Saturday, September 2, 2017

It's All Going to the Dogs. #BB19

At this point, it's safe to say that I'm thoroughly disgusted.  At first I was just disgusted, but now I can confirm that the disgust is indeed thorough.  Christmas made her nominations last night, and as expected there was a lot of action afterwards.  And there was excitement, too.

In fact, at one point it appeared that even though this week's outcome might not veer off the course that Paul has set, it seemed that the jig was up, that Paul's double-dealing and sinister machinations would be exposed in a very loud and messy way.

And then....that didn't happen, after all.  In fact, things got worse then they were before.  The elation and excitement plunged into despair and the aforementioned disgust. And it all happened in the space of an hour, I think.

Except for Kevin, I don't even want to look at them right now.  And looking at Kevin makes me sad, so although I know I need to let you all know what happened last night, I have decided to focus on some of the cutest puppies around...these two dynamic little terriers.  I love their energy and enthusiasm, and every one of their furry spots.  I want to squeeze them until the stuffing comes out.

OK.  Here goes.

1.  At the nomination ceremony, Christmas put Jason and Alex on the block. Alex was expecting it, having already agreed to it, but I think it is fair to say that Jason was SHOCKED.  As the live feeds returned, the cameras followed him to the WC, but we heard him say that he couldn't even pee, he was so discombobulated.  Later he told Christmas that he kept a smile on his face during the entire nomination ceremony,but Christmas disputed this, saying his face went blank when he saw his picture onscreen.

2.  Jason kind of ran around the downstairs area, where everyone suddenly seemed totally absorbed in whatever they were doing, carrying on conversations that seemed rather staged, and too oblivious to Jason's distress.  He was sort of quiet, making a statement here and there about being caught by surprise.  Alex went right back to banging a frozen ziploc bag of meat on the counter, which is what she was doing when the feeds went down for the ceremony.  Jason commented a few times that Alex seemed to be avoiding looking at him....he was getting very paranoid about her at that point.

(Note that both Jason and Alex had been led to believe that Alex and Kevin would be nominated, with Kevin being the target.)

(And I JUST CAN'T with this little pupper's belly in our face like this.  I am ready to get in my car and drive the 2,177 miles to California to get both of them.  It's only a 32 hour drive.  That sounds doable.)

3.  Then Jason walked into the Money Room with the apparent intent to lay on his bed.  Kevin was already lounging on his favorite spot, the Bed Next Door (where Nicole & Corey's lair was last summer) and asked Jason if he was all right.  Jason said he didn't know, and wasn't sure what is happening, so Kevin then told him the truth.  Like any bad news, this truth was hard to hear for Jason, and you could see him die a little as he tried to absorb the news.

Kevin:  You thought it would be me, didn't you?  They put you and Alex up because you're the strongest in here...don't let them tell you you're a pawn.  It's you or her going out this week.  If you don't win (the PoV) then you're out.  Don't let them tell you you're're the one up there on the board, not them.

Jason:  Holy shit.

Kevin:  Now you're getting it, you knucklehead.  You're finally catching on.

Then  Jason left the room, but came right back when he ran into Paul and his Fucking Floatie, who may have been lurking around the corner ("cahner").   Jason stated that he just needs to win the PoV, and he plans to do that.

4.  And then the excitement really started, because Jason cornered Josh in the storage room and asked him if he knew about the nominations before they happened.  Josh denied it, but Jason was getting heated, and said that somebody knew about it, and then mentioned that Paul had been up in the HoH room with Christmas and Alex for some time today.

Jason:  I think Paul knew all about it!

Josh: No, I think Paul is worried he's the backdoor target now.

Jason:  How can Paul be the backdoor?  He just threw the damn HoH comp to her!

Josh tried to calm him down, but surely Josh realized that if Jason is reacting like this, he must think that he has a deal with Paul, and also Alex.  But I need to remind myself not to get excited about anything related to BB19 anymore, if at all possible.

5.  And then Jason found himself in the Lounge with Christmas, Alex, and Paul, where he told them the cause for his concern----that Kevin told him that he and Alex are the targets this week, and one of them will be evicted no matter what.  Christmas does not have a poker face, so there was a moment where you could clearly see an "OH SHIT" emotion on her face, but this clearly went away when a fresh new round of Kevin Bashing began.

Such as:  "of course Kevin told you that....he's the target this week, just like we planned" and "why are you even talking to him --he's the biggest liar in the house" and "Kevin is probably so happy right now because he thinks he is safe".

So...Jason agreed that Kevin is a big liar, and he would not be talking game with him anymore this season.  Paul stated that he would not be talking to Kevin at all from here on out.  Never one for subtlety, Alex announced that not only should no one cook anything for Kevin to eat when his Have Not week ended at midnight, they should try to eat all of the food before then so there is nothing left for Kevin.

(The puppy senses that we need a kiss right now.  If I was into hard drugs, I might take the "bath salts" and put this puppy's whole head in my mouth.  Not to chew it up, just to swirl it around a little before spitting it back out.)

6.  And Alex kept telling Jason over and over and over to "trust the team" and know that the goal is to take Kevin out this week.  And Christmas and Paul were jumping for joy about the way things turned out, because they didn't have to do much to take the heat off...Alex did most of it for them.  Paul was CROWING about how this situation is even better, because now he feels there is a great justification for him winning the PoV and using it to save Alex, for "the team".  And somehow the result is that Jason and Alex are more distrustful of Kevin then ever before.

Well, one person won't be playing for PoV, and I hope beyond hope that person is Paul.

(And can you see that the puppy on the left GOT AIR on that jump?  On a number of occasions, both of them jumped high in the air, which is adorable, but cause for concern.  I like having a dog that can't reach the kitchen counter.  I have a friend with two chocolate labs.  She roasted a chicken and went to the living room to tell her husband that dinner was ready.  In the 45 seconds that took, the dogs got the chicken down on the ground, piping hot, and managed to tear off most of the meat on one side.  I asked her what she did about it, and she said, "well, I wiped the bird with a paper towel and we ate the other side for dinner".)

7.  And prepare yourself for what might be the worst part:  Jason told Paul later that if he wins the PoV, he'll "probably save Alex since the folks at home would expect him to protect his girl".

Yes, Jason said that.  He's going to feel like such an asshole walking into that Jury house.  And Alex will have a CONNIPTION, which might be a slight thread of a silver lining.  But on second thought, I just heard Christmas tell Raven this morning that she thinks Alex might be glad to have Jason out of the game.  And Christmas told Raven that everyone already disregards Raven, just like they did with Christmas after she broke her foot.

This dog is probably happy he has his own kennel.  I'll bet those two Jack Russell's are a real terror as roommates.

(Are you watching Project Runway?  What about those damn TWINS on there?  I hate EVERYTHING about them, from the one girl's shaved head to the pretentious speaking style that both of them employ. I'm OBSESSED with how much I hate them, actually.  But I LOVE Brandon, of course, the shy, artsy menswear designer with the top knot.  I'm not sure how I feel about the new special effects this season (like Brandon's "zen zone") but I love the new behind-the-scenes views like the guy with the headset who pulls them offstage after receiving Judgement.)

It was very breezy yesterday in Atlanta, about five degrees away from being Sweater Weather.  My dog lifted her little snout in the air and sniffed away, smiling up at me from time-to-time, probably learning news from miles away.

But if a dog's sense of smell is thousands and thousands of times keener than humans', why do they like to get right up on something nasty to sniff it? Can't they just smell another dog's poop, or their butt from a few inches away?

This dog is sad.  He needs his forever home as fast as he can find it.


This is what Christmas looked like before nominations---they got the sweatbands from the HoH competition that Christmas "won" the night before.  I don't know where the glasses came from, but some fans thought she was wearing the glasses so the nomination targets (who were standing right there) couldn't see her eyes.

But I think Christmas just thinks she looks cool.  She must be real proud to have "won" two HoH competitions now that were so obviously HANDED to her by Paul.

Yesterday I watched Christmas do some Big Thinking and then she told Paul that she's probably not going to be able to play in any of the remaining PoVs this season.  To his credit, Paul did not laugh, or say "NO SHIT SHERLOCK...WHY DO YOU THINK I KEPT YOU IN THE GAME?"

Also, I forgot to mention that on Matt's last day, he told Christmas, Paul and Raven that although Alex had seemed like a formidable competitor early in the season, she's been "gaining weight" and is "losing her conditioning".

I was going to write about a comparison between Christmas and Leslie Van Houten, one of Charlie Manson's girls who was on the scene for both the Tate and Labianca family "excursions".

But I don't have the energy to do that today.  Why should I put more energy into BB19 then these terrible players?

I wasn't sure who was going to be the Susan Atkins, but I was going to make a case for Alex, due to the crazy eyes here.

And you'll be pleased to know that Jason did help Kevin get his food together as midnight approached.  I think he talked him through the process of cooking the bacon and eggs, and Kevin cooked up a steak in the bacon grease, too.  He hid a steak somewhere in one of the refrigerators a few days ago so it would be there when the time came.

With a few minutes left to midnight, Kevin tried to put an egg on the plate, but it slipped off on the floor, so he cooked up another one.  Kevin is  learning new skills this summer, it seems.  There was some confusion over the skillet of bacon grease.  Kevin wasn't sure what to do with it, but Jason said he could just leave the pan right there on the stove, and they'd use it in the morning.  (WHAT)

Kevin gave Jason a piece of the steak, and Jason confirmed that Kevin was in for a treat, cooking it that way.

Jason thought it looked great, a real feast, he said.

Jason:  Take a picture of that, right there.

And the cameras did.  It looks like an steak and egg sandwich, with bacon on the side.

Then the clock on the microwave said midnight, and Kevin said that's it, right?  It's midnight.


Kevin didn't know what to do, or think.

Kevin:  It's midnight...look right there.


Kevin:  What, they want me to go ask them?  Okay.

His slippers scuffed across the floor as he made his way across the room to the Diary Room.  Just the way Alex likes it, right?

When Kevin was in the DR, the rest of the house guests upstairs by the chessboard asked Jason what was going on.

Jason:  I don't know, but if he can't eat it, I'm going to.

Then Kevin came back and said there was 1:22 left on the official clock.

The night crew are some real BASTARDS, aren't they?  Production let Matt walk all over them last week in his nasty, filthy black shorts, but they give Kevin grief over 1:22?  I can only hope they are preparing a Hero segment on Kevin this week, and needed this footage for comic relief.

Jason:  At least they told you that you can eat...

Kevin:  Yeah.  If they told me I couldn't, I would've done it.  I would have gone right back to bed.

Finally the time came, and Kevin crunched into a piece of bacon, and drank some juice.

Jason:  There it is!

Kevin handed Jason some of the bacon and Jason ate it, saying that Josh's pizza would be out of the oven soon.

Kevin: I did it all week. I didn't complain about nothing....everyone else did, but I didn't.


Kevin ate quietly, savoring each bite as the sound of Alex arguing at the chessboard filled the air.

Maybe the PoV will be the "dice" one, and maybe Kevin can win and save Jason, sending Alex to the Jury.   I'm sure Kevin is familiar with the layout of a pair of dice, and they didn't do that competition during BB18, so Paul probably knows nothing about it.  I can't help hoping, apparently.  I'm a hopeful hopeless case, it seems.