Friday, June 23, 2017

Meet Jessica Graf - She's Playing the Long Game. Or is That the Wrong Game? #BB19

It's time to meet Jessica Graf, who tells Big Jeff that she's "from the East Coast", but she lives in LA now and is a "VIP Concierge".

Jeff:  Oooo.

Jessica:  Yeah, fancy....

Jeff:  You have to deal with some fancy people, I'll bet.

Jessica:  Yeah, a lot of people have high demands in LA, I guess you can say.

Jessica seems very weary.....did she get a good night's sleep in sequester?  Is she bored already?

I think "VIP Concierge" means she works in the VIP room of a club, probably hostessing or selling bottles.

Jeff wonders if she'll use some of those VIP skills in the BB house this summer.

Jessica:  I'm going to bring some of those people-pleasing skills into the house in some respects, but I'm not gonna people-please too much, ya know?  I'm a strong girl....I can stand my own ground.

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of da show?

Jessica, very calmly, making total eye contact with Jeff:  I'm a huge fan of the show. I immediately knew who you were.

Jeff:  You did?

Jessica turns towards the camera and tells us that she didn't know she was coming in to interview with Jeff though.  (How can she not know that, if she's a fan of the show?)

Jessica:  I'm kind of fangirling out right now.

Jeff:  Well, you were fangirling out over the Diary Room!

Jessica:  I always wanted to come in here, so yeah.  I'm freaking out on the inside, I've gotta say.

Jeff:  Well let it go then!  We're live on the internet (pointing at us).

Jessica laughs at this.  Perhaps she is trained to be calm when seeing famous people at her job so she was suppressing her energy.  Perhaps she will perk up now and show some excitement.

Jessica:  This is the couch, so I'm gonna be like.....

Jeff, hands in the air: WHOA.

Basically Jessica just laid down on the couch, giving Jeff a come-hither look.  I think she may have put her legs or her feet on Big Jeff, and that is why he said "WHOA".  She was clearly invading Jeff's personal space.  It's hard for me not to stare at Jessica's chest, so I can imagine what is going on now in the control room, or inside Jeff Schroeder's noggin.

But Jessica knows that, of course.  She wants to be noticed for this. Otherwise, why would she wear this top?

Jeff tries to get the interview back on track, so he asks her if she will be a more physical or mental player.

Jessica:  I am actually going to be the whole trifecta...

Jeff is obviously amused by this.  Big Jeff has heard it all by now....and probably seen it all, too.

Jessica:  I am going to do a little bit of puppeteering, a little bit of social game...I'm actually going to depend mostly on my social game this season.

(Do you think Jessica knows that "Trifecta" involves three things?  If so, I'm unclear as to how she calculated that with the list she just gave.)

Jessica:  I plan on being Miss Congeniality, which is how I'm trying to brand myself this year.

As opposed to last year?  Jeff turns to give us a look before turning back to Jessica and her chest.

Jessica: I plan to be the life of the party this season so people want to keep me around because what are they going to do without me?

(I am usually totally oblivious to who wears hair extensions or not, but I can clearly see that situation happening on the left side of Jessica's head as she turns towards Jeff.  I can ALWAYS spot a hair piece on a man, though, which is one of my special gifts.)

Jessica is single, so Jeff wonders if she's open to a relationship in the house, since relationships have become so important on the show and all.

Jessica, clearly anticipating this question: So, growing up watching Big Brother I lived for the showmances.  It was the highlight of the season, so if there wasn't a good showmance it really bummed me out.

Jessica:  So I always anticipated that when I came in the house I would be in this epic showmance, but it's jut not gonna happen this summer.

Jeff:  Why not?

Jessica:  Because I'm here for the money.  I want to win this season, because rolling into next season...

Jeff already knows what she's about to say, and laughs in a "can you believe this shit" type of laugh, looking at us.  I'll bet if Jeff pointed out that a showmance results in extra screen time, maybe even a few "very special segments" of the CBS show, Jessica would have changed her tune fast. Just a guess.

Jessica:  .....if Big Brother does an All Star season, I can be on back-to-back seasons and win both.  It's never been done before!

Jeff showing frustration:  Why does everybody worry about going on again?  Why don't you worry about playing RIGHT NOW?

Jessica:  I'm playing the long game here...this is chess, not checkers.

Jeff:  Oh, so you're not even playing for this season.

Jessica:  I'm playing for back-to-back wins...I've got this.  Will YOU come back for an All Star season Jeff?

Jeff:  I don't know..we'll see....we're here to talk about YOUR gotta get that first win.

Jessica giggles and bends over, which I am pretty sure is a trademarked move for her.

Jessica, in a clearly suggestive tone:  But I wanna play with YOU.  I wanna beat YOU.

Jeff:  Well you win this one and we'll talk.

(I've got to say, I haven't seen such a desperate attempt to hit on Big Jeff since Amanda Zuckerman in BB15.   And Jessica KNOWS about Jordan.  She might not know that they are married with a child, but even if she did, she wouldn't care.  That's the world that Jessica lives in. She must feel good about her chances of winning BB this year, because she's going to be missing the Yachting Season.)

Jeff once again tries to get things back on track here, asking her how far she'll go in her quest to win it all.

Jessica says she's going to try not to fall in love, but it's going to be tough because she gets a little boy crazy.  (Jeff snickers.)  As far as back-stabbing goes, she's going to try not to compromise her integrity but then she quickly skips to the topic of how she promised her mother to split the money with her when she wins.

Jessica: So anyone I meet in there, showmance or not, they don't take precedence over my mom, so if it means stabbing someone in the back that I've known for a month, then yeah, it will happen.

Jeff:  It's a little longer than a month, but I think you'll fall in love in there...I'm just going to make a prediction.

Jessica:  You think? Why, have you met or interviewed someone already who....

Jeff:  You're the first one.

Jessica: Really?

Jeff:  I don't know.  You gotta expect the unexpected.

Jessica:  Are you playing Cupid?

Jeff:  I'm definitely not playing Cupid.

Jessica:  Then Big Brother might be playing Cupid.

Jeff, obviously ready to change the subject:  They might be.  They might be....

Jeff asks if one famous person can start following her on Instagram after the season, who would it be?

Jessica:  Ryan Gosling.

Jeff tells her that she really shoots for the stars, and then asks her the final Big Question.

Jessica:  I'd like to lose and be loved.

Jeff:  What?  I thought you're gonna be the back-to-back champ!

Jessica:  I don't want America to hate me this year.  Like I said, I want to be Miss Congeniality, so when it's time to choose America's Favorite Player....(points at herself with both hands).

Big Jeff wished her good luck with that and was ready to call it a day.

After the interview was over, Jessica stood up and I could see that the  top that she's wearing is really like a one-piece swimsuit or leotard, with only some skinny straps on the sides and the back. Is that what she wears in the VIP room?   Jessica hung around the DR after the interview for a few minutes, maybe using some of those famous people-pleasing skills.

Jeff sees you coming a mile away, Jessica.  And I do, too.


Well, Jessica seems like a really nice, wholesome girl.

Is she going to act like that in the BB house?  I wondered that about Amanda, too, after I watched her interview with Jeff, and when the feeds went live a week later Amanda was already in bed with McCrae in the HoH room, whispering about what the cameras could or could not see.

There are usually at least one of these types cast every season, of course.  Who do you think she will hook up with first?  I hope Matt Clines is too smart for that, but Mark Janson seems naive and will probably fall for it hook, line and sinker.

I predict Jessica's various romantic entanglements, along with constant display of her body will be her story line this summer, along with some good old-fashioned hard-luck tales about how tough life was for she and her mother.  Because spoiler alert:  Jessica has lived in eight states....I can just hear the violins now.

And I just can't with her talk of All Stars already.  I just can't.  Josh Martinez thinks he's going straight to All Stars, too, so maybe the two of them can share their plans for that. I wonder if Robyn Kass plants those little seeds in their heads, and is now giggling somewhere in a CBS conference room when they play right into it on camera.

Here is Jessica's CBS bio for your review.
So she says it will be hard to miss a summer of travel (  ***cough cough  Yachting Season cough cough***). And she knows the line in the bathroom is going to be a lengthy one.

I'm not surprised that she admires Janelle, because Janelle took the bombshell persona and turned it into a fearless Big Brother badass persona.  Janelle was also a VIP bottle club girl, too.   But we'll be the judge of the comparison from here, Jessica.  Go in there and accomplish 1/3 of what Janelle accomplished and we'll reevaluate your chances then.

Janelle did play BB6 and then roll right into All Stars for BB7, so maybe that is where Jessica is getting that lofty idea.        

And her boobs are real?  OK hon.  Anything you say.

Yeah, so I clearly don't like Jessica.  But I'm not supposed to like her.

In college, I once went out on a date with an actor from As The World Turns.  He was in town for an appearance at a local TV station and I met him in the beer garden at Bullwinkle's Saloon.  He told me that every 13 weeks the actors' soap opera contracts were up for renewal, and one big factor in getting re-signed was how much fan mail they received.  (There wasn't any internet back then---it was all Snail Mail.)  He said that getting hate mail was just as important for the producers as getting positive fan mail, because it showed that the fans were passionate about him on the show. So that's why I say that I'm not meant to like Jessica....sometimes the characters we all love to hate are the ones that make the show compelling to watch.

For example:  Frankie Grande, and even Dr. Will Kirby for the first half of  BB2.  Certainly Scott Dennis from BBOTT.

So these players can be just as important as the characters who are universally loved.  Because Jordan Lloyd wouldn't have been such a down-home success story on BB11 without the evil Natalie Martinez going up against her.  It's the yin and the yang that makes it work, I think.

By the way, I've cyber-stalked that ATWT guy a few times over the years, but he's out of show business now and lives in the middle of nowhere doing arts and crafts or something.  It was exciting to meet him though. In my professional career I've had to go to hundreds of meetings, many of which begin with  a "fun" activity like introducing yourself with Two Truths and a Lie.  I always used my date with the soap opera guy as one of my items.  It was often the one picked by the group as The Lie, even though it was A Truth.  Because I'm an accountant for god's sake....what in the world would I be doing fraternizing with a daytime TV star?

Meet Raven Walton - Can She Keep Up the Pace This Summer? #BB19

Let's get acquainted with Raven Walton, who is a BB19 house guest who starts off her interview with Jeff on a humorous note:

Raven:  I'm from Arkansas, or Arkansassy, as I like to call it, and I'm a dance teacher!

I was expecting Raven's voice to be at a Bronte-like annoyance level, but it wasn't.  Thank goodness. Part of my fear and loathing came from Raven's hair bows, though, because they are certainly reminiscent of Bronte's hair bow.  (Hint:  Not a Bronte fan.)

Raven does speak in a sing-song manner while swaying about on the couch, but I'm not bumping Raven's communication style into the Danger Zone quite yet.  I think she's just happy to be sitting there talking to us and she's expressing those emotions physically.

Of course Big Jeff wondered if Raven was a fan of the show.

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of da show?

Raven, swaying about:  I'm a huge fan!  I started watching it with my mom when I was 12 years old, and got addicted immediately!

(Probably during BB7 AllStars, right?)

Raven said she tried out for BB18 and didn't make it, so she sent an online application this year and she thinks that "did the trick".  Raven snapped her fingers when she said that last part.  Don't quote me on this, but I think I saw some information on Reddit that Michelle recognized Raven from the casting process last summer, so that indicates Raven got deep into the casting process.

Jeff, to us:  See, dreams do come true!  You've gotta get those submissions out to sit here one day!

Part of Raven's strategy is to be very observant.  And she knows she has a tendency to be loud and perhaps a bit too bubbly, so she's going to try and tone that down so she doesn't annoy the other house guests.

Raven:  I'm going to try and pull some puppet strings quietly....

Jeff:  So, lay low....

Raven:  Yep.  Lay low and try to pull some strings behind the scenes and then make a big move later in the game.

When Jeff asked her if she thought she'd be more of a physical or mental threat, Raven said she thought she'd be both.

Raven:  Well, I'm a dancer, so I dance 24-7, and my memory is great.  I can remember every dance routine I've done since I was three.

Raven:  So that's gonna make me a mental threat, and a physical threat too, ya'll.

That is Raven below "acting out" her mental threat comment.  I'm sure teaching dance to children makes this sort of thing both automatic and necessary.

Jeff:  So you think you'll be ready for those endurance comps this summer?

Raven:  Heck yeah!  Bring it on BB!

Jeff asked her the question, but Raven is the one who said the "M word" here.

Raven:  I'm single as a Pringle, and I'm ready to mingle!

Then of course Jeff was required to point out that Big Brother seems to be more about relationships every year, so what does Raven think about showmances?

Raven:  I'm not going in there looking for it, but let's just say I'm open to the possibility.  I don't want to say no for sure, because then it can come back and bite you in the butt.  So I'm open-minded about it.

Jeff:  So showmance or not, what type of person are you looking for to be a ride-or-die this summer?

Raven:  I definitely want somebody outgoing like myself....someone bubbly....definitely not somebody who is a Debbie Downer, because I'm always going to be up to something in the house.

Jeff:  Oh, all right...mischievous, this one!

Raven:  I am!

Jeff wondered what Raven's pet peeves are that might come into play this summer when living with the house guests.

Raven: Definitely somebody who doesn't wash their dishes...

Jeff:  That was mine, too!  It's a big one.

Raven:  I'm like, it only takes five seconds to rinse the bowl out and put it up!

(What about actually washing that bowl with some dish soap?  Don't forget that, Raven.)

Jeff:  OK...let me tell you right now, Raven.  That's gonna happen!  But how are you gonna deal with it?

Raven:  I'm just gonna try to keep my mouth shut....just think, oh that person is a slob....and probably clean up after them, I guess....GOSH!

Jeff:  Well, it's three it will be interesting to see how you put up with that!

Jeff:  You're a big fan of da show, so you know to Expect the Unexpected.  Nobody knows what is going to happen this season yet.  What do you think it's going to be?

Raven says she's been thinking a lot about it and wonders if returning players will be in the house, if there will be Battle of the Block....she has no idea and can't wait to find out.

Jeff:  Well, nobody knows.  But it seems like you have all the boxes know the possibilities, so I like where you're going with that.

Then the dreaded hashtag question.  But Raven seems prepared for it and has some interesting information.

Raven:  I have a stomach pacemaker, so I want it to be #PacerPower, ya'll. You can actually see my pacemaker in my stomach....I have a disease called gastro_____sis and that's why I have a stomach pacemaker.  It gave me a second chance at life, and it's my second heart.

Jeff:  Oh...that's a great story.  Everything is okay now though?

Raven:  YES!  It works great....I can eat chips and everything now and that's why I'm such a happy person.  I love life!

Jeff tells Raven he has one more question for her.

Raven:  Oh I bet I know what it it your famous one?  I'm ready....I'm ready!

Jeff asks the question....would you rather lose and be loved or win and be hated?

Raven:  I WANT BOTH JEFF!  I want to win and I want all of you (pointing at us with both arms and hands) to love me!

Jeff:  I think you'll be alright in there.  I can't be partial, but I'll just say that!

Raven is delighted with this and claps.


OK.  I feel like we need to learn more about her condition, so here is a video that appeared on Raven's local news program when she was 15 that gives some background on the disease, and also shows us what the pacemaker looks like, etc.

And here is another video taped just two years ago, where Raven shows us her scar and the bump where you can see the pacemaker through her skin.  We also get to see how the hairstyles of both Raven and her mother have evolved since the last video, and also some footage of Raven teaching her class to "Shake It Off".  We also learn that Raven is indeed no stranger to the hashtag concept.

I'm not crazy about them pandering to get Ellen's attention, but I know they needed to raise a lot of money for Raven's brother's surgery.  Was he on camera in the video?  Maybe he's shy.

Within a very short time after Raven's live interview with Big Jeff, a poster on Reddit said they had the same disease but is treating it without the use of the pacemaker, adding that her doctor said he'd never seen the pacemaker as an effective treatment option.  The poster also offered to answer questions, and I found two that are probably of interest regarding being a Have Not and the possibility of being injured.

At some point in the Reddit thread, some professional dancers chimed in with some very pointed criticisms of Raven's dance techniques in the video.  In true Reddit fashion, the discussion seems to devolve from there (you can certainly see a hint of that with the "WTF" post in the thread I just posted).

(I also learned that they had some issues with Natalie's dance moves in her intro video last summer.....)

But Reddit is all about brutal honesty, and if I'm being honest I'm not sure it is fair to cast her as a house guest.  How can she do the OTEV challenge?  Can she even crawl through honey or swing from a rope?  And we know that the Have Not experience will need to be adjusted for her...but maybe they will make some drastic changes in the entire Have Not program, because it is certainly getting stale and predictable.

If it wasn't for her physical issue, I would feel good about Raven's chances this year.  To me, Big Brother isn't an equal opportunity show if you have conditions that exempt you from fully participating.  And to me that should go for physical limitations, people with mental issues, or people who have young children (ie. letting someone win HoH so they can see pictures of their kid).  Raven shouldn't have an advantage in the game because people feel sorry for her, or otherwise feel they can't treat her as they treat everyone else.

I'm not trying to be mean about it....just stating the facts.  But I have to bring up the Audrey Middleton situation from BB17...when Audrey was first introduced to use, my immediate reaction was that her being transgender was going to tamper with the game for several different reasons.  But within a day or two of watching the live feeds, Audrey being transgender seemed totally irrelevant.  What ended up happening to her in the game had nothing to do with it, so perhaps that will be the case with Raven.

Let's take a look at Raven's CBS bio.

Yes, she is a Frankie Grande fan.  And yes, she is the leader of an all-female ghost-hunting group. I will try to forget both of those things and not hold them against her.


I forgot to mention that there was some drama about Raven last week.  For the second year in a row, sharp-eyed sleuthers have learned where and when the hometown key ceremonies are filmed.  They found out from looking at a production company's posting of open positions---basically saying they need to hire someone for a day in a certain city as a production assistant.

Last year the list was posted on Reddit, where Michelle saw it and got a pretty good idea that she made the cast.  The same list was posted on Reddit this year, and some "fans" who have some shitty podcast saw Raven's town in Arkansas on the list.

Apparently they chatted up the mailman or something and found out Raven's name and announced it on their podcast.  This is totally out of bounds and should not be encouraged.  What if she got disqualified from the cast because of that?  People are idiots....and Production should work with that casting company to prevent this next year somehow.

Summer of Temptation (and Trepidation). #BB19

It's time to discuss what we do know about the upcoming twists this summer, but also the Big Rumor that is currently swirling around the online community.  I've tried to ignore most of the preseason rumors this year, because some of the early rumors were clearly ridiculous, and were designed for a few thirsty Tweeters to gain followers and short-term attention.

On Wednesday, a Q&A format interview with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan was released on the THR website.   In the interview, Allison and Rich gave us a preview of the planned twist format, and how the twist fit the Summer of Temptation theme.


OK.  We've already seen how the decor of the house hammers this point by referencing the Adam & Eve story with countless apples and a few snakes here and there.    With this new info, we learn that the house guests will have to make choices that have consequences.

History of Pandora's Box

Of course it sounds like the old Pandora's Box twist, where one house guest makes a choice that they believe will benefit them, but ultimately causes some sort of harm to the rest of the cast.  Of course, the house guests have also learned that choosing Pandora's Box could hurt them personally, and help the rest of the cast.  For example:

*  In BB11, Natalie Martinez opened Pandora's Box and got a visit from her boyfriend, who proposed to her with a makeshift ring.  This choice caused pandemonium downstairs, as a cast of strange circus-type characters were released to terrorize everyone else for a few hours.  Natalie tried to lie and say she caught a PoV penalty, but once she told the truth, no one believed that, either.  (I know I didn't, until I saw it on the CBS episode for myself.)

*  In BB12, Production really went crazy with Pandora's Box, featuring it several times.  I think Matt Hoffman won the Diamond PoV that way, and Brendon opened the box later, thinking he would get to spend time with Rachel, but instead Rachel was unleashed into the house to torment Ragan.  (Rachel had already been evicted at that point.)

*  But the best BB12 Pandora's Box was opened by Britney Haynes, because it turned out to be a punishment.  Mr. Pectacular Jessie Godderz gave Britney a one-on-one training session and she bitched and moaned about it the whole time, while she watched the rest of the cast enjoy a catered barbecue lunch in the backyard.

*  Production went overboard with Pandora's Box in BB13 in a manner that impacted the outcome of the season, likely handing Rachel the win.  Porsche Briggs opened the box and won $5,000,  and in return the next competition was based on duos, which allowed both Rachel and Jordan to be safe that week.  The fans were in an uproar about this, because it was clearly Producer Intervention designed to sacrifice fairness with TV ratings.  (Rachel Reilly has always been TV gold and they needed to keep her around.)

*  Another BB13 Pandora's Box involved Rachel getting stuck with Mr. Pecatcular (AGAIN) upstairs, while Tori Spelling visited the other house guests for cocktails and some sort of shopping spree.  I was VERY irritated by this because Adam Poch seemed to think he was the most popular BB player ever, to have a big star like Tori appear just for him.  (**vomit**)

*  BB14 featured two Pandora's Boxes, both without any significant game consequences, I don't think we've had a visit from Pandora's Box since then.  Ian Terry opened one of the boxes, and got a little solo Christmas celebration with presents to unwrap (he later said on a podcast that he left all of those presents behind when he went home), and the punishment was that Mr. Pectacular (AGAIN) visited the downstairs crew and made them all really angry by throwing away all of their food.

So people are wondering why Production doesn't just go ahead and call the twists for this season Pandora's Box.  Well, for one thing that wouldn't fit the theme, and it sounds like the temptations are going to impact the entire house, as opposed to just one person.  But I'm just guessing about that.

That really sucks for the crew, right?  To do all of that work, and then not to use it?  I supposed the set up could be saved to use for a later competition, or even a different BB season.  I guess the bright side for the live feeders would be that if they don't play a competition, then the feeds don't have to be shut down all day.  I guess we won't know until it happens, but one thing is clear:  Production will have the power to steer the action where they want it to go, under cover of the twist.

But they can and do steer the action every season, anyway.  It's a TV show, first and foremost.  It needs to be entertaining to the masses, and if you're reading this, you might not be part of that mass.

No Napping, House Guests

OK...the no napping situation....I tweeted about this, but I do think that Allison is joking here.  If you didn't watch the BBOTT live feeds, the house guests were required to stay awake for a certain period each day, which generally led to more action during the day, and earlier bedtimes at night.  They relaxed the rules later in the season, letting people like Justin sleep (all fucking day on Thanksgiving), and the fans were upset about this.

But I don't think the No Napping Rule was for the fans---I think it was a  budget issue, so that Production could get by on a smaller crew to both film and edit the action (i.e. no need for a huge overnight crew, and less action to log and keep track of ).  By the end of the season it's easier for everyone, anyway, since it's just a few people rattling around in there, so they just let people sleep after a certain point in the game.

So, while I love the No Napping Rule (it was great for the East Coast live feeders) I don't think it will be back for one big reason:  BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK.  They need the house guests to stay up and put out in order to get good BBAD footage.  There was no BBAD for BBOTT, of course, but they can't have everyone working bankers' hours during BB19 if they want sizzling action at night.

I will miss the BBOTT announcer's slightly sinister voice as he said "NO NAPPING, HOUSEGUESTS".

Yeah, Danielle HATED that rule.  During her last week in the BBOTT house, we heard "DANIELLE, PLEASE GO TO THE STORAGE ROOM AND CHANGE YOUR BATTERIES" over and over and over, finally switching to "DANIELLE!  DANIELLE!  DANIELLE!  DANIELLE!"

New CBS Sunday Night Episode Competition

So there is a new competition for the Sunday show this year, instead of the Road Kill situation.  I don't think we'll have Battle of the Block, at least not every week.  But once again it is clear:  we can expect Production to switch things up all summer in their effort to craft a successful TV season.

According to this information from the TVGuide website, we'll see our first Temptation during the premiere and there is speculation that America will be involved with choosing who is tempted.  And we also learn that the new Sunday competition might be the "Den of Temptation".

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT, we will see an eviction next Thursday night, courtesy of one observant fan's chatty TV listings.  We kind of expected this, but now this is confirmation. 


Like I said, I've tried to ignore most of the rumor chatter.  But when you hear Hamsterwatch is behind the idea, you have to stop, listen, and consider.

One of Dingo's sources reported that Paul is on tap to be the 17th house guest.  She said she likes to get a few different sources before she reports on a rumor, but she did some sleuthing after she initially heard the information and noticed that Paul suddenly switched his phone from Apple to Android last week, indicating that perhaps someone else is suddenly tweeting for him.

And Paul suddenly cancelled on Krissie--his band was scheduled to play the BB19 Premiere Party in New York along with Krissie's ass-kicking band Evil Engine.

And Paul's Boy Victor hasn't seen or heard from His Boy Paul in a few days, where prior to that they were both posting about being hyped to party together in New York City for the Premiere. I'll bet Victor is more bummed out than Krissie, but for a different reason.  (ie.  I'm guessing Victor is free this summer---why didn't Production contact him instead?)

And then "Paul" tweeted this after Julie's house tour video came out.  The reference to Big Meech is the fact that the house decor features snakes (ie. Snakeole) and apples (Michelle had an episode after throwing an apple at Paul).

Whoever wrote this tweet for Paul tried to make it sound like him, but they lost me at the mention of jealousy (Paul has no need to be jealous--he is Production's Golden Boy now after appearing in person on BBOTT.) and then the "my turn" comment at the end.  I don't think Paul would say that.

So....I still have a very hard time believing that Paul is coming in to play the whole season as the 17th house guest.  I forgot to mention that Julie Chen tweeted this, with a picture of a BB key with no name on it.

I'm thinking Paul's appearance may be related to the first temptation ---I think Paul coming in the house may be one of the consequences.  If this choice is chosen (and of course it's Premiere Week bitches!) then perhaps Paul is the "punishment".  Maybe that does mean a new player is added to the game, or maybe that means Paul will replace someone in a shocking manner.

Or maybe Paul will serve as some sort of short-term annoyance, in the style of  Mr. Pectacular's many Pandora's Box appearances during the series.  I could see him having fun with that.

Fans are in an uproar over this, mostly unhappy since they already felt we had a solid cast of 16 house guests.  (Except Christmas Abbott----I'm still hoping that her lying ass got subbed out with another girl before they entered the house last Wednesday.)  Some fans are saying that this is all an act on Paul's part, trying to get us to think he's going in the house.  But I don't think that for two major reasons:

1.  Why would Paul miss out on a chance to play with his band on Premiere night and party with the former players and fans?

2.  Hamsterwatch has credibility.....Dingo wouldn't report it if she didn't think it was substantial, and I'm sure her sources are good ones.

Let's not forget that Production needs to put asses in the seats on Premiere night, to get the season off to a strong start for CBS.  And using Their Boy Paul somehow to do that makes perfect sense.

Fans can whine about it all they want, but BB Canada should be a sharp reminder that they are  running a business and need to be profitable.  BB Canada brought back some of their brightest stars last season and they still didn't get enough ratings to meet profit expectations.  And I don't think all of the petitions in the world will save the current format of the show....because American fans don't help Canadian TV ratings. It might come back as a web series or something, but I think the BBCAN TV series is done.

And I'm not watching BBUK this season, but from what I hear, it may be on it's last legs, too.  So let's just stay calm about this until we see what plays out on Premiere night.  I will admit I was in a bad mood last night after seeing Hamsterwatch's tweet...I felt deflated and lost some excitement about the new season. 

That doesn't mean my ass won't be in the seat all summer long though.....