Saturday, July 15, 2017

Turns Out Sticks and Stones Will Break Your Bones, and Words Will Always Hurt You. #BB19

One of the signs of a good Big Brother season is that it can be difficult for a one-person show like me to keep up with everything.  I thought I was all caught up as of yesterday, but Production decided to switch up their schedule this week, and then the house guests decided to switch up their sleeping schedule, so they could stay up all night and fight.  So yadda, yadda, yadda now I'm behind now.

Christmas finally came back into the house, and the game, late Friday afternoon, which I will discuss shortly.  After she had a chance to greet everyone and get some information about stuff she missed, nominations were held.

Alex nominated Jessica and Dominique for eviction.  Jessica expected it, and took the news calmly, perhaps knowing as a  fan of the game that being cooperative was her best move to stay alive this week.  But Dominique? She was NOT HAPPY and felt BLINDSIDED by this, even though she signed her name on just about everybody's shit list last Wednesday.

Elena had given her a heads up that she might be a target this week, and Dominique herself said that God had told her that, too, but God also let her know that it "wasn't that serious".

Well, it is serious.  And Dominique knows that now.  And she is EXPECIALLY angry about it.  (Typo intended, of course.)

But then Production blindsided me, by having the PoV player pick, and the PoV competition on Friday night.  Does anybody know why?  Paul is saying the eviction might be held early, on Sunday, but if that were the case, I'm sure we would already know about it.  I'm thinking there is some sort of scheduling issue for Production manpower or something mundane like that.  But if you know some details, please let us all in on it.

PoV Competition Line Up

Alex - HoH
Jessica - nominated for eviction
Dominique - nominated for eviction
Christmas - potential random draw
Jason - house guest choice for Jessica
Kevin - potential random draw

Paul - PoV Host  (Out of everyone, Alex chooses Paul?  C'mon...)

The live feeds were down all evening during the competition. On BBAD three episodes of the CBS show were broadcast, rather than any live action.  And about 12:30 am this morning, the live feeds finally returned with Alex giving us the news.

Alex:  Jason won.  He did it.  I could have beat him, but I came in second to make sure we had control.

Alex:  It's all going according to plan.  Jason is going to save Jessica.

Then Paul stormed in wearing his host costume.....what the hell?

Paul:  I don't have long to talk to you, so if someone asks, just say I wanted to know what is going on with the Veto.

Paul wants Mark to go up in Jessica's place to ensure that Dominique leaves.

Paul:  Trust me, it's okay. Elena does not want to cross Mark, so she can vote Dominique out without making him mad.

Alex didn't want to be mean this week, but Paul assures her everyone is on board with this and the plan is good.  But then Paul went down and told Jason that Raven might be an alternate plan, also.

And in the kitchen the Have Nots were beginning to shovel food since it was after midnight, with Metal Bowl Matt already spooning and scraping like crazy.

Paul: Did they tell you it's okay?  Are you sure that Have Nots are over?

Matt:  What?  What?

Paul:  Go in there and make sure, so you don't face any penalties.

Matt scurried down to the DR to learn his fate, abandoning his metal bowl and spoon on the counter.

But Jason is still a damn Have Not, for another week.  Josh and Kevin both see weight loss already.  But let's just let Whistle-Nut enjoy his first competition victory, and his new role in the game this week.

There were monetary prizes involved, and it sounds like Kevin "fell" during the PoV comp.

Kevin, about Alex:  She's a dude.....she's a damn dude.


Not everyone was happy that Alex won the HoH, of course, in fact most of the house guests were a little concerned about their status with her.  Mark is also pretty sure he's going to be a Have Not, which is also an upsetting idea for such a big eater.

Elena was one of the last three holding on to win HoH the night before, and says she has pain in her back and shoulders from the strain.  Mark rubbed some BenGay (or whatever) in for her and she waited for it to be absorbed before putting her shirt back on.

Or maybe Elena just wanted to have a bare back on camera.  Who knows.  Elena is like Amanda Zuckerman that way.....she does not seem to have any concerns about showing bare skin.

And speaking of bare skin, Paul reported that Kevin got out of the HoH shower and walked around naked with no regard to the live feed cameras.  But Production would never do Kevin dirty by clicking over to that camera view to expose him, if that camera wasn't already one of the four being displayed on the live feeds.  (If you don't know, there are dozens and dozens of cameras recording action at all times, but only four views are selected for the live feeders at any one time.  Usually two rooms, with two camera angles each, but the situation varies depending on Diary Room activity and the size of the crew at any given time.  If they don't have the manpower to monitor the scene, they don't show us.)

Kevin pointed out to Paul that both Alex and Jason are great competitors, and they should stick with them in the game as long as possible.  It's been hard to figure out Kevin's true objectives at times, but he does seem to like this foursome, and wants Paul to reconsider his views about Jason.

Alex started taking meetings in her HoH room on Friday, and as usual Dominique had a lot to say.  Dominique has an extremely high view of herself, and considers herself to be at least one level above everybody else, in just about every area of consideration.

The problem is that Dominique's feeling about this is apparent every time she opens her mouth.  She is very aggressive when she speaks, talking AT people, rather than TO people.  And she also has an annoying habit of summoning someone to a meeting with her, and then choosing words at the end of the conversation to make it seem like the meeting was the other person's idea.  For example, when she's ready to leave, she asks if anybody has any more questions for her, in a manner that says "I win, again.".

Alex told Dominique that a number of people were offended by her questions during Wednesday night's "show", but Dominique basically just overtalked Alex and implied that it was everybody else's problem, not her's, and that people are jealous of her.

If I was in that house, I would have the hardest time dealing with Dominique, and would likely lose it during a conversation like this.  The first time she told me that "God told her" about someone or something in the house, I would not be able to contain my facial expressions and eye-rolling.  And Dominique would call me out on that, getting louder and louder because she thinks that makes her right.

It doesn't make you right, Dominique.  It just makes you obnoxious and disliked by everyone around you.  And due to the way you are, no one wants to explain that to you.

Ramses went up to the HOH and began his own meeting with Alex on a very different note, asking if he had a reason to be concerned with the nominations.   Alex told him that he would not be her target, and she had no plans to nominate him.

She also told him that "they" still want Ramses, out, so if that somehow happens this week, then it is on "them", not her.  Ramses understood.

(Note that they are all aware there is only one more round of Tempations and Consequences, but I don't think they know we are skipping a week.  At least, that is my understanding at this time.)

Alex is calm during these meetings, and appears to be up front with everyone, while avoiding topics that she'd rather not discuss.

Jessica has finally rid herself of that dirty V-Toad costume, and made the trek upstairs for a discussion with her former rival, Alex.  This new Jessica is subdued, calm, and is in control of her emotions.  Alex told her that she might be nominated, and Jessica said she expected it.

Alex: You're not my target, though.

Alex snacked in her HoH suite between meetings, watching her Spy Screen.

Ramses came back up to watch Spy Screen TV.  He told Alex that people are really paranoid down there, and no one is sure what to expect.

Shortly afterwards, I saw Dominique with her ear to the door, trying to hear something, anything.  Does she realize that she fell to the bottom of the heap so quickly?  Will her pride allow her to admit any wrongdoings?

When Ramses walked to the door on the other side, Dominique jumped back and went in the room under the pretense of using the restroom to do her hair, I think.

I didn't get to see the following conversation, but a poster at JokersUpdates recounts a conversation that Dominique had with Jason after nominations.  It certainly sounds like Dominique stormed off after seeing her picture on the screen as a nominee.

Dominique is on the attack.

A group gathered in the Lounge yesterday, all wearing sunglasses.  I can't remember another season with any house guest cleared to wear shades in the house, but I guess rules can change.  Plus they look cool, so there's that.

They talked about various work stories, and shows they watch on TV.  Jessica was in the room, too, but I don't know if she was wearing shades or not.

Josh's sister is a model and lives in Los Angeles for a few months of the year, in a model apartment.  Jessica knew exactly which building Josh's sister stays in, saying it was "across the street from her house".  Jessica says the Ralph's Supermarket is always full of models walking around and it is intimidating.

Paul named a bunch of "lifestyle brands" and commented that he was "the main face on their website" for one of the most popular ones for quite some time.  (I'm not sure how Paul managed to do all of these things before age 23, when we first met him before BB18.  I mean, he went to college, and lived in Europe a few times, played in a band, was a big (little) model...the list goes on an on.)

Raven got busy sawing away at a package of frozen chicken breasts.  I was waiting for her to cut her finger off, because she was struggling to get the sections cut apart.  I'm pretty sure there is a perforated line where you can pull them apart, or use kitchen scissors.

I only followed bits and pieces of this story since the season started, but apparently someone has been messing with Alex's belongings.  Her little kitty ear headpiece went missing, along with a pair of her glasses. She also knows that someone kept pouring out the Coca-Cola 2-liter bottles which she feels is a direct shot at her, since she is the self-professed Coca-Cola fan.

In the HoH room, Jessica told Alex that Raven is the culprit. And from what Alex knows about Jessica, she has nothing to lose now, and no reason to lie.

After Alex won the HoH, she took a meeting with Raven in the Lounge, and asked her point blank if Raven is the one who hid her kitty ears under the couch.  Raven said of course not , and wanted to "swear on her pacemaker".

She then stood up and lifted her shirt for this purpose.  Alex muttered something about not wanting to touch it, but she did it, after all.  Why would Alex have to put her hand on Raven's device if Raven is the one who is "swearing"?  What would that prove?

Especially when the live feed community says Raven is the one who indeed filched Alex's belongings.  But Raven is pointing the finger right back at Jessica.

Small things become big things in that house, whether we're talking about petty resentments or lofty egos.

While Raven wrestled with the dead frozen chicken, Matt sat at the kitchen counter with his bowl of porridge.  Or whatever he keeps eating that requires this level of concentration and speed. Matt actually tipped this bowl up to his mouth so he could get every last bit.  I do think he clinked his teeth on the rim of the bowl, and I also saw him put the dish in the microwave to heat it.

I just told you what Matt DID do.  I didn't tell you what Matt DIDN'T do.  He didn't have much conversation with Raven, instead acting as if he was alone in the house, and whatever Raven was doing had no connection with him at all.  Or like she is a roommate that you share common spaces with, perhaps each with their own designated shelf in the refrigerator.

Raven's chicken drew flies after she put it on this tray and started covering it with seasoning.  That's a fly right there in the picture, and the camera operators tracked it landing on top of the raw meat as well.

We'll get back to Raven in a moment, don't worry.

Christmas suddenly came in the door on Friday afternoon.  People rushed to hug her and gawk at the sight of a new person in the house.  She left on Wednesday morning, and it's been at least a week in Big Brother time in that two-day period.  There are a lot of different feelings and opinions out there about Christmas being able to do this.  Personally I think she needs to be eliminated by Production, as they would do on Survivor.

Raven made a big production about hobbling over to hug Christmas with her own injured foot, causing Christmas to ask her what happened.

I haven't been paying close attention to this, but apparently the live feeders have watched Raven's limp come and go, depending on who is in the room and who she thinks is watching.  There are a host of notable reality people who have exaggerated an injury so that they will appear to be less of a threat, but they let the audience in on their plan.  (Like Tyson Apostle on Survivor Blood vs. Water.)

But Raven isn't sharing any of that with us, ya'll.

Elena wanted to know if Christmas was high right now and she just chuckled.  Jessica gave her a warm hug, giving some positive affirmations about being glad Christmas is okay.

Christmas said that to be honest, she's had a really tough time, and will tell everybody after visiting the loo.

While Christmas uses the facilities, let me remind you there were three votes to evict Ramses during the live show.  Everyone knows that Jessica voted for Ramses, but they don't know that Christmas and Kevin were the other two.

HERE'S THE THING:  The CBS episode aired the first three votes before the commercial, and that was Jessica, Kevin and Christmas via the telephone from her hospital bed.  Then Julie announced that Ramses had three votes, and none for Cody as she threw it to commercial.  Apparently Christmas was still listening on the phone line and heard this.  Now that she's back in the house, she knows the vote was controversial, and was asking around to find out the order of live voting.

I know Christmas told Paul that she voted to evict Ramses, but by now she has surely figured out that Kevin did, too, at the request of Paul, actually.  I don't know if Kevin is going to be exposed through this, or if Paul squashed it, but I wanted to let you know about it.

Is this another BB Audio Crew fuck-up?  How could they let this happen?

Also, is it realistic to assume that Christmas HAS NOT spoken to family on the telephone since her injury?  Someone HAD to know that she was undergoing some major medical stuff----wouldn't someone from her family or her business fly out to be with her?  I'm not saying there is inappropriate game talk surrounding this, but it does indicate to me that Christmas should have been excused from the game.

You're about to learn how serious the injury actually was....

She came back to the room and took a seat before getting into details.

Christmas said that she actually broke TEN bones in her foot, rather than the two she initially reported.  She also indicated that she might have misheard the initial number reported because she was in a sort of shock when she first heard it from the doctor.  (Another reason why you need a responsible third party with you to help absorb the medical info.)

Christmas:  There were 10 broken bones, and 4 dislocated bones, and one torn ligament that had to be rebuilt. I have a donor bone in my foot now......a donor bone.

(So, does that mean a bone from a corpse? Holy crap.)

Someone asked if she would regain full mobility, and that is when Christmas broke down, trying to fight it as she continued speaking.

Christmas:  It's going to take about a year to heal, and within one to five years, the arthritis will kick in, and then I'll need another surgery to fuse everything together, and.....

She's probably retired now from competing.

And she said she would blame the medications for her crying, too.  She "joked" that she wanted them to just amputate the foot and give her a titanium replacement, but I'll bet that conversation did come up at some point, right?

Of course Raven is right there, ya'll, giving Christmas inspirational support, talking about her own disease and medical issues.  She says she'll "go to crap, too" within two years, and they can be sick together.

So much bad fake hair on so few people these days.

See?  Lots of bad hair. Lots of camera time.

Mark murmured something about how doctors give you the worst outlook sometimes, so you don't get your expectations too high.

And then Dominique swooped in, wiping her own tears and saying some things I must not be smart enough to understand, but apparently Dominique has "received a message" about Christmas and based on this she knows that the doctors are wrong.

To her credit, Christmas did not burst out laughing.  I'm sure Dominique meant to be supportive, but what she said did not make sense.  Is she losing it, or was "it" not even packed in her luggage this summer?

Christmas wanted to speak privately with Jason, saying that she saw his face and he looked like he took the news hard.  She found him down the hall talking to Mark, and pulled him in the Lounge to talk.

(You should know that Jason and Mark have a super secret type of connection in the game, where both tell each other who said what about them...they are keeping it very hush-hush.)

Christmas doesn't want Jason to feel one ounce of guilt, and wants him to know that she doesn't blame him.  Jason said some stuff about how he's been injured so many times, and how dangerous the rodeo can be, and I think his point was that she can heal from anything, and this shouldn't stop her from doing whatever she wants to do.

Jason: I mean, it's your foot!

(I wasn't sure if Jason was saying, "it's your foot, it's important", or "it's only a foot, you can work around it".)

Jason:  Aren't you gonna have a bunch of nasty scars though?

Christmas:  Who cares?  I saved a horse and rode a cowboy!

Christmas also told him that she has been through some really horrible things and got through them, things that Jason might not even believe.  A few days ago Jason was the guest on Dominique's "show" and he told the story of when he had a massive head injury from a bull stomping on his head.  There was blood coming out of both ears, and he was life flighted in a helicopter to a major medical center.  He was not expected to survive, and his family had gathered to "make decisions" and then Jason said he "just woke up".  The point of me telling this story now is to tell you that as Jason told the story, one camera was focused solely on Christmas' profile as she listened, and she looked upset. I think there is a lot more about Christmas and what she's been through....maybe even an O.D.?  Just a guess.

While this is heartwarming and all, there was a lot of unrest about Christmas' return, and what it means in the game.  Matt was the first one I heard really put it out there, that she shouldn't be in the game with this type of injury.  He stopped short of saying how unfair it was to all of them as well, but everyone knew what he was getting at.

Paul said that he tried to tell Christmas a few days ago that she might want to consider going home, but he got the "death stare" in return.  He told Matt that Christmas is the type who doesn't want anyone to tell her that she can't do anything, because she takes it as a challenge.

But Christmas is telling some of the girls that she'll be just fine and dandy to compete in about four weeks, but that is hard to believe, looking at her.

And four weeks is at least four months in Big Brother time.  The kid gloves will come off soon with this situation.  And it might get ugly.

And speaking of ugly situations, it's time to discuss Raven again.  I just told you about a scandal inside the house that involves Raven, but the chatter about scandals outside the house is growing louder by the day.

I reluctantly voiced my concerns over Raven's constant chatter about how sick she is way back on July 3rd (see lower part of this post), and I knew there was trouble on the way.  I can just smell trouble in the air, and I don't think the scent will be pleasant for very long.

Basically, the online BB fan base is turning on Raven, and there are a lot of fans who are turning over stones, and dishing all sorts of dirt on the situation.  There are people with medical experience chiming in to give detailed explanations that dispute Raven's own stories about her health.  Even Raven's mother felt the need to defend Raven through some sort of Facebook live event.  I didn't see that, but I know that once the family feels they need to get involved in disputes with fans, it is often the tip of the iceberg.

Basically, Raven has been openly talking in the house about being terminal, and how she will die soon.  (See link above for an example of this.)  And that is not exactly true, apparently.  There is speculation about a desperate need for attention, and donated cash.  There are donation drives and televised requests for money to save lives.   There are pictures of a new car for Raven that cost over $40,000.  And there is speculation that Raven's apple didn't fall far from the tree.

I'm not going to link to it all here, but the discussions are out there if you're looking for them.

I heard Jason telling Kevin about Alex's stolen kitty ears and how Raven was pouring out the Coca-Cola.  Kevin wasn't surprised at all.

Kevin:  She's the sneakiest one in here!  And we can't do anything....we'll be all over social media if we put her up.  What is Big Brother trying to do here?

This is the Joker poll from yesterday.....look at how Raven is way down there at #13.  She started strong this season, but the fans have turned on her.  And Dominique is behind her, so these are telling statistics.

Talk about a blindside.....both of these ladies would be SHOCKED if they knew how low they are scoring with the live feeders.  And Paul is ranked below Jessica, who is below Cody.  What a difference a few days can make....


Cody did a good job in his post-eviction interview with Big Jeff.  I think he is legitimately shocked to have fans and noticeable support from the network.  If he comes back in the house, he wants to work with Paul, and says his target is Mark.

FYI, apparently Jeff and Jordan just moved to Denver, but I don't know any details about why, or how they will be living in Colorado.   Jeff says he is going to travel back and forth to Los Angeles for his Big Brother duties.  I know Jordan wasn't crazy about starting a family in California, so hopefully this is a better option for her.