Friday, August 11, 2017

Don't Go Changing, to Try and Tease Me. #BB19

Was the live show a good one last night?  I think it was, but it wasn't one of the great ones.  We already knew that Jessica was going to get evicted, and this is 100% her own fault. She refused to speak with Josh like a civilized human being when he asked to have a word with her after nominations, and then she lost her mind, slinging a slew of personal insults at Josh in concert with Cody.

If Cody had been on the block sitting next to Jessica, I think she still would have been evicted over him.  Her conduct and game choices were just that bad.

Yes, you say, but WHAT ABOUT JULIE CHEN'S LOOK?  Well, it's a yellow dress with a pony tail.  It's okay.  It's not a show stopper, but it's not horrible, either.  There is nothing much for me to comment about, and maybe that is exactly how Julie Chen wants it.

We're well over the halfway point, yet there are still a boatload of house guests in that living room.

I think I've heard former house guests say that the seating arrangement is decided by Production, but I'm not sure that is correct anymore.  The voting order is definitely predetermined, but maybe they can choose their own seats.

Julie shows us clips of the big fight, and other than cropping out much of the profanity and condensing the action into what looked like a tight, fast kitchen encounter, it looked fairly accurate to me.

Elena tried on clothes for days, and experimented with various hair styles last night in preparation for this Big TV Event.  This is the look she chose.  I can only assume that she didn't bring any nice dresses into the house with her.  I've heard her say that most of her clothes got rejected by Production so she had to go out and buy a bunch of things she wouldn't usually wear.

And yet another new look for Raven.  I think her make up and hair actually looked good, if a little Pagaent Patty.  She was very composed during her speech, where she thanked everyone in the house for "making her feel normal".

Oh, and Raven has a disease, too.  She'd like to make that clear.

Elena's speech started off with a biting note, as she mocked Dominique's eviction speech.  Since that speech occurred weeks and weeks ago, I'm not sure the CBS viewers would be able to appreciate it.  Dominique's speech started with a little poem, with the first two lines saying something about how it's hard to have "a false fact", and it's hard to have to "dribble back".

Elena told the viewing audience that if something is a fact, than it can't be false, and that it's easy to dribble, so that is wrong, too.  Josh told Elena that Julie Chen laughed during Elena's speech,  Elena said later that she thinks Dominique would have laughed, too, but Mark disagreed, saying that he is positive that Dominique would in fact not find this at all funny.  Elena wondered if Mark was upset with her for making fun of Dominique's speech.

Mark: You are who you are, Elena.  That's fine.

(Elena is ALWAYS trying to provoke. With her verbage or her actions, or even her clothing.  ALWAYS.)

Kevin: It's safe to assume you won't be receiving a Christmas card ("cahd") from Dominique this year.

Elena:  That's okay.  I'd probably be wiping my ass with it, anyway.

Mark enjoyed Elena's presentation at the time, though.  Paul cut his hair earlier in the day, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  And Big Mark is repping Whistle-Nut & Ole this week, obviously.

And Jessica looked STUNNING in her dress, of course.  And her speech was action-packed, for sure.  Of course she thanked CBS and also addressed Cody personally, before making some announcements to the house guests.

Jessica said sarcastically that it "took 15 people and the entire time here" to get either her or Cody out of the game for good.

Then she referred to Josh as "Forrest Gump" and  turned her attention to Paul, saying that if everyone left Paul in the game they were stupider than she thought they were.

FYI - That is a ladies' shirt that Paul bought at a garage sale for a dollar or so, I think.

I like Jessica's choice to call Paul out in front of everyone, but I think the message would have been more effective if she said something about how he is aligned with every single person in the game, maybe even pointing at a few of the house guests as she made the statement.

Can you imagine Paul's panic afterwards as he tried to monitor every single conversation between every single person after that?  (I mean, more than he does now, if that's possible.) And that would have given someone like Mark a reason to start asking questions about it, maybe even calling a meeting to discuss it while Paul was in the DR or something.  Because right now Paul seems to have so many people so snowed in there that they don't even seem to consider questioning him.

And I dreaded what I knew would happen next.....Paul is going to go over what she said OVER and OVER and OVER in order to discredit Jessica.  He started right there on the couch doing this "roof raising" motion that was designed to show how carefree he is about it, innocent of all charges.

When Jessica mentioned Paul's name, Raven immediately rolled her eyes and looked like she smelled something foul, she is so conditioned to kiss Paul's ass.

We may not like it, but Paul has these people on a very short leash, maybe even with a choke collar around their throats.  If the Scientology people were smart, they would try to hire Paul to recruit for them.  I'll bet he could fill up one of those Sea Org ships in record time.  These people would be running down the gangplank if Paul told them to.

One great thing about last night's show is that we didn't have to watch Raven vote, nor watch her dance down the hallway.  Matt, either, so I was thankful for that.

I thought this was funny, but it didn't really translate in this picture.  As Christmas left the DR, Cody was waiting at the other end of the hallway to make his own approach to vote.  And Christmas just barreled through the hallway without moving over to the side.  Cody kind of flattened himself against the wall to go around her, like Christmas has cooties or something.

Are kids still allowed to say "cooties"?  Do "cooties" still exist?

Cody cast his vote to evict Raven, which caused some drama later in the evening.  We'll get to that shortly.

Kevin looked sharp ("shahp"), of course.  A number of the house guests gave shoutouts last night after they voted....I wonder if Production will forbid them from doing that again, or maybe they allowed it this week since they all made it to the halfway point.

Kevin gave a greeting to "the Classic", which is his nickname for his youngest daughter Olivia.  I think Olivia just graduated from high school.  How could Production get mad at that?  Jason also called out "Hike" as he stood up to leave the DR.  He said he would do that before they even had the first live show, but this is the first time he's actually done it, I think.  "Hike" stands for "Holly and Ike"---I think Ike is his son Gatlin's middle name, or maybe just a nickname.

I tried and tried to get a clean shot of this, but Paul did a "toking" motion in the DR as he sat down to vote, and also as he stood back up to leave.  I have not heard Paul discuss this motion, either his plans to do so or what it might mean.

Oh, I think we all know what the "toking" gesture means, but I don't know what that was supposed to mean to the folks back home.  Maybe Paul is just being edgy.  I can't imagine that CBS was happy about these hand motions, after everything they have done to try and make Paul a household name.

(I always suspected that BB14's Jenn City used hand motions when casting her DR vote to communicate with her friends back home....see the bottom section of this post to see what you think.)

After Jessica was voted out, she did hug a few house guests, but mainly latched onto Cody, who carried her to the door like the Officer and a Gentleman movie.  People online speculated he would carry her right outside to see Julie, leaving the game himself, but I never thought that would happen.

It was all planned by Jessica and Cody to maximize camera time.  Before Paul and Cody hated each other in the game, Cody would gather with everyone else to hear Paul's various boasts and claims about how popular he was after BB18, and how busy he was flying around to make personal appearances.  Paul wanted everyone to be like "Oh my god Paul!  You're so awesome!  I'm so glad I get to play this game with you!".  And most of them did.

But Cody was interested in hearing details, like how many appearances he would get, who he needed to speak with to make that happen, and how he could start lining things up now.  But Paul didn't want to answer those questions.  He kind of shrugged Cody off and implied that he was one of the biggest stars of BB18, conveniently forgetting that he was part of the Sitting Ducks and that the other Sitting Duck won America's Favorite Player.  (Paul and Victor made a number of personal appearances together, like Dr. Will and Mike Boogie did.)

Paul just wanted the adulation....he didn't want to discuss details.  But my point is that Cody wanted to make some quick money.  And a showmance is going to be able to milk the system for a long, long time.  I'm not even going to provide examples of that, because you don't need them.

Justin from BBOTT:  You already know.

Jessica was very poised in her interview with Julie, only tearing up a few times, but she held it together.  Julie tried to tell her that Josh's original target was Elena, and that he tried to approach her to discuss it, but Jessica just said she had been lied to so many times that she wouldn't have believed Josh, anyway.

She also professed her love for Cody, and admitted that she just gave up this week, not even trying to stay in the game.  Julie DID NOT ask her about all of the "butt poking" that has been in the news this past week, but I know that Production will discuss it with her in the conference room backstage.  The BB15 players all spoke later about how they were taken into that room to be notified about all of the season's controversies, as well as their perceived role in it.  They are also told to stay off social media, at least as long as possible.  Even Cameron said he waited a few weeks to go online once he was sent home after the Battle Back.

Paul cannot seem to speak without rocking his head from side-to-side in all of his DRs.  I don't remember what Paul said to her, but he bragged about it later with Alex, saying his "GBM" would surely teach her a lesson.

(GBM = GoodBye Message)

Alex's message was really mean, but that is to be expected, I think.  Everyone online is hating on Alex for it, but Jessica was mean to her from the beginning of the season, so Alex felt justified.  I like a good old-fashioned salty GBM.  It feels like old times, so thank you Alex.

Kevin's message was nice, of course, saying that she promised him she'd go to a Patriot's home game with him.  (He's never been to one!)

I heard Kevin say a few days ago that Jessica is from Cranston Rhode Island, not Boston, and he has never even stepped foot in Cranston.  I think he was trying to make sure that no one thought he was working with Jessica, since he refused to prove it by participating in the group cruelty.

When Josh said that Elena was actually his target this week, Jessica arched her eyebrow up like she was highly skeptical.

She knows by now....but she might still be too stubborn to accept the truth.  A place on the Jury with Cody had been in her grasp the entire time....all she had to do was lay low and keep her cool.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda Jessica.

Lesson to Future House Guests:  This is why you should NEVER give up, and should always try to grind your teeth and be civil to everyone when you are on the block.  Be approachable.  Try to listen.  Resist the urge to emote.  Swallow your pride and worry about getting revenge later.

Jessica does have a lot of support among other female veterans of Big Brother.  Here is a sample of what was tweeted out last night.

Oh, and this one, too.

After all of those loud sounds that played all week, and all of the memorizing and drilling that happened every day, the HoH competition was something else, entirely.  Julie told the house guests they would be watching a few performances and then would be asked True or False questions about what they remembered about the event.

This is Hocus Focus.  Note that we saw a similar competition during BB17 during "90's Week", when a group of break dancers ran into the backyard with a boombox and started spinning.  That competition humbled a lot of overly-confident players, and this one did, too.

"David and Dania" swooped into the backyard and it was shocking for me to see them appear in their costumes, swirling and twirling, so I can't imagine how it felt for the house guests.  Other than the occasional crew member on the roof during other competitions, they haven't seen a new human being in person for many weeks.

Except for Christmas, of course, who has seen doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and whoever else she saw on her trips back and forth to medical appointments, and also to surgery.

David and Dania are a couple who met in 1995 as circus performers.  They are considered "quick change artists" and their act is apparently quite a draw during NBA basketball games, where the team likes to have some quick entertainment between periods to keep the fans in their seats.  They also perform on cruise ships and I think they were on America's Got Talent, too.  It would have been a big advantage for any of the house guests to have seen their act before, because once you're familiar with the concept, it's not as bewildering.

There is an almost exact performance posted at this link.  Most of the clothes and transitions are exactly as performed on BB last night, except on BB they went much, much faster for competitive reasons, of course.

This dress looks like a Target commercial, doesn't it?

Their act involves a lot of intricate prep work, and also a good deal of sorting and organizing before and after, but otherwise it seems like a good gig.   There is a lot of info out there that describes how it all works---that is beyond the scope of this post.

But I'm thinking that some enterprising young performers could create the same type of act, but maybe using swimwear, to update the concept and expose it to a new audience.  Maybe Jessica and Cody can look into this as a viable career option.

I'm just trying to help.  I'm all about helping.

I don't know what the first question was, but everybody got it right.  The second question went off like a damn bomb, quickly knocking Mark, Kevin, Jason and Paul out of the competition.  When I saw what this competition was, I thought Kevin was a shoe-in to win, based on his mental sharpness and attention to detail.  I even tweeted that "Kevin can win this", but then only seconds later Kevin was in the Loser's Lounge with all of his buddies.  So maybe I jinxed Kevin.  Sorry Kevin.  I meant no harm.

Josh said later that his jaw dropped on the sidelines, he was so shocked and worried.  Josh's host costume included a cool top hat and a magic wand, including white Mickey Mouse-type gloves.

The question they lost on, by the way, was an easy one concerning Dania's hair color.  You had to notice that she went from brunette to blonde to stay in the competition.  Alex accused all of them of being morons for not noticing Dania's hair.

Then David and Dania came out again and made a few messes.  First by throwing a few papers in the air that magically turned to polka dots.


And then a big mass of paper confetti for Dania's big finish.  Note that David had one costume change during this set of quick changes.


That green bag on the floor has clothing pieces in it, I think.  Unbagging everything and getting it ready to use again is some of the prep work I was referring to earlier.  I'll bet they fight about who has to sort everything out.  Couples who work together always have stories to tell about their various battles behind-the-scenes.

Everyone got the 3rd question correct, but on the fourth Christmas got it wrong, and we saw a rather rare shot of the fish tank in the HoH room while Christmas apparently cursed a blue streak.

Earlier, I heard Matt talking to Paul about her, saying that they don't need a "High Christmas" making decisions in the house as HoH, so maybe Matt was the one who cursed when Christmas was eliminated, like a"Fuck Yeah" type of thing.

On the fifth question, things got weeded down quickly, with Cody, Elena and Matt being eliminated.  Josh reported later that he was looking for reactions, and Mark looked upset when Cody lost.  They might have guessed that Mark was upset that Elena was out of the competition, but the two of them have been keeping up the charade of being broken up for about a week now.

No one believes that, of course.  It's hard to break up when you are stuck in the Big Brother house together.  Also when Mark has been sleeping in the Have Not room to be with her.  And everyone, led by Paul, is up in arms because they've been up "talking" until 4:00 am.

Paul:  What are they in there talking about that late?

Really Paul?  Seriously?

And then it was down to Raven and Alex.  And for the second time in just weeks, Raven was the first runner up.  Alex won HoH and was legitimately thrilled.

Did Paul celebrate too much?  Isn't he trying to act like he's working with Raven and Matt as well?

I keep seeing signs that the house guests should question and worry about, but they just keep ignoring them.  Drink that Kool Aid, kids.

The cameras caught Cody scowling and pacing, looking up at the sky and the wall and looking as if he'd like to make a prison break.  I knew he was wondering where Jessica was, and if she was just outside watching all of this.

Julie told us that next Thursday night is a Double Eviction, and also told the house guests that there will be no Jury Buy Back this season.

Julie:  So when you're out, you're out.


Right after the live show ended, Raven was all hopped up about receiving one vote for eviction.  I think she assumed first that Cody was the vote against her.  (OF COURSE.)  She was livid that he would do this after he previously told her that would never do that.

But A LOT has changed since Cody made that statement.  And Raven made it clear that she thought Cody should vote for Elena, I guess.  That's not smart, either.

Somehow, by the time BBAD started, it became clear that Raven had accused Kevin of throwing her an eviction vote.  And Kevin was NOT happy about it, because Jessica is causing other problems, too.

Kevin:  Why is Raven being a shit?  What did I ever do to her?  She's telling people that Jason said that Cody asked me to vote for someone else so that Jessica wouldn't go out on a 7-1 vote.  He didn't wan't America to think that no one in the house likes her.  But Cody never said that to me!  He said it to Jason, not me!

(Do they teach math in Arkansas?  Raven only got one vote, and that is Cody's vote, so how is she thinking Kevin did it?  Did Cody tell her that?  I don't think he would do Kevin dirty like that, or Jason either.  He has plenty of other people that he can target for dastardly deeds right now.)

Kevin:  Why is Raven picking on me?  She's messing with the wrong person, I'll tell you.

Christmas:  She doesn't see the influence that you have in here. And no one likes Raven in here, anyway.  She and Matt are next on the radar.

Kevin:  Oh, I can't fucking wait.  Mark is easy.....but Matt and Raven are sneaky motherfuckers....they have NEVER been with us, but they are always hanging around acting like they are.

(Damn Christmas looks high A.F.)

Christmas:  She doesn't shut up...I just had to walk away when she gets started.

Well Christmas, I don't believe you.  You aren't walking anywhere right now.

I have noticed a small squeak that her scooter makes, and I think they have to add sound effects for the CBS show based on this, to keep them from having to erase that occasional small squeak.  It is probably easier to add more squeaks then to cover up one.

Plus, America is stupid and obviously needs sound effects to understand the scooter process.  Thanks for the vote of confidence, CBS.

The cameras show us Raven tucking in to a plate of what is probably leftover pasta from the Halfway Party.  If  Raven hadn't pulled this whole exaggeration and/or lying thing to the extreme this season, I think her feisty attitude and sharp tounge would have won her some fans who like to see the drama.

Think a Gina Marie Zimmerman type of thing......there's always room in the stable for an energetic basket case like that in the game.  And they are fun afterwards on Twitter.

For example.

Elissa thinks Alex is the Gina Marie this season, and Gina Marie likes that idea.  She actually stans Alex and said her GBM to Jessica was one of the best ever.

I can see some comparative points, but then I remember Gina's love for Nick Uhas and hell no would  Alex be involved in a mess like that. Hell no.  Not on TV, anyway.

Christmas was carrying water for Paul by being so indignant over Jessica's speech.  He thinks America sees him a a bully, and he's worried about that, like after the other incident.

(The showdown in the backyard.)

Christmas:  We have no idea what is going on out there.  I really wanted to win today.  I was distraught about that.

Josh:  Well, Mark and Elena were both upset when Cody dropped out.

(Elena was out the same round as Cody...this is how misinformation starts, and spreads.)

Cody is sad, ya'll.  But he walked right into the kitchen and cooked himself something when a big crowd was in there celebrating.  He made slop, I think, and he's set up camp in the Have Not room, where he is sure to put a cramp in Mark and Elena's style, since they had that room to themselves.

Elena looks stressed, but I don't think she has any idea that she might be in danger.  She's just trying to stay out of it, I think.

Alex thinks her CD might be Taylor Swift and Mark is so excited.

Mark:  Production!  1999!  1999!  If we get that I will play it on repeat, and work out so much.

Paul:  You work out to THAT?

Christmas:  She pops.

Jason: She bangs.  She bangs.  (William Hung rendition.)

Even though Mark had plenty of reason to worry, he kept trying to integrate himself  into the group and be calm and approachable.

SPOILER ALERT:  Mark won the Temptation Competition, so he is safe for the week.

And Paul kept PUSHING, and PUSHING FOR someone in their group to volunteer to throw the Temptation Competition, putting them on the block but ensuring they could compete in the PoV.  They are hoping to beat Cody in the PoV, of course.

Raven:  The thing is that Cody might throw it, too, because he didn't study all of the noises.  So he might know he can't win it, and losing is the best thing so he can play PoV.

(A great point by Raven, actually.)

Paul:  The PoV will be the spelling comp.

Raven:  But Cody just said the other day that we would not have the spelling comp this season.

Paul:  What does Cody know?

Raven:  Well, you said we'd never have another True or False, and we just had one.

Paul: Um.....yeah.  We got bamboozled by the sounds. Someone has to throw that comp, and I mean really throw it.

Christmas wheeled in, and it felt awkward for a moment.  I'm sure she probably thought the silence was about her, but it wasn't.  I guess it could've been, if they all realized that Christmas couldn't be the one to throw the comp, since there is no guarantee she will be cleared medically to compete  in the PoV.

They also discussed the physicality of Jessica and Cody's relationship.  Christmas is certain that they had sex in the house, right there on camera.  Obviously Christmas has no idea who else in the room is hiding secrets.

Paul stated some real bull shit with his new catch phrase concepts, where you are either "Boys" or "Gumpy".  I felt violated emotionally just by listening, so  won't repeat it, but Matt thought Paul's witty examples were a real knee-slapper, falling over he was laughing so hard.

Alex started college as a pre-med major in order to pursue dentistry, but switched to being a business major, and finally graduating with a communications degree.  (That is quite a trajectory....)

Mark started college as an Accounting major, then Finance, and finally a general Business degree.

During Elena's speech, Alex heard "residual laughter" from the audience when Julie pushed her button too early.  She seems surprised that no one else caught that.

Look, at first glance this Hover Cover seems like a great idea.  It is a lid that universally fits over most plates and bowls for microwave purposes.  So no more battles with the Saran Wrap.  But the part I have the problem with is the magnets in the lid, so that you can just lift the lid and let it stay attached to the roof of the microwave for the next time.

And the next time.  And the next time.

That lid is going to be FILTHY!  They are showing it as if there are no splatters nor splashes, but that is just not true.  The splatters and splashes will stay on the lid until used again, where they will harden and burn and layer on top of each other.

Have you ever opened the microwave door in your office's employee kitchen? I'm about to heave just thinking about it.

So, order at your own risk.  How hard can it be to just clean it after you use it?  People are so damn lazy.

Elena told Mark that they need to take a step back, but told him he was the one who needed to do the stepping, not her.  Mark thought they had been doing a good job of staying distant in the house, but Elena referenced how "close" they've been getting in the Have Not room and wanted Mark to know that they need to be mindful of the perception in the house.

Paul: Elena, how does it feel to know that so many men out there masturbate over you?

Elena was taking a sip of something and nearly choked.

Elena:  I've never had that much difficulty swallowing before.

Paul: The number of men just doubled.

This is the kind of chatter that Elena really likes having focused on her, actually.  Elena wore Jessica's eyelashes tonight, and Kevin quizzed her about how many times she can wear them.  The Money Room will have a a new member tonight since Alex will move upstairs.  Paul thinks that with Josh, Kevin, Jason and himself raising hell in there, the Control Room already has a headache.

Paul: It will be Boys in here.  (***gag***)

Raven:  I was so close to winning it....

Matt: Let's just enjoy the fact that we're safe this week, and go out and get some sun.  I'm really tired.

Raven:  Why are you tired....what did you do?

Matt:  Well, it's the relief of knowing who the HoH is, and all of the emotional energy of the live show. I don't have a lot of emotional energy anyway, so it's draining to try and drum it up.  Plus I kissed you on national TV.

Raven: And I'm a 10, so.....


SPOILER ALERT:  Matt lost the Temptation Competition, putting him in the 3rd nomination spot. but with a guaranteed spot in the PoV player lineup.  I guess Matt is taking the bullet for Paul again, throwing the comp, but then again maybe he just lost fair and square, too.


Here is a fun exchange between Team Whistle-Nut and America's Favorite Online Shoe Company.

You can get your own Whistle-Nut gear here, by the way.  It might be a good Halloween costume for somebody out there.


It's Billy Joel song, of course.  Enjoy this golden oldie.