Monday, July 10, 2017

These are the Daze of Their Lives. #BB19

The PoV Ceremony was held on Monday around noon, and the results were just about what I expected.  I expected Paul to use his PoV to save Josh, and then nominate Cody in Josh's place.  I heard Paul explain his reasoning for saving Josh instead of Alex in terms of Jason being sketchy.  Paul was worried that Jason would vote to evict Josh, but is positive that Jason would never vote out his friend Alex.

But I didn't expect the feeds to return in the middle of another screaming match.  I think the live feeders missed much of it, because when the feeds came back Cody was in the bathroom area alone, looking around nervously.  And screaming could be heard in the living room, where Josh was putting on a show wearing the PoV necklace that saved him.

And Kevin looked like a pimp in those shades.  BB doesn't have a history of letting the house guests wear sunglasses, whether they are inside or outside, because they want to see reaction shots.  But Kevin is giving them so much, all day, that they must have bent the rule a little for him.  They respect him.  And like I said, he looks cool.

Jessica was running her mouth right back, taunting Josh as he taunted her about how she was the next target, everybody hates her, etc.   Jessica stretched out her legs on the couch as she verbally shredded Josh, who was giving it right back to her.

Jessica:  You're a pawn on both sides!

Then Paul had to deliver some bad news.

Paul:  Jessica, you have to lily pad now that the ceremony is over.

(Ha ha ha.  The V-Toads have to crouch on a lily pad when not hopping around the house.)

While Josh and Jessica were screaming at each other, Paul made a quick visit to see Cody, who was still standing in the bathroom, clenching and unclenching his fists.  Paul thanked him for removing himself from the living room without getting involved in the argument, and assured him that Josh's display was unplanned.  They actually shook hands warmly and Paul left.

We can say many things about Cody, but he seems to respect direct communications and brutal honesty.

Jessica came in and they laughed about it all.  Jessica seems to think that Josh thought the results of the ceremony blindsided the two of them, and she scoffed at the very idea of that.

Dominique got very giggly and flirty in the kitchen, and sure enough, when the camera pulled back there was Big Mark standing right there, with Elena standing nearby.  Dominique was throwing her head back and laughing, being really bubbly asking Mark directly if "you wanted some of that".

("That" appears to be some food or leftovers that got thrown out due to the ant infestation.)

I'll Just Say It:  I think Dominique is in dangerous territory here with Elena, being so extra with Mark.  Elena isn't going to just lay back and take it indefinitely.  That bill is going to come due soon, I think, one way or another.

Kevin went up o the HoH and Paul did some good work with him.  Paul asked him for his word to do just one thing:  to cast a hinky vote this week for Ramses, and never to tell anyone.  Paul wants to send a message, and to create confusion in the house.

Paul:  I need to tell you something, but I don't want you to get mad.  Ramses has been telling people that you're giving him information, so you need to watch yourself when you're around him.  People are dicks in this house.

Kevin denied this, saying he never talks to Ramses, and "can't stand the kid", and "Paul should know that", and so on.

Kevin: It's done, Paul.  You don't even need to ask again.  There'll be a vote, and you'll know it's me.  And that's it.  You know this game better than me.

Paul asked if Kevin told Jason about the $25K he won, and Kevin said "HELL NO".

Paul:  Well, I heard that Jason is saying that he knows something about somebody in here that can get them thrown right out of the game.

Kevin swore it wasn't him, and said that the only people he won't cast a vote against are Paul and Alex.

Paul:  This secret vote might get blamed on Jason....I just want you to know that.  But he's already in trouble, and everyone will believe he's the one.

Kevin:  I'll just say what I always say, that I did what I was supposed to do, and that's it.

(That's what Kevin said when he was lying about the Christmas vote!  Ha ha ha)

Paul also asked Kevin to start remembering the events and happenings each day, and told him that competitions will be based on that knowledge later.  Kevin actually started reeling off statistics, and they went over a few like this:

*  Megan left on Day #6
*  Megan's leaving was announced on Day #7
*  Paul came in on Day #1, 3 hours after everyone else.

Paul was impressed, and said that no one else in the house seems to be focused on this information.

Paul: So I need you to keep track of everything, but start giving out the wrong answers to other people.

Then Jason hopped into the room just as Kevin left to touch base with Paul. He claimed that any promises he made to anyone are now expired and he is free to work with Paul.  Paul claimed that he doesn't like to build alliances, instead he works with different people based on how they work with him, and that their actions all speak words.

Jason:  Like a scratch my back kind of thing?

Paul:  Yes.  Like Alex....she let me cut in line for the HoH thing twice,and she took the nomination well, so I feel good about her this week.  And Cody...he knifed me in the back last week, so he's getting the same this week.

Jason said he is definitely casting his vote to evict Cody, but is worried that "that asshole Ramses" is going to do the wrong thing with his vote and it will get blamed on him.

Paul:  He can't vote, because he's on the block.

Jason was relieved at that, and seemed to relax.  (BUT WE JUST LEARNED PAUL WANTS KEVIN TO SCREW OVER JASON WITH HIS VOTE THIS WEEK.)  Paul also told him that the girls all have eyes on Jason, and he needs to do some work with them to get in better position.

Paul told Jason that the girls this year are beasts and much more competitive than the guys.  Jason thinks Christmas blames him for the injury but Paul said that is bullshit, and not to worry or beat himself up about that.

Paul:  I have a brand, and want to sell myself and my products, too.  But this game is a risk...anything can happen.  And you need to listen to me because you're on Day #20, but this is Day #119 for me.  I'm trying to help you.  I know you have to stand with them on the lily pads, but you need to start separating yourself from Jessica and Cody, because your name keeps coming up around here.

After their meeting, Jason wasted no time chatting with Mark, who he seems to have a very quiet deal with.  Jason mentioned that he needs to start building relationships with the girls, since so many are throwing his name around.

They both seem to think that no one notices their connection.

(This Mark is really building some action in there......his social game is right on point and everybody likes him.)

Kevin and Elena got to know each other better, too.  Elena said that his daughters must be so proud of him now.

Kevin: Why, 'cause I'm in here?  Or I'm getting along with everybody?

Elena:  Both!  You're doing great and everybody loves you.  When I first saw you, I thought you looked like someone I recognized, maybe from a TV show.

Kevin:  Well, you're college educated, and you watch this show, so you know that the old guy is always the first target.

Kevin asked Elena what the Jury House is like, and she actually gave him some valid information, as well as some bullshit.  For example, she told him that the alcohol is unlimited.

Kevin:  Alcohol? Unlimited? mean wine?  And beer?

Elena: And liquor, too.

Kevin:  Liquor?'re kidding me.

Kevin also wondered what it's like for the first person on the Jury.

Kevin:  Is it just one guy all alone in the house?

Elena:  Well,'d have a handler, like we had before.

Kevin:  No...but who's gonna cook for me? Who is gonna do that?

(Ha ha ha. I don't think Kevin is used to fending for himself.  Surely he will charm the handler into picking up some tasty take out or something.)

They calculated that Kevin is 29 years older than Elena, born in 1961.


BBAD opened with Alex sitting like this having a very spirited conversation.  The camera flashed over to her audience for a second, and an array of male house guests were reclined on the Wave Couch, staring at her.

Jessica was upset that the DR won't let her to DR sessions dressed like this "up top".

Alex:  You guys go in there all of the time with your shirts off.

Jason:  We don't have breasts!

Kevin:  But that's human though...what do they want you to do, cut them off?

(Ha ha ha.  They just want her to cover them up, Kevin.  The DRs are for CBS, not Showtime.)

Alex was also complaining about her performance in the Pov competition.

Alex:  Where was that fucking map?  I never saw it.  I'm taking 'detail-oriented' off my resume when I get home, because it's apparently not true!

In the Have Not room, Jessica and Cody huddled together on their lily pad, talking about the upcoming Battle Back (they don't know for sure..only speculating here).

Jessica:  Revenge will be so sweet, and your return would be great for our story line as well, like a Fairy Tale.

Today, after the PoV ceremony, the two of them sat and laughed about Josh's noisy tirade.

Cody: I hope they take him to the Jury House and he clogs up the toilet every day!

Jessica: Everything he said is wrong, because you are NOT going out of here in a toad costume, and he needs to stop calling you "Meatball" all of the time. He needs to stop trying to give himself a catch phrase.

Apparently Josh has made a name for himself in the BB house by "peeing on the seat and all over the floor" and also not wiping himself properly.  Jessica wants to start asking Josh who changed his diaper, and who wiped his butt today.  Cody laughed at this, enjoying Jessica's wicked humor.

After some reflection, I think the protrusions on the V-Toad costumes are supposed to be warts, which would differentiate them from frogs, I think.  They also have to wear capes, which add the discomfort.

All of the V-Toads except Cody (the Mute) report that the costumes are very hot and sweaty.

Christmas was scheduled for surgery today (Monday) but told Paul it was rescheduled for Wednesday.  The live feeders were not able to hear the reason why, so that's interesting (feeds went to FISH).  Maybe the doctor had a scheduling change and would not want any of his information discussed on BB.  Can't say I blame him about that.  Or maybe BB wanted to be sure Christmas wouldn't miss any important TV events like today's PoV ceremony.

It's probably nothing, but my imagination is kind of going wild about this.  I discussed how serious the surgery is near the bottom of this post  and I'm kind of thinking that Production wanted the surgery to take place as close to Thursday as possible.  Because just maybe she won't be cleared to come back to the game for whatever reason.  Maybe Production will evict her instead of Cody.  But I know that can't be true....I just like to consider the sneaky options.  It's probably because Wednesday is a very slow day in the game, and I'm just trying to cause trouble.

Christmas discussed some "real bad ass guys" who train somewhere between Raleigh and Fort Bragg, promising to introduce Paul when he visits North Carolina.

Paul really misses getting tattoed and said that after last summer, he went on some sort of tattoo binge.  I expected someone to ask which tats he got after BB18, but no one did.

Paul:  I miss the feeling of getting a tat, the smell of the shop, the pain that feels good.

Paul says his mother hates his tattoos and admits that it is an addictive process.

Elena wants to get a tattoo, but says she is worried that she will then end up getting them constantly. Paul knows lots of people who only get one, and then hate it.  He kind of mocked people with just one tat, implying it looks stupid.

Elena:  I think I could rock a sleeve.

Paul agrees, saying she could get a 3/4 sleeve, so she can cover it up when necessary. He also thinks she would look great with a neck tattoo and she agrees, saying that any of her tats would be rather delicate looking, but colorful.

BE HONEST:  Has Raven ever looked better on the live feeds?

I say NO.  She looks much different without the grease paint, and different is better, in this case.

Jason's feet are covered in the proper attire for a V-Toad. This punishment is a hard's a bad curse, particularly if you are a damn Have Not, too.  It's harsh, with the hopping and the lily pad segregation and all.

And the V-Toad cape.  Don't forget that.

No this isn't the Bunny Ranch.  It's the Showmance Room in the BB19 house.

These three guys all discovered they have something in common---sweaty feet.  So they got together and developed a product that is now advertised during BBAD, "Carpe Lotion".

I like the one in the middle best, but I think the one on the right would probably be the one who likes me.

When we come back from commercial, Kevin is on a tear, putting on a show for the live feeders.  He has taught the guys to do sign language, and is drilling Ramses now, with the cameras playing along perfectly.

Kevin:  OK.  Are you ready Ramses?   Watch this.

Kevin:  ONE.

Ramses performs the requested motion for "one".

Kevin:  Look how quickly he did this, holding it right up.

Kevin:  OK.  Now.....TWO.

Ramses held them right up and Kevin was like a proud father.

Kevin:  How quickly did he get this?   Look, if you can't be proud of that, you can't be proud of much.  

Ramses can't take it and starts giggling.  And look at those pencils in that room....they must be glued down, right?  Because otherwise you could do a lot with something, write down some notes, maybe even stab someone if the points are sharp.  Just saying.

We roll through three and four, and then it's time for the big finish.

Kevin:  If he gets this, I may cry....FIVE.

Ramses throws it up and laughs as Kevin emotes happily.

Kevin feigns sobbing, telling us that "it's a new classic in the hizzie".

Yes, the "hizzie".

Ramses is laughing it up as Kevin congratulates him on this, saying that Jason set a great example for Ramses.

Then Jason starts running the routine with Kevin, but he's starting from ten and counting backwards as Kevin quickly calls out the numbers.

Jason's good at it.  I'll give him that.

The BBAD cameras give Jason a small showcase of his talents before switching to the Showmance Room, where another type of conversation is taking place.

Look, I just can't with Paul's sock look.  I just can't, but I appreciate that Paul doesn't give a crap what I can or can't with him.  Paul got new socks in his HoH basket, one pair with doughnuts on them.  I can't tell what this pair is all about.  Is it sushi, maybe?

Mark is soaking his finger in icy water, and said it feels better.

Mark:  The swelling is really coming down.

Elena made a lewd remark about how Mark should hurry up and use it then, and everyone laughs.

Then Mark tells the group about the "butterfly" slip up Elena apparently had yesterday.  (That is their code name for this event.)  It sounds like she had on that shirt, or another like it, with no underwear on.  She moved to get up and Mark says he "saw everything", and says the cameras might have seen everything, too.

Mark:  I mean, I wasn't trying to be creepy, but it caught the corner of my eye.

Mark recreated the event as Elena looked on, horrified.

But Elena disputed Mark's account, demonstrating how she was sitting, and how she got up from the bed.  (She's wearing her black swimsuit now, though)  At one point in the demonstration, Mark said her legs were higher up, so as she moved to stand Mark had bad news.


(FYI Elena also had a few naked seconds in the hours leading up to Thursday's live show, as she took off her bra right in front of a camera.  I saw chatter about that online when it happened, but I'm not sure that the "butterfly"  incident was caught on the feeds.)

There were jokes about Elena making her social media icon a butterfly, and Paul assured them that someone has already done that on her behalf.

Paul "joked" that he was getting up to go to the kitchen in the picture below, mocking Elena's account of the incident.  He told them that "those fuckers" watching will make sure her parents see the pictures, because we are watching and find their families email and other addresses.

Paul:  They make it their business to ruin your life.  Your nudes are all over, guaranteed.

Raven starts obsessing about Matt pulling up her skirt yesterday, kind of making a big deal about it.  Paul wondered if she had underwear on, and she said she did but they might be see through.

There also seemed to be some discussion about Jessica and Cody making out in the Have Not room.

Paul:  Oh, so they're way beyond that point right now..

He counseled them to not have sex at all in the house, because their parents will see it.

Paul:  Trust me, those fuckers will send it to them.  Just ask half the cast last year.....

Matt:  So, they were just DOING it?  Right on camera?

Paul:  Well, they were trying to be incognito, but they weren't.

(Yep.  Paul didn't know what was going on then, but he seems to know now....)

Jessica joined a group in the Money bedroom (or whatever) and made some light conversation with the group.  (I'm guessing Cody is in the DR.)  I forgot how chatty Jessica can be when she wants to be friendly, as she joined right into to a conversation about "splooge".

It must be so lonely to be in a house with so many people who hate you.

The Shaq advertises products on BBAD, too.  I used to have Shaquille's business card in my wallet, but I think it was still in there when I donated that old wallet to Goodwill, which makes me sick to my stomach.

Shaq used to have a company called T.W.I.M.  (The World is Mine) and the logo showed a big black cartoon hand squeezing the earth.  A TV sports broadcaster gave me the card, and I hope that whoever got that wallet recognized what they found and appreciate it.

I also have a small collection of business cards from Enron employees I met two months before the company was exposed. I would have liked to display the Shaq's card proudly alongside the Enron cards but that dream is dead now.  And no one uses business cards anymore, of course.

Upstairs Paul is saying to wait to bang until you get to the Jury House, just don't do it in here.

Paul:  And another Pro Tip....some of these cameras work even better at night, with the infrared lights.

Everyone just chews on that info for a few seconds.  Shit got real.

Jessica got comfortable on the lily pad in the bedroom, enjoying the conversation and the brush with civilization.

The Grab It has locking ratchet action!  Wow.

I was ready to make fun of this, but the commercial showed a lot of useful applications for this product.  I have some recessed can lighting in my house, and could use this to change the bulbs without a ladder.  Last year I made fun of a product advertised on BBAD, and several readers let me know that they owned that glow-in-the-dark car track, and it was great.

So, if you can comment on the Grab It, please let me know.  Only the one with the locking rachit action, though.  Apparently there are other grabbing devices that don't have that important feature.

Then Cody made the brave hop into the bedroom, assisting Jessica when BB gave her a warning.

BB:  You must wear your head at all times!

Cody brought his cloud of silent, crazy tension with him, though, and I wondered how long this visit could last.  Jessica sidling in to join them was one thing, but Cody coming in and tending to her frog head is quite another.

This is interesting.....I wondered what Alex meant when she said on her CBS bio that she's had plastic surgery 5 times, but only one time was elective.  I think this discussion covers at least part of that mystery.

Alex was flossing her teeth and talking about how her "face got blown up".  Apparently one of her teeth got cracked, and then her tooth (or gums?) got infected and she needed surgery.  She said something about not ever wanting to get surgery on her face, but she said the guy "sawed his way in there" to fix it.

Someone asked why she didn't take care of it sooner, but Alex said it happened so fast---only two days went by after her tooth cracked and she didn't even realize how serious it was.

(I know I would be tempted to procrastinate about a tooth problem.......maybe this story is a lesson to us all....)

This afternoon I watched Alex play pool with Jason, and she mentioned a guy named "David" who she "ghosted" before coming in the house.  They were dating, and he actually watches BB so she thinks he knows why she disappeared by now.

Alex:  I texted him that I was about to go radio silent, and he texted me back that he was at the gym and was about to go __________ (some trendy word for working out hard that I cannot remember).  So, hi David!  Sorry about that.

I've also heard her say she got dumped right before she started the casting process, so David sounds like a relatively-new relationship.

This bedroom is kind of blah on camera, isn't it?  Maybe the crew was burnt out by the wild cartoon color scheme of last year.

You can see how Cody remained crouched on the ground, as if he may need to jump up and escape.  The sooner he is evicted, the better off Jessica will be.  I've already heard Paul say he wants Ramses out before Jessica.  And next week will bring a whole new batch of craziness.

I hope we get an unexpected new HoH this week.  Someone shocking.

But not this shocking.

It's like having a new house guest, isn't it?  I was like, who the hell is that?

Mark got super skeeved when he touched a glass bottle of maple syrup and then saw ants crawling on his hand, minutes later.

Elena:  Did you eat any ants though?

Mark:  I don't know.

And I watched Paul call out for two spotters to help him, but only Ramses responded.  Does it look like Ramses even knows what a spotter is supposed to do?  And if he did, is he strong enough to help?

Well, Production didn't think so, either.


Paul: I do this every day.

And Paul kept right on going.  And Production didn't say anything, even when Paul hesitated with the bar against him, gaining strength to push up the weight.  With Production's bad luck this season, I was waiting for Paul to crush his own throat, but of course that did not happen.


I'm sure Ramses is still hoping.  They all talk about him as if he is a diabolical genius, but I think he's just an awkward kid with nobody to relate to in there.