Tuesday, August 1, 2017

That's So Craven. #BB19

Well, yesterday turned into a total Shit Show in that house, and in the backyard.  We had cursing, yelling, tutus and pots and pans, crying, pouting, threats of walking out, and a fan yelling over the wall with a megaphone.

Oh yeah, we also met Raven, perhaps for the very first time.

At the end of yesterday's post, I reported about how Jessica confronted Raven shortly after the PoV ceremony and then how Raven immediately requested a meeting with both Cody and Jessica in an attempt to smooth things over, and to properly explain herself.  In that meeting Cody asked Raven why she hated him so much, but Raven professed to love both Cody and Jessica to death.  She finally left the room after Jessica politely asked her to leave them alone, and after slobbering on both of them in an attempt to bestow affection.

I then logged off to feed my dog and take her for a walk, and came back to find Raven telling a tearful story to Christmas and Elena in the bathroom, saying she was afraid of the fighting, and "didn't want anyone to get hurt".  I thought something major happened, so I flashed back to try and find it.  But NOTHING happened.  Raven however, was retelling her story about her meeting with Cody and Jessica by saying she was "dragged in the room" and how Cody was so aggressive and scary with her.

Um......maybe Jessica dragged her to the Rose Room for the first confrontation----the feeds were down when that meeting first started, but Raven clearly requested the second meeting.  No one dragged her in there, and Cody WAS NOT aggressive AT ALL during that meeting.  You know how Cody is.....stone faced to the point of being catatonic.

Paul might be responsible for Raven exaggerating her claims about Cody, but I'm sure Paul didn't tell Raven to start yet another Pity Party about how she may have been abused in the past, boohooing to Christmas about it in return for sympathy. And camera time, of course.

Look, physical abuse and violence is certainly not cool and should never be tolerated, but Raven has told one sob story after another this summer, and we all know about the boy who cried wolf.  Shout out to Aesop.

Personally my favorite classic fable is the one about the Emperor's New Clothes.  I worked in corporate America for many years and can personally attest that there are many naked people roaming the hallways in office buildings everywhere.

Anyhoo, Raven's tirade about Cody gradually evolved into the entire house banding together to taunt Cody and Jessica, with some people playing a passive role by standing by quietly, and others taking an active role.  For example:

*  Raven going OFF THE RAILS and screaming curse word insults at both Jessica and Cody.  This went on for what seemed like HOURS, including the one word that many Big Brother fans seem to think is the worst insult ever:  calling Jessica a CUNT.

*  Josh took his pots and pans to the backyard and pranced around in his usual ridiculous fashion.  I guess Production is allowing this now that Mark and Josh have reconciled.  Josh finally broke one of the teflon pans when the handle flew off.  That pan had enough of Josh's abuse.

*  Earlier, Jessica had a very frank private meeting with Paul where she said she knew he was playing psychological games with the house guests, comparing this to the way Paul trained his dogs at home.  Paul was apparently ALARMED by this, and spent the rest of the day constantly bringing it up in front of everyone.  For example:  "I guess I'll herd my dogs over here" and "...since I'm psychologically controlling everybody....".  These statements frequently were followed by Paul issuing orders to others regarding how next to psychologically torture Cody and Jessica.

*  Paul obviously reveled in everyone else's bad behavior, as you can see in the GIF above of Raven flipping off her former friends.  You know, the ones that she claimed to "deeply love" just hours ago.  Paul was like the ringmaster of a very twisted circus, going on and on about what Jessica said to him about his being the leader of the pack.

*  Christmas started in on Cody's military career, saying that questioning a serviceman's military record is a sure way to irritate them.  And Christmas went ON and ON about this, which was not a good look for her.  And for the record, I did find a picture of Cody that provides evidence of his military service.

*  Cody and Jessica had an ongoing discussion about wanting to walk out, weighing the negative impact they would face if they both left.  (ie: not getting paid their stipend, having to pay for their own transportation home, not getting a formal platform to speak from CBS, etc).  Cody was really into the idea, and kept pushing it, saying he would hold Jessica's hand the entire time, and would stand up to any negative result that happened to her after leaving.  Jessica even went to the DR several times to ask questions about leaving, and they gave her the runaround, saying they needed to consult someone else, etc.  I've been watching the live feeds since BB3, and I can tell you that Jessica and Cody were serious about wanting to leave.

*  At one point Jessica and Cody were on the hammock, with Jessica weighing the pros and cons of walking out.  Jessica doesn't want to let down the fans who voted to give her the temptation, and wished they could get some sign from God with guidance.  There were several moments of silence, and then a megaphone shouter made a short statement.  This is what I heard:


Jessica and Cody kept poker faces, and Jessica muttered that they were going to be forced to go inside.  Production actually called Alex to the DR, because they were speaking to all of the largest offenders, trying to get them to lay off the verbal abuse.  Paul had been called in earlier, and immediately made a statement when he came out that they should start harassing them "like gentlemen" or something nauseating like that.

(The timestamp for the megaphone shouting is 7:12:52.)

After a minute or two, it seems that the stoners in the Control Room rewound the live feed tape and realized that the shouting took place, so everybody was forced to go inside, which irritates Kevin like crazy, because he looks forward to their use of the yard every week.  Kevin loves that California weather.

So....hopefully you get the point that last night on the live feeds was an absolute MESS.   But it was a mess that you couldn't turn away from.  I took my laptop to the treadmill so I could watch while I worked out, and then later to the kitchen so I could keep an eye on things while I cooked dinner.

====>  Cody and Jessica did not walk out.  But after she uses the Halting Hex this Thursday, we've got another whole week of these same lunatics banging around in there.  Depending on who wins HoH, I'm not sure any of us can survive it.  I'm guessing that Production is going to have to give Paul a villain edit now, which will be a nice change of pace.

Later on BBAD, the house guests were still recovering from the day's action, and were rehashing each detail over and over again, with the story taking on a life of it's own.  As usual.  I told you yesterday that Christmas was hot about Mark eating all of the slop, and never preparing any himself.  Well, she's still pissed off, and rolled down to the lounge to confront Mark.

Christmas:  I had this special container of slop, and now it's all gone!

Mark:  I didn't realize it was your's.

Christmas:  I think you did.  And I think you ate it anyway.

Mark:  I didn't know it was special.

Christmas:  It was special to me, because I made it the way I like it.  If you want to share it, you should ask first.

It's hard to storm out when you're on a scooter, particularly when you need to turn it around so you can leave.  There was awkward silence as Christmas grasped her empty Rubbermaid container and rolled alone back to the kitchen, presumably to whip up another batch of delicious special slop.

Mark:  Day three on slop.....

(ie:  Christmas'  3rd day, Mark's 10th day)

Josh said "poor Mark" and rubbed his head, providing evidence that the two of them are on speaking terms again.  I've heard them all say that Day #3 on slop is when you hit the wall, mentally and physically.  I guess Christmas hit that wall head on with her motorized scooter.

By the way, Production isn't fucking with the scooter.  That is why you don't see anybody else riding it.....you can taunt someone and ruin the pots and pans, but you can't touch the scooter.  I guess Production wants to get their deposit back on that thing.

At one point yesterday, Alex got in the action, screaming and hollering about how someone took her damn cat ears weeks ago before the feeds went live.  As you might recall, Jessica blamed the hidden cat ears on Raven, and Raven blamed it on Jessica.  But it turned out that Raven was the one who hid the cat ears, and also poured out Alex's Coca-Cola.

But now Alex seems to be blaming Jessica, with Raven chiming in with foul-mouthed agreement. The little things become so big in that house.

And sometimes the big things become small.  Mark was the talk of the town just a few days ago, after rushing Josh in his tutu, but after today, Mark is yesterday's news.

We're well over the 40 day mark at this point, with only four house guests out of the game for good.  And one of those is Cameron, who was dismissed after only 12 hours, and the other is Megan, who dipped out before the feeds even went live.  The point is, we need to start kicking some butts right out of the door, but not everyone can leave at once, unfortunately.

Raven Snack Watch - She noisily ate one bag of popcorn that she did share with whoever wanted to grab a handful.

I saw a video this morning of Raven coming out of the W.C. pulling her bathing suit bottoms up and going immediately over to sit on the couch next to Christmas.  I don't know if Raven planned to cook after not washing her hands, but she did start rubbing the top of Christmas' head.

So...you might want to think twice about grabbing a handful of anything that Raven offers you. Just saying.

And Cody is on Jessica Watch, sitting outside the Diary Room door to wait for her to come out.  Cody was eating popcorn, too, but out of a proper bowl.

Once reunited, Cody and Jessica embraced among the canned goods and other household and kitchen necessities.

Cody:  You asked for a sign from God, and we got a sign from a fan.

They moved to the Rose Room and continued being attached to each other.  Literally.

Jessica points out that "they" still had their sheets in the washer or dryer when Production made everybody come back in the house, so it is likely "they" won't get them back tonight at all.  This was more proof that god was on their side, apparently.

Raven announced to the group in the HoH room that "her Mama didn't raise a little bitch".

And Matt, who is doing a tricep press in this picture, announced to Raven that her actions today were a turn-on for him.  Yep.  Matt apparently has no regrets about this situation at all.  At least, not yet.

Jessica thinks Christmas must have a lot of social media followers, because she told Jessica that she travels a lot and gives lectures about fitness and health.  Jessica also told a few stories about specific people she has met through work, but since they are famous people, the cameras would only let us hear enough to know a little bit about what we're not allowed to hear.

The talk in the money room turned to ice cream.  Kevin wanted some, and Jason started telling another hometown tale.  There was a place down the road called "Jimmy's Highway Cafe" that went out of business. A lady bought it and turned it into an ice cream parlor, but that eventually "went belly up".  Jason was involved in trying to auction it off.  The owner got a bid of $14,000 but did not accept it.   Jason said that they let him take the sign home to keep.

Jason:  The sign says Jimmy's Highway Cafe.

Except by spelling "Jimmy" and "highway" correctly, apparently I spelled the words incorrectly, according to Iowa.  Because once again I'm showing you the receipts, people.

Jessica announced that she would like a McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone, with some very hot McDonald's french fries to dip in the ice cream.  Then Cody announced he would like to dip Jessica into a McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone.

Jessica, snickering:  Same.

These crazy kids and their basic fast food fantasies....

Jessica:  I probably should stop saying that I live 12 minutes from this house.  Although I do love yellow roses....it's okay if people send me yellow roses every day.

And because incidents in the house get discussed over and over and over, Mark is now re-telling his Christmas story about the bogarted Special Slop.

Kevin:  All I know is that I saw her in the kitchen and asked her if she needed a hug. She said 'I just need people to stop eating my fucking food'.

I forgot to mention that the guys were in the HoH room a few days ago ranking the BB girls left in the house.  Josh ranked the beauty of the girls as follows, and Kevin agreed that was exactly his list, too.

1.  Elena (note that Elena was in the room at the time, so....)
2.  Christmas
3.  Jessica
4.  Alex
5.  Raven

Josh also did a ranking of who he liked the best, and I think the only difference was that Alex was at the top of the list, above Elena.  Elena objected to this, but Josh said he had been friends with Alex since the beginning of the game, and thinks she is cool.  I believe Kevin agreed with this list, too.

And then a few hours later, in a room full of all of the house guests, Kevin told the group that Josh ranked the ladies in the house.  I think we were all having a panic attack of what would happen once Kevin recited the list, but Kevin is no dummy. I should have known that.

Kevin:  Josh was ranking you girls, and he said number one was Elena, number two was Elena, number three was Elena....

And so on.  Anyway, Mark was fed up with trying to deal with the likes of Christmas in the house.

Mark: Being nice just doesn't work.  From now on, I'll just be like Josh.

Josh:  What?

Mark:  Exactly.

Raven Snack Watch -  Raven decided to fix up a dish of ice cream too, since Kevin was going to have some.

Mark can't eat any ice cream, but that doesn't mean he can't watch closely.  Kevin had been extolling the virtues of putting Cool Whip on his ice cream, but no one else seemed to have any memories of doing this.  But it certainly used to be all the rage in America.....Cool Whip was the shit.

Now we know Cool Whip IS shit, but let's don't spoil Kevin's snack.

Raven is putting cookie dough AND peanut butter on her ice cream.  And it looks like BB finally gave them some different bowls to use....some quieter bowls, that don't clank so loudly on camera.  Maybe they donated the metal bowls to the dogs at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, hopefully after giving them a good scrubbing first.

In the interest of full disclosure, I think Matt helped Raven eat this bowl of ice cream.

In the HoH room, Paul was still wearing a tutu, probably Matt's or Jason's, since he did not compete in the Temptation Competition.  He is eating Tostito's Hint of Lime chips dipped in guacamole and salsa.  I do not like prepackaged guacamole, but I guess you have to make due with what you have in there.

I think Paul feels the same way, because he announced that there is a place called Sol Y Luna that is right down the street from his house that makes the tableside batches of guacamole.

Paul: They also make their own tortillas on site, and then fry the chips made out of those.

Mark, in Slop Hell right now:  OK.  Another place to put on the list for after...

Paul started reciting the various luxury competitions that might be held next, where you can win money or maybe a trip to leave the house.

Kevin:  Leave the house?  GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.

Mark explained that in BB16, house guests got to leave the house to fly to Dallas to see a Cowboys game.  Kevin immediately pounced on this, saying the games wouldn't even be playing yet, and it must have been a preseason game.  Mark stuck to his story though.

But Mark is WRONG.  Caleb, Christine and Frankie went to the Cowboys training camp in California to meet Jerry Jones and watch the team practice.  I think Kevin would have been more impressed with the truth, actually.  He knows who Jerry Jones is.

And Paul started running his mouth in a manner that may lead to trouble. Paul started talking about the $25,000 prize that was won on the first day.  And if I were Kevin, I would take it as a threat from Paul, since he is the only person Kevin confided in about winning that prize.

Paul:  Can you believe someone won $25,000?  That's a lot of money for somebody, plus you get your stipend!

Jason said he wanted it, and would have gladly walked out if he was the one who won that.

(Advice to Paul:  Don't fuck with Kevin....he's the only good thing you have going in there.)

Raven Snack Watch:  Now she's making what looks like a very greasy grilled cheese sandwich.

And she added parmesan cheese to it, too, if that's what we're still calling the crumbled cardboard in the plastic shaker bottle.

As BBAD ended, Raven used the spatula to press down on her latest snack.

I forgot to mention that she's been telling everyone who would listen, plus a few others, that due to "her nutrition" her various scrapes and scars never heal.

Raven: It's 'cause of my nutrition, and my diseases.


Raven's GoFundMe account has a lofty fundraising goal of $200,000.  The account was deatactivated for a few days, but is now back in business, apparently.  There is a whole thread on SurvivorSucks devoted entirely to discussion of Raven's health care issues, with a focus on what Raven herself has said on the live feeds, and also the reactions and revenge taken by Raven's irate Mama.

According to this article, Raven's GoFundMe account might have been a scam, and they have a screen shot of the account when it was shut down, with refunds in process.  As a CPA, I must tell you that donations you make to a GoFundMe account ARE NOT deductible on your tax return, because the recipient is not a qualified charitable concern.

But all money received by the recipient IS taxable income.  Plenty of BB fans have contributed money to GoFundMe accounts started by former BB players, for all sorts of reasons.  For example, in the past year fans donated money so that Paulie and Zakiyah could go on an island vacation, money for Natalie to visit her family in Venezuela (which James later claimed was used to buy a bunch of hair accessories to resell to fans at an upcharge), and also thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for an operation for Amanda Zuckerman's dog.

My point is that you can waste your own hard-earned money (or your parents') on anything you'd like, but don't be surprised if you are being misled and cheated. A fool and his money are soon parted.

The fans on the SurvivorSucks website are cruel, but very clever.  If you are EVER on a reality show, you SHOULD NOT go to that website and look for posts about yourself.   Here is one such post....I dare you not to snicker at this.