Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Truth Is, We're All Lying. #BB19

On Saturday, the house guests waited all day for the PoV competition, frequently complaining about how late it was, and wondering what the competition could be so late in the day.  And of course they asked Paul, who Knows All about Big Brother.  Paul guessed all sorts of things, but did not mention the most important one:  The Zingbot needs to avoid being overheated in the California sun.

If you don't know, there is a small person inside that costume, but the Zingbot's words come out of the intercom system, pre-recorded with Zingers.  All the production assistant inside the costume has to do is point their arms and try to stand upright.  But it gets HOT in that big tin can.

During BB12 the girl inside the Zingbot costume had a panic attack, and started yelling about needing to get out of it.  And during BB14 the Zingbot performer actually passed out, and the Medic had to visit the backyard to provide medical assistance.  I discussed some of the Zingbot lore here, alone with links from the old days.

The house guests came back into the house around 9:30 PM last night covered with goop that certainly looked familiar.  And once we heard them speak, we knew that the PoV comp is the "slide and fill the jug" competition.  They were told to try and get some of the crap off themselves before getting the house all messed up, and clogging the drain with it.

Kevin:  That was very entertaining.  All of you had a different way of doing it and it was fun to watch.

I didn't see anybody wearing the PoV necklace, but perhaps that is due to how messy everyone is.

SPOILER:  Jason won the PoV.

And the mood was grim, because Big Mark knows he's going on the block.  And every other player in the PoV was upset that Jason won, because he was the actual target this week.  I'll chat about why in a few minutes.

The PoV players were:

Jason - nominated for eviction
Matt - nominated for eviction
Raven - house guest choice by Christmas
Paul -  house guest choice by either Matt or Jason
Mark - random choice

I have been trying to figure out what the Zingbot had to say, and this is all I know so far.

***NOTE***  The following list was updated with actual Zings from the TV episode.

Kevin - You're preserving your youth with cling wrap, but it's too late.
Matt - You've gotten far in the game for doing nothing but Raven.
Christmas - The Zingbot sang a "Ten Days of Christmas" song that involved the injury to her foot, ending in "One guilty rodeo clown". (because Jason was involved with her falling)
Josh - Your emotions have fluctuated as much as your weight.
Mark -  You're bisexual, because every time you tried to have sex with Elena, she said Bye.
Paul -  Last year you showed us how to say "Friendship", "Pissed", and how to lose half a million dollars.
Jason -   (to Alex) You've been carrying a lot of weight in this game, it's called Jason.
Raven - You got the worst punishment of all -- a Clownietard.  Oh no, that's just your face.
Alex -  What has bleached blonde hair, wears cat ears and has an obsession with weiners?  A BLEEP.  (House guests implied that the Zingbog said "hooker".)

Josh commented that only Matt and Jason got zinged about their BB games, which Josh called "embarrassing".  Josh also was asked in a DR session about Matt's annoying laugh, which Josh called "nails on a chalkboard".

Paul went into the bedroom to commiserate with Christmas about Jason winning PoV.

Paul:  I did everything I could....

Christmas: Well, it happened.  And now Mark will have to go.

Then Paul went up to the HoH room where Jason was taking a shower to congratulate him and blow some smoke up his butt.

Paul:  We can just keep chugging it out....Mark goes....then we go for Matt.....and on and on.

Jason: Absolutely.

Jason apparently BEASTED the competition by filling up the smaller container to get a bigger scoop, and then filling up the larger container.  He was bred for this, apparently.  I did not hear about anyone going for a cash prize during the competition, but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen.

Mark got all clean and shiny.  He was a good sport about Jason's win, and he should be spending some serious time trying to get votes now.  He needs four votes to stay, because if he only has three votes Christmas will break the tie to evict him.

Mark should be making a mental list of bullet points why Matt needs to go.  If I were him, I would make a big deal about the later competitions involving balance, saying Raven is a sure bet to win those, and she will never put Matt up on the block.   He should also say that as a big man, he won't be suited to win the later competitions, where a strong person like Matt might have an advantage.  He can easily get Kevin to vote out Matt, so that should be his starting point.

Meanwhile Matt and Raven joined the Rose Room, where Matt immediately made a comment about being upset that Jason was the winner.

Paul:  We can go after him next week.  We don't even need to discuss it again.  He's leaving next week.


Everyone that played PoV is sore today. Jason thinks his groin muscle will really hurt tomorrow, and he says he used to have to "tape it" to ride the bulls.  

Raven developed a limp last night hours after the competition ended, and announced today that she needs surgery now "on her right leg and left knee and everything."  After  Raven told Christmas that, Christmas made a face and said "OH.  MY.  GOD" to Josh.  

Kevin is thrilled to have his walking buddy Jason back in action.  Jason didn't spend much time in the sun while he was wearing that Xtreme costume.  It seems as if Kevin has been waiting to talk to Jason and has a lot to vent about.

Kevin:  What a wild scene we're in in here.  Isn't it?  Do you sometimes wonder what the hell you're doing?

Jason: Oh, every day.  I tell you what, I sometimes wonder what in the hell is going on in here, too.  I know what I'm doin', and I know I need to keep doing it.

So....they both sense the change in the air.  They know that they are being treated differently.  I think they will figure it out enough to put a plan together, but they need to do that before it is too late.

Kevin mentioned how his children have had friends before who were assholes, but the situation in the house is different.

Christmas walked out and was SUPER FAKE with Jason, telling him coyly that she had a dream about him.  He  played right along, fake flirting with her as they walked into the house.  Christmas touched Jason's arm several time as she spoke, really laying it on thick, since I guess he could win HoH and boot her ass next week.

Raven and Matt were cooking up something that Matt stirred briskly over the fucking TRASH CAN.

I think it is cooked pasta, but to be honest I'm too disgusted to look closer.

And he left the bowl there to drain.  Why not over the sink Matt?

The cameras close in, showing the steaming mess of crap waiting to be eaten.

And you know that they have a rat that has been running around the kitchen, don't you?  It's been spotted several times, and I think Production installed some sort of rat trap or zapper to capture or kill it.  Personally I can't believe they only have one rat.  I'll bet there is a whole rat family that lives on that soundstage, loving all of these slobs.

I see the house guests walk through the kitchen all of the time and there is food out on the counter, uncovered and just sitting there.  Maybe Raven's cooking will kill the rats.  Maybe the rats themselves will scoff at this hot mess because it was propped up on the trash can.  They can get all the food they want right off the kitchen counter.

And did you know that Matt laid clean bath towels on the FUCKING FLOOR as he folded them?  Yes, not on the dining table (where he was standing), or on the pool table (where Kevin does his best towel-folding).  And Matt is in his 30's.  Time to grow up, Matt.

Jason has a picture of Gatlin on his bedside table now.  He talks to him.

Jason:  You're gonna be a big boy, aren't ya?

Seeing pictures of his family has pumped Jason up.  He actually read his letter in the storage room before the PoV competition started.  He remembers why he's here now.

And Paul had a conversation with us.  I didn't hear the whole thing, but I heard enough to give you a few high points.

*  Paul is controlling the Jury this time, unlike last year.  He's been able to give each Juror a good message as they leave the house.  He plans to have a conversation with Mark again, too, and mentions the "Save a Friend" Mark gave him as evidence that he's doing a good job with Jury management.

*  He thinks that Alex and Jason would both vote for him to win against Josh.

*  He thinks neither Jason nor Kevin have much use for him in the game, so both of them have to go.

*  All of the BB19 house guests are very into themselves, and that is why Paul keeps saying that this season is so much better than last season.  They want to feel good, Paul says, so he always says things to pump them up.

*  This cast is full of people who want to be the center of attention, so Paul has been careful to let that happen.  (WHAT)  He says if he was crazy Paul running around with Pablo, he would have been evicted a long time ago.

*  Kevin is his example of who needs to be the center of attention.  (WHAT)  Paul said Kevin gets pissed if he's not in the middle of everything, and that is why he's been talking shit about Paul all season.  (Doesn't that contradict the last bullet point?)

*  Cody was "crazy as shit" and came in the game hating Paul and wanting to target him.  Paul says he "let him win the first HoH" because he knew that it would be a two-week HoH cycle and he knew Cody would go on a power trip.

*  He can't believe how stupid the showmance people are, saying what the fuck was Elena thinking.  And Jessica and Cody were the dumbest ones, because Jessica tied herself to someone who "doesn't give a fuck about anything".

*  Paul's strategy is to make someone else the target every week, and that is exactly what he has done.

*  Paul mentioned the pairs:  He's telling Josh & Christmas that he wants to take them as far as he can, and he really wants to do that.  Raven & Matt want to take a shot at Alex & Jason, who want to target them right back.  And Kevin is "just fucking there" and it's getting on Paul's nerves and he wants him out of the house.

*  If Paul promises Kevin Final Two, it will get him off Paul's back, and once Jason is gone Kevin will come running back to Paul.  If Kevin is there at the end, Paul will beat him in everything, and this is the same with Josh.  He plans to tell others that Alex will win comps at the end, so they need to get rid of her.


On Saturday, everyone expected the PoV player pick to happen early, like it usually does.  They also wondered why the Have Nots hadn't been picked yet.  I didn't see it, but Christmas eventually had to pick two Have Nots, and she apparently picked Josh and Mark.

They discussed baring their personal lives on the show, and commented that there were obviously some topics that they didn't want to share with the audience, more so than each other.

Christmas:  Well, ya'll already know I was the first female member of a Nascar pit crew.

Jason:  When....for one race? Or more?

Christmas:  The whole season.

Jason:  WHAT?  For who?

Christmas:  Michael Waltrip.

Jason:  WHAT?  Who are your parents again?

Christmas:  What? Who are YOU?  That's the question you should be asking.  I'm motherfucking Christmas Abbott!

The topic of the broken foot came up, and Jason assured the group that Christmas was not crying in the backyard after she got injured.  Christmas said she wanted to cry, and admitted she did start sniffling when she was taken to get an X-ray.

ALSO:  Jason leaned over and asked Christmas if she wanted to hear a secret.  He then whispered something that Production didn't want us to hear, because when Jason was mid-sentence, we got the FISH.  I rewound this twice, turning my headphones up all of the way, and this is the secret Jason told Christmas:  "...they made me go get your mic..."  I think this means that Production didn't want any more sounds coming out of Christmas Abbott, and this may explain why it seems that Jason didn't participate in"rescuing" Christmas by carrying her into the house like Cody and Matt did.  Maybe Jason was too busy gathering up her audio equipment and returning it to the storage room.  Interesting...I already told you guys that she was cursing like a damn sailor out there.  This is understandable, but it's not ideal for Prime Time TV.

Jason has mentioned before that he lived in Tennessee for a while, specifically when he told Kevin about the motorcycle model he dated, but I didn't know what brought him there until now.  Jason said after he graduated college, he started interviewing with Wal-Mart for a store manager position.  They told him that within 5-6 years he would be making six figures, so Jason was really excited about it.  He had two telephone interviews, and was scheduled for a face-to-face interview after that.  The weekend before his interview, Jason rode a bull at a rodeo and ended up with a broken jaw (left side) after the bull apparently kicked him.  Jason had to have that Wal-Mart interview with his face all swollen and his speech hampered, but it still went well, and the next step was waiting for the Wal-Mart offer and learning what part of the country he would start working in.

He then got a random telephone call from a man who lived in North Carolina, who asked if he was a cowboy.  Jason said 'sure I'm a cowboy' and the man said  he was looking for someone to manage his horse barn in Tennessee.

Jason:  The job paid $16,000 a year (everyone laughed at this) but the thing is the guy told me I could have 6 stalls to do what I wanted with.  And I could live there too, with all expenses paid.  That meant I could bring my own horses, or rent out the stalls for a $1,000 per month...that's $6,000 per month right there, so I blew off the Wal-Mart job and got in my truck with a duffel bag and my saddle and moved to Tennessee.

When Jason got to Tennessee he drove to the location and was surprised to see it was a hub of activity, with about 25 horses and crowds of people taking lessons and watching the action.  Jason called the guy (Roger M______) and told him he had arrived, and was impressed with all of the action.  Well Roger M_____ freaked out and told Jason he was getting in his car and would be there in 6 hours.  He told Jason not to tell anyone that the owner was on his way.

Jason: I told 'em I was the new horse barn manager, and immediately everything got packed up and towed away.  When Roger M______ got there they were gone.

Christmas:  You weren't supposed to tell them!  He asked you not to!

Jason:  No, he told me not to tell them HE was coming.  He didn't tell me not to say who I was.

Everyone is out to get Jason now, led by Paul, of course.  Paul is upset about Alex and Jason being so close and also the fact that Jason has started winning competitions.  He thinks that Alex can wait to be cut until later, telling the group that because she and Kevin "hate each other now" that this means she can stay a few weeks longer than Jason.  

I don't know if Mark sensed it, but he wasn't the actual target this week.  Christmas was referring to evicting Jason when she said she wanted to shake some things up, because that seems to be what she Paul wanted to do.   

And I hate to say it, but the letter that Jason got in his HoH basket from Holly might have contained delightful news about her being pregnant, but that is bad news as far as Jury votes go.  Bad news for Paul, that is.  I'm not sure anyone else on the cast has had time to think about Jury votes, but of course Paul has probably thought of little else after he lost by only one vote last year.  Paul now considers Jason to be a bigger Jury threat than Kevin, and has shifted his trash-talking appropriately.  

I also caught Paul talking to Mark yesterday about how important it is to work with a team on Big Brother, and he knows this because he played alone last season.

Paul: I tried to tell you guys I could help you in the beginning, when you were with the majority group, but you didn't want my services.  But all of the outsiders did...

Mark:  I realize that now.

They were interrupted by Josh, but I think Paul was about to pitch a deal to Mark and let him know he could save him this week. Who else does Mark have to turn to now if not Paul?  Particularly since he gave him the "Save a Friend" Temptation prize.  (Don't even get me started on that now, but I mentioned it yesterday in this post.)

Josh has turned on Jason now, too, but Jason doesn't know it.  Josh wants to go to the end now with Christmas and Paul.  

I love to take a house guest picture in front of their memory wall photograph.  I'm sad for Kevin, because he knows everyone is treating him differently.  And the more he tries to reach out to them, the more his actions are being used against him.  Alex and Paul trash talk almost everything he says. and his quirky Kevin-isms are now pointed out as him trying to scheme and trick them.

Yesterday Paul made the case to everyone that Kevin must not only be friends with Derrick, but he might be a police officer, too.

Paul: The stories he's told about burying money, and his friends in jail...there is no way they would ever put a convict in here!  Did you see how red his face was when Derrick was here?'s ironic that we thought Derrick coming in the house would somehow help the house guests see what a backstabbing tyrant Paul is, because instead both Jason and Kevin seem to be bearing the brunt of the Derrick Aftermath.

Mark got picked to play for PoV, of course, but I took this picture just after the PoV player pick happened.  Based on Mark's look, I thought he didn't get picked to play, and after this he went in the bathroom and closed the door, so I thought he might be crying.

But if Mark got picked to play, then why was he so down in the mouth?

Maybe because everyone else gathered to whisper and strategize about how to make sure Mark didn't win the PoV.  Christmas got house guest choice and picked Raven and others were surprised by this.  Christmas launched into quite an explanation here about how she wanted to be sure they were adequately represented with big guys and also people who could balance.  Jason was surprised that she didn't pick Alex instead, since she is a much better competitor than Raven, and would certainly save Jason if she won.  Apparently someone else got house guest choice and picked Paul.

Paul:  I'll make sure Mark doesn't win PoV.

Christmas also assured Jason that even if Mark won PoV and kept the nominations the same, he was safe.  But later Paul made a shitty comment about how Jason was on cloud nine now knowing about the new baby, so he could just float on over to the Jury.

So....Jason needed to win the PoV.  No question about that.  But Mark has started campaigning, so I'm not positive he will be the one to go, either.  He apparently pitched a deal to Christmas for the two of them to work with Josh.  Thursday is a long time from now, so there are still glimmers of hope that Matt could get the boot this week.  Kevin is trying to make that happen too, you know.


These pictures are from way, way back on Thursday morning. as the house guests were just waking on the day of the live show.  Alex was up early at the campsite, putting the hot dogs on the grill.

If they could find a way to put cameras in the tent, maybe they would have let someone sleep up there.  It actually looks like the most peaceful spot in the house.  I might like camping if it were indoors, without the threat of bears or mountain lions and all.

Josh came upstairs to enjoy the campsite with Alex.  And also a little spying on the kitchen activity.

You can see the little grill marks as Alex turned the hot dogs.  She takes pride in her work.  She uses an electric grill indoors so they don't all die from the smoke and fumes.  Alex also takes a quick inventory of who really wants to eat a hot dog before she begins.  If one of the guys wants a hot dog, she uses a few of the all-beef ones for them, otherwise she uses the cheaper hot dogs that no one likes.

She's down to only having to cook 10 now that Cody is gone.

Jason was so over his costume and couldn't wait for the punishment to be over.  He had to wear it until late on Saturday night, and Alex had to keep right on camping until then, too.

Here's Something:  Alex told a story on Friday about going to her favorite restaurant with her boyfriend for her birthday because she wanted a Butter Cake that needs to be specially ordered at the beginning of the meal.  Because it was her birthday they brought her a chocolate birthday cake instead and she said she threw a tantrum.  Jason later approached Alex upstairs at the campsite, saying that when she was telling that story, he saw Christmas roll her eyes and make faces with Paul.

Jason had to tell her this twice, and then had to spell out that it looked like Christmas would rather work with Paul then her, from the way she acted in front of both of them.  Alex DID NOT want to accept this, and made a comment about how they will all look crazy on TV, so it's not a big deal.  Jason even wanted to make a signal to use in the future where he says a certain thing if people are making faces while Alex is talking, but Alex pretty much blew him off.  Jason told her he's been "noticing things" and thought she'd like to know, but Alex clearly did not appreciate his comments.

So Jason was trying to help Alex, but she wasn't having it.  No wonder Jason has an Xtreme headache right now.

This is the Butter Cake at Mastro's Steakhouse.  I guess you have to taste it to understand what all the fuss is all about. I watched Alex tell that story, and she was VERY animated as she described her anger over not getting her cake.  The kitchen was crowded at the time, so maybe she was a little too animated and loud, but it was a good story.  Any personal story about food is good to me, though.

Christmas has a lot of facial expressions though, and is not as careful as she should be about them.

And Cody gave himself a shave.  There are some rumors floating around that I am hesitant to repeat, because I would only be repeating chatter without having any facts of my own to share.  So this is purely speculation, and might even come from people just making crap up, but here goes:

RUMOR:  There will be a temptation where someone is offered a large sum of money to leave the game now, going straight to Jury.  ($25,000 is the rumored amount, but $10,000 would probably work, too)  The curse would be that someone from the Jury will return to the game, perhaps even competing to do so.  And I'm guessing Cody would have a good chance to be that person.

So take that with a grain of salt, everybody.  Maybe two grains.  Who knows.