Monday, August 7, 2017

Will You Still Love Me Three Days After Tomorrow? #BB19

This morning the PoV ceremony took place, and what we expected to happen did happen.  Mark used his PoV and Raven went on the block in his place.  Raven volunteered for this, and plans to wear a red dress on eviction night that Matt thinks makes her look hotter than Jessica.  And we will have to hear a speech from her on live TV, so there's that.  Prepare to cringe, folks.

Kevin does shave his head on the sides, if you're wondering.  And he couldn't even have a moment to perform his ablutions in peace, because Cody started groping Jessica right next to him.  Or I guess I should say "grab assing", in Kevin's honor.  Today is Kevin's birthday, apparently.  I thought it was yesterday, but I guess I thought wrong.

There is silent tension in the kitchen as Jessica strolls in to pour some coffee.

Kevin wants everyone to see his California breakfast of yogurt and granola.

Kevin:  It's glutton-free.

(Yes, that's what he says.  And that would be correct too, in a manner of speaking.)

In this conversation Christmas, Matt and Raven were talking about the prospects for Jessica and Cody's relationship, which is discussed later in this post.

(Fall tax season has started, so the timing of this information is rather jumbled up, I'm afraid.)

Raven chimed in that Cody said he wants four children, all boys.  And she also had some other info to share.

Raven:  Cody tried to kiss really kiss me.  But I told him he wasn't my type.

(Previously I've heard Raven claim that Cody invited her to stay in the HoH room the first night, but opted for Jessica instead after Raven turned him down.)

Raven:  And then he told me that it wouldn't work out with us, anyway, because I can't have children.

Matt, visibly upset:  WHAT?  He said that?

Matt thinks Cody is a piece of shit and indicated he would love to beat the crap out of him.

Christmas kept on eye on whom was talking to whom in the backyard, muttering to Matt about how Mark was really chumming up with Cody and Jessica now. The view of the backyard looks like a TV screen, doesn't it?


I actually spotted Matt without his orange T-shirt and without Raven in a 5 foot vicinity.  He was kind of gingerly looking through the stack of laundry, and seemed in search of something.  Perhaps his orange blouse?

I wasn't interested enough to keep watching, but I don't think he planned to start doing laundry or anything.

Christmas and Josh had a long talk where she pitched several different ideas, all based on Jessica surviving this week on the block.  She thinks that she and Josh should work with Cody and Jessica going forward, and also approach Kevin to work with them as well.  She believes she can be the liason between Jessica and Cody and the rest of their group.

Christmas thinks that Josh is pushing too hard, too early to get Elena out.  They should wait until after the PoV ceremony and be careful to ensure that Elena is not aware of it, because she will campaign hard to save herself.

Josh thinks that Christmas and Kevin, Alex and Jason will vote to evict Elena, but Christmas wasn't so sure about that.

(Alex and Jason will definitely need some work before they agree to let Jessica stay in the game this week.  I later heard Jason tell Alex that they don't have to vote the way Josh tells them to.)

They both agreed that Paul and Elena have some sort of special bond, and Paul is constantly trying to look out for Elena.  Christmas obviously suspects they have an alliance.  Josh thinks that Kevin and Paul are very close, but Christmas says she is very close to Kevin, too, and claims he has noticed how Paul is working multiple angles in the house.

At one point Raven was screeching outside and they both vented about her.  Christmas said that Raven's accent is all over the place, all of the time.

Josh: That's because she is so fake!

Josh is irritated that Raven just helps herself to the HoH room whenever she likes, and has left her toiletries all over the HoH bathroom and shower.  Christmas also started venting about Paul, and how he talks over her all of the time, and never lets anyone else speak.  He disregards her, she says, but they have to keep feeding his ego.

Josh discussed how Elena came up to the HoH room the night before and flaunted herself while confronting him about her potential nomination.

Christmas:  Tell her to wear a bra to the HoH room next time.

(I don't think Elena owns a bra, based on what she said on BBAD last night.  She says having her nipples show is an accessory for her, like "wearing a bracelet".  And Paul supported this statement, saying that "none of his girls in L.A. wear a bra anymore".)

NOTE:  This picture is from Saturday night's BBAD show, when Elena went up to the HoH where Mark, Josh and Paul were hanging out, to do some hanging out of her own.  So this was the second night in a row that she visited the HoH to display herself, if you're keeping score at home.

Basically her ass was hanging out of her shorts and she had headlights poking out of her shirt.  And she was proud of this, touching herself and discussing how she never wears a bra at home, and dresses just like this at home, too.  So I guess that's okay, right?

SPOILER ALERT:  Despite this behavior Mark still did not use the PoV to save her, and Josh still wants to evict her.  Elena will just have to try harder next time.

A lot of people online think that Christmas is too demonstrative with Kevin, always draped all over him like this.  In fact, early this season Alex declared that Christmas "has daddy issues".

But she's not the only one in that house with "daddy issues".  I'll just say that.

Jason talked about Ole the Bull for a while, in response to questions from the house guests.  He feeds Ole some sort of grain and also as much hay as he can eat and also occasional "wafers and Chinese food".  Kevin asked Jason why he left bull riding to be a clown and Jason seemed to struggle to answer the question.

Jason:   Well, because I had a bull that I trained to ride and it was fun.

It sounds like Ole is also a daddy and enjoys being set up with the cows.  (Isn't that who the bulls have sex with?  The cows?)

Mark asked Jason why Ole doesn't hurt Jason, and I didn't find the response very reassuring.  Jason basically said that Ole thinks Jason is so stupid that he doesn't bother to kill him, and says that Ole "beat the shit out of him" numerous times during the training process.  Apparently Ole knows he can kill Jason at any time so he just lets him hang out with him.  I don't know if Jason is joking or not, because a commenter on another post said they grew up on a farm and the bulls sometimes liked their ears scratched.

Does Jason have liability insurance?  Because if every child in the tri-state area likes to sit on Ole and take a picture, I'm not sure that sounds very safe to me.  But I guess the kids who do that have rodeo-friendly families that are aware of the danger.  You won't catch me at a rodeo, but I'm "one of those" who are against any sort of animal cruelty, including eating them.  I guess I was hoping Jason would tell some heartwarming stories about how Ole kisses him and welcomes him at the door of the barn or something.  Maybe I'm living in a fairy world.  If so, I plan to stay. Just saying.

Jason did talk about trying to ride "Satan's Pet", who was a huge "plummer bull" with "high horns and a big hump"

Jason:  He was the scariest looking bull I've ever seen.

And of course I found the receipts for you.  Satan's Pet doesn't look so scary to me.  Maybe he's just misunderstood.  But maybe he gets a little miffed if someone with spurs jumps on his back and he gets poked with a cattle prod.

Maybe Satan's Pet just needs a good ear-scratching, and maybe some leftover Chinese take out.

Alex talked about being in the first group of four to run into the BB house on premiere night.  (Alex was the first to run in the door, actually.)  She said she ran right up to Jason and asked him to be friends with her.

Jason: did do that...why?

Alex:  Because you were the tallest son of a bitch on stage!

Jason and Josh decided to arm wrestle.  They started with the right hand, and Jason easily won, so they switched to the left hand.

This contest was not so easy.

You can see how red Jason is getting----the veins started popping out of his neck.

Kevin called it a draw, but as soon as they let go they started criticizing Josh for using his entire body weight to arm wrestle, rather than just his arm.

Jason:  My arm hurts now.

(Because c'mon....does ANYBODY think Josh is really stronger than Jason?)

Josh called Mark "grumpy" but Mark says he's not grumpy, he just woke up.

Last night Christmas continued to put her leg on the table.  It was a pretty dull night on the feeds, so please adjust your expectations for this part of the post.

Jessica and Cody engage in some staring and murmuring.  Jessica plans to try and find a Texas Roadhouse in the LA area so she can eat there, thinking of him after being evicted.

Cody already knows where it is, and has been there.

Cody:  It's south of Oceanside.  You'll get hit on by lots of Marines if you go there.

I guess the Texas Roadhouse is where the Marines like to go. Cody obviously looks at his time in the Marines as the most important time of his life----I wonder why he doesn't try to get some sort of leadership role, or even a Marine-type desk job here in the states?

The BBAD news crawl here is taking a shot at Raven here, who has on her extra-long ratty extensions tonight.  Alex commented on how well they blend in with her regular hair, and Raven claims she has the best hairstylist who dyes the extensions to match perfectly.

And this is a shady crawl comment about Mark.

And here is the hair that I was just telling you about.

Cody does not have cloven hoofs, he has regular feet like you and me.  After Jessica leaves he plans to adjust his sleep schedule in order to avoid everyone in the house.  He says he will go to bed very early and get up while everyone sleeps.

This morning Christmas, Matt and Raven were chatting about Cody and his love for Jessica. Christmas thinks Jessica will go back to her normal job now, and her normal life, where Cody would never fit in.

Christmas:  This was fine for her in the house, it worked for THIS, but it won't work after this.  She gave up a chance to win $500,000 for him.  She's a VIP concierge....she has a lot of contact with men at work.

Matt:  Her whole job is about flirting!  If Cody comes in here and has so many people not like him, what does she think is going to happen at home, like at her work? I wish them the best, but.....

Christmas:  He has a non-working truck.  I'm not trying to say bad things about his job, but....

They chat about how he works "in sales" and what that might mean.  Christmas remembers that Jessica told them that her type of man is very tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Elena would like everyone to remember that she has big giant tits.

We see you, hon.  We are all aware.

And so are all of these people, who are all men.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Later on, for at least a G.D. hour, Paul put make up on Elena and spoke directly to the camera as he did so, giving us a sort of make-up infomercial.

It went on forever, and I am very tired of hearing Paul talk, but I did skip around and see this.

Jessica must have dragged Cody in there to watch, but he didn't give Paul the satisfaction of reacting to Paul's "hilarious" make-up act.

Then Elena got behind Paul and put her make-up on him, like this.

Then she gave Paul a semi-reacharound as she rummaged through her makeup bag.

I'm not sure if the plan to evict Elena this week has a chance to succeed as of right now, but I sure hope someone can make it happen in there.  I can't take this sort of Paul adulation and pandering much longer.

About the title of the's an old classic song, of course.