Wednesday, August 16, 2017

THIS is the $25,000 Pyramid. #BB19

Just before noon today (Wednesday) the house guests were briefly locked inside and were apparently told to hurry up and get ready because they would be practicing with some sort of competition apparatus and would have a limited time to be in the backyard.

When the shades were lifted from the sliding doors, we saw this contraption, which appears to be a giant shuffleboard game.

Everyone gathered around to hear Alex read the card from Big Brother.

Each house guest should practice, and they will get eight practice attempts each to try it out.  I'm not sure what the actual goal was---I didn't see any obvious spot to shoot for or avoid.  We've seen this sort of thing before---typically there is a target spot on the board and whoever is closest wins, and they can knock each other's disks off the board.

Cody volunteered to go first, which is actually rather polite of him, since it allowed the others to observe his technique and results.  Kevin and Mark went down to the end to shag disks for the players, since I think they only had two disks to practice with.

It's hard to say how practice will impact these "crapshoot" competitions, since they are broadcast live and this takes the tension and drama up several notches.  I heard Paul talking low with Josh about the potential of a double eviction tomorrow, since Production apparently stressed the time factor regarding the short practice session.

Paul:  They might want us to try it out so we can get it done extra quickly for the live show.

I remember Christmas pointing out how softly Jason was hitting his disk.  Perhaps Christmas should keep such musings to herself.  This is one competition that she might actually have a chance to win, so she should keep any advantage that she can to herself.

Josh won the last crapshoot competition, so if that doesn't demonstrate that anything can happen, nothing does.  Usually the PoV competition during the double eviction is extremely physical, such as the "Clown Shoe" comp that Jeff Schroeder lost in BB13.  Frank Eudy won the comp during BB14, when it had a shamrock theme, and it saved his ass in the game. I also remember Hayden Moss winning that same comp in BB12, but I don't remember the theme.  It might have been the HoH competition though, because I remember hearing Hayden Moss breathe really hard, trying to catch his breath on the way back into the house, where I could swear that he had a big decision to make (like nominations).  I never found Hayden attractive that season until then---something about being right there with him live while he was huffing and puffing and trying to walk it off made him seem really sexy to me.

I also remember that in BB13 they practiced rolling a ball down a wooden snake, and this competition ended up being the HoH competition that Porsche Briggs won, later eliminating Jordan Lloyd from the game.

Mark seemed calm as he made his shots.  He made a comment about how he used to play this sort of game every summer.  I'm sure that comment scared the crap out of most of the house guests, and might be the reason why Paul went over to speak with Mark later, being very cryptic about how someone in the house has been giving Paul information about how Mark is targeting him.

Paul:  Just be careful who you talk to.....that's all I'm going to say right now.

(So I guess Paul is trying to shit on Kevin again.....)

No one was very memorable in their attempts with this, but the backyard was pretty quiet as everyone practiced.   After everyone got their turn, the practice session was over and everyone filed back into the house, where they were locked down, presumably until the live show.

Little groups broke off to watch the practice action, or to canoodle as if they don't have a care in the world.  

Raven tried to get Paul's attention, or the camera's attention, as you can see below.

You've got our attention now, Raven.  We're watching you now.

Hi Raven. Maybe it would have been a good idea to learn more about the live feeds, and where all of the cameras are located.  Just a suggestion.


Kevin told some stories about his brother Richie that we were only partially allowed to hear.  He and Richie seem like they were "Irish Twins" because it sounds like Kevin was born around nine months after Richie.  They were in the same grade at school, and for a certain amount of months each year, they were the same age.

Kevin:  We're the same age  right now, actually.  We were in the same grade at school until he got hit in the eye with a ball and missed three months of school.  He got held back because of that.   He was a better man than me, that's for sure.

Kevin thinks that if Richie had survived though, he would have gotten in more trouble, and would probably be in prison or lots of fights.  It sounds like he might have been in prison when he became ill, because I heard Kevin say something like "they didn't believe him that he was sick....they thought he was faking it" and that Richie was only home for a short time (a week or month) before he died, perhaps from cancer. (NOTE:  Due to constant feed interruptions, the information above about coming home from prison might be about Kevin's dad Andrew, not his brother Richie.  But I have heard Kevin mention his brother having cancer before.)

Kevin's brother Paul was also close in age to Kevin, and it was always Richie, Paul and Kevin hanging out together.

Kevin:  I was always a sharp dresser back then, too, with pink pants and white high-heeled shoes, even in the 7th grade.  Richie and Paul looked out for me though...if anybody messed with me they would wait outside and beat them up for me.

I don't know what this was all about, but I know how everybody loves to see Raven's various activities, right?

Christmas looked pretty strong riding the bike. She talked to the folks back home, letting them know that she's still able to "work out a little".

Then Raven came outside with the Snapchat glasses and Elena said a few words for the folks back home.

Christmas did two different Snapchats (or whatever), with the second being recorded for her gym Invoke Fitness.  Once Christmas started spewing out her brand names, the cameras moved away.  I also heard Kevin grilling someone about these videos, and they agreed that it seems like CBS views all of the recorded videos and then only uploads selected ones for the website.  Kevin wants his daughters to go online and see them, and fretted about what time they would be made available for viewing.

Kevin also joked about wanting to be sure he got all of his kids' names right, and in the proper order. Later, Alex and Paul speculated that maybe Kevin doesn't even have seven kids, based on this.

Paul:  He only talks about Illana and Classic...those are the only two kids he talks about.

(Um...not true Paul, but I guess this suits your narrative about how shady Kevin is.)

Under protest, Josh got Mark to do some dancing for the Snapchat.  They are "stirring the soup" here, and it was just as awkward as it appears to be.

Jason did his "Xtreme" bit for the Snapchat glasses.  Production doesn't actually make him do the "I'm so Xtreme" routine very often. Recently Jason had to do it twice within a very short time period, and Kevin remarked that the crew must have just had a shift change.

Raven reminded America that this is gastroparesis month, of course.  I thought that was last month, but whatever.

When it was time for Kevin to do his Snapchat video, he wanted to do it with Jason and Christmas, introducing them as his friends.

The sunshine is brutal for Jason in that costume.  It is very hot inside that thing, and Production only gave him one costume, which is beginning to smell.  Jason said he can't wash it, because that would mean he's not wearing the costume.  Both he and Alex had been promised additional versions of their costumes that they could swim in, but as of today that has not happened.  They did get Alex another pair of shorts that are an inch or two longer, but no alternative clothing for Jason.

He has said many times that the unitard and shorts are uncomfortable because he has no room to move down there.  Jason wants to be able to have more kids, he says, and this outfit could jeopardize that.  At some point in the past few days, Alex noticed Jason's forehead was bleeding from wearing that helmet.

Jason went over to sit in the shade.  He and Kevin were both starving, and as Have Nots were waiting for the bugle to sound so that Alex could set up her little campsite to make them some hotdogs.  Jason asked Alex if the Have Nots could just cook up the hotdogs on their own, but Alex had bad news about that....they can only eat the hotdogs that she makes as part of her camping punishment.

Jason: Kevin we're going to have to eat some slop real soon, or maybe a protein shake.  I need some food.

Kevin said that he actually gets a great night's sleep in the Have Not room, because the room is cool and there is very little traffic in and out overnight.

Kevin:  No one is walking by, waking me up in there.

Cody was nearby so they chatted lightly with him, which is a bold move in that house, since Paul is always watching to see who will speak to the enemy, defying his direct orders.

Kevin:  Cody did you try the toasted hot dog bus? No? Well, that's a tip----next time toast he bun for a minute or two.  You can thank me later.

Earlier, Cody told Jason that he was very lonely in the house since Jessica left the game, and Kevin brings that up now, asking him about it.

Cody:  I've been talking to myself, and I never did that before.  (I thought he was talking to us when he did that, actually.)

Kevin: Well, you only talk to yourself at the beginning or the end in here.  We were talking to ourselves in the beginning, and now we have each other to talk to.  But you're the reverse, talking to yourself now.

Cody:  You're right about that.

Kevin asked Cody if he's ever been to Catalina Island, noting that it is 26 miles way from shore.   Cody said it sounds nice but he's probably too low class to fit in there.

Kevin:  Cody, what do you think you'll be doing when you're 56?

Cody:  I don't know.  Probably dead.

Kevin:  Everyone I know who is my age----just about---is already dead.

Cody:  I take that back...I think I'll be married to Jessica, and have kids and grand kids.  I'll move her to Texas.  We'll pull her over to Texas.

Based on Cody's age, Kevin doesn't think Cody has time to have grand kids before 56, because "kids now don't want to have kids".  He hopes Jessica is not the sort of person who wants to pursue a career in Los Angeles, because "L.A. isn't all it's cracked up to be".  Cody agrees with him, and says he likes Jessica because she is so down-to-earth.

Cody:  I asked her what she wanted, and she just said she wanted love.

Kevin:  That's nice.  I can tell you that after everything I've been through in life, sitting on your porch and watching the kids play, maybe just in the middle of nowhere, is what it's all about.

Cody:  I want that, Kevin.

Kevin mentioned his brother dying of cancer, and then says his son "visited upstate twice a week", and that's really not good for a kid.  (i.e. Kevin took Andrew to visit family in prison)

Kevin:  My son actually wrote a book about it...he wrote a book about those visits.  But I'm tired of always looking through the back window of my car....I don't want to do that anymore.  I want to be happy.

Cody:  What's your best advice for Jess and me, Kevin?

Kevin:  Don't let nobody else get between you.  You'll make plenty of mistakes, but you'll make them together.  Everybody does, but it should be you and her together every night.  Don't let anybody get between you if you're happy.

Cody also said he'd like four children, but Kevin said Jessica is a small girl, so maybe two would be a better number for her.

And you've all heard by now about the big Cereal Incident that happened later in the day. Basically Alex granted permission for Cody to have a bowl of her HoH cereal, which was Honey Nut Cheerios, I believe.  But then Cody poured himself a bowl of the entire box, or what was left of it.  I think he also used chocolate milk with it, too, adding insult to injury.  Alex said it would have been nice for him to save her a bowl of it, and Cody reportedly said (based on Jason's retelling of the story later) "fuck you Alex, you all hate me and I don't care what you want".

Well, that type of cereal must be delicious, because Alex went nuts on Cody, which led to at least an hour of tag-team fighting in the kitchen area.  First it was just Alex on Cody, with the entire cast either gathered around for a standing room only crowd, or upstairs peaking over the railing (Matt & Raven).  And Jason even jumped in for a quick round with Cody, because he was so upset about how he saw Cody treat Alex.

Jason:  Oh, we can just cold shoulder him now.  This was supposed to be so easy and smooth, with Cody on the block for Thursday.  And now it's all chopped up.

Then Josh got into the argument, too, dragging Mark into it with the same old drama about who said what to whom during the first weeks of the game. Elena stood by for most of this, but jumped in with both feet after she felt Josh threw her under the bus by stating that she was working with Mark and was in on all of Mark's purported shady deeds.

And Elena has a FILTHY mouth.  I've already told you that, and she let it all fly here.  Meanwhile, Cody, and probably Mark and Elena will be going to the Jury soon, so shouldn't some of these people start thinking about Jury votes?  For example, shouldn't Alex try to keep Cody on her good side, since they were connected early in the game?  I think Cody could have been a sure vote for her if she made it to the end, so is the damn cereal that good?

Don't they have lots and lots of cereal in the kitchen for everyone to eat?  I just don't understand it.  I could be starving in that kitchen, with three boxes of cereal in front of me, and it still wouldn't occur to me to eat it.  I'd rather make a peanut butter sandwich, or just eat peanut butter straight from the jar if the cupboard is so bare that people are going to fight about cereal.

And I keep saying it, but I think Elena looks like a new person without makeup.  She looks gorgeous to me here, like a normal person you would go to the beach with or something.

Mark left the room after Josh was finished yelling at him, but he must be hurt listening to Elena make the case that she is not working with Mark in this game, and never has.

(I think that is bullshit....I think if Mark or Elena win HoH on Thursday, they both will nominate Paul and Alex, which would make for a VERY interesting night.)

We didn't hear much, if anything, from Paul during this hot mess.  But he was right there, listening and watching for something he can use. It's smart, watching people's reactions and maybe some subtle "tells" about their true intentions.

And we can all see Raven's tell in the picture below, right?  She's telling us she sees the camera, seeing her.  She and Matt feel VERY comfortable right now, that much is clear.  Will ANYBODY target them on Thursday night?  Kevin might, if he wins HoH.  But I think Kevin really needs to target Paul, but can he get the votes to evict Paul?


Later that evening, the BBAD episode began with Paul being dastardly, throwing Kevin under the damn bus by telling Alex that Kevin is the one who won the $25,000 on opening night.  Apparently Josh casually dropped the information to Paul that he knew who won that cash prize, because Kevin told him that very night as they came back in the house after the competition.  Paul told Josh that he already knew that, probably stunned to hear that Kevin shared that information with someone else.

That's a mistake on Paul's part.  Because in his quest to point the finger at Kevin, he's also putting the spotlight on himself, and on what he knew, and when he knew it. And more importantly, how hard he's been playing, and the extent of his manipulation and lies.  I think pride tripped Paul up there.

(Note the caption at the bottom of the following picture.)

Alex fought the news at first, saying that if Kevin won the money, then why did Mark say he knew "for a fact" that Ramses won the money.  Paul dropped the news that "Kevin confirmed it with him, too", which is something I think he might regret.  Because once this news hits the mainstream in the house, Kevin will probably tell everyone that he told Paul this nearly two months ago, and everyone knows that Paul was the one responsible for pinning the money grab on Ramses.

(But least half of the house guests pushed the button....Kevin just got there first.)

Paul clarified that they agree the targets in order should be Cody, Mark, and then Matt before launching into the whole "Kevin is acting weird and shady" routine.

Alex: Kevin is being so weird.  He's always asking which Have Not foods are allowed, like he doesn't know.

(He's being funny, Alex.  Later Paul said that they should watch for Kevin making condescending statements to them like "what are you doing, solving the world's problems over here?", like that is an insult.  Kevin is just being his usual humorous self!)

Paul:  Alex you need to drop that bomb and say Josh told you.  If you need to, drop that bomb, because that fool is a fucking liar.

Alex: I told you he thinks we're all kids.  I'm starting to wonder if he even has kids.

Paul:  Kevin never mentions his wife.

Alex:  But maybe they're divorced or something.  And no way he's not working, if he really had seven kids they can't live on her salary alone.

Alex:  Christmas says that Matt and Raven play fight all of the time to cover up when they are talking about other things.  She walked into the room and they started pretending to fight when they saw her.  You know how Raven slaps him and screams?

(Yes, we know.)

Paul:  Wait...what?

Jason came in the room and Paul could hardly wait to drop the news on him that Kevin is the one who won the money.  Jason was shocked, as you can see below.

Paul: So that's nearly $40,000 that Schlehuber has won already....

But after Paul left the room, Jason and Alex discussed it, and Jason came up with several pieces of evidence in an attempt to dispel Paul's news.

*  Kevin said he was taking off his clothes and missed pushing the button.  Jason points out that Kevin was so hot that he was soaking wet, and they could see that clearly.

*  Jason mentions Ramses' conduct during that HoH competition, and he was able to describe exactly what Ramses sounds like he quit or something so Jason thinks he threw it, which was a consequence of taking the money.  Maybe Jason was on his team so he was watching closely.

*  Josh has been with them since the beginning of the game, and if he knew this, he would have told them, instead of just blurting it out to Paul first.  Jason supported this further by telling Alex some new news, that right after Mark came in the house on Day #1, Mark pulled him into storage and said "you're my cowboy, let's work together", and then Josh came in and kept saying they were the Final Three.  Alex couldn't believe this, but Jason said the three of them met in the storage room at least 5 times in the first hours of the game to discuss it.  So if Josh knew this information from the start, he would have shared it with Jason.

Alex:  Well, that's what I'm saying.  Somebody is lying here.

Jason: Yep. Somebody is.

I hope Jason tells Kevin privately what Paul says, and then the two of them join Mark and Elena in flipping the damn script. But to quote Jessica, I also want world peace, and that sure isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Oh, and Jason shouldn't have told Alex about Josh, Mark and their Final Three deal, even if it was a passing idea that never gelled.  Because I just heard Alex bitch and moan with Josh about how Jason is hanging out with Mark too much, and may not have have ever been loyal to her.   I swear Alex's brain is just a swirl of leaves blowing in the breeze. She can't stick to one idea for longer than the next light gust.

OK LOOK:  This news is going to come out, but Paul should think VERY carefully about the ramifications of that.  Kevin can tell everyone that he shared this news with Paul the first week of the game, and then everyone will remember how Paul pushed the blame on Ramses.

Kevin can also talk about Paul's role in the hinky votes, and even if Paul disputes it, some serious shade is going to be cast.  Paul isn't just going to skip away from all of this, unscathed.  Maybe Paul can get out of it somehow, because he's crafty like that.

But let's say Paul decides to cut Kevin quickly, even as soon as this week.  Kevin would be going to the Jury, and Kevin can be an influential person.  He is going to have a lot of information to share, and those Juries are known to be very bitter and salty.  Remember Natalie Martinez at the end of BB11?  When the Jury started sharing the information that Natalie was actually 25, and not the teenager that she had claimed to be, she lost votes from that, including Jessie Godderz's vote, who was her Ride or Die for most of the time he was in the house.

But Natalie's loss was Jordan's gain, of course.  How will Paul fare when the Jury starts realizing how they've been played?  The Jury is made up of mostly recruits, so it's not like they are a group of Big Brother purists.

And if Paul blows this story wide open before the Thursday live show, Kevin may even try to pull together an upset, getting Elena tossed out to Jury so that Cody can team up with Kevin and Mark.

I'm just kind of freewheeling here, and also trying to look on the bright side, because we have many days left of this game.   I'd like to have some days to look forward to.  I can't watch this constant bash fest for the rest of the summer.

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 6 #BB19

Wil is back this week with another episode of The Saga.  And I think Wil is just like us.....a little fatigued with the situation at hand.

Wil is not a Jessica fan, so now that she is gone, I think he is turning his focus on Josh.  But who are the two guys dancing behind Julie Chen?  Is the guy in the plaid shirt supposed to be Big Mark?  Who is the guy with blonde hair and glasses?  I'm confused by this.

Also, I don't watch Game of Thrones (I watched Season 1 but I didn't like it!), so I don't fully understand the last part, but I do like the flying fire-breathing dragon.

If this episode isn't your cup of tea, I recommend last week's Episode 5...I'm still freaked out by it.  But in a good way.....