Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It Was All Extremely Intense. #BB19

Watching the live feeds has not been very fun as of late, because all they seem to do is gather around Paul to hear him bash either Mark, Cody or Kevin.  It's been the same-old, same-old for a few days now, but here is what you need to know regarding the house activities lately.

Here's one way to look at it:  I watched, so you don't have to.


Somehow, Sunday became the Have Not notification day.  I think it was Saturday in years past, but this season the Have Nots seem to operate on a Sunday through Friday schedule, giving them a day off on Saturday.  I'm not sure why they even bother with this, because they rarely, if ever, feature the Have Nots on the CBS show.

Alex has to carry her damn backpack and camping accessories around with her everywhere (more on that later) but I think Big Brother is playing with fire here, due to that spiral staircase.  I've seen Jason walk up the stairs behind her, holding part of her pack and giving her a little boost, but Alex has traveled up and down that staircase alone plenty of times, often when everyone else is sleeping.  It's dangerous, with or without all of that extra weight on her back.

So Alex managed to get to the meeting on time, but had to wait for everyone else to catch up.  I think her camping costume is super cute, particularly the hat, which looks great with the braids.  As usual with these type of torturous punishments, it's hard to imagine anyone else having to do all of the punishment activities, other than the unlucky person who actually "won" the punishment.

Paul and Christmas were attached together like a tandem skydive, but it was only a 48-hour punishment.  One of the rules is that they can't face each other...she has to be facing Paul's back, but this has actually worked out well with the whole scooter situation.

Everyone finally arrived at the meeting.  Alex had already looked at the card she was expected to read and made a few sounds indicating that she was not happy about it.  (She wanted to make Elena a Have Not.) We'll see it on the Wednesday CBS show, but during the PoV comp apparently Elena made a deal with Alex in front of everyone that she wouldn't give Alex any "curses" in the competition, which was one of those comps where you choose prizes in order of worst-to-first and can steal someone else's prize, or stick them with a punishment.

Alex and Elena were the final two in the PoV competition, with Alex holding a $5,000 prize.  Elena is on the block, but instead of choosing the PoV, she took Alex's money and stuck her  with the camping punishment.  So Alex is already VERY pissed off at Elena.

When it was time to read the card, Alex went off script and announced that she would not be making Elena a Have Not, because when she gives her word "on national TV" she doesn't go back on that promise, "like some people".  The irony here is that this ceremony isn't usually on TV at all, but maybe now it will be, to show the viewing public why Elena and Alex are at each other's throats now.

The card says that the four lowest scoring players out of the last HoH competition would be Have Nots, at least I think that is what was said.  The Have Nots are Kevin, Paul, Jason and Mark.  Josh had already volunteered, but his offer was invalid after Alex's announcement.  And it's not a horrible Have Not week, because they are allowed to eat Alex's campfire food.  But more on that later.

Like I said, it's really not fun to watch the HoH Room bitch sessions, because they go from piling on one target to the next, but they did plan to screw with Elena this week and make her think she may be the one going home.  Paul's view was that it could lead to Elena spilling some information, and indeed it might.

I think this was one of the first days that everyone started bashing Kevin behind his back, primarily led by Paul.  Every single conversation that I watched on BBAD, and on the live feeds featured Paul starting every conversation by asking the others if they noticed how sketchy and shady Kevin was behaving.  And then the negativity grew from there.

This all stemmed from Kevin talking to Cody last week, trying to make a deal with him.  Kevin is no longer doing this, but any pleasantries exchanged with Cody, no matter how banal and superficial have now made Kevin Enemy #1 or #2, depending on the latest Mark Information.

WHAT PAUL SAYS TO THE OTHERS:  Kevin is obviously working with The Enemy, so we must shun him due to his interactions with Cody.  He is a shady liar.

WHAT PAUL SAYS TO HIMSELF:  I don't want anyone having any pleasant conversations with anyone headed off to the jury.  I will not lose by one jury vote again.  I am a shady liar.

Mark was upset about having to sleep in the Have Not room, of course, due to missing out on all of the sexual activity with Elena, who still maintains her "I HATE YOU" front that she thinks is fooling people both inside and outside of the house.  Mark may think that he likes Elena now, but when he is released from captivity in late September, Mark will be inundated with offers from girls who will actually be nice to him, and appreciate what he has to offer.

Alex has been one of the main people who is trash-talking Kevin, saying that he is just dead weight to them since he can't seem to win a competition.  And she has always thought he was the shady person making the hinky votes.  In another ironic twist, Paul is the one who told Kevin to make the second hinky vote, but even if Kevin decided to tell everyone that now, no one would believe him, and he would appear even more shady than they thought he was, after daring to make an Anti-Paul statement.

And even Christmas is spouting the Anti-Kevin rhetoric, too, which is sad, because Kevin has been the one who has been most tolerant of Christmas in the house.

As tandem skydivers, Paul and Christmas both have to wear the helmets and goggles at all times, and while both are uncomfortable, they say the goggles smear easily and make everything blurry.  That is HORRIBLE for your eyesight, and could cause lasting damage.  (I actually don't know if that is true or not, but that is what I would say in the DR about it, and I would NOT be wearing the goggles on my way out of the DR, one way or another.)

Because she is strapped to Paul, Christmas has had to hear every word of Paul's Anti-Cody, Anti-Mark, and Anti-Kevin tirades, but knowing Christmas, the words may have sounded blurry.  And she did appear to doze through much of her Tandem Jump time period.  But at least she's not face-to-face with Paul's nasty beard, due to the required strapping technique.  So there's that, at least.

And those costumes ARE NOT flattering for either one of them, by the way.  But Cody inspected them and said that the "altimeters" on their wrists "are legit".

This year's unitard target is Jason, who has to be Mr. Xtreme, or something like that.  Every time the man on the intercom says something like "Jason is ready for some extreme lunch today" (or whatever) Jason must stand up and shout, "That's because I am so extreme!".  Jason makes it fun, but he says the hat is very uncomfortable and heavy, and his neck hurt as early as the first day.  He'll be Mr. Xtreme (or whatever) for one week.

I watched Paul give him a little pep talk, saying that his own experience as a Secret Service agent last year made the fans love him.  Even though Paul is correct, it's super-irritating to hear him give Jason such basic, obvious information.

This is just a guess, but I think Production might sneak in an Xtreme announcement from Jason's family, particularly his son Gatlin.  Remember when Derrick's daughter surprised him with a "Holla Daddy" in BB16?  I watched Jason ditch his X hat for a few minutes yesterday, putting on his black cowboy hat and saying it felt so good.  He waited for Production to ding him, but they let him wear it for at least a few minutes to regain his sanity.

There was also an Outback Steakhouse dinner prize awarded to the house, with six house guests attending.  I'm not sure who won it, but the Have Nots could participate if chosen to attend, and Paul switched his dinner with someone else (Christmas, maybe?).  He was trying to be a Big Shot about it, but there is speculation that he made the switch to be sure he had eyes on Cody and his actions.  And probably Kevin, too.

The Outback dinner happened on Sunday night, but the house guests weren't sure if it would happen on Saturday or Sunday.  Elena wore this outfit two days in a row, because she apparently wanted to be seen on TV wearing this and enjoying her Outback meal.  (Which she complained about later, of course.)

The Outback Steakhouse diners were Alex, Jason, Matt, Mark, Christmas and Elena.

Kevin has tried to be nice to everyone and is well aware that he is being talked about negatively, but now almost everything he says gets turned around on him later.  For example, he will go over to Paul and Christmas and make some classic Kevin comments, but as soon as he walks off Paul goes off on a tirade about how Kevin is panicking, and knows he has been "caught".

Cody has now told both Kevin and Jason about his five-year-old daughter and also his dead brother, but Kevin is the one who spilled the beans about it.  He knew he was being talked about as a Friend of of Cody, so he told Paul the outlandish claims that Cody has made about his life.  And everyone talked shit about Cody's evil lies to Kevin.  Yesterday I saw Jason admit that Cody had told him these things, too.

But they're still talking trash about Kevin, who told Paul that after the vote is 8-0 this week, no one should worry about where Kevin's loyalties lie, right?  Well, Paul repeated that comment dozens of times, scoffing at the very nerve of Kevin.  And they are always talking trash about Cody, speculating about what his real job might entail.  Is he is sales?  Or something else?  Because he told a few people that he was a Day Trader before losing around $50,000 on bad trades.

(I could write a whole SERIES of books about people I've done taxes for who lost their shirts in the real estate or stock markets.....all of them getting involved with "sure things" that they DID NOT understand AT ALL.  I just gave a client some horrible news yesterday about a "tax savings program" he invested six figures in  that was not what it was presented to be.)

And Christmas keeps getting dragged along.....but now she has to announce to Paul when it is time for her to go in the DR to get her meds, instead of just going on her own.

And it seems like she makes that announcement quite frequently.  Just saying.

On Saturday night, everyone was waiting around for something to happen, either the reveal of Alex's punishment or the Outback dinner festivities.  As they waited, Paul speculated that Alex's punishment might begin after his own punishment is over, giving various reasons for Production wanting to focus on his punishment first.

But finally Alex emerged from the Diary Room, wearing the cute costume and loaded down with a huge backpack and duffle bags stuffed with gear.  She was muttering about salty she was, and as she revealed her punishment it became clear why she was so mad about it.

Elena watched some of the Big Reveal, but went inside for most of it.  Alex also said that if she had "won" the punishment on her own, she would be happy to perform the acts, but because Elena stuck her with it after promising not to, she is unhappy with the injustice of it all.  We could argue that is part of Big Brother, but I don't think it was smart of Elena to make promises in front of everyone like that, particularly since she is ON THE BLOCK right now.

Alex had at least three different laminated cards with instructions, and the first thing she did is start to unpack and erect a camping tent.  As she did so, she announced that she can't even get inside the tent, in fact, no one can, a fact she had to repeat over and over until everyone understood.

She also has to lay out blanket-type spread, and put up a camping chair before she can even turn on the portable grill.

Jason was there to help her, and gave her a lot of tips and assistance from the sidelines as she struggled through the routine for the first time.

Jason:  It's so hard right now....I'd like to just step in and do it for you.

Once he even picked up part of the tent structure and BB immediately jumped on his ass about it, but of course they are softening on that a bit. The tent poles are literally getting bent out of shape, so yesterday I watched Jason fix one of them for her without getting yelled at.

Alex explained several times (because she was asked several times) if she gets to keep all of the camping stuff.

Alex:  No.  Just my uniform and my hat, unfortunately.

Initially everyone said it was really nice equipment, but the consensus now is that these are TV show props and there is quite a bit of wear and tear on them in areas that the cameras don't see.  I think Jason camps out sometimes in his job, and he said he might change his setup after watching Alex set up camp in the backyard.   When they are locked inside she sets all of this up in the loft area, where the chessboard used to be.  It's a little backyard area now, complete with Astroturf.

Alex said she has to perform this ritual every time the bugle sounds, and the number "100" is getting thrown around, so maybe that is what was said during the PoV.  But there is no way she can do this 100 times....no freaking way.

First of all, she has to set it all up.  Then she has to preheat the grill and cook eleven hotdogs, one for each house guest, whether they want one or not.  She actually has to deliver a hot dog to each person, and they have to accept it from her.  Now that the Have Nots know they can eat Alex's hot dogs, they have nailed down the rules so that they know that someone only has to touch the hot dog, not hold it, if don't want to eat it themselves.

As I've said, this is all great news for the Have Nots, because they each get to eat at least 2 hot dogs every time Alex performs the ritual.  In fact, yesterday both Jason and Kevin were grousing about how hungry they were, waiting for Alex to wake up from her nap.  When the bugle finally sounded, it was as if Pavlov's dog ran through the house, Jason was so excited.

And after the hot dogs have been prepared and delivered, Alex has to break everything down and shove it all back in the carrying cases.  I heard Matt say there is no way all of that stuff will fit in the bags again, but Alex gets it done.  And Jason helped her through the first ritual, giving her tips and tricks.

Alex took a moment to enjoy her campsite before beginning the cooking of the first set of hot dogs.  As I type I am watching a flashback from just after midnight this morning, where the bugle sounded and once again Jason and Kevin were right on her heels, happy to have a little show to watch and more importantly, hot dogs to eat.  Alex got the tent set up in about 5 minutes, so she's improving every day.  I actually think I could assemble a small tent now, after watching this even out of the corner of my eye as I work.

In the flashback, Jason said he wanted to get in the tent so badly, so he and Josh both unzipped the entrance and got in there.  Seconds later BB came on the intercom to chastise them, and then called Jason into the Diary Room.

There is an entire laminated sheet with instructions about the mini-grill.  I used to have one of those in college, to use for balcony or tail gating purposes.  There is a little propane cannister that screws onto a dial that you use to let it the fuel flow.  Alex also has matches to spark the fire.

Cody actually had to come over and help Alex, giving her a few safety tips so she wouldn't burn down the premises.  Note that Paul has been using situations like this in his arsenal of information that proves Cody is trying to integrate himself back into the group, being sneaky and subversive.

Paul is partially correct, of course, but who is more paranoid than Paul? He is playing a very mean game, being a tyrant, and Paul will have to live with that.  Cody did his own game a disservice by not being part of the group most of the time this summer, but Paul trying to prevent anyone from even acknowledging Cody's presence is the move of a weak, desperate person.  But the only thing worse than Paul right now are the sheep who are too scared to defy his orders.

Cody also announced that some of the items attached to Alex's belt are "Marine Corp grenade pouches", in case you were wondering about that.

Kevin was stunned by the harsh rules of Alex's punishment.

Kevin:  You can't just leave it all here and come back out when it's time to grill again?

Alex:  No.  I have to pack it all back up and carry it on my back at all times.

Kevin:  And I can't help you carry it? We can't help you set up?

Alex:  No.  I have to do this all week.  Whenever the bugle sounds.

No one was a Have Not yet at this point, but they all loved the idea that the Have Nots could at least have some damn hot dogs, courtesy of Alex Ow.

After the grill preheated, Alex put the dogs on the fire and set the timer for six minutes.  They've had several different varieties of dogs, from Hebrew National and Frank's brands, to some soy dogs that apparently smelled horrible.

The non Have Nots have been adding shredded cheese and a pepper relish to them, along with the normal condiments, of course.  Alex keeps saying that she will never eat another hot dog ever again, after this, but in the flashback she admitted to Elena that so far she's eaten one of her hot dogs from each batch she's cooked.

Both Kevin and Josh like their dogs burnt and crispy, and everyone has been enjoying the soft fresh hot dog buns, particularly after toasting them on the little grill.

Kevin:  Are you having fun now Alex?  Christmas?  Paul?  Josh?  I am. I'll never have hot dogs with all of you like this again, after this, so I'm enjoying it.

But get this:  While Alex placed the eleven hot dogs on the grill the first time, she set the top of the grill down on the fake grass, and the grass melted where the lid touched it, likely leaving a present for generations of BB players to come.  (A rectangular shaped indention in the Astroturf.)

Alex scrubbed and scrubbed the lid before putting it back on the grill, in order to avoid making everyone ill.  Jason had to tell her to wear the protective oven mitt to avoid getting burned.  And I heard Matt later say that he tried to give Alex a hug in the kitchen but she turned around while he was reaching for her and he took the grill brush right in his face, since it was placed in an outside pocket of her pack.

Finally the dogs were ready to go, amid screams of "how extreme" this all was.  I saw Josh put on Alex's pack and he said that he can't believe she has to carry something so heavy all week.

I'm thinking she will have to start cooking during the live show, or maybe at the end of the presentation, with the bugle sounding after the closing credits, maybe.

WARNING:  The live feeds are going to be down after this week's live show, and will not return until after the "special episode" airs on Friday.  So I guess we won't know who the second HoH is until then, along with whatever happens that they don't want us to see.  Last year it was the Ziggy Marley concert. Maybe this year it will be Frank Stallone in concert or something.  Who knows.  Maybe Dr. Will will visit and give everyone a skin cancer screening, or they will get to play video games with Dan Gheesling.

Alex waved a tray over the grill to try and get it to cool off faster, so she could pack it all up.  Once she got it all together and went back in the house, the bugle sounded again and she had to trudge back outside to go through it all again.

They won't do that to her all week, of course.  Production appreciates her attitude about it all, and they have been letting her enjoy her HoH room for naps and other activities for a few hours at a time.

Can you imagine if we had to hear Elena bitch and moan about having to perform this camping task?  Or Raven?  That would be UNBEARABLE and Raven would surely get out of  it due to her various diseases.

During BBOTT, they had a golf-themed PoV comp and Shelby's punishment involved carrying a golf bag all week, but this is NOTHING like what Alex has to do with her camping equipment.  I heard Matt say he'd rather kick a thousand soccer balls like Brittany did in BB16, which is the only season Matt has watched, of course.  He said he watched it because "they made him" before the season started.


This is the scene where Cody confided in Kevin about his daughter Paisley.  And Cody also explained that when he was in Afghanistan, his brother died in a motorcycle accident on his way to the post office.  The feeds cut out as Cody presumably explained how he met Paisleys' mom around the same time, and Kevin asked him why he didn't share any of this information with anyone before.

Kevin:  Does Jessica know about this?

Cody:  Yes, of course.

Raven danced around to Alex's HoH CD, by Kendrick Lamar.

I'm not a dancer, nor a dance critic, but I've done my share of dancing over my lifetime.

And my dancing doesn't look much different from Raven's, I'm guessing.  And the dance professionals online agree with me.  Not about my dancing, which has never been broadcast in any manner, but about Raven's dancing.

The dance professionals don't like it. They aren't impressed.

While we're here, let's check in on Raven's fundraising efforts.  My understanding of GoFundMe is limited to helping a friend fund a documentary years ago and the situation then was that if the overall fundraising goal wasn't met, then no donations were processed and no one earned anything.

So as of now, raising $200,000 looks like quite a stretch for Raven. I'm no bookie, but I'm calling this GoFundMe campaign to be a longshot, along with Raven's chances to win Big Brother 19 or America's Favorite Player.  She can win the $50,000 second place finisher prize though, if indeed she gets taken to the end by someone.

I just had a quick mental flash of Matt and Raven in the Final Two, and suddenly felt very, very ill.

Note that one donor below has donated twice, and even consulted a psychic to determine if Raven's various claims were true.  I'm not  a carny, either, but I believe this may be what is known as a "ringer".  Just a guess.  Just my two cents, which will stay safely in my own damn wallet.

These are Cody's eggs.  He jiggled the pan around so I braced myself for a flip, but it never happened.

As all of this controversy swirls around Kevin and his suspected traitor ways, Jason has tried to make excuses for him, by saying that this whole summer, Kevin has been ready to carry out whatever plans they've made, and will do whatever he's been asked to do.

Paul:  What if you told him you wanted to vote me out though?

Jason:  What?  He'd fucking flip out if we did that!

(Or he'd just flip, which would be GREAT.)

Paul suggested that everyone in their group (Paul, Jason, Alex & Josh) go to Kevin individually and let him know they each plan to take Kevin to the Final Two, so he can relax and stop getting so nervous all the time.

Paul is the one who was nervous though....I saw him give Josh orders twice in ten minutes to "go find out where Kevin is, and also where Cody is".

Also, Paul has been disparaging Cody because Cody told someone that after he was evicted the first time, he found out how popular everyone is on the outside, saying they all have at  least 100,000 followers.

Paul:  My social media team told me that last year when Victor was evicted the first time, the same week that Cody was evicted, he only had 5,000 followers at that time, and he was America's Favorite Player....he only had 5,000 followers.

And Paul said that at least four times yesterday.

Victor is too busy to know that Paul is disrespecting him like that, though.  He's too busy dating Nicole, apparently.  I think this started at the BB19 premiere party, actually, because Victor had someone tape him hugging her and his caption noted he was happy someone was filming it, because he hadn't seen Nicole in many months.  Or something like that.

And now they are in Orlando together, yadda yadda yadda.  I actually heard Paul discussing Victor and Nicole the day I took this picture of Victor visiting Nicole's hometown.  He said that Victor made comments to Nicole all summer long about taking her out on a date.

Someone: Was Victor serious though?

Paul:  I have no idea.

Well, he was.  And Victor always liked Nicole.  If you watched the BB18 live feeds, then you know that.  So this is interesting, right?

Josh will get dragged straight to the end of the game by Paul, I think, because he follows orders made by Paul, and he also reports back information such as this.

Josh:  Paul, I saw Kevin and Mark talking today!

Elena says when she waves her finger around to the music when she goes out in Dallas, she gets free drinks sent over.

Christmas has callouses all over her hands from weight lifting.  She doesn't like to wear gloves, and enjoys knowing she earned the callouses from hard work.  Here she is showing Kevin all of the rough areas.  Mark has them too, he says.

Oh, and about Kevin and Christmas.  Please leave Kevin's family alone.  His son Andrew posted on Reddit in an attempt to calm the fans down.


Another day, another 44 or so hot dogs to roast over the camping stove for Alex.  This bugle call happened early, when Cody was the only house guest who was awake.

And since the PoV Ceremony would be taking place in just a few hours, Cody came over to try and chat to her about it.

Alex:  I'm sorry.  I'm kind of preoccupied with doing this right now.  I just woke up.  Do you mind?

I'm sure Production wanted to give the two of them the chance to chat, because everybody except a few people in the house wanted Alex to put Raven on the block instead of Cody.

Everybody = Me + Probably You + The Entire Production Staff  + Anyone on the CBS Lot Who is Averse to Screeching

Kevin says Cody has every right to be salty about his situation this week, "even peppery", if he wants to feel that way too.

And here comes Mr. Xtreme, ready to start his day with some hot dogs.

Alex delivered hot dogs in the Have Not room, but also the Money and Rose Rooms, too. Breakfast in bed, you might say.

At one point yesterday, we had Josh's Bible reading on all four cameras, due to some naughty activities by Jason, I think.  I know I felt punished by this, but at least Josh was quiet.

I MUST ADMIT:  I miss Josh's tirades in the lounge.  He needs to be angry to put on a show like that for us.

After the PoV Ceremony, Matt saved Jason with his PoV, even though he himself was still on the block.  If Matt had saved himself, the fans might be interested in him.  But he didn't, so they are not.

Cody had been led to believe that Alex might indeed put Raven on the block.  But that didn't happen, of course.

Big Mark decided to take the Have Not Temptation once again, to see if he could get out of Have Not duty, risking a two-week stint if he failed.  Mark chose purple, but everyone was careful not to voice their opinion about it, after the fiasco that happened last time Mark tried this.

But he won this time, and  immediately asked Elena if he could sleep in her bed.  I did not hear her respond.

Is Elena even just a little worried about being voted out now, after she did Alex dirty in front of the entire cast?  And after she was also on the block last week?

Yesterday Paul issued orders to start shunning Elena, to make her very nervous, and they also discussed someone in their group giving her a rogue vote to incite more paranoia.  Paul is working several weeks ahead of everyone at this point, so we must give him credit for that, even though we might not don't like him.

And here is Alex after the Outback Steakhouse reward on Sunday night.  She was drunk and rolled around her upstairs campground area.  She said "they" really rushed the dinner and as usual, they only were allowed two drinks each.  But Christmas didn't drink, so they got to split her drinks.  Matt said he chugged both of his pints first thing, but we certainly won't get to see that on the CBS show.

Big Mark admitted he was drunk, too.  (My offensive lineman boyfriend was a damn lightweight, too.)  Elena told Mark that he was not qualified to hang out with her based on his inability to hold his liquor.  (We were probably one beer away from Mark crying.)

But as usual, I think the big hurry was so Production could have a staff party out back with Outback. They've done that in the past----during BB17 the house guests could hear people in the backyard laughing and talking long after the cast dinner was over and they were locked in for the night.