Sunday, September 3, 2017

I'm Ready to Cross That Fine Line. #BB19

The march to the end and right off the cliff continues.  Paul won the PoV last night.

I'm not clear if they threw it to Paul or not, but Bobby Moynihan, of Saturday Night Live fame was in the backyard during the competition to promote his new show on CBS, premiering on September 25th.  Bobby is a very talented guy, but I can't help thinking that he looks like Artie Lange.  And that Artie could have had this life, if he didn't have his crippling addictions and constant compulsion to annihilate himself.

Everyone was excited about meeting Bobby, and the energy he brought to the backyard.  He mentioned his wife's name was Brynne, and their infant daughter Gracie, so be prepared to hear the house guests drop references to their new friends for the next week.

Paul seems like he's exhausted.  I'm sure he knows that the last major obstacle to his victory will be gone on Thursday.  Josh is making some noises to Christmas that he sees Paul's game, but even if Paul is on the block during the Double Eviction, I don't think Josh would have the votes to evict him.

So this win was a big one for Paul.  He's not at risk this week, of course, but now his biggest target is gone.  Everyone else in the game feels they are working closely with him.  And now he'll have Alex clinging to him for safety, too, a stickier presence than fucking Trejo the Toucan.

Everyone played in the PoV comp except Josh, who was sitting on the sidelines with Bobby Moynihan.  Someone asked Bobby what his favorite season of BB is, and he said "this one".

Paul:  But what's he gonna say, he hates this season?

Josh got the distinct impression that Bobby was an admirer of Paul.

Josh:  Have you met him before?

Paul:  Him?  No.  I didn't even know that he followed me.  That's dope.

The players wore suspenders and denim shorts.  The girls' shorts had elastic bands in the back, which in my opinion gave the rear view a very unflattering appearance.  And I'm talking about Alex and Raven here---I don't think that Christmas played, but I'm not sure about that.

It might have been a new competition, and there was a boxing ring and they went through rounds, I think.  There was something kicking them from behind and Jason said he never really felt it, but Alex did.  There was also some sort of dancing involved, and Christmas thought Raven would do better than she did.

Jason can wave bye bye, because he's gone now. He's kind of nervous....I saw him say that to Alex later, and also to the camera in the hallway. Jason stopped while walking by and looked up and said hi to Holly, and announced that he didn't win the PoV, and that means he's still on the block.

Jason, to us:  I'm not going to beg for the PoV.  But I'm gonna wait and see what happens.  That might not be a good idea.

But even if he begged, it won't help.  And if Jason let Paul win the PoV, then he should really be ashamed of himself.

There was tension in the air.  I think some people didn't want to leave the room.  Maybe they thought they'd miss something.  Maybe they thought people would whisper about them.

Paul is pretty proud of himself.  Pretty sure he's counting the money already.  He needs to keep an eye on Josh though.  I wonder if Paul knows this....I wonder if he knows that Christmas and Josh talked about how he is consistently putting himself in the best position with the Jury as they leave.

Christmas was even scared to say Paul's name in vain out loud.  Christmas doesn't want to be banished.  But that might have been interesting to watch, right?  For Christmas to experience being the one targeted for isolation and scorn?  We'll never know, but it might have been explosive.  Things are going to start moving much faster in the next two weeks.

Kevin was impressed with Bobby Moynihan, listing out a few of his recent movie credits.  It sounds like Bobby told them that he still lives in New York, and is just staying in LA to shoot his new series.  Of course Paul knows everything about that situation, because Paul Knows All.

Paul:  Yeah, you can do that. You can just rent a place out here and sublet it out when you go back east.

Kevin loves Bobby's "drunken uncle" character on SNL.

Raven is entering a new phase in this game.  For the first time ever, she went into the Rose Room last night alone, and spoke to the cameras, laughing and gloating about the PoV results.  (Or maybe she does that all the time, and I've never seen it because I avoided her on the live feeds.) She told us that the PoV ceremony this week is going to blow away last week's PoV ceremony.

Remember that?  When Matt and Raven wigged out on Jason?  It seems that Raven plans to wig out on Jason again on Monday.  She apparently thinks that Kevin will go ballistic, too.  I don't think he will, because Kevin is already well-aware that Jason is the target.  He tried to warn Jason about that on Friday night, but Jason was talked out of his suspicions quite easily by Paul.

Raven told Christmas that it would be hard for her to win the game, since she hasn't won any competitions, but Christmas said that might not be an obstacle for Raven.

Raven:  Yeah, Will Kirby didn't win any competitions.

(Oh, so now Raven is WILL KIRBY?  Look kids, back in BB2 there wasn't any PoV.  You got nominated, and your ass sat on the block ALL WEEK.  It was up to Will to get out of being evicted ALMOST EVERY WEEK with his social game.  And I hope Christmas isn't sipping her tea and congratulating herself on 'winning' two HoH's.....because BOTH of those were totally handed to her by Paul.)

I just had a mental flash of Raven making the Final Two with Christmas, and I can feel my blood pressure rising.

Let's relax by enjoying a performance by Raven Walton, who promises "lots and lots of carnage".

Jason was upset about losing, and it sounds like Bobby likes Whistle-Nut and Ole.  And Bobby's wife Brynne watches the live feeds, apparently.  (HI BRYNNE.)

Kevin:  Look  Jason.  Don't fuck this up.  When you see him at the party, you go right over to him and tell him that you and him should ride Ole up and down the street in New York...anywhere he wants to go.  I bet they'll block off a whole street for it.  You tell him....he can ride take that opportunity.  The wife is going to have a lot of influence, especially since she just had a baby two weeks ago...she's listening and she'll tell him.

Kevin:  Don't be down, Jason.

Jason:  I know....I just hate losing.

Kevin:  Look, I'm your friend.  We're friends, no bull shit.  It doesn't matter what they tell you Kevin is saying...I'm telling you. I know you're a good person, I can tell that.  You're a good guy and I want the best for you and I know you're going to make something out of yourself for you and your family.

Jason:  I know.  Thanks Kevin.

Kevin:  Look, it's not over Jason.  It's not over yet.

Kevin:  I'm just glad that when you look back at this, you'll see that I never once went against you...never once.

Kevin found his wedding ring on the window ledge and put it on, saying that "they can see everything...I need to remember to wear it".  Jason says he can't wear a ring, so he might get a wedding ring tattooed on his finger, with an HD on it.

We haven't seen this Kevin in quite some time, back in his favorite "cahner", laughing and talking with a friend.

Kevin addressed Brynne Moynihan (?) by congratulating her on the birth of her daughter.

Kevin:  I have six daughters, and Jason here, he has no daughters....

Jason:  Yet.  I don't have a daughter yet...

Kevin:  So if you're asking for advice on raising daughters....(he reaches out a hand and shakes it before catching it with the other hand)


Kevin: I'm really missing my daughters now.  Girls, I really miss you and can't wait to see you. For the first few weeks I tried not to think much about it, but for the last few weeks, especially after being secluded for a's hard.

Kevin encourages Brynne to come over at the finale party with her husband for a chat.

Jason: That was like the most exhilarating thing, and now I'm just moping around.  I just really wanted to win.

(The game.  And also the PoV, I think.  Jason knows.)

I think Paul also won a trip to the set of Bobby's show, I think.

Jason:  I wanted to win and go to that thing, too.

Kevin:  But did you hear what he said?  He said he wanted all of us to be there....he can call someone and make it happen.

The whole group can't stop talking about their brush with celebrity in the backyard.

Everyone:  Hi Brynne!  Congratulations on your baby!

Paul, always the One-Upper:  Tell Bobby to take off that friendship bracelet I gave him and put it on your wrist!

(Would you want ANYTHING that has been on Paul's body within 12  feet of your newborn child?  With all of the nose ring infections, scaly mouth, and bushy beard?)

Bobby mentioned enjoying Jason's impression of Cody, apparently, where Jason stormed around the kitchen before stomping off to the Have Not room with his jaw set in a very Cody-like manner.  I posted about that sometime in the last week, and it was indeed quite funny.

Josh:  Yeah, Bobby is a fan of Whistle.

(No way Paul isn't booting Jason's ass now, after that.  Paul is the star on this season, god dammit!)

This was Christmas this morning.  I learned in the comments yesterday that Christmas got these sunglasses in her HoH basket.  I guess that explains why she's wearing them nonstop now.  Her CD is by Anderson Paak, "Malibu".

It would be fun if Christmas turned on Paul somehow this week with her vote, but not that fun because that means Kevin would be voted out, because that is who is going on the block after Paul uses his PoV to save Alex.

Yes, Alex.

Let's switch back to the dogs.  Nothing is better than having a hard day and then coming home to a sweet waggley tail and all the puppy love you can handle.

Maybe Paul should have listened more closely to the Teachings of Frank Eudy last summer as far as the booze deliveries go.  Because Frank told those clowns last summer that in order to get alcohol in the house, you have to politely ask for it in the DR, and not complain about not having it on the live feeds.

Frank learned about BB booze deliveries at the knee of Mike Boogie, who also invented the concept of buzz trading.  The standard BB delivery includes two bottle of wine (one red, one white) and six cold cans of beer (usually three "flavors").  Mike taught everyone during BB14 how to trade their nightly allotment with other house guests for more alcohol on a later night.   So for example, instead of having one beer and one glass of wine on Tuesday night, you can trade away your share so that on Friday, you might get three beers and two glasses of wine, and catch a proper buzz.

If any of this cast had EVER watched the live feeds, they might know this.  They could have been drinking every night.  Well,  maybe not in the first six weeks or so, with all of the tension and potential for violence, but certainly now they could all swill a little hooch without getting too crazy.  The BB13 crew would rotate the drinking by gender---one night all of the guys would drink, and all of the girls the next night, with the point being to drink to escape, instead of just drinking to remember that you don't have enough to drink.

I hate to enjoy such beautiful weather, with so much of the country reeling from the wrath of Mother Nature, but it would be a crime not to enjoy being outdoors this weekend.  If you live in the Atlanta Metro area, then you know what I mean.

I actually turned off my AC last night, and opened my windows to enjoy the fresh air.  And it was definitely snuggle weather, requiring two summer blankets instead of just one.  I rode my bike for an hour this morning, vacuumed the first floor and gave my dog a bath.  You have to vacuum just before the dog bath, in advance of the rug-rolling that is sure to follow.

I think that's enough action for one day.  I'm going to check out now.

This animal shelter is surely one of the nicest in America.  Every dog looks clean and comfortable, if not a little lonely.

We probably all know someone like that.


Please enjoy this comparison between the crowd's reaction to Matt leaving, and Big Mark's exit last week.  I heard that the audience was instructed not to boo, but they certainly couldn't force them to cheer, obviously.


It was announced this morning that Walter Becker from Steely Dan has passed away.  Walter is a legend in the music world, and you can't get much better than vintage Steely Dan.  Walter Becker and Donald Fagan aren't just artists, they're musicians who played their own instruments and wrote every note and lyric.  Walter is the one on the left.

The title of the post today is a lyric from Deacon Blues, of course.   I've mentioned before on this blog about my fixation on the 1970's....if I could go back in time I would choose to immerse myself in the 1970's music scene.  I'd probably be a long-haired hippie with flowers in my hair, trying to get backstage like a damn groupie.

Steely Dan is more of a mood than anything else to me.

Every Steely Dan album is great, but Aja is just a stone groove from beginning to end.  My friend Mary Beth ________ had an older brother whose room was empty after he went away to college.  He had a kicking stereo system and bean bag chairs all over the floor.  The brother also had a bong in his closet that was at least three feet high---too big to take out-of-state to his dorm, I guess.

He also had this album, and we would sit on his old corduroy bedspread (remember those?) and listen to Aja and get stoned.

This is another good one from Aja, probably my favorite Steely Dan song.  It's about a breakup, but if you get a little high and put on some headphones, even Raven could dance to it.  And then you forget what you were sad about to begin with.

RIP Walter Becker.  You left a lot behind.