Saturday, July 1, 2017

Always With the Dirty Talking. #BB19

You probably know that Alex Ow won the PoV yesterday, because she is good under pressure and really needed to win.  The PoV ceremony will likely be held on Monday, as usual, so Cody has until then to decide who to nominate in Alex's place.  Jillian, of course, is well on her way to Professional Pawn status at this point, having already sat on the block for eviction next to Cameron, Christmas, Megan and Alex at one time or another.

Not that Cody wants or needs any feedback about his PoV decision.  Cody doesn't give two craps about what you, me, or anybody out there thinks about it.   In fact, you shouldn't even ask about it, if you don't want to get the Cody Stinkeye.


Everyone took their time getting ready for the PoV.  I really like all of the mirrors in there this season...they give the room some unexpected texture.

Jessica's "romance" with Cody has not been without fact, I have serious doubts they will be able to pretend to like each other for even another week.  Because I'm starting to hear things like this:

In the backyard before the feeds went live, Cody told Jessica that he would "never date a girl like her" outside the house.  Now, we can all imagine a scenario where that statement leads into a huge compliment for Jessica, such as  that Cody has never been lucky enough to meet someone so pretty, or something along those lines.  But no, Cody did not mean that as a compliment, and Jessica knew it.  She said she didn't want to deal with that comment, so she just marched back in the house and has apparently continued to pretend to forget it.

Jessica:  That comment is still on my mind, though.

Kevin is lucky enough to shower on the Hot side this week, since he's somehow not a Have Not.  The first week of Have Nots is always the worst in there, because they don't have any extra foods to eat, and Production is pretty strict about all of the sleeping rules so they can get some good Have Not footage.

***ALSO***  Raven apparently won some sort of Slop Pass or Never Not Pass in the PoV yesterday, so she was happy that she'll never have to confront the slop diet issue this summer.

Kevin saw something over on the Cold side of the shower and needed to consult with someone about it.  He called out to his BFF Paul, to come over to the glass for a minute.

Kevin:  I need you to see something, Paul....not don't need to look at just need to look at that over there.

I have to admit that I was taken back and a little horrified to see this, too.

Luckily Dominique was standing in front of the mirror and knew what Kevin was referring to, so she took that opportunity to let us all know about it.  And being Dominique, she wanted to speak as many words as possible.

Dominique:  That's AFRICAN BLACK SOAP.  It's Ramses' AFRICAN BLACK SOAP.  I know what it's AFRICAN BLACK SOAP.  It's AFRICAN BLACK SOAP!  It's good for your skin.

Both Kevin and Paul immediately knew this was a Danger Zone, so Kevin zipped it and didn't say another word until his shower was finished.  Paul handled the uncomfortable moment a different way, in his own spastic style.

Paul:  Oh, do you use it?  Where can I get it?  Is that what that is?

Dominique.  No.  I don't use it.  I have used it before though.

All of the girls spent extra effort getting ready for the PoV, because of the pending TV time, of course.  And frankly, what else do they have to do today?

And I swear that Christmas tried on at least three bras, to find the one she wanted to wear.  And she discussed each choice with Kevin, changing first in the shower stall and then showing him the view and asking his opinion.

I guess it's okay with CBS, or they wouldn't let her parade around like this.  Although I think it would only look obscene if she had a big chest and was bouncing around or something, right?  Christmas has a more muscular look and I find it inspiring to see her muscles.

(I lift about three times per week, but in order to develop the muscles that Christmas has, you need hours of strength training each day, along with a specific diet, of course.)

Kevin sat on the bathroom couch and chatted with all of the girls as they primped and put on their faces.  He got Dominique to come over and show him a close up of her face, and told her she looked spectacular.

Kevin:  You girls look gorgeous....really spectacular.  Now go out there and enjoy your day in the California sunshine.

(You gotta love Kevin.)

I remember Kevin giving Jillian some good compliments, too, after she finished her look.  Jillian is under pressure here, but I think she knows she needs to maintain her composure and hope the target stays on someone else.  She came into this game telling Big Jeff how witty and outspoken she is, but being in that house has been kind of a slap in the face, I think.

She's having trouble with some of the girls, and she's also not feeling very well.  I still don't know exactly what type of surgery she had, but whatever it is is making the Have Not life extra hard on her.  She can't physically hold much in her stomach, so her nutrients and other macros need to provide a certain amount of nutritional elements, I think.  I've heard her say a few times that Production would not allow her to have her shakes (weight loss shakes?) in the house, probably unless she wins HoH.

So that's interesting.  In a couple of different ways.

OK.  Take a look.  I did not hear what Kevin had to say about Elena's makeup, but surely he would not approve of this look.  There are DOZENS of mirrors in that damn bathroom, so there is no way that Elena didn't take a quick peek at herself.

I mean, I CANNOT with this.  Nope.  And Mark has already told her once that I am aware of that he thinks she is prettier without it.  Even Ole the Bull would be frightened, right? And Ole the Bull has surely seen his share of ugly clowns.

The actual PoV competition only caused the live feeds to be down for around 3 hours, which seems shorter than usual.  When the feeds returned, I heard the guys complimenting Jillian on her efforts---I guess she put out a strong effort, maybe even coming in second to Alex.

Apparently as the PoV host, Matt had to dress like a mermaid.  By the way, I did not understand why they made Nicole Franzel wear that cheap-looking Princess costume to host the last HoH competition. I didn't see how that fit the theme of anything.  If Nicole had any Diva in her she might have put her foot down and insisted on wearing her own fashions.  Because Nicole likes to shop for the summer fashions.

Paul went in the bedroom to give some sincere props to Alex for winning the competition.  It sounds like they had to "balance stars", so I'm thinking the competition might be like that one in BB16 where they had to hang planets on a mobile-like contraption.

But stars or starfish?  How would that lead to Matt dressed as a Mermaid?  Why not just put him in that same Princess costume Nicole had to wear?  Now THAT would be funny, but probably too BBOTT for CBS.

Paul:  You're just like me....I got put on the block the first week, and I won PoV too.

Alex:  I told ya'll...I'm scrappy!

Christmas frequently comments about competing---she really wanted to compete today, and realizes that within a few weeks there will be three potential competitions to play in each week, so she's stoked for that.

Paul had green leaves in his hair, but I have no clue about the potential reasons for this.

And another look, in case you don't believe me.

That Raven cakes on a lot of makeup, too.  The cushions on the couch, as well as Mark and Matt's T-shirts are going to be filthy.

Elena, Raven, and Jessica were not happy about Alex winning PoV.  In fact, I think I can safely state that they were Mad as Hell.  Apparently they expected Cody to win the PoV, after winning the first Safety comp, and then the HoH as well.

How dare Cody not win the PoV?

In fact, Jessica thinks Cody might have thrown the competition, to let Alex win.  And she's mad about it....damned mad.

Jessica:  I'm mad about it!  I'm damned mad!

Cody has apparently made a few statements about respecting Alex's gumption, and will to win.  And Jessica is quite offended by that.  Apparently Jessica is used to getting what she wants, particularly if she feels she is giving something in return. Which she has been, I'm sure.

After they were alone in the HoH room, Jessica had a Come-to-Jesus meeting with Cody, saying that his admiration for Alex is disrespectful to her, and while she trusts his game sense, she thinks he might be pursing the wrong strategy and it will bring them all down.  Because Cody told her that he wants to bring Alex over to their side next week, and persuade her to put up her own teammates.

By the way, PonyBoy calls Alex's side "The Outsiders".

But Cody put Jessica on notice that he doesn't feel the need to discuss his game moves with her, so she just stalked off to the bathroom, where there is unfortunately no door to slam.

Cody:  I think Alex deserves to be here.  She crushed that first comp (the one on TV where she told him to "eat shit"") and she just won today.  She deserves her spot in this game.

(So....Paul is right about how things are going to BLOW between all of these spunky, bitchy girls.  And that gives me hope, because I don't really want to blog about showmances all summer.)

Raven has hurt herself in every competition, she says.  I guess she just throws caution to the wind and goes for it. I hope Production is watching her closely, though, for obvious reasons.

Last night in the living room the energy was really, really low.  The "no napping" rule combined with staying up late the night before is resulting in a big correction in everyone's sleeping schedule.

But they have to stay up until BBAD is almost over, and that show is three hours long on Friday nights.  So there were constant apologies to the viewers and Production as they struggled to stay awake.  Mark laid in Elena's lap, like this, and there was frequent chatter within the group about how Elena's left boob keeps flopping on top of Mark's head.

And there was quite a bit of FILTHY conversation, being led for the most part by Elena and Jessica, who both have FILTHY mouths and are not inhibited about saying or admitting to ANYTHING.

And Mark's dick is always a popular topic of discussion, but note that he never starts the conversation.  The girls are always speculating about the size and shape, and there are at least two GIFs floating around out there of both girls trying to cop a feel through Mark's sweatpants.  Last night Elena wanted to reminisce about the time that Mark got a boner in the kitchen.

Elena:  Remember when Mark got a boner in the kitchen?  I just barely hugged him and then moved one of my hips....

Ramses made an excuse for Mark, saying that maybe Mark had been saving up.

Jason does a pretty incredible Australian accent---at least the house guests think so.  It might be interesting to get an Aussie's opinion on that.  Jason also seems to know a fair amount of Aussie slang and geography, which makes him sound even more legit.

Ramses:  Seriously you're freaking me out. Maybe you're the're really Australian and were on  AUBB3 or something, and now you're here.

Jason explained the origin of "hush puppies" to Kevin, but I think my side of the country has a different story about it.  Hush puppies can be delicious, though, as I think we all can agree.  We can come together on that.

In fact, I just whipped up a batch of hush puppies in my kitchen.  (Not.)

I am seeing Ramses have fun for the first time on the live feeds.  It sounds like they did have to approach some sort of serpent, and depending on the color of the snake's eyes, they were blessed (Paul) or cursed (potentially Ramses).  I guess we'll learn more on Sunday night.

Kevin is eating a cookie here, but the watermark covers it. Sorry.

Kevin has shared with Paul in confidence that he is the one who took the $25,000.  Paul says he has convinced everyone that Ramses is the one who took it, though. Paul has really been planting seeds with Cody that Ramses is a much bigger long-term threat in the game than Jason, in hopes that Ramses is the one to go on the block via the PoV.

Paul:  Kevin no one is mentioning your name!  And people have NO IDEA that you're the one with the money.  But Dominique is onto you...she thinks you are really smart and is saying that.  So be careful around need to keep dumbing it down.

Kevin:  OK.  I just thought she thought I'm a big idiot...who knew.

They all think that Thursday's show was originally supposed to be a live episode, and are positive that Megan leaving the game changed that.  Elena is sure of this, and so is Ramses, I think.  Elena had an outfit she had planned to wear that night on TV, and she sounds a bit bitter anouncing that.

No one is very happy about the whole Megan situation, and it sounds like they were given very limited information, which is appropriate. In fact, I'l be surprised if we hear much about it at all on the CBS show.


I plan to cover this quickly, and then just move on, because we have a long way to go this summer and I'm bored with this story already.  It turns out that Megan left the house several days before we thought she did, but I don't think she was contractually able to let the world know that she left until the actual BB timeline caught up with what the TV viewers know.  So that is why the news was officially released after the Thursday CBS episode aired, which coincided with the launch of the live feeds.

A few fans directly contacted Megan, and she responded, which always seems strange with a recently-evicted house guest who didn't get sequestered on the Jury.

I hope Megan isn't driving while she's doing all this tweeting and texting.

I was very distracted reading this one, because I was like, "Did Megan throw her phone?  What happened here?" until I realized this is not Megan's phone.  It belongs to Madie,  who had a little exchange going with Megan.

Megan had to submit her statement to Production before releasing it to her local news outlet.  They had to approve what she said....I seriously doubt there will be any detailed information given to the CBS viewers about Megan's reported reasons for leaving, for many reasons that include the following:

1.  CBS doesn't have time to check her statement for accuracy ---no way are they going to slander whoever or whatever organization Megan was involved with at the time of the incident without having the CBS Legal Team do a thorough risk assessment and/or investigation.

2.  Megan's statement implies that the treatment she received from the guys in the BB house was rough....very rough.  So, Cody and Josh might look like total dicks on the CBS episodes so far, but no way does CBS want the viewers to get the idea that real danger is involved.

3.  And maybe most of all, Megan's statement begs the question:  How did Megan pass the admissions test to be on BB19?  Don't they perform psychological screening in addition to medical tests?  After all, Megan didn't seem to be hiding any of this when she thoughtfully completed her CBS Bio questionnaire.  In fact, here is an excerpt from that very Bio:

Didn't anyone in Production ask her what she meant by that?  And it appears to be common knowledge out there that Megan has a service dog....isn't that worthy of a few inquiries?

Here is the link to Megan's local news story.  I'm sure this is one of the biggest stories their website has ever featured.


And speaking of Tiffany Rousso, what did Paul say about her on the live feeds to get this response?

OK, so Elena and Jessica have FILTHY mouths, remember?  They are constantly wanting to talk about sex, and frequently burst out with exclamations and insults to each other, of a colorful nature.  I just typed up a little bullet point list of a few examples, but then I thought better of it after imagining the type of traffic I would be getting as people searched terms such as "shove a dick in your mouth".

Sorry. Couldn't resist throwing one out there.

Ramses says he can't believe they are being allowed to talk like that, and Kevin frequently says "oh my" or has a similar reaction to the topics being discussed by these girls. They started having a really interesting chat after Jessica said she'd been in a number of fights.

Elena: Fights?  Really?

Jessica:  Yeah, I'm from Boston.  We scrap.

Kevin:  Always.

Jessica also said she'd been bitten twice before during fights, and launched into her stories.  But then Elena started also telling a story at the same time about getting in some sort of verbal altercation.  It was hard to hear, but I was straining to hear what Jessica said because it sounded really gritty.  But then big mouth Josh started telling a story over both of them with his  loud flabby voice and messed it all up.  Fuck you, Josh.

Josh is such a train wreck.  Every single time he sits down in a group and notices the BB cameras swiveling around, he has to comment on it, such as:

*  Oh look, the cameras are seeing me now.
*  My Mami saw me break down on TV, on the camera.
*  When I walk into a room I see the cameras.

Ugh.  I can say that one time Jessica slugged some girl in the mouth, and got her fist stuck in there, against the girl's teeth.  And the other bite happened when some guy bit her finger when she was trying to help some girl get up.  Or something like that.  And another girl sucker-punched Jessica with a blow to the head.

So, at least I was able to hear that much over Josh's bellowing, in order to provide that important information.

The cameras finally moved to a dark bedroom where someone was sleeping, patiently waiting for Jessica to finish describing all of her beat downs.

When Ramses took off his glasses, Jessica took notice.

Jessica:  Ramses, if you weren't gay....WOOF.

Ramsey laughed and ran around the living room, saying that would be a great twist.  He is much more alive and participatory in this group, perhaps since it is the Power Group at the moment.

Jessica still wanted to discuss sexual matters though.  I don't think they were drinking at all, either, so I can't imagine how things will go if they get liquored up in there.

Note that we are now able to watch these kids freely spewing the Eff Word on BBAD.  If you haven't watched the BBOTT episodes, they didn't cut anything on those shows...lots of cursing and other adult content.  Julie even made a point to say "shit" on the live finale.  

Those cameras really follow Jessica around, too.  And she knows it.

Is it a coincidence that one of the current BBAD commercials features a bull?  This bull has a very dirty T-shirt, perhaps because he's in a China Shop.  And I guess the bull had a few accidents in there, as you can see.

But as luck would have it, Purex got those stains right out.  I would have liked a shot of the bull maybe sniffing the clean shirt and pawing the ground with his hoof in approval.


I'm not sure Jason will survive this week.  I think Cody really wants to backdoor Paul, but since Paul has the Three Week Safety he'll have to choose someone else. And that someone else will likely be Jason or Ramses.  So Jason's time to tell his stories might be limited, so let's hear some.  Last night Jason was in bed, with Kevin nearby.  As usual, Kevin is a natural conversationalist, always appearing interested in the topic, and asking questions to prove this.

*  Jason has carpentry and construction skills, and mentioned something he liked on the PoV competition set that he plans to build at home.  I think it's some sort of globe-shaped cabinet with a lid that pulls up.

Kevin:  You can do that?  You can build that?

Jason:  Yeah.  I do everything at home.  I built a house one time.

Kevin:  What is it, just dirt outside all around your house?  Like farmland?

Jason explained the layout, and Kevin was surprised to hear about his basement.

*  Kevin:  What about those big storms?  The tornados?

Jason:  I haven't had a problem with that yet.

Kevin: I hope I didn't jinx ya just now.

*  Kevin wondered if Jason can build a tree house for his son.  Sure, Jason said, no problem. (Lucky kid!)

*  Kevin wondered if Jason ever performs on the East Coast.

Jason:  They've been trying to get me to for two years, but they won't pay for me to bring Ole.  They want me to go to Cow Town USA.

Kevin:  What is that?

Jason:  I don't know.  But it's famous.

Kevin:  Not in my circles, it's not.

They think Cow Town USA might be in New Jersey, but they are not sure.  (It is.)

*  Jason has three bulls.  One is about 1,400 lbs. and is used to pull Whistle-Nut's trailer in the shows.  Another is about 800 lbs. and is "used for fighting".  But Ole is about 2,000 lbs and goes everywhere with Jason.

Jason:  Ole has done two weddings!  He's been in department stores, schools, even a grocery store.  He is in thousands of pictures with kids riding him...he's a big draw.

Kevin:  What, so Ole is taking this season off?  Is that good for him?

Jason:  He usually just lays down in the trailer while we're driving.

Kevin:  And you sit in there with him? For like, hours?

Jason:  Yeah.

Kevin:  Have you ever had a beer with Ole?

Jason:, not in the trailer.

Kevin:  No? Well, do me a favor.  Do that when you get home. Have a beer with Ole.

*  Jason also described how hard it is to make a profit farming, only recommending it if it runs in your family so "you have everything handed to you", or if you are just growing for your own family to use.

Jason:  You've got to pay for the seed, the labor, spraying it about three times, your land, your equipment....and the government subsidies aren't a good idea to me.

Kevin:  And you can get fucked by Mother sounds so hard.


And speaking of interesting....well, no, this is not interesting.  Everyone was just watching the clock and waiting to go to bed last night.  And we need to face an unpleasant fact:

*  Raven and Matt are boring.

At least they are when I'm watching.  They might be laying low under the radar, but they are boring.

Matt's yawning, see?  It's a borefest with these two.

Raven put her socked foot on the kitchen counter.  And that sock is dirty.

But it's still boring.

Luckily after the commercial break Jessica and Ramses were crawling around for some reason, trying to sneak up on Matt and Elena, I guess.

When they arrived at their destination though, they started singing some song, so the cameras changed and we never got any comedic payout.

But we did see Mark squeezing Elena's leg, checking her muscle tone, I guess.

Ramses was really kissing up, saying that they are both so funny they need their own reality show.  Oh, and Ramses is really trying to act like he doesn't know much about Big Brother, even though both Mark and Elena are perfectly willing to showcase their rather-extensive BB knowledge of the seasons.

For example, Elena went through each BB season and named the showmances in each one.


You know, I'm not doing this for the money, or the attention, but sometimes I make what I think is a great contribution to the BB community that is not properly acknowledged.  For example, I was looking for some information about Paul from my BB18 coverage, and I came across what I thought was some exciting information.

I don't remember anyone responding at all to this topical (at the time) observation.

Am I crazy?  Or am I the only sane one, because how was this not a thing?  Right?


Jason did a live BB event on Facebook with The Twins.  Did anyone watch it?

Jason looks great in his new habitat, California.  I'm assuming that he found a job, but I don't know any details about how he's living.  Maybe those Twins can take him out and show him a good time, because you know that they know how to do that-ah.

Jason didn't really have any gay bars or places to meet dates where he lived in Msssachusetts, so I trust he is taking advantage of the vibrant scene in Los Angeles.   It's a new life for Jason, and I hope he has happiness, health and wealth out there.

Those Twins are getting their's, too.  They are always on the move, keeping things going for themselves.