comic, since his seasons (BB10 & BB14) were so early, so as part of this PoV he got one now.  And it's okay, I guess.  I think they should have worked Dan's red T-shirt and those filthy flowered shorts into the picture, but whatever.  No one asked me.  But Dan was there to play the game, not to build a character for Instagram, so they had to use what they could for him.

And although we've seen Jessie Godderz appear on the show quite a few times, whether we liked it or not, Jessie also came from BB seasons that were pre-BB Comics (BB10 & BB11).  And Jessie already is a cartoon in a way, but he did reach his goal of wrestling superstardom, of course.  I don't like the make-up---maybe he's supposed to be a zombie.  But I guess they had to do something to differentiate Mr. Pectacular's look, because this is what he wears to work every day, otherwise.

SPOILER ALERT:  Paul won the PoV.

Fans are saying Paul didn't need to do that, and shouldn't have won it, but I think he's had enough to worry about with Josh lately, so I'm sure it gives him peace of mind to know that he won't be put on the block this week.  Paul is not expected to use the PoV, leaving Alex and Kevin on the block for the special eviction scheduled for Wednesday, with Alex leaving, of course.

And when I say that this special eviction is "scheduled for Wednesday", I  think that means that we'll SEE it on the Wednesday night episode, but it will actually happen on Tuesday, I think, with the live feeds down for a day or so to provide some suspense.  It's not really suspense, though, because I just told you what was going to happen, but whatever.  Paul not using the PoV on Monday might provide some excitement, but I'm sure Alex will be led to believe that Kevin is the target.

Has there ever been a house guest more stupid than Alex Ow?  And one who is so certain that she is brilliant?  I don't think so.

Regarding the PoV competition, I did hear Kevin say that the "Beast Mode Guy" didn't "say one thing".  Also, Kevin won the first three questions, and apparently Paul panicked because he told Kevin not to win it.  Kevin told Paul he did as told, because he could have won the PoV "standing on his head".  So that tells me Kevin did try to win the PoV, but after failing to do that, he tried to cover up with his assurances to Paul.  Oh, and I haven't heard Paul say SHIT about seeing Victor during the PoV, much less the other people he did and didn't play BB with.

Here is what is going on in the house lately:

1.  Josh is agonizing over what he wants and needs to do (give Paul the boot).
2.  Josh hinted to Alex that he needed to evict the strongest player.
3.  Alex went directly to Paul and TOLD HIM that.
4.  Paul confronted Josh about this.
5.  Christmas and Paul have been sleeping in the same bed.  And spooning, too.
6.  Kevin is spending much of his time alone.
7.  Kevin might wish he was really alone next week, as Josh, Christmas and Paul plan to provoke him after next eviction, to prevent him from winning anything.

Oh yeah, Paul made TMZ again.  I didn't see this happen on the live feeds, so I didn't think much of the story.  Then I clicked the link on the TMZ website and I've got to say, Paul SLAPPED Josh pretty hard.  But what can Production do at this point?


They won't do that, of course.  But I'm sure they are all pilled out or smoking the good stuff back there in the Control Room, to better cope with the rather unnatural disaster that is BB19.

(Question:  When does a slap become a "bitch slap"?  Is it when you surprise someone?  Like a Sucker Punch?)

About the BB Comics:  I don't know much, but here are the few tidbits of information that I was able to hear them say on the live feeds.

*  Paul:  His comic is "The Potty Mouth", and Paul is NOT happy about that.  He thinks the comic guy in the back hates him this season.  Paul wondered if he is really cursing that much, and started to say it referred to him shit-talking everyone, but he stopped himself before completing the sentence.  Maybe it refers to the scaly growths inside his mouth that I told you about?

*  Jessica:  I heard them say that she and Alex got the only "real superhero" looks in their comics.  Jessica has "Hex Appeal", in her comic, apparently, and everyone agreed it was a good one.

*  Cody:  His comic included his "stare".

*  Jason: He is apparently "Nuts", and had peanuts (or some other nut) all over his costume.  Ole the Bull is in the comic, too, and Paul thinks Jason will love it, and Alex agreed that they hooked him up.

*  Josh: He was some sort of "Meatball" that leaves a "Trail of Destruction" in his wake.  I would have thought they would lampoon Josh's tears, or the pots and pans, but once again no one asked me.

*  Raven:  She was "Arkansassy."  But you already knew that, right?

*  Matt:  He was the "Silver Fox".

*  Kevin: He said "I'm a fucking mermaid".


I took notes on what Kevin and Jason said in their last joint address on the live feeds, but I can't find those notes.  I think they're in the shred box now.  But they addressed the fans and folks back home, and it was interesting to watch knowing that each guy was fairly certain that the other guy would be voted out that night.

One Jason story I never told here is how he tried several times to join the military.  He said he called and no one called him back.  Then he later went into a recruiting office for one of the military branches, and the guy left him in the waiting room for three hours, so he left.

Kevin:  You just left because of that?

Jason:  Yeah, that's right.

Note to the recruiting officers:  Wait until they sign the paperwork before you start treating them badly.  That's how we did it in public accounting!  (Ha ha.  Just "kidding".)

And as soon as Paul won the PoV, he switched to his endgame plan, getting ready for the final competitions.  He asked Josh to close the door to the Lounge so he could have some time alone, but then jumped up to count the green apples, in case he needs that information later.

I think he counted two ways....once by multiplying the rows by the columns, and then again by counting each apple, and he was off by one.  He finally attributed that to one of the apples that fell off, I think.

Paul got those shorts in last week's PoV, and he has said they are "bomb" shorts.  But sorry Paul, a man wearing elastic-waisted shorts with suspenders just looks ridiculous.  But after watching Paul for two summers now, I just realized that he has an eagle tattooed on his chest, with the beak and head on his stomach.

That doesn't make it okay.  I mean, it's still ugly looking, but at least I see what his plan was.  I love eagles, too, but I'm not going to deface my body and poison my blood stream by etching a permanent picture of one on me.

Alex got her HoH basket, and her letter was from her sister.  This is her PoV costume, by the way, which she continued to wear for about 24 hours, I think.  Alex immediately LOST HER SHIT because there was popcorn in her basket.


(Ha ha ha. They don't GAF what you want, Alex.)  She also got some high end soy sauce.  I think Paul tried to say that was racist, but Alex told him that she asked for some good soy sauce.

The letter was VERY chatty, with news about all sorts of homey topics.  I was thinking, is what she's reading real?  Or is Alex making it up?

My eyesight isn't good enough to figure it out, but maybe your's is.

This is her sister and her son William.  They are both cute and we shouldn't automatically assume they are as stupid as Alex is.  Sometimes brain power skips a generation.

Josh got his HoH room at some point.

I watched this, but have no idea who the letter was from, or what it said.  Maybe from his sister?  And it was written a long time ago, way before this horrible hurricane situation.  His family evacuated, and didn't want Josh to know about this, which is probably a good move.

Josh does have a chance to win, but only if he can get Paul out of there.  And the opportunities to do that are dwindling at the moment.

If you watch Christmas around Paul now, it's rather obvious.  She can barely contain herself, and she frequently references trips they're going to make, and visits to North Carolina.  The other day Paul told her about the lighting in "his room" (in his parent's house), which is "galaxy" lighting that has stars shooting off from time to time.

Christmas:  I've got to visit your room then, maybe after smoking.

Paul:  Oh, that's all I do at home.  I smoke a joint, and then sit in my room and look at art books.

You've got yourself a real winner there, Christmas.  I'll bet his Mom delivers snacks to him in there, too.


Kevin enjoyed his yogurt, looking out at the horizon, probably at the palm trees he's been admiring all season.  BB tried repeatedly to get everyone else out of bed.

When BB pestered Kevin about putting on his microphone, he lashed out.

Kevin: What?  Why?  I don't have anybody to talk to in here.  This guy is an idiot.

Kevin went and got in bed, where he stayed for just a few minutes before jumping up like a man on a mission and heading straight to the Have Not room, where his luggage is apparently stored.  He put the lotion on, making the requisite facial expressions that we've all become accustomed to.

And you can see Kevin's suits all lined up.  He brought in six suits, he said, and I think he planned to wear them on an everyday basis, and was surprised to find himself wearing jeans most of the time.

It's California Kevin, you can relax a bit.

I just heard Kevin tell Paul that he heard Adidas means "All Day I Dream About Sex", and that Nike means "Now I Know Everything".  That seems reasonable, except I read a biography about the creator of Nike and I think it's named after a Greek god or goddess.

And these dogs are still too cute to be living in a shelter. Maybe they are actually the pets of some shelter employees, and get to go to work with their mom or dad every day.


There are quite a few interviews out there published with both Jason and Raven.  The Raven interviews are all rather scathing in that they are calling her on her statements she made on the live feeds.  But I'm tired of Raven's lies, and having to deal with her in general.  Raven obviously has a mental disorder, however this is one of the only ailments she hasn't claimed.  I'm not interested in her anymore.  To be honest, she seemed very disingenuous and fake from the beginning, so it might be more accurate to say I don't have to pretend to be interested in her anymore.

Except for this:  When you see me say "Raven just loves ______ to death, ya'll" in some of the early season posts, that is me trying to rag on her in a subtle manner.  I never bought the act at all, and don't want to watch the Big Brother Special Olympics.

Anyway, Jason was clearly going through some changes after being blindsided with his eviction last Thursday night.  He seems to change his opinion about who wronged him each time he is asked about it.  He's just not devious enough to play Big Brother, even though some of his instincts were correct.

This interview was short and sweet, which is just how I like 'em.  After Jason was evicted, Alex actually did tear up at the dining table, telling them that if she didn't get at least Jason's vote at the Finale, she would be very upset.  First of all, Alex is an IMBECILE to keep talking OUT LOUD about making it to the end, and secondly, I doubt Jason would be voting for her. Although, give him five minutes and he will surely change his mind.

And I'm so glad that someone finally asked this question.  Jason was out to "display some truth".  Yeah, that's what we can call it.....damn that would be a show, wouldn't it?   Jason does seem to realize that Kevin was a true friend to him, so at least that's something.

Jason's wife Holly had some parting thoughts for us.  Last night Alex told the live feeders that she wants us to vote Jason for America's Favorite Player, because with a new baby on the way he needs it.  But knowing Alex, one of the implications here was that she can't win AFP if she's in the Final Two, which she has assumed for months now.


Obviously this is really, really bad.  The storm didn't even hit Miami directly, but a construction crane has just toppled over, and the city reports there are 19 still standing.  At least, for now. (UPDATE:  A 2nd crane just fell on a building under construction.  The thought of a crane falling PANICS me.)

It's a beautiful day in Atlanta, but already incredibly windy, and we are being warned to use today to tie down or bring inside any objects that aren't affixed to something.  So, I started doing that, since all of my neighbors were doing it too.  I think the tornadoes and the trees falling are going to be the worst thing up here, so I'm actually preparing for a power outage.   I've got my candles and flashlights out, and I'm making extra ice today in case I need to pack up a cooler.

And I brewed a big pot of cold brew coffee, so I won't go without caffeine.  As a native Floridian, I already gassed up the car and got some cash days ago---those are the first things you should do if a hurricane is coming, even if you aren't in the direct path.

I will be back soon, when I have something to say.  Please be safe out there and don't do anything stupid. And STEER CLEAR OF THE STORM DRAINS.  Keep your pets well away from them, too.

Things will get worse before they get better. But they will get better, we can rely on that.