Friday, July 28, 2017

But First....One of the Worst. #BB19

Well, first thing first....we need to talk about Julie's couture again.  From a distance, this get up was pretty bad. Julie Chen is a gorgeous woman with an enviable figure, but this dress looks like something Barb from the Omaha Accounting Office would wear to the Springtime Jubilee.

Kevin wore his Bunch of Grapes better than Julie wore that dress, unfortunately.  At least Kevin kept things simple, with just the ripe fruit and his jaunty stem.

This dress is clearly meant to look edgy, so how does that translate with the choker?  And the Little Women hairstyle?  And also those big earrings?

It's all just way too much.  There is too much going on there.  If Julie's stylist wanted to make an edgy statement with this dress, she should have skipped all of that distracting jewelry, maybe wearing only a shiny cuff bracelet.  And her hair should be in a sleek pony tail, high on her head.

I'm certainly not a stylist, I'm just an accountant.  But even I know that dress appears to be made from dishwashing sponges.  Maybe it's a recycled dress.

You need to see the shoes, too.  There is a lot going on with those shoes.  Lots of straps, lots of details.  Too many straps, too many details.  I think a simple nude spike heel would have been more flattering, and more comfortable to wear scrubbing the pots and pans after supper.

I did find an article from 2015 where Julie candidly discusses her bad fashion choices over the years, but Julie felt that those poorly-dressed days were behind her, because she was working with a stylist now.  You can read the article and watch a little video montage of Julie's bad couture here.

And of course I am using the word "couture" in jest here, because Julie's clothing is really anything but.  Couture clothing is specifically designed and fitted for a specific person, but Julie's clothing is pulled off a rack at Macy's, apparently.

I found Carole Meltzer, Julie's stylist.  And she's not just a stylist.  She sells jewelry on QVC and is apparently a feng shui consultant.  So let's blame Carole for this look, and then we should blame Julie for not firing Carole and hiring someone else.

Can't CBS afford to hire someone like Rachel Zoe to style Julie?  Someone who knows how choose good clothes and let them speak for themselves?  Someone who understands how to dress a woman of a certain age?

I would say that Julie Chen needs to keep it simple, but in order to do that, she needs to get to simple first, and then worry about staying there.


And speaking about accessories, Jessica wore an HoH comp-themed jacket and cap with her chic striped dress.  As soon as the competition was over, Raven could be heard screeching about how Jessica gets to keep those items.

Later on the live feeds, I heard a conversation between Jessica and Elena.  It sounds like Jessica had another dress that she wanted to wear on the live show, but it got nixed by Production for being too revealing.  I loved the striped dress, personally.  If you have a body like Jessica's, you don't need to wear clothes that are so skimpy. Leave a little mystery, Jessica.

And I also forgot some live feed chatter I heard about last week's HoH competition, the one that Jessica won.  This was a comp that was conducted when the live feeds were down for the Battle Back.  When they first began the competition, it sounds like everybody's red plate dropped before Julie even finished her announcements to kick off the competition, so they had to start it at least twice.  Bet they won't do that one again....

Yesterday when Paul & Company were studying for this competition, they were talking about Elena being some sort of mental mastermind, but Elena was the first one out on a question that we all knew ---Myrtle Beach was definitely one of Jillian's time share location tats.

If you read my post yesterday, you would have gotten that one right.  But Elena with the reputed photographic memory got it wrong.  We might be able to blame that on Paul, because he told Elena during a study session that Miami was the Em Word etched on Jillian's body, not Myrtle Beach.

And then the next question decimated anyone who didn't study the real information with Paul & Company.  They pulled an all nighter, I think.

Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin and Josh bit the dust on this one, leaving Christmas, Jason, Matt, Paul and Raven still in the game.  Kevin later told Alex and Jason that he "knew most of the answers, but he didn't give a fuck".

Mark and Elena had a bad night.  First the blindside, and now this.  I later heard Jessica trying to figure out who would sleep where now in the Showmance Room.  She said that Christmas and Elena would share a bed, but Mark would be returning to that room "eventually".

I think everyone thinks Mark's Have Not status ends on Friday at midnight.  But it doesn't.  Mark has another whole week to go on the Have Not diet.  His only hope to get out of that early would be to get evicted next week.  And that is a very real possibility now, and I think Mark knows it.

And Elena looks like Mark's mother here, with that gray-toned hair and all of that Dallas PTA Mom makeup.  Why Elena, why?  What's wrong with having your natural blonde hair?

Jillian must be dying at home watching this.  That triangle thing is a sales technique she described to Big Jeff but it looks like a cult symbol here.  And the flowers peeking out of her bikini bottom are rather fetching, I think.  And you know how I feel about tattoos.

If you have an appendicitis or gastric sleeve scar to hide, one or two of these flowers might be a good option.  Her body looked great though, so that should make Jillian very happy.

And now that Glenn and Jodi have both appeared on Big Brother again, maybe the fans who want to see that can all shut up now.

 Then it all came down to Matt, Paul and Raven.  As much as people are tired of Paul running things around there, the thought of having to watch Raven conduct all of the ceremonies, with the shrieking and the hand motions startled my own digestive system.  I guess Matt winning HoH would have meant some new T-shirts to wear, but I'm  still glad Paul beat them.

Matt and Raven have been holding down the bottom of the FeedWatcher Fan Poll since the second day of live feeds.  Paul is such a competitor though.  He was bouncing around in anticipation of Julie announcing the answer like my dog does when she's ready for me to throw her tennis ball.

Paul wore Kevin's brother Richie's shirt last night on the live show, and I thought Paul looked great covered up in some real clothes.  That is the shirt that Kevin displays behind his bed.  Richie passed away when Kevin was young, I think, and Paul gave Richie a shout out after winning, which was nice.

But then Paul had to make sure America knows he's all tatted up, since that was the theme of the competition.

And the loser's lounge was all kitted out like a tattoo parlor.  Paul has been talking about how he can't wait to get a tattoo, because it's like an addiction for him.  Paul inspected the set decoration and called out "who wants to get a tattoo?"

Christmas raised her hand in the polite tradition.

Raven, rushing over to the stage:  ME FIRST!  ME FIRST!

Let's all give thanks people, because we almost had a Raven HoH week.  Things can always be worse, so please don't forget that as you bitch and moan this week about Paul's various HoH Friendship initiatives.

After the live show, I expected to see all sorts of fireworks and fighting on the live feeds.  But instead I saw Cody whining and emitting constant Victim Noises to Paul about how nobody wanted to talk to him last week.

Cody:  When I came into a room, everyone left.


Paul misted Jessica and Cody with Friendship, pointing out that Ramses was the real threat on the nomination block, because he was the guy who would win the late-stage competitions, and Paul said everyone would much rather compete against Josh in those comps, rather than Ramses.  It wasn't a personal move against Jessica and Cody, Paul said, but a move against Ramses, who Paul announced had been the winner of the $25,000 on the first night.

Paul:  And Josh hates least you know that!  No one really knows who Ramses liked or hated.

Cody:  Yeah, I can see that.  But you could have told me.

Paul also circled back around with Elena and Mark, saying that he knew they would share the news with Cody and Jessica.  Elena pouted, and Mark already seemed suicidal, but there was no big  explosion for Paul to clean up.


Kevin's daughters tweeted about Richie's shirt, and Kevin's childhood friend Paul.

And Kevin appears to have pioneered the "Inside Out" shirt look.  But then I realized that Kevin is wearing the same number as the guy next to him, so I guess he forgot to bring his own shirt on Team Picture Day.  Maybe that is Paul in the other "31" shirt.

Kevin's daughters are always right on time with the informative tweets and other important Kevin information.  They must be thrilled with his progress in the game, because this is yet another week that Kevin will not just survive, but not even face a nomination.


I wonder if Kevin feels badly about the $25,000 accusation against Ramses, which everyone is taking as an absolute fact, since Paul declared it to be true.  Ramses is going to FLIP OUT when he finds out that Kevin is the one who took that money, and that Paul is the only one who knows about it.

Not to mention that Kevin is responsible for those hinky votes that got blamed on Ramses. That's gonna hurt, isn't it?

And as a college kid, that stipend money in the Jury would have been like winning the damn lottery.  What college kid earns $1,000 per week (legally)?  Ramses had a good attitude with Julie, and also with Big Jeff in his post-eviction interviews.

But when Jeff told Ramses that Paul just won HoH, it was clear that Ramses was bummed out.  And THAT is one reason why Paul wanted him GONE.