Sunday, July 2, 2017

Somebody is Putting on a Show. #BB19


Some of the info in this post is outdated, because in the middle of writing it, the PoV ceremony was held, turning the house upside down and blindsiding two different potential nominees for eviction, as well as the HoH and the rest of the cast.  But otherwise everything is fine.  Ha ha ha.


Saturday was a free day for the house guests, with no ceremonies or competitions, and with no competition sets to be built until next week's HoH competition (presumably), the backyard is open for their enjoyment.

After being locked down inside for a few days, everyone was itching to get out there and enjoy themselves.  I like the way we can see the swans whispering over there in the reflection.

All of the fit house guests were taking advantage of the day, getting in a work out and taking some sun.  It should be no surprise that Cody was at the forefront of this movement, seeming as happy as is possible for him.

Things had been rather rocky between Cody and Jessica, with both of them miffed at each other and being a little stand-offish, but they seemed to have come to an understanding last night.  But we'll hear more about that later, perhaps.

(Question:  Did Production do a thorough-enough job on Cody's background screening?  I wonder if that has been discussed backstage in light of recent events and comments Cody has made?  I'm betting "Yes" on the latter, and maybe "No" on the former.)

So the Cowboy looks pretty fit.  He's been talking about his bull-riding background.  I'm guessing that profession is often a short one, due to the stress it would put on your body, not to mention your mind.  I think Jason decided to switch to being a clown after he got stomped in the head by a bull and required a helicopter ride to the hospital.  Just a guess.

I thought Jason might be evicted this week, but now he has a good chance to stay, but of course things can change on a dime in there.  Whoever leaves will likely be sent to some sort of holding pen like Cameron was, with a chance to return to the game.  I think Cameron's post-eviction interviews were structured in a way to monitor what he would know about the game, and I think if Cameron had been released to go home, he would have turned up on Twitter or Reddit.

I heard Matt bring up Jason's potential competition skills.  He brought up past competitions where the house guests had to sit and hang on to something to win.

Matt:  You know damn well he'll be up there all night.

(Um....a bull ride only lasts about 9 seconds, Matt.  And wouldn't you want to forge a connection with the guy who might be able to win that?  Jason isn't seeming like the devious type, so a little bit of friendly might go a long way with him.)

I think Christmas Abbott might be the backup eviction plan this week, actually, but only because Paul won three weeks of Safety.  Cody won't find that out unless he tries to nominate Paul. And that will happen today, so you might want to get your snacks and party treats ready for the aftermath of that.

Alex seems to do a lot of stretching and yoga-type strength movements, rather than running around doing cardio.  But this is the first time I'm watching these people outside roaming free, so I really don't know yet.

The Alex vs. The House story line might be a really good one this year, though.  Because I think if any of the female house guests are going to be the Surprise BadAss  this year, it is Alex.  If you watch that first Safety competition again, you will hear Cody say "much respect, Alex" or something along those lines. And that comment was made way before she told him she hoped he "ate shit", so Cody was already impressed with Alex at that point.

Alex vs. Jessica might be a thing, too.  And I told you last night about how Jessica isn't afraid to pop a bitch right in the mouth.  So I hope a few of the strong guys are still in the house when that fight breaks out.....I think there is the potential for big damage there.

Kevin was out there doing a few things, too.  He looks damn good for a 55-year-old, or even a 45-year-old.

Here's the thing:  If you need to lose some weight, don't delay it any longer.  Start making changes now.  Because if you stay lean, your muscle tone is more visible, and you aren't putting excess pressure on your bones and joints.  Our bodies are designed to work a certain way, and adding excess weight is harmful to your entire system.

If you want to make a change, stop making excuses and do it.  Take this BB season and use it----replace one bad food habit with a good one each of the three months of the season.  You will see a change and the momentum will push you forward to keep going.

OK.  End of sermon.  Back to the smut and filth.

I'm not sure Jillian is into working out, based on what we know about her, and what I see here.  But I'll keep you posted on that.

Jillian is well on her way to being put on the block every week.  I think it's inevitable, based on the way she conducts herself in the house.  I've watched Jillian enter a room full of people, like the lounge (I think we may be calling it "The Wave Room" this season.) or the HoH room. You can see the anxiety on her face as she sidles in and tries to find a place to sit or stand.  She doesn't even greet anyone or say anything.  She just looks so uncomfortable and out-of-place.  I'm not saying that I would be able to handle it all, either, but she's in there and I'm out here so I'm talking about it.

She said her sister Ashley told her that if she's on the block, to act calm and not to be angry.  That was great advice, Ashley, but I wish you had coached Jillian on how to handle these group settings.  With this group, all she needs to do is to make a derogatory Josh Comment upon entering the room right now, because everyone can agree with her and add their own twist to it.

For example:

If Josh is not in the room Jillian is entering:  "Oh my god....Josh is in the bathroom crying and talking to the cameras."

Or if Josh is in the room Jillian is entering:  "Josh, are you the one that ate peanut butter with a spoon and put it back in the drawer?"

Either way she would be creating some sort of conversation or mood, making herself part of the group.  And Josh has made himself the butt of the joke in just about every way possible, every day, so please don't feel sorry for him.

After winning the PoV, Alex bought some time in there, and being more relaxed for a few days is going to help her game.  Maybe not with the girls, but certainly the guys are learning to appreciate her strength and nonstop energy levels.  Last night Jason was joking that when no one is around Alex climbs up the walls like Spider Man.

I'm down for an Alex HoH next week.  Let's see those claws come out, and let some crocodile tears flow.

Kevin is the big star of the internet right now.  He even has his own slashtag: #ThingsKevinSays.

Check it's funny, because Kevin is hilarious most of the time.  He has turned out to be one of the most refreshing BB personalities in years. This is the way Donny Thompson should have played, because while Donny was grumpily trying to maintain his at-home sleeping schedule, Kevin is absorbing everything and everyone and making strong bonds with every person in the house.  Donny's behavior was what made his BB16 cast members doubt him----Donny didn't give them much to go on, so they assumed he was lying about his profession, and who he is.

But Kevin is The Man in there, as welcome with the Kool Kids as the Outcasts.  I'll bet every reality casting company is frantically searching for Another Kevin to cast on every cable channel this fall.

Christmas had her own workout going, that's for sure.  She does a lot of lunges with different variations, as every part of her body seems to ripple under the surface.  There is no jiggle happening on Christmas, that's for sure.  It's really something to see, and I'm not the only one who feels that way. The cameras pan over to show Mark sitting for a moment, staring, but not in a creepy way.  Just admiring the view, Christmas' strength, and her dedication.

Mark:  I am thoroughly enjoying watching your workout Christmas.

(Last night Mark acknowledged that they should have voted Christmas out instead of Cameron.)

Mark also admired Cody's method of doing a one-legged lunge, getting all the way down and then back up on one leg.

Mark:  I don't get impressed by much, but I'm impressed by that.  That is hard to do.

Kevin came outside again and wanted to get everybody's attention.

Kevin: Guys, I have an announcement to make.  Paul made some French Toast in there, and it's so good that I'm eatin' it slow....look....see?  You better go in there and get some before it's all gone.

Kevin ended up "having thirds", he liked the French Toast so much.  When Paul offered butter and maple syrup, Kevin seemed almost offended by that, preferring to nibble it dry, straight from the pan.

(Probably another reason why Kevin is 55 and so fit. If you use MyFitnessPal, you understand what I'm saying-----the condiments and toppings can RUIN your diet all by themselves.)

Jessica works out, too, but not as much as you'd think she would.  At least she didn't yesterday.  She basically watched Cody and Mark's feats of strength, jumping in here and there.  In this scene, Jillian came over to sit with her and make a rather awkward pitch about the vote this week.

Jillian's pitch to Jessica involves Jessica going to Cody on her behalf, to speak for her.  Because Jillian has tried to talk to Cody before, and didn't get much back, of course.

Jillian:.....and tell him that it's just been so hard, being on the block every time, and....

Jessica abruptly interrupted her to yell something at someone on the other side of the yard.  Jillian patiently waited a moment, and then woodenly went back into her pitch.  Then she stood up and walked off, like the transaction was over.

Not for one moment did Jillian relax into the lounge chair, trying to even pretend to make a personal connection with Jessica.  Sometimes you need to fake it, Jillian.  And I'll amend that statement to say "All of the time you need to fake it in the BB house, Jillian."

And Jessica fakes it, too.  She has been telling everyone that Cody is fatigued with his HoH status and doesn't want to discuss his PoV ceremony plans, and would like everyone to give him some space about it.  But I think she says that because she is embarrassed to say that every time she tries to bring it up with him, he shuts her down quickly.  She's covering for him.  It's obvious.

Oh, and Jessica frequently refers to Alex as "Pao Pao" when talking about her with the other showmance girls.  It is kind of funny, but Jessica is so unapologetic about being mean---I think we're going to be surprised at how far Jessica is willing to go to win this game.  I think Jessica can be ruthless in a way that would frighten Elena.  (And I think Jessica did call Alex "Panda", but I can't prove that with any facts right now.  I doubt CBS is going to show that to us tonight, but how fun it would be if they would....)

Maybe Jessica and Cody found true love, and are soulmates, after all.

Ramses is getting a pass this week, I think.  I heard that Cody may have told him that, but I didn't hear that with my own ears.

BUT GET THIS:  We know Paul is the person who won the temptation this week, voted on by America.  When Paul took that temptation (ie: kept the safety pendant), then someone gets a consequence.  I think the cast each got an envelope that told them privately if they were "cursed" or not.  Some of the fans are speculating that whoever got cursed might have to replace the pendent holder if they are nominated.  There are a lot of holes to poke with that theory, but you can see the point --- that if indeed Ramses does have The Curse, he might end up sitting next to Jillian for eviction.

In any case, I'm sure Ramses is enjoying the view in the backyard today, as we all are.  But it's time for Ramses to get involved with the work out.

Mark picked up Ramses, and slung him over his shoulders and proceed to do lunges.

You can see Cody doing his one-legged lunge in the background.  Jessica actually compared it to an ice-skating move called "Shoot the Frog", or something like that.  (Sometimes I remember to take notes, and sometimes I don't, or the scribbles don't make sense later.)

Mark went all the way across the yard, showing perfect lunge form as you can see in the picture below.  And Ramses coached Mark as he made each step, cheering him on with praise.

After they finished, Mark asked Ramses if that was comfortable for him, and if he liked it.  When Ramses gave it the okay, Mark said it felt great to him, so he wanted to try it again sometime.

(What do you think Ramses weighs?  Surely over 130 or so, right?  Mark is a damn He Man, ya'll.)

I know people want to see Jessica, so I got a couple of shots for you when she sashayed across the backyard.  Don't say I never did anything for you.

This is the ice skating move.  Everyone was impressed by it, including Mark.

Well, I guess Cody was impressed, but he didn't say it.  Cody isn't big on public praise.  Or maybe even private praise.

(I just remembered that Cody is a dad.....might want to go ahead and book that child's therapist sessions now, right?)

Cody did go over to give her a kiss, but Jessica took that opportunity to do some game talking, trying to discuss the PoV replacement choice with him.

No, Cody did not want to discuss any specifics, of course.

Jessica shared her frustrations about Cody with Elena, of course.  Elena doesn't have much to complain about with Mark, though.

(I really, really, REALLY hope these showmances break up soon, at least a few of them.  Because I'm not interested in continuing to document BB showmance seasons.  It's ridiculous to me.)

Raven came out and made some sort of loud statement about how she was in the DR for such a long time.  Right on cue, BB called her to come back in the DR, so she went.

Raven has a very toned body, with nary an unwanted fat cell in sight.  I'm sure dancing every day as a profession doesn't allow for a lot of fat formation.  So get your kids in a dance class, America, and make fitness a part of every day life.

I don't know about you, but in the preseason I did not envision Raven being a part of the In Crowd this summer.  I expected her to be the quirky one who stayed on the fringes, making people laugh a little.  But here she is, part of the Showmance Trio.  She doesn't have much in common with Jessica and Elena, who are both VERY graphic and obscene much of the time.  I think her connection to them must have begun when she forged a bond with Matt, because Matt teamed up with Mark and Cody.

I don't think all is well with that little group, though.  But it's going well enough to get through the first HoH cycle without anyone rocking the boat in a major way.

I don't see Dominique on the feeds very much---I think we are on different shifts.  She was discussing her hair extensions here.  I know she said she spent around $500 or so to invest in extensions to bring with her this summer.

Then I heard Cody talking to Mark about Jessica, and at first I thought Cody was having a sensitive moment.

Cody:  Jessica is SMOKING.

Mark:  Yeah, she is.

Cody:  And the clothes she wears?  Every day they keep getting better.

(I've heard Cody say before that he thought Natalie was the hottest BB girl ever, until he saw Jessica.  Paul added that Natalie gained 15 pounds last summer, and she's only 4'11".)

But then Cody went back to being, well, Cody.

Cody: ....but she's seen now that if she wants to take one step back, I'm gonna take two steps back.  She won't win with me that way...

(I hope we get to see some DR sessions with Romantic Mark opining on Cody's views of relationships with women.)

And just like every other BB season, the house guests are going to be cooped up in the house for most of the July 4th holiday, due to the annual celebration that his held on the Radford Lot, just beyond the backyard wall of the Big Brother Soundstage.

When the crowds are there, I guess there is plenty of potential for people to say things that the house guests can hear over the wall, so they can't take the risk of that happening.  Plus there is live music, and CBS doesn't want to pay the license fee in order to broadcast it live on the feeds.

So they will be locked inside what is sure to be a pressure-cooker, after the nominations change.  They will probably get a short feed break to hear their own music in the house, and eat some  catered barbeque, but otherwise they will be trapped together indoors, like rats in a cage.

Last night on BBAD, we saw a meeting of the Kool Kids in their HoH Clubhouse.  And believe it or not, Matt is one of the only house guests whose voice I don't recognize without seeing him. I just haven't seen him on the feeds enough to know his voice.  Every other guy has a distinctive accent or tone, except Matt.

I know our relationship looked so promising just a few days ago.  Well, things change.

Matt does bring up rational points when they discuss what their plans should be this week, as far as the vote goes.  But their group really doesn't know who is going to be nominated, because Cody doesn't like to share.

I'll tell you one thing:  Raven always knows where the camera is pointed.

They always make fun of how Josh is a camera-whore, but Raven is someone who really seems to pour it on when the lens is focused on her.  You can see that she got all tarted up for the cameras.  Yesterday I watched Paul tell both Raven and Elena that they looked so much better with natural faces.  When they objected Paul told them that a little makeup is fine, but too much makes them look hard, and harsh.

But I guess they won't take that type of advice from Paul.  A pity.  This isn't a dance recital, Raven.

They were all talking about comments that Josh has made, and how annoying he is to everyone.  Yesterday they hatched a plan to get Alex really mad at Josh, so that she will have a target other than them if she is HoH.  So Paul told Josh that Alex said she thinks he is cute, and they keep telling Alex that Josh is into her.

So they are comparing notes on the way Josh is following her around like a puppy downstairs, and they can tell that Alex is getting really fed up with it.

Paul:  She is going to blow.

Someone brought up that Josh said that he was "10 pounds away from looking just like Mark", or something like that.  They all laughed and laughed at Crazy Josh and his zany ideas.  Then Jessica brought up some comments that Cody made earlier today in the kitchen.

Cody:  Oh, you mean about the trannies?


You can see Paul's jaw drop when he realizes what is happening.  Note that both Mark and Jessica were in the kitchen with Cody earlier and both knew better than to get involved.   Jessica quickly left Cody's camera frame and only came back when he stopped talking.  I guess that is one YouTube video that even an Instagram model wants no part of.

Cody basically laughs and says there is no way that "they" can think a Marine with combat experience is going to care about what a small fraction of people thinks about him calling them "trannies".  And this afternoon he also said that no one is going to expect him to be sympathetic to someone else's "psychological causes".

You can see Paul shrink to the other side of the bed, while Jessica laughs and says she's sorry she brought it up.  There was uncomfortable silence while Cody made some comment that showed he knew what he said was offensive, and understood why no one wanted to co-sign it alongside him.

Paul just sipped his drink.

Look:  Cody knows what everyone is going to say about his comments, but he doesn't care.  This won't be the last time he will make an inappropriate comment. To me the surprising part is how Jessica seems to take delight in the situation.  Maybe not the comments, but the situation.  The infamy maybe?  They know they are on POP TV right now.  Jessica knows how the live feeds work, too.

REMEMBER THIS:  I think Cody told everyone that he is 27, not 32, and has he mentioned to them that he has a young child?  I heard him campaign to get to Jury because he has an old truck that needs a new alternator, so he wants the full stipend.  No mention of young Paisley though.  Which is probably best for young Paisley.

Also, I didn't bring this up earlier, because I was hoping to just take the easy route, but did you hear what Cody said about the Ferguson riots?  He said he heard the prediction of violence, so he booked a plane ticket and joined the crowds in the streets.  He said he "dressed like a bum" and was there with all of the TV coverage and saw the tear gas and the store lootings.  I was in shock, listening to this, but I think he gave a specific incident where he may have appeared on the live TV broadcast, maybe even speaking in front of a camera.  (It was the BBC.)

The other house guests in the kitchen were like, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?  And Cody's reply was, TO SEE IF I COULD BE THERE AND LIVE THROUGH IT.

So, I'm going to cut and paste my comment from earlier in this post, in case someone in Production needs reminding.

(Question:  Did Production do a thorough-enough job on Cody's background screening?  I wonder if that has been discussed backstage in light of recent events and comments Cody has made?  I'm betting "Yes" on the latter, and maybe "No" on the former.)


They discussed how they are suspicious of Ramsey, because he may have pretended not to know much about BB, but little things he says and does indicate that he knows a lot more than he pretends to, but the reasons I heard just now are rather flimsy.  For example:

1.  After either a competition ended, Raven came out of the storage room with the other showmance girls and Ramses asked her if she was doing "her happy dance" in there.

2.  Ramses asked Paul, "yeah, what did YOUR card say?" after they got their temptation cards.  Or whatever.

See?  I'm not convinced that Ramses is a BB fan from those factors, and I already know Ramses is a BB fan.  Strange logic, but I know they are all eager to put the heat on someone else, and it might as well be Ramses.

Kevin strolled in, and Paul asked him what he thinks of the curse, and who might have it.

Kevin: Curse?  What fuckin' curse?  We're all fuckin' cursed, trapped in here.

And everyone laughs, because it's the Kevin Show.

Downstairs Cody was cooking something and sort of shooting the breeze with Jason and Kevin when he came back downstairs.  Jason was horsing around with Alex and she took off her shirt for a minute, pretending to get ready to fight him.  The guys talked about what a firecracker Alex is, like the Tasmanian Devil.  Or Wonder Woman.  They think that she can do anything.

Then they talked about how much Alex eats, and Cody thinks she might eat 10,000 calories per day and still burn it off.  Then Kevin tried to make some sort of joke about what Alex might eat when she goes to Applebee's.

Cody:  You know what I'm thinking...I'm thinking about what it would be like to take Alex on a date, and how much the bill would be for her dinner....

And right on cue, the shady BBAD camera crew shifts to Jessica's reaction as she watches Cody and all of the other guys fraternize with Alex on the Spy Screen, obviously laughing it up down there.

They wonder what sort of deal Cody has with Alex, because something is not being shared and Jessica knows it.  Paul think's it's weird, too, but Paul is always trying to plant the seeds of doubt about people.

Jason joined them and soon sat down and joined in on a conversation about BB18, where Paul shared a number of entertaining thoughts about that experience:

*  He told the story of finding the Round Trip ticket during BB18, and how Julie had them open their envelopes after the ticket was no longer valid.

*  He also talked about how he was the last one awakened with the clues came on the screen last summer, and how he used his common sense to be the first one to "Call Paris".  Paul claims that he never even saw the sticker on the airplane and described the tension of everyone running around trying to solve the riddle.

*  Paul said that James was shaking really bad up there on The Wall, and it was clear that he was going to drop at any minute.  He said he told Nicole not to make a deal with him, because it was clear that she was going to beat James easily.

*  James didn't do a damn thing all season, Paul said, he just sat on his ass and watched everyone else play.

*  And that is why Paul didn't take James to the end, no matter what the "fucking nerds on Reddit" say about who would have won if he did.  Paul went through each member of the jury, analyzing their votes to make his case.  He says he would rather Nicole win over him than James, because Paul respected the game she played.

*  That money wasn't enough to change Paul, because he says he won enough last summer. The fan support he was shown was everything to him.

*  Paul mentioned everybody getting upset about his calling Michelle a cunt.  When Paul got home, his parents told him he really"shook the tables" with that comment. But Paul doesn't see the big deal about it, basically saying the 60-year-olds who got really upset are probably cunts themselves.

(It's just words people.  Don't get so twisted about every little thing, please.)

I just want to remind you that Elena noted on her CBS Bio that she's already had a breast reduction.  And with her level of brutal honesty, I feel we must believe her.

Oh, it's kind of hard to believe that, but I think it's true.  She does go braless a lot, so I guess that would be somewhat impossible if there had been no medical intervention.

Because gravity, right?

Christmas faces the silver snake, but doesn't seem worried about it at all.

She was giving Jillian encouragement about staying this week, letting her know that she definitely had the odds and votes to stay.

She even moved over to sit next to her so it wouldn't be so obvious that the two of them were game-talking about the vote.

Meanwhile upstairs Paul was heated as he described what Wikipedia said about him making a racial comment about James being Asian.  Paul defended himself with a list of reasons why describing James as a "little Asian man" is no different than people referring to him as a "little Armenian man".

Paul: I'm kind of small....I'm okay then.  It's not racist. It's descriptive.

After someone is evicted, BBAD frequently airs a bumper that makes sport of the house guest just given the boot, by showing a portion of their pre-season interview.

Cameron:  Oh, I'm sure I'll be there to the very end!

(Or something like that.)

Then Kevin came back upstairs all dressed up for an "appearance" on Dominique's "Big Brother After Dark" talk show.


Kevin:  I'm all ready, and she's still putting on her makeup.  So I'm waiting.  But I'm ready.

Paul said he looked like a fucking hundred bucks and Kevin said he bought six suits at Express.

Ramses:  You brought them all in here?

Kevin:  Yeah.  You wanna wear one?

I think Kevin said his jacket was a 36.

Kevin:  Here, try it on.

And we go to commercial.  Do you see Jillian in the background?  Well, right in the middle of their conversation, Jillian came in the HoH room and didn't say anything to anyone, and no one said anything to her.  She didn't even take a seat, she just started trying all the keys in the safe deposit boxes again.  And no one said anything to her about it.

Jillian needs to learn how to converse with people.  At least say a damn greeting.  Fake it Jillian.  Fake it while you still can.

(Yes, Jillian and Christmas found the master safe deposit box key yesterday and  hid it up on the top shelf, but BB told them to STOP IT so even if those boxes will be a twist, they are not a twist now.)

And Dominique got all dressed up for her damn show.  I hate this kind of thing.  It is always the thirstiest move in the book to try and "put on a show".

Remember Austin and Jase and their show on BB17?  Porsche and Adam on BB13?  So many douchey moments.

Anyway, Dominique is really full of herself with this, and made a big production of asking Kevin questions and then taking audience feedback.  She had to remind people that it was "her show" several times, and obviously this show is designed for her to corner the other house guests into revealing information to hurt their game.  For example, she doesn't ask many questions about life back home, but instead asks questions designed to get views of the BB game, and more importantly, the other house guests.

Dominique is playing a good game right now, but most of that is situational.  They are all talking about how smart she is, and they notice that she listens a lot.  I can't stand it when she leaves the room saying she's "gonna pray on that".

I think Dominique is going to PREY on that, and maybe blame it on God's will.  Just PLAY Dominique, and leave the religious guilt trip out of it.

Apparently when Dominique was doing her makeup, she gave a soliloquy that some were impressed with.  I didn't hear it myself, but this is what a poster on Reddit had to say about it.

So Dominique is shrewd, ya'll.  But I think we already knew that.

Also this Heinz commercial with the weiner dogs is everything.  That little girl in the front is dressed as a ketchup packet!