Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Thought Kevin Was a Friend of Ours. #BB19

The situation in the game is still the same as last night, with Paul in his last days as HoH, and Cody a sure bet for eviction on Thursday.  If the house guests can't go outside, and they can't nap, then they have to do something, eat something, or say something, so I  will report what I know about all that here, now.

As BBAD began last night, two of the V-Toads were sitting at the chessboard, and I overheard Cody giving Jessica instructions about how to "jump kings".  Turns out Cody is teaching Jessica how to play checkers.

A new day, and a new look for Raven Walton.

I guess it's safe to assume that Raven is not part of the Bentonville, Arkansas Walton clan, right?   You know, the family that owns Wal-Mart?  If she were related to the Wal-Mart family she would have the scratch to cover any of her necessities in life, and then some.  If I were playing BB in this group, I would probably drop a few hints to someone about Raven's last name, and the Bentonville Waltons, and yadda yadda yadda, things would go from there.

And you'd all be talking shit about my dirty game.  Ha ha ha.

(Just about every major consumer products company requires sales managers who are on an upward career path to do a 2-3 year stint in Bentonville, to get experience dealing with the Big Cheeses at Wal-Mart headquarters.  It's just as hard on the single folks as it is for the people who are married with kids, so most people don't take that position unless they are very ambitious.)

I thought Mark might be eating cereal here, but since he blew on the spoon it must be something else.  It might be a rice dish, because I saw him eat rice straight from the fridge a few hours later.

Christmas came in the room like a ray of sunshine, announcing loudly that she is now feeling "shooting pains" in her foot and leg.  Christmas does not wait for an opening in the ongoing conversation to announce this, she just seems to expect everyone to grab a knee and listen up.

Christmas:  Raven said that my foot is trying to heal itself, but it can't, so that's what these pains mean.  I'm sure it will be better after surgery.

Those bright pink crutch pads (or whatever) were given to her by production and she is very happy about them.  She had been trying to wrap small towels around the top of the crutches, but even then she was unable to properly use the crutch for it's intended purpose because of discomfort.  She was having to use her forearms constantly to ease the pressure on her armpits and hands, and it took it's toll.

Christmas said when she saw these pink things waiting for her in the DR, she thought they were "big pink pills" and was very excited.

Christmas and her loud bossy mouth have been getting on Mark's last nerve, and he didn't even acknowledge any of her latest announcements.  Instead he just housed the rest of whatever was in that red bowl.

Note that Mark made no annoying clinking sounds as he ate, unlike Metal Bowl Matt.  Just think of what it sounds like when your dog's collar tags hit their bowl while they eat dinner, and you'll know what Metal Bowl Matt sounds like when he's eating.

I always like to get a picture of a house guest in front of their own picture on the memory wall.

Christmas had further announcements regarding why she got called to the DR, saying that she had to "sign some more forms" and get an overnight bag to pack for the hospital.   Her surgery is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Wednesday, so she will be leaving the BB house at around 10:30 or 11:00 AM.

I heard Jessica ask her if she was going to Cedars Sanai, and Christmas said she "had no idea, and only knew her doctor's name".

I sure hope Christmas read those forms before she signed them.  I wonder if she had BB send them to an attorney or family member to look at first.  Because Christmas has been on pain pills for quite a few days now, and there has been some chatter in the house about how that might be impacting her personality. Christmas is in Game Mode, so she might want to have someone who is in Real Life Mode review her medical treatment plans.

Mark has told a few people that Christmas is driving Elena nuts with her constant bossy chatter.  Looking at this picture, it seems quite possible.  I know you can't put a bunch of Wanna Be Queen Bees in a house together and expect everything to be hunky dory.

You can see a bit of Raven in this picture, enough to know that she has started to shift back into her previous hair and makeup habits.

It's too bad we didn't get to see Christmas take on some of these guys in competitions.  But what happened happened, and unfortunately those are the breaks.  Literally.

Paul has continued to mount Whistle-Nut and ride him around, but Production has now announced that no one is allowed to ride Jason anymore.

Raven issued a statement to production that she needed to hear an Ed Sheeran song in the morning, because she is apparently a dancer, and needs to dance.

I've heard of Ed Sheeran, but I don't know any of his songs or anything about him.  For all I know, Ed Sheeran is the guy who dropped a glass bottle of barbeque sauce right in front of me at Publix yesterday.  And then he quickly walked off and everyone was eyeballing me, like I did it.  Dick.

Note how Kevin has folded up his "Richie's" T-shirt for display on his head board.  I think the cross tattoo on Kevin's left arm is also for Richie, but I don't know the back story there.

Wearing that V-Toad cap has been irritating Jason's head.  He said it is making his scalp itch and peel.

Kevin:  You think you'll go bald?


Kevin: No, I  mean....

Jason: I going to shave it all off?  Yeah, probably.

Alex wants to strategize while the three of them are together.  Kevin said he didn't want to win HoH, because then "he'd have to put people up".

(RED FLAG - Don't EVER tell your alliance members that you DON'T want to win HoH. They want you to pull your weight and PROTECT them.)

Then Kevin asked them who they would nominate if they won HoH, and why "none of them" have had to sit on the block yet, while "their people" keep going up over and over.  Alex had to explain that if someone nominated a powerful player, they don't have the numbers to vote that person out.

Kevin:  So who's next then?  Ramses?  Josh?

Jason:  Then me.

Alex:  Yeah, probably.  That's why we need to win and shake some stuff up.

Kevin told them he would never nominate Alex, Jason, or Paul.

(Kevin told Paul that he would never nominate Alex or Paul.....did Jason just get added to that list because he is sitting there?  Or did Kevin not want Paul to know about his loyalty to Jason, since Paul is targeting him?)

Kevin also said that many of the girls in this house "can't even lick a stamp", much less win competitions.

(FYI for you kids.....postage stamps are something you used to use to mail your bill payments, and you had to lick the back of them to paste them on an envelope.  But after George Costanza's fiance Susan died from ingesting the adhesive, the postal service switched to peel-off sticker stamps.)

Upstairs the ceramic chess pieces go click click click as they move around the squares and off the board, resting on the sidelines.

Jessica:  How did I blow a 5-3 lead?

Josh walked in, and Alex is not happy about Josh sitting on her glasses and breaking them.  It sounds like Josh might have also damaged at least one pair of Kevin's sunglasses.

Alex:  And those mofos took my other glasses.  When I get them back, there better not be one scratch on them, or I'm gonna wig out.

Josh:  Oh, I don't want to experience that at all. I'm scared.  I'll just hide over here.  But I'm sorry about your glasses.  You can keep mines.

(Yes, Josh just said "mines".)

Jason's birthday is Wednesday (today), so Alex announced that at midnight, everybody gets to beat Jason with a pillow 38 times..  Jason wishes that he could just have a damn hot dog on his birthday, but he doesn't think BB will let him bend the rules.

(C'mon.....they'll have to let him have something right?  FYI in past seasons BB gave the house guests presents for their birthday.  During BB6, April had a birthday and BB gave her a box of gifts from K-Mart, a sponsor of the show.  She also got a box of gifts from her husband, including a robe and slippers just like Janelle's, since April had been coveting Janelle's comfy clothes all season.  Or maybe April's husband just wanted her to cover up more on TV.  Who knows.)

Kevin left the room, and Alex quickly pulled Jason over to say that Kevin is acting shady, and they need to be careful what they say around him.

Alex:  He's acting weird. He never says stuff like that, like who are you targeting.   He's acting like a mobster all of a sudden, like he's gong to flip on us.  Who knows what he's telling other people about what we say...he's always hanging around Paul.  We can't tell Kevin who we want out anymore, or who we voted for....he's being too sketchy.

(What did I tell you about Alex's true intentions in this game?  Look at the bottom of this post.  I don't like to say I told you so, but I did tell you so.)

This news is almost too much for poor Jason to take.  He didn't know ANYTHING about this game coming in, and has had the wrong read on just about every situation.  For example, after Cody's disastrous PoV Ceremony where Paul pulled out his Pendant, Paul went up to the HoH to talk to Cody about an hour afterwards.  Jason saw him go up the stairs and thought the twist behind the whole season was that Paul and Cody are a secret team.

But no, Paul was just trying to smooth the tension with Cody, and set up his next play.  (And today Cody told Christmas that if he comes back in the game, he wants to team up with her and Paul to "steamroll the house".  That's what smart social moves can do for Paul, obviously.)

Matt is still wearing his orange blouse.  You know, after the season, these people find me, and read about themselves.  (Like James........oh boy....)  But I think Matt may only read my intro post about him, and he'll think "oh, that person really digs me".

But that will not give Matt a clear picture of our relationship, and our breakup.  It was only a brief infatuation, and our relationship has quickly progressed to indifference, and now revulsion.  Yep, revulsion.  In time I will shift back to indifference, but he will need to wear some proper shirts and probably get evicted first.  Sorry, not sorry Matt.  My feelings for you were just a passing fancy.

Matt told the group that he never drinks before he gets a tattoo, and the ones on the inside of his arm and his forearm were the most painful.  The elbow hurt, too, but the most painful areas are the ones that required the most tattoo time.

Matt:  I'll let you know how the face feels when I get that tattoo.

(Um....NO. Hell to the NO.)

Mark looks on to the tattoo conversation from the relative lack of privacy of the shower.

Mark looks like he'd play the sterotypical role of the high school football player who terrorizes the nerds.  Can't you just see him knocking the nerd's books out of his hands, demanding his lunch money?

But of course, we all know Mark would never do that.  In reality he would be the guy who goes to sit at the nerd table, extending an olive branch of friendship.  And if the nerds have leftover Little Debbie snack cakes, Mark can help them with that, too.

Yeah, Big Mark is getting all soaped up.

I would say that Mark Janson has definitely won the genetic lottery, but first I would have to ask a few questions about his parents' unfortunate situations.  Not to be cruel, but to gain an understanding of whether or not the reasons why they are not here are the type of reasons that might impact Mark's health.

And look who's hovering in the corner, just inches away from Big Mark's naked, soapy body.

It's Dominique.  Yep.  Big shocker.

And Elena is right there, keeping an eye on both of them.

How beautiful does she look here?  She doesn't need all of that artifice, in my opinion, because she is a natural beauty.  Mark has told her that repeatedly, but she thinks he's just being nice.

Jessica doesn't understand how Matt could sit still for so many painful tattoos.

Jessica:  I got a six minute tat and I screamed!  The guy wanted me to leave because I was upsetting the other customers.  I kept yanking my arm, too, because it hurt so much.

Jessica's tattoo is her father's birthday, and she says it came out okay, even though she was such a difficult customer.

Matt estimates that Paul's tattoos took about 75 hours, and he called out to Paul to confirm it.  Paul said it's taken about 90 hours of time.

Jessica and Cody have slowly been integrating themselves back into the lives of the other house guests.  I think being Have Nots with Matt and Jason actually helped them do this, as it gives them a chance to bond over how horrible it all is.

Is this commercial a coincidence?  Apparently this tattoo artist was enjoying her Snickers bar so much she misspelled "No Regrets" on this dude's arm.

Are we supposed to believe that it's okay to eat while poking needles and colored dye into people's bodies?  Or, is the inside joke that we're now allowed to make fun of people who get tattoos?

( It's a trend people!  And trends are supposed to fade away.)

Cody announced that he lied about his age, and is actually 32.  He said his birthday is 4-13-85, and everyone did the math and realized Cody is telling the truth.

Jessica said when Matt made comments to Cody about how he would start getting gray hair in his 30's, she had to leave the room to contain herself.  Matt knew that something was up when she did that, but he had no idea what the issue was.

Matt:  Cody is a good liar, but Jessica is not.

Cody explained that most seasons of Big Brother feature a cast in their 20's, so he wanted to fit in better.  This led to a discussion of how "old" this cast is compared to others.

The air feels lighter, and the tension with Cody has eased, at least with this group.  It doesn't change the outcome of this week, but it will help Jessica next week, as she tries to make a new path for herself in the game.

This morning she did her makeup at the same time as Elena, and they started tentatively chatting as they went through their routines.  It's small, but Jessica has to start somewhere.

Cody was pleased that people thought he was around 25, and thinks that is a compliment.  Cody started noticing a few gray hairs at 28, but Matt said he started going gray at 18.

Raven decided to bring food in the bathroom, which is not a choice I support, but I guess everything is different in the BB house.

Raven is dipping cookies into a white mixture in a plastic container.  It can't be Cool Whip, because that has it's own container (unless Production made them repackage it due to the logo), but it might be frosting.

Elena wants to update her paperwork to let Production know that if she wins HoH, she wants a jar of marshmallow fluff.

Elena:  I will just eat the entire jar with a spoon and look like I bl......

(She was going to say "blew Mark" but stopped herself in time.  Everyone laughed though.)

Raven:  You can mix that fluff with cream cheese, too.

Elena:  Oh...god bless...

Cody got up and took the container, taking a long sniff, remembering what life used to be like before he was stricken with Have Not-itis.

They started having one of my favorite BB conversations, where they discuss what they ate when they were in sequester.  Jessica had some issues with her dinner orders.  Apparently her handler brought her dinner and then asked her "why didn't you order off the special menu", which Jessica never received.  Cody never got his breakfast on the day they entered the house. He said he was "waiting in that little room" and someone told him that his handler never placed the order.

(I think Day #1 began in the early morning, because Cameron was only in the house for 12 hours and never spent the night.)

And then the camera operator put down his bong and realized this topic was taboo, putting an end to the conversation.  Here is a post from last summer where the house guests discussed their sequester meals, including their spending limits.  Frank is a big foodie and I enjoyed hearing him talk lovingly about his meals on the live feeds.

Mark and Kevin had been looking forward to playing chess, and might have even planned a chess tournament.  In the picture below, you can see how the BBAD guy who writes the scroll has to take the events that are happening and write a little blurb to describe them.  Here they are making a funny about Cody and Jessica playing checkers.

Kevin and Mark are serious about this game, and wasted no time getting into the match.

Kevin:  You need to fix your king, it's not pretty like that.

Mark turn his king around so he was facing forwards.  I heard Mark tell Paul a few days ago that he plays chess on the attack...he focuses on going after his opponent's pieces, rather than learning various approaches and strategies that some other chess players use.  I think Paul is more classically trained (or whatever) but he did acknowledge that Mark is a good player who has beaten him at least twice this summer.

And chess is a game that requires focus, and concentration, as the players are trying to project what the moves may be three, four or more moves down the road.  Mark is visibly irritated by Josh's arrival at the game.

Mark:  Josh... this isn't a pool game.  I can't play with someone looking over my shoulder.

Josh moved, and had the good sense to keep quiet.  Mark is a nice guy, so everyone is nice to him in return.  The game is quiet, as Mark moves in on Kevin's king.

Mark:  Check.....Oh my god...Mark...Mark....Mark....

Kevin saved himself, and they continued in silence.  They both checked each other a few times, and Kevin took Mark's queen (I think....not a chess player here.) and still they continued.

What is Ramses thinking, I wonder?  He's such a handsome boy.  I am much fonder of him, now that I know he likes to blaze.  In fact, I can almost forgive the CosPlay as an adolescent Highdea that helped Ramses get noticed by the casting department.

Earlier Ramses told Kevin that his father lives in Argentina, but when Kevin asked what Ramses' father does for work, the cameras switched, indicating that Ramses' father has not signed the paperwork to allow discussion about him on camera.

You can see Kevin is wearing Paul's Friendship Bracelet, so they are still going steady.  Ramses will surely be crushed when he learns that Kevin is not his real friend, and has been blaming him for all of his lies and Dastardly Deeds.  The good news is that Ramses will be evicted into a world where he can purchase all of the legal weed he can afford, soon forgetting all about what he did this summer.

Kevin is serious, concentrating.  Someone says this is a good game, so we know Kevin is a good player, giving Mark some trouble here.

Soon there are loud voices downstairs, and it is Christmas, making herself known, and we can hear Matt and Raven, with her snorting laugh in the kitchen.  We hear spoons and plates rattle around, cabinets opening and closing, and the clank of a metal bowl.

(Fucking MATT.)

Christmas, voice booming downstairs:  WHY IS THIS HOUSE SO QUIET?

The sounds echo and seem deafening in my Sony cordless headphones, so I know how loud it must be for the chess group.  Mark looks up a few times and the pain is evident on his face.  Big Mark is not happy with the noise.

Where else on earth would these four people have met and formed such a bond in just weeks, but the Big Brother house?

And we need to add these two strange men to the equation.  That is Jason the Rodeo Clown over there on the left, and we all know Your Boy Paul.

Paul understood how the noise was bothering Mark, and tried to let the group downstairs know, to no avail.  Later Mark told Paul he's not playing chess anymore in front of groups, and Paul agreed.

Mark:  Kevin and I just agreed to call it a draw, and to finish later.  It bothered him as much as it bothered me, but he stayed cool and let me be the one to freak out over it.

I do not want to comment on Paul's green face mask, since that is what he would like me to do.  But I just did it, didn't I?  Damn.

I've just spoiled the ending of the match, but you can see that Kevin did take off the shades to wear his normal eyeglasses.  Later, he also removed his pinkie ring, and even the Chapstick that I assume was kept in his pocket, as the game got tighter and tighter, leaving a little pile of personal effects on the side of the table.

Meanwhile, Cody wonders why he hasn't been called to the DR all day.

Cody:  I guess they know I sat on a fucking lily pad all day.

Cody estimates his weight at 160 pounds, while Jessica feels she weighs around 107 pounds.

Kevin goes downstairs, not letting on that they quit their game in frustration due to these noisy roommates.  Kevin asked Christmas if she had any special requests for them when she returns from her surgery on Thursday.

Kevin:  Do you want us to have a bed all made up for you?

Christmas:  I've already got that round bed in there.

(That bed has been used off and on in the BB house since BB8!)

Kevin:  Do you want me to tuck you in?  I tuck in good, don't I Raven?

The V-Toads enjoy their last days together.  Jessica "jokes" about going in the Have Not room and turning the lights off.