Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Everyone Was In the Dark. #BB19

There isn't a whole lot to discuss at this point, but I guess we'll talk about it anyway.  For example, the eclipse.  I talked to a partner at a local CPA firm yesterday morning about a client that we have in common, and he said he was taking the afternoon off, and even taking his kids out of school so they could watch the eclipse at home together.

In Atlanta we are close to the "Totality Zone" or whatever you call it, but unless you are an astronomer, professional photographer, or aspiring astronaut, I'm not sure what the big deal was. Many Atlantans made a short drive to the Georgia mountains to see the eclipse happen in the Zone, but apparently the short drive home took HOURS due to the traffic.  So everybody is bitching about that now.  It's always something.

The house guests were nudged out of bed early yesterday to see the eclipse pass over California, and there were some disgruntled people out there.  Production gave them the special eclipse glasses to wear for the occasion.

I'm sure Paul wished he had some weed to smoke, and also some music to listen to out there. I watched him have a conversation with Alex yesterday about some sort of Asian travels they plan to take together.  Alex told him that they could not take any cannabis with them, because those countries have very harsh punishments if you get caught.

Paul said what about taking a vape pen, then, because "they won't know what the fuck that is".

Alex:  Um....I don't know, Paul.

Paul:  We'll carry edibles then.  Like the gummy bears.

Then they joked about how hiding the dosed gummies in the bag with the rest of candy might produce some unintended results.

Well, first of all Paul IS NOT going ANYWHERE with Alex after this is over, unless it is an Uber ride to In-N-Out since they both live in California.  Second, Paul is forgetting that although he lives in a very Cannabis-friendly state, the rest of the country, and also the world, does not observe the same viewpoints.  Paul will wind up in a damn Turkish prison if he isn't careful out there.

But if he's travelling with Alex, he'll make her carry the contraband, right?  She can just carry it all in her purse for Paul's convenience and safety.  Yep.

Paul also discussed visiting Kevin in Massachusetts.  Kevin asked if Paul would be bringing the girl he was dating, who apparently lives in New York, and Paul said he's not sure if she is even interested anymore.  Paul said he'd fly in to NYC anyway, and take the train to meet Kevin.  Kevin said it's about a 4-hour train ride and the sights are beautiful.

Paul:  I'll just take an edible and listen to some music.  That's all I need.  You know me....I'm low maintenance.

Kevin said the room Paul would stay in has a pool table right next to it with a dart board, too.

Kevin:  The girls will stay up there for hours sitting with you, too.

(Will they though?  I'm thinking they will hold SEVERAL large grudges after all of the shit-talking Paul has been doing about their dad.)

After a few cameras shots like this, we didn't seem much of this group of house guests.  I'm guessing they were napping.

Christmas was really into it, though, watching the entire process with great interest the entire time.

She has a doctors appointment today, I think (Tuesday) and there might be some changes with her boot structure.  She said she is willing to "sign a damn release" so she can compete, because she thinks there will be "hanging and spinning" competitions that she will be able to do.

(Christmas already signed a "damn release" along with everyone else.  Production will follow the doctor's orders, however, because they don't want to risk having something happen where Christmas will consult "a damn lawyer" after her foot gets mangled again.)

Kevin relishes every second of being out in the yard ("yahd").   The basic Production schedule has them locked out of the backyard from either Tuesday or Wednesday through late Saturday, after the PoV competition, so Kevin is often counting down the hours until he can get outside in the fresh air.

He always talks about the trees that they can see over the wall, pointing them out to the other house guests, who don't seem to care much about them.

Kevin:  Look at those trees.....they're not moving at  all now.....beautiful....beautiful...

(Are these trees palm trees?  Does anyone know? They must be, since palm trees sway in the breeze and hold such a fascination for a Yankee like Kevin.)

I never saw them, but apparently Raven and Matt were playing pool throughout the eclipse.  I could hear them though, as Raven screeched and squealed numerous times, causing Matt to yell at her and also to make his traditional "nails on a chalkboard" laugh.

Christmas, under her breath:  Why can't she just chill and enjoy this?  Just chill.............chill.............

Kevin:  Did you enjoy that Christmas?

Christmas:  Yeah.  But I would have liked to have some motherfuckin' peace and quiet out here.

Kevin:  You too?  I thought it was just me, but it bothers me all of the time.

(However, Christmas is still plotting with both Matt AND Raven to evict Kevin and his friend Jason.)


I realized that I don't have many, if any, pictures of HoH competitions from previous seasons, because I was just watching them on TV, so I've tried to include a few pictures for each HoH competition this season, for the record.

The competition was a tie-in to a new CBS show called "Encrypt", I think, and Derrick was the host.  Later Matt and Raven sat around and said things like "I can't believe Derrick was sitting in the audience watching us", and "Derrick is probably watching us now".

ALSO:  On Monday night, after a BBAD commercial break, Paul ran to the HoH room to gleefully tell Christmas that he just caught Raven and Matt in the aftermath of some sort of sexual activity.

Paul: I just saw him pulling the covers up and then she went to the bathroom.

Christmas: So the Zingbot was right....this house gets more ass.....

Paul and Christmas also discussed whether or not Matt "believes all of that shit" about Raven's health, and they concluded that it must be an act, and part of his game strategy.

(Um...no.  I think Matt is really a total imbecile.  Because now he is spouting Paul's rhetoric and catchphrases 24-7, and clearly seems to believe he is sleeping with America's Sweetheart.)

Christmas said the only time she's seen Matt get even a little bit heated this summer is when someone said something that threatened Raven.  Otherwise you can come at him all you want, and Matt just doesn't care.  (Correct.)

Later, Paul gleefully told Alex that he caught Raven and Matt having sex, too, and he acted out their movements before and after Paul walked in.  He also told Alex that Matt thinks Alex and Raven are best friends now and they both cracked up over that one.

OK, back to this rather-boring competition.

Derrick pulled each person's chip out of a bag, holding it up to show everyone there was no funny business going on.  He filed up the left side, and then the right side of the tournament bracket before beginning to play.

This is Tales from Decrypt.

As each team competed, we got a shot of the screen over their shoulders and saw what they saw.  I guess everyone has different areas of competence, with varying speeds of mind-to-mouth action, but I found this whole competition to be mind-numbingly slow.

But maybe the editing made it look like that.  It was really frustrating to watch for me, because it was designed to show you just a few key letters and then the phrase meaning was obvious.  For example, how many words have a "J" near the beginning?  It was Tijuana, obviously, and obviously that means Jillian.  But it took Christmas FOREVER to get that.

And Derrick updated the scoreboard as the competition played out.   That is one reason why Derrick will keep coming back for stuff like this---he is smart enough to figure out what was expected, as well as the current score.   It sounds obvious, but so many people can't run a competition like this.

I hate to say it, but other than the blatant, irritating self-promotion, Frankie is the same way, because he is more intelligent than most.

On Raven's first round, she beat out Mark, and this was almost like she won the HoH, since everyone is Anti-Mark now around there.  People were clapping like she won a gold medal or something.  It was very disrespectful to Poor Big Mark.  He knows he is the target, and he knows it's nothing personal, because everyone likes his company most of the time.  So there isn't any need to have a standing ovation when Mark loses HoH.  It's not just common sense, it's simple human dignity.  (Plus his jury vote...)

But since we don't have much of that in there, I might as well tell you that in the past few days , Raven has announced that she was an Olympic hopeful, in contention for a spot on the US Gymnastics team, until she "broke her growth plate".  Also, her mother holds several records for her track and field accomplishments, and Raven has contracted arthritis in the last few days.

Then we got down to the end, where it was Paul against Christmas.  And it wouldn't take an idiot to realize that Paul does not want or need to win this HoH, because he has Christmas firmly in his back pocket and he would like to be able to play for HoH next week.

(By the way, Paul was certain that there would be a special live show on Monday, with an eviction, because all of the week's topics had already been discussed in the DR.  He had Matt believing him, I think.  And then Matt stuck his foot in the hot oven for 10 minutes, because Paul told him to.)

(Just kidding about that last sentence, of course.)

And the last question dragged on for an ETERNITY.  How can that be real?  Is Christmas really that ignorant about basic game facts, or her brain really addled from all of the painkillers?

It might be both, actually, and I'm not sure I realized how little Christmas knows about the game until now.  It was VERY clear that the clue was   F_UR_H  H_H ===>  FOURTH HoH.  How does Christmas not know that?

And fucking Paul just couldn't press the wrong button in a humble manner.  He had to throw the comp in a super-obvious manner, choosing "Cameron" like a real asshole.  He could have picked Alex or something if he wanted to hide how obvious his actions were.  He might as well have answered "Julie Chen", because everybody knows Cameron got the boot before the first HoH competition began.

But Christmas has been crowing about winning HoH ever since.  How will she feel when she watches this episode?  Will she still blindly love Paul?


On the Sunday night BBAD show, the hot tub was a virtual Bacteria Soup as everyone crowded in for a few inches of space.  I've heard them say that they smell like chlorine for hours after sitting in the hot tub, even after bathing, but I guess that is necessary to kill germs.

Raven says she always likes older men, usually around 15 years older.  I've also heard her say that she doesn't have many friends her own age, because they just don't seem to get along.

Jason went on a cruise once, and hated every second, he says.  He want to Jamaica on a Carnival Cruse ship and said he hated being trapped on the boat the whole time.

Jason:  They only let us off there for a few hours at port!  That's it!  I'll NEVER do that EVER again.

I noticed that Kevin was mostly silent during all of this chatter.  Check out the scroll on the picture below....Kevin knows he is up the shit creek right now, but can't get anyone to provide details about it.  Because the person he asks is usually Jason, who seems to be in the dark as well.

And about Jason, he got two pictures in his HoH basket, one of his son Gatlyn and one of the new baby's sonogram.  But the house guests are super-curious about what Holly looks like now.  Jason joked that "you all just want to see pictures of my fat wife" and they giggle nervously.  He was telling everybody last night about how Holly modeled wedding gowns and even did a photo shoot in Allure Magazine.  Jason said she kept modeling even when she was three months pregnant with Gatlyn.  Then he realized what everyone was thinking and said this:

Jason: Yep, she modeled the plus-size wedding dresses and plus-sized prom gowns.

Alex:  Oh you're shitting us dude.

Yes, Alex, Jason is shitting you, big time.  Holly is tall and gorgeous.  They are a beautiful family.

I heard Jason talking to Kevin yesterday, and after reading Holly's letter in his HoH basket, he has some new information about life on the outside, in addition to the new baby, of course.

Jason:  I think it's all gonna be good for me, because she said in the letter that the support has been overwhelming....that tells me I'm gonna be okay.

And Gatlyn is adorable, throwing that arm up as he rides his stuffed bull.  Kevin said last night that he'd like to get Ole the Bull a job on the Victoria's Secret fashion show, because he could wear a big pair of angel wings and trot out there next to Giselle.

Raven was being loud here, of course.  And Matt looks amused.  So maybe that is a match made in heaven, after all.

I tell you what though---I don't watch the two of them alone very often, but when I do they are NEVER talking about making plans after the season.  I never hear them talk about having a relationship, or meeting each others' friends or co-workers.  Maybe it happened and I just didn't see it, but their vibe is not an "I love you" type of vibe at all.

So maybe they are in sync about what this is all about.  Maybe it's just a summer fling.  But shouldn't Raven know that having sex constantly, even when BBAD is live on the air is not a smart action?  Particularly if your livelihood is working with children?  Children who have smartphones and know how to use Google?

Kevin vented about the hot tub chatter while he played pool with Jason.

Kevin:  You're telling Matt that he needs to go on the Bachelor next.  Is that a silent show?  Because Matt never talks.  And all of 'em keep talking about what they want to do out here in California.  I'll tell you none of them are doing nothing!  Because none of them have one thing: Charisma.  In two weeks they'll all be back home working.

(If they are lucky...)

Kevin:  And all of these trips everyone is talking about taking with each other?  I'll tell you what, I'm going home to my wife and kids.  I haven't seen them in months...if they can't go with me somewhere, then I'm not goin'.

Jason:  Yeah, I hear ya.

Kevin:  Now I want to sit and enjoy a bottle of wine with you two.....me and Debbie and you and Holly...just sit and enjoy it.

(Holly won't be drinking...)

And Kevin isn't very happy with Your Boy, either.

Kevin: I think we created a monster.  He's always walking around like he's King of the Yard.  ("yahd") Look at Paul with his sparrow ass...he cant weigh more than 140 pounds, telling everybody what do do out here.

But Alex fills Jason's ear with trash-talk about Kevin whenever she can, often when they are in bed and Kevin leaves the room for a few minutes.  Last night she told Jason that Christmas told her Kevin has been clowning on the two of them since the third week in the game, mocking their "plans".  (WHAT PLANS?)

Alex:  There is NO WAY you and I are letting some old man win half a million dollars over us!


Jason and Kevin gave Josh some pointers about how to be more successful with women.

Jason:  Picking up a woman starts way before you even leave the house. It's got to be on your mind, and in your attitude all day long.

Kevin thinks that dancing plays a huge part of it, because if you can dance you can impress them every time.

Kevin:  So practice dancing, America.

Josh feels good about his dancing techniques, but has drawn objections to his strategy of touching girls's hair and telling them it is beautiful. They pulled Christmas over to ask her about it, and she says if you come up to her and touch anything, you are going to get knocked the fuck out.

Paul came over and interrupted, saying that the best way to pick up girls is through intelligent conversation.  He was clearly disputing all of the advice Jason and Kevin were giving, despite the obvious gap in experience.  (Paul is such a dick, and doesn't even bother to hide it at this point.)

Josh:  But Jason haven't you been married for 12 years?

Jason:  Josh, you need to get your head right before you go out there.  Be a good dancer, and talk with your eyes, too.  Try not to be condescending to them and you're guaranteed to pick up---and even date---the hottest girl in there.

Jason thinks that being attracted physically is a huge part of the equation, and says he is still so attracted to Holly that he can hardly keep his hands off her.  He says it doesn't hurt that all of his friends also comment about how lucky Jason is to have a wife like Holly.

Jason's grandpa was a cowboy, and the only other cowboy in the family.  Jason always listened to him tell stories, and even recorded him talking about his cowboy life on a cassette recorder.  His Grandpa had a bad accident at age 70, and lost his arm.  He died at age 88 in 2003.  He used to eat popcorn in a bowl with milk, like cereal.  Jason wrote a poem about him eating that cereal---he was 23 and was competing in the "IRCA Finals" at the time and went through three rounds of bull-riding.  He was upset and was sitting in his truck crying when he wrote the poem that his mother later read at the funeral.  Jason missed the funeral and no one knew where he was.  Apparently Jason got really drunk and tried to drive to where ever the funeral was, and ended up spending the night in jail.  He didn't have a phone, so he couldn't call anybody.

Jason later made a metal art sculpture with a piece of train track molded into a silhouette of a "thinking man" and sold it along with the cassettes and also the cassette recorder, I think.

(Strange that he would sell the tapes, right? He could easily digitize them now as a family keepsake.)

Paul wants to be sure everybody knows that Jason is the target this week, but he might as well walk around with a bullhorn saying "Anybody but me" over and over and over again.

Raven thinks that it might be time for another "Wall" comp.

Raven:  I'm great at The Wall, but last time I had a hurt foot.  I stayed on longer than Mark and Josh, though.

(Mark and Josh were the first ones off, so Raven needs to work harder to impress me with that factoid.  And how would she know she is great at it....they've only done it once.)

Jason says he tried to tell Alex again about seeing Christmas and Paul roll their eyes behind her back, but she doesn't seem to want to hear that.

(I told you about this at the bottom of this post.)

NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE ever mentions the possibility of Kevin winning HoH.  This is one reason why I would REJOICE if that happened.

You know the PoV comp that we will see on the Wednesday CBS episode is typically an HoH competition, right?  (the "slip and slide" one)  Well, everyone online is bitching about how Production is bending over backwards to make the game easier for Christmas.  Well, I think that Production would like for Kevin to win an HoH, so they are trying to include more less-physical HoH comps this season.

I know they would love to feature the HoH reveal segment on the CBS show where we see all of his children, along with some quirky gifts from home.  And they would LOVE for Kevin to stir up drama and try to make a big move on his own.  And wouldn't it be fun to see Paul kiss his ass?  Trust me...Kevin knows better at this point.

But not much better, because last night he was pitching Paul on getting rid of Alex, but he took the approach of saying that Alex would NEVER get enough jury votes to win.  He even went through five people who would be in Jury that can't stand her.

Kevin:  Alex couldn't beat you or me in Jury votes.....trust me on that.

(Um....not what you say when you want Paul to keep you over Alex.)


Kevin told Mark and Josh about his gambling days. It sounds like Kevin has been there and back with his gambling issues.  He described some different ways to bet that went right over my head, but he was trying to provide guidance.

Kevin:  You shouldn't bet if you can't afford to lose it.  Because if you lose....you have to pay....you have to.

Kevin:  I remember one time I was watching the game, and I lost big....I lost $17,000 and I remember my daughter was talking to me, and I didn't hear a word she said.  I called my brother and told him I lost and had to pay up, so he helped me with it.  We paid $10,000 and then he told 'em I was a good kid and he'd vouch for me, so I paid $2,000 a week after that until the debt was paid.

Kevin doesn't gamble anymore, because he can't afford to lose the money.

Kevin: You have to be able to lose $10,000 if you're gonna gamble with it.

On Tuesday afternoon (today), Kevin talked to Paul about prison, saying the prisoners have more to work with than they do in the BB house.

Kevin:  In prison you have music, you have TV, you have writing paper and a pen.  But first you gotta go through classification for about six months, where they watch you and figure out what kind of man you are, before they pick the prison you'll go to.  And that's when you can get comfortable, after that.

In prison, the prisoners usually watch soap operas or sports.  Many people in that life have been in prison before, and they know people, so going inside might be easier for them.  Kevin wasn't going to go over and change the channel on the TV after just arriving.  Kevin cautions Paul that he would never recommend doing something if you can't deal with the consequences of going to prison.

Kevin: It's true...don't do the crime if you can't deal with doing the time.  Do you see, it's very difficult.

After a camera shift Mark has joined them as Kevin describes taking his young son Andrew to prison every week to visit his father Andrew, and how his son entertained everyone in the visiting room.

Kevin:  He'd walk over to the vending machines and buy a hamburger, put it in his pocket and come back over.  Then he'd go over and get some ketchup, and go back and get salt....he'd never seen any of this before and it took about 20 minutes to get it all together, and it was all anybody talked about.  They all wanted me to bring my son back every week. We'd go up there on Thursdays, maybe from one to four, and then we'd stop on the way home for Chinese food.

Kevin said you'd have to call the prison to let them know you're coming, but once you visited one prisoner, that was the only prisoner you could visit for three months, at least.  Otherwise they think you are trying to run some sort of scam.

He could bring two people with him, so Kevin would sometimes bring a friend up with him who wanted to visit a different prisoner.  You could sit a certain way at the table so you could talk to each other and not get caught doing that.

Kevin:  You can do anything as long as you don't act wild in there.

Paul watches the Locked Up shows on TV, and Kevin says if you mess with a guard, you're gonna pay in some way, and be sorry for it.

Paul:  If I had a life sentence, I'd kill someone every day in prison if they were a child molester.

(Yeah, right.)

Kevin:  I know it sounds bad, but most guys are in there for real crimes like robbery or murder, sitting around playing cards.  When they put someone in there that did rape or hurt a kid, it's  just not gonna happen, I'll tell you that.  It's just not gonna happen.


I don't remember exactly when I took these, and I have some real work to do, so let's just blow through them.

You better gawk at Big Mark while you can, because you can stick a fork in him....he's done.