Sunday, August 27, 2017

Products of Paul's Environment. #BB19

I know I'm behind, but the next two weeks are busy with tax deadlines so I have real work to do.  And lots of people think they are business moguls, but don't know what a Balance Sheet is.....think about that the next time you hear somebody brag about being "an entrepreneur".  I even heard a conversation on the live feeds about Christmas and Paul bragging about their LLCs and tax strategies.....I don't think that is a wise choice and out of some basic respect I will not type up what that conversation entailed.  We'll call it a professional courtesy.  

PoV WINNER:  Jason

PoV Competition:  Hide and Go Veto

This is the competition where the house gets torn up by people hiding the PoV in certain areas of the house.  The person who's PoV isn't found is the winner.   Last year Paulie won and there was drama about Natalie's underwear being dragged all over the floor.  (James did it. but I'm not sure Natalie ever knew that.)

Everyone is bickering about what is going to happen now, but I think the plan is for Jason to not use the PoV, leaving Matt on the block for eviction.  However Paul has been making the case for Jason to save Raven and nominate Kevin as a pawn.  That way Jason can tell Raven he is shocked at the vote when Matt leaves, keeping her calm.

But what Paul is really trying to do is turn Kevin and Jason against each other, putting just another target or two in front of him.  He's got every single player in there after someone else.  Or everyone else.

And Paul is wearing another damn pool floatie, and he has named this one, too. I really don't want to have to discuss this, but the damn pool floatie's name is Trejo.  After the actor Danny Trejo, of course.  Paul met him at the taco stand he owns and I think Alex has met him, too.

(His head was the amputated one perched on the back of a turtle in Breaking Bad.)

Paul ate constantly on BBAD last night, crunching one handful of snacks after another.

Kevin came in the room and asked Paul if he planned to "wear that thing around him all night long".

Paul:  I'm going to wear it for the rest of the season.  Didn't you see it last year?  Remember that video you saw of me yelling? Didn't you see it then?

Kevin:  No. I didn't see it.

Yes Kevin, I'm disgusted too.

They got a lot of new pool floaties, too.  Kevin refused to get in the pool with all of that though, because he said he's a "56 year old man and he's not doing that".

And Christmas is the the warpath, so angry about how Kevin hid his PoV, which apparently wasn't hidden very well.  I think Kevin "hid it in plain sight" which is kind of funny.  I'm sure Kevin had no idea how trashed the house would get during this competition.

I heard that the stash of Matt's used condoms got dumped out on the floor, but I don't have any further information about that at this time.  I doubt we'll get to see that on the CBS episode, but surely someone will extract that for the blooper reel that the house guests and their familes will see at the studio wrap party.

***IMPORTANT UPDATE***    Well, I was dead wrong about that last statement.....CBS not only showed the condom stash being revealed, they showed it TWICE and we also had commentary from the house guests about it.  See the "How Much Does CBS Hate Matt" section of this post for futher details.  Enjoy!

As much as I'd like to pop Christmas right in the mouth right now, I can't help wonder what the game might have been like if she hadn't broken her foot.  I think she would have ripped up the house with her competitive nature and I doubt she would have accepted any role except the HBIC.

If I had known that Christmas would be another sheep doing whatever Paul wanted her to do, I wouldn't have believed it.

At least Kevin is on the CBS website's rotating billboard right now, looking like a G.D. movie star. 


The house guests just came downstairs and dread was in the air as Jason opened up the Have Not envelope.  I'm not sure why they are still doing this so late in the season.

Jason said the first two players to fall off in the last HoH competition will be the new Have Nots---Matt and Kevin.

Kevin knew this was going to happen, and told Jason a few times that if he needed to pick anybody, he could pick him.

Kevin got out the protein powder and tried to gear up for sharing the Have Not room with Matt.  If Raven decides to sleep in there with Matt, it might be too much for him though.  If Jason leaves the nominations the same on Monday morning, then things might get interesting in that Have Not room.

Raven threatened to pitch some hissy fits if she and Matt were going to get split up this week.  Too bad that Hissy Fit City might include Kevin in it's small population of three.

Kevin talked about Joey McIntyre coming over to his house all of the time, as Jason tried to remember which boy band the New Kids on the Block were.

Kevin: They wore the gold chains, and the faded denim jackets.  And they had everything....lunch boxes with their pictures....everything.

Kevin is about 10 years older than Joey, and says he was "running the streets" back then, and didn't show Joey and his friends as much respect as they showed him.

Kevin:  He could walk in a bar and say "get out" and nobody would move.  But I could go in there and tell people to get the fuck out and the place would empty out.

He mentions all of the money that was made back then, and says that none of that is possible now in the current environment, and also said that some people didn't make it out and were killed by addiction or violence.  Jason implied those were weak choices but Kevin asks him what if you grew up in the middle of it all, and were lured in by the lifestyle.

Jason:  Then I guess you'd just be a product of your environment.

Kevin:  Yes!  P.O.E.  I've got friends with that tattoed on's not the poet, it's Product of the Environment.  And believe me you wouldn't mess with any of those guys.

The store room got stocked and Alex and Christmas rifled through it, gloating about all of the food and Coca-Cola they have this week.   Christmas still has some of her special HoH food in there, too.

Christmas:  Let's have my steak tonight, with some brussel sprouts.

Alex: Yeah, and we don't have to share any with that rude motherfucker this week!

(Yes.  They are both talking about KEVIN.  Kevin is the RUDE MOTHERFUCKER that these two bitches don't want to share with. I know Alex is an imbecile, but I did expect more from Christmas.)


As BBAD began on Friday night, it should be no surprise that the house guests were re-hashing the same old stories again.  But every now and then, we hear a few more details that we weren't aware of until now.  Alex and Christmas were talking about The Story of Raven and Cody, which has achieved folklore status at this point, since the fans didn't have access to the live feeds for the first week of the game.

You've probably heard about the discrepancy between what Raven says happened, and what Cody says happened.  Raven has said that Cody made a pass at her the first week, trying to kiss her when she slept in his HoH room, but she turned him down.  And then Cody said it was just as well, because Raven "can't have children".  And Cody vigorously denied this account when he heard it later.

Cody: Right.  So I saw Jessica and I saw Raven, and I said Raven was the one....okay...

The Guys:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Right.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

(Note that the incident in the link above is one of the instances that Christmas has been referring to when she says that Matt only gets heated when someone comes for Raven.  Christmas told Paul this, and Paul has been repeating that concept ever since.)

Christmas said that Raven was upset because after sleeping in the HoH room with Cody for a few nights, Jessica started sleeping up there.

Kevin:  I didn't know that.

Alex: All I know is that Raven came downstairs and her buns (the Princess Leia hair things) were messed up and her eye makeup was smeared.

Then they discussed how Jessica reported hooking up with Cody on day #6, and Jessica said she's not a liar and has no reason to lie about it.

Alex: Jessica got offended that time when we asked her if she would do Playboy.

Christmas:  Why?  I'd do Playboy if they asked me.

Christmas then mentioned Elena taking her shirt off right in front of the cameras in the Rose Room.  Christmas says she warned Elena about the cameras, but she stood right there for several seconds and made no move to cover herself.

Christmas: She's not that dumb.  You don't just forget.  She just didn't care.

(I saw this happen....Elena was trying on different outfits to wear on the live show the first time she was nominated, I think.  And it did seem like she didn't care at all, but I got the impression she also wanted Christmas to see her, not just the cameras, because she turned toward the center of the room, where Christmas was sitting to take off her shirt, instead of turning towards the wall like a normal person.)

At this point Kevin left the room, and Alex said Elena was always walking around without a bra on.

Alex: And she has those guys who send her money from Instagram.  Did she tell you that?  She said she has 15,000 to 25,000 in social media followers.

Christmas: I think it was 30,000, but she wanted to downplay it.

Alex:  Some guy in New Zealand listens to her radio show and sends her presents, and makes PayPal payments to DSW shoe store for her, and sends her like, $50 to go out and fun with.

Elena has more followers now, it seems, so that should make her very happy when she released back into the world next month.

Paul basically goes from one group to the next, and each person or group he speaks with seems to believe that they are the Chosen Ones to go to the end with him.  In each group, Paul has conversations that involve talking crap about the other house guests.  In this case, Paul and Josh are talking about how shady Kevin is.

Josh has been seeing Red Flags with regard to Kevin's behavior for a long time now.

Josh:  I know his ways.  You don't even need to tell me about it anymore.  I know.

So it sounds like Paul has got Josh well in line to go after Kevin once Matt is evicted or wins the PoV.

Paul:  So if you win it you won't use it, right?

Josh:  In my speech I want to say, "I just don't want to fucking use it".

Then they decided to trash talk Jessica, which seems like a waste of time to me.  Paul said there is a performer named Post Malone that he likes, but Jessica said she didn't like him because he was ugly.

Josh:  Jessica is the biggest name dropper.  She said she knows Leo DiCaprio but I'm like, you served Leo DiCaprio a bottle of champagne, so shut the fuck up.  And she says "I know the Patriots".

Alex joined them at one point and they continued to talk shit about Jessica.

Paul:  Going out pre-jury is kind of a J.K., to be honest.

Alex:  Yeah, nobody cares.  I only care about the people who win each season, not even the whole Jury.  I only liked the whole top three for the fist season...Eddie, Josh and Curtis.  Curtis was an Asian lawyer and Eddie only had one leg.

Paul:  That's what's up. Did the one-legged guy do well?

Alex:  He won!

Paul:  Fuck yeah.

Alex said the entire game was social back then and the competitions weren't very physical.  She was about 8 years old at the time and got in trouble  for voting for some of the weekly viewer votes.  Each vote cost around 99 cents, she says.

Then the topic turned to Mark, and his deformities.  Alex explained that Mark was born with a club foot and on the other foot he had a hammer toe.  Paul never noticed, but Josh says he felt bad because when Mark took off his shoe Josh asked him if his toe was broken.  They also said that Mark's feet smelled horrible when he took off his shoes and Alex dreaded this when he would visit her in her HoH room.

(On the live feeds I saw Elena make a critical comment about Mark's leg, that it looked smaller than the other leg or something like that.  Mark told her he was born with the club foot and Elena felt badly for how she said what she said about it.)

Also, check out the poll on the next picture.....I think Paul is going to stick with whichever alliance wins the next HoH, at least for a few days, but he'd prefer Christmas and Josh.  I actually think Josh is probably most likely to cut Paul at the Final Two, because he actually wants to win.

After a commercial break Paul is talking to Jason, and they are trash talking Kevin now. Jason isn't really trash talking, I guess, but he is mentioning patterns of Kevin's behavior that seem really strange.

Jason:  Like he wanted us to have a Mountain Dew together, but then he didn't even drink it.  He didn't really want it, he just wanted me to give it to him.

This fit into the story Paul wants to tell about Kevin, so he explained that Kevin just wanted to manipulate Jason, because he craves attention.

(I saw Kevin ask Jason for a Mountain Dew.  I think he wanted to have one with Jason because he knew Jason really likes it and it would be a bonding experience. After Kevin had a few sips he put the cap back on and put it back in Jason's fridge, pointing out to Jason where he stashed it.  My take on it was that once Kevin discovered how HORRIBLE it tastes, he didn't want any more, but did not want to tell Jason how much he hated it.  As someone who HATES Mountain Dew, this my interpretation of it---I was shocked that Kevin wanted to drink it in the first place but I don't think he'd ever had it before.)

Paul's mission here is to make sure that Jason has his targets lined up this week....they've already talked shit about Kevin, so now it's time to talk shit about Matt and Raven, which I am A-OK with.  What can I say, I'm a hypocrite, but at least I am admitting it.

Jason:  Matt doesn't do one damn thing around here but grabass  all day with a girl, but he doesn't even really care about that, either.  And what about that speech he made, about being a big loser?  And saying he won a PoV that no one else wanted?  What the hell was that about.

(Matt took the PoV from Jason in return for the Xtreme-tard, so no wonder Jason is peeved about it.)

Paul was obviously very pleased with the direction this conversation is taking.  All of his hard work is paying off, it seems.

Jason: I could stand there at the kitchen sink and do dishes next to Matt and Raven for two weeks, or I could never see them again, and it's the same exact thing.

But then back to Kevin....Jason really thinks that Ramses took the $25,000, and Paul tries to push the blame back on Kevin, but Jason was there and Paul wasn't, so  his first hand account should count for something.  (Except Kevin already confessed to Paul about it.)

Jason:  It was hot as hell out there, and we were all told to stare right at the must have been fifteen minutes, and I won the first round.

Paul: You had rounds?

Jason:  Well, we had a practice round.  And I won it.  So then we did it again, and I was right there with my hand on the button, waiting.  I could hear other people talking out there and I was like this is $25,000 and that's a big deal. I was ready to take that money and get down, so I sat and waited.  But I didn't win, and Kevin was sweating so bad he was wringing water out of his tie, so....

Paul:  Maybe he was sweating because he was excited and nervous about winning the money.

Jason:  I didn't take my eyes off it.  I mean I was on it.  No fucking way Kevin did it faster than me.

(BUT HE DID!  That's kind of amazing, because we know that Jason has lightening fast reflexes and instincts.)

As we went to commercial Jason gestured at Paul with his Mountain Dew bottle and Paul said okay.  I'm not sure if Paul was going to take a swig from Jason's bottle, or if he was going to enjoy his own personal bottle of soda.  Either way, I'll just drink water.  Thank you.

Jason said that Dominique and Mark were always whispering at the chess board in the first week of the game.

Jason: And she walked by me one day and giggled, and said "he's gonna have a girl", and I was like, I have a son!  Then she told me that I'm paranoid.

(That is WEIRD about what Dominique said about Jason's wife having a girl, right?  We don't know yet what the gender is of the unborn Baby Dent, but it is a strange thing for Dominique to say.  But she said a lot of strange things, so....)

Jason is also aggravated with Alex because she keeps talking about winning the game in front of everybody.  She's been on a power trip, he says, and she's getting on a lot of people's bad sides.

Paul:  And if you just try to see it from Kevin's eyes....he already hates her, and he's standing out there in the cold and she talks about getting a jury vote and being the winner.

Jason:  I told her that she's already showed all of her teeth in here, she needs to put that lip back down.

(I don't think I've ever heard it phrased like that....)

Paul also discussed his loss last year by one Jury vote, saying that you really have to think about who is in the Jury and how they might vote.  Jason says he hadn't realized that Paul lost by just one vote....he started watching the season in sequester but "fell asleep", he says.

Paul:  I lost by one vote, and one of the votes was because "I wanted a girl to win" would you like to hear that?  And two of the people in the end were boyfriend and girlfriend, and didn't give a fuck about me.

(ie:  trying to stress again how Jason should target Matt or Raven this week)

Then Alex came upstairs and Paul made his exit.  And Alex seems to have ingested some sort of magic mushroom in the last hour or so.

Alex:  I'm starting to think that Matt and Raven haven't been doing anything at all. They're just hanging out and doing whatever we tell them to do.  They're followers, and we started working with them because we needed numbers and they're still here.  Kevin, too.  I'm starting to think that he's not doing anything either.

(Where did all of this truth come from?  I can't imagine Alex will feel this way for long, based on her history of histrionics on an hourly basis.)

Josh is really coveting Jason's HoH slippers. It sounds like they gave him a good pair that fit, while Josh got a pair in his HoH basket that didn't fit and were rather shoddy.

Kevin:  What are they, Lord & Taylor?

The BBAD poll-makers seem to have lost hope, too.  I hope they are wrong about this one, though.  I hope Jason doesn't wind up evicting Kevin on his HoH week.  Paul knows that Matt and Raven would never target him, so it certainly behooves him to get Jason to put Kevin the block during the PoV ceremony.

Someone made a comment about Jason winning the season, and Kevin said if that happens, and the visit to Iowa is on Jason, then he's going to travel there the long way.

Kevin:  I'll go the long route to Iowa, through Portugal, through the cruise area where you said the people were mean to you, and back around again.

And then Kevin had a lot to say about the girls who spent so much time in front of the bathroom mirror.

Kevin:  Jessica and Dominique would be standing there putting their makeup on for hours, and then look just the same as they did before.  And here I was, waiting for them to leave so I could use the bathroom.  And I was like, how can the two of you stand there all day long with the smell of shit in the air? And then finally I'm in there trying to go and Jason starts yelling "Kevin what are you doing in there?"  I was ready to kill him!

I know you've heard about the rat infestation in the kitchen.  (It's real.)  But now that everyone knows how scared Josh is of rats, they have a new prank in the works.  Jason said he saw the rat running under one of the beds in the Money Room, and everyone is going along with it.  (It's a lie.)

So Christmas is going to make a little object out of dental floss and put hair from the hairbrushes on it so that it resembles a rat.  She is then going to hide it under a bed in the Rose Room and tie a long piece of dental floss to it so they can pull it out from under a bed and across the room.  She even wants to put something on the dental floss string so that it is not visible by being bright white.

I don't know if they've tried this yet, but when they do, I'm sure we'll see the gifs on Twitter.  Josh will surely lose it.

Raven had some real hard luck tales for Matt about how her veins are hard to get an IV in, and sometimes it takes dozens of tries to get a vein.  She pointed to some areas on her legs, though, so I'm not sure how to interpret that.

I have the slippery veins too, but typically my arms are the target area.

Raven: That's why they'd just leave the IVs in me 'til they just blow up.

And I can't with this BBAD poll, either.  We just said that after BB18, and maybe after BBOTT, too.  But the BB20 players who will need to know this information won't start watching the show until April 2018.

Think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  Even many of the "fans" on the internet only watch the YouTube videos, or only watch the CBS episodes (which often don't tell you much about what really happened).

Also, I mentioned the other day about Raven's demeanor while discussing The Challenge on MTV and how Paul was closely observing her.  I later heard him tell Christmas that he heard Raven all excited about "some TV show" and she had no accent at all.  So.....Paul was indeed taking it all in.  He's always on the clock, Paul is.

And what kind of damn poll is this one?

Matt has quite a collection of compulsive behaviors, from the CONSTANT contact with his lip with either his tongue or fingers.  Not to mention the whole eating situation.  After his hangry tantrum during the HoH comp he was shoveling a white bread sandwich down his throat literally within minutes.  And then he moved to cereal, then pizza, then cereal again.

I can't remember my direct source, but supposedly Matt's parents didn't sign the waiver and don't want to be discussed on the show, and I think his brother may be the same.  I believe Matt told someone that if he got a letter, it would be from a friend, instead of his family for that reason.  Another rumor is that they work with or in government somehow and are rather wealthy. That might be the case, and it kind of makes sense, because Matt just doesn't seem like he gives a crap about money, with very little ambition.  He has no sense of urgency about anything except his next feeding.

During the HoH competition Raven won a bet with Matt by beating him.  Apparently the bet allowed her to pick his clothing for two days, and she showed Christmas stacks of cleanly folded T-shirts and shorts that were in his dresser drawer.   Christmas could hardly believe it, and said several of the color combinations and styles were "Christmas outfits".  And at least two of the shirts that I saw were sleeveless, so Matt lied to Julie Chen.  I hope Julie brings that up during his fucking exit interview.  Because besides cereal and his T-shirt, and also banging Raven, what else can Julie talk to him about?

Christmas watched the chess game, and is one of the only house guests left who knows how to zip it when it's time to keep it quiet.  But in the last day or so Christmas has been RELENTLESS in her trash-talking about Kevin.  She is taking EVERY single action and making it into a crazy example of Kevin "going nuts" and "losing his mind".

Since Kevin was the first to fall out of his hotdog bun, everyone suspected him of having to be the first Have Not.

Kevin:  Look how much weight I've lost.  Another week of Have Not and I'll slip down the drain.

Kevin also discussed how in the Weather Report competition, he kept announcing his name wrong and had to keep redoing his lines.

Kevin:  I kept saying I was Kevin Thunder, and they'd make me do it over to say Kevin Lightening.  I did it at least four times.

The BBAD poll-maker is tired.  I think they should make a poll that says "what eight-word sentence would YOU shout over the wall at approximately 9:14 PM tonight"?

Sadly, after tonight I think this BBAD poll might be correct.  Christmas really flew off the deep end with her sudden disdain for Kevin.  They are now watching the Spy Screen and saying "Oh my God...don't tell me Kevin's coming up here!" and other such hateful comments.

But Alex is likely on The Family's hit list, too, after all of her disrespectful and hateful comments.  Don't book those Thanksgiving travel plans yet, kids.