Friday, June 30, 2017

It May Not Be Paradise, But There is Already Trouble There. #BB19

This is our first day on the live feeds, and the PoV competition will be taking place later this afternoon.  Production usually gives them HOURS to get ready, particularly with so many people in there and only so much mirror and sink space. 

Here are a few details about the PoV lineup:

PoV Players:

Cody - HoH
Jillian - Nominated for eviction
Alex - Nominated for eviction
Matt - likely a random pick
Raven - likely a random pick
Jason -  may have been chosen by somebody, based on a comment made by Elena

Matt - PoV host

SPOILER ALERT:  Alex won PoV, so nerves are high about who will be the replacement nomination.  Ramses or Jason, most likely, with Jillian as the pawn, AGAIN.


I posted some news earlier today about what happened when the feeds went live, and Megan leaving the game and all.  This first set of pictures were taken earlier today, and some were taken last night as I tried to figure out what in the world is going on in there.

Jessica is up in that HoH room like she owns the place.  I just watched her give Cody shit about his respect for what a strong player Alex is....she expected Cody to apologize and ask for forgiveness.  But that's not what happened.  Cody doesn't play that game.  He basically told Jessica to Know Her Role and Shut Her Hole.

Meanwhile everyone in this little room is getting some shut-eye, too.  I think there is at least one double bed in there.  This is the room with all the cash displayed on the walls.

Last night whenever Josh entered a room of the house,  he started running his mouth and trying to put on a show starring himself, and his constant apologies to America about whatever it is he thinks we saw him do.  We all saw Josh making a fool of himself on last night's CBS show, boohooing and crying about missing his family while slipping in and out of some sort of roid rage about Megan.

Apparently she was discussing her strategy with him at some point, and she mentioned wanting to "get the strong guys out".  And when Josh took offense to that, she told him she wasn't even thinking of him as being one of the strong guys.  Or something like that.  And that led to Josh having An Episode during the HoH competition after snatching that golden apple.  That golden apple gave him safety for the week, but prevented his team from being able to win HoH.

And that worked out great for Kevin, too, because as his personal consequence for taking the $25,000 temptation last week, he was required to throw the HoH competition.  Before the competition started, Kevin explained to us that he would have to throw the team competition, so I think we were all prepared for discomfort watching that, but as luck would have it, Kevin was on Josh's team.  So Josh took the entire fall for their loss, which did Kevin a real solid, even though Josh had no idea about that.  And Josh came out ahead, too, because if Kevin had to throw the HoH, he would have the same result, but without Safety for the week.  And Josh is someone who will need all the Safety he can get for the foreseeable future.

The Have Nots are apparently Josh, Ramses and Jillian, but I don't know exactly how that was decided, since Kevin was on their HoH team, too.  Kevin really did make out like a bandit so far.  I've heard Ramses' name tossed around a few times as someone who could have taken the $25,000, but he seems pretty quiet in their otherwise.

I guess slop will do that to someone.  The Have Not room has beds with "spikes" in them, and really sharp objects coming out of the walls.  I will get a picture as soon as  I can.  Perhaps the Have Not lifestyle has zapped Ramses' energy.  This was him last night wondering if the feeds were live or not.

We've learned Jason doesn't have a lot of hair under that cowboy hat. I wonder if wearing a hat all of the time exacerbates hair loss.

Christmas has been working on her relationships in there, and seems very friendly with just about everyone, including Josh who is in the doghouse as well as the Have Not room.  She has stated that she likes her bra to show under her shirts, and discusses this frequently with whoever is around.  I just watched her carry on for a good 15 minutes with Kevin about which bra she should wear today,

Jillian isn't making friends with many of the girls, unfortunately, probably due in large part because of who her friends are.  Jillian was Megan's friend, and there is chatter going on around the house that Jillian said that Jessica, Elena, Christmas and Raven are here to get famous.

To me, that sounds like something Alex would say, and loudly too, but even if that is the case then Jillian wold be guilty by association.  Jillian is pretty calm about being nominated, and carried herself well in that first vote-off when Cameron was evicted.

By the way, Josh was one of the ones who voted for Christmas to leave --- I wonder if she knows that?

Ramses managed to lift his head up a little.  Has he counted all of the apples in that room yet?  Ramses has apparently been telling people that he got some sort of "curse" in the game, and that they should stay away from him so BB doesn't curse them too this week.  No one knows if this is true or not, but Ramses might have made that up to put some space between him and his friends in the game, who are on the wrong side of things this week.  But everyone thinks Ramses is playing both sides in there, so he obviously started playing too hard, too fast.

I think he was talking about Josh being hard to be around, and then guess who appeared in the doorway?

Josh.  He seemed to be everywhere when the feeds went live last night, hungry for any sort of camera time he could get.  He also spoke to the cameras about how his grandfather (or uncle?) has cancer, and that is why he has been so emotional in the house.  Then one of the guys asked him what kind of cancer it was, and Josh said "I dunno".

The fans are comparing Josh to Devin, but I think that is a disservice to Devin.  Devin at least won a few competitions, and preferred to talk at the other house guests, rather than the cameras.  And Devin had a daughter, too, of course.

Kevin is getting along great in there, and can join any group with ease.  He's getting an automatic pass in there right now.  As predicted, he and Paul have a strong bond.  I heard him refer to him as "Pimpin' Paul" a few times, and frequently calls for him to ask his opinion of something, or to ask questions about the game.

Kevin wore a towel on his head and they all had some fun with that.

At different points both Paul and Jason tried to help Christmas get into a suitcase in order to pull a prank.  I am hyperventilating thinking about how Christmas asked Jason a few times to swear he would let her back out, and then he zipped up the zipper all the way before quickly unzipping it.

I can't believe Production let him do that....what if her hair got stuck in the zipper or something?  She may have only had about a minute of air in there if she got trapped.  But I've never been inside of a suitcase, and I'm not about to start now.

I think Dominique, Mark and Matt may have the best social games going right now. I haven't heard anybody use any of their names in a negative way, and all three seem like welcome additions to every group they roll up on.

Elena and Mark seem to be a thing, too, although they tend to make a joke out of it most of the time.

Mark told her this morning that he likes to see her without all the makeup and lipstick, telling her that she's so pretty without it.  She was talking back to him like she didn't believe him, but I know Mark was telling her the truth.  Because Elena's makeup is BAD, making her look like the real clown in there, unfortunately.

Elena has a very bawdy sense of humor, but it seems like no one gets offended when she makes racy or suggestive comments.  But maybe I just haven't seen any of those negative reactions yet.  Paul thinks that this group of girls is particularly vicious, and that they are confrontational in a manner that points to danger in the coming weeks.

Elena was throwing some dirt at Josh, saying that before the feeds went live, Elena was "joking" that everybody needed to hurry up and get their sexual stuff out of the way before then, and then "joked" that the guys should get in line for BJ's with her.  She was apparently very offended when Josh stepped forward and said "Me first", like she was really going to do it.

Maybe it's just me, but if you're going to "joke" about that, you can't get offended if somebody "jokes" back at you.  And you all know I'm not a Josh Apologist.  I just don't think you should dish it out if you can't take it.

Elena is sick this morning.  Some sort of food issue.

I have heard the announcer say "No napping, house guests" in that smug tone that sounds like he's happy to inflict pain, so maybe that BBOTT rule really is being implemented this season.

Paul: They are being brutal about that this year.

I still love that plush blue chair, even though Josh was sitting in it earlier.  I would have chosen a different rug for that room----I think the black print is too dark for that space, but I know they need some dirt-absorbent fabrics in there somewhere.

I really hope this season isn't going to be all about the showmances.  Raven did tell all of them about her medical issues, and all of the non-PoV players are going to wear green today in support of Raven's cause.  So that's nice.

Things got serious last night when Mark had an important question for Elena.  He wondered what happened to the taco meat....where did it go?

Matt:  Did someone throw it out?  There was a lot left... at home I would have eaten it.

Elena:  It's not like it was sitting out there for two days...was it?

Last night when the feeds went live Mark sat at the chessboard with Dominique, but the chess pieces never moved.  They were flirting quietly while talking about the game.  She told him they have a long road ahead of them, and they both need to hold it together.

And Kevin tried to counsel Josh about acting like such a dang fool in front of the cameras.  Kevin suggested he pick a certain time each day to go to a camera and say hello to his loved ones, so they know when to watch for it.

Kevin can get away with saying just about anything, due to his own particular style and flair.

We saw that Kevin mentioned on his CBS Bio that he met Derrick one time --I think it might have been at a BB casting event.  Here is what Derrick had to say about Kevin.

And this is about seeing Kevin at the casting event, I think.


And the Cowboy is the first one officially up for the day, it seems.  Jason said good morning to his wife and son, and then did some stretches.  I'll bet Jason is no stranger to back pain, after what he does for a living.  And watching him give Paul that bull ride the other night gave me a backache, just watching it.

Jason:  I hope ya'll are mowing the hay today at need to do that today.

Jason also asked somebody (Ashley, I think?) to take Gatlin along to care for the animals.  I'm sure Jason misses home quite a bit by now.  He might be headed home sooner rather than later, if these three showmances start running the game.  It may be a long hard ride for Jason this summer, if things don't change quickly around there.

Production had to call out a lot of names this morning, begging them to get up and change their damn batteries.  I heard Mark say that he got "a good four hours of sleep" last night.

Jason said the wake up music today wasn't that inspiring for him.

Kevin:  That one song....that was the song in Goodfellas where they're throwing rocks at the houses...they played that!

(Did they play that for you Kevin?)

Cody is actually speaking here and there.  It is rather shocking to hear his voice, because it is so flat and devoid of emotion.  He knows how to make the coffee, though.

Mark came in and took his own sweet time putting his shirt on.  He has kind of a Big Jeff thing going with his accent and playful tone.  He is able to flirt without sounding like he's proposing anything, and no one seems to take offense or get jealous.

Mark really is like a big teddy bear.

I was shocked to see Cody visit Alex and Jillian and ask them about their plans this week.  He wondered why they weren't really approaching the other girls, and he let them know that the other girls are talking about it.

He seemed to be encouraging them, maybe letting them know that they had a chance to both stay in the game this week.

Jillian:  I've been talking to them, but I haven't been coming up to your room.  Like, I talked to Raven today in the kitchen.

(Last night, I watched Jillian go up to the HoH and get a rather cold response from them.  She said she could tell they had been talking about her so she went right back downstairs.)

This year instead of watching the fish swim during a live feed break, we are watching live footage from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, which is such a great idea.  Every once in awhile a message comes on screen to let us know all of the pets we see are available for adoption.

The cats go flying by, chasing each other and pouncing on things.  It's so fun to watch.  According to the BB Twitter account, we are going to see puppies this season, too.

Someone pointed out that the footage is a loop, and not live, due to the way some of the crate doors are positioned, but it's still fun to watch, anyway.  As long as they update the footage frequently, I think the viewers will be amused.  And if it helps pets get adopted, I don't see why this wouldn't be a great situation for everyone involved.

So, great idea, whoever thought of this and took the time to make the connections.

 Elena is a smart girl.  She started coaching Mark on how to play the PoV in case it involves spelling long words.  Matt came in and she suggested that they start making a mental list of long words made up of shorter words, so that they had options when gathering letters.

They all thought about this, and then Matt said there were a lot of sports words like that they could use, like "scoreboard".

Raven came in and Elena asked her if she had any plans, in case it's a spelling competition.

Raven:  I've been thinking about "circumstances".

Meanwhile Matt finally got his luggage unpacked and put away.  I guess all the beds in that showmance room are filled up now.

Kevin was full of wardrobe information today. He's wearing a pair of Levi's today that have been in his closet for a long time, never worn.

Kevin:  And here I am, wearing them today. And I never thought I would.  But now that I'm in here, I think it would look weird if I"m sitting around on the bathroom couch in a suit and tie all the time.

There was a discussion about laundry. Mark needs to do a wash soon, and Elena says she's almost out of underwear, so she's in the same boat, too.

Kevin:  At home I have packages of new underwear in the closet, never opened.  I like to use up underwear and then get out the new ones.

Paul sat alone in the Lounge (or Den, or whatever) and had a talk with us.  He confirmed that he did win the Temptation that America voted for, so he's safe for the next three weeks.  He thanked us for voting, and also said it's been such a crazy year since he left the BB house.  He appreciates all the friendship.

Paul:  I've been playing the social game so I don't even think I need the safety, so it really needs to stay a secret.  It can hurt me if that gets out, because I've worked hard to get that target off me.  I've tried to fade in the background, like I'm wearing a disguise.  This is a really good group in here...there are some really funny people and we laugh a lot.

Paul says he's tried to be an asset to the newbies, by telling them things about playing the game that he had to learn for himself.

Paul:  I've been giving them advice about how to handle things, and what will come next in the game.  And I'm giving them good advice now, so they trust me.  But maybe in a few weeks, a month, I'll start giving them some bad advice.  They can't blame it on me, because I'm not telling anyone to do anything---I'm just giving advice.

Paul also addressed Nicole, saying he understands what she said last year, that it's so different coming in to play a second time.

Paul:  I am so calm this time.  I'm not panicking, I totally feel like I have the upper hand.  People are coming to me for information.  Watch......if I walk into a room, people start coming over to me to make comments or ask questions.  They flock to me....and I can really use that in the next month or so.  I've already had my time---I got my attention, so I try to just step back and let them take the stage.

Paul:  The female players last year were kind of duds...but the girls in here are so vicious and confrontational.  They're pretending to be nice to each other now, but give it a few weeks and they are just going to be going after each other.  It's going to be brutal.  And the guys are kind of lackluster this time.  There are some strong players as far as competitions go, but that's about it.  Cody is similar to Paulie last year, but the difference is that Paulie was basically a nice guy to begin with.  Cody is just mean, and doesn't care about anyone's feelings.  Like what he said in the nomination speech, that he didn't like Megan...he's just mean.  They're kissing his butt now, but give it two weeks and I think everyone will turn on him.


Paul:  I'm going to try and let it all happen.  They're gonna come for me, but don't think it will happen for a few weeks, if I keep going like this.  Some people are just blowing up their games, like Josh, Jason and Ramses.  And I'm just going to let it happen


Paul:  Like that thing with Megan.  I overheard Alex talking about the racist comment that was made about her, so I went and let Jessica know what was being said.  Jessica went down there to confront Alex and Megan ended up going home over it.  And I was the one who pulled strings to make that happen.

That is Christmas on the right, straddling Elena on the bathroom couch.

Cody continues to look at his phone (or whatever) while Paul gladly gawks.

Jessica looks different in the morning, doesn't she?  She chatted lightly with Dominique about the makeup brands they both like, and don't like.

The fans really liked Jessica's preseason attitude of being a BB Badass like Janelle.  But since the live feeds turned on, there is negative chatter about her.  You know, with all the showmance crap.  Maybe the CBS audience likes to see that, but the hardcore BB SuperFans generally don't like the showmances at all, and feel they ruin the game.

That's not entirely Jessica's fault, though.  I'm sure she would tell us not to hate the player, hate the game.  Jessica is probably quite used to haters hating her, and succeeding anyway.  Just a guess.

Meanwhile, last year's showmances seemed to crumble quickly, and some have apparently burned to the ground.  Here is one of Corey's recent tweets, which carries a certain tone for those of us who watched Big Brother live feeds last summer.

And here is a recent exchange between James and Natalie.  James discussed some of their "relationship woes" with a media outlet, I think, and Natalie ended up serving him with legal papers, which James waved around and made fun of one time on Periscope.  I actually watched James' broadcast, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

#TeamJames...ha ha ha.  Never thought you'd see that, did you?

And one final comment here from Natalie.  She's missing a noun in this emotion-filled Tweet, but I think we know what she's trying to say. more thing.  Michelle and Natalie went to some BB gathering months ago, and yadda yadda yadda apparently Natalie slept in the same bed as BBOTT's Monte Massongill.  We know this because Big Meech tweeted out a picture of them in bed together.  So....Big Meech is still stirring up shit, people.  I think that might have been the last straw in the whole Natalie-James fauxmance.

So, back to this season....Mark is probably spoken for by Elena, but I hope he still plays the field in there.  He is very kind to Ramses, too, putting a hand on his shoulder and asking him about his night in the Have Not room.

And of course Elena is there, too.  Mark is light and breezy, enjoying himself and keeping everybody's mood light.

I haven't heard Mark's name thrown out as a threat at all.  He's not on anybody's radar, that I know of.

Kevin showed Matt all of the detergents and cleaners that are in the storage room, opening up all of the cabinets and commenting on things.

Christmas tried to do an infommercial for her Bad Ass books, but the cameras moved away as soon as they figured out what she was up to.

Mark found the lotion.  Just thought you'd like to know.

And I am officially announcing my breakup with Matt today. It's just not going to work out, obviously.

He does look like he likes her, doesn't he?

Alex Kidwell said he spoke with Matt's roommate Pat, and both of them wish Matt would use his sexuality to play the game a little longer, rather than to get into a situation with just one girl.

Alex didn't say this part, but we're all thinking it:  Why Raven Matt?  Why not go for Christmas instead?  Or just flirt around like Mark is trying to do?

That Raven is persistent, though.  And confident, too. You have to give her props for that.