Thursday, September 14, 2017

We're Running on Empty Now. #BB19

Late yesterday afternoon, Julie Chen came on the loudspeaker and told everyone to gather in the living room, because she had a surprise for them.

Close your Potty Mouth, Paul, because you've already told everyone in the house numerous times that the eviction would take place today.   This is an act for the CBS audience, and also for the folks in the studio audience, who were asked to file in quietly so the house guests wouldn't know they were out there until Julie was ready to pull the trigger.

And of course there is Julie's couture for us to sort out.  I don't HATE the top, because it does flatter Julie, and is an interesting look.  I think the buttons are what I object to most----they are a tortoise shell look that brings down the overall aesthetic of the top.  If they didn't want to use black buttons, maybe a metallic button would look better.  Just a thought.

And she wore it with black pants, that were black pants, because they were pants that were black. At least she didn't overdo it with too much jewelry.  I'm sure Wil Heuser will have fun with this one.

This was the "Alex" episode, of course, where Alex learns the truth about Paul's intentions in the game.  She spent much of the last few days isolated in the Have Not room, praying and staring at the spiked walls.  Was she remembering how she threw the damn HoH when Jason wasn't eligible to play for it?  And how she also threw the PoV that week, too?  And that all happened the week Jason went home?

Jason tried to tell her that Christmas and Paul were making faces behind her back weeks ago, but she didn't want to listen. Jason won't blame his loss on Alex, of course, but it's okay with me if she feels guilty about it.

And let's not get into the horrid things she said about Kevin.  And the way she treated him on a daily basis.  I predict Alex's blindside this week is just the first of a series of Rude Awakenings that Alex will experience in the next week or so.

Christmas tried to cheer Josh up by telling him that if someone crosses her the way Alex crossed Josh, she will murder families.  And CBS captioned that, too, just to make sure we got it.

And then we saw Paul's "slap" on the CBS show.  As soon as I realized that's where things were headed, I was shocked they had the nerve to show it.  I'm impressed, actually.  I think they toned down the sound of it though, because the slapping sound was a bit louder on the live feeds.

The opening taped package was chock full of crying and slapping, but at least it gave Kevin time to change clothes, to look nice for Julie.  And Kevin looked fly with the whole jeans and vest combo, not to mention the crisp white shirt.

He's a clothes horse, that Kevin.  I hate to see Kevin go (probably on Thursday night), but I look forward to seeing him interact with Julie on stage.

And then it was PoV time, with all of the BB Comics that we've already discussed here.  And here.  Once again, Christmas wasn't cleared to play in this competition.  I think the total of the competitions missed needs to be quantified if somehow she makes it to the end.  I don't know why I'm kidding myself with the "somehow", though.

Somehow = If Paul Decides to Take Her There

Christine won this comp during BB16, and she said her strategy was to first get all of the comics in order, then she figured out what the differences are and looked for those as she sailed past on the zip line.  That was the week that Zach had a tantrum during the competition and thought he broke a camera.

Paul told us he wasn't happy with the Potty Mouth Comic, as a cloud of green pollution floated out of his mouth.  Or his beard. Maybe both. Who knows.

Kevin could have changed everything by winning this PoV.   But Kevin timed out, so he didn't just lose.  He lost big.  I've heard him say he had numerous broken bones in one of his wrists, so I'm sure that didn't help matters on that zip line.  And I heard Christmas tell Paul later that Kevin is colorblind, so that made it hard for him to see the differences in the Comic panels.

So Paul won.  AGAIN.

And Paul didn't use the PoV, of course, leaving Kevin and Alex on the block.  Alex apologized to "Holly, Gatlyn, and Future Baby Dent" for failing Jason.  That was nice, actually.  If Alex hadn't jumped onboard Paul's Friendship Express I think Alex and Jason could have made a run to the end, just on competition prowess alone.

Alex even asked for some sort of consideration for America's Favorite House Guest, but it's unclear whether she was asking us to vote for her, or for the remaining house guests to make the request on the live feeds for her.  As a matter of fact, it's not clear if Alex even understands the concept of who votes, how they vote, and why they vote.

By the way, the votes cast for America's Favorite only count if the voter has a CBS All Access subscription.  I think that's fair, because I'm a subscriber, but many people who aren't are bitching about it online.  You have to pay to play, people.  I'm making my votes count, don't worry.

The vote was tied, so Josh had to stand up and be the one to make the decision.  Alex gathered her things, put on her Petty hat and went right out the door, without even a reach to hug anybody.  I saw Kevin's face twitch when Julie said the vote was tied, but I don't think he was too worried about it.

Alex saw someone she knew in the audience.  Or at least she recognized someone she was familiar with.  I wonder who it was?  I think Alex did a good job out there with Julie.  She didn't seem nervous, and gave several sassy answers to Julie's questions.  I actually like Angry Alex ten times better than Cocky Alex.  The sound bytes are much better, for one thing.  And Alex got robbed that they didn't show her Hula Hoop Tirade on the CBS show.

The HoH competition was What the Bleep, where the house guests have to fill in the blank on statements made by previous house guests.

They pick situations where the bleeped word sounds really nasty.  There were bleeped statements by Cody, Dominique, Mark, Jason, and someone else I can't recall.  There were supposed to be seven questions, but only five questions were necessary for Julie to announce the winner.

After each round, Julie updated the scores, and it was super-irritating to see Christmas celebrate each question that Paul answered correctly.  I know that Paul winning made her feel safe, but its very disappointing to me that Christmas couldn't even try hard for a damn True-False competition.

She's more of a Sad Ass to me right now, than a Bad Ass.

Look at her....with the cutesy pose because "her guy" was winning.  Paul did a little chat with the cameras on BBAD later, and he made it clear that he planned to take Josh to the end, so I wonder how that will play out with Christmas.  Paul might even let that decision ride with Josh, since he's been letting other people do his dirty work all season long.

And that would be DELICIOUS, wouldn't it?  If Josh can man up and evict Paul?  (otherwise known as "Pulling a Steve Moses")  I'm not sure Josh has the stones for that, actually.  Do you?  That would be fun for the fans to see, but not so fun if Christmas wins the season.

And then Julie chatted with the Final Four before the show closed.  And Julie didn't have much patience for nonsense here.

Paul:  I didn't think I could do it again.

Julie:  Well, you did.

Ha ha ha.  Julie is so shady.  She also asked Paul how he felt about his Potty Mouth Comic, and brushed off Christmas' implied question about being branded a Lunatic.

And then the episode was over.  And unless something crazy happens before tonight, we'll be losing Kevin to the Jury tonight, because it's up to Christmas Joy to decide who will leave the game tonight.

Yes, Paul won the PoV.  AGAIN.  I'm not sure why he wanted to win this PoV.  I think he should have thrown it to Kevin,  so that Kevin would be saved and the decision to evict Josh would belong to Kevin.  That's what Paul SHOULD do, of course.

Paul discussed the competition later with Christmas, saying that he "broke his steering wheel off" he was trying so hard to win.  And she was giggling about it.

Christmas:  Tee hee hee Paul!

As BBAD started, it was clear that it would not be an action-packed episode.  It looked like Kevin might be writing something in the dust on this ledge as he made his way down the stairs.  I thought the cameras might show us that, but maybe they don't have a good view of that area.  How fun would it be if Kevin wrote "Fuck Paul" on there?

Christmas dozed, probably dreaming of throwing a few more competitions to Paul.

These are Paul's feet, of course, sleeping right next to Christmas.

But that picture reminds me of this...the Wicked Witch of the West, after the house fell on her.

Kevin made himself  a big bowl of ice cream, putting whipped cream and plenty of "jmmies" on top.

He showed it to the cameras, making sure we got a good look.

Kevin made it clear that his dessert was going to be delicious, and even danced around a little to give the fans a few seconds of entertainment.

Kevin has a lot of restraint, though, because he undressed and got ready for bed before tucking into his bowl of ice cream.  I'm not sure what this pose was all about.  I would say it is a crucifixion scene, but I'm not sure that Kevin knows his game is over or not.

Upstairs Paul is the one who looks like Forrest Gump now, but in his running phase.

Like this.  The resemblance is uncanny, isn't it?  Particularly with the big clump of followers and all.

The fish swam.

And then this happened.  Josh got out from under the covers, surprising me.  I didn't even know he was there.

Check out this BBAD poll.

Sleep, Forrest sleep.


Still life, with apples and the dead owl.  Someone in that control room wants to be Tarantino one day.

Then Paul came in and chatted with us.  This is the version of Paul that I enjoy most.  Not the blustery know-it-all, or the fake crying version.  This is the reasonable Paul that you might have an actual two-way conversation with.

This season was super difficult, he says.  He liked the fact that he was forced to play differently, and he had to play more strategically.  Last season he was in survival mode the entire time, since he was on the block so many times.

Paul: If someone even nipped me this year, I was gone.  I knew that if I let somebody take the shot, I was done for.

Paul: When I walked in here, I was looking left and right, and was shocked to find that I was the only veteran.  I thought I was a goner then, and I just had to start figuring it out. I came into a group where half of the cast hated me from the jump.

Paul was very paranoid during this conversation, and jumped up several times to see if anybody was outside listening.  Christmas came in later to agree with every word Paul said, and to disparage Kevin's competition skills.  I haven't had time to watch the entire BBAD episode, but I have to think there isn't much there to see.

And check out this BBAD poll....I guess Paul's Friendship Chat wasn't for everyone.  Maybe everyone would just like to watch Forrest snore.  Or watch the dead stuffed owl.

We have a lot of red-tailed hawks that live in my neighborhood.  When I open up my shutters in the morning, I can see one resting on his morning perch way up high, two streets away.   I have a new neighbor who has a tiny Yorkie puppy that they were leaving out on the patio by itself every morning to do her business.  I saw that neighbor when I was jogging and stopped to point out the hawk, and how close his perch was to the Yorkie every morning.

Yadda yadda yadda, they don't let the Yorkie stay out alone anymore.  Which is a plus for me because that little dog was quite yippy when it wanted to go back inside, usually around 6:30 AM.

I was bringing that up to say that there was a sick owl living near me, too, but the hawk got him last weekend.  It was brutal, and not a fair fight at all, but sometimes that's the way life is.  And that is the way Big Brother was this year.  Even if Paul is blindsided by Josh at the Final Three, we may laugh about it, but it won't be fair to Paul.  He's worked hard every day for this, always on high alert, and that's more than anyone else in there did this season.

He set up one move, and then started planning moves two rounds later.  I don't care for the way he made things so personal and hurtful, with the isolation and all, but he's going to pay for that, don't worry.

This morning Christmas adopted a new look, and told the guys she wished she could wear this outfit every day.  I didn't hear the guys respond to her about that.

There are new puppies to ogle.  These two puppies appear to be with their mother, who lets them play hard but is quick to give them a sharp look when necessary.

Kevin and Paul have some sort of business idea that may be clothing-related.  I'm not sure about that, but they did say they want to have a gangster-type motif from the 1930's, because that hasn't been done before.  (Not lately, I think they mean.)

I'm already sad about Kevin leaving, and I'm even sadder that Christmas is going to be the one to do it.  She'll squeeze out some fake tears and emotions, but just remember a few days ago she said she wanted to "slam Kevin's head against the fucking wall".

And today's title is Running on Empty, of course, the song that Forrest Gump ran across America to.  Forrest ran until he didn't want to run anymore.  And then he just went home and dealt with life.


  1. Julie Chen: My Husband Leslie Moonves Cut My Salary for 'Celebrity Big Brother'

    1. I don't usually post links, but this is a good one.

      I guess this means her wardrobe budget will get sliced, too. Good lord.

    2. Thanks FW:

      I thought you'd appreciate this article.

      Her husband Mooves (CBS President) wants to cut her wardrobe budget, yet he's looking into acquiring the ESPN/Disney network! Looks like she'll be doing jeans and sneakers for CBB!

    3. Is that the one that points out that her brother-in-law is her lawyer or agent?

    4. Oh, and I'm totally not a robot, but I do like fucking with them.

  2. Sigh... If you had told me a month or two ago that I would be more excited about Christmas getting booted before F2 than Alex or Raven getting booted before F2, I would have said you were crazy.

    But here we are.

  3. You said in one of your earlier post that you've lost track of the number of times Christmas has left the house for doctor appointments. Does TV Standards and Practices have anyone going with her to make sure she doesn't get game advice or information that the other players aren't privy to?

    1. Carrie, I would THINK that production would do whatever they could to isolate any means necessary. That's some serious tampering if they allowed her tomget info an CBS and production would be facing legal issues I believe.

      But hell, these days I wouldn't be surprised if she got some inside info. It's almost impossible not to get info. It definitely makes you wonder, but I'd hope that they would have enough respect for the game, brand and fans to not let that happen.

    2. I think that if Christmas was getting info on these doctor visits, it would be Anti-Paul info, right? So clearly that's not happening.

      I think the bigger deal is that Christmas got to take pain pills every day. I know her surgery was serious (she has a "donor" bone in her foot now...from a damn CORPSE) and she was legitimately in pain, but getting knocked out for a good night's sleep is a blessing in that house.

    3. Come on, you just allowed a link talking about how Moonves is cheap. That's a KFC chicken wing in Christmas' foot.

  4. Worst big brother ever!! Bullying, ball babies, totally knew every week what was going to happen hated it

  5. Ahhhh, damn! Kevin! Game wise you knew it was coming, he was swimming g with sharks and the guy is one of a kind. He is the BIGGEST winner this season. Glad we got to meet Kevin and hope great things are in store for him. And that pop he received from the crowd...awesome and well deserved! blithering moron wrapped in disappointment: Strategic strategy???? Just. Shut. Up. I'm doooone!

  6. One more thing...Raven...pfffffft hahahahaha! The more you hear her, the more you realize she is not living in our reality. Her over-inflated view of herself is staggering. What did she have the nerve to call herself and Matt (not me, the dork-loser this season ;) )? PUPPET MASTERS!?!?! Are YOU f**cking sh****ng US, RAVEN???? Lol, we've have witnessed some of the dumbest people in the history of reality TV this season. The real world is going to be hell for 75% of this cast and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    1. If we didn't like the bullying during the season why is the aftermath so enticing?

    2. Oh, we all love it, make no mistake! It's a complete sh!t show and fascinating how people just lose all regard for diginity and decency for others...and themselves. The journey is ugly and that's why it's so enticing to see these villains and nut jobs getting theirs. Classic hallmark of entertainment and story telling.

  7. Bwahahaha

    Most hilarious FW blog post yet!

  8. I loved that top! That is UNTIL you with your always eagle eye observations pointed out the BUTTONS! I mean WTF? So ugly!!! Are they for show, just leave the buttons off! If not, then can you imagine getting that garment on and off, with the diagonal buttons, the asymmetrical neckline--does the back match the front?--and the 1 shoulder cutout to boot. Adorable but so annoying getting dressed/undressed.

    God FORBID Julie's wardrobe budget gets cut any more.

    And WHY does Julie always wear these strappy type sandals with pants now, hm? Cuts up the line of the leg. Like a nude or black pump instead? Its just so bizzare.

    At least she's improved since the dead animal bell cuff fiasco!

    1. I've been thinking....maybe a skin tight black pencil skirt hitting mid-calf so it's not too sleazy would have been a better choice.

      But those buttons....they just scream Burlington Coat Factory to me.

  9. FW do you think they threw that comp to Paul. Again? Cuz I swear, I knew every answer...Not only if it was T or F, but what word was actually said during the bleep. So weird.

    And the fact Alex got no goodbye messages! I was hoping to hear Josh tell her what's really up in his.

    I guess they'll figure it out in jury. The jury house segment on tonite's show was hilarious...With Raven & Matt as puppetmasters of course. How I wish we could see more!

  10. The other question for Paul's HOH was a statement from Matt, so it makes sense that you would forget that, haha. Completely forgettable "player." He and Raven were so delusional in that jury segment. It amazes me that people can be that out of touch with reality.

  11. Yes...girl needs to grab herself a buttload of self dignity ASAP!
    Dear CBS,
    When April Fool gets evicted, please show many extreme close-ups of her face and you might want to have a shovel nearby to scoop her jaw off of the ground.It will help take some of the sting out of a disappointing season!

    Also - props to Kevin for having the classiest exit in BB history!

    Lastly, LOVED Elena's reaction to The Walking Dead aka Raven when she said she was the puppet master this season. HA!! THAT...was hilarious!!

  12. I have a yorkie, 2 chihuahuas and a rescue chihuahua/rat terrior, all small of course. Plus, we’ve got several squirrels we’ve trained to scurry up our legs and eat nuts from our hands. I live in the suburbs of Houston but we still have coyotes and hawks from time to time. My bff and her hubbie saw a hawk carrying a squirrel over their house and chased it down screaming at it until it dropped the squirrel a couple months ago. I’m glad your neighbor doesn’t leave his yorkie out alone anymore.
    When my 24 year old son was about 3, he was watching barney in the living room, I was in the kitchen. I heard a blood curdling scream and ran in there. An owl had flown out from the chimney and scared the crap out of my son, landing on top of the tv and just hanging out there. They really can swivel their heads all the way around.
    When I was in high school I woke to find a bat in my bathtub, it had crawled up through the pipes. The other night we had another bat encounter. For a couple weeks we’ve had military-style helicopters flying over our city. It was around midnight and I was trying to fall asleep when it sounded like a helicopter had crashed in my back yard, the THWACK THWACK THWACK right outside my window. My husband was in the living room watching baseball and didn’t hear a thing. Turns out that a bat had fallen into an AC unit somehow, which turned out to work as a food processor of sorts. Holy bat brains….that’s what was spattered on the outer wall next to the AC unit.
    Honestly I’d rather talk bat guts and bat brains than BB at this point. The jury segment last night was awesome and we all earned that treat.

  13. I hope they wash the toys before they pass them to new dogs.

  14. The Forrest Gump comparison was spot on! :D

    There is a family of hawks that roost in the trees behind our house every summer. We noticed recently that we don't see as many squirrels and rabbits anymore, which is fine for us because they aren't getting into the garden. The squawking/screaming is annoying though.


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