Friday, July 21, 2017

The Tool Box was Full on Last Night's Live Eviction Show. #BB19

The live feeds went dark yesterday as the house guests prepared for the Thursday night live CBS show.  Usually the feeds return after the live show ends, but due to the special events taking place this week, the feeds are on a short hiatus until after the special Friday night special Battle Back episode airs on the West Coast.

Basically, as BBAD begins later tonight, the live feed hiatus will end.

I would be remiss not to mention one of the most shocking elements of last night's show for me:  Julie Chen's wardrobe.  Or lack of.  There is no reason why Julie can't adopt a casual, relaxed dress code for this summer series, perhaps only dressing up for the live Finale.  But her clothing and accessory choices have been all wrong for several weeks now, and last night was a new low, unfortunately.  The ripped jeans, flat nondescript sandals, and cheap-looking peace sign necklace were not befitting of The Chenbot's status, in my opinion.

Julie is in desperate need of a stylist who can help her present her best casual looks that will reflect Julie's innate elegance and class.  Because this outfit is appropriate only for a rehearsal, and only worn by Julie's lighting stand-in.  Sorry, but you deserve better Julie.  And I know Les can afford it.

During the first segment, we saw a teary Diary Room session by Mark, as he discusses how sad it is to see his friend Dominique on the block for eviction.  During Mark's pep talk to himself, he mentioned that he and Elena are working with "a strong team", and the shady editors showed us a quick shot of this.

Yes, Matt licking his red plastic prison tray clean with his finger, and Raven wearing dirty ankle socks.  No eating utensils in sight, either.  If you don't think this is Production being shady, then you haven't been watching this show very closely.

And of course we saw that Jessica indeed won the Halting Hex.  Also, as the live show ended, we heard Paul tell the others that he is positive Jessica has it, "like 100%", because she smiled at Paul when he asked her directly.

Julie also said that because Jessica accepted the temptation, a consequence will be released on the entire house, and we will learn about that during next week's live Thursday show.  So....that leads me to believe that the consequence has something to do with the eviction...maybe some people won't be eligible to vote, or maybe the person who is voted out is the one who gets to stay.  Who knows.  Production can do whatever they need to do, based on where things stand in the game, and with the players.

TV is a business, and CBS is in this for the money, people.

And I'm already embarrassed for Jessica, because it sounds like she has to stand up and recite a stupid phrase on the live show when she chooses to use the Halting Hex.

I am interested to see how Jessica handles this secret.  Will she tell anyone what it all means?  I hope not, so we can see some genuinely-shocked reactions when Jessica throws her Hex right in their startled faces.

Jessica certainly gave off an air of confidence, sitting in her nomination chair. Dominique didn't even try to get votes to stay this week, and clearly wanted to leave.  If she wins the Battle Back it will be a shame, because in the end Dominique was all talk, no action.

They both looked gorgeous, though.  Jessica kept her speech short and sweet, saying hello to her mother and telling Cody "if he is watching" that it's not the same without him.

Then it was Dominique's turn to speak, and she might have been speaking in tongues, for all the sense she made up there.  She started off reciting some rhyme that didn't make sense, and it just kind of went from there.

Dominique had been practicing A speech, maybe not THAT speech all week.  I thought I heard her tell Josh that she planned to disclose her true profession and education to the house guests during her speech.  Maybe she told them when the feeds were down, though.

That's a shame because I really like to watch the house guests react to learning information like that. After so many weeks of covering the same old conversation topics, learning something new about a house guest who just left is like a puppy with a soup bone.  I wanted to watch them chew on it and toss the information around a little.

And Paul just had to wear that stupid snake dress, which belongs to Christmas, I think.  And we had to see Paul react and nod to everything Dominique said, particularly the part where she apologized to anyone she offended.

Paul's safety is over, ya'll.  I think Production needs to start building some other non-Paul story lines in the house, because Paul's days might be numbered in there.

I am surprised they didn't let Christmas vote first, after a commercial break or something, but instead she took her turn voting, just like every other house guest.  However Jason was standing right there outside of the DR door when she came out.  Did they plan it that way so he could help open the door?  Or was that a timing error since it might have taken Christmas longer to leave the room than the others?

If Christmas had voted in a controversial manner, Jason would likely have heard it.

***UPDATE*** I meant to tell you this a few days ago, but Christmas was in the Lounge looking up at the camera and was alone for a few minutes.   She actually told the live feeders that she was trying to figure out who voted second last week, because that would be the person who was lying about their vote.  (Kevin)

There had been speculation that Production put the kibosh on that topic, since it was THEIR FAULT that Christmas was able to hear the vote count on last week's live show, rather than disconnecting the telephone hotline to Christmas' hospital room.  It's a whole new level of unfair that Christmas was exposed to key information that the house guests don't have.

Get ready to cringe, because it is time for Matt and Raven to do their toddler dance routine in the DR hallway.

I blame Matt for this.  Raven is a 20-something from Arkansas, but Matt is in his 30's and should have better judgement.

But that's obviously not the case.  I told you about how Matt compulsively adjusts the "straps"on his tired orange blouse.  Well, Matt's nervous tics were in high gear last night.

As Matt entered the Diary Room to place his vote, he showed us a new move.  Matt actually adjusted both sides of his blouse at the same time, giving himself a little hug as he sat down to face the viewing public.

This is what Matt wants the straps to look like, I guess.  If he wants to bunch them up like that, he should just slice off a little more of the sleeves, right?  Or he can get a halter-style bra to wear under it, so he doesn't have to worry about his bra straps showing on national TV.

Matt also adjusted the straps on the left side of his orange blouse on his way out of the Diary Room.

I can't explain this situation, I can only show you that it exists, so you can be aware of it and be just as skeeved out as I am.

Oh, and it's a tattoo of BOYS II MEN song lyrics, too.  So many grievous errors.

And Paul, so proud of himself with his Snake Dress.  I guess all of Paul's bullying and posturing worked, though, since the vote was unanimous to evict Dominique.

If Paul is on the block to be evicted next week, I am very worried that the Curse that Julie threatened us with will involve The Saving of Paul.

I could tell you about Ramses' dance in the DR hallway, but I'd rather show you what that looked like.  It might be the only DR Hallway dance routine that I've ever approved of.

Ramses stole the show with this bold move, which I will be practicing later, in the privacy of my own hallway.

And here is the rear view of Paul's dress.  He actually looks pretty here, with no ink on his back.

I find the contrast between Paul's look, next to Jason and Kevin rather startling. That is Jessica with her hand on Kevin's muffin top.

And Dominique burst out of the house with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, likely disappointed that Julie didn't feel the need to dress up for her.

In fact, Dominique should be Julie's stylist, because even her casualware in the house at 3:00 AM was more flattering than Julie's live show look.

Dominique shouted out her homeboy God (maybe even Jesus, too) several times during her short session with Julie Chen, even interrupting Julie after she mentioned the Battle Back by implying that God himself created that twist.

Cameron never got to be interviewed by Julie when he was evicted on Day #1.  And he didn't really get to be interviewed last night, either.  Julie didn't have time for that, and didn't want to give out any information, anyway, since Cameron might get back in the game.  At this moment, Cameron doesn't even know that Megan self-evicted, or about Christmas' tragic horsey ride, or even that there is sex going on like crazy in all rooms of that house.

Cameron told Julie, perhaps a bit hopefully, that he expects Ramses to join him on the stage next.

We should all enjoy this precise moment, when we can all feel much smarter than a microbiologist.

But no, it was Jillian.  Cameron said he was surprised, because Jillian seemed so well-liked when he was in the house.

So that's another thing that Cameron doesn't know, huh?

Jillian guessed that the next house guest to join them would be Cody or Jessica.

And she was correct, of course.  I was surprised to see Cody wearing that choker, but maybe that is something related to his daughter.  Cody had no idea who would be joining them next, saying he was fine as long as it wasn't "Jess".

So maybe Cameron is slowly figuring out that Cody had a romantic entanglement in there.

Cody was shocked to see Dominique, and wasted no time bending over and low-talking with her.  I"m pretty sure she told him Alex was the HoH who evicted her, and that she was on the block next to Jessica.  Julie had to reprimand Cody for speaking out of turn, but a few minutes later Cody reached over and squeezed her hand as you see below.  Cody is human, after all.

And Cameron looks defeated already, doesn't he?  He really lost his BB Mojo that he had going into the house, back when he was a confident, rather cocky BB hopeful.

He did mention to Julie that he knew on Premiere night that having to strip for votes meant he was in trouble.  (You can see pictures of that event here.)  If Cameron does get to come back in the game, I hope that Dominique gives him a few key pieces of information, because he's going to need it.

Julie was vague as she told them that this year's Battle Back would be very different from last year's event, telling them that they would learn about it "when the time comes".  I hope someone tells Julie about it, too, because I didn't get the sense that the paint is dry on the Battle Back concept yet.

Hopefully that is tonight, on the special CBS episode.  But that was likely taped last night, before the winner joins the HoH competition, but admittedly I have no idea how it will work this time.  Last year the contestants battled each week in the backyard, with the victor (actually Victor was the victor) moving forward to the next week.

But it looks like they will all compete at the same time, somehow.  On RHAP Rob said he thought that viewers might tune out if the first segment featured Cameron and Jillian battling it out, both of whom got very little CBS airtime previously, and he's probably right.

I look forward to watching the Battle Back on CBS tonight, and hope that whatever happens next is suspenseful and interesting.