Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ain't Got Nothing to Do Babe, Eight Days a Week. #BB19

It's a Beatles song, of course.  Perhaps the title will make sense later....

Another Saturday came and went in the Big Brother house, and as usual, the mood shifts each time power circulates in the group.  This week it looks like all the power lies upstairs in the HoH room, but that look might be very deceiving.  But we'll get to patient please.

The PoV players were as follows.

Jessica - HoH
Josh - nominated for eviction
Ramses - nominated for eviction
Christmas - random selection (she played, too)
Cody - random or player selection
Jason - random or player selection

The feeds were down for a few hours, and when they returned, we learned that Jessica won the PoV.  It seems as if the competition is the one where the losers get blown up with colored goop if they choose incorrectly.

Jessica said she wanted to walk around wearing her HoH key and the PoV medallion, to "scare the shit" out of all of "them" downstairs.  She knows they all fear her now, and says this week couldn't have gone better for both she and Cody.

Jessica thanked Cody for throwing the PoV to her, saying that this is the second time he's thrown a PoV comp.  Apparently it only took two rounds of play for all of their threats to get blown up.

Jessica:  Christmas definitely threw that....out on the first round?  That one was easy, too.

Cody:  It was easier for her to do that, then have to make a decision.

I think Kevin was the host, and the theme was fruit or vegetables.  Jason's costume had a picture of an eggplant, and Christmas' theme color was yellow.  I heard Kevin later gripe about how this was the first competition that he could have won, since it focused on mental abilities rather than physical skills.

Kevin:  Finally a comp I could have won, but I'm sitting on the sidelines dressed like a god damn grape!

On BBAD we saw a new look for Raven's hair. I think this is the real thing, too, with no extensions, nor styling aids.

And no deep conditioner, nor any recent trims to remove dry ends and damage, either.

The house guests have been enjoying rehashing stories about Dominique, now that she isn't there anymore to terrorize them.  Apparently the balsamic vinegar sauce that went missing was a turning point in Dominique's experience in the BB house.  There was a spirited discussion about how Dominique went outside and hollered at everyone about it (I think I saw that, actually.), and Raven demonstrated how she screamed about it when she came back inside.  I think she may have tapped Raven's shoulder in a manner that seems rather threatening, but perhaps the story is being exaggerated a bit here.

The house guests have apparently been drinking, and Alex was all turnt up as she said "fuck this" and "fuck that" about Dominique's attitude.  Christmas reported that after the sauce incident, Dominique started hiding food in the bedroom.

Raven:  She took crackers, fruit, and other stuff in there and hid it!  She didn't want to share a bed with anyone, but I guess that's whatever....

Christmas:  She wanted to sleep in that round bed, and I told her I had been sleeping there and would share with her.  But then when I went to bed she was all stretched out over the whole thing!

(Note:  In the last day or so, I saw Matt admit that he was the one who ate Dominique's balsamic dressing, but there was no way he was going to admit to it, the way she was acting out about it.  Perhaps that is what made Matt's metal bowl of slop so finger-licking good?)

I don't know how much wine they got, but it looks like they made some sort of sangria out of it, which is actually a smart way to extend the booze as much as possible.  Jason was in the DR so they saved a flute of wine for him. Everyone was very jovial and there was much merriment in the air.

I don't think Kevin wanted him to drink it, though.  It looked like Jason had a sip and then gave it to Kevin, who was annoyed by all of the fruit floating in it.

He let Paul have a sip, and then Ramses came over with a fork (probably a dirty fork, too) to pluck out the offending fruit, but he didn't know what to do with it.

Kevin: Put it in your mouth and eat it!  It's got stuff in it, too.

Kevin:  Oh.  This is horrible.  Whoever said that was right.

(If the wine is really bad, you need some Sprite in there to cover up the taste.  Fruit alone won't fix that problem.)

Ramses is a college kid though, so he'll drink anything.  There was some chatter about Matt "turning gay" before he left the BB house, but Matt thinks what he said is being misinterpreted.

Matt:  What I said was, I might be gay when I leave the house, if the women in here continue this behavior.

(What behaviors?  Maybe Matt should have hooked up with Jessica or Elena, because Cody and Mark are getting plenty of action.  And Matt is too, but I am not brave enough to want to watch that on the live feeds.  Maybe Matt meant Raven's grooming and beauty behaviors.....that's a possibility.)

Like a child, Raven has to kiss everyone when leaving a room.

Kevin:  Cutie pie.  God damn, I wish I was young.

Apparently Paul has told the group that there will be no hard liquor at the wrap party after the Finale, and this is causing shock waves of anger and disappointment.

Kevin:  Paul, when we leave here, you need to get in your Nova and drive over to your house and pick up a few bottles, and bring it back here, okay?

Matt thinks they should all at least get a shot of Jaegermeister, and says this summer is like a detox for him.

Christmas:  This summer is like a social media detox for me!

I forgot to tell you that yesterday, when the group was discussing their dating habits, Christmas made it clear that for competitive athletes, everything is ALL ABOUT their training, and doing what they need to do to train effectively.  She doesn't even mind being the main breadwinner, as long as everything revolves around her lifestyle.  I also heard her mention a broken engagement, and she started to say that "he was a very nice guy...." before the cameras changed. (Is that Geoff?)

As usual, BBAD isn't going to give us a tear-filled soliloquy about the house guests who have gotten the boot---that's covered on the CBS show, but not on BBAD.

The bumper tonight shows Dominique beginning her "show" and asking us if we're ready to see it, but Orwell stamped "CANCELLED" on her before going to commercial.

When we return, these lightweights are scrounging up food.  I think someone is making "salmon eggs" which appears to be some sort of omelet with salmon, rather than a plate of salmon roe.  Alex appears TRASHED and is roaming here and there like a tipsy Tasmanian devil.

Ramses told Paul that he's glad to have another friend who likes to eat after "getting lit".  None of his friends ever want to do that. (WHAT?)

Paul:  Oh, big style.  I like to go out and eat sushi...that's my favorite.

Kevin wanted a pizza, and asked Ramses twice if he wanted to share it with him once it was out of the oven.  For Kevin, this means he wants Ramses to cook the pizza for him.  If Kevin were the last man in the house, he might starve to death, basically.

Kevin went up to the HoH room, which you don't see very often, and had a conversation about Jessica's HoH CD.  Apparently it is Sam Hunt, who is a country artist.

Cody: It isn't good.

Kevin got excited about the country music, and wanted to know if Jessica liked "Girl Crush" or "Humble and Kind".

Jessica:  What?  I don't know what you're asking me.

Kevin:  Tim McGraw?  You don't know him?

(Those are songs that Kevin's friend Lori McKenna wrote, but he didn't bother to tell Jessica this now.)

Cody's PoV competition shorts were way too tight, he says.  They told him that if he complained enough, they would have gotten him another pair, so let's look out for that when we see the competition play out on the Wednesday CBS show.

And there is A LOT of controversy about these two in the house right now, but I don't think they are aware of that yet.  Elena is very sharp, though, so I think she will figure it out before Mark does.

Basically the rest of the house is against the "Jody" and "Marlena" couples.  Mark appeared downright angry about Cody coming back in the game during the Battle Back episode, but since then he has climbed right into Cody's back pocket.  Yesterday the two of them ate sandwiches, chips and dip in the kitchen, standing up and talking the whole time.  Mark kept saying how happy he was that Cody is back, and that his optimism in the game hasn't been like this for a long time.  (Probably since Cody flipped out and made his shocking PoV nominations.)

Later Cody and Jessica talked shit about Mark, with Cody telling her all the stuff that Mark said, making fun of how emotional he is.  Jessica said that she likes Mark as a person, but doesn't like him as a player, with all of the smirking he does.  Cody said he's not even sure he likes Mark as a person.   Cody and Jessica talk shit about everyone, so this isn't any big deal, I don't think.

But Mark and Elena are on the outs with everyone else, and might just get blindsided on Thursday along with Cody and Jessica.  Because it is Jessica's objective to evict Josh, who is walking around the house acting like it's his last week before going to the electric chair, based on Paul's instructions.  The rest of the house wants to evict Ramses, who Jessica nominated as a pawn.

I heard Kevin tell Christmas that there is no way Jessica won't sniff out trouble, because she has the street smarts and doesn't miss anything, he says.  He is positive that Jessica will figure out something is going on, and will use the PoV to save Ramses, and then put up someone "strong, like Raven".  They said that they'd have to evict Josh if that happened, but I'm not so sure about that.....Paul wants to keep Josh around because Cody and Jessica will always target him.

So either way, we will be getting a show, BB fans.  Shit is going to go down this week, once again.

Matt told Raven that they both need to lie straight in Jessica and Cody's face if they ask him who they plan to vote out this week.

Raven:  I don't think they will even ask us.

Matt:  Well, even if they don't, if we vote out Ramses, and one of those three (Cody, Mark or Elena) wins HoH next week, one of us is getting put up on the block, and going home.  I'm willing to take the risk, but I want to be sure you know the price we will have to pay.

Later, Paul came in and told them that Christmas is after Mark now, and she is a "pitbull on a leash".  Once they let Christmas go, she is going to target Mark and Elena for everybody else, and that is a good thing.  Paul also said that he didn't dislike Da'Vonne last summer, but she was "super sketch" and was going from room-to-room talking to people, so he put her up on the block.

(Isn't that what Paul does 24/7 in there?  Go from room-to-room to talk to people?)

I might give these new baked chips a try, but they might be like "Munchos" if you remember that old snack.  Munchos were delicious and crunchy, but they seemed very artificial, which was probably cool back then.  They seemed to be constructed out of the same material as Funyons, but with a different shape and artificial flavor.  Munchos were actually introduced by Frito Lay in response to Pringles, just like these new chips were likely introduced in response to Pop Chips.  Because Frito Lay don't play, ya'll.  They own that salty snack aisle of the grocery store, so don't you forget it.

Source:  Me, the FeedWatcher, who worked for years in the consumer products industry, mostly on the financial side of things.

Alex came in the room all turnt up, wearing a police officer's hat and shirt, saying she received a "noise complaint".  Everyone loved it and someone commented that the best part of  Alex's outfit is that she had no pants on.

Jason is really having the time of his life tonight, since he is now eating and got a sip of bad booze.

Mark joined the group, fresh from the shower, and there was discussion about how the towel barely fit around him, and there were requests for Mark to drop the towel so they could all get a look at his penis.

Ramses wanted to see it, and various others stated that they had seen glimpses in the past as well.  But to my knowledge, Big Mark did not drop his towel.  I think they need a lot more booze before Mark gets crazy like that.  Big Mark may be a crybaby, but he's not going to just give the goods away like that.

Kevin and Jason went back to their own room where Kevin later calculated that he's only spent 22 minutes in the Showmance Room all season, compared to every other room in the house.  I think Kevin might be some sort of savant with dates, and maybe certain numbers, because any time a movie or song comes up, Kevin immediately says what year it came out.  And we know he can calculate betting odds pretty quickly, and that is a skill all it's own.

(For example, Kevin knew the exact date of the first moon landing, and spouted off a bunch of other historical dates as well.)

Apparently Josh came in from the Have Not room and asked them to please be quiet, and Kevin went off on a rampage about the audacity of that.  Kevin also mentioned how Josh keeps coming in to use the "Arlo Guthrie" body lotion that Kevin has.

Kevin:  Josh probably thinks that's the real name of the lotion (aloe vera lotion), but Arlo Guthrie is a folk singer with a drug addiction.  He's dead now.

Jason thinks this experience is better for the "daters" then it is for guys like the two of them.

Kevin:  Are you kidding me?  If I had somebody scratching my back all the time and kissing on me I could be here forever.  Deprivation of hugging is a hard thing, let me tell you.

Jason whispered to Kevin that he's used to having sex seven to eight times per week.


Jason explained that when he's traveling, it's usually not far away, but when he's home, "he's home", and he is having lots of sex while he is there.  (But Jason used a hand motion familiar to most third graders to demonstrate this concept.)

Kevin:  This fucking man....he's full of fucking secrets!

(Look who's talking, Kevin.)

I  did hear Jason tell a story on the live feeds yesterday about how he tries to find new and interesting ways to stay connected with his wife Holly.  In his auctioneer job, he visits a lot of homes of old people (I guess he does estate auctions, too?) and most of the couples sleep in separate beds, often in separate rooms.  Jason doesn't see the point of being married if you're going to do that, so he makes sure that he and Holly have experiences to maintain their relationship.

There is a water tower half a mile from his house, and he took Holly down there one night and got her to climb the ladder with him.  Jason had six cold beers in a knapsack, and as he described how Holly had a panic attack when she was halfway up the ladder, the house guests reacted as if they could put a stop to this alarming activity.

Jason: That water tower is a couple hundred feet in the air.

Kevin:  NO!  Jason, no.

In the end Holly made it up the ladder, and Jason made it sound like a romantic dream as they sat up there for a few hours, talking and looking around.  Jason's sister and her husband were at home with Gatlin, so they could relax and take their time. (Kevin: Oh...good.)  (Maybe Holly was terrified about climbing back down...I'm pretty sure I had a nightmare after hearing all of this.)

Kevin:  Could you see the stars that night?

Jason:  It's Iowa.  We see stars every night.

Elena came in to get Kevin's empty pizza plate (actually, a red plastic tray) and told him she'd bring him another slice, but she's not sure there is any pizza left.

Kevin:  What?  There was six or seven slices the last time I saw it.  Did Ramses eat it?

Later, Kevin wondered where Elena was, asking if she had to go to Worcester to get it.

(That is a frequent joke of Kevin's that they all say at home.  Worcester is a town outside of Boston that takes a while to get to, apparently.)

The shady camera crew show us where Elena is, looking rather buzzed after apparently eating a slice of pizza off what might be the very tray she took from Kevin.

And few minutes later, Elena changed in front of the group, ignoring the frantic warnings from the others about the cameras.

Elena:  I don't care. I know I have a sub-standard ass and I'm okay if you see it.

Um, sorry stoners, but we already saw what you don't want us to see.

Elena had a long conversation with Paul yesterday about their past relationships.  Both of them were in long-term situations that ended in bad ways. Elena dated her boyfriend for eight years.  They broke up for about eight months, and then started seeing each other again.  She was with her best girl friend and saw that her boyfriend called her friend, but her friend turned the phone over to hide it so Elena wouldn't see it.  From there Elena figured out they were seeing each other, and now the two of them are engaged, and she isn't friends with either of them.

Paul: You dodged a bullet.  Two bullets.

Elena:  Two bullets and a hand grenade.  Because marriage was out there, too.

Paul dated his ex-girlfriend for four years.  She did something to him that he will not discuss on camera, but told a long boastful tale about how he met her for coffee last April and realized he was over her completely.  She was crying and begging to be taken back, but Paul just wanted to go to In 'n' Out Burger.  Paul said going on BB18 was a good way for him to try and get over her, but he didn't feel free until last April.  And he just met someone and started falling in love just before coming on BB19.

Paul:  I know I shouldn't do it....I tried to pull the emergency break.....I tried to stop.

Paul doesn't know if she will be waiting for him, because they only dated a month, and he will be gone for over three months.  (Maybe.)  This is the "little burrito", apparently.

Ramses came in the room to report that the backyard is open, but they can't use the hot tub.

Mark:  How do you know that?

Ramses:  Josh told me.

Mark:  Josh told you?  What the hell does he know?  Why did you come in here to tell us this?

Ramses:  You don't have to yell at me.

Mark:  I'm not yelling at you.

Ramses:  But you have a tone. The Mark tone.

Christmas whispered with Josh in the bathroom, telling him that she doesn't think Jessica will use the PoV, but Josh should continue to mope around and act sad all week.  Christmas seems like she's looking out for herself, too.

Christmas, whispering:  I think I might tell her that I might give you one vote, so it won't be unanimous, since we're friends.

(Obviously trying to take the target off herself, if this blindside gets pulled off.)

You can see already that Josh has lost weight on this slop diet.  Mark said earlier that Production must want Josh out, too, since they got alcohol tonight and Josh is the only one who can't drink right now.

(What kind of logic is that?)

Josh is excited about blindsiding Jessica and Cody.  Can you imagine the scene in front of the memory wall after Ramses walks out, if it all goes down like that? Do you think Jessica is just going to take that without going ballistic?

We still don't know the consequence of Jessica's temptation, though, which is scheduled to be announced on Thursday night, so who knows what will happen with that.  Maybe Production hasn't even decided what that consequence will be yet, either.  Just a guess.

And Paul went on a damn RANT with Mark about how you better never think that his parents just handed him things.  Paul bought his own car with his own money that he earned, and don't you forget it.

(But....doesn't Paul still live at home in this parent's mini-mansion? With the pool and tennis courts in the back yard?  Not throwing shade, just saying that not paying for rent and utilities probably gives Paul a whole lot of discretionary income.)

But I really posted these next two shots to demonstrate how the BBAD crew creates little puns to describe the action at the top of the hour.

So the house guests had "drinks", "kinks", and "hijinks"......on second thought, maybe they're not stoned after all.   That seems like the sort of witty banter that only a very sober, very bored person might create.


You might know that Jeff and Jordan moved to Denver Colorado last week.  Jeff got a new job that starts in September with a new online show called Daily Blast Live.  He is part of a diverse team of hosts, a few of which are recognizable.  I think the head of the company that owns this concept came from CBS.  I was told by someone once that doing small things well will lead to big things, so perhaps that is playing out now for Big Jeff.

Jeff  has also been getting some prize commercial coin.  This is a Ford commercial that Jeff appeared in...he's over on the far left of the showroom in this picture.  If Jeff can get a few national spots like this every year, he should be in good shape, financially.  Jeff has a look that can get him commercial work for the next few decades, I think.  And if he is easy to work with, and easy to get along with (which is the word at CBS) then he will be in big demand.

I watch Alone, too, but I fell asleep during the last episode and need to re-watch it, probably because I wanted to see the commercials for a change, instead of fast-forwarding through them.  I blame Jeff and Ford for that, actually.

And Jeff ran into freaking Corey Brooks and a guy from the Bachelorette at the pool in Denver, too.  How random is that?

Do you think these are the only three guys who aren't stoned on a sunny afternoon in Denver?


Jeff did say he would still be traveling back and forth to LA for his BB interviews, though.  Do you think he will do that next year, too?  Or is Jeff coming to an end of his BB work?

Is that why Rachel Reilly is suddenly tweeting about live-tweeting Big Brother?  And tagging CBS Big Brother in her tweets?

She looks great, though, no matter what her true intentions may be.  You know that Rachel suddenly stopped speaking with Jordan a few years ago, right?  No one seems to know what the story is there, but there is definitely a story.  I have seen Rachel talk to Jeff, though, but only on camera.  I think the story has to do with work opportunities.....that's my guess.  And somebody was a poor winner, or a poor loser, or maybe both.

This is hilarious.  Big Mark is definitely all juiced up here.

And I mentioned yesterday that Victor has some new opportunities with Men's Health.  Here are the receipts for that.....and I LOVE the clean shave on Victor.  He's like a new man here.

Congrats to Victor.


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