Sunday, July 9, 2017

Move Your Feet and Hop To Your Seat. #BB19

Of course there was much drama yesterday about the PoV, as Paul took control this week and started bossing everybody.  And they let him, so that is everybody's fault, too.  Basically the plan this whole week was to evict Cody, no matter what.

Once they learned that Cody and Jessica wouldn't be playing for PoV, everyone relaxed and felt confident that whoever won the PoV would use it to save Alex or Josh, leaving room on the block for Cody to move his feet, and take a seat.

(I just tried unsuccessfully to find a You Tube clip of Jessie Godderz using that famous phrase on BB11, but I did learn that some fitness professional says "move your feet and lose your seat" as a sales slogan.)

Anyway, after the PoV player pick, the only real drama we had to look forward to was if Ramses won the PoV.  He nominated himself as part of his Curse, and if he won the PoV and used it to save himself, Paul would not be able to name a replacement.  Which would then screw up Paul's Big Plan.

So, the prospect of that was exciting, even though Paul browbeat Ramses about throwing the comp, even asking Kevin to badger him about it, too.  And Paul felt he had to break it down real slow for Kevin to understand the point of the mission.

Kevin:  You don't need to tell me.  I can lie pretty good.

When BBAD came on the air, the PoV was still in progress, which is pretty common when the competitions start late in the day.

BBAD shows a loop of this animated fish tank, with Orwell the BBAD Owl swimming by wearing various disguises.  In past seasons, we've seen that sometimes they put someone who isn't playing in the PoV into a room and let them talk to us while we wait, but I can't remember that happening since BB16.  But I can say that  when we saw that on BBAD, they did not show it on the live feeds.

And about Ramses....he's kind of in a bad spot right now, and is thought of as a sneaky liar by many of the house guests.  But if he was to win the PoV and use it for himself, I only see upside for him, due to the following.

1.  His curse is fulfilled.  At this time we are not sure if someone who is cursed can be cursed again, since you can only be tempted once.  So we will have to wait and see about that, but we saw signs this week that this might be the rule.  The "One Curse" rule, maybe.

2.  If Ramses saves himself, that means that Cody is staying in the house, and I have to believe that Cody is still going to be a bigger target than Ramses.  I mean, C'MON.

3.  And just because Paul threatened Ramses that he would be sure Ramses leaves if he disobeys King Friendship, that doesn't mean it's going to happen.  Paul can't even play for HoH next week, and that will be his last week of Safety, so Paul is going to need to focus on a few other life-saving initiatives.

4.  Late next week, (or maybe even earlier, depending on who wins HoH), we're going to see some Anti-Paul action among the house guests, as they move towards the first week that Paul will not have his Pendant to keep him safe.  And that is where Ramses can find some leverage to make it happen, if he can figure out where to apply that pressure.

After a few commercial breaks, BBAD started running some pre-season interviews that are always pretty good because we never see who is asking them questions.  They just fire off the answers so the format is tight.

Jessica said some SHOCKING things:

*  She wants to play as drama-free as possible. (That's not what America saw last Thursday night.)
*  She wanted to play in the middle and let the loud people on either side go first.  (Yeah, that didn't happen either.)

FYI the company she works for is SBE in LA.

And this interview style was much better for Cody, but maybe he was on better behavior if the interview felt more official since it was conducted by a TV station.  Or maybe it was earlier in the day and Cody wasn't irritated yet by being asked the same basic questions over and over. Maybe Cody just needed a damn cigarette. (He does smoke occasionally, and actually thought Production might provide some smokes for their July 4th party.)

He said he's been out of the military since 2012.  (And here it is 2017 and he still doesn't have a workable career path yet...wonder why that is....)

I don't remember learning anything new from Elena's video, but I can't believe how different she looks here....she really has lost weight in the last two weeks, but she still looks much older than her reported age of 26.

Who is this, you might be asking....

It's Big Mark, of course.  looking a lot like Big Jeff in this picture, if Big Jeff was Huge Jeff.

I actually liked Raven in this interview and found her much less annoying than usual.  She said her nickname was "Ray Bot" and then she made some robot moves.  She also said she knows her chirpiness can be very annoying, and she planned to try to keep a lid on her behavior to stay on people's good sides.

I know dancers like to have long hair so they can easily put it up, but I think Raven should consider a blunt cut just above her shoulders  (a "lob").  It would add a sophisticated swing to her look that is the total opposite of the kinder whore bows and pony bumps.  Or whatever those bumps are actually called.

I haven't watched the rest of BBAD yet, but I do know that Paul won the PoV.  Yes, Paul.  The reason it took so long is that they played individually in what sounds like a series of five escape-type rooms.  And Paul was very humble about his win, of course.

According to the house guest post-PoV chatter, the various tasks they had to do involved eating caviar, pate, and escargot, computing a math problem, and also a few other challenges while avoiding penalties.  Elena is very excited chattering about all of this, adding that she had to "sit between a big fat sweaty guy and a sweaty girl".

Well, we'll be on the edge of our seats waiting to see that on the Wednesday night CBS episode.

Apparently Ramses didn't follow Paul's stern directive, because he was told to "time out" if it was this type of challenge, but clearly Ramses did not do that.  In fact, it sounds like Ramses finished right behind Paul's time, with a difference of seven minutes.

Seven minutes is a lot of time, but it sounds like many of the PoV players did not do very well.  Or maybe they didn't want to win, in order to keep themselves as far from any blame as they can.  But last night Paul was doing quite a bit of Ramses trash-talking, including issuing orders to Elena not to talk freely to Ramses anymore.

Letting Paul take the credit and blame for this week is fine.  But Alex and Josh are both thrilled, I'm sure, because now they can breathe a sigh of relief about their chances this week.

Paul:  Ramses is the biggest piece of shit ever.

Raven tattled about Ramses reactions after the PoV, which were a dead giveaway that Ramses is a lying, cheating house guest.  Mark agreed, saying he never trusted Ramses, either.  Paul issued orders that they should all scare Ramses now, telling him if he doesn't win HoH next week, his game is done.

(Prediction (or Fantasy): Ramses will evict Paul eventually, after the others let Ramses win HoH with that intention.)


Kevin strolled up to the HoH and told an outrageous story about how you can go into a bar with a secret accomplice (who might be dressed like a bum) and scam money out of unknowing bar customers.  If you watch Better Call Saul, it sounded exactly like the type of scam that Slippin' Jimmy would pull off, except it did not appear to involve the mark's gold watch.

Paul told everyone that he was a magician as a child, and was even a junior member of the Magic Castle.  (That is a private club in LA for magician members and their guests.  They have a dress code and it can be hard to get a reservation for dinner there, if you don't know someone.)  Paul said he had to audition for that membership, and described in detail the card tricks that he performed.  Paul claims that many magicians "begged him" to share his secrets.

Paul would circulate the dining room at the Magic Castle, involving diners in card tricks and earning big tips.  Mark was fascinated by this, and followed Paul's elaborate descriptions of his card tricks closely.  He asked follow up questions, too, making sure he was able to visualize the result of the trick.  When he asked one question, he specifically stated that he didn't expect Paul to share the secret, but Paul did describe one scenario that he probably shouldn't have.

Apparently, the way that magicians are able to stun with some card tricks is that there is another deck of cards hidden somewhere on the table top (under a velvet cloth, maybe?), so the magician distracts you to look at something else while they switch out the deck of cards.

Paul:  I did that trick dozens of times, in the middle of groups and parties, and no one ever called me out on it.

Oh, Paul let us know that he NEVER does magic tricks if you ask him to, only if it's his idea and he wants to.

This morning the V-Toads gathered on a lily pad together, with Jason doing his best to socialize with a couple doing nonstop PDA.

Jason is angering many people by continuing to talk game and make plans with Cody.  People say how stupid he is, since Cody is Enemy #1 and will not be in the game much longer.  I have heard them discussing a potential Battle Back, but Paul told everyone that Victor told him that the competitions were not just physical---they involved puzzles and luck, too.

(Um...didn't Paul make time to watch that episode?  He should have, because then he would know how incredibly physical they were, requiring balance and speed.  In fact, Victor even told us that Tiffany quit in the middle of her Battle Back, out of fatigue and frustration at wearing a harness.)

And I have noticed Jessica is beginning to stop in rooms and have little conversations with people when Cody is not around.  Just light pleasantries about whatever people are doing or have just said, but it's a start.  After Cody is gone, Jessica can be a number for someone, and that is important, but it's up to her to start acting like she wants to integrate back into the scene.

Across the yard another group eyeballed the V-Toads and discussed their plans.  Note that Matt has worn that same ensemble for days now.

And later Matt scampered up to Paul's HoH office to report that Jason had been "just standing there talking to Cody" in the kitchen, causing another round of Jason-bashing.  But aren't the V-Toads being forced to stand on damn lily pads together all week,  instead of sitting on the furniture?

Ramses sat on the couch area with Kevin, as Kevin tried very hard to squeeze some conversation out of him. I have noticed, though, that Ramses does not seem to be a morning person.  Perhaps Kevin has not, however, because Kevin seems to be a morning, noon AND night person.

Kevin:  If I get up and leave, are you going to be okay?  Are you an island in this sea of people?

Kevin did get some sort of chatter going with Ramses after Ramses asked what his family is doing on a Sunday morning.  Kevin said he does go to church, but it's not the parrish that he feels that is "his parrish", the one he grew up going in.

Ramses:  How did you get so cool, Kevin?

Kevin:  From being so uncool for so long.

And Dominique was doing her usual psychoanalysis on Mark.  She just loves to pick his brain apart and get emotions out of him.  She's breaking him down and then trying to build him back up and it is hard to watch.

For one thing, Dominique is clearly OBSESSED with talking shit about Elena, with indirect and direct statements that are designed to get Mark to re-think his friendship with her.  Last night at the chess board, I watched Dominique fish repeatedly for information about Mark's intimacy with Elena.

Dominique:  You know how it goes....first you'll start kissing, and then you'll figure out how you can be sneaky and do more....oh, so you're already kissing....what else.....did you do more?

Then she kept saying that once sex is involved, the emotions will come, and I'm not sure if she's trying to warn Mark of Elena's feelings, or of Mark's feelings about Elena.

But this morning Dominique was up Mark's ass about a dream he mentioned having about his ex-girlfriend.  He says he has been thinking about her and Dominique said it's normal, before getting into a barrage of statements and loaded questions designed to confuse Mark and ensure Dominique is the only one he trusts.

Dominique:  The nurse?  You miss her?  You want to rekindle that?

Mark: I don't know.

Dominique:  You do know.

Mark:  Probably.  I don't know.

Dominique:  You don't want to say?  Or you don't want to know?

And so on.  She went ON and ON with the pestering questions, not letting Mark have a moment to just sit and think.

Dominique ended up getting Mark to acknowledge that his dreams probably mean that something is missing in his situation now, and that he's probably making all kinds of mistakes now.

Mark:  I guess I have had a pattern of dating girls with no substance, and it's not satisfying.

Dominique: You're just repeating your pattern, and I'm glad I'm here to help you with that, as much jealousy as that produces.

When she said that part, she looked across the yard pointedly at Elena.  But is Dominique the one who is jealous?

Dominique:  Have you talked to Elena about your Mom?

Mark: A little bit.....I tried to.

So, now that Dominique has brought Mark's mom into the conversation again, she knows where it will lead.

Across the yard Kevin makes his way to the hammock, muttering that he hopes no one he knows sees this, because he's never tried a hammock before.  He obviously has opinions of people who lay in hammocks, and those opinions might have overturned.

Kevin:  Oh...oh.  Now I know why people who have hammocks are fat...this is beautiful out here.

But the cameras still want to cover this depressing scene, as Mark starts to cry with his T-shirt over his face.

Can you see Dominique grin when he started crying in the picture below?  Because she did, elated that she had the power to make that happen, and joyful that so many others are able to witness it.  Dominique is very smart, and is playing this game hard, and I actually blame Mark for falling victim to her.  She profiled Mark weeks ago and knew she could run him.  Some people think she is falling in love with Mark somehow, but surely someone as strong as Dominique would want someone at least as strong as she is, instead of a pushover.

But would someone strong constantly talk about how God "speaks to her" and gives her instructions?  I watched someone try and ask about Dominique's vote during the first week of feeds, and she said that "God hadn't spoken to her yet" about the vote, and that God would tell her what to do.  That's a red flag to me, if I was playing the game with her.  Because it is obviously the statement of someone who never wants to be accountable for all of her actions, or else she believes it, which is an entirely different problem.

GET THIS:  Last night at the chess board Dominique went on and on about how she had never heard of Big Brother, but she had two different dreams that led to her being here.  I started zoning out at the God-Talk, but she did say one dream had her living in a house in Los Angeles, where she has never been, living with people she didn't know.

Personally, I think she fell asleep watching The Bachelor and she dreamed about being cast on that show.  Maybe God did want her to appear on a trashy reality show, and she will win and continue doing God's Work.  But I blame Mark for being so gullible and giving her so much power over him.   But as Dominique surely knows, Mark is a product of what has happened in his life, and is still searching for motherly direction..

Dominique also started pressuring Mark to choose either her or Elena in this game.  It's too soon for her to start pushing that, I think, but she already knows Mark won't tell Elena, because he doesn't like to cause conflict.

The only time that the V-Toads can take off their costumes is if they are in the pool, so I guess it's time for a tan.

FYI - Jason tried that little Have Not lockbox and he lost, so he's stuck being a Have Not for two weeks.  For his sake, I hope it is two Have Not Cycles, rather than weeks, so he can get the little two-day break that usually comes between the two cycles.

Paul and Jason actually talked for a long time yesterday about some sort of hair restoration specialist Paul knows in LA, and he told Jason that he can get Jason $30,000 worth of services for $10,000.  Jason would like to have fuller hair again and listened closely to Paul's stories of great hair growth on people Paul knows.  Jason wants to talk to his wife about it since it is so expensive, but just about everyone in the room with them encouraged Jason to pursue it without regrets, because he works hard and deserves it.

And the ants have come marching back, causing a cleaning crew to touch just about everything in every drawer or cabinet and wipe everything down.

And whenever this happens on BB, whoever does the cleaning always huffs and puffs about how hard they work to keep things clean, and how everyone else is a slob.  It's a Big Brother tradition, people.

Josh worked very hard, and Raven is apparently a clean freak who says she will indeed freak out if someone comes in there and makes a mess.

Get ready to freak then Raven, because there is more filth and dirt to come.

The cabinets appear neat and orderly, don't they?

Putting the dishes on the floor while you clean the cabinets is kind of a problem for me, though.

This is one time Jessica put on her Party Manners and made a few quips to the kitchen-cleaning crew, talking about her tan and also a suggestive comment Josh had just made. She didn't get a big reaction, but I didn't hear them trash talk her when she walked off, either.

Paul has been talking about sending Jessica and Ramses out right after Cody, so Cody will have to beat both of them in the Battle Back, but as I've said, Paul won't be HoH next week, and has a decent chance of being the one out after his Safety is gone.  So maybe we'll get to see that big Cody-Paul match up in the Battle Back.  And maybe Paul's Boy Victor will be on hand to award the belt.

I'm just guessing, of course.  But it's all possible.

Kevin shared his somewhat-extensive knowledge of Vanilla Ice, recounting the problems he had after being a former rap star, and also his new home renovation show on the DIY network.

Kevin:  His real name is Rob Van Winkle, and he's a cool guy.  I like him.  Ice Ice Baby...that's him.

(Earlier today, I heard Kevin start singing the Partridge Family classic, I Think I Love You.  Kevin is just nonstop entertainment and I love it when he starts cursing a blue streak.)

I just watched Raven scrub this countertop down, so I must conclude that the horrible finish on the surface is deliberate.  They should  have done a camera check on it, because it doesn't have to be shiny and reflect everything, but it shouldn't look like a greasy, smeared mess, either.

At least we solved that mystery.  I can go ahead and worry about something else now.

Ramsey was hungry and wanted to cook during the cleaning effort, but he assured them that he plans to clean up his mess ASAP.

This is what Ramses cooked.  Yes, an egg.  So disgusting.

Christmas slept in today.  Wouldn't you, if you had some really good pain pills?  She said herself that she has a lighter dose to take during the daytime, so she can function, but a heavier pain reliever at night so she can rest.  So that's not really fair.  Maybe other house guests have prescriptions for sleeping pills and such, too, and we're not seeing that, but Christmas does get the benefit of being drugged every night.

Her surgery is tomorrow, on Monday, and I think only Paul and Dominique are aware of it.  Instead, she will tell the others that she is just seeing the doctor for a checkup and "recast".  In reality, she told them that the doctors said her break is in one of the worst places, and that not only are two bones broken, but a bunch of other bones basically got shoved out of the way.  So the surgery will place pins in a bunch of bones in an attempt to make things right.  She said that because she is an athlete, this is the course to take in order to give her foot increased flexibility.

I'm sorry she was so seriously injured, and this will likely impact the rest of her life.  She will likely have foot pain perpetually, and might get beeped at the airport for having metal in her body.  Get ready to get strip searched Christmas!  I guess wearing skimpy clothes can make that process easier.

We will never get to see Christmas be a Bad Ass competitor in the BB house, because she said it might take four months to heal.  I guess she is just trying to get in as many CBS episodes as she can at this point. (Did you hear her plug her book during her eviction speech?  Always Be Closing, Christmas.)

The whole thing is really a shame, but it's not Jason's fault either.  He didn't mean to trip and fall, and he didn't mean to trip and fall on her foot.  He just meant to give Christmas a horsey ride to the music, and he may have done that every morning up until that point, based on what Christmas said.  And that is what Jason will have to answer for when he gets home, believe me.

I hope Whistle-Nut knows a good florist, because he's gonna need it.

Kevin can't believe that so much has happened today, while some of these kids are still in bed.

Kevin:  ...and Josh took every thing out of every drawer and cabinet and wiped everything down with pneumonia.

(Um.....if true, that is going to cause a whole different set of problems....)

Kevin also rhapsodized about the breakfast they missed.  Apparently Paul carried out a tray of French Toast with sliced fruit and Kevin was delighted with it.

Kevin told Elena and Mark that casting sure did get a bunch of good-looking people for this show.

Kevin:  I'm staring at the two of you, and you're just stunning, both of ya.