Sunday, August 6, 2017

Help Me Not Help You. #BB19

It was another busy Saturday in the Big Brother house.  And it seems like the Production crew is still trying to catch up after so many hours of overtime on Friday for the Temptation Competition.  Josh is still the HoH, and he nominated Mark and Elena last night.  Jessica was already on the block as the 3rd nominee, the result of coming in last in the Temptation Competition.

Jessica and Cody planned for one of them to win the PoV to save her, so they would both survive another week and make it to Jury, at least.  So when the live feeds went down yesterday for the PoV player pick ceremony, we all waited to see if Cody would get the chance to play.

Well, he did, and then he didn't.  Because after he was chosen to play by random draw, Christmas whipped out her Temptation power she won way back in week #2, the "Ring of Replacement", which allows her to replace one PoV player with herself.  This Temptation was kind of scoffed at when she won it, but it could be valuable as a defensive tool, if you think you may be the backdoor target.  But Christmas chose to use it this week, when she was in no danger of being evicted.

And Cody was shattered by this.  As the feeds returned he was hunched over in the Rose Room behind Jessica, trying not to cry, and trying even harder not to let us see him cry.

I couldn't get a clear shot, but maybe Production had another camera angle we will see on the Wednesday night show.  And of course they will add sound effects of Cody sniffling and boohooing, because they have a TV show to produce and this is the Money Shot.

Or, the only Money Shot occurring in the Rose Room that they can show on CBS Prime Time.

The PoV players picked to play were:

Josh - HoH
Elena - nominated for eviction
Mark - nominated for eviction
Jessica - 3rd nominee
Alex - likely a random pick
Christmas - replaced Cody due to the "Ring of Replacement"

As far as I know, only Paul knew about Christmas' Temptation, so there might have been quite a few shocked faces during the PoV player pick ceremony.

This is the best evidence I could muster.....Cody wiping his face with his hands.  Cody wanted to be the one to save Jessica this week, but that dream is dead.  But there is still hope, because Jessica will play in the PoV, in an attempt to save herself.

There was A LOT of PoV strategizing by the majority group as they guessed what type of competition it could be.  They planned for a spelling comp, a knock-out comp, the Stay or Fold comp, and also the big dice comp.  Elena and Mark both wanted to go all out to win.

After the PoV strategy meeting, Josh met with Christmas and Alex, telling both of them that they need to go balls to the walls to win this one, and if the girls won he didn't want them to use the PoV.  And if Josh won. he planned to use it to save Jessica, which would have been a real jaw dropper, and would have helped ensure Elena went home, which is Josh's true objective this week.  In fact, Josh was annoyed that Elena and Mark had been included in their strategy session.  He didn't want to help them win it.

But Spoiler Alert:  The PoV competition was OTEV, and Big Mark won.

Usually we get to see the PoV costumes after the competition ends, and see the various competition swag that they scavenged afterwards.  For example, ears of corn, or sticks of butter with their names imprinted on them.

But yesterday we only got to see them during the clean up process, showering off the sludge and grime stuck to them after the competition, typically one of the most physically demanding and messiest competitions of the summer.  And instead of looking for objects with house guest names on them, they had to look for numbers, which apparently added a layer of difficulty to the process.  And it sounds like you had to know the names of the competitions in order to know which number to choose.

Elena is a Have Not, and is expected to shower on the Cold side of the shower stall.  The Have Nots discovered years ago that one way to game the cold shower process is to open up the dividing curtain and turn on the hot water, too, to warm things up.  Big Brother usually nips that in the bud quickly, but if you have two girls showering together, I guess they let it go for a few minutes, probably just enough time to get some good footage for their home libraries.  Because these two girls were whispering about the competition, which should give Production justification to film them.

Cody couldn't even enjoy the view.  Cody is bummed, ya'll. He is positive his girl is getting shipped out on Thursday.

Maybe she will, or maybe she won't, Cody.

Mark used Q-tips and was humble about his win because his friend Cody was sitting right there.  They agreed that it would have been a real fight if Cody had been able to play, and they hoped to compete hard against each other next week.

Mark:  That's what we're here for.

Jessica moved aside so Elena could use the hot water to rinse her hair.


Elena, moving back over to the cold side:  What?

And after pulling her PoV switcheroo, Christmas wasn't even cleared to play by her medical team.

From what Josh said, it sounds like Jessica was "gassed out" after the first round of play, and Paul said that after she lost she threw something that almost hit Raven in the head.

Elena, who is beautiful without makeup, felt she had to justify talking to Jessica in the shower, making it sound as if she only had conversation with her to have access to the hot water.

Raven:  I would have done the same thing.

Right as the feeds returned, Christmas was telling Josh that he should nominate her as the replacement, so she can give "her big speech" on the live show.  But apparently Raven caught wind of this and told everyone, because Matt went up to someone and asked them if they heard Christmas was getting nominated.  Suddenly Christmas decided that her offer to go on the block had been "a joke".  Josh said he might nominate Raven, actually.

Paul crunched on a diminishing can of nuts while he discusses how this version of OTEV differed from OTEV in "his year".  As you recall, last year OTEV was "dddddddope". Apparently Paul made a comment during the competition that this year's OTEV was being too nice, so then OTEV called everybody "peasants".

Paul and Christmas want Mark not to use his PoV, under the guise that he will be "proving his loyalty" to the group, as well as proving he is anti-Cody now.

Yeah, right.  Big Mark doesn't drink Kool Aid, Paul.

Before Josh could even bring up that topic, Mark told him he's using the PoV to save himself, of course.

Mark:  I have to use it.  This is Big Brother.

Josh didn't argue with that, instead telling Mark how much he has progressed over the weeks, and is such a good guy now that everyone has noticed it.   But Christmas and Paul have been going ON and ON about how they need to make Mark use it.  I don't think Josh would nominate Paul on Monday in Mark's place, but we can dream about it.

I guess Mark and Cody will definitely vote for Elena to stay, so Josh and Christmas need to focus on getting their little clique to vote Elena out, which should officially break up the majority alliance.  They only need four votes to evict Elena, with Josh casting the tying vote.

(Four Potential Votes = Christmas + Alex + Kevin + Jason)

On BBAD Paul was sharing his vast array of BB knowledge by talking about how Evil Evel Dick was during BB8.  He is basically pointing out to Josh that there is still a lot of negativity that Josh can put out there without getting in trouble with Production.

But Josh has had an abrupt change in attitude since he won HoH.  He sensed from his mother's HoH letter that he needed to improve his behavior, because his mother did not mention finding Josh's various Meatball antics funny.  He has been saying that he wants everyone to be civil to Jessica this week and not make it a personal vendetta to torture her.

Paul wanted Josh to know that they can still do plenty of other things to rattle Jessica and Cody.  But Josh isn't falling for that.  Josh wants to be kind now, and he also wants to be nice to Jessica in case his plan to evict Elena instead works out.

Just after Paul discussed his plans to rattle Cody all week (Shout out to Paulie Califiore.) Cody walked through the kitchen as Paul awkwardly changed the topic of conversation.

And then upstairs they went on and on and on about their plan to try to hoodwink Mark into not using his PoV.  They don't want to evict Mark this week, of course, it's just that no one wants to go on the block at all.

And Matt compulsively touched his mustache, all areas of it.  Matt and Raven are quickly becoming the most whispered-about house guests in the house. For example, Jason and Alex are LIVID about how Matt and Raven suddenly feel like they are Josh's best friends, coming in to the HoH room and just plopping down for hours, uninvited.

Josh:  Oh and Raven just eats all of my stuff, without even asking.

But Josh tried to calm Jason and Alex, patiently explaining that they need Matt and Raven on their side right now, so they don't ruffle any feathers.  Jason seemed like he was ready to punch someone over it, but Josh told him to be patient and they would take care of them later.

Josh:  I'm getting sick of Matt, too, but we need to be kind right now.

Josh has been remarkably calm and reasonable thus far in his HoH reign.  He has slowly taken himself right out of the bullseye target.  And if he can pull off his plan to evict Elena this week, even Cody and Jessica won't be angry at him anymore. In fact, yesterday Cody said that after Jessica leaves, he plans to remove as many people who he deems unqualified to win $500,000 from the game as possible, beginning with Raven and Matt.

And when Josh keeps saying he doesn't want anyone to get personal with Jessica this week in their insults, it is Raven he is referring to, due in part to her role in harassing Jessica and Cody last week.  But everyone kind of tiptoes around that, not wanting to name names.  And apparently trying to get Matt to talk some sense into Raven is out of the question as well, because I never see anyone even attempt to do that.

After Jason sat through Raven's "ME ME ME" tirade on Friday night, he went downstairs and vented about how ridiculous Raven's behavior was.  And Christmas and Elena were overheard bitching about Raven, too.  Christmas said that Raven "inserts herself" into every conversation, and Christmas would be correct.

What game incident has Raven ever been a direct party to in that house?


Yet she manages to make many of the disputes about her and her issues.  I don't follow all of the Facebook drama about Raven, but if you can update us about that, I would appreciate it.  For example, is Raven's Mama still trying to dox posters?  Is she still trying to target anyone who dares to question Raven?  Hopefully she logs off and stays off, because this is only going to get worse.

Mark joked about using his PoV to save Elena, but of course he won't be doing that.

Elena got a handful of M&M's and held them in her cupped hands, sniffing the aroma of chocolate.  She's so hungry, and is the only Have Not right now.

Then she unwrapped various mini-candy bars to sniff them as well, re-wrapping them quickly and shoving them back in the bag.

Later Mark decided to sleep in the Have Not room with her, in solidarity.  But the bed situation is still kind of tight, with only one Have Not and a house full of people who haven't been evicted yet.

Elena is pretty sure she could have won the PoV if she had made it to the late rounds, because no one knew the answer to at least one of the questions.  But Elena knew, even though that didn't help her sitting on the sidelines.

Keep saying that to everyone Elena, so you can help everyone realize how much you need to be evicted this week.  You've apparently got a whole lot of nothing to scurry home to.

Good thing for Elena that the Halfway Party will likely be held on Sunday.  This event is typically celebrated with pizza, beer and wine, and also a sheet cake printed with all of the house guests' pictures.  Even Cameron.  Maybe.

They usually turn off the live feeds for a few hours so everyone can listen to loud music and dance.  And a few people will also have sex, too, if the tradition continues.

Sunday is also Kevin's 56th birthday..  Last night Christmas was talking about skipping her meds in case Production did something fun for Kevin's birthday. You know, so she can get all liquored up. So let's look forward to that.

Mark is so sweet to Elena.  But for either Elena or Jessica, it's not so bad to be evicted before Jury.  There are quite a few BB parties and gatherings to attend, and the recent evictees are sometimes the stars of these gatherings.

For example, Cameron has been playing online video games with McCrae and Jordon Parhar, I think.  And he is bringing the Settlers of Katan game to LA for the finale week, to play with the other notable nerds from seasons past.

Not to mention having sex with James Rhine.....someone on this cast still has yet to do that.  And it's basically a required act at this point.  I'm voting Elena for that dreaded task.  But I actually predict she will hook up with Paul during the post-season party circuit, too.  We may not hear about it, but I am pretty sure that will happen.  There is quite an attraction there.  Christmas told Josh she can't put her finger on it, but she thinks the two of them are aligned, which is another reason to vote Elena out this week.

Everyone wants Paul's Friendship to themselves.

Oh, and Kevin wants to pull Cody over to their side now, because he is a proven beast in the competitions.  Kevin wants Cody to promise to keep Kevin, Alex, Jason and Paul safe in return for their protection.  Paul was skeptical that Cody would go for this, and he was right.

Kevin broached the subject with Cody, who wanted to know who the four people were that Kevin wants to protect.

Cody:  Paul?  Never.....

So...I think Kevin will push forward with Cody somehow.....maybe against Paul. Especially if Jessica stays this week....Kevin will want to harness that power for himself.  Alex might not go against Paul, but Jason sure will. He's been talking about not liking Paul in this game for weeks.  But maybe Kevin can tell Cody they will vote to save Jessica this week if he agrees to work with them, which will blindside Paul. Cody should be all for that plan, shouldn't he?

 We can dream, can't we?


A sharp-eyed reader on Jokers Updates found an old article from 2003 that contains a paragraph concerning someone we all know.  Christmas would have been around 20 at the time this article was written.


If you blinked, you probably missed it, but there was a moment last night (around 10:57 or so) in the Rose Room where two couples were having a sexual moment at the same time.  This isn't a porn site, so I'm not going to explain it to you, but if you watch you will understand.

Matt and Raven apparently think that if they carry on a loud conversation that we won't know what is going on......obviously they didn't watch the BB18 live feeds.