Saturday, August 19, 2017

I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream. And Scream. And Scream. #BB19

Well, once again the Reddit spoiler was correct, because they said that Christmas would be the new HoH when the live feeds returned after a 24-hour hiatus.  And she was, of course.

As BBAD returned, it looked like Alex just finished cooking a batch of hot dogs, and was rolling up her gear to shove it in her pack as she talked to Jason about financial matters.  Like how high income taxes are in California, and now that I know Jason's wife sent him a sonogram along with his HoH letter, I think he was talking about how his money will work with two kids now.

But I also think I heard Jason mutter that he "doesn't know how he can vote against that guy", with Alex encouraging him that indeed he can. I got a bad feeling about that.  Yep. I'm worried now.

 Alex's sister, her husband and nephew had to live with her parents while her sister gets her Master's degree, working to get a higher-paying job.

Jason got some sort of $2,000 credit on his student loans for being a farmer, or something like that.

Alex:  Thanks for helping me clean up my campsite.

Jason:  Duh.

Although Jason wasn't allowed to touch any of her camping equipment.  He just stood and watched.  And apparently Derrick fucked them both over by mentioning how close their relationship is during his visit to the house, depicted on Friday's episode.  Paul has been running around saying both of them need to go, after Alex called Jason her "ride or die" in front of Derrick.  And Paul has decreed that Jason needs to go first, since "Alex and Kevin hate each other."

(What, did Paul want Alex to say he was her Ride or Die in front of the group?)

Oh, and now that Jason was HoH, even for a few hours, I guess they are letting him take off that Xtreme helmet in favor of his cowboy hat.  And he's eating real food now, so at least that's something.

Julie Chen told us that there would be some sort of new Temptation released over the weekend and now we get a hint of what that might be.  As Alex and Jason trudge past this little apple tree under the stairs, Alex says maybe Jason should trot right over there, "pick one, and open it up".

Jason:  No thank you.

Alex:  What did your's say?

Jason:  I didn't get one.

Alex:  But the one that fell off and broke open?  What did it say?

Alex:  Oh, it was "can't play HoH next week".

I heard Josh talking later about hearing the apples fall off the tree and break open.  Perhaps Production should have tested that concept out in the control room or something.

SPOILER ALERT:  Christmas nominated Jason and Matt for eviction.

Speculation is that Mark will be the backdoor target, which is what would be expected.  I'm not sure that is her plan, though.  I know we'd all like to think that she is going to target Paul, particularly since she made a comment in the DR during last night's show about how she was going to "shake things up".

I hope that doesn't mean she targets Kevin instead. I hope she doesn't forget how kind Kevin has been to her.  I hope she doesn't think blindsiding a 56 year-old father of seven is kicking ass in this game.

HERE'S THE THING:  Hope is not a plan.

You can see the BBAD poll on this screen---I don't think anyone is particularly excited about Christmas making any big moves this week.  I hope to be shocked and surprised, though.  And since the Zingbot is expected to visit the house on Saturday, I hope his chip is loaded with Zings about how everyone is a sheep drinking Paul's Kool-Aid.   And I hope those caustic Zings echo in Christmas' head for the rest of the weekend, since she would be naming a replacement nominee on Monday morning if whoever wins the PoV uses it.

ALSO:  The Reddit spoiler also told us that Paul threw the HoH to Christmas.  While nauseating, this would make Christmas turning on Paul an extra special holiday gift, right?  I don't want to get my hopes up, particularly after the whole Jason fiasco on Thursday night.

Christmas is pretending to like Raven here, saying she loves the fact that they've hung out the whole time together.

(Christmas DESPISES Raven and CAN'T STAND how Raven interrupts her with stories trying to top her all of the time.)

You know, that whole Friday night episode was a waste of our time, because it was designed for the CBS casuals who love showmances to lie prone in their Lazyboy recliners while they shovel snacks and coo over the sweet love of Jessica and Cody.  That's all well and good, because CBS needs to pay the bills and reap some rewards from the high ratings this season.  But why did the feeds need to go down for 24 hours?  Why not just block out the HoH competition that we already knew Christmas won?  And why not just block out the Temptation situation (or whatever)?

It sucks that we didn't get to see Jason open up his HoH letter, and see him react to the sonogram.  I know we will see that eventually on the CBS show, but I like to see the actual footage, not the edited version.  That's what the live feeds are all about, yo.

Christmas hopes she gets to play in the PoV competition.

Raven:  Yeah, maybe it will be The Wall again, and we'll both have legs this time.  It's so weird that while you were having surgery, I fell down the stairs and split my toe open.

Christmas, obviously reconsidering that fateful Horsey Ride:   What was I thinking...

Raven: Paul ran over and pulled down my sock, and blood squirted out everywhere!  He freaked out and had to run away?  You were there Matt.....tell her what happened.

Matt:  I was playing chess when I heard her fall.  I thought she was dead.

Raven: And of all people, Cody had to carry me to the DR. He didn't whisper in my ear, though.

Christmas:  Cody actually apologized to me later about that.  He said he thought he saw a bone sticking out, but I saw the X-rays....there was no bone sticking out.

(Note Orwell's Poll below....Production HATES Maven.)

And Orwell himself is rather disgusted by them as well.  Matt does this ALL the time in PUBLIC, which is DISGUSTING.

Christmas said she knew immediately that her foot was broken, but the first place that she was taken to wasn't the hospital, but some place where they took X-rays.

Christmas:  They didn't think my bone was broken, because there was only mid-foot swelling at that point, but I knew it was broken. I felt it.

Well, the cameras don't want us to hear about this somewhat substandard level of care, so they switched over to the Green Room, where the team is reunited in their old beds, but I'm not sure the bonds will ever be the same.  With Alex, anyway.

Jason:  One of my buddies killed one of my horses once, but he didn't mean to.

Jason proceeded to tell them what happened, and it involved a cut to the horses's Big Important Artery, and it was too much for me, and also the cameras.

This sight wasn't much better, though.  The poll says it all, too, basically that Paul is expected to run things up there this week.

But polls are often wrong, and I think America knows that now.  But that topic has been done to death, of course.

Christmas was in the room with Paul, listening to her music when she got called to the DR.  Before that  happened, she and Paul discussed Kevin.

Christmas:  I heard Kevin tell Jason that if he wins the PoV, he shouldn't use it, so we can vote Matt out this week.

Paul:  Kevin really wants Matt out!  He says that all the time.

The house is very quiet tonight, after the late night they must have had on Thursday.  You know, with the Double Eviction, Derrick's visit, and another HoH competition and all.

I'd like to point out that Raven DID NOT get a segment on the "clip" show.  Nope.  Matt got a cereal segment, where we learned that he cannot keep a box of cereal at home, because he eats the entire thing.  And also that he gets up to eat cereal in the middle of the night so people won't think he's weird.  Too late, brah.

But no CBS segment involving Raven, even though Derrick teased talking about "one more showmance" before launching into the Alex and Jason segment that I believe hurt their game.  It's possible that the house guests talked about Matt and Raven, but if they did the CBS audience didn't see it.  And Christmas and Paul weren't featured in a segment, either, but they have surely gotten their share of camera time this season.  (Yeah, but still....)

Matt:  That butt is going to eat those pants alive, Babe.


They are making their nightly run to storage to pick up a half-gallon of ice cream.

Or "ahce" cream, since Raven seems to really pour on the Southern accent at a time like this.

And as they walk back to the kitchen, they walk past two  tree structures with what looks like five different phrases, which seem to represent both positive and negative outcomes.  I'm guessing that the house guests can pick one of the apples to win one of these items.  I'm not clear if anyone has picked an apple yet, but we know that as of last night Jason and Alex had not given in to Temptation.  And we also know that one or more apples fell off the tree on their own.

Here Raven pointed out the various choices, which include:

*  Eliminate 2 Eviction votes
*  Bounty on Your Head

Raven: I don't want the $5,000 bounty...I just want us to have more food!

*  Second Veto

*  Can't play in Next HoH
*  Save a Friend

Matt:  That one must be for Paul, because Friendship.

Raven:  Awww.


Well, apparently Mark did win "Save a Friend" and he GAVE IT TO PAUL, so Paul cannot go on the block this week.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Supposedly Mark didn't feel like he had anyone else to give it to, and wanted to be sure everyone else was a potential evictee this week.

Um....maybe Mark could try playing the game, extending deals to make some game connections.  He could try.  Anything but just bending over and blowing Paul.

And Raven might have won the "Can't play in HoH Next Week".  Like that even fucking matters.  However I'm not sure anymore if she actually "won" this...she may have just been the one to pick up the apple that fell off and split open, and this is what the chatter was all about.

The "Bounty on your Head" means that if you draw that "prize", then the HoH who eventually evicts you wins $5,000.  Damn that is harsh.

As you were.  Probably screaming.


The ice cream is pretty stiff since they store it in the storage room freezer.  In past seasons I have learned that the freezer in the kitchen isn't really very cold, perhaps since so many people open and close it, so they keep the ice cream in storage.

Raven frequently drops blobs of the ice cream on the counter, so she picks them up with her hands and plops them in the bowl.

Raven:  I wonder what the Zingbot will have to say to me....maybe about how many times I keep hurting myself?

Matt, sarcastically:  It's gonna be hard for him to find anything....there's not much to go on.

I forget to tell you that Raven didn't get called into the Diary Room for one week.  And she kept talking about it, so everyone in the house knew about it.  If Raven was a savvy player, she would know that this indicates that she's doing NOTHING in the game, with NO strategy or game plans. And that would help her chances, just as getting called in constantly throughout the day can make you a target, since you look shady as hell.

But she finally got called in on Wednesday night, I think, and ran down there crowing the whole time. And now she keeps talking about that.  For example:

Raven, to Christmas: So the DR asked me, How is Matt?


Then Raven added huge blobs of generic-brand peanut butter.  Peanut butter is about 100 calories a tablespoon, so that's about 300 additional calories right there.

As we went to commercial Raven was using her hands to pull apart cookie dough to put it on the ice cream.

I switched over to the live feeds later to review what was said about the Temptation Tree and found that part of the live feeds is not available.  Nope.  You can't currently choose to watch the live feeds starting at 9:00 PM, which includes the "action" I've just discussed, up until the point Raven and Matt went in search of the tub of ice cream.

I would think that is Production hiding something if I wasn't sure it was just another Fuck Up.  It's not like we missed anything big, so while I was there I reviewed the footage of what else Raven piled on top of the peanut butter, which was piled on top of the ice cream.

You can see here that the peanut butter isn't even visible anymore, because it's covered with cookie dough.  I'm no prepared cookie dough expert, but that's got to be about 3-4 cookies worth, right?  And maybe another 375 - 500 calories, too.

And then she put a relatively dainty dollop of Cool Whip on top, which is actually the lowest calorie part of this entire "snack".

And then she did a little presentation about how we can make a "snack" like this of our own, using every bit of fake Southern accent she could muster, since Matt was sitting on the couch, watching her.

Matt helped her eat the "snack", so it's not like she ate the entire bowl.  Only about 65%, I'd say.

They whispered while they ate, plotting and scheming about what they think everyone else will do in this game.  They really don't seem to have plans of their own, and unfortunately that has worked for them so far.

This isn't the sort of "snack" that you don't have to chew, due to all of the textury cookie dough.  Raven had a full mouthful when she smooched Matt here.  I thought for a second that the plan was to give Matt a "shotgun", but thankfully that did not happen.

(Do the kids still give "shotguns"?  I guess you'd need to roll 'em up the old fashioned way to do that.)

Note the tweet below....the fans went NUTS with the snack-shaming tweets, so if  you think I"m mean, you really have no idea.  The tweets BBAD puts through are ROUGH.

NOTE TO SELF:  Why don't you try tweeting during BBAD sometime?  If I can stay awake long enough some night, I just might.  It's tough to watch live if you're an East Coaster.

Raven:  That damn puzzle comp.....FUCK ME....fuck me.  I hated everything about it.

Matt:  So gumpy.

(I feel like I'm going to vomit up THEIR snack, watching Matt's blatant, ACTUAL ass-kissing of Paul when he's NOT EVEN IN THE ROOM.)

Raven:  I'm not even gonna want to watch that episode, it was so bad.

Matt:  It was so bad, I'm not upset I lost.  It was so bad that it doesn't matter.  It would have taken me a whole hour to just do the first puzzle.

Raven:  Holler Derrick!  I hope Derrick wasn't freaking out when he rang the bell and I was right there, jumping into his arms.  I'm such a big fan, Derrick.  You need to watch my DR Derrick, to hear all about it.

(Ha ha ha.  Raven thinks her DR sessions will actually air on CBS. Ha ha ha ha.)

Matt:  Now I'm expecting a visit from FRANKIE next!


Well, after Matt spewed the EFF WORD, the cameras couldn't wait to change channels, even though the new conversation was less than scintillating.

Mark:  My Buffalo commute is a bitch, after my new job.  It's 15 minutes, which is a lot for Buffalo.

Mark:  Driving 45 minutes to get anywhere is normal for Miami.

Jason is sound asleep in the next bed and Josh says he sleeps like a big baby.  Josh wants to expand his business when he gets home, adding more products and expanding his web page.  (His family has a beauty product business and Josh started an online store, which has outperformed everyone'e expectations, including his family's.)

Josh:  I want my own warehouse, too, with my own office.  Right now I'm working out of my dad's place, but when I get home I'm going to start looking for deals on office space.

Mark told them about the Semester at Sea program he went on through the University of Virginia.  They started by flying to the Bahamas for a few days, then sailed to Barcelona and various other European ports of call.  Mark said the Italian women were all tall with long brown hair and they were very sexy.

Josh:  Ummmm.

Kevin:  Did you kiss one?

Mark:  No, I didn't do that.  But they love big men.

Josh:  I need to go there, then.

Mark said that there are big cruise ships sailing around, and then there are tiny little boats like his Semester at Sea boat, which held around 300 people.  You could walk the entire ship in about 30 minutes.

(You know, once upon a time the Real World Road Rules filmed an entire season aboard a Semester at Sea boat.  It was a pretty bad season, except for Veronica stealing Pua's shirt and then getting caught lying about it. It was a simpler time, when it took much less to make a scandal.)

They're not sure if they would come back and play BB again if asked, but they all say if they have enough time to decompress, maybe a year, then it might be something to consider.

Kevin says that five of his kids are sure to be at the Finale, and everyone will think they can be the entire cast of the show next year.  He doesn't think Andrew will attend, since high school will have already started and he's really into school.  They wondered who Andrew will stay with, since Kevin's wife will be in California.

Kevin: Andrew can stay with Lori and Gene, our friends.  They have a daughter who's a sophomore who goes to the same high school.  My daughter goes with their son, you know.


Jason wakes from a sound sleep and fumbles with his Xtreme helmet, trying to put it on so he can stand up and shout, as required by his punishment.

Mark started watching BB with his mother when he was in middle or high school, and says he "fell in love".  Kevin asked if there were any old people on the show, and Josh assured him "no one like you".  Kevin pushed further, asking if there were any old people "who dressed up".   Earlier in the season it was clear that Kevin knew who both Renny and Jerry were from BB10, but in his attempts to get the other house guests to say their names, it was also clear that no one was familiar with that season.

Mark:  Donny was an old guy but I don't know how far he got in the game.  I usually fall in love with a girl on the show, and get really into it, but then I kind of fall off and don't finish watching the season.  It all looks so easy on TV, and then you come here and find out that it's not.

Josh:  I never watched a full season either, but I might watch this one.


Kevin claims he was meeting his daughter in Boston and saw the line to go to the open casting.

Kevin: There were 490 people there.

Kevin was cryptic about saying that "the kid from last night was there, too", and then saying "the one with the last name starting with C"  was, too.

Josh: Yeah, I know who you're talking about.

(Cody Califiore?)

Kevin was on the same bus as Josh during casting in LA.

Kevin:  I gave you gum, remember?

Dominique and Elena were on the bus with Josh and Kevin, too.  Mark said it was just he and Jessica on his bus, and Josh suddenly remembers that Whistle-Nut was on their star studded bus, too.  Josh said that the interview day gave him anxiety "through the roof".  He was requesting melatonin to help him relax.  Cody was always just before him in his interviews.  (I'm assuming he is referring to interviews for the casting process.  I know the final session is in a room of CBS executives like Les Moonves.)  Mark says he didn't see shit as far as any other cast members on his interview day.

Supposedly Cody got very far in the BB15 casting process, from what I've heard him say, and I think Mark got very close to the action last summer, for BB18.

This is an interesting fan poll.  Paul was NOT happy when Derrick showed up holding a BB duffle bag, but I'm sure none of the house guests would have liked to see Derrick move in with them.

The clock neared midnight, the end of the Have Not week, so Paul and Kevin went in the kitchen to start cooking.  They both wanted breakfast sandwiches, which are an easy option, I guess.

Jason got a can of sardines in his HoH basket.....dude has some weird food cravings.  He dumped out a can on a plastic tray and popped one in his mouth.

Kevin told the cameras that Paul planned to toast his bread in bacon grease, but Kevin plans to just build his sandwich with an English muffin from the toaster.

Kevin told the group about seeing Cody open a package containing four chicken breasts.

Kevin:  He started chopping them all up and after he chopped an onion I asked him if he was gonna eat all of that chicken by himself.  And he did...four full chicken breasts.  I know his stomach hurt after that, but he ate it anyway, out of spite.  And then I told him that I noticed he put weight on.

Paul:  You did not!

Kevin:  I DID!  He was right there when I said it.

(It's true that Cody had developed quite a gut in the weeks before he was evicted the second time.)

Kevin:  And that motherfucker ate a whole dozen eggs, too!   I watched him crack one egg at a time.  Do you know how much cholesterol is in a dozen eggs?  He'll be choked out dead before 35 eating like that!

Paul gave Kevin some bacon for his sandwich as they watched the clock.  There were five or six minutes to go at this point.

Josh:  Sit down and eat, Kevin.

Kevin:  I can't!  I've got five minutes left to wait!

Christmas cracked the eggs for them.  Kevin requested his egg be "solid", with nothing running out of it.

Thank god within seconds it seemed like the eggs didn't even look like eggs anymore. That's a good thing, to me.

And then the kitchen clock struck midnight, and it was Go Time.

Kevin, joking:  I'm not hungry.

Paul sliced his sandwich and immediately crunched right into it.

Paul:  Mmmm.

Kevin ate his sandwich standing up, outside of the camera's view.

Another group of Have Nots survived another Have Not week.


Sometimes when you stare at a word, it looks very strange.  And keeps getting stranger, the more you look at it.  "Scream" is one of those words to me.