Saturday, July 22, 2017

With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Friendship? #BB19

Well the Battle Back competition is behind us now, and the HoH competition  is toast as well.  And the new HoH has already made nominations, too, before the live feeds returned at midnight.

Battle Back Winner:  Cody

New HoH:   Jessica

Nominees for Eviction:  Ramses & Josh

And here is proof if you don't believe me...Cody and Jessica snuggling in the HoH bed. We went back to the future.  The scales of justice tipped all the way back over to the other side.

I tweeted spoilers for the Battle Back and the HoH comp yesterday afternoon.  I was pretty sure they were valid, since the Reddit poster who spilled the beans is the same one who was posting about Megan self-evicting  hours before the feeds went live. Everyone gave him (or her) shit about that, but it turned out to be true.  So even though Hamsterwatch didn't have any corroborating information, I believed it was valid information, so I went with it.

This person clearly enjoys providing this information, and after enough posters thanked them and begged for more, they also added more HoH details that we should see on Sunday night, including the following:

*  An hour before the competition concluded, Jessica tried to make a deal with Christmas, but Christmas didn't want to do that.  (She might be very sorry about that....)

*  Josh badgered Cody constantly during the competition, trying to rattle him, so that leads me to believe Josh failed early in the competition.  (Shocker.)

*  The HoH endurance competition is reported to involve keeping a small disc in place with a small sword.  (This sounds exactly like one of the BBOTT HoH competitions, which was won by Alex Willet, but with an asterisk because there were allegations of cheating made by the fans.  The BBOTT players were only allowed to hold the sword with one hand, but Alex used her other hand inside the pocket of her jacket to hold the sword steady, as well.)

One of the fans took a picture of a commercial for the Sunday night show and it certainly looks like it is the HoH competition that I think it is, which would help explain how Christmas was able to be involved, particularly for over three hours.  So once again the spoiler knew their stuff, but I think they should watch their back and sleep with one eye open.  It's probably someone involved with reviewing the final edit of the episode, maybe at one of the CBS affiliates who might have had a chance to screen the episode a few hours before it aired.

But on second thought, that would not explain how the spoiler knows specific details about the HoH competition, would it?  I guess you can never ensure a completely leak-free environment.  It's not like the CBS-only audience would even care about this level of detail.  It's not like we're gambling on inside info or anything.  At least, I'm not.

Cody and Jessica griped about Josh's actions out there, and how obnoxious it was.

Jessica: It's not that I was upset by him doing that.  I was more irritated by the fact that not one person told him to knock it off.

Cody:  That's just his game.

Jason sat and talked to his buddies, looking forward to midnight so he can finally eat.  He's been a Have Not for two weeks and is counting down the hours.   He told Paul things were so much better in the house "like, ten hours ago".  Paul seems optimistic, though, like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Even though Paul's safety is gone now, and he's on his own.  But I'm not going to bet on that, because this new curse that supposedly impacts the entire house will be revealed on the next live eviction show.  I think that curse may help whoever is on the block.  Just a guess.

Jason keeps telling anyone who will listen that Christmas is crazy, and they mention how dogged she was in that competition.  He wants her out as fast as possible.

Paul: And you can just see how Christmas is when she has a vengeance.  Like right now she has a vengeance for Mark!

Jason: Yeah, she does.

Jason had a beard but was asked to shave it by Production, because he didn't have a beard in his house guest intro video.  I guess they shoot those videos long before the final casting process, but it would depend on how long Jason's beard takes to grow. Jason mentioned a Production employee he saw on the roof with a really long mustache, the kind that curls up with wax at the tips.  It was really sweet, they agreed.

 Paul told Jason that he looks terrible without his beard, which is why he has no plans to shave it.  I actually have the following pictures I've been wanting to post for the past week, so I'll just unload them here.  I had a story I wanted to tell about some of Paul's tall tales, but I'm kind of Pauled Out at the moment.

I wrote this last year, but it still applies to this year as well.. The Russian readers come in droves, disappear, and then return.  The Paul Effect, perhaps.  (Canada is still #2, though, followed by the UK.)

The topic switched to food when Ramses came in the room.  Ramses is a Have Not too, and I've heard Jason give him credit several times this week for "saving his ass" with his slop creations.   I heard Ramses tell Matt that he used to want to be a chef, so he cooks a lot for himself at home.  He only eats on campus if someone else can afford to pay.

Raven made Chicken Parmesan earlier that everyone was talking about, so Jason thinks he will start with a plate of that, since it's already made and just needs reheating.  He made this announcement at  least three times to various house guests, and pronounced "Parmesan" a different way each time, adding various consonants and rearranging them.  But everybody know what he meant.  Paul planned to make a big batch of his Friendship Fries, and Jason looked forward to that, too.

Jason:  I want a steak, too.

Paul started suggesting different marinades and cooking methods, but Jason interrupted him.

Jason: I just want to eat the fucking meat. Seared, with no condiments.  I just want to EAT THE MEAT!

Meanwhile, the current eaters are digging into their Chicken Parmesan.  You know I love to take a picture of a house guest next to their own picture on the memory wall.  And Cody's picture just got lit up again that day.

Whose idea was the metal bowls this season?  How are you supposed to eat Chicken Parmesan out of a metal bowl?  That is just ridiculous.  If you don't like the metal bowl, you can eat off a red plastic tray.

I would storm out.  I really would.  Why not make them eat off the floor like a damn dog?  At least my dog's metal bowl has sides to stabilize it, and black rubber ring for gription.

Josh is not eating any Chicken Parmesan, that's for sure.  He's heading right into his second week as a Have Not, with a new batch of unlucky folks due to join him later this weekend.  Jason just did it for two weeks straight, so Josh can do it, too.  I won't hurt him to lose a few Ell Bees.  In fact, I just saw Kevin greet Josh this morning, telling him he's started to get a new shape, and if he keeps it up, the girls in Miami will be all over him.

He's counting votes here, I think, but so far he seems to be handling his nomination well.  I think he thinks he is the pawn, but I think Ramses believes that about himself, too.

The group discussed the endurance competition last year when they had to hold up their arms. Paul said there was so much drama, and Da'Vonne and Bridget kept screaming at each other, so it was distracting.  Paul said they started before nightfall, and were still out there after 3:00 AM, it went on so long.  James won, and Paul said he suffered muscle damage from it.  Apparently James had to see a doctor two or three times because his arm was numb.

Jessica said the angle of the sword didn't really hurt her shoulder, but her wrist is a little sore.

Jessica:  Can you please massage the winning arm?

Mark is ready to eat at the stroke of midnight, too.  Mark is 250 pounds, and he needs to eat some damn food.

Mark was not happy AT ALL about Cody coming back in the house, as we saw on the Friday night show.  But he seems to be calming down a bit.

In fact, Mark chatted quickly with Paul, telling him that Paul's name wasn't coming up at all.  So we can assume that Mark has touched base with Cody in recent hours.  Before he left, Cody was telling everyone about Mark having an alliance with Dominique, but now that she's gone, Mark might seem less risky.

I wish I could say I heard that Matt is the target this week, but I'm not sure who the target actually might be Christmas, knowing Jessica, but I am just guessing about that.

Kevin is hosting a new show now, co-hosted by Paul and Jason. (He might be calling it the Friendship Chat, but I hope Kevin comes up with something better than that.)  Kevin mentioned their Friendship bracelets that Paul gave them on the first night, and Paul mentioned that Megan left the house wearing his Friendship Bracelet.  (She must have borrowed it, because Paul didn't give it to her on Premiere night.)

Kevin:  Yeah, Paul came walking in here like a big star and started handing out the bracelets, hitting on the girls.

Paul said Kevin is going to get him in trouble with his friend with comments like that, and Jason wants to hear details about her, with a description for them all to think about.  Kevin said that's what this show is about, topics like that.

Jason:  We're gonna chew the fat, and spit it right back out.

Paul:  Yeah, Dominique the Dominator has been cancelled.

Kevin says usually he would be wearing a suit for this new show, but tonight it's strictly Casual Corner ("Casual Cah-nah")

Kevin: We don't need intros tonight.  Everybody knows who we are.  Tonight the topic is going to be love.

Jason joked that love sucks, before saying he's been in love only once.  The guys reacted to that, because Jason has not been shy about discussing his dating history.

Jason: To all the girls I loved in college, I look forward to shaking your hands and seeing your faces, because I don't remember what you look like now at all!

They all crack up at The Cowboy's humor.

Jason:  And to the girl I pounded on the floor of my buddy's truck, I don't know your name, or what your face looks like, but you had a great ass!

Kevin wanted Jason to lift his shirt and show the audience how he is looking after two weeks of Have Not torture.

Kevin:  Look at him..he looks like Clint Eastwood or Chuck Norris over there.  (They figured out later that Kevin meant Chuck Conner.)  He's got a tan now, no more fat stomach, he's whitening his teeth now, and even takes a shower every other day. He's probably gonna stay in LA, maybe go back to Humeston for more belt buckles, and then come right back.

Kevin mentioned that Jason was 2014 Rodeo Clown for the Year, and they transition into talking about dating.   Elena doesn't like dating, and refuses to talk about what her perfect date is.  She's on Bumble at home, and also used once on a dare from friends.

Kevin mentions one of Jason's friends who drives down to the next state to get laid from internet dating and then drives right back home.

Kevin:  These fucking Iowa people.  No wonder there is a big piece of fucking empty land all around you.

(OMG. Ha ha ha.)

Kevin doesn't like the strip clubs, because they are dirty and they stink, and you spend all that money and just go home alone.  He thinks it sounds like you can just check Craigslist and save yourself the $300.

Christmas hobbled in with a bowl of ice cream, and she is doing more on her own now.  No one moved to help her with the door, with Cody and Jessica sitting right there in the blue velvet chair just inches away from her as she arrived.

Cody's ideal date would always involve visiting the Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  He says if the date goes bad, at least you had a good meal.  Kevin started grilling Cody about whether he likes girls who wear pearls or not, for some reason.  Cody didn't seem to understand the question, but Kevin said a strand of pearls accentuates a woman.

For some reason Paul took the first bites of Christmas' ice cream.  They all seem to just eat using someone else's spoon or fork without a care in the world.

I think I might storm out if that happened, too.  I used to have a co-worker who would just reach over and grab things off my plate WITH HER FINGERS and I was LIVID about it.  I orrdered fajitas one time in Denver and when my plate was set down in front of me, Kristin C_____ reached right over and grabbed a handful of the shredded cheddar cheese from the Fajita Fixin's area of my plate.  I was actually her boss, so I made this behavior part of her next performance review.  Not in the formal written portion, mind you, but in my verbal comments at the end.  I think she married a Hollywood agent, so I guess she can grab anybody's food she wants, now.  Whatever.  Fuck you Kristin.  I know who dropped the dime on you when you cheated on your expense report. It wasn't me, but I certainly heard ALL about it.

Kevin started telling a riveting tale about when he won Geraldo's Hunk of the Year Show back in 1995 or 1996.  This is the kind of story that grabs everyone's attention, and they relished every word of Kevin's tale.

Kevin:  I was on Geraldo's show, and I won.  They offered me a Playgirl picture deal, but I didn't take that because I had five daughters at the time. What are they gonna do, go to school and say that's my dad in Playgirl?  But I did take the trip to Paradise Island for 10 days.  It was great.

Kevin said the casting guy called his house at least five times, and Kevin kept hanging up, thinking it was a prank.  "I thought it was my friend Eddie", he said.

The Geraldo production crew sent Kevin and the other contestants to the "Men in Motion Dance Club" to learn some moves before the show. It sounds like a Chippendales type of thing, but Kevin says on the Geraldo show, they wanted the guys to dance around, but he refused.

Kevin:  I just stood there in the middle.  I refused to do the moves they taught us.  I did a few smooth moves like this, but that's it.  So the guy on the side of the stage wearin' a G-string got 29 seconds of air time, since they wanted to show someone dancing.  I wouldn't do it.

Kevin also said that Geraldo asked him onstage how he and his wife keep love alive with five kids.

Kevin:  I told him, you rent a limousine, and ride around for about 15 minutes, and then you go home.  Geraldo loved it, and he took us out to dinner and everything.  Of course I made that up about the limo, but that's what they wanted to hear.  I won, didn't I?


Kevin said there were five judges, and they loved him.  He thinks they wanted a guy with kids to win.

Kevin:  You should look it up on You Tube.  Smoke a joint and watch that show. I'm not recommending people smoke pot, but you should watch that show.

Yes, I tried to find a video online, but had no luck.  Someone will find it, eventually.

Ramses was questioned next about his dating preferences.  He wants to plead the fifth about the "bottom or top" question, but says his ideal man is taller than he is, likes to go out to eat and has a good personality.

Ramses:  I like a strong jaw.....

Elena:  We have a lot of those in his house, except for me.

Ramses:  I like some facial hair.  And so far I've liked white guys, but whatever.  They can be nerdy, but not too weird.  I'd like someone who can be social, and go out with me, and like to smoke and get lit.

Kevin: There it is....I knew it involved smoking.

Ramses said a good date might be playing Pokemon Go together for a few hours, and a few people liked the idea of that.

Jessica has always been attracted to green eyes, but doesn't know why.  She prefers men who are "compact" in shape. They can be tall, but she doesn't like them to be too bulky, and she loves tattoos.  Everyone commented on Cody not having any, but Jessica clarified that she's never had a serious boyfriend with tattoos, but she does like them.

Cody:  I like girls who are 5'2" to 5'5", with brown eyes, brown hair....I love Mexican girls, because that checks off those boxes.  I like a girl who is really sweet, and traditional.

Kevin:  Oh, I think I'm in love.

Jason went to get a tattoo once when he was 17 and his friend wanted to get one.  Jason decided to get a tattoo of a dream catcher, but it was more painful than he thought it would be.

Jason:  I asked that guy, how much have you done so far?  He said 'two feathers' and I said okay, let's stop right there!  But he still charged me $58.

Kevin:  That's $29 a feather.  ("feath-a")

Jason said a woman wearing a sundress is one of the sexiest things ever, and he and Paul high-five on that.

They all posed for a group photo as the show came to a close, with Paul asking someone to snap this and tweet it to him.  The show went on for nearly two hours, I think.

Someone did as Paul requested, of course.

Then the countdown to the midnight feeding frenzy began. Paul started his french fries, by frying up a few pans of bacon.  He later used the bacon grease as part of the frying oil for the spuds.  The potatoes have been soaking in cold water for a few hours now, an important part of Paul's cooking method.

Raven also worked in the kitchen with Paul, a key role for her in the house.  At one point Paul told Raven she was smart.

Raven: Yep.  I get my brains from my Mama.  She's in Mensa.....and I am, too.

(I'll need to see the receipts for that last part, Raven.)

Matt flossed his teeth.

I guess those are the HoH costumes behind him.  Looks like construction vests to me.

And Matt's streak of having absolutely no substantive content on the CBS show is unbroken.

Jason started getting excited, and punchy, as the clock neared midnight.  I think there was about 18 minutes left to go as he started his auctioneer routine, and it's just like you imagine it to be.

He's calling out blah blah blah blah can I get two thousand blah blah blah, with Paul and Raven yelling out the bids as they move around the kitchen.  As new bidders came forward, Jason made various comments about it.

Jason:  Three thousand!  We've got a new rooster in the hen house.

The bids went up steadily, with bids at three thousand, four thousand, and then Alex decided to jump in to the action.


This breaks Jason's flow and he says Alex ruined the auction.  Jessica was coming down the stairs laughing...I think she was doing some bidding, too, maybe around the six thousand mark.  Big spender, that Jessica, but not as big as Alex.

Midnight is just minutes away, and Kevin says Jason's face looks like a starving man.  It does.  He is.

Paul pulls out more fries from the fryer, placing them in a bowl lined with paper towels.  Suddenly the clock turned, and the eating began.  But the camera guys FUCKED UP and didn't give us any good shots of Jason, Mark or Ramses eating.  They must have a shift change at midnight, because they seem to mess this up every year.

Jason started on his plate of Chicken Parm, but ran over and snatched up a hot fry.

A mistake like that could ruin your enjoyment of the rest of your meal, but Jason didn't complain about a burnt tongue.

I guess Jason kept eating, but I couldn't see him, because fucking Elena had two camera shots for much of the feeding frenzy, eating ice cream (again).

We can see Mark in the picture below, but I guess we'll just have to use our imaginations about what type of food, and how much he was shoveling in.  I hate the fucking camera crew.

There were "jokes" about how Mark was going to blow up the bathroom tomorrow, but I don't think anybody really enjoyed laughing about that too much.  Because they all share that bathroom, of course.

I don't know about everybody else, but Elena kept eating ice cream.

And Ramses wiped his mouth between bites of whatever he had on his plate in front of him.  Or a bowl.  I really can't tell you.

Oh, and this waste of space house guest sat at the kitchen counter, probably watching people eat.

There is an empty, smeary-looking plastic tray in front of Jason.  I guess we can assume he ate what was on it.  But I didn't see it actually happening.

Christmas hobbled in to watch the feasting.

Finally we see a former Have Not working on a tray of food. That is Mark's second tray of food.

And here is a close up.

In past years the house guests seemed to eat DiGiourno pizzas every night, but perhaps Raven's constant cooking has made them ease up on the pizzas.

Do you see people eating food in this picture?  I don't either, but I know it is happening because they are discussing it.  I heard Kevin walking behind Jason, with concern in his voice.

Kevin:  Slow down, will ya?  You're gonna have cardiac arrest, and who is gonna be around to help you then?  You're even eatin' standing up, to get it down faster.  Slow down...I'm tellin' you.

I later heard Jason say that he ate five plates of food.  Or five red plastic trays of food. Whatever.

Kevin sat in bed, thinking about who knows what, maybe tallying all of the information he learned tonight.  He's always watching people when he talks to them...that's how he gets a read on people.

Kevin told Christmas this morning that he's probably not going to drink as much as he used to when he goes home.

Christmas: It feels better, doesn't it?

Kevin: Yeah, but when you don't drink you can do so much.

The kitchen crew closes in on Paul's Friendship Fries,  which he reports are made animal-style tonight.  Cody was hesitant to try them because Paul put so many different kinds of cheese on them, but I think he gave in and tried them.  Alex asked Paul to leave a corner with no barbeque sauce for her, because she doesn't like it.

So there is bacon, cheese and sauce on there, melted on the fries in an 8 x 8 Pyrex dish.  Everybody has a Pyrex dish just like that, don't they?

What are the odds of getting some of Paul's beard in every bite of Animal-Style  Friendship Fries?  It''s got to be a good bet, because Paul was busy for at least an hour on those things, preparing each component.  And look how he's leaning over them now, his beard just inches away from the action.


I was looking for a picture of the BB18 HoH competition Paul mentioned above in the FeedWatcher archives, but came up empty-handed, probably because it was only featured on the CBS show.

However I did find a post that discussed how Victor Arroyo went through an entire live show WITH NO SHIRT ON.  He even voted in the DR topless.  That is crazy, isn't it?

You can see the entire post here, if you haven't already wasted enough time today, but here is a snippet of the action.

Victor was working with Men's Health magazine this week....I think he might be giving personal training tips this week on their website, so maybe that big interview with Jabot Cosmetics is right around the corner ("cah-nah") too.