Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tempest in a Tutu. #BB19

I'm not going to lie...I'm irritated.  There has been SO MUCH ACTION in the past day or so that I can't keep up.  I didn't expect so much activity and excitement so late on a Friday.  So shame on me, I guess, for trying to make plans.  I should have known better.  Here is what you need to know about the latest events in the house.


I don't know what the formal name for this competition is, but it exists because Jessica accepted the Halting Hex Temptation.  At least, that is what Production wants us to think.  Because how is a voluntary competition to save yourself considered a negative consequence?  I like the idea behind the new competition, but it's just the contrived excuse for having it that makes me roll my eyes.

Here are the house guests who competed, based on what I know so far:


The feeds were down for several hours, and it was the type of competition that everyone could watch. When the feeds returned, a few of the players were wearing tiny tutu's, and it became clear that Big Mark won the competition, so he's safe for the week, but Jason lost, so he's the third nominee.

Jason seemed like he was trying to maintain a positive attitude, but I can't imagine he is happy with the results.  He doesn't know what we know, though, because there is a very good possibility that the Halting Hex will be used by Jessica on Thursday night, which should make the eviction night null and void.

But Mark?  He was all pumped up, strutting around in his tutu and saying this is why he wanted to play Big Brother.  He has been so frustrated with doing so poorly on every competition that needed this win to get back on track.

This is Alex wearing her own tutu, but I really wanted to show you how many goodies are in the storage room after it was re-stocked on Friday.

Alex is a real piece of work, reciting a list of everything she wants to do to Jessica, including slamming her head on the floor, sticking it in the toilet, etc.

Alex might have a Final Two deal with Paul, but I'm not sure Paul would agree with that statement.


Paul thinks Jessica is bluffing about the strength of her Temptation, so he nominated both she and Cody to call their bluff, as well as to flush it out to eliminate the threat.  You can see Mark, still wearing his tutu, sitting alone at the table after nominations are over, with Cody and Jessica's pictures on the screen.  The air was tense. I heard Paul say later that he noticed Mark smiling at Jessica and Cody as the ceremony ended.  Based on this, Paul is certain that Mark knows all about the Temptation.

(I think Paul is clearly trying to set up Mark to be the target next week.)

I've been watching Mark for weeks now though, and he does have a strange smirky smile when bad things happen.  For example, when he learned he just won two weeks of Have Not life, he had a rather happy look on his face.

And Paul is smart to try and flush this temptation out into the open.  Some people say that it will make a waste of his HoH week, but at least Paul is safe as long as he is the HoH.  Everyone else might need to worry about catching the boot due to the Temptation, but not Your Boy the HoH.  We can assume that, anyway, based on what little we know about the rules.  And how much we know about Production's love of Paul.

Jessica was pissed.  And Cody was pissed.  The two of them went up to Paul's HoH room and Cody ended up erupting on Paul in a very negative manner.  Paul told Cody that he's very immature emotionally, whether he claims to be 32 or 26, and Cody lost his cool at one point, rushing towards Paul in an aggressive manner.  Paul had to ask Cody to leave the room several times.  Voices got loud.  It was exciting.

But Paul is a BB Pro as far as arguing goes, using his words as a weapon.  Cody's behavior made Jessica very angry, and the two of them argued off and on all night about how she can't put up with his aggressive behavior.  The fans were saying that Cody cried at one point, but I couldn't' find a picture of that to prove it.  They did talk about breaking up, but as of right now (Saturday) they are still hovering in bed together with the covers over their heads, so the love is back on for now.

If Jessica somehow gets taken off the block, will she use her Halting Hex to save Cody?  Or will she try to save it for herself, since she has one more week before it's power expires?

I just want to point out that Cody told Big Jeff that he would not get in a showmance unless the girl was gorgeous (Check.) and he would NEVER cry.  I wanted to get a picture of Cody crying and send it to Jeff, but I could not find the receipts to prove that tears happened.


Josh figured out a few days ago that Big Mark can't keep his cool under extremely irritating circumstances. Yesterday Josh was talking some big smack in the kitchen about how at home, if you come for him or his friends, he is going to kick your ass like a man.  Mark said that was funny, and this set Josh off.

Josh grabbed two pans and started with his little circus song while banging them together and walking back and forth from the kitchen to the dining area.  You can see Elena covering her ears in the picture below.....Alex and Jason were doing that, too.

Big Mark snapped, and lumbered over there and started grabbing at the pans.  While he did that Josh yelled that Mark can't touch him, and you can see Kevin trying to intervene.

And then the feeds went down.  And based on what I saw and heard afterwards, I think Mark had some sort of Come to Jesus meeting with Production.

When the feeds returned, Mark was sitting calmly listening to Cody talk about how immature Josh is, and how they should both just ignore him.  Cody recommended that Mark just cover up his ears like everybody else.  Jason also gave Mark a pep talk, saying that Josh always tires himself out and calms down if you just ignore him.

But later I saw Mark make the rounds with his apologies to the house guests.  I saw him tell Christmas that he knows he looks like an intimidating guy, but he will try to stay calm and manage his emotions.  When he said that he doesn't want Christmas to feel uncomfortable around him, I recognized that statement as one that you are requested to make as part of a required apology.

Perhaps Mark got a warning after rushing Josh like that?  Maybe even his second warning, if he got one after dousing Josh's face with caustic condiments.

I've heard Paul tell everyone that last year, Big Meech was three times worse than Josh is, and that everyone kept her in the game because everyone knew that she had no chance to ever win a competition.  Paul said that if they can't handle Josh, there is no way they could handle Big Meech.

Kevin:  Big Meech?  Who is he?


Late yesterday (Friday night) a series of BB "weather forecasts" started playing on the screen, and everyone gathered in the living room to watch and absorb the information.  Everyone except Jessica and Cody, that is.  And I think Jessica is making a BIG mistake about not participating when she has a 1 in 6 chance to win the PoV and save herself, and also her hex for one more week.

Paul actually won this competition last season.  It was a new competition and all of the fans loved it.  The details might change this year, but basically each PoV player became a weather reporter and had to read the scrolling forecast and fill in the missing words with information from these "weather forecasts".  While they did this, they were subjected to a variety of weather-related problems like high winds and rain.  Their costumes were super-cheesy TV clothes.  (I have a friend who is a weather girl, so I can vouch for their cheesy clothes.)

Some of the broadcasts were on the feeds, and others played when the feeds went down, but at the point of this one, people were already tired.  Raven was very whiny about feeling bad, and saying she had an "old lady body".

Everyone tried to focus and listen to the broadcasts as closely as possible.  Some of the forecast information included the following:

*  We have an update on BB Storm Cameron. Microbiologists are dubbing it the greatest weather event ever, but all other experts disagree.

*  BB Storm Cameron's comparisons to BB Storms Ian and Steve were greatly exaggerated.  In fact, precipitation levels this low have not been seen since BB Storm Glenn.

*  BB Storm Jillian was only a tad stronger than BB Storm Cameron. Despite fearing the worst, both storms were relatively unimpressive.  With no lingering effects currently in the area, neither of these storms have any chance of battling back into the region.

*  It is 5 degrees in Chilltown, 45 degrees in Blocksburg.......132 degrees in Evictionville, 151 degrees in the BB backyard.........etc etc etc

No one knows who will be playing for PoV yet, except for Paul the HoH and the nominees, but everyone listened closely and then went immediately up to the HoH room to discuss the broadcast and study the facts.

As usual, Christmas is like a dog with a bone, studying for this PoV.  Last year the house guests watched the broadcasts, but really had no idea how they would be using the information.  Paul stayed up all night to study, and Paul won. But Michelle went to bed early, and finished just behind Paul.  Paul announced today that everyone in the competition will get wet or messed up, including the host.

(Spoiler:  Christmas will host the competition.)

Elena was very determined with her studying, and has a method for memorizing things.  If I were Elena, I would think long and hard about what just happened to her last Thursday, after Paul gave her the wrong information for the HoH competition, causing her to be eliminated after the first round.

But Paul is HoH now, and Elena is terrified to be on the block, so that might explain why she didn't make a scene about Paul misleading her.  But Elena also appears brainwashed by Paul, so there's that, too.

Paul reviewed the broadcasts, pointing out how important it is to remember the comparative information, such as the statements about how BB Storm Jillian compares to BB Storm Cameron.  Elena kept saying they should memorize phrase and key points, not every word, but Paul insisted that any word could be "blanked out" during the competition, so they need to memorize it all exactly.

Jason knows how important it is for him to pay attention, because his ass is on the block as the third nominee.  He recited the information over and over.  I later saw Elena drill him about all of the storms.  Apparently Dominique's storm information is fairly negative.......I think the word "tyrant" is involved, so we can look forward to that.

Kevin:  I'll remember this shit about Cameron and Jillian 'til I die.

(At least Kevin knows Crawford's name now, though.)

Spoiler:  Raven and Kevin were picked to play PoV, along with Paul, Cody, Jessica and Jason.


Everyone got locked up in the HoH and then came downstairs, as usual, to learn the news. Everyone waited, the excitement visible on their cheery faces.

Paul:  Who hasn't done it before....raise your hands.  OK...Christmas, Elena and Alex.

Christmas had to know it was coming, but she wasn't thrilled at the news, of course.

And....who the hell is this?  It's Elena, doing her best Unabomber impression.

Kevin was just released from Have Not Land at the strike of midnight, so he's still recovering from the ordeal.  Paul reminded them that one of the girls could choose the Have Not Temptation, but Mark could not since he took it last week.  Elena flirted with the possibility of trying it, but is worred about getting two weeks of torture.

They immediately went to the Have Not room to stake their claim to a bed and also as many pillows and blankets as they can grab.  Christmas wanted Kevin's old bed, for some reason, but Elena already claimed it.  I've already heard Christmas bring that up twice, so clearly she didn't like losing the bed to Elena.  Christmas doesn't like to lose.

Kevin came in and offered to help anyone who wanted assistance, but they all kind of brushed him off and said he could help them later.  But Kevin persisted, showing them the best way to use the blankets on the spike bed.

Kevin, at Elena's Spike Station:  See, you want to fold the blankets this way....don't worry about covering the whole area, because your body won't touch it...put it right here in the middle.

Elena:  Thanks Kevin.

Kevin: You could probably ask Jason or Mark for advice too, because they were in here the longest, longer than me.

On Saturday, the girls commiserated about the cold showers.

Christmas:  I was just thinking I would take a long hot shower, but then I realized I was a Have Not.  We have to wash our hair with cold water.

Elena:  I'm not even going to wash my hair.  If there is a backdoor plan to get me out, please let me know so I can wash my hair on Wednesday.

Elena has asked Mark to leave the room when he needs to fart, but thinks that he is farting in his sleep.  Christmas agrees.  Yesterday they realized how hard it will be not to just grab food that is laying around and eat it.

Elena:  Yesterday I ate salt and vinegar chips for 30 minutes and I don't even like them.

Christmas:  Oh my god!  I just had coffee!  Can we have that?

(Yes, coffee is allowed.)


Cody sat at the kitchen counter, staring off into space.  Cody is likely very angry, since the house voted out Ramses instead of Josh, but Cody always has a Resting Bitch Face.  Matt strolled into the kitchen and started rooting around in the freezer. I waited for an explosion, but there was only nervous silence between them, while you could hear screams and screeches coming from down the hall.  Finally, Matt caved.

Matt:  This house makes me feel old.

Cody:  Yeah, when I hear that shrieking, it's tough to take.

Jessica sat like this for quite some time, live on PoP TV with her hand covering her crotch.  If she knows that she is not properly covered, shouldn't she close her legs?

Especially with someone's head just two feet away.

I can't remember what Kevin said here, but I'm sure it was funny and clever. Last Thursday was at least two weeks ago, in my head.

Finally Paul came out of the Diary Room and it was time to see his HoH room.  They all waited for the entire group to haul their asses up the stairs, so Production would unlock the electric lock.

Paul swung his HoH key around.  He's done this before, quite a few times.  I wonder if Paul was wondering if he'd get another coded letter from his family?  I know I was thinking about that.

As usual there is a lot of energy from everyone as they come in the room.  Everyone rushed to the framed pictures and got all grabby about a picture of a young Paul with no beard.

Paul:  I was 18...I didn't even have tattoos yet.

Paul also has a picture of his sister and his cousin.

Everyone:  Oh Paul!  Oh Paul!  Oh Paul!

Paul's letter is from his cousin, who he is very close to.  She just got married, and said she missed Paul's attendance.  On the way to the ceremony her veil blew off her head and landed in some thorny bushes, and it ripped when they removed it.

I did not hear any secret code, or if there was one, then it was coded more cleverly.  Last time it was like "we're keeping an eye on that old dog that always laid next to you".

Paul got a vintage Pepperdine sweat shirt that he has been complaining about...he says the print looks old and cracked.  The girls say it is supposed to look vintage. (You can see Christmas wearing it in one of the BB Weather pictures above.)  I think it looks like they bought it at the grocery store, not the campus book store.

Paul also got a pair of avocado socks, and also a pair printed with flames.  He was thrilled that his CD was an old Radiohead one.  I later watched Kevin ask Paul to pick a song for him to listen to, and then said it was beautiful.  They both agreed that the music put them in a much needed state of relaxation.

Paul got Stella Artois beer, some chips "with a hint of lime", some hummus, habenero salsa, steak, and Haagan Daaz coffee ice cream.

Paul got this box of Pizza Bites as a joke from someone.

Paul: I haven't had these since I was 6 years old.

Alex:  I'll take care of that for you.

This looks like a box of TGI Friday's burgers....Paul says he probably got these because he was talking shit about a story that Alex told about them.

Paul made a few jokey comments about how people could leave if they wanted to, but everyone stayed there, waiting to see what would happened next.

I don't think I mentioned it, but Christmas made some real strides in her relationship with Jessica.  They became friends, but the kind of friends who keep discussing how they are friends.

You can't just talk about have to do it.  But of course I think Christmas was putting alliance-type feelers out there, and Jessica is no dummy.  Christmas likes to reach out to the players who are alone, which is smart because it is always good to have someone else need you more than you need them.  Christmas reached out to Josh in week #1, when he was persona non grata, and he frequently tells the cameras about his loyalty to her.

Josh is still persona non grata, but in a very grata way. Or whatever.

Mark tries to comfort Elena.  She is super-pouty and salty about being blindsided tonight, so much so that she doesn't even have a game face anymore.

Matt and Raven had a quick meeting in the Storage Room, where Raven vented about how rude Elena is being about their voting choices.

Raven:  You're gonna go read your Bible and throw shade?

Matt:  And I had to bail her ass out about that whole Dominique thing.

Paul has a picture of himself, his sister, and also his cousin who wrote his letter.  He's very sad that he missed her wedding.

Mark looks strong, but he's very mushy inside.  Not in a good way, though.  Like in a constantly soggy way, and that doesn't seem to be what Elena looks for in a man.

Mark:  I just wanted to look in your eyes.  I haven't done that all day.

Screams of laughter and loud talking can be heard from the Money Room.

Mark:  I'm not used to this environment.

Elena:  No one is.

Mark:  When I told you that you're the only one keeping me sane in here, I meant it.

Elena cocked her head and sighed.  If Mark was a guy on the outside, she could easily dispose of him, but in the house, and in this game she's just got to tough it out until Mark is evicted.  I'm just speculating about Elena's feelings about Mark, but my thoughts are based on observation.

Cody wasn't thrilled about Jessica revealing her Temptation win like she did at the end of the live show.  I can't see how it was a bad idea, though, since these two are likely the nomination targets.  Jessica was told that she could use the Halting Hex for the next four evictions, and that was two evictions ago---Dominique and Ramses.

So if she can put the fear out there about what her powers can do, perhaps they can get a week of safety out of it, and preserve the mighty power of the Hex for one more week.

And it was a dramatic finish to the live show, once again, courtesy of Jessica Graf.

Jessica seems to feel that when she "halts" the eviction, there will be some sort of rewind occurring, where they will be playing for the HoH again, with the same competition content that they just played.

Jessica:  If I use it, I need you to remember what we saw in those pictures, and we will need to study together for it, because I'll be playing this time, too.

I think it is important for you to know that Jessica was rather haughty with Paul in his HoH room, following him into the bathroom to thank him in advance for not making her a Have Not this week.  Paul calmly said it would be okay, since she was already a Have Not the first week.

(I think Jessica might actually believe that, which would be foolish, but we've already seen plenty of foolish choices from her this week/)

Paul is enjoying one of his fancy bottled beers and got teary talking about missing his cousin's wedding.   She is around 40, and has led a full life, even living in Japan and learning the language.  She married her high school sweetheart after reconnecting as adults.  The new husband's name is Paul, too.  Paul Bryant, actually.

Raven gave Paul a long hug to comfort him.  And the hug was way, way too long.  But I guess Raven was trying to be nice, so I will try to be nice about the too-long hug.  Matt also gave Paul a hug, but it was a quick, partial Bro Hug, saying he's missing three weddings this summer while he's in the BB house.

Paul wondered what Matt and Raven were hearing downstairs.  He doesn't plan to nominate Josh and Matt agrees, admitting that Josh is "must see TV" right now.  Paul also wondered how they feel about Alex and Jason.  They all think Alex is in charge of that duo as far as the game goes, and they all think they can rely on Jason from an honesty standpoint.

But Paul isn't fooled about Jessica's Temptation.  He had a conversation with Cody earlier about the Temptation, as if it was awarded to him instead of Jessica, and Cody told Paul that they weren't allowed to discuss it.  Cody might be able to beat Paul at an arm-wrestling competition, but not at a battle of wits.  Cody also made a case during that conversation that Mark is always talking about how he wants to work with Paul, too, which didn't help Mark AT ALL.

Paul:  I had a Temptation, and I know you can talk about it.  I had one, so I know.  You just can't LIE about it, but you can discuss it all you want.  So they're lying about that part.  And I will expose them this week, one way or another.  I'll just say, if you can't talk about it, then here you go (ie: nominating them).  And we see he's working with Mark now, because he just tried to cover Mark's ass.

Raven:  Elena won't even look at me right now, she's so mad about the vote.

Apparently Elena did something rude to Matt that concerned a chair, but Matt says he's not offended by it.

On Friday morning, Alex primped while Jason and Kevin watched her and chatted.

Jason: Oh, and you curled your hair all nice.

Alex:  No....I've bleached this hair to shit, so it's just dry. Dry hair is can ask Raven.

(Oh, the shade.)

Kevin made some strange statement about how well Alex would do in prison.

Kevin:  You are ready to compete when it's time, and you keep yourself busy the rest of the time. You're always doing something.

Alex:  In prison?  I'd have minions do everything for me.  We'd make hooch in my cell, too.

I wonder how Josh would do in prison?  Probably the opposite of Alex.  Except for the hooch, maybe.