Friday, September 8, 2017

Who Can I Turn To? Who Can I Trust? #BB19

I'm still recovering from last night's Double Eviction episode.  Even though the results were not surprising for the live feeders, it was a very emotionally-upsetting evening, coupled with mass chaos along the East Coast as Hurricane Irma barrels straight for Florida, causing confusion and panic as people try to outrun the storm.  PLEASE put your pets in the car with you, people.

Oh, and there was a huge earthquake off the coast of Mexico, too, an 8 on the Richter Scale, so we can worry about a Tsunami now, too.  But other than that, everything is just fine!

And I'd like to thank Julie for her tasteful, nondescript look this evening.  We can just skip over the topic of Julie's couture today, which is much appreciated.

Paul is such an idiot, bouncing up and down on the couch wearing his floatie like a damn toddler.  If there is anything to be happy about now, it is that after tonight, things might not go as Paul planned at the end of the game.  But we'll get to that later, I guess.

In the opening taped package, we saw Paul save Alex with his PoV, and then Christmas nominated Kevin in Alex's place.  This was a surprise to Kevin, and he vented as he stormed into the Storage Room to blow off steam.

Well, apparently Alex actually has people tweeting on her behalf this summer, which is a surprise to me.   And not only do these folks not like Kevin, they don't like Kevin's family.

Just like Alex, they are ALL WRONG.  Alex has been a verbal terrorist for the second half of the season, making one horrible accusation after another about Kevin.  You don't just get away with that Alex.  Not today, Satan.

Alex's Twitter account is locked, of course, but if anyone wants to send me screen shots of some of the more insulting Tweets coming out of that account, I will feature them here, where they will be seen for all eternity.  Or until the internet ends, or Amazon takes over Google, or whatever.

It makes good sense that Alex's employer wanted their name kept out of it this summer.  She wasn't supposed to mention their name AT ALL this summer.

Both nominees dressed in their signature apparel, iconic for the CBS-only viewers as well as the live feeders.

Julie dropped the bomb that tonight was a Double Eviction, and this news sent the crowd reeling as they realized that two of them would leave the house tonight.  You can see Alex repping the Whistle-Nut look in a jersey and neckerchief.  And Paul, with his god damn pool floatie, always a thirsty attention whore.  And Raven chose to cover her athleisure look with one of Matt's shapeless, sleeveless blouses.

Jason's speech confused the viewers on the couches there, as well as many folks back home.  Jason recently said that you need the Four C's to succeed in life:   Confidence, Courage, Character and Chrisma, and he repeats that here, adding on that he'd like to stay in the house to display more of all four qualities.

Kevin greeted his wife Debbie, and each of his seven children, plus a few cousins, I think.  He knows he's missing Olivia's first week of college, and Andrew's first week going back to high school, and he's sorry about that.

Kevin: I can't wait to get home and see all of you.  We'll all go out to dinner.

Then they shook hands like gentlemen.  I think this was the last time Jason would touch any of the people in that house, although he certainly left yearning for more physical contact with at least one of them.

When Julie announced the vote was a tie, you could see a cloud pass over Jason's face.  I imagine that he got that feeling when you hear sirens, and see the police cruiser bearing down on you in the rear view mirror, lights flashing.  I imagine Jason's knees went weak, and his mouth went dry.  Maybe time slowed to a crawl, each second at least a minute long.

This wasn't supposed to happen, in Jason's mind.  Or Alex's, either.  But Christmas certainly expected it, no matter how hard she tried to give the audience a tearful portrayal of how hard it was to be the HoH on a night like this.  It's hard to be a bad ass, ya'll.  Or to just play one on TeeVee.

Christmas:  This decision definitely isn't personal.  It's a game move.

And then it was done, and Jason strode purposely towards the door, pausing only for a second as he looked for his BB duffel bag.

As he left Alex tottered after him, saying "JASON IT WASN'T ME" before Jason responded, and the BLEEPING started.  I'm sure we'll hear from someone in the CBS audience soon who will tell us what Jason said as he left the house.  I really don't want to hear what the people inside the house said, because it was time for The Paul Show in there.

Jason walked out of there like a cowboy, not an aspiring Reality Star.  He's ready to ride on out of there.

Paul started being very EXTRA, "blaming" Josh for that vote, and making it ALL ABOUT HIM.  As usual.  And Paul KNOWS that the mics are still hot right now.  He knows this on the TeeVee, and maybe that Jason is sitting onstage with Julie, watching.

Paul, to Josh:  So, if I was up there, you would have done this to ME?  You would have evicted ME?

I've never been in a physical altercation.  I'm a petite CPA who argues with words, not fists and fingernails.  But listening to Paul's FAKE TIRADE helps me understand the need for violence.  And the crucial importance of a blistering punch to the face when necessary.  I might even be satisfied just to see fear in Paul's beady eyes as I advance on him, grabbing that damn floatie and puncturing it with my bare hands.  Maybe Paul would scream and run away, begging Production to tell me to STOP THAT.

But that is not what happened.  Nope.

Kevin changed clothes right there in the living room area.  His bags were all packed and waiting there, for just this occasion.  And Josh had been very loud in the last day or so about how he wanted Kevin out of the house.  Because that is what Alex wanted.  And that whole fake "fight" was designed to throw Alex off the scent of Paul, so that IF she won the next HoH, she would still target Raven and Kevin, like Paul wanted her to do.

But even Paul had no idea that these initiatives would happen so soon, on a Double Eviction night.

Jason watched that little charade on the Big Screen with Julie, his head likely REELING as he tries to figure out what just happened, and what is continuing to happen in the space he just vacated.

Jason: I really have NO IDEA what is going on in there. But I would like to go back in there, just for five minutes.

Julie:  Ha ha ha.  For the safety of everyone, that will not be allowed.  Going back in is absolutely not allowed.

Jason brings up Christmas' role in all this, saying that she definitely didn't provide any cover for him this week with the votes.  Julie suggested that Jason watch his goodbye messages, in hopes that he is able to learn more information about what just happened.

I think the entire BB community, at least the live feed watchers, got excited then, because we've heard Josh talk about his good bye message to "Whistle".  He was very conflicted about it, and had been planning to give Jason a heads up about the vote just before the eviction.  Paul did not encourage that, but perhaps the Double Eviction screwed up Josh's plan to spill the beans, because instead of having several commercial breaks before the live eviction, the live vote and eviction happened in the first segment of the episode, I think.

We only saw three of the GBMs.  The first was from Alex, and I think her tone of voice was offputting for Jason, because it was way too CHIRPY and SELF-SATISFIED about how if Jason was watching this, then Alex got blindsided, too.  (Alex told us yesterday that the DR always makes her repeat things, and it feels unnatural to her.)

Alex says Jason was her family this summer, her brother, her best friend, and she loves him.  She appreciates how he listened to EVERY one of her ideas this summer, and he's the only one in the house who did that.

(Um....Alex's IDEAS and VIEWS are what kept Jason from acting against Paul MONTHS ago, when having to report to the Bearded Freak got under his skin in a big way.)

And then we move on to Josh, who tells Jason the truth, as he sees it, anyway.

Josh:  I've had a Final Three deal for a while now with Paul and Christmas.  You're too good of a competitor....I have to do this if I want to win.

Jason had to lean forward to take this all in, as Josh thanked him for his friendship this summer, saying it meant the world to him.  Josh is obviously sincere, but surely Jason is thinking, "how can you have a Final Three deal with Paul, because Alex and I had one too".

And then we see Paul, who says good bye and that he wants to go as far as possible with Alex, and he hopes that Jason will wish them well.

It's easy for us to watch these videos and say "JASON KNOWS NOW!", but if that realization happened, we didn't get to see it.  I think Jason discounted what Josh told him, focusing instead on Paul saying he wanted to go as far as possible with Alex.

Jason thinks Alex was working with Paul, and working against him.  And how many times did we laugh at Alex making stupid comments this summer about how Paul wouldn't tarnish his "Friendship" brand by lying to his his "friends".  (If Alex was 1/10th the "SuperFan" she said she was, she would have known what a piece of shit Paul was last summer, and how "Friendship" is just s slogan on some shitty $32 T-shirts that Paul sells.  Because he is a "clothing designer", of course. )

But unfortunately Jason listened to Alex, depending on her to know about Big Brother and how the game is played.  Instead, Jason got played....I'd like to see a video of Ole the Bull ripping a pool floatie to shreds.

Jason:  He can take those friendship bracelets and pitch them.

Jason told Julie he had NO IDEA who would be following him out of the door in the next 30 minutes, but did say that maybe it would be Raven "to keep the charade going".  Just before commercial, Jason got up to leave (just as every other male evictee has done, I think) and Julie told him to stay seated, please.

Jason:  I'd like to just run in a straight line for a really long time.

He's been saying that for a few weeks now, you know.  The backyard is too small for the likes of Jason, who prefers wide open spaces. Later, on Jason's live feed interview, he wasn't sure how Kevin fit into everything.

Jason:  Maybe Paul and Alex have been feeding me a lot of bullshit about stuff Kevin didn't really say or do. But Kevin has been subtly telling me all week that he thought I might be evicted...maybe he knew something.  (IT WASN'T SUBTLE JASON.)   I thought it was funny, and I only packed so he wouldn't feel bad, but I'm glad I did now.  I guess it worked out for him, though.


Jason: I'd like Paul to feel pain the way we do it at home.  He can come stay at my house, and I'll be lying to HIM this time.  He won't be able to hide there.


Jason:  I'd like Christmas to win now.  It'd be funny to see a one-legged girl win this thing.

Jason's final thought was that the rodeo is Mother Nature's sporting event, and we should all get out there and visit our local rodeos.  He'd also like us to mention hiring Whistle-Nut to perform at our local rodeos, so he can afford to feed his family for the next 10 years.  Not to mention filling up Ole the Bull's huge feedbag, I'm sure.

This morning Jason's team tweeted out some thoughts and messages about his exit, and the game in general.  I'm sure last night was hard to watch for them, if the way I felt was any indication.  And they might be relieved a bit, too, now that Jason is not speaking into a microphone 24 hours each day.  His sense of humor is uniquely biting, and not everyone understands or appreciates it.  But much worse things were said in that house that were not publicized, and not by Jason.  He took the hit for all of them, it seems.

The HoH competition was "Fake News", where the house guests will guess which BB news stories are the real thing, and which are fabricated.

Alex was speed-praying before the competition started, as she does frequently on the live feeds with her rosary.

Here is an example of one of the fake stories....basically they needed to know how many votes people got, and other miscellaneous tidbits about the evicted house guests that they were not led to anticipate in advance.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as being real, of course.

But most of them are fake as hell.

So blah blah blah, Alex won HoH, and immediately started shouting that "this is for you, Jason", pointing at the sky.

And look who is the first one out there to congratulate Alex, saying "let's go inside".  When Alex didn't tell Paul to EAT SHIT LIKE CODY I knew that we'd be disappointed with the next 20 minutes or so.

They all filed in, like lambs to the slaughter, with Paul not taking his eyes off of Alex, even as Julie announced that nominations would happen NOW.  There was NO TIME for anyone to chat about it at all.  I'm thinking Production did that on purpose, so that Paul would NOT have time to put ideas in anybody's head, but Paul was way ahead of them here.  He'd already planned out what he wanted Alex to do, and who he'd like her to do it to.

And Alex did just that, nominating Kevin (Alex:  I'm sorry Kevin)  and Raven (Alex:  Just for the vote) for eviction.

Julie reminded them that they still had the PoV to play for, as they sat glumly, taking it all in.

TO SUMMARIZE:  Alex just nominated the ONLY two house guests who did not participate in the PLANNING of Jason's EVICTION. Raven's vote was just a technicality....she didn't know that the TIE VOTE was PLANNED.

Julie's dress does look very nice tonight, but she could have used one statement piece, right?  Just one significant necklace or dramatic chandelier earrings, right?

And the PoV is the basic concept known forever as the "Clown Shoe", after the crushing defeat Jeff Schroeder experienced in BB13 during a live double eviction.  They just had to find hidden clown shoes that season, and run back and ring the bell.  But Big Jeff didn't see one of his three clown shoes fly over the wall as he tossed things around, looking in vain for an object that was no longer in his assigned pit of stuff.

But this competition is different, because not only are there stairs to climb, they have to find limes and drop them in a tube, accumulating four of them to win.  I think the "tube" part was designed with Christmas in mind, so that the game wasn't entirely dependent on speed.  Christmas won the award for the most cursing on the live broadcast, though.

This is "Lime Drop", a somewhat uninspired but descriptive name.

Here are the pits of lemons.

And the tubes, which proved much more difficult to hit than anyone, including Production, probably anticipated.

They scrambled and burrowed in the pits.  It was pandemonium.

For what felt like a long time, it looked like no one would win, but finally Josh got four limes in, and had to be reminded by Julie TWICE to run back and hit the buzzer.

When Josh started his speech, it sounded like he was going to make a Big Move, but with Alex as the HoH, there was only so much he could do.  If he used the PoV to save Kevin or Raven, Christmas would have been nominated for eviction.

Technically Paul could have been nominated, but Alex is too far gone on "Friendship" to do that, even after her "Best Friend" was just blindsided 30 minutes ago.

Paul knew it was a possibility, and hid his face from the others as he rejoiced that he made it through the last double eviction of the season.  I'm sure he wanted to laugh at what a CHUMP Alex is, because Alex is the NEXT TARGET for the entire group.  If she doesn't win the PoV this week, Alex is going BYE BYE.

Kevin wasn't sure about this eviction.  He struggled to get back into his suit, so that he would look nice out on stage with Julie if that's the way things went.  In her speech Raven said she'd like to stay a little longer, to keep giving gateoparesis more awareness, and the cameras gave us a tight shot of Christmas listening to that.

Christmas CAN'T STAND Raven, so all of the "I regretfully vote" crap that came out of Christmas' mouth was FAKE NEWS.  I would have liked Christmas A LOT more if she said "I'm SO READY to place my vote, Julie!"

Kevin took the initiative to shake Raven's hand, and wish her luck.  He told everyone "good job" as the voting began.

Raven's actions were strange as she left, but you could say that about any "act" by Raven.  She started off hugging people, then Paul went off the rails and started getting EXTRA AGAIN about the location of Raven's green bracelet.  Or whatever.

Raven:  Ya'll pack my stuff, please.

Then the angry phase started, only milliseconds later.

Josh:  I'm really sorry Raven.

Raven, swinging the door wide open: NO YOU'RE NOT.

Then Raven switched into ShowTime Raven, pulling off a cartwheel......

...and then a high kick.

Later, Kevin tried to tell the group what Raven did on stage, but Alex argued bitterly about it, disputing him.

We certainly thought that a scene like this meant that Alex realized some harsh truths tonight, but unfortunately that's not the case.  I'd love to tell you that Alex started cursing out and berating Paul for being a liar, and a fraud, but that's not true.

Instead, within 30 minutes of the live feeds returning, Alex told Paul that she "trusts him completely" and she's putting all her eggs in his basket.

AND GET THIS:  Paul convinced Alex that Christmas is targeting him, so now Alex is gunning for Christmas in addition to Kevin if she has the power or chance to make that happen.  And let me remind you that Christmas is "having feelings" for Paul now.  And the actions she has taken in her blind devotion to Paul have impacted other people's games, and lives this season.

Raven's interview was ridiculous.  First she slammed Kevin, and when Julie pointed out that Raven herself just laid around in bed with Matt all summer, Raven had a response to that, too.

Raven:  I thought I played a great game this summer.  I had Paul behind me, I threw competitions for and Matt had GREAT social games and everyone liked us.  It makes sense that I'm a threat because a lot of people wanted me to be in their Final Two.

(But what Raven doesn't understand that she would have been a great Final Two player because Matt is the ONLY Juror who wants Raven to win.)

Later, Alex and Paul packed up Raven's things, with Paul finding clothing articles and toiletries strewn all over the room.

Paul:  What is all of this, all over the room?

Alex:  It's like she's homeless or something.

Paul:  Is this a shampoo from the hotel?

Alex:  Yeah, she's kind of a packrat.

Later, Kevin complimented the crew who cleaned up, saying they did a great job because everything looked so neat and tidy.

Alex:  No, we just packed up all of Raven's stuff.


Another week, another natural DISASTER here in America.

And this is Josh's family, who left their home in search of dry land.  And it's nice that they are exchanging pleasantries with Team Jason.  Some people are reasonable, and conduct themselves as actual adults.

I wish the best for Josh's family and their business.  And everyone in the path of the storm, of course. You can't make sense of just have to bear down and get through it.  Floridians know how's not Florida's first time at this rodeo, that's for sure.

But people here in Atlanta need to calm the fuck down.  It's going to rain here, and be a little windy, so there's no need for some of the drama I'm seeing out there right now.  My Savannah that's a different story.  Please be safe friends.


This old song popped into my head while I was walking my dog this morning, and it might be a fitting tribute for Jason's exit.  It's Flying Cowboys, by Rickie Lee Jones.  I used to listen to this back in the 90's, and I think this was the first time I heard "spoken word" inside of a song.  Not a song you heard on the radio, mind you, but a song nonetheless.

And I just learned that Rickie collaborated on this album with Walter Becker, from Steely Dan, who passed away last weekend.  So that's a complete circle, in my book.  The guitar work in this song gives me chills.  If you can make it to the point where you hear the post title lyric, then you know you're there.  I didn't know that guitars could sound like that.

And this cowboy song is a little more obvious, of course, if Rickie is too obscure for you..  I'd be remiss not to mention this one.  I remember singing this song while speeding down I-285 on my way to the airport, every Sunday afternoon.  I used to fly out to a new location every Sunday night.

Paula Cole got on the "spoken word Cowboy song" tip here, but Rickie Lee did it first.


  1. Thank you posting Rickie Lee Jones! Her songs form part of my Indie Woman playlist that includes Joanie Mitchell and P.J. Harvey. It always amazes me how many people my age (in the 50s) who have already forgotten her, she is a true talent. And teaming up with Becker is just a bonus.
    That episode was difficult to watch, not least because at the end I still wasn't sure if Jason actually "got" what just happened. I think a few weeks in the jury house with Cody and Mark might enlighten him enough to at least understand Paul's role in his demise. However, i think it will take a few weeks of watching feeds and blogs, and listening to his family and friends, before he finally gets just how damaging Alex was to his game. After which, I don't think she's going to be invited to any of Jason's family events. I defintely do not see Holly liking Alex AT ALL.

  2. I live in western NC and you would think we were getting the same as Florida. People here have emptied the stores and gas tanks. Schools are thinking about closing. Ridiculous.

    I really don't like Paul but after Jason has left, I find myself conflicted that he should win based on game-play alone. He really has played the entire house to his advantage and that is good game, regardless of my personal feelings about him. Personally, I hope Kevin wins, he is so humble it's cute - especially how polite he is to Julie.

  3. As a fellow Atlanta resident, I couldn't agree more about the way our neighbors are responding to the threat of a weakened Irma. Like most Fridays, I stopped at Publix on the way home from work to fill in some blanks before grocery shopping on Sunday and it was INSANE. I refer to this over-reaction as a "milk-bread-toilet-paper event", because if you are unfortunate enough to actually need any of these items during said event, you are out of luck...the doomsday preppers have literally cleared the shelves.

    I wish I could say more about the double eviction, but you covered it well. Not sure why I was so disappointed to see Jason leave, but I was.

  4. During Lime Drop it was so hilarious to see puny Paul's short legs & little feet scrambling up the fence railing and bending in half over the top rail trying to get his stubby arms closer to the tube. Hahahahahaha

  5. Today, Josh asked Christmas straight up: if it comes to final 2, who would you take, me or Paul? She said dont ask me that! Josh asked again but Christmas wouldn't commit either way. When will you bitch? If I were Josh, I'd plot right effing now and clip both her and Paul.

  6. I'm hoping that people completely melt down as the noose tightens around the necks of these people, with the numbers and therefor, "alliances" shrink and crumble.

    Which brings me to Alex. The level of pure dislike I have for her now, is at an all time high. Her general disposition towards people and in general along with the wannabe-tough girl attitude is lame and completely off the mark. If she was only half as smart as she thinks she is...well, she'd still be a complete waste. In this game, we all know people talk CRAZY shit and say some bad things, but I have no use or care to see her after the stuff she's said, especially with child molester comments made towards Kevin. There is a shit-storm coming her way and she cannot get off my TV fast enough.

    Raven!!! just plain dumb and has her head lodged so far up your ass, so she can remain blissfully ignorant to the truth that is out there lol. Complete lack of any shred of self-awareness, unless it is to make every damn thing about her and her "ailments". She has to be literally bat-shit crazy to believe that she is liked...and PLAYED A GOOD GAME!?!?! GTFOH! Compulsive liar, dirty and a snakeoil saleswoman.

  7. I was just sitting here, trying to think of what could have been misconstrued by Alex, and possibly if I had missed Kevin, at some point, saying or doing something wrong towards Alex. I just couldn't find, nor remember if such a moment happened. I was just like, "what did this sweet man do to satan...ugh I mean Alex". Lol. Had to use your "spot on" nickname for her. PRICELESS! Anyways, right in the middle of trying to figure it out, a light bulb went off in my head! Just as you mentioned in your post, her job in no way shape or form wanted to be affiliated with her. Which I am starting to believe, quite possibly, that Paul isn't the only "egotistical/semi psychopathic control freak" in this house and her job knew it. She was my fav in the beginning, tied with the original little group she was a part of including her, Jason and Kevin. I was rooting for any of those three to win. Then, just as shocking as when we learned not only did Matt actually have a mouth that could do more than stay attached to ravens face, and that he was a closet maniac, we learned Alex is a slap crazy bitch. I am starting to believe her job knows what kind of person she was, because I just don't believe such evil could just start coming out of a person. The Alex crazy train came out of nowhere and blew my mind. But before I travel further from what I was beginning to mention was my epiphany, I believe that Kevin not only NEVER went out of his way to be mean to Alex, but that the evil actually came from her need to control and have Jason jump right to her when she called him. I believe that as the weeks progressed, Alex was waking up every morning to the Jason/Kevin walk, and saw how buddy buddy those two were, and decided Jason was HER BEST FRIEND. (Not that you could really call it a friendship by the way she belittled him constantly, and never took any of his plans seriously) She probably started slowly boiling over it, but then just lost her mind. Especially, after once she started this "out of nowhere" shit talk, and very cruel actions, the house decided to join in on the cruelty. Everyone but Jason, until the very end at least, after some very nonstop conditioning from Paul and Alex. Jason you should have trusted your instincts. But even now that Jason is gone, she can't stop her tyrant towards Kevin. He really crossed a line taking some of Jason's time away from Alex. That's the only conclusion that I can come up with. Glad she did show her true colors in the last 3 weeks or so though. Would have hated that evil bitch to win.

    1. Ya but the BIGGEST witch is Christmas!!! The condescending way she speaks to Josh, how she belittles and barks at him (her "friend"). With friends like that, who needs enemies!

  8. Alex and Xmas had a long convo on BBAD last night explaining her hostility towards Kevin. It apparently started weeks ago with Kevin making insinuations about Alex and Xmas sitting on Jason's bed, and Jason being a married man, ala' Christine and Cody from BB16, and just snowballed from there. It got pretty petty from there, but as precarious as her situation is she is still fixated on Kevin, and how he doesn't belong there, he hasn't 'earned' anything, and why doesn't anybody else see that.

  9. I'm thinking Christmas may have Stockholm syndrome!

  10. I remember Blondie doing a rap ( Fab 5 Freddy) during a song [in the 80s]. We all wondered what was that the first time we heard it.

    Alex admits she's screwed (to Jason in her gb message) and still doesn't nominate Paul and Xmas?!? Unbelievable.

  11. So Paul slapped Josh and I guess that's just fine. I don't expect CBS to suddenly start enforcing their own rules.

  12. Paul, whether he is or not, has created this image that is downright evil in terms of how some people view him. I am one of those people. He makes Josh palatable in comparison, but I fear that Josh may not have it in him to man up like I wish he should.

  13. Watching Irma news....tropical force winds comin your way.....stay safe!!!!

  14. just checking ur blogs out..i wish i would have found you earlier this season! i found ur link on jokers about the long ling time post!! i like ur writing..dam i could have been reading you daily! i agree its dispicable the looters and people leaving pets! i would die with my pet! Cant wait to read more and will continue when CBB starts 4 sure!! thanks Feed Watcher!!


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