Sunday, August 13, 2017

But Enough About Me, What Do YOU Think About Me? #BB19

I know I'm behind, but it was a beautiful Saturday in Atlanta and some good stuff happened around here.  I'll try to catch up today, as I try to catch up on some tax work.  It's fall tax season, you know, and paper is flying around everywhere in my office.  (Theoretically speaking, because my business is about 85% digital at this point.)


PoV Players:

Alex - HoH
Elena - nominated for eviction
Jason - nominated for eviction
Matt - 3rd nominee due to Temptation Competition
Mark - potential random draw
Paul - potential random draw

The Results:

Winner - Matt
$5,000 prize - Elena
Wacky Costume - Jason
Trip for two to Colorado - Mark
Connected for 24 hours - Paul and Christmas
Camping punishment - Alex

Here is a picture of Jason's costume, which is no big deal for a circus clown like Jason.  BB also makes some "epic and extreme" announcements about him, for some reason I don't yet understand.

I tried to find a clear and concise description of the PoV events for you, since I have some catching up to do on yesterday's live feed action, but unfortunately this is the best I could find, from a poster on JokersUpdates.  As you know, it can be very difficult to find BB updates that use complete sentences and clear descriptions of the actual facts.  Everyone is in such a big damn hurry to get the information out that they don't care about the form, just the content.

I did see that the chessboard area of the loft has been transformed into Alex's camping area, but probably only for the next day or so.  Mark was bummed about the chessboard, but his probable saltiness over Alex taking away his money might be eased by seeing her have to set up camp over and over and over.


I think just about all of the house guests participated in the Temptation Competition, but I can't be sure until we see the Sunday CBS show.  The competition was based on all of those loud annoying sounds they heard over the intercom last week, but with a twist.

The Twist:  The questions focused on where house guests were located when they heard the noises.

So that's interesting, right?  I heard Elena say that the only two she missed were sounds that she heard when she was napping, so she didn't discuss the sound with anyone to create a memory of it.  For example, she clearly remembers what Jason said after one of the sounds, and she remembers they were in the backyard at the time.

Kevin:  So, if you were sleeping when you heard it, you should have said the Have Not room.

Elena:  Yeah, but I was still kind of asleep and didn't really think about it.

Matt ate cereal to replenish his energy. He lost the competition, but he lost it on purpose, apparently, because his boss Paul told him to.  Jason tried to win the competition, scoring nine points out of ten.

Does the HoH get to play in the Temptation Competition?  I'm not sure about that, but Alex doesn't put on any airs or graces now that she is HoH.  She still puts her makeup on while sitting in bed.  If any of you girls want to be on BB, you should practice this technique, because competition for mirror space is intense, and you might not want the cameras behind the mirrors looking up your nose.  Just a thought.

Alex's ex-boyfriend is in at least one of her HoH pictures.  She was THRILLED to see his picture and also to read her HoH letter, which was written by him.  He said a lot of romantic things in the letter, like they were both looking at the same stars, and he is keeping a journal for her so she will know what she missed while she is in the house.

They broke up a few months before she came in the house, which is why she jumped into the internet dating scene.  They dated over two years, and it sounds like they had a reason for breaking up, but they parted on good terms and the guys said that the letter makes it sound like he thinks they are back together now.  I heard her say he is "on tour with Metallica now", but I'm not sure if he is a musician or some other profession supporting the tour.  Either way, that would be a good reason to break up with someone, at least temporarily.  I've been backstage at a few concerts, and the scene is pretty much party mayhem back there.  But then again, so is the hallway outside of an NBA locker room, but that's another story.  (Can you say THOT?)

My point is that Alex was BEAMING after seeing his picture and letter, nearly speechless.  Elena kept asking if the guy was really her ex, and Alex said he was, but she did talk to him just before she came in the house (probably to tell him about it).

They discussed how snappy Christmas was about not being able to compete and contribute to the group's plan to have both the winner and loser spots held by members of their group.

Alex:  Why doesn't she understand that we can't let her be the loser of the competition because she might not even get to play in the PoV?

Jason:  Well, there's an easy way to fix that.

Paul: good time.

Note that when Raven was around yesterday, Kevin didn't say a damn word in her presence.  He was still highly aggravated by the way Raven started tossing his name around after the live show, apparently trying to pin the blame for her eviction vote on him.  I don't think he spoke in front of Matt, either.  Kevin knows how to hold his tongue, but his ears are always on high alert.

Now would be a good time for Kevin to win HoH, during the double eviction this week.  That's the only way he can get Matt and Raven out of there because Paul wants to keep them on staff as loyal supporter sycophants and Kevin is well aware of that.

All the kids online (literally children) are trying to say that Kevin is in love with Christmas.  No, Kevin is an adult and is capable of admiring someone's beauty without acting like a damn fool.  I don't know what his actual situation is with his wife, but he knows his daughters are watching and would not let them down by doing something stupid.

And Christmas is getting more stupid as the season progresses, actually.  The pain killer impact is very evident.  Sometimes she slurs, and mixes up her words, and that is not how Christmas Abbott likes to carry herself.  I've even heard Kevin say that "drugs messed Christmas up" and that she should "just go home and come back next year".

This picture is currently running on the CBS website that flashes by to advertise their shows, when it is Big Brother's time to shine.  I immediately thought she was standing in front of an open medicine cabinet, but of course it is really the open door of the fridge.   And she is holding a bag of cereal, I think.

Josh and Mark had a conversation that dragged on forever about how Josh plans to step aside and let Mark pursue Elena without his interference.  Mark played along in a manner that clearly showed he was mocking Josh, but it was all in good fun.

But it is common for Josh to walk into another room and verbally rip Mark a new one, depending on who is in the room.

Josh has mentioned a few times in the past few days that he has "almost left" the house on a few occasions.  I'm guessing this occurred during the first weeks of play, when he was Enemy #1 and was a Have Not for that first cycle.  He has said that Kevin was a big help to him, asking him why would be be so upset when he's in a house with "new friends, beautiful girls, and plenty of food".

He said someone in the DR helped him calm down from his panic attacks.  I think he was in the DR when he had "his hand on the door", and they told him if he even opens it a crack, he would be out of the game.

I'm sure you know by now that Mark won the Temptation Competition, so he's safe for another week.  Christmas was bitching about this competition concept afterwards, saying it might be even better than winning HoH, because you win safety but don't have to nominate anyone or get blood on your hands at all.  You're just safe so you can relax.

Unlike the PoV winner, who can easily find themselves in a jam, like Matt, for instance. I've already told you that Matt won the PoV, and you'd think saving himself would be the no brainer move, since he is on the block as the third nominee for eviction.

But, and this is a BIG but, (as opposed to a big BUTT) the majority group's intended action this week was to backdoor Cody.  In order to get Cody on the block, Matt needs to use the PoV on either Jason or Elena so that Alex can nominate Cody in their place.  But that would mean Matt is still on the block on Thursday night.

If Matt saves himself on Monday morning, that would leave Elena and Jason on the block,  and if he doesn't use the PoV, they will still be on the block too, next to himself.  I seriously doubt he would go that route, because then Matt himself might become the next casualty of the game and the first member of the Jury.

And this is the boring truth, but in Jury I'll bet Matt will still eat sugary children's cereal all day, or maybe even a sandwich on plain white bread with a glass of milk as you see in this picture.  Matt has very White Bread tastes, it seems.

After the Temptation Competition, Christmas lost her damn mind and started beefing with Big Mark.  Maybe the snake print workout wear was a factor in this decision, but Good Sense surely wasn't, because what is the point of arguing with someone who just won Safety?  Mark is just a vote this week, and Christmas isn't even part of the eviction equation at all this week, except for her vote.

But she got LOUD with Mark, basically rehashing all of the old shit about how he abandoned her when Cody put her on the block for that first live eviction.  And that feels like THREE YEARS ago, when Cody was The Messiah of the house, telling his flock of sheep that he was going to keep his PoV nomination plans a Big Secret.

And now that flock is grazing in Paul's meadow, it seems, and sipping Kool Aid from the trough.

Cody was laying up in his Have Not space, and could clearly hear the shouting in the kitchen from his spot.  When you watch the live feeds, they let you know how the sound carries by switching the camera views at a time like this.  The Control Room is watching this drama play out just like we are, which makes it all the more exciting.

I've heard some chatter about Cody's performance in the Temptation Competition----he tried to lose and get all 10 questions wrong, but somehow got one answer correct by mistake, resulting in Matt winning the losing spot.  Based on something that Kevin said, it looks like some of Josh's actions in the competition resulted in Cody's right answer, and Matt's wrong answer.  Kevin said Josh deserves some recognition for the role he played in the events that we will see on the Sunday night CBS episode, so let's be on the lookout for that.

And speaking of Josh, in the kitchen Josh got involved with the fight against Mark, by pointing out how Mark was even closer with Dominique than he ever was with Christmas, yet he turned his back on her entirely once the house was against her.  Josh was making the point that Mark changes sides quickly as things change in the house, and has been doing that since the beginning.

Josh:  As soon as Mark found out I was staying that week I was on the the block with Dominique, he flipped over.

Josh was yelling that Cody should come in the kitchen to speak his piece, since he was aware of how Mark can easily turn on you if it's good for his game.  We saw Cody standing near the door so he could hear better, and then he went and jumped back on his Bed of Spikes when it sounded like they would be coming to drag him into the argument.

Josh came in the room alone to ask Cody to share his information about the situation in the kitchen, but Cody wasn't going to play along.

Cody:  Josh, when Jess left my game went with her.  I'm not involved with this anymore.

Which is a good way to move the target elsewhere, which may just come in handy this week---if Cody is alone in the game, why wouldn't someone try to pick him up?  Well, if we are smart enough to realize that, then Paul can't be far behind.

Because look at him here....sneaking in the room to monitor the conversation and to make sure his own name doesn't come up. Also, Paul likes to listen carefully during the chaos because that is where you might be able to learn some information, when emotions are high and lips become loose.

After Josh left, Paul went over to Cody and said, "just tell me if what you told me after you nominated me was true....just tell me if that is true".  Basically Cody had told Paul that Mark was aware that Cody planned to nominate him.  Cody confirmed this was true, but then talked around it, saying that Mark may have gotten an early hint about it, but was never certain about Cody's plans.

So...another drama happened when there was no real reason for it.  Other than perhaps for Christmas to make sure she figures into the episodes this week.  Because that is still important to her.


We all know that Raven is one big walking accident, frequently scraping or bumping something, burning herself and pulling muscles, falling down the spiral staircase and needing stitches, etc.  So when I started watching the Friday night BBAD show, I saw the bandages on Raven's face and thought she was at it again.  And Matt is still rubbing his beard and mustache, which are his #2 Compulsive Actions, just under the #1 Compulsive Action of adjusting the straps on his orange blouse.

Raven looks bored here, doesn't she?  Inspecting her cuticles like that?

Maybe this is due to Christmas' retelling of the story of her big argument with Mark.  I guess she still feels the need to defend herself, since some of her own actions and words the week of Dominique's eviction got dragged out during the day's events.

Christmas:  I was in EXTREME pain at that time.....just out of MAJOR SURGERY...I don't remember exactly what I said about anything!

You should note that during this conversation, Christmas was slurring her words and struggled to pluck some of the right words out of her foggy brain.  She's been on the pain killers for at least a month now, you know.  She wrestled with trying to say "controversial", but it came out "controsal", which is not a mistake a normally-articulate Christmas Abbott would commit.  She also had difficulty speaking the phrase "3rd vote for Cody".  I don't know if the people in the room listen closely enough to Christmas anymore to note this, but I know Matt does.  I've heard Matt refer to "High Christmas" quite a few times.

Check out Alex, who is looking like a totally different, totally frightening person with her face mask on.  It was at that point that I realized that the house guests were having some sort of Beauty Night, enjoying items from Alex's HoH basket, most likely.  That doesn't mean that Raven doesn't have three or four fresh injury claims chambered for quick use as soon as tomorrow, but it does indicate that she might have used some of Alex's beauty strips.

Alex:  Mark always says that one person can't win Big Brother need a team to get there.

Alex isn't sure if Mark can mend fences with either Christmas or Josh at this point.

Jason used a beauty strip too, probably one of those Biore strips designed to clean clogged pores.  Jason was over listening to Christmas' babble weeks ago, but at least she hasn't mentioned how he ruined her professional career lately.  She was on repeat about that when she first returned from surgery, you know.

The cameras shifted quickly to the storage room, where Mark and Elena tried to touch base about their situation.  Elena had made a comment about how if Cody won the PoV, he could take her off the block, so she is going to pick him to play for her if she gets "house guest choice".  Elena asked Cody if he would do this if he won PoV and he said sure he would do that.

Mark:  You think she heard you ask the PoV question?  I do, so I had to engage with her to take the target off you and put it on me and Christmas.

Elena:  No, no way did she hear that.

Mark: I think she did, because she kept saying it...Cody is getting backdoored this week.

Alex put on some sort of black body suit and told everyone in the HoH room that she was imitating a character in the Bellagio Hotel's Cirque de Soleil show.  She was crouching and hopping around and went downstairs to try and scare them.  Scroll back up and look at her face in that was scary, even through the relative protection of watching from home.

Kevin:  People are just losing their fucking minds in here.

Cody:  And you might be the sanest person in here, after all Kevin.

Kevin: Well I try to keep my composure.

Note:  It is little things like this, exchanging pleasantries with Cody that are going to get Kevin in trouble now.  Paul's plan of Isolate and Destroy doesn't allow for friendly interactions with the perceived enemy, no matter how shallow.

Christmas entered the storage room and rummaged around while Mark was standing there, a cloud of tension surrounding them.

Christmas:  I really want some dark chocolate---I'm putting that on my HoH list, along with nuts.

That is what I would want, too, if I was as stoned as Christmas is.  And she must be pretty high to be talking about a potential HoH win at this point.  Unless it is a total crap shoot, I don't think her odds to win anything are very high anymore.  Certainly not as high as she appears to be much of the time.

Meanwhile Paul is holding court upstairs, and he lectured his followers for HOURS about a variety of topics.  I need to say that no matter how many times I see it, I cannot get used to Paul's beard.  I just don't understand why anyone would want that and can't imagine what it must be like to have all of that mess on my face.  Granted I am a girl with no facial hair, of course, but the feeling of washing your face and applying lotion is such a clean feeling, compared to whatever Paul's face must feel like to him or to others.

If you offered to give me the Big Brother prize money right now in exchange for having to make out with Paul for 10 solid minutes, I wouldn't do it.  Nope.  First of all, we all know that income taxes would chop that prize down to much less money, but the thought of that stuff rubbing on my face makes me physically ill.

OK, back to Paul's sermon, where he is telling everyone that he is certain that Cody isn't being his true self in the house.

Josh:  But he's all alone.  I can't help it...I'm sad about it.  I want to talk to him because he's alone.

Paul:  This isn't the person who he is outside of this game.  He can't live his life like that, but maybe he's in Military Mode right now.  He  said at the beginning of this that he wouldn't get involved with a girl because it could mess up his game, but then with Jessica he got caught up in the mix.

Mark looks like he's seething, watching this play out, watching Paul rule the group and issue orders and warnings.

Josh:  But I was isolated myself, so I want to reach out to him.  This is just a game, and we're all human beings.

Paul:  You can talk to him in the Jury house, but not now.  I know, because I've done this before.

Josh:  Unless he says something crazy to me, I'm not going to avoid him in this house.

Paul:  He's already said crazy things about you, and to you Josh.

Josh:  I know.

Paul:  No, YOU DON'T KNOW.

Josh:  But I've been isolated in here.

Paul:  I've been on the block seven times last year!  No one talked to me, and I was paranoid every day about all of the backstabbing.  It's not personal.

Elena:  I think in my next speech I'm going to tell Eugenia that I will need therapy when I get home.

Paul:  A lot of former Big Brother players get therapy after they play.

Josh: Does Production pay for it?

Paul:  Yes, you can speak to them and get hooked up with a therapist.

The cameras show us Cody, drinking out of a metal mug in the kitchen, as the BBAD news crawl tells us that everyone is "clued into Kevin's stealthy game".

But are they really?

Jason is frying up a huge pan of bacon and when asked why he is cooking up so much, he doesn't really have a good answer, other than he just wants to eat it.

Note that Alex left her HoH room for quite a long time, saying that she needed a break from the conversation up there.

And Paul is really off on a damn TANGENT up there talking about what life will be like when the game is over.  Because Paul knows....he's played this game before, if you somehow don't know that.

Paul:  I only felt okay and fully decompressed about two weeks before they called me to come back.  I wasn't playing with a full deck for a long time after last summer.  I was lucky to come out to a lot of fan positivity, but that can freak you out as much as the negative reaction can.  I went to the mall to get a haircut a few weeks after the show and there were people screaming out my name.  It freaked me out and I had to leave.


*  Paul doesn't read the positive, or the negative social media comments. He ignores most of it.
*  All of his friends wanted to talk about Big Brother, but after it was over Paul didn't want to discuss it, and some of his friends took offense to that.
*  Paul dropped out for a few weeks to get some alone time, but then people thought that Paul was being stuck-up and had changed with fame.
*  Paul advises the others not to read the Big Brother blogs, because it can only lead to trouble.
*  Paul thinks everyone should just go back to their normal routines as quickly as possible.
*  Everyone is going to want to talk about BB, and that makes it hard to move on.
*  Paul smokes a lot more weed now than he did before, due to the overall increase in anxiety. He says he doesn't abuse it, but he needs it more often to calm down.
*  It's hard not to see people talking and think they are conspiring against you after you leave the house.
*  The fans will attack your family, too, Paul says.
*  The "internet people" are crazy and would never say the things they do online in person, because in person some of the same people kissed his ass when they met him.
*  Any of the house guests can always call Paul afterwards, if they need his assistance.
*  Josh doesn't want to engage in any Twitter beef, and Paul approves this plan, but says it is hard and he got involved himself a few times, even though he didn't want to react.
*  Paul did have to call out a few BB18 people after the season to "put them in check".  (Wonder what THAT was all about...)
*  Some of the internet people watch the show just to clown on the players.  They follow you after the season, and then unfollow you when they are finished talking about your season and you can't take it personally.

(All of this is extremely interesting to hear, but due to Paul's constant wind bag status his filibuster sermons have an overall tone of negativity for most live feed watchers.)

Someone asked Mark if he would come back for another season, but he says it is impossible to answer that until seeing how this season ends for him, and what that experience is like.  And probably whether or not he wins BB19, of course, but Mark isn't going to slip up and say that.  Hell no.

One of the big story lines Friday night was not only how Kevin was fraternizing with the enemy, but that Kevin was down, and sad.  Instead of people wanting to help, certain people started trash-talking him, saying that clearly he must be up to something.  Jason even told Paul that it is probably because Kevin has "had a sketchy life and thinks bill collectors are after him".  Kevin did share information with both Jason and Paul about his legal and financial difficulties, and he has certainly joked about various people he might owe money to watching the show, but some of this chatter felt out of line to me.

For example, Kevin had asked Paul if there was a way that the Diary Room people could call his family for him...he really wanted some contact with them, only if it is only one-way communications.  Who knows, maybe August 11th was a special day for his family and he was sad about it.  With a wife and SEVEN CHILDREN, why can't this be a good reason for Kevin to feel blue?  After all, they are well over the Fifty-Something day mark in the game.

Paul graced Kevin with his Holy Presence and gave him a little pep talk, which might have helped Kevin.

Paul:  I know you miss your family.  But we're over the bump now...over halfway.  And the other side isn't too bad, because either you will win the game, or you get a free vacation until the show is over.

 Kevin was back to his old self the next day, saying that he had a breakdown that a man shouldn't have, and it would not happen again.

But this sad mood gave Alex the opportunity to tell her group how sketchy Kevin has always been to her, and how he is dead weight in competitions.  All I can say is that if Paul wanted to take this opportunity to kill Kevin's game, he easily could.  He might not do that this week, but I'm sure he knows he can pull that card in the future, if necessary.

Take a look at this poll's funny that the BBAD viewers think Christmas will take the first shot at Paul.  She has to have a loaded gun handed to her first, before she can do that.  But as I've said before, I think Christmas is too loaded to have a loaded gun right now.  But if you handed her a shotgun, I think Mark is the one who needs to run and hide, not Paul.

I don't know where someone as big as Big Mark can hide, but he would need to try and it might be fun to watch.


I just found these never-published pictures I took before the last live show.  The live feeds are down much of the day on a live show day, because the house guests get instructions from Production, have a rehearsal, etc. Any voices broadcast over the feeds have to be compensated as performers, so that is one reason why they don't want us to hear anything.  The voice who speaks the recorded messages is on some other type of pay structure, I think.

Paul cut Mark's hair, or maybe "trim" is the correct verb to use.

I think this is Kevin's "getting ready" shirt, because I've seen him wear it a few times while preparing for various events.  It feels like I took these pictures a LONG time ago, so I don't have much to say about them anymore, but I didn't want to just delete them.

Elena put some soft curls in the waves around her face, which were a big thing back in the 1970's, I think, but the curls fell out before the live show started.

Kevin and Jason both regularly iron their clothes, which kind of seems like an outdated concept at this point.  I haven't ironed anything in YEARS, maybe even over a DECADE, but working out of my house is probably a big factor in that. I used to dress to impress my coworkers, but my dog is my coworker now and she loves me just the way I am, even if my clothes are wrinkled.

Sometimes Raven is unrecognizable, isn't she?


Jessica Graf certainly isn't following Paul's No Social Media directives.  Hell no.  She's been tearing up the Twitterverse since last Friday, when Production gave her phone back to her.

There are a few fan-made Cody Twitter accounts out there, but Jessica would like you to know that Cody's real Twitter account is this one, and it's locked. He does look like Tom Cruise in the picture below.  I actually think Cody adopted his speaking style from Maverick in Top Gun, but I can't prove that, of course.

And even Jessica hasn't been approved to follow Cody's locked Twitter account, so you know security is tight.  That information is classified, apparently.  But did she mean to put Cody's email address on blast like that?  I've been doing this long enough to know that Cody will need to get a new email address as quickly as possible.

And here Jessica gives a special Twitter greeting to the OG Cody, his brother Paulie, and also Corey Brooks.


And we all knew this was going to happen, because the number of people who beg to be on The Amazing Race is at least 10 times more than the number of viewers who watch from home.  Actually the recent season had very good numbers, but it featured a dynamic cast of individual players who chose their teammate at the starting line, which made for some great drama.

I think they have enough BB players now to do a whole BB-TAR season, right?  You could pick an iconic team from each of the last 10 seasons and get your 16 players just like that.  Maybe they can make it TAR OTT, too, if they don't want to expose the TV viewing audience to all of that.  Just a thought.

Oh, and Jessica should use the hashtag if she wants more traction from this plea.  You know, #Jody.