Wednesday, August 30, 2017

With a Name Like "Ow", We Should Have Known Watching Her Would Be Excruciating. #BB19

I'm taking a break from my real job, so I need to get through these pictures as quickly as possible. Some of them are a few days old, but I'll try to remember what I can about why I took these pictures and blab about other stuff when I can't.  Per usual, actually.


The house guests like to lounge on the new pool toys.  These new pool toys appeared after the PoV competition, which will air tonight on the CBS show.  Paul also got "Trejo the Toucan" at the same time.  Jason also snagged a small frog floatie that he wanted to take home to Gatlyn.  He told everybody that he was only going to "wear" the frog for an hour or so, so that it could get some camera time to make it exciting for Gatlyn.

Raven was very exited about the PoV ceremony, since she expected Jason to save her and nominate Kevin in her place.  So she was up and at 'em with all of the makeup to ensure she made the most of the expected camera time.

By the way, Raven still doesn't understand what the Zingbot meant when he slammed her  last week.

Zingbot:  Raven, you got the worst punishment of all, the Clownietard costume.....oh wait, that's just your face!

A few hours later Raven went to Christmas and said she realized that the Zingbot was referring to what she looks like when her makeup is running down her face.  Christmas just said "yeah, right" and turned around and made one of her trademark Christmas faces, with the raised eyebrows and bugged out eyes.  No one explained it to Raven. Like most bad news, I guess it was just easier not to get into it.

And I just looked to see how healthy Raven's twitter account is....this looks like a fan site, or maybe the account is run by her family since they say they plan to turn it over to her after the show.

In any case, it's never a good sign when the account has to be locked down mid-season, or if it has less than 5,000 followers.

Even Megan has nearly 13,000 followers right now, and we never even saw her on the live feeds.  She's got a sweet banner photo, too.

And Megan seems like a fun girl.  A few days ago she apparently tweeted out a drunken Periscope episode with "Everybody in the Club Getting Tipsy" playing in the background.  She kept turning the camera over to her friend and saying "tell me how much she looks like Ika" over and over and over.

Her friend objected until Megan explained that Ika was "damn sexy".  They were on the way to "the club" and I am super-thankful that Megan wasn't driving.  But I hope her friend is really driving her home, and not to the club.  Because Megan is WASTED here.    Maybe I'm too old to have that sort of fun anymore, but slurring and being stuck on repeat is never a good look.

And Dominique has nearly 13,000 followers too.  And she is looking beautiful and triumphant in her little Periscopes.  I'm pretty sure there are some stones being thrown on Dominique's twitter account, but you need to be able to speak her language to figure that out.

Jason tried to get out and enjoy the morning sunshine before the ceremony.

Matt compulsively touched his mustache and beard.

Kevin and Jason took their customary stroll around the yard ("yahd").  It sounds like "Carry On My Wayward Son" was one of the morning wake-up songs and now Kevin says the lyrics make him think about life.

Jason:  That song made me think about my dad.

Kevin:  With my father, you had to be a man.  If you came home and had a problem with someone, even if you were 13, you had to get back out there and fight to take care of it.  You knew your brother would jump in with you after about two minutes, but for that first 2 minutes, you were getting an ass-kicking.   It was terrifying, really, at 13.

Jason:  My dad just said to go graduate and get the fuck out of here.

(Jason has said he was a wild child, and his dad Judd didn't expect him to live to see 30.  Kevin talks about fighting a lot----he comes from a really rough place, I guess.  With weapons so easy to get now, I'll bet the days of good old-fashioned fist fights are long gone.)

Kevin:  The song got me thinking...I'm sad thinking we won't see each other again after this.

Jason: No, I'll be  out there!  I have to say though, Frank may come with me too.  That's a close relationship for me.  (the New Year's visit, I think.)

Kevin: Yeah, you can bring Frank.  I'll come to see you in Humeston first, so we can build those relationships.  (i.e. with Frank and Holly so they feel comfortable visiting Kevin's family).

Kevin:  You know...who knows what they're showing on TV.....what we're all going to see.

Jason:  I don't care, really.  Everyone plays this game differently.  It won't matter to me.

Matt spends A LOT of time on his presentation.  I mean, A LOT of time.

To prove this, here are two pictures that I took just now, on Wednesday morning.

He seems to do the same thing over and over and over again.  I've heard several fans say Matt is OCD, and that might be the case, because he is OBSESSED with certain things and goes OVERBOARD on them.  Like licking the bowl or plate with his finger---why not just pick up the dish and lick it?  You're already on TV  making a fool of yourself, why not be an efficient fool?

And shortly after this, the PoV ceremony took place.  I covered the aftermath of that catastrophe here.


Shit blew up on Monday, but on Tuesday morning the sun came up again, and as usual the blinds had to be lowered to reduce the glare for the cameras.  They have the process down to a science by now, and the task goes by quickly with two people working on it.

Not that Alex is going to help.  Hell no.  Kevin thinks Alex is the one in charge ("chahge") of the house, and really resents how much she pushes Jason around and tells him what to do.  Kevin told Jason that everyone in the house talks about how she runs him, but Jason doesn't want to listen.

Unfortunately Paul is the one doing the puppeteering, not Alex,  but no one seems to get that.  It's just a blind spot for all of them, which is so frustrating for the viewers.  I've even heard Alex and Jason say that Kevin is the "only one who hasn't been on the block", but they're wrong....Paul hasn't been on the block.  I'm not counting the two minutes he sat on the block before activating his Pendant of Protection, and no matter how many times Paul tells everyone that he was on the block eight times (or whatever) last year that has NOTHING to do with this season.

Alex is really a hateful little wench who takes disrespect to a whole new level when it comes to Kevin.  I am continually SHOCKED by the despicable comments she makes about him.  Comments such as:

*  I just told him that the sun causes damage and that's why he looks so old and wrinkley.
*  I told him that my uncle had skin cancer, too.
*  When Kevin sees a weakness in people, he uses it. That's what child molesters do...they like to see who is going to tell on them.  It's called conditioning.
*  He steals my shit all of the time.  He acts like a predator...a murderer.
*  If Kevin wins America's Favorite, I'm going to kick him in the balls onstage and say Fuck You Old Man.

Alex is going to have a rough ride when this is over, maybe as bad as Raven.  Maybe worse though, because Alex is more plugged in online than Raven is....she's going to be confronted with it more.  Good thing her dad is rich and can subsidize her if necessary.  (She said that he invented the Hertz Rental Car Magellan system, and also antennas that every service member overseas has installed in their equipment, or something like that.)  Supposedly her family deleted her Twitter account in the last few days.  She's going to be sorry she said so many horrible things about Kevin.

On Monday night Jason gathered everyone in the living room for an announcement from BB.  People were nervous, and Jason had to round them up like cattle.

Jason:  Where are Matt and Raven?  Please get them in here.


Jason:  Matt and Raven....I need you over here, sitting in these seats.

And then he announced that Matt was getting one (ONLY ONE) penalty vote for not following the Have Not rules.  I was really hoping they would EJECT his sorry ass, but I guess the season is too far gone for that, with less than a month remaining and the schedule set.

Alex thought they might be getting a party from BB, but Josh said he thought the news would be very bad for all of them.  So he was relieved.

So Matt is proudly flaunting his insubordination, cooking up a huge and gross looking skillet of something that includes vomit scrambled eggs.

Then he dumped it out on a plate and chopped it all up compulsively, over and over and over.  I think there is toast or bread in there, too.  Why not a sandwich Matt?

Then he took it outside and ate it like an animal, right in front of everybody.  At some point in the "dining" process, Matt and Raven started fighting and screeching at each other, and Raven took the tray of "food" and "hid" it in the kitchen.  It was very uncomfortable for me to watch this, so I can't imagine what it was like to sit there while this occurred.

It was really a tantrum by Raven that included her saying "are you SHITTING me?" and "Matthew John Clines!" over and over and over.  At one point in the argument she went inside and brought the remaining "food" back out for him but I'm not sure if he ate it.  I would NEVER eat food that I lost sight of in that house, because what if she "hid" it in a drawer or cabinet?  With ants and rats crawling around in there?

 And then Raven pouted and proceeded to apply LAYERS and LAYERS of her clown makeup, as well as a slutty-looking top, Daisy Dukes and high heeled boots.

Josh saw her and immediately commented that Raven was trying to get Matt's attention now by looking like a floozy, or something like that.  Josh hit the nail right on the head with that comment.

Then Raven stalked Matt, who was laying in the pool, oblivious to her childish efforts to get his attention.

I'LL SAY THIS: Blow jobs must feel pret-tee damn good to put up with shit like this.

They've had a few screaming ragers in the last few days, one which included Raven throwing an entire bottle of cinnamon all over the kitchen.  She is such an attention whore, but she looks like an actual whore in this outfit.  She looks like she could walk right down The Track in those clothes, not to mention the make-up.

(Apparently "The Track" in Atlanta is Cheshire Bridge Road, from a documentary I saw about pimps and how they run their businesses.)

Then Jason got the Snapchat glasses and this seemed to snap Raven into action, because camera time is involved.  She did plead and beg for Matt to do something....kiss her maybe....but I wasn't giving it my full attention. And neither was Matt.

She was whining and pleading and he just kept telling her no. It wasn't working and she knew it.  It's too bad we won't hear what he says about her to the other Jury members, particularly Cody and Mark, because it is going to be SCATHING.

Jason said Hi to Kevin and they exchanged some pleasantries for the Snapchat episode.

Kevin loves being outside, but I'm sure he feels alone out there.  He has conversations here and there with people, but in every case (even Jason, now) the person he speaks with immediately tells the others what was just said, skewing it as if Kevin has some dastardly ulterior motives for making light chatter.

And there are no exceptions, unfortunately.  Every word that Kevin has said to ANYONE in the last few days immediately is put on blast in a very cruel, hurtful manner.  I guess everyone is happy that it's not them in Kevin's position, worried what will happen if they don't go along with the plan.

And  apparently as part of the "fight", Raven hid Matt's orange blouse and while pleading with him for forgiveness, she agreed to return it to him, which you see in the picture below.

She must have hidden it in the drawer full of used condoms.  She's also planning to wear it in her goodbye message to Matt, and they both think this is "a thing" for their fans since Julie mentioned it on a live show.

Matt: They'll love you doing that.

Raven has also been practicing her eviction speech, where she plans to call Jason the "Cowardly Cowboy" and also say she will miss Matt "looking at her like she's a piece of cake".  She will also go in for a kiss at a particular spot in the speech, so look out for that.

In this conversation Josh was saying that he has always liked Kevin as a person, but in the game he is a constant liar and he can't trust him.

Jason:  I'm starting to think I should have just put him on the block.

Josh:  Yes!  That's what I've been saying to you.

On BBAD last night, Paul was super-patronizing to Kevin as he told him to just shut up and stay out of it for the next few days, and Paul will take care of it.  Kevin tried to explain his feelings about what Alex said about him.

Paul, dismissively:  What you don't understand is I don't care about that.  I just need you to lay low and stay out of it.  I know what I'm doing.

I don't think I would mind Christmas' actions so much if she was the one heading up the group, and the choices belonged to her.  But she's just a follower, blindly following Paul and whatever he tells her to do.  Christmas will be more well-known after this, but I think her base has been damaged.  The people who already supported her are bound to be disappointed in her, or maybe even embarrassed to be associated with her.

But she might get to the Final Two with Josh, if she or Josh have the final power to evict the last Jury member.  That would help me feel better about this season, if Paul bubbles out and then loses AFP.  Which of course he will, right?  No way he's anybody's favorite anything this year.

Kevin talked to the cameras, saying he planned to have a glass of water, and then take a nap in the Have Not room.

Kevin: I'll see you later.

And then a miracle happened, but I didn't see it.  Paul apparently set a weight down but the other end of the bar flipped up and popped him right on the inside of his left eye.  He put some ice on it and went inside.

Christmas knows injuries, so she wraps the ice up in a towel (probably a filthy towel) and tells him he can avoid the ice burn this way.  Paul repeats several times that he's going to have a black eye.  Matt later told him that this is the kind of injury that you have to be thankful for, because it could have easily been worse.

Raven made this cheeseburger for Matt.  It looks good, but I heard Jason RANT about a burger she made a few weeks ago.  Jason asked her over and over not to put any seasonings on his patty, but when he bit into it he spit it out because it was covered with whatever spices Raven cakes on all of her recipes.

I've noticed that whenever Matt eats now, the cameras show us.  They know we hate him, and they hate him, too.

Jason fed the fish in his HoH suite.

Christmas and Josh celebrated in the storage room.  She doesn't think anyone realizes that they are such a tight team, but Josh thinks that Jason and Alex are starting to connect the dots.

No one seems to eat hummus in that house.  That tub of Sabra hummus in the door of the refrigerator has been there for weeks. I never see anybody eat hummus with their chips.

Christmas:  And did you see?  She's eating a fucking burger now...she feels safe so she's going all out now.  (ie. Raven doesn't feel the need now to make an issue out of being "sick").  We just need to stay away from each other right now.  And from Paul, too.

Christmas and Josh danced in the mirrors as she cooked up a veggie burger.

Raven can lay waste to a bag of Lays in no time, and often does.  The house guests were talking about her last night, and Jason estimated that she's gained 25 pounds this summer, and he's probably right.

Jason:  She's always leaning over and putting her butt in your can't miss it.  She never even bends her knees at all.

Kevin talked to himself, and us, as he made his way to his Bed of Spikes.

Kevin: If they touch my clothes....or my stuff, I'm fucking smashing everything, all of their stuff. You think she's going to push me around?  No. Let's just see what happens when she tries to do that.  IF she wins, that is.


Kevin settled down to read the Bible, alone in the dungeon, not lying, scheming, or talking trash about anyone.

In the kitchen however, the group was mocking Dominique and her quirky habits.

Alex:  She would sit in front of the mirror and say 'thank God for this Vaseline for my chapped lips.'

Josh:  I don't understand her...she'd say 'I'm confident, capable, and willing to win".

They all laughed at that.

(This was a perfect hummus occasion but Alex didn't take it.)

The veggie burgers are cooking in the grease from the beef burgers, but no one in there is a vegetarian.  The veggie burgers look like Morningstar Prime Grillers to me.

Paul says his injury hurts so much he can't move his eyebrow, and it "prevents him from being expressive", and it "kills him".

Paul:  If I die, make sure I get boys...make sure you get boys for me.

Matt:  Yes sir.

(Um....that statement from Paul needs to be the headline on TMZ, right?  Getting boys?   I don't care what Paul means by that, it sounds so fucking weird and dumb.)

And when Matt says "Yes Ma'am" to Julie Chen on Thursday, just know that I will be ready to HURL.  He makes my skin crawl with that.  More than usual, I mean.

Paul went to the DR to get his eye looked at.  Too bad they can't get a barber in there, too.

This is Josh's burger, with bacon and more stuff on it.  It's a knife and fork burger, apparently.

Raven and Matt played some sort of homemade game designed to be like Cornhole.  It's a pretty bad season when Production can't even give them a real Cornhole set up back there.

I posted this so you could get a better look at Raven's Whore Costume.  I wish I had a view for you with the shoes, though.  Matt has the straps on his orange blouse arranged just how he likes them.

Yes, we see you Paul.  Don't worry.

Supposedly there was a Wall Shouter earlier, when Kevin was outside, but I don't have any additional details about that.  Kevin didn't hear it clearly, apparently, but even if he did, what could he do?  Tell everyone that Paul is controlling the game?  No one listens to anything he says anymore, since Paul convinced everyone that Kevin is a liar.

The knot is visible on the inside of Paul's left eyebrow.  I guess he could have broken his nose or popped his eye out, so he got lucky about that.

Raven: When you leave, I want you to swing the door open real big and give me a big Matt Clines wink.

Matt:  And then I talk to Julie....she's going to say I didn't do much for the first part of the game, but then I really stepped it up.

(Um.....not sure Matt should look forward to his talk with Julie.  NO SIR.)

Josh visited Kevin and Kevin tried to make a difference.

Kevin:  Don't believe everything you hear.  She takes my food, my clothes, and makes fun of every single thing I say.  What can I do?  Everything I say gets made fun of.  I was never against you Josh.

Josh:  Why don't you talk to her?

Kevin:  Nope. It's either me or her, there's no turning back.

Josh:  You want me to go get Paul?    (OMG.)

Kevin:  We were pals from the start, you and me.  We slept in the same room, I did call you a Mama's Boy, but that's not bad.  I never controlled the HoH....never, not one time.  Think about what you're saying Josh.  Who runs this house? And she hates me because my slippers make noise?  And because she says I don't look good?  Think about it, Josh.

They argued about the $25,000 conversation that occurred the first night of the game.  Apparently Kevin misunderstood what Josh said to him, or vice versa.  And then Josh reported every word that Kevin said to the others, making it clear that whatever Kevin says at this point is just wasting his breath.  They're all saying now that every nice thing Kevin says or does is to get Jury votes.

Maybe he's a social human being who doesn't want to be treated like a pariah.  Maybe he just wants to have someone to talk to for the next few days, or weeks, however long he's still there.

Matt:  You're well liked in this house.  And Alex likes you, too.  You should be good, bud.

Raven:  I can't wait to see all of our DRs since the beginning.  It's going to be so funny.

Upstairs the group talked about who will win America's Favorite Player  Paul thinks Josh will get it, because "only the last seven players are really in contention".  Josh thinks Jason might get it, and Paul agrees that Jason is hilarious.  Jason doesn't think Raven can win it, because Julie didn't ask her a question on the live show, particularly not a question about gasteoparesis.

And Alex made her comment about what she will do if Kevin wins AFP.  With any luck, we'll see that happen, and maybe Kevin's daughters will jump out of the audience and give Alex a real beat-down, one that she will not remember due to the extensive injuries.

That might have been a little extreme, but I do think a few vigorous slaps are necessary.  Maybe Julie Chen will do it for us.  Make us proud Julie.

Paul patronizes Kevin.  AGAIN.  He's just making his rounds, making sure that everyone is in check.

And I took this picture when I saw the Have Not challenge boxes....why didn't Matt do this?  If he won, he'd lose the Have Not status free and clear, and if he didn't, he could still go rogue, as he did this week. He had a 50/50 chance to get it right.

What a dumbass.  He says that he did it to get the penalty vote, to be sure that Raven is the one who stays, but he's just a lazy coward.  You don't fool me, Matt.

The others are already plotting about Raven, guessing that she will cling to Christmas or Alex after Matt leaves.  They still hate her, but they have to make sure that Raven will attack Jason or Kevin if somehow she manages to win HoH this week.

That is such a dreadful thought....I can't even think about that right now.

Yes, Production, we realize that Toucan Sam is on the Froot Loops box.  We get it.  We're not as stupid as the house guests.

Thank god.