Friday, August 4, 2017

Two Ties and a Hole in None. #BB19

Well, another live show is over.  We survived.  Again.  And Julie did a much better job with her clothing and shoes.  But let's take a closer look at the print on that dress.

Those are pictures of pineapples.  Yes, pineapples, the traditional symbol of "welcome" throughout the South and all along the Eastern Seaboard.  And yes, I got that information from Google.

The silhouette on this dress is much better for Julie.  She's fit, so why not show some leg?   If I had any notes for Julie, it would be in relation to her hairstyle, but only because I live in Atlanta.  You see, they don't call it "Hotlanta" for nothing.  The summer months are very humid, and any hairstyle tends to look just like Julie's if you are outside for any length of time.  And Orlando was even worse---we used to pull our hair back in a ponytail in the car to keep it from frizzing up before we arrived at our evening destination(s).

But enough about me and my boring personal stories.  Let's get on with the show.

Jessica knew it would be her big night, so she dressed appropriately.  And it seems like the whole internet is on the "Jody" bandwagon now.  Everyone loves an underdog, and everyone also seems to have a very short memory as far as events that happened just weeks ago.

I am a strong proponent of developing your own beliefs and opinions, regardless of what other people think.  There are way too many people who blindly go with the hive these days. Personally I think Jessica and Cody are both fascinating people who just might be made for each other.  There is a lot of trauma in the past for both of them.  Cody may be the one who has killed people (in the military), but I think Jessica is the brave one for being more open about her past and personal stuff.  At first I thought the two of them came from dramatically different places in life, but now I don't see it that way at all.

Jessica hangs tough, as we used to say in the old days.  They will survive as a couple outside the house if Jessica wants that to happen, basically.

Big Mark went with the no shirt look.  I'm not saying Mark doesn't look fine tonight, I just think this is a strange choice for him.  I heard Jason mention this afternoon that Mark wanted to wear one of Jason's Whistle-Nut jerseys, but it looks like Josh is the one who won that battle.  Maybe Mark is too big for the Whistle-Nut shirt?  Who knows.

You can see Elena went with the Bombshell Look, and Raven wore Kevin's brother Richie's shirt tonight.

I heard Jessica tell Cody in the afternoon that she planned to "Arianna it up" for the live show, and clearly she did just that, with the ponytail and cat ears and all.  We saw part of Monday's fight on the live show, where Alex was demanding to know who hid her cat ears during Week #1.

Apparently Jessica was upset that Alex also brought cat ears into the house, and wore them almost every day.  Jessica felt that she could no longer wear her own cat ears, and I think this may be the origin story for the Jessica vs. Alex saga that is playing out now.

Raven is the one who hid Alex's ears, though, and poured out her Coke, but Jessica may have participated in the planning of that caper.  I heard Jessica tell Cody that whenever she talked crap about Alex, Raven was usually right there with her.  And now Raven and Alex are a little team, it seems, with Matt hanging on to the fringes.

When Jessica activated her Halting Hex, I was CRINGING at the announcer's little speech, complete with flickering lights and Haunted Mansion-style laughter.  

Kevin later said the lighting was cool, and wanted to change out of his suit before the HoH competition began.  I think Paul had to tell him a few times that the competition won't be a physically demanding one.

Kevin:  I can't sit in the back-yahd in a suit!

Julie announced that this is "Horror Week", so I'm guessing we'll see another competition lifted from BBOTT---the one where you hear a ghost story and then bump around the dark house looking for ghostly objects.  (Remember this?)  We got to see nearly every second of every competition during BBOTT, which I loved.  When I look back at my old BBOTT posts, I realize what a great season it was, and how much I enjoyed the unfettered live feeds.  It was the BBOTT fans that were horrible, not the show.  It's a social experiment, people.  Let these people compete fiercely, live their lives and be themselves.  There is a lesson there if you are wise enough to learn it.

As outgoing HoH, Paul didn't get to play in the competition, but he got a sweet zombie jumpsuit complete with bloody hand prints and knife slashes.  This is a great Halloween costume idea for you kids.  I bet you could buy a basic jumpsuit like this if you look for custodial office supplies or something.

The simple mini-golf course that had been set up in the backyard has been transformed into a graveyard, complete with headstones for "Paulie's Pies" and other BB "legends".

This is Gravestone Golf.

The putter has been transformed into a zombie leg, which is a very creative idea, indeed.

Is that a shot at Christmas, maybe?  Lots of fans live-tweeting the show seemed to think it might be.  What lucky person will get to keep that leg?  Surely that would be a memorable keepsake of this wonderful night for somebody.  A lot of Big Cheeses in the corporate world have putting greens in their offices. And I used to report to someone who had a button under his desk that would automatically shut the door.  I thought I was in trouble the first time he pushed the button when I was in there, but he laughed and said he loved to see how people react to it.

And instead of shooting the ball into an overturned milk crate, the house guests aimed for various point scores, with the winner having the highest score, of course.

The competition changed leads several times, which was exciting, and twice we had tie scores.

Matt went first, and seemed calm and his usual boring self.  You all know I don't care about Matt, but I do care about the fact that he got another shirt from somewhere for the live show.  And instead of a golf ball, the house guests hit an "eyeball" that you might be able to get a look at below.

And Mark is still topless, too.  T-O-P-L-E-S-S.  (When you get here, you'll do it.  Shout out to Ronnie the Limo Driver.)

Matt kicked off the competition with a whopping score of six.

Then it was Alex's turn.  She let herself down with a score of two, but maybe she jinxed her shot by making various victim noises as soon as she made contact with the eyeball ball.

Mark easily beat the two of them with a score of 15, becoming the new leader in the Graveyard poll position.

I guess Big Mark was happy about it, but it was hard to tell.

Then it was Jason's turn, and he gave that eyeball a very light tap.  At first it looked like it would only roll for about a foot, but gravity slowly grabbed it and pulled it all the way down to 15, tying with Big Mark.

There were a lot of screams heard in the background as part of the soundtrack to this competition.  I'm sure that was distracting to the house guests, even though they are used to living with Raven by now.

Then Cody took the stage, and gave horror a new name as he swiftly became the leader with a score of 21, sending Mark and Jason to the sidelines.

Christmas was, well, slow as Christmas setting up her shot.  Julie Chen had to tell her to step it up, that this is live TV here.  But Christmas looked great with her flat-ironed hair and saucy makeup.

Christmas was as surprised as anybody to tie Cody's score of 21.

Then it was Elena's turn.  Elena does play golf and treated the practice round yesterday like she was on the 17th hole at Augusta or something.  Not that Augusta National would let Elena play in that dress, however.

(Did you know that most golf courses say women's shorts must be knee-length to play?  I was on vacation with a boyfriend in San Diego and planned to drive the golf cart while my boyfriend played 9 holes.  We argued on the way to the golf course because he thought my shorts would get us banned from the course, but he was wrong.  That guy is an executive at a cigarette company now and is still quite handsome.  He was a party smoker, as I recall.)

Jessica's HoH hopes ended when she rolled a score of thirteen.

Then it was Meatball Josh's turn to take a shot in the Graveyard.  I don't think anyone expected anything from Josh.  I know I didn't.

But Josh pulled out a top score of 23, sending Christmas and Cody to the loser's lounge.  Later, Josh said wearing Whistle-Nut's jersey must have given him good luck.

Mark was probably suicidal, hearing that.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda Mark.  I'll bet one of the girls will wear a Whistle-Nut jersey next week as a mini-dress.  Just a guess.

Raven showed promise during the practice session, but she only came up with 13 now. And based on the situation, she probably knew she didn't need to win, after all.

Kevin classed up the Graveyard with a quick hit, complete with a little leg kick.  Kevin was happy to let Josh win it, though, because he's been saying for weeks now that Josh will take care of some eviction business that is sorely needed right now.

Paul handed over his HoH room key to Josh, but some see this as just a technicality, of course.

Right after the live show ended, I watched the live feeds for a bit, and was surprised by Alex's behavior.  She obviously feels very safe this week, because she immediately jumped on Mark's case and gave him unrelenting crap about rumors she heard about him targeting her.  She made a very loud scene about it all.

And Elena cornered Josh in the storage room.  Josh asked her to put on some different clothes, maybe a sweatshirt, because we all know Josh is attracted to her. Elena even adjusted her boobs in her dress while she was speaking with Josh, just to make sure he remembered they were still there.  We get it Elena, we get it.

 But don't be deceived....Josh saw right through her motives.  Elena wanted to be sure Josh understood why she voted him out last week, and explained that she was upset after Ramses was evicted because her friends in the game betrayed her.  She also mentioned that Josh never approached her to ask for her vote, not even once.  Meanwhile the other house guests were all talking about how obvious Elena's ploy was, since Josh was HoH. Christmas pointed out that the storage room was Elena's favorite spot to hold meetings.

After her meeting with Josh, Elena repeated everything nearly word-for-word to Paul, of course, and said she would clear the air with Alex whenever Alex wanted to.  Paul is going to patch up the rift between Elena and Alex if he can this week, because it serves his own agenda, of course.

And Josh later told Paul that Elena was like an attorney in their meeting, turning the conversation around on him over and over to make her point.

Josh:  .....and I was just like....BOOBS.

Paul laughed, and I bet Elena would laugh, too. Those huge lumps of fat are a big part of her persona, you know.

On BBAD, Elena is still feeling herself, getting rather bossy with Mark, telling him to keep her name out of his game conversations.  She has changed into another dress but went right up to Mark and adjusted her boobs just inches from his face.

She also vented to Mark about how during her conversation with Josh, every house guest found a reason to go in the storage room.

Elena:  Everyone came in there to spy, sometimes more than once.  And they didn't need that fucking English muffin that bad...

(Um....the storage room is where the food is held.  And after a live show, people want to eat, Elena.  Maybe you should have realized that everyone else realized what you were up to.)

Elena sashayed away after telling Mark again to leave her name out of his conversations.

Mark looks like he's sleeping, but he's muttering how he hates this house, and how Jury is going to suck.  He kind of wants to leave on Friday, he says.

Mark has been a Have Not for two weeks, with one day to go, and the potential to become a Have Not again before the weekend is over.  The girl he likes treats him like shit, and his other alliance members are huge targets this week.  (Actually, Elena is a big target, too...)  No wonder Mark is depressed.  His BB life is in shambles right now.

Kevin was saying a bit to Paul about some of these house guests turning on Paul soon, but Paul doesn't seem to think it's an issue.  It won't happen this week, but it will happen.  Maybe sooner than we think, and definitely sooner than Paul thinks.

Paul moved over to the bed so Elena could stroke his back.  Maybe Elena should realize how that looks, too.  Maybe if you aren't perceived as having power in the house, Elena doesn't have a use for you.  Maybe Elena will be sorry for this attitude later.

Spoiler Alert:  Josh told Christmas that even though it's not Paul's objective, it is Josh's objective to evict Elena this week, probably through the back door.  And he's already counting the votes, and plans to drop a hint about it to Jessica and Cody.

Christmas thinks Paul's zombie suit looks like she just stabbed him.

This room was an anime-style bedroom last summer, with very loud wallpaper and colors.  And the spot where Kevin lays is where Nicole and Corey slept.  I think the beds themselves are new, though, based on the base and legs.  Maybe they burned that old bed, or maybe they will use it again in a future season.  For example, that round bed in the Rose Room has been in use off and on since BB8.

Suddenly Josh burst out of the DR and asked who wants to see his HoH room.  Everyone starts to gather and Christmas rides her scooter over to the stairs.  On the CBS show, they add some truly ANNOYING squeaky wheel sounds whenever Christmas sails by on the scooter, but you should know that in real life it is quieter than a whisper.  She can sneak right up on you riding that scooter.

Even Jessica and Cody found the time to drag it up the stairs to see Josh's HoH room, and you know how busy their schedules are.  Kevin walked up after them, making "jokes" about all of the "grab assing" that was going on.  Kevin hates all of the grab assing, you know.  Josh warned everyone that he is going to cry when he sees his pictures in the HoH room.

And then he sees them, and doesn't cry, after all.

Everyone ran over to see Josh's pictures, and immediately the conversation turns to how beautiful Josh's sister is.  I've heard Josh say that she is a model, but I couldn't get a good glimpse of her photo yet.

Josh announces that his mother is 45, and his father is 49 after Paul comments on how young his parents are.  Christmas reported at least twice that Josh's mother is only 10 years older than she is.

Raven says that the sister is stunning as everyone chatters excitedly about all of the new things to see in the room.  Josh said that no one wanted to be in one of the pictures, but his mom took it, anyway.

Even Cody enjoyed seeing Josh's HoH room.  I mean, I guess he did, but how in the world would we be able to tell that from just looking at him?  He might just as well be ready to draw a gun and take down the entire room in a hail of gunfire for all we know.

And the cameras closed in on Jessica as Josh told someone "this is my dad's...".

A few days ago Jessica told Cody some things about her father that may or may not have been true.  I'm not even sure I want to repeat it here, but basically Cody asked what her father's profession was, and she said her father was a stripper.  Cody didn't believe her, but she elaborated a little, saying that he also performed sexual favors for money, too.  She had a joking tone, but I don't think she would go to the lengths she did if it was just a joke.  Cody didn't believe her, and I think she was irritated about that. Her mother is a waitress, she said.

CBS included the footage of this conversation in their "Highlights" section of the live feeds, so I don't  know  what to think about that. This conversation happened on August 1st, starting around 2:00 PM in the backyard, if you want to review the tape for yourself.

As usual, everyone got all grabby about all of the shiny new things to look at.  Josh was overjoyed to find out that his CD is Kanye's "Life of Pablo".  Paul started listening to it immediately and reported that it was the "censored" version.

Later Kevin tried to listen to it but gave up, saying it wasn't his type of music.

Kevin: They kept yelling at each other.

Josh also got Sour Patch Kids, Kit Kats, several boxes of cereal, sweet iced tea, Sun Chips, shrimp and a bottle of wine.  Josh is trying not to eat junk food since he's lost so much weight, and gave all of the cereal to someone and told them to take it downstairs, please.

Later Kevin wanted to open up the wine and pass the bottle between them "like the old days".  Mark wants to do that in front of Christmas, since she wants to drink so badly.

Kevin:  Christmas can't drink though! She's on medication!

Mark: I know!  That's why I want to do it!

Everyone sat down and got comfortable to watch Josh read his letter, which was from his mother.

Josh didn't cry over the letter, but he did sound teary a few times.  She started and ended the letter in Spanish, and in between there were soothing words of positivity about how Josh was living his dream this summer, and they are all proud of him.  His mother reminded him to pray every day.  It was short and sweet.

Matt put his orange blouse back on, if you're keeping score at home.

I don't know about you, but I don't need to see a grown man's armpits every minute.  And I don't want armpit all over the furniture, either.

Elena fixated on the Kit Kats and wanted them for herself.  She plans to keep them somewhere until she is no longer a Have Not.  Josh said sure, he doesn't care.

Josh got two pair of socks, one with a corn on the cob motif, and the other with a hot dog running down the side.  Paul also got brightly patterned socks, too, so I wonder if that is why Josh got them, too.

Because did you see Josh saying "Your Boy" in the DR? Have you seen him saying "Big Style" constantly now on the live feeds?  I'll admit that "Big Style" is better than "Friendship", but the difference is marginal.

I think that is Josh's mother in the picture.  And maybe Josh.  Or maybe Josh's dad.  I can't see it well enough to say for sure, either way.

Josh asked Kevin if he wanted to sleep upstairs with him on the first night, but I didn't hear Kevin respond.  Paul piped up and offered to stay in the room with Josh, and Josh invited Mark to stay up there the following night, kind of making it clear that he will have lots of visitors, which is nice.

Josh also told Christmas that later that night Paul asked him to go downstairs to get water for him so he could speak to Elena.  Josh didn't want to leave, but ended up scurrying downstairs to get the water for them.  Christmas was kind of scandalized by that, saying that Josh shouldn't have to give up his HoH room so that Paul could use it for discussions that didn't include him.

Little things like this are going to blow up Paul's game, if he's not careful.  The day you get too comfortable in there is the day you are at risk.  Some people think that the edit on last night's CBS show was too soft on Paul, but I think it was pretty revealing.

It showed Paul as the person heading up the Circus of Abuse, clearly gleeful about the horrible behavior towards Jessica and Cody.  And it displayed Raven's behavior without flinching .  It's funny to see what they edit out.  For example, they didn't show Raven trying to hug and kiss Jessica at the end of that apology meeting in the lounge.  But they certainly showed her foul-mouthed tirade, didn't they?


I had a lot of computer problems yesterday.  I had to work on two different computers because of various virus scans, and I ended up losing a whole section that I wrote about all of the car accidents the house guests have been involved in.  I never did post these pictures though, of Cody's breakfast process.

He cooked up a plate of eggs and steak, and then realized that the coffee hadn't finished brewing.  He went over to the coffee pot to investigate, and found a lake of muddy water seeping all over everything.

Cody was cursing and making what I'm pretty sure were victim noises, but as a fellow morning coffee addict, I understand completely.  He used tons of paper towels to clean up the mess and tried to figure out what the problem was.  I"m pretty sure the guys did something on purpose to screw up Cody's morning coffee, since they spent all week pulling coffee-related pranks on him.

Cody finally got the brew flowing and filled up his cup directly under the drip.  I don't recommend that, however, because you need the whole pot to brew in order to even out the the flavor.  Cody grimaced as he tasted it, but I'm sure he's had much, much worse.

The red plastic prison tray is loaded up with a steak and seven eggs.  The BB chat room was criticizing Cody's technique, saying he should have cooked the steak first, and then the eggs in the same pan to maximize the flavor.  But I think Cody was trying to hurry and get the meal out of the way before the room filled with other people.

I don't understand how he cooked the eggs, but I didn't watch too closely due to my personal opinions of eggs.  (Gross, nasty, and inedible.)  I saw the unbroken yolks in a covered saucepan, so maybe he scrambled them as they cooked.

Cody doesn't follow the White Gloves and Party Manners rules when he was eating here.  He was stabbing huge forkfuls of food and seemed to swallow them whole.  This is a tiny bite in the picture below, as he started to slow down a little.

Jessica is going to need to coach Cody up a bit if she wants to visit The Cheesecake Factory or Chili's with him.  He needs those rough edges smoothed down a little.  Or a lot.