Thursday, August 24, 2017

Words of Wisdom From People Who Know. #BB19

I told you yesterday the Big News about Jason eating Triscuits with cottage cheese.  Well, I have more Big News, because Christmas whipped up a bowl of cottage cheese and Wheat Chex.  That seems strange, but she said it was delicious.  And their options are pretty scarce right now, because they are running low on necessities as far as the food goes.  The toilet paper needs to be replenished, too, but I don't have an update on that situation.  I guess no news is good news on that front.

Mark would eat it, I'm sure.  He's spending his last week in the house as a Have Not, and is staring down Christmas as she enjoys her strange snack.

Mark was tempted to do the Have Not challenge again, taking a chance to pick the right box to shed his Have Not status.  But I'm kind of impressed that he didn't.  Maybe Mark is thinking that if by some miracle he gets to stay this week, he'll need his strength to win HoH, to avoid another week of being the target, so the risk of being a Have Not for two weeks is too high.  But maybe Mark is just thinking about how he'll be looking at the Jury House when he is reunited with Elena.

Mark:  I know if I won the Temptation I'd just do a lot of emotional eating right now.  I'd eat all of that granola because that's the only good thing we have left to eat.

(Granola has ALL the calories.)

There was some excitement when Josh found a drawer next to Matt and Raven's bed in the Rose Room that appears to be full of condoms.  Used condoms.  Condoms are provided for the house guests in the storage room, of course, but even after finding this evidence, they still seem unable to grasp what has been happening right under their noses.

The group was very loud as Jason ran in the bedroom to see inside the drawer for himself.  They laughed as he completed the mission and ran back to the Money Room to discuss the situation.  And even then, they still don't seem to believe it.

Maybe they just blew the condoms up into balloons, they say as they debate the importance of their findings.  But Kevin knows....and they laugh about it all.  Note who isn't in the room....Matt or Raven.  I'm not sure where they were, but they weren't here. I wonder what Raven will say when she finds out about this.  The guys were really loud about their caper, so I can't imagine that Raven or Matt didn't hear them laughing about something in there.

Last night Alex and Jason were playing rough as he "pretended" to attack her with a pizza cutter, while she "pretended" to brandish a frying pan at his head.  But Production must feel comfortable that no actual violence will take place, because I didn't hear them issue any warnings.

And then Jason did this with the pizza cutter.  The crew has been listening to the same Jason stories that we have, so they're probably not worried about Jason's ability to survive.  It will take more than a pizza cutter to take him down.  Jason told us weeks ago that his own father used to say that Jason would never live to see the age of 30, based on his fearless nature and extremely dangerous hobbies.

By the way, if you are reading this, I am assuming that you eat pizza and occasionally cook up a frozen one in the comfort of your home.  I like to get the ones with thin crust, and cheese only so I can add a few fresh toppings like thinly sliced tomatoes and purple onion.  The cheese is hard to get right if you don't eat real cheese, but you still need to slice up the pie when you're read to eat.

I recommend this device from Oxo.  I have had one for at least 10 years and it still gets the job done easily and efficiently.  And you can just throw it in the dishwasher, but if you slit someone's throat you might want to clean off some of the evidence first.  Because DNA.  I'm just kidding of course.  And this is not a paid endorsement.

I mentioned yesterday that I never see Matt workout except in quick, random exercises using the furniture.  I did catch him doing some crunches here, so here is the evidence for that.

And here is Matt putting his dirty feet on the couch to do push ups.  I don't need to point out those dirty socks, do I?  Because I know you can see it for yourself.  The Big Brother house is a dirty, filthy place.

But I don't want you to think that Matt's socks got that dirty just from toddling down the hallway from his bed to the living room. Because it took longer than that to accumulate that much filth.  Matt's probably been wearing those same socks for at least three days now.  I already heard him brag about not changing his clothes again for another wretched day.

I think the BBAD poll on the screen below is interesting, and accurate, too.  But only if it's Jason.  And Alex will fight him every step of the way.  Unless she's on the block next to Paul, so she's not allowed to vote.

I wonder who Christmas would vote for in that case?  Months ago she appeared to have suspicions about Paul, telling Josh not to listen to every word he says.  But maybe that was the drugs talking, because it certainly seems now like Christmas had a few Kool Aid Jello Shots served up by Paul, to say the least.

She was watching Matt work out here, but I didn't hear any constructive criticism.    I hear her correct Josh's form frequently when he does squats or lunges.

Kevin went over to look at the memory wall and Paul apparently noticed.

Paul:  Kevin, are you reminiscing over there?

Kevin: No.  Just looking.

I'm sure Paul will tell everyone later that Kevin is studying for the Mophomatic, or something like that in an attempt to disparage him.  This morning Paul and Kevin were getting ready to go upstairs for the HoH lockdown and Paul obviously was annoyed by some of Kevin's speculation about what will happen next in the game.

Paul:  Kevin, what day is this?

Kevin:  It's Day 63.

Paul:  Well, it's Day 163 for me. I've done this before and I'm telling you this is nothing.  Imagine being in here when it's down to three, and you don't resonate with either one of those people.  It's rough.

If America was voting, Matt would be getting the boot tonight, by the looks of this BBAD poll.  If the house guests were mean, they would evict Raven so that the Jury members get to spend maximum time with her.

I heard Christmas complaining about Elena taking two pair of her work out pants to the Jury.  Paul said she can request Production get them back for her, since the pants are her belongings and they still have access to Elena's things in the Jury house.

Christmas:  She was worried about not having the right things to wear to workout in, but I need them too!

Christmas and Alex discussed the condom cache that Josh found. Christmas thinks some of the debris might be related to Jessica and Cody, but I think they would clean up after themselves, right?  We all know how much consideration Raven and Matt have for their roommates.  HINT:  Not much.

Christmas:  That's a question we need to ask Jessica after this...if it was wrapped up or raw.

(I didn't see this myself, but apparently Jessica told the fans that she stopped taking birth control pills before she went in the house, but got her prescription renewed after she took up with Cody inside the house.  The DR told both of them to use condoms for a certain time until the pill's effectiveness kicked in.  On the live feeds I heard Jessica say that she had sex with Cody in the HoH shower on day six, I think, telling Elena that having sex in the Big Brother house was like joining the Mile High Club.)

I didn't cover it here, because it was way too nasty, but at least a month ago Matt wiped off his stomach after an "encounter" with Raven and then used that towel to dry the dishes.

Yep.  That happened.  I don't understand why Production didn't call him out for that, and demand an immediate correction or public apology.  Because in BB2 when Shannon cleaned the toilet bowl with Hardy's electric toothbrush, she got called to the DR immediately to throw the toothbrush away and make a confession to Hardy.

Paul told the guys that he had surgery to correct "cauliflower ear" on both sides, resulting from damage sustained in his fighting days.  Maybe when Paul was much younger?

He showed them that some of the busted cartilage is still in there.  You can feel it, Paul says, but I didn't see anyone take Paul up on his offer to touch it.

Jason knew he could never be the winner of the bull rider World Championship, because he was too tall.  Most of the bull riders are about 5'9", but at Jason's height (6'4") it was unusual to ride the bulls.

Jason:  They didn't know how to score me.  The bull bucks the same for all of us, but the shorter guys have to work harder to stay on.  It doesn't look like I'm trying because of my height and the judges don't know how to grade me on it.

Jason never hurt his back bull riding, and says he wears chaps, spurs, gloves and an impact vest.  Alex doesn't like the spurs situation (me neither) but Jason says they are necessary to stay on.  He also said the bulls are trained for it, too, and know what their role is in the situation.

Riding the mechanical bull is much worse, he says, because there is nothing for you to hold on to.  Alex also pointed out that you can't predict what the mechanical bull will do next, which is probably a factor, too.  I rode a mechanical bull once, but didn't enjoy it because I was worried about the release form I just signed.  I wasn't as concerned about the threat of injury, but of the threat of having my picture posted on the bar's internet site. I had a respectable job and didn't want pictures of any wardrobe malfunctions out there next to my name.

And BBAD isn't worried about offending anyone with their polls, it seems.  But this poll might as well have been:  ARE YOU AN IDIOT?  OR A FUCKING IDIOT?  OR BOTH?

Raven and Matt had a very energetic conversation about their love of the Real World Road Rules Challenge show on MTV.  They talked about it with Paul, who did not seem very familiar with it, but he seemed very interested in what Raven had to say about it all.

They discussed their admiration for "C.T." and "Johnny Bananas", and Matt can't believe C.T. is still in the game after all of these years.  Raven seemed really amped about C.T., saying that he has a child now, and then launched into C.T.'s relationship with "Diem", his girlfriend he met on the show who had breast cancer.

Raven:  She died three years ago!  They were dating and she died!

Raven started describing now Diem took her shirt off on the show.....I think she was going to talk about seeing scars, and the cameras changed.  But there may have been an "AHA" moment for Paul as he saw Raven discuss all of this. Does Raven want to be like Diem?  Not with the dying, of course, but with the fame of the situation?  Just a thought.  Just wondering.

You can see how lit up she was talking about it.  I don't think I've every seen her discuss something with such authenticity before.  I noticed it.  I'll bet Paul noticed it, too.

AND GET THIS:  Matt said his mother didn't want him to be on Big Brother, because she thought it might be like The Real World and paint him in a bad light.  The irony is rich, right? Since now her son is having relations with a girl of questionable sanity and unquestionable morals (BAD) right on camera, just about every night.

There are ostriches that attend the rodeos too, Jason says.  A lady told him that every single time she loads her ostrich into the trailer, he bangs his head on the top of it.  It always happens, the ostrich never learns, so Jason says they are stupid.

Maybe the ostrich has brain damage.  You know, from all of the head-banging.

And look at the tweet that Orwell himself put out in the picture below.  Wow.  I would say they sure took the gloves off, but I'm not sure the gloves were ever on.

Josh did some dancing with Paul, and they synchronized their movements pretty well in the beginning.

And then Josh did some dancing with Mark, who seemed to enjoy it.  I'll miss Big Mark and his generally-gentle presence in the house.

I think Josh's sister was on the show "House of DVF" which was on the E channel.  He mentioned it briefly, and then said he couldn't discuss it here.  When questioned, he implied that his family's beauty products business provided some connections with that show.  He  also promised to hook everybody up with wholesale prices on premium hair products, so that is a good friend to have.  It sounds like Josh's online store carries the good stuff, which is always a plus.

Kevin held court with some great stories about Boston. He's lived there all his life, but has never done the super-touristy things like drink in the Cheers bar, or ride the duck boats.  He knows the Wahlberg brothers and says the lines are so long at Wahlburgers.

He has a connection with Joey McIntyre, whose sister may have gone to school with Kevin, or something like that.  His friends (probably Lori and Gene) are close to the New Kids on the Block and Kevin has seen them at barbecue parties in the backyard.  They are very nice, he says. He starts to talk about playing basketball with Donnie Wahlberg but then says he shouldn't discuss it on camera.

Josh made Kevin promise to introduce him if he ever has the chance.  Of course I will, said Kevin.  Kevin said they grew up in Dorchester, which is a much better neighborhood than Mission Hills, where Kevin grew up.

Kevin has also met Ben Affleck (SWOON) and says "those guys" know his father, and did research with people in prison while working on various movies.  He says that Ben will ask about his father when he sees him.  He mentioned a guy that Ben knows in prison, but says he won't say their nickname on camera.

Kevin:  Those guys grew up knowing how to fight. No one messes with them.  They were from the rough neighborhood, but they were smart about it.  ("smaht")  They went to Hollywood and made movies about it, instead of getting involved with crime.  When you see them out they're dressed like everybody else, with track suits and Nike Cortez shoes.

(Ben just got about 82% hotter to me.  Not due to the apparel information, but because Kevin respects how tough Ben is.  Too bad Ben can't beat The Bottle.  It's going to beat him if he can't beat it first.)

Kevin also discussed Whitey Bulgar, the notorious gang criminal who was finally captured after 12 years on the run, living in a small apartment in Santa Monica with his girlfriend.

Kevin: He had $850,000 in cash stuffed behind the walls, and a bunch of guns.

Kevin described how people saw Whitey kill people in broad daylight, so no one wanted to spill the beans on him, because their families might die, too.  Whitey did time in Alcatraz, Kevin said, back in his youth, and is in custody now, serving several life sentences.

(Whitey also did time in the Atlanta Correctional Facility, where he participated in an experiment with LSD that may have messed up his mind in some way.  I recommend biographies about Whitey, actually.  It's fascinating, because Whitey was a rat all along, working with people who worked with the FBI to keep himself safe.)

Kevin said that Whitey's trial after they brought him back from California was a circus, with all sorts of security and helicopters buzzing around.   I'll bet the damn crew is LOVING this interesting, first hand conversation from Kevin tonight.  I know I enjoyed it.

Meanwhile Christmas sniffled and recited the days all by herself.  Was Christmas sad?

We don't know, because we only saw her when Kevin said something that might have been provocative about Ben Affleck, or Johnny Depp, who visited Boston when researching his role in The Departed.  They also discussed The Town, which was a GREAT movie about Boston bank robberies starring Ben.  And directed by Ben, too, I think.

Ben, Ben, Ben, Ben.  Who doesn't like to talk about Ben? (Probably Jennifer Garner, but that's another story for another day.)


I kind of had an epiphany last night about what CBS has said, and more importantly, did not say about Raven being ill.  CBS hasn't said ANYTHING about her having any sort of disease.  The only mention of it that we've heard is from Raven herself in her DR sessions, and house guest chatter about it.

In my recap of the premiere episode, I specifically noted that her intro package mentioned NOTHING about having a  pacemaker or having a disease.  And I'll add that I don't think I've EVER heard Raven discuss her ghost-hunting "business" on the live feeds.

That's interesting, right?  That CBS did NOT include any info about that in Raven's intro package.  I heard Michelle Meyer on RHAP last night talking a little about it. Michelle works at a hospital now as a dietician, and she told the guys that she actually works with patients who have gasteoparesis.

Michelle:  And none of them are dying, and none of them wear pacemakers.

And unfortunately neither Rob nor his co-hosts asked Michelle any questions about what foods she would recommend, and not recommend, for someone with Raven's condition.  Rob could have had an exclusive on that, but they didn't ask Michelle ANY follow up questions about it after she made her statement.

But Michelle also asked when the Jury Buy Back would be, and Rob had to tell her that Julie already told us on the live show that there wouldn't be one. So Michelle isn't exactly watching this season closely.