Friday, July 14, 2017

There Might Be Intelligent Life Out There, After All. #BB19 #HoH

You probably know we have a new HoH now, and she is enjoying full use of the HoH bed at the moment.  Yes, our new HoH this week is Alex Ow.

At the end of last night's live CBS show, we saw the house guests up on The Wall, which is decorated like a space ship this year.  This is always one of the classic Big Brother competitions, and usually signals a shift in the power, since the smallest house guests often win.  The Wall competitions actually give the Little People the power, as the largest house guests fail first and then have to watch miserably on the sidelines as the competition plays out.

This is usually the only time I use the Quad Cam, because there is so much to see that it's hard to watch the action without seeing multiple camera views.  I think we could have lived without Paul having his own camera for so much of the competition, though. Just a thought.

And to add insult to injury, The Wall is often used to pick the Have Nots for the week, as typically the first four or so to fall become the Have Nots for the week.  So that usually means the players who are the biggest, and also the hungriest, are doubly-cursed by their fates.  But we won't know that for sure until later, of course.

At this point in the action, the house guests have been up there for about 15 minutes, and currently The Wall is not tilted, which gives everyone a chance to relax, chat with their neighbors, and maybe experiment with various hand and foot placements.  You can see Big Mark trying to find a comfortable spot, but we all knew he was doomed.  He's just too big and heavy to have to hold himself up in a tilted position.  Plus he still has that broken finger issue dating back to the first HoH competition.

You can see him trying to find a workable situation.  In the past, The Wall had a sort of railing for the house guests to hold onto, and there was always some post-comp shit-talking among the fans about how the winner broke the rules by locking their arms behind them on the railing.

But Big Brother isn't allowing for that this time----each house guest has a series of different hand grips to use, with no option to link your elbows behind anything.

As the outgoing HoH, Paul wears an earpiece, getting instructions from Production about various things, including having to recite cheesy space-based lines that will be spliced into the Sunday night CBS episode.  This puts everyone on notice that the feeds are live, or at least that the current moment may be televised.

Elena:  I'd like everyone to know that I'm not living my best life right now.

Elena could be heard throughout the comp discussing her relative discomfort, saying she has a wedgie, and also potentially a camel toe.

Raven says she can't put any weight on her injured foot.  You might already know that Raven fell down the spiral staircase on Wednesday, requiring stitches BETWEEN HER TOES, the third and fourth toes, I think.  Or Little Piggies, for you parents of toddlers.

Frankly I think you could just chop off my Littlest Piggie, the one who cried "Wee wee wee, all the way home" and I would barely feel it, but I'm certainly not volunteering for that. (You try shoving your feet in high-heeled pumps for YEARS and see if you have any feeling left in that little toe.)

Paul advises Raven not to stand on her wonky foot, and she says she isn't, but it seems like it is going to get wet.  So we all know Raven is going to have to drop, too, probably sooner than later.  Meanwhile Christmas is probably literally in La La Land in her warm dry hospital bed, perhaps with an IV drip of morphine, and maybe a plastic bowl of apple sauce.

I'm very proud of Kevin Schlehuber.  Not only did he hold his own up there, but he looked cute and fit doing it, saying that his kids are probably loving watching this from home.  He chatted lightly with Jason as they waited for the horror that would surely come soon.

Kevin:  What do you wanna do tonight?

Jason:  I don't an Uber maybe?  And go to the bar?

Megan's name came up, and Paul wondered if Megan would get a BB Comic called "The Quitter".

(Ha ha ha.  It would be great if Production fed Paul that line, but of course they didn't, since it wasn't related to space, nor cheesy enough to make us cringe.)

Elena:  Mark, is your finger okay?

Mark, his voice tense:  No.

(Big Mark is getting UPSET.)  (In my head, I read that in George Costanza's voice.)

They can tell something is coming, because the machinery above shifts with a mechanical, clanking sound.  Also, I know from past seasons that the players can see human beings standing on the roof area, often tasked with unleashing sprays of water or other nasty substances.

A blast of smoke, or whatever that is slams right into Jason, and then some heavy "rain" causes teeth to chatter and we can feel the misery as we watch.

Is there water in space though?  I don't think we are supposed to ask those type of questions as we watch this, of course.

Everyone hunkers down, in their own private hell as the cold water drenches them without mercy.

(And is there cold water in hell? Not sure about that, either.)

After the water stops, Josh suddenly steps off, or fell off.  He said later that he "wanted a do-over because he slipped".

As Josh moved to sit near Paul, he immediately started defending himself about the votes, as Ramses received an unexpected three votes for eviction. (Jessica was one, with Christmas and Kevin as the others..  Paul put Kevin up to this hinky vote, of course.)

Paul vigorously defended Kevin, with Josh eventually agreeing with Paul that Kevin is a stand up guy.  I guess Ramses is once again going to take the heat for Kevin's sneaky actions, but apparently Dominique is a convenient scapegoat now, too.  Because Dominique really screwed up her own game with her shady little "show" on Wednesday night.

Kevin can't feel his arm.  (his "ah-m"), and Mark can't feel his hand at all.  Kevin tells the others to relax, take a deep breath.  There was some discussion about people cursing, but Paul told them they are not live on CBS anymore.  Jason and Kevin high-five each other, realizing that as the two old tall guys, they are hanging in there pretty well.

Dominique has palpable irritation in her voice as she asks Paul, "for real, how long does something like this usually take?"

Paul:  It depends on who's up there and how bad they want it.

(No word on who God is pulling for, or how His Will fits into all of this.  Yes, that was a sarcastic remark, but I feel Dominique is due to make a statement like that very soon.)

Alex wants to know if she drops, will "they" bring her a drink?  Paul said no, but there is bottled water available on the sidelines.

Paul:  Look...people have pissed themselves up there before.

People clamored for details about who actually did this, and Paul said James did it, last season.

Alex: James!  Asians For The Win!

(Ha ha.  That was one of her hashtags with Big Jeff.)

We have a few feed breaks, so I knew that someone else fell.  Usually they cut the feeds for a moment while they give instructions----if they don't do that, then the Production employee has to get paid as a performer under some sort of Union rules, I think.

The house guests see that someone on the roof is about to assault them with something.

Jason:  Come at me, Buddy!  I'm just kidding....don't....

Then a blast of green space gunk hits them.

Raven: I always wanted to get slimed!  Thank you!

And we see Big Mark has taken his Big Place next to Big Josh and Paul on the sidelines.  Dominique made several statements early in the day about her hair.  She just fixed it up for her Wednesday "show" and wished she had waited until after the HoH competition.  So the cameras gave her a close-up to show her displeasure at the slime.

I feel you, camera operators.

Raven also shrilly screamed that the slime was "green for gastroparesis"  (sp).  I'm positive CBS will show that part, in case the audience forgot what Raven is working with in there.

On the sidelines, Paul starts defending the hinky vote to Mark, saying Homie (Kevin) would NEVER do that.

The house guests experiment with crouching, a move made popular by James Huling, actually.  Kevin says he can't do it much longer.  Paul asks Kevin how he's doing.

Kevin: I'm alright.  Not bad for a 40 year old.

Alex:  I thought you were 32!

(References to Cody's lies about his age.)

Kevin tells Raven she's doing a great job, and checks in with Matt, too, who we haven't heard much from lately.  (Did you see him scraping his metal bowl in the HoH room footage on the CBS show last night?)

Mark needs some "real ice" for his finger now.  Someone in Production must be eating something, because they all just suddenly smelled it in the air.  Maybe a catering truck in the parking lot or something.

Paul recites his cheesy line about the Aliens being pissed at them, and everyone tenses up, waiting for their wrath.  Paul even stood up and moved since he got hit with the slime shrapnel last time.

Alex:  I'm scared right now, dude.

Elena, talking about Production:  There's like three of them glaring me down right now...probably the guys who have to tell me to stop showing my titties.  They're so tired of seeing them.

Alex:  I doubt that, dude.

Jason laughs and Alex yells at him to "focus, dude, focus".

I need to accomplish a few things today, to salvage my actual work week, so in an attempt to move things along, I need to move through the rest of this quickly.

There's Jessica, keeping quiet over there, which should be her strategy for this week.  Later in the comp her right eyelash became detached and was hanging off her eyelid in what must have been an uncomfortable way.

And here is a rare sight of the Production equipment, covered in plastic.  Kevin leans over and tells the ladies that they "look magnificent".

Elena:  I love the way you lie to me, Kevin.

Kevin:  I'm telling ya....I look over to my left and see nothing but beautiful ladies.  But I look over to my right and see nothing but Whistle-Nut, with some stuff on his forehead.

Paul:  Yeah, you've got slime on your forehead.

Jason:  YEAH BABY.  I came a long way for that.

The Space Rain comes down and everyone endures, dealing with it as best they can.  But Raven can't, and steps off onto the padded mat, presumably on her foot that still works.

Josh went down to pick Raven up as everyone cheered for her, and Elena thanked Josh for his help.

Matt:  Good job, Raven.

Paul distributed clean fresh towels to everyone, and also "eye wash for your makeup" to Raven.

Jessica:  Mark, how turned on are you by Elena right now?

Mark:  I love it.  I love the wetness.

Elena:  Thanks Mark.

Paul:  Four boys and four girls left!

Alex:  Maybe by your definition.

(Ha ha ha.)

Kevin:  I knew I should have eaten something before this.

Ramses was the next to fall.  And then Kevin, just a few minutes later.

Kevin, on the sidelines:   It was a lot of  fun, really it was.

So far, if the Have Not Rule is true, we have the following results:

1.  Christmas (due to a technicality)
2.  Josh
3.  Mark
4.  Raven (Never Not Pass)
5.. Ramses
6.  Kevin

We don't know if there will be four or five new Have Nots at the moment, but it looks like Kevin escaped that fate.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to see him suffer that particular indignity.

Matt fell off  next and was not happy about it.  Then they had slime, water, and a steep tilt too, as you can see below.  Jessica asked that the Production employees not smile so big when they hit the button to spray them.

Dominique got mouthy then, yelling for somebody to "DROP.  DROP."

Just a few minutes later, Jessica dropped, followed immediately by Dominique.

Once it got down to Jason, Elena and Alex, Elena and Alex did some whispering, with Jason getting in on it here and there, even though he was not situated very close to them.

Jason: How much do you love me right now!

Elena:  A lot!  Are you trying to make a deal with me?

Jason: Yeah!

Alex:  Are we live right now?

Paul:  We're not live, but the live feeders are watching now.


I forgot to mention that Alex apparently recited her rosary (or whatever,) several times during the competition, praying in fast forward to give her strength.

And a few minutes later:

Elena:  I could stay up here all night.

Jason:  Prove it!

Alex:  I don't want to have to prove it.

Alex also did a short commercial for Coca-Cola, saying it "keeps her fit".  Finally Jason dropped after getting assurances that he would be safe.  I wonder if he forgot that the HoH would save him from being a Have Not., but without the frog costume it might be a little easier for him.

After Jason fell, Alex promised Elena that she was safe, and that Elena could use her HoH shower whenever she'd like, and it was a done deal.

Alex Ow is our new HoH, BB Fans.  And I think you will be surprised at her target this week, but more on that later, as things progress.