Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pride Does Come Before a Fall. #BB19

I'm back, and it feels like I've been gone for two weeks, not two days.  I watched the Wednesday night CBS episode around midnight, and am working my way through last night's BBAD episode.  It does appear that the blindside of Ramses is still on, even though Jessica and/or Cody might have some uneasy feelings about it.  I heard Paul say Ramses is freaking out, but since Paul is known to exaggerate, I'm going to divide that statement in two.

As BBAD began, there was quite a bit of excitement, and whispering.  Apparently the group had been recently-gathered to watch a series of photographs that featured the evicted house guests Cameron, Dominique and Jillian.  The photographs displayed the evicted house guests with a number of fake tattoos. It soon became clear that Jillian has gained a sudden importance in the game, with her name being whispered on everyone's lips.

Better late than never Jillian.

Paul is dominating the group whispers, of course, swearing to all gathered that it was "two aces, not two jacks".  There is further commentary about them being the aces of spades.  This group of whisperers includes Paul, Christmas, Matt, Raven, Kevin and Jason.  They are whispering because they are going to blindside Cody, Jessica, Elena and Mark this week with their votes.

And Ramses, too.  Ramses is the real loser in this blindside situation.

The cameras check in on Mark, who is studying with Ramses.  Paul walks in and frantically starts "helping" them study.  He claimed he would be spreading misinformation if possible, and also told some of his group to do the same, too.  I think Paul was beginning this False Information Campaign now, being subtle and sneaky.  We might be varying degrees of irritated with Paul, but you can't say he's lazy about playing this game.  And for that we should be grateful.   As well as irritated, but whatever.

Without knowing too many details, I am going to go ahead and say that Mark will not win HoH this week.  He's in a diminished state right now, and is likely to be LIVID after the eviction tonight.  I think he really needs to win, too.  Big Mark is becoming a Big Target right now.

Mark is sitting on the bed next to Elena.  Paul and Christmas have been frantically whispering about how Elena is now rumored to have a photographic memory, and is a big threat to win this competition.  Paul told Christmas that he walked in a room where Elena and Ramses were talking, and they suddenly stopped talking.

Paul:  But Ramses will be gone after tomorrow, so we don't need to worry about him winning HoH.

Kevin is still handsome, and hasn't aged a minute in the two days since I have seen him.

He is telling someone here that he is absolutely positive it was two aces of spaces, without a doubt.

These two are still smooching constantly, with Jessica occasionally putting down her spoon and kissing Cody's shoulder or face, whichever is made available to her.

All I can see is Wreck It Ralph now, when I see Mark, unfortunately.

And there is A LOT of drama building online about Raven.  I'm not on Facebook, but it sounds like the BB Facebook group might be Ground Zero for negative chitter chatter about Raven and the validity of her various statements and claims.

And now Raven's mother is hopping mad, and has posted a Facebook video with some doctor who is confirming that Raven could die.

Um.....I'm not a doctor, but I can confirm that we are ALL going to die.  Not "maybe", either.  I hate to say this, but it is likely that at least one of us will die before Raven does.

But anyhoo, it sounds like Raven's mother is "doxing" posters in the Facebook group by posting their addresses and phone numbers.  Or something like that.  I know that having a family member in the Big Brother house must be excruciating to watch, particularly since you have zero ability to speak to them (ie: to tell them to shut up about certain topics, put their clothes back on or to stop fucking on camera) or influence their behavior.

I knew that this Raven situation would get ugly.  I don't want to get into all of the dirty details here, but you can easily find them if your're interested.  Now that it's become "a thing", there are online lists and videos of things Raven has said and are now being disputed by the fans.  The BB fans usually love it if a player lies in the commission of winning the game, but lying about your personal life without owning it in the DR is not recommended for any BB contestants.  This fan base can have an incredible impact on players who are embraced by the fans, but on the flip side it is a big fat ugly mess.

Just in case you don't believe me about that "flip side".

A few days ago, it seemed like Matt was having some jitters about the blindside vote, saying that if Elena, Cody or Mark won the HoH this week, he and Raven would be at risk.  I think Paul would be the one to worry the most, though, based on his competition track record and his ability to effectively boss everyone into submission.

Last night was the Orwell Games night on BBAD, and there are various viewer polls like this one, that are frequently shady as hell.

Christmas' competitive spirit is afire tonight, since there is information they need to learn to win.  She is organized with her studies, and works mainly with Paul to confirm their recollection of the various tattoos, and to create ways to memorize them.  She says she needs to memorize the tattoos in order, and is appropriately pushy with Paul about this.  A pushy person requires a pushy response sometimes.

I still say that if we saw Christmas at her full competitive strength this season, she would have made BB history in one way or another.  She is FIERCE when she is hyped up about someone or something, and I believe she would let NOTHING stand in the way of winning a competition, or even an argument.

She reminds me of Helen Kim from BB15 that way.  Intelligent, capable, and dogged in pursuit of something.  Helen had one of the worst cases of HoH-itis I've ever seen, but I still remember her fondly as a memorable player and think the world is a better place with Helen in it.

Orwell is not a fan of Big Mark, apparently, publishing a stream of anti-Mark tweets on the bottom of the television screen.

Jillian's photograph had a tattoo of a snake wrapped around her leg, and also a Zingbot on her forearm.  It sounds like there was a series of tats on her arm or body that included "time share" info, diet tips, and also "money" on her other forearm.

There were also various time share locations, like Orlando, Myrtle Beach, Cabo, Tijuana, Las Vegas.

Christmas:  Wait.....wait. I need to memorize them in order.

Paul developed the phrase "Titties Cold" for them to remember the order, and that seems to work for them.  (ie:  Tips, Tijuana, Cabo, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc.) They know they will need to be accurate and fast to beat Elena, who they have now built up in their minds as a diabolically-gifted memorizer and scholar.  The numbers 15, 27, and 52 are also involved with Jillian's tattoos, too.

I'm not sure how Cody and Jessica don't immediately know what is up this week, because these kids are always holed up in a room, whispering every chance they get.

Matt is a constant lip-licker and beard-smoother.  Probably a knuckle-dragger, too, but I can't prove that part.

Raven doesn't understand why Cameron has to be involved in this, because she doesn't remember him at all.  This brought up the "Malcolm" comments she made last week.  It sounds like Cameron (or Malcolm) had tattoos on his arm of "Pug Life", a squirrel, and "Battle Back or Bust".

I don't think Raven needs to "know" Cameron to remember his fake tattoos on the photograph, but maybe I don't understand the competition.  Apparently Dominique had a unicorn, a microphone, and a diamond tattooed on her body.

Mark lumbered into the room and they told him they were trying to figure out how to study for the competition.  Christmas said she could barely remember anything, which was overdoing it, in my opinion, and Matt muttered it "wasn't going very well".

Earlier, Josh must have known that the BBAD cameras were rolling live, because he had a mini-meltdown about something Mark must have done.  Josh declared he was going in the Have Not room to fuck up Mark's bed of spikes, but BBAD didn't show us Josh's efforts, which likely included calling Mark a meatball or  a meatball sandwich, or perhaps both.

Paul told Mark that none of them were involved in Josh's actions, and that they didn't know what he was going to do.

Mark:  It's over.  I don't care.  He's leaving in one day so it's not worth my time to get upset.

The BBAD tweeter below said a word that concerned me:  Pablo.  But more on that later, maybe.

Kevin studied with Elena, and he did seem to play dumb, as usual.  But make no mistake.....Kevin notices every detail.  He only has to be a Have Not until Friday at midnight, but has grown quite weary of the slop diet.

Kevin:  Are they gonna let the Have Nots have a cupcake or something before this competition?  Some sugar or something?

Jason, sarcastically:  Yeah, they give you two cupcakes beforehand.

Jason later told Kevin that he thinks his brain might be more sharp without sugar, and says he will prepare himself for the battle with a few pickled eggs and some coffee.  I don't think Kevin needs to win right now, and I think he knows it.  He knows that either Mark, Matt, Cody, or maybe Paul will be the targets this week, so knowing who is still in the competition should be a big part of his strategy when answering the questions.

Kevin wanted Ramses to be pulled off the block and replaced with Raven, by the way.  And he's been trying to spread the word about his doubts about Raven and her various ailments.  In the past few days, apparently Raven has burned herself somehow, requiring "burn creme".  Always with the injuries, that Raven.

Always on the move, Paul visited Josh and ordered advised him to keep doing what he's doing, to stay quiet and know that he has seven people voting to keep him this week.

Josh:  But I want to study and win this motherfucking HoH, too!

Paul told him to just stay the course....he's almost there and they can try to study on Thursday.  I hate to be a Buzzkill, but we still don't know much about the "curse" that we are scheduled to learn about on tonight's live episode.  Julie said it would impact the entire house, so it could be something as mundane as everybody being on slop for three days, or as serious as having everyone on the block for eviction next week.  Or maybe they will draw straws, and the shortest three straws don't get to vote tonight.

Who knows.  But I do think Production would choose to keep Josh over Ramses for the entertainment value.  Ramses is a nice kid, but he is not building the devotion or the hatred from the fans like Josh can't argue with that.

Maybe this can be the picture on their "save the date" announcements.

Just kidding.  I think Matt will remove himself from this situation after the season ends as fast as Hayden Moss removed himself from the Kristen Bitting situation after BB12.  As in, Raven who?

This is the "Pablo" information that I've been dreading.  Read it and weep.

Kevin said that when he saw the tattooed pictures of the house guests, he thought that maybe Big Brother took them out for some food and drinks to cheer them up before having another photo shoot.  But Elena told him they all already posed for the pictures, showing us that they had to hold their arms out, up, and down on photo shoot day, which irritated all of them at the time.

Christmas told Ramses that she hopes they get to put the tattoos on the house guests like you would do with a paper doll.  Remember those static cling paper doll clothes from childhood?  That would be more interesting than a Q & A competition, for sure.

Paul met with Elena, and this was interesting.  I'm now wondering if Elena has an idea what will happen with tonight's vote, and if she is trying to separate herself from Mark to lower her risk of being nominated this week.  She told Paul that she doesn't like what Mark is up to this week with Cody.

Elena still has reservations about Cody, after his actions as HoH in week #1, and doesn't like how Mark is suddenly so connected with Cody now.

Plus, Big Mark is not even halfway through a two-week stint as a Have Not and will not be much fun at all, so maybe Elena is smart to distance herself now.  Mark is sure to be IRATE after Josh stays in the game tonight, and we all know that Josh is going to be as loud and obnoxious as possible about it.

Go to it, photoshoppers.

They made frozen Slop Pops in an attempt to introduce a new slop and sugar delivery system for the Have Nots.

And here BBAD gets SUPER SHADY.

Our BBAD homies better lock that studio door up tight, and use the buddy system when walking out to their cars at night.  Because stuff like this is going to draw the full wrath of Raven's Mama.

Look, we all know that floors are dirty.  So keep your dirty dogs off the counter, people.  But I'm sure most of you already learned those manners at home, right?  (Shade intended.)

I thought this little fun fact from Orwell the Owl was interesting as well..  I thought Mark would have designs on Jessica, too.  I never thought Jessica would be attracted to Cody.  He just seemed too blue collar for the image that Jessica was presenting with her LA club lifestyle.

Cody and Jessica might have a shot of staying together past Christmas (the holiday, not the body builder), which seems to be the expiration date of most Big Brother relationships.  If nothing else, I know they want to capitalize on as many post-season money-making opportunities as possible, and showmances are particularly popular when booking personal appearances.

They're no Jeff and Jordan, but they just might be a Brendon and Rachel.  There are  quite a few comparison points between the two couples if you factor in competition results, demonstrative bravado, and  physicality of their in-house relationship. You might not remember, but even in BB13 Rachel was still largely hated by the fans until she teamed up with Jordan in the final weeks of the season.  It's true. I was there.

I mean, I was here, watching them there.  I'm sure you get the picture.

I don't think these poll results were what the BBAD crew had in mind, but the results hardly matter when you look at the choice on the left of the screen.

They want to illuminate what is going on in the dark, apparently.

The BBAD crew might want to have someone taste-test any food deliveries for the remainder of the season.  Just a suggestion.

Kevin and Josh quietly discuss the tattoos.  Josh would actually be a GREAT HoH in the coming week in Kevin's opinion.  Because Kevin has been wanting somebody to go after big players like Mark and Matt for weeks now.

I love this closing shot from the Wednesday night CBS episode. Josh is a freaking lunatic right now and I know everyone is LOVING IT backstage.


On the Wednesday CBS show, we saw Christmas discuss her Nascar pit crew work with Cody.  I'm not sure if she is still doing pit crew work, but this article is from 2013. There is no question that Christmas Joy Abbott is a bonafide badass.